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					                                              WISCONSIN WOMEN’S
                                              HEALTH FOUNDATION

                                                                                                               Fall 2007
                                                                                                              Winter 2007


 Help Your Workplace
                                              business owners and the public, learned    Tobacco users miss up to 60 percent
 Become Tobacco Free
                                              about the economic impact of tobacco       more work per year, or 2.3 days, than
                                              use from a panel of experts at the         a person who doesn’t use tobacco. This
                                              Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation’s      absenteeism costs the nation more than
                                              2nd Annual Dialogue. The Dialogue,         $31 billion per year in lost productivity.
                                              held in September, also offered tips for   They also take more breaks throughout
                                              what businesses can do to help make        the work day. Three cigarette breaks
                                              their workplace tobacco-free and help      a day at an average of 13 minutes
                                              interested employees quit tobacco use.     per break means smokers miss over a
                                                                                         half hour of work each day – costing
                                              I was stunned to learn that Wisconsin
                                                                                         Wisconsin businesses millions of dollars
                                              businesses spend $1.5 billion dollars
Back in my teaching and smoking years,        every year in direct healthcare costs
I remember racing to the teacher’s            related to employee tobacco use.           Workplaces that allow tobacco use
lounge so I could grab a cigarette.           Wisconsin businesses lose another $1.4     have higher insurance premiums for
Now I couldn’t even sneak a smoke             billion in worker productivity due to      healthcare, fire and property loss, are
out the back of a building (not that I’d      illness and premature death caused by      subject to greater liability for employees
want to). Times sure have changed,            tobacco use.                               who are exposed to second-hand
thank heavens. In Wisconsin, five cities                                                 smoke, and pay higher cleaning and
                                              Tobacco users account for a far larger
have enacted 100 percent smoke-free                                                      maintenance bills.
                                              portion of the health care pot because
workplaces. Something is in the air,
                                              they are more likely to get sick and       But tobacco’s biggest impact on
in Wisconsin and around the country,
                                              more likely to suffer from tobacco-        Wisconsin comes from the number of
and people are making sure the air is
                                              related chronic diseases such as cancer,   employees it kills prematurely.
                                              asthma, and respiratory, dental and lung
My staff and I, along with nationally         disease.
known health care specialists, legislators,                                              column continued on page 8
Sue Ann Says Health Minutes Get Boost from Charles E. Kubly Foundation
Charles E. Kubly Foundation                 Since 2003, the Charles E. Kubly           would not do anything about it,” Sally
gives $20,000 for mental health             Foundation has provided education          said. “We hope the Charles E. Kubly
radio spots.                                through its web site and brochures,        Foundation, by funding organizations
                                            and increased awareness by funding         like WWHF, can make an impact so
The Wisconsin Women’s Health
                                            organizations that provide education       people begin talking about mental
Foundation will be using a $20,000
                                            on depression and stigma. When             illness and seek treatment before it is
donation from the Charles E. Kubly
                                            the opportunity for a radio spot with      too late.”
Foundation to air our final Sue Ann
                                            WWHF came along, Sally said it
Says Health Minutes of 2007.                                                           You can listen to the Sue Ann Says
                                            was meant to be.
                                                                                       Health Minutes on Mental Health
The radio spots, featuring WWHF
                                            This will be the first time the Charles    during the month of November on
Founder and President,Sue Ann
                                            E. Kubly Foundation will fund a radio      radio stations in the following cities:
Thompson, will address women and
                                            project, which Sally said is crucial to    Appleton, Green Bay, Eau Claire,
depression and will target women
                                            reaching a broader audience.               LaCrosse, Madison, Milwaukee,
in Wisconsin over the age of 25,
                                                                                       Sheboygan, Duluth and Wausau.
including women in rural communities        “By partnering with WWHF, we
                                                                                       You can also log on to the Sue Ann
and African American women.                 will be able to reach both major
                                                                                       Says Health Minute Web site at www.
                                            Wisconsin cities as well as rural
Sally Kubly, executive director at the                                        to listen to the spots
                                            communities,” Sally said.
Kubly Foundation, said she is excited                                                  and access information on resources.
to work with WWHF.                          In the end, Sally says she hopes the
                                            radio spots will help families become
“Sue Ann Thompson has a lot of
                                            comfortable with the topic of mental
credibility," said Sally. It’s another                                                   10th Anniversary Underwriters
great way to get word out, specifi-
                                                                                           Managed Health Services (Centene)
cally to women, that depression is a        “Twenty years ago a lot of families
treatable disease and that resources        would say they had at least one
are available in your community.”           relative with a mental illness, but they       Delta Dental of Wisconsin

