Please Meet Randy Waldron Identity Theft Resource Center by jolinmilioncherie


									Why Does the Identity Theft Resource Center exist?
Please meet Randy Waldron -

Swept off her feet by a young, handsome Caribbean native in 1980, my mother, a student at Suffolk University in
Boston, Massachusetts, met the love of her life, my father: Randolph Waldron, Sr. A whirlwind romance ensued
and they were married shortly after they met. I was born on June 24, 1981.

My father abandoned my mother and I when I was just a toddler. While living in rural New Hampshire in the early
1990’s, I received a strange telephone call after school one day. The man on the other end of the telephone said
                                                       that he was my father and that he’d been looking for me for
                                                       years. Up until this phone call, I had never spoken to this
                                                       man. This is how our relationship began; through a random
                                                       telephone call.

                                                      As we both grew to know each other, I began to develop
                                                      loving feelings towards him. Even though many years
                                                      had passed, I was able to put aside feelings of hurt and
                                                      abandonment, and focus on developing a relationship with
                                                      my father.

                                                      From 1993 to 1998, we had a great relationship. I visited my
                                                      father several times a year at his home in West Palm Beach,
                                                      Florida. I grew closer to my siblings and learned about my
           Identity, Stolen                           extended family on the island of St. Vincent. We spent a lot
                                                      of quality time together doing father and son activities. As
 A Child Identity Theft Victim’s Story                my high school graduation approached, my father advised
           By Randy Waldron, Jr.                      me on college plans. He was making an effort to be actively
                                                      involved in my life.

The relationship I had with my father came to an abrupt end in October 1998. During my senior year of high
school, I applied for college tuition loans and credit cards. All of my applications were denied, stating things
as “delinquent 120 days” and “accounts charged-off”. Assuming that there had been some mistake at the credit
bureaus, my mother and I wrote to them and requested copies of my credit report. When we received the reports,
we discovered the unthinkable: my father had stolen my identity and had been doing so my entire life.

That day, in October 1998, I embarked on a 6-year journey to clear my good name and repair my credit history.
During my investigations, I discovered that my father had also used my social security number to purchase
property, open businesses, report taxable earnings and obtain financing for his businesses. Furthermore, my
father had used my social security number in 1988 when he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault
and battery. So, essentially, I had been a felon since I was 7 years old.

The theft of my identity came with other grave consequences: I was unable to secure loans to cover the cost of my
college tuition, therefore my lifelong dream of becoming an airline pilot had been shattered. I was also a convicted
felon, which subjected me to random inspections at airport customs entry points and detainment by police officials
if pulled over for a minor traffic violation.
For years, I petitioned local, state and federal agencies to assist me in recovering my identity. Most of these
agencies were unwilling to cooperate and stated that they could not help me. Then, in 2002, after writing
numerous letters and calling hundreds of people, a victim's advocate working for the Attorney General of the
State of Florida offered to help me. She put me in touch with a Detective working in the Financial Crimes unit
of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. Working in unison, we were able to re-open case files and slowly
changes happened. In 2003, I petitioned the Social Security Administration to issue me a new Social Security
Number. Nearly a year later, in April 2004, I was issued a new social security number. However, my story
doesn't end there. Unfortunately, it's not that easy.

At face value, having a new Social Security Number permanently corrects the immediate problem - unauthorized
use of my social security number. However, it is a struggle to convert high school records, driving records and
professional certifications to a new social security number. There's also the issue of credit. Right now, I have no
credit. Due in part that I am extremely protective of my social security number and do not wish to endure a
struggle to clear my own name once again, should I fall victim to this easily-committed crime.

My father came into my life in a whirlwind and was back out of my life in the blink of an eye. He violated my
trust, reneged on his promises and crushed my dreams. I've begun to understand that no real father, no matter how
desperate, would violate, desert and scar his son for life in such a manner. To this day, my father has never been
prosecuted for the crimes he committed against my identity.

Why is the ITRC important?
In 2009, Lisa discovered her identity had been stolen and used to open a website,
and then sent as spam around the world with the intent to trick people into
purchasing products that didn't exist.

