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									      Shiva’s Fire
      Shiva’s Jones
     By: Tyler
Author: Suzanne F. Staples
          By Tyler Jones
  Author: Suzanne Fisher Staples
1.    Parvati
2.    Meenakshi
3.    Sundar
4.    Venkat
5.    Venu
6.    Auntie
7.    Sathya
8.    The god Raja
9.    Raja’s son
10.   The god Shiva
11.   Nalini
            Parvati’s Family
 She was born during a cyclone.
 Parvati’s brothers, Venkat and Venu went to
  school for only one year because they needed to
  work at their dad’s farm.
 Her mother could not read or right and Parvati
  later on is invited by a guru to have an
  education in dance.
 Though she loved it, dancing was the thing that
  tore her family apart because she commits her
  self to dancing.
 This story takes place in south India. Since the day Parvati
     was born she has loved to dance. She discovered she
     had mystical powers like talking to animals and she
     could dance on fire with her feet and clothes getting
     untouched by the flames. She lived in poverty for most
     of her life with her two brothers and parents. Later on
     there was a monsoon that destroyed the whole village
     with a small amount of survivors. The family had very
     little food and everyone in the family survived the storm
     except for Parvati’s father. When Parvati grows up she
     is visited by a guru that give her an education in dance.
     She commits her self to a program of dance. Then she
     meets a boy when she is asked to dance at a ball. He is
     gentle and sweet and she shows a liking in him. And he
     changes her world.
   The conflict of this story is the monsoon that
    killed a majority of the village including her
   The cyclone that took place the day Parvati
    was born that also killed a bunch of people.
   Parvati getting an education of dance is good
    for her but also bad because it tore her family
   Suzanne Fisher Staples is the author of this wonderful
   Staples was born August 27th in Philadelphia.
   She attended Keystone College in La Plume,
   She has been a writer almost all her life.
   She has also written the books “The Green Dog”,
    “Haveli”, “Sabanu”, “Dangerous Skies”, and much

• Shiva is a real idol that is worshiped
  in India
• He is one of the most complex gods
• Shiva is known as the destroyer and
  the restorer
• Before he was was known as Rudra
Indian Dancing

   Kali, Krishna, and SHIVA are represented dancing.
   One Indian folk dance called Bhangra, Garba are
    preformed in festivals.
   When woman perform formal Indian dances they
    wear traditional beads and dresses.

• The themes of this book are following
  your dream can mean giving up some
• When one door closes another opens
  which means that when bad things
  happen something good comes out of it
  and that God has a plan for you and will
  be with you when times are hard.

  To watch a video of traditional Indian
   dancing click on the link below YouTube
   - Lavni The Great Indian Folk Dance
  Click here to go to a site all about the idol
   Shiva. Hindu God Shiva Shiva (Shiv) -
   the destroyer
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