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									         Dwarka Expressway Property Gurgaon

Over the years, Gurgaon has developed into a flourishing neighborhood of NCR -
complete with institutes, shopping, amusement, hotels- all this has also resulted in high
real estate rates in the neighborhood. The same pattern is observable in Dwarka
Expressway a luxurious part of Gurgaon real estate.
Much has been said about Dwarka Expressway being a suburb of Gurgaon that would
develop well - we believe this is an understatement. Dwarka Expressway Property has the
potential to be the best community in Gurgaon. Here are some reasons why.

The road arrangement is designed with integrated infrastructure for water supply,
sewage and storm water lines. The land holding pattern in Dwarka Expressway is not
fragmented like in other parts of the city. There are countless large parcels of land that
can be developed into gated communities. In fact one has to look at the projects
coming up along what will surely be the residential high street of Dwarka Expressway -
starting with the residential apartments and luxurious Villas at Diplomatic Greens Prive,
project by Puri Constructions, Palm Gardens, Regal Gardens, DLF the Primus and
BPTP Amstoria- all premium projects line up along the newly developing 150 meter
wide concrete road. Lesser disjointed land packages leads to longer stretches of clear
driving without people trying to get on and off the street to visit small shops and small
project gates.
The neighborhood is already a place to work and new projects coming up offer new
shops, offices and other social infrastructure. Dwarka Expressway new projects is in
the process of being developed - it will be a 5 - 10 minute drive to hotels, restaurants,
banks, ATMs, shopping malls and amusement places each the kind Gurgaon has not
seen till date.
Since it is one of the most sought properties in Gurgaon, the property prices are
estimated to increase by 10 -15 per cent every year. The motives being a developed
social and physical infrastructure, excellent connectivity to various business and
residential developments and accessibility of top developments.
All these aspects are balanced to force prices in the micro market up. The legend
however, is not simply one sided. While we have tail winds that are continuing the
prices risings, the risks are price rises, interest rates and most importantly, reasonability
of the homes themselves. The gold lining in this risk situation on the other hand is the
truth that the infrastructure once built, the gated communities once created do not
recede with a slowing real estate market. All in all, we believe that Gurgaon Dwarka
Expressway Property is a super destination in Gurgaon. To know more about Dwarka
Expressway please dial :- +91 9811 999 666.

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