“I found the ITRC, met Linda and Wilma, and had their experiences, wisdom
and support to guide me through the recovery process in detailed ways my
family could not...the paperwork, who to call, what to say, what to write, etc.
I became the first person for family or friends who heard of identity theft on
TV but ‘never knew anyone it happened to’.”

“ happens. Life goes on...There is life during and after identity theft,
and that life may just be better than ever imagined,” Lisa added.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in our nation today.
One recent census-based study indicated an increase in identity theft
victimization for the first time in several years. The estimated number of 11.1 million victims is the highest level
ever reported by a Javelin Identity Fraud Survey Report (Javelin, February 2010). The financial impact of this
crime is estimated at $54 billion annually, impacting both businesses and consumers. Identity theft happens
across the spectrum of income ranges and other demographic factors. According to the Department of Justice
“Identity Theft is a crime that victimizes people and businesses in every community from major cities to small
towns, and robs victims of their individual freedoms.”

The consequences of being a victim may be extensive, including lost credit worthiness, criminal charges placed
against you, unpaid bills and civil law actions against you for purchases you did not make, lost jobs and denied
opportunities because the “record” that you did not create will follow you for years. All sources we have seen
indicate that correcting your personal information may take years, and hundreds of hours.

The Identity Theft Resource Center, staffed with advisors who have been victims of identity theft themselves,
provides free, important guidance to victims to immediately start the process of clearing their name and
preventing further fraud or criminal action against them. The ITRC founders, victims of identity theft themselves,
have worked since 1999 to provide victim assistance, educational programs, and current advice and information to
both law enforcement agencies and government entities. These programs have had an impact, but the threat is
growing, and we all need to do more! We are asking you to help us provide services and education, both
necessary in the fight against this crime!

ITRC Mission Statement:
 Provide best-in-class victim assistance at no charge to consumers throughout the United States.
 Educate consumers, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations on best
   practices for fraud and identity theft detection, reduction and mitigation.
 Provide enterprise consulting and outsourced services related to information breach, fraud
   and identity theft.
What is the ITRC?

   ITRC, the Identity Theft Resource Center, Inc.™ is a California 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
   ITRC is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex,
     color, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin in any of its policies, practices, or
   ITRC has operations, including a no-cost victim assistance call center (1-888-400-5530), in San Diego, CA
   ITRC will handle approximately 10,000 identity theft calls this year and mitigate more than 6,500 identity
     theft cases, each of which can require hours of knowledgeable assistance.
   ITRC is the primary national non-profit organization that focuses on identity theft.
   ITRC cooperates with a wide variety of law enforcement and governmental agencies, providing information
     and training on the latest trends in identity theft and fraud.
   ITRC maintains and updates more than 240 written documents, videos and games to provide victim assistance
     and education on a variety of topics regarding fraud and identity theft
   ITRC provides an average of 50 presentations a year on identity theft, from neighborhood community events
     to state summits and national conferences.
   ITRC publishes a quarterly e-newsletter, ITRaC News which addresses a wide variety of identity theft issues
     such as scams, legislation, trends, and industry expert views.
   ITRC maintains, which is a Google ranked 7 website. This site reported record high
     web traffic during 2010, with more than 1.4 million visits, nearly 3.5 million page views, and tens of
     thousands of downloads each month. Our site provides a wide variety of information on identity theft issues
     to consumers and others with identity theft interests. Documents are presented in English, Spanish and

The ITRC was established in December 1999 to support victims of identity theft in resolving their cases, and to
broaden public education and awareness in the understanding of identity theft. In addition to victim services and
consumer education, ITRC works in partnership with other groups and agencies involved in the battle against this

ITRC operates on a budget of approximately $600K per year, which is provided solely by corporate sponsors,
foundation grants, donations, and public and business speaking honorariums. Sponsors have included: U.S. DOJ/
Office for Victims of Crime,, Rose Foundation, California Consumer Protection
Foundation, Trend Micro, Debix, Intuit, Fellowes, FYI Direct, Private WiFi, Confident Technologies, ID
Analytics,, CoreLogic, Qualcomm, ShopShield, and the San Diego County District
Attorney’s Office. In 2008, the center received “Public Supported Charity” status from the mandatory IRS non-
profit 5th year financial review.