A Special Thanks...                                                                        GE Healthcare

                                            Our 10th Anniversary celebra-                  Terrance & Judith Paul Charitable Trust

                                            tions this past year would not have            We Energies, through the Wisconsin
                                            been possible without the generous             Energy Corporation Foundation
                                            $25,000 donations of our 10th
                                            Anniversary Underwriters.                      Worzalla Publishing Company

                                            Their donations will be used to                WPS Health Insurance

                                            reorganize our databases and Web               Michael Cudahy and the Cudahy
Tommi and Sue Ann Thompson prepare to       site, expand the Sue Ann Says                  Foundation
cut the cake at the WWHF 10th Anniversary   Health Minutes, produce our 2007
Open House in Madison this past July        Annual Report on Women's Health in             Darshan Dhaliwal

                                            Wisconsin and many other exciting              Blain’s Farm and Fleet

Spring Gala Fundraiser a Success, Champions Honored
Our 10th Anniversary Spring Gala                    instrumental in raising awareness of
held in April was, once again, a                    women’s health issues, expanding the
huge success. More than 800 guests                  base of knowledge about women’s
enjoyed a wonderful evening of                      health through their work, and
dancing, socializing and great food                 impacting the quality of health care
under the beautiful Capital Rotunda                 that women in Wisconsin receive.
in Madison, raising over $100,000
                                                    WWHF is already in the process
toward improving the health of
                                                    of reviewing nominations for the
women and their families across
                                                    Champions in Women's Health                 Dancing in the Capitol Rotunda
                                                    Awards for 2008 and will be
Money raised from the gala will                     announcing winners in January.
support our statewide health
                                                    Congratulations once again, to our
We were also very proud to honor
nine individuals with Champions
in Women’s Health Awards at a
                                                                 Save the Date!
private reception before the event.
                                                         The 2008 Champions in Women's
Sue Ann Thompson, along with
                                                       Health Awards Reception and Spring       Dance on Air performs to get the evening started
her husband and former Governor
                                                     Gala will be held the weekend of May 3.
Tommy Thompson presented awards
to individuals who have proven
                                                                                               2007 Champions
                                                                                               Dr. Sally Mattingly, Breast Cancer

                                                                                               Stormy Mercadel, Domestic Violence

                                                                                               Gail Zorn, Domestic Violence

                                                                                               Betsy Knight, RN, General Women’s Health
                                                                                               Best Advocate

                                                                                               Dr. Sally Lundeen, General Women’s Health
                                                                                               Best Advancement

                                                                                               Rebecca Cohen, Mental Health

                                                                                               Jean Darling, Rural Women’s Health

                                                                                               Margie Carrington, Smoking Cessation

                                                                                               Dr. Eberhard Mack, Lifetime Achievement

From left, 2007 Champions in Women's Health Jean Darling, PT LAT, Rebecca Cohen,               Award

Secretary Tommy Thompson, Sue Ann Thompson, Eberhard Mack, MD, Stormy Mercadel,
Margie Carrington, Gail Zorn, Sally Lundeen, RN PhD FAAN, Elizabeth "Betsy" Knight, RN
(not pictured Sally Mattingly, MD)
 June Health and Wellness Retreat Takes Stress to Heart
Over 100 women attended our 10th                     Did you know chronic stress:            Check out the sidebar for Teri's great
Anniversary health and wellness                                                              suggestions for managing stress
                                                     •	 floods	the	body	with	stress	
retreat in Janesville this past June with                                                    from day to day to keep that heart
                                                     hormones such as cortisol and
keynote speaker, Dr. Teresa Woods,                                                           pumping.
                                                     adrenaline and reduces the
or as we like to call her, Teri.
                                                     “feel-good” hormone serotonin.          We hope you literally take Teri’s tips
Teri presented "Unclog, Unwind and                                                           to heart. Give them a shot and see
                                                     •	 can	lead	to	many	risk	factors	for	
Let Go!," a presentation educating                                                           how you feel. Tell your friends and
                                                     cardiac disease, such as diabetes,
women about cardiovascular disease                                                           family, and work together to better
                                                     high cholesterol, and high blood
and how stress affects cardiovascular                                                        manage stress.
                                                     •	 can	increase	heart	rate	and	blood	
Teri emphasized throughout that stress
                                                     pressure, reduce blood flow to the
is not “just stress” as many of us put                                                             Teri's Tips for Stress.
                                                     heart, and can trigger blockages in
off. Stress, in fact, can have serious
                                                     the arteries.
impacts on our heart health as well as                                                           Become aware of your stressors.
our overall health.                                                                              Eliminate and delegate what you