The ITRC has consciously avoided legal advocacy as a method of forwarding its mission. The organization has
consistently held a centrist position on identity theft issues. It recognizes that both consumers and businesses are
the victims of identity theft and fraud. ITRC actively promotes an understanding that reduction of identity theft
incidence will require involvement from consumers, privacy advocates, government agencies, legislators and,
most certainly, businesses. The ITRC believes that support and education of businesses has a major positive
impact on the restoration of lives, and the prevention of further identity theft and fraud loss.
Organization and Management:

Since its inception in 1999, ITRC has gone through continuous
organizational expansion and growth. The center has a full
strategic plan, mission statement and strong, functional company
structure. This structure includes a team management process,
efficient communications, and requisite internal checks and
balances needed to maintain and grow the center in all aspects.

ITRC has audited financials (2004), reviewed financials (2005),
and in 2008 received approval from the IRS for our publicly
supported non-profit status. In addition, we have critical financial
controls in place, as well as real time bookkeeping and asset
management. It is the position of the
ITRC that, as a Non-Profit Organization, we should be fully
transparent in our operations and particularly in our financial
dealings. ITRC welcomes such inspection at any time.

Furthermore, ITRC has in place critical server, computer, network
and software systems giving the company enhanced ability to
handle current and anticipated growth in calls, data tracking and reporting, and daily business operations. ITRC
believes most skills that are required by a small business should be developed within the company, both as a way
to gain control over our operations, and as a way to continuously grow and challenge our staff. The 3,300-square
foot San Diego facility houses administrative offices, call center, and server/communications center.


     Rex Davis, Director of Operations, has in excess of 25 years of successful small business ownership,
       financial, and operating experience. He is a life-long advocate of pursuit of excellence in small business
       operations. In addition to in-depth small business management skills, Rex is also capable in server,
       network, desktop, and software IT solutions, and has created a variety of MS Access database solutions,
       including those for ITRC. With over 5 years of experience in managing the affairs of the ITRC, Rex has a
       high degree of sensitivity to the plight of victims, and the need to educate the public and other entities on
       identity theft issues. He has been directly involved in providing new tools and methods to better manage
       the victim case load and maximize the abilities of ITRC employees.
     Karen Barney, Project Director, has over 10 years of experience in the identity theft field, starting out as a
       victim. She began work with the ITRC in 2002 as a volunteer presenter, and became a staff member in
       2004. Karen has been a hands-on participant in most of the public output of the center. She is an
       excellent writer and editor, and her work is present in almost every document the ITRC has produced,
       including the ITRC Aftermath Studies. She has also been a primary contributor and direct editor for much
       of the content on, a Google ranked 7 website. Karen has managed much of the
       ITRC media coordination for several years, and during the past two years has been in charge of our
       relationships with partners, and a key member of the business sponsorship team. She has earned great
       respect from this ITRC partners and sponsors.

This management team is supported by:
        Nikki Junker, Social Networking Coordinator and Victim Advisor. Nikki provides the ITRC with
          excellent social networking initiatives and daily cooperation with our sponsors and partners. A
          member of the document creation team, she is also active in handling victim cases.
        Matt Davis, Business Coordinator and Criminal Case Advisor. Matt provides interface with sponsors
          and partners, is a member of our document creation team, and is active in elevated identity theft cases.
        Gabby Beltran, Public Information Officer and Bilingual Case Advisor. Gabby provides several
          media interviews per week and is directly involved in our Hispanic outreach. She is also an active
          victim advisor, and translates most of our documents that are written in Spanish.

               Sponsors and Partners
            U.S. Department of Justice
            Office for Victims of Crime

Cooley-Godward-Kronish LLP       San Diego County District Attorney

ITRC Award and Commendations:

      The U.S. Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus
        named the ITRC as the winner of the 2010
        Suzanne McDaniel Public Awareness Award,
        after being nominated by Representatives Brian
        Bilbray and Susan Davis of California.
      ITRC was recognized as a “Cybersecurity Award
        Winner for Awareness” at the October 2010
        Securing Our eCity Cybersecurity Awards
      U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of
        Crime, national grant award for identity theft
        assistance and education, 2007-2009
      Department of Justice 2004 Outstanding Service on Behalf of Victims of Crime
      Channel 10 “2007 Leadership Award” to Jay and Linda Foley
      The Foundation for Improvement of Justice Commendation for “Significant Contribution to the
        Improvement in Justice in America”
      Governor Gray Davis Commendation, San Diego Bar Association Distinguished Organization Award
        to Identity Theft Resource Center
      Victim Assistance Coordinating Council “Victim Advocate Award” to ITRC and Jay and Linda Foley.
      United States Senate Commendation, 2004 National Crime Victims Rights Award, presented to Linda
        and Jay Foley.

Identity Theft Resource Center Affiliations:

      U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office for Victims of Crime (OVC)
      Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
      Advisor to the San Diego Police Department, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, as well as
        most local police departments.
      Advisor to San Diego District Attorney
      Resource to U.S. Attorney General and other national law enforcement agencies regarding
        identity theft
      Advisor to FBI Cyber Crimes Division, the San Diego County District Attorney, San Diego CATCH
        team, IPSA, and the National Association of Attorneys General
      ITRC provides victim assistance training classes through the OVC- TTAC program
      ITRC works with our OVC partners Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center (MCVRC),
        Victims Initiative for Counseling Advocacy and Restoration of the Southwest (VICARS), and
        Atlanta Victim Assistance (AVA), in forwarding the cause of victim rights and case mitigation.

Historical Highlights of the ITRC
In December 1999, Linda and Jay Foley founded what has become known as the Identity Theft Resource Center.
In 2000, the ITRC received an award and gold medal for Excellence in Service from the Foundation for the
Improvement of Justice. The ITRC website was launched that same year. Linda Foley participated in the first
FTC and SSA forums on identity theft.

In 2001, the ITRC participated in the California Attorney General’s Identity Theft Taskforce, and influenced the
passage of SB 125 (Alpert). This bill was a landmark bill and has since been adopted federally as part of the Fair
Credit Reporting Act (section 609e). In 2002, the ITRC received a Certificate of Recognition by California
Assemblyman Howard Wayne for exemplary and tireless efforts on the behalf of California consumers and
victims of identity theft. Legislatively, ITRC was a technical advisor on several bills in California and other
states, including CA SB 1254 and CA AB 2456.

In 2003, the ITRC incorporated and received IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit status. That same year, ITRC
released its first major comprehensive study, Identity Theft – The Aftermath 2003, about identity theft
victimization and the impact of this crime. A collaborative work with a psychologist, business analyst and
economics professor, this study is still considered a benchmark by the media and legislators. We are now
going into the 9th year of developing this study.

In 2004, the ITRC received the Department of Justice National Crime Victims Service Award. ITRC also
was the recipient of a U.S. Senate Certificate of Commendation from Senator Dianne Feinstein. In 2005,
ITRC rapidly expanded the number of consumer and victim Fact Sheets and other materials, including new
materials focused toward scams, teens, and Spanish speakers. In order to make these materials easily
available to the public, ITRC improved its existing website and was awarded Time Magazine’s “50 Coolest
Websites Award” and PC Magazine’s “Top 101 Websites’ Award”.

In 2006, ITRC produced the Identity Theft: Stolen Futures video for teens, and made it available on its
website. ITRC worked with the USDOJ/OVC on various programs, including a handbook for victim
advisors. In 2007, ITRC received a major 2-year grant from the US Department of Justice / Office of
Victims for Crime. In 2008, the ITRC added Mandarin Chinese Fact Sheets and Letter Forms on its
website. Most recently, the ITRC launched ITRaC News, its quarterly e-newsletter and established a toll-
free, victim assistance hotline.

In October 2010, the ITRC was not only a finalist in Securing
Our eCity's Cybersecurity Awards, but was named category
winner in Awareness.

Over the past few years, ITRC staff members have
continuously improved the website, making it user-friendly
and allowing our staff to create and update website articles in
minutes. Our ability to post new information on the Internet
in minutes is critical to maintain a presence in the fast moving
identity theft news space. Additionally, the ITRC created a
database for tracking public data breaches in “real time” and
posting current comprehensive reports (dating back to 2005).

ITRC has an active presence in social media, and collaborates with our sponsors and partners on a daily basis,
exchanging articles of interest and identity theft content with them. Our blogs and Twitter efforts have more than
25,000 views and 11,000 followers, respectively. In the past year, ITRC has begun further developing its ability
to create and produce videos. Again, this has been a cooperative effort with sponsors and partners.

ITRC, with three Spanish speaking advisors on staff, has the ability to provide significant outreach to the Hispanic
community, both in victim advice and in Spanish documents. We regularly provide interviews with Univision and
other Spanish speaking outlets.

                                Collaborative Partnerships
Over the years, the Identity Theft Resource Center has established and maintained many collaborative
partnerships, at the national, state and local level. These include:

  American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

    National Foundation for Credit Counseling

           National Cyber Forensics and
            Training Alliance (NCFTA)

    National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)

               Identity Theft Council

             Looks to Good to be True


           California Crime Prevention
          Officers Association (CCPOA)

           California Financial Crimes
        Investigators Association (CFCIA)

                 Securing our eCity

            San Diego District Attorney’s
             Victim Assistance Program

       San Diego County Board of Supervisors

   Victim Assistance Coordinating Council (VACC)

ITRC Board of Directors:
Mike Cook
      Address: 4025 Vail Divide, Austin, TX 78738
      Telephone: (858) 449-5254 Email:
      Identity Business Executive for Early Warning Services

Ron Davis
      5775 Morehouse Drive, T-660-L, San Diego, CA 92121-1714
      Telephone: (858) 651-6656 Email:
      Senior Director, Brand Protection, QUALCOMM Incorporated

Julie Fergerson
        Telephone: 512-699-6821 Email:
        Vice President of Emerging Technologies, Ethoca; Advisory Board, Debix; Board Emeritus of the
        Merchant Risk Council

James Lee
       Telephone: (404) 395-2697 Email:
       Vice President - AALU in Washington, DC, former Chairman of the ANSI Identity Theft Prevention and
       Identity Management Standards Panel (IDSP), and former Senior Vice President and Chief Public &
       Consumer Affairs Officer for ChoicePoint Inc.

Jennifer Leuer
        Telephone: (949) 567-3800 Email:
        General Manager, Experian’s ProtectMyID

Dr. Charles E. Nelson, Ph.D.
       Address: 4225 Executive Square #1110, La Jolla, CA 92037
       Telephone: (858) 546-9255 Email:
       Psychologist; Director of the Crime and Trauma Recovery Program, San Diego; Founder
       of Family Treatment Institute; Nationally-respected authority on crime victims - Individual treatment, law
       enforcement training, and crime victim assistance counselors training; NOVA certified trauma specialist

Lisa Sotto
        Address: 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166
        Telephone: (212) 309-1223 Email:
        Partner, Hunton & Williams, LLP; heads the firm’s Privacy and Information Management Practice;
        former Vice Chair and current member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Data Privacy and
        Integrity Advisory Committee; lead author of Privacy and Data Security Law Deskbook, Aspen
        Publishers; nationally-respected privacy and data security advisor

Rex Davis, Director of Operations
Rex Davis joined ITRC in June 2006, in order to fill the need for comprehensive business, financial, and systems
management for a growing ITRC. He graduated with a BSEE (with distinction) from SDSU. Drafted into the
Army during the Vietnam era, he left the service several years later as an Army Officer.

With more than 25 years successful small business
management experience as owner of a electronics
sales company in the semiconductor field, he has
been in business relationships with many well known
electronics companies, both in San Diego, and other
parts of the U.S, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Hong
Kong. His entire business experience has been in a
very competitive business field, as a small company
dealing solely with much larger entities. His
experience has provided insight into the necessities
required of a small business to survive and thrive.

He has the ‘hands on’ experience in small business financial, network/server, and business practices that are
necessary to support continuing ITRC growth and improve victim assistance. He also has previous experience in
non-profit management. Rex and his family have been residents of San Diego since 1969, and live in Scripps
Ranch, a few miles from the ITRC facility.

Karen Barney, Program Director
Karen Barney is a 10 year veteran of the Identity Theft Wars.
She has served in a variety of positions for the Identity Theft
Resource center since joining them in 2002. A victim of
identity theft herself, she has been involved in most of the
activities of the ITRC, from being a Victim Advisor to
Communications Coordinator.

Karen now serves as the Center’s Program Director and is a
constant contributor and editor for much of the public output of
the center. Karen is actively involved in the ITRC website content, direction of the social media efforts, and all
other media coordination. In addition, she is an active participant in most of the ITRC partnerships on cyber-
security efforts.

Committed to educating the public about identity theft, Karen often presents to civic and community organizations
on cyber-security risks, consumer and business best practices, and protection of personal information.

                                                                                  ITRC Staff

                                                            Gabby Beltran, Public Information Officer
                                                            ITRC Bilingual Victim Advisor
                                                            “I’m happy to be able to assist identity theft victims
                                                            when they need it the most. We are able to provide the
                                                            personalized attention they are unable to get elsewhere.”

     Nikki Junker, Social Networking Coordinator
     “I’m excited to have this opportunity to serve on the front
     line helping victims of identity theft. I understand how
     much a caring voice can make a difference for victims
     facing difficult situations.”

                                                 Matt Davis, Business Coordinator
                                                 Criminal Case Advisor
                                                 “I’m glad to be able to serve the community
                                                 in a role that truly allows me to help people.”

Frank Ayala, ITRC Bilingual Victim Advisor
“Identity theft is a HUGE problem today, and the ITRC
is a small company making a big impact in the lives of
ID theft victims. It’s very rewarding to know I’m part of
something so important.”

                                                           ITRC Staff Members Speak Out

                                                  Wilma Burt, identity theft victim and ITRC Victim Advisor.
                                                  “After my personal experience with identity theft, I feel particularly
                                                  good when I am able to help others avoid the pitfalls that my family
                                                  had to endure.”

Kat Rocha, ITRC Victim Advisor and Researcher.
“Identity theft is a relatively new and serious crime,
and I want to do what I can to fight it. Knowing that I
help restore the victim’s life is extremely rewarding.”

                                                          Flo Gandolfi, ITRC Bilingual Victim Advisor
                                                          “I am passionate about helping those that have such disastrous
                                                          problems caused by identity thieves.”

              Hank Coleman, Case Investigator
              “I love the fact that we provide the highest level of
              consumer support available anywhere in the nation,
              irrespective of anyone’s color, creed or financial
              station in life!”

                                       ITRC Speaker’s Bureau
                                      Dan Bulley, Chicago Representative
Daniel Bulley is the Senior Vice President of a Chicago area trade association. He has
an engineering degree and serves on the boards of several community and professional
groups in the Chicago area. Bulley enjoys writing and speaking and is honored to be a
speaker and media representative for the ITRC.

Through his involvement with the Identity Theft Resource Center, he has
been featured on Chicago Tonight, WLS Radio and in Newsweek magazine.

He also has had the opportunity to speak to groups, large and small, about identity theft
including a Fortune 100 company, an Illinois State Representative’s panel and a local
police department.

Dan, his wife and two children live in western suburbs of Chicago where he grew up.

                             Nicole Robinson, Mid Atlantic Coast Coordinator
Nicole Robinson joined the Identity Theft Resource Center as a volunteer in 2000. Nicole continues to provide
assistance to victims and has made several strides in educating the public and government agencies about the
difficulties that victims of this crime face.

                                    Nicole has testified before the Federal Trade Commission, Social Security
                                    Administration, House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security,
                                    Maryland House of Delegates, and the Edward Bennett Williams American
                                    Inn of Court on identity theft issues.

                                    A frequent television commentator, Nicole has appeared on CNN, “The
                                    Montel Williams Show”, “Moneywise”, “Homefront America”, “Peter
                                    Jennings Reporting” and “The John Walsh Show”.

                                     One of the Identity Theft Resource Center’s most experienced trainers, Nicole
has provided training in identity theft to the Joint Agency Training on Identity Crime for the Kansas and Missouri
U.S. Attorneys offices, the U.S. Postal Service, F.B.I., and the IRS Criminal Investigation Division.

                                  J. Branch Walton, Southeast Coordinator

Branch is currently Associate Dean of Student Services, Henley Putnam University. This on-line university
specializes in professional studies in Intelligence, Protection Management and Terrorism-Counterterrorism studies
for military, law enforcement, security and intelligence professionals. He was formerly the Manager of Safety
and Security Compliance at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Mr. Walton has more than 40 years direct experience in federal law
enforcement, private security and college teaching. He retired from the United
States Secret Service after a 21-year career. Assignments included Special
Agent-in-Charge of a field office, instructor and Assistant Agent-in-Charge
of the Office of Training, investigative and protective assignments at three field
offices and security details for Presidents Nixon, Carter and Reagan. Prior to
his USSS time, Mr. Walton was a commissioned officer in the U. S. Marine
Corps, and special agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence (now NCIS).

He continues to instruct at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center’s
Counter Terrorism Division and DHS in the fields of physical and operations security. He has been a volunteer
with the ITRC since 2004.

                                    Julie Fergerson, ITRC Board Member
                              Julie Fergerson, Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Ethoca, is one of the
                              industry’s foremost experts on internet payments fraud. Fergerson has 20 years of
                              experience in the online payments and fraud management industry and holds patents
                              for secure transaction order management processing and preventing fraudulent
                              electronic transactions. She joined Ethoca in 2010 to help drive adoption of its
                              collaborative ecommerce fraud prevention platform.

                             Before joining Ethoca, Fergerson was Vice President of Emerging Technologies
                             at Debix and Co-Founder and Vice President of Emerging Technologies at
                             ClearCommerce. She is a co-founder and board member emeritus of the Merchant
                             Risk Council (MRC) and an ITRC board member, where she created and lead the
                             Victim Assistance Program, a collaborative effort between the National Cyber
Forensics Training Alliance (NCTFA), the ITRC and Debix to provide notification and assistance to consumers
whose identities have been compromised and found on crime servers by law enforcement.

Fergerson contributes to industry journals, books, websites, and government publications; and is a frequent
speaker at industry trade events.
                               Eric Handy, Washington D.C. Representative
Eric Handy is an IT Security and Privacy Specialist with more than 15 years of
Information Technology consulting experience. He specializes in privacy and
information security program implementation and program management
oversight. Currently Eric serves as a IT Security and Privacy Advisor for Science
Applications International Corporation (SAIC) based in Washington D.C.

As a consultant, Eric has worked throughout the U.S. on various information
technology initiatives as well as overseas assignments in Zurich, Switzerland and
London, England. Prior to joining SAIC, Eric previously worked at the following
companies in various IT and Privacy related positions: Deloitte and Touche LLP,
General Dynamics, Xerox, BearingPoint, MCI, Verizon, Ameritech, and the Federal Energy Regulatory
Commission. As a result, he has industry experience in the following business sectors: telecommunications, high
tech, health care, transportation, consumer industrial & manufacturing, and the federal government.

Mr. Handy’s educational experience includes an MBA from Tampa College, B.S. in Finance from the University
of Maryland at College Park, and several technical certifications such as the following: Certified Information
Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Privacy Professional-Industry & Government
(CIPP/G), Project Management Professional (PMP), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Microsoft
Certified System Engineer (MCSE).
                                                              Steve Bellio, CISSP, PMP
                                 Steve Bellio, Network Security Manager for a large telecom company for over 29
                                 years, has spent the bulk of his career in the IT, network and security fields. His
                                 extensive IT and network security background, combined with his extreme
                                 interest in anything security-related and his desire to protect his family from
                                 identity thieves, has led him down the path of personal security and identity theft

                                 Steve has published identity theft papers for internal company use, conducted ID
                                 theft training, lectured on the topic of combating identity theft, and has appeared
on the Internet Security News Network in a series of interviews and as a guest speaker. His presentations include
multiple talks at the Southeast CyberCrimes Summit.

Steve has been a member of local Toastmasters chapters for the past five years and has held officer roles in both
clubs. He is a PMP and a member of the PMI Atlanta chapter, as well as a member of the Atlanta chapter of
InfraGard. He's been a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) since January of 2004.

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