                                                                                                 If you can’t change the stressor,
                                                                                                 change your reaction to it. We

 Check out our new brochure!                                                                     can decide how we want stress to
                                                                                                 affect us.
                                                     For ten years, the Wisconsin Women's
                                                                                                 Learn to identify your stress signals.
                                                     Health Foundation has become a
                                                                                                 Butterflies in the stomach? Over
                                                     force in promoting women's health
                                                                                                 eating? Temper-prone? Once we
                                                     across Wisconsin. So after all that
                                                                                                 know what our stress signals are,
                                                     work, we thought we deserved a
                                                                                                 we can pinpoint an intervention so
                                                     makeover! Our new brochure is the
                                                                                                 stress doesn’t take over.
                                                     first in a line of WWHF informational
                                                     materials where you can find our new        Split big jobs into smaller
                                                     signature look and updates on our           tasks. They won’t seem so
                                                     work. You can view the brochure on          insurmountable, and you’ll feel a
                                                     our Web site,                 sense of accomplishment as you
                                                                                                 complete each one.
                                                     In January, you'll be able to view
                                                     our updated Web site. The site will         Try deep breathing exercises and
                                                     be easier to use and visitors will          soothing mental imagery for at
Our new brochure is a celebration of 10 years        be able to find health and resource         least a few minutes several times
promoting women's health with our new signature
                                                     information faster.                         a day.
look. Check it out today to get the latest info on
what we are doing!

Badger Heart Program Participants are Healthy at Heart
Badger Heart Program makes taking                                                                      Each month participants receive a                           Spring Gala Underwriter
care of your heart health fun!                                                                         special gift from Healthy at Heart as
                                                                                                       well as a Healthy at Heart newsletter.                    Rebecca Kasten Racing LLC
Free trinkets, resources and gifts; who
knew taking care of your heart could                                                                   Whether it is a wrist band to wear on
be so fun?                                                                                             brisk afternoon walks or a personal-                           Spring Gala Benefactor
                                                                                                       ized planner to help reach your target                    Adams Outdoor Advertising
That’s our approach for Badger Heart
                                                                                                       cholesterol, the gifts are designed to
participants taking part in Healthy                                                                                                                              American Family Insurance
                                                                                                       show participants how heart health
at Heart; Reduce Your CV Risk, an
                                                                                                       can be incorporated into every aspect                     Aurora Health Care
educational program provided by
                                                                                                       of life. Inside each newsletter, partici-
WWHF and Pfizer.                                                                                                                                                 brava Magazine
                                                                                                       pants can sit back and read about
Since January, 160 women have                                                                          different facets of cardiovascular                        Dean St. Mary's
enrolled in the Healthy at Heart                                                                       disease.
                                                                                                                                                                 Knupp & Watson
program, where women across the
                                                                                                       Keep up the good work ladies,
state learn to reduce their risks for                                                                                                                            Kramer Printing
                                                                                                       staying healthy at heart!
cardiovascular by providing fun,
                                                                                                                                                                 Sudie & Richard Burnham
educational incentives.
                                                                                                                                                                 WISC-Channel 3/Madison Magazine

                                                                                                                                                                 Midwest Family Broadcasting
 Wisconsin Women's Health Guide 2007
Spanish Version Coming Soon!                                                                                                                                           Spring Gala Mentor
                                                                                                                                                                 American Transmission Co.
The Wisconsin Women’s Health
Foundation, in partnership with the                                                                                                                              Commerical Air
Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s
                                                        GUIA DE SALUD PARA MUJERES DE WISCONSIN 2008

                                                                                                                                                                 CUNA Mutual Group
Health, released the 2007
Wisconsin’s Women’s Health Guide                                                                                                                                 M3
this past February with great success.
                                                                                                         Guia de Salud Para Mujeres de Wisconsin                 M & I Bank
To date, over 10,000 resource guides
                                                                                                              Mujeres más sanas. Wisconsin más sano.
have been distributed throughout the                                                                                            2008                             Madison Plastic Surgery
state, providing women everywhere
                                                                                                                                                                 Meriter Health Services
a comprehensive, easy-to-use health                                                                        

resource complete with information on                                                                                                                            Steinhafels
            2503 Todd Drive         PO Box 1726

key health issues, a directory for each
              Madison, WI           Madison, WI
            (800) 448-5148        (866) 399-9294

                                                                                                                                                                 The Ultimate Spa Salon

of Wisconsin’s 72 counties as well as
the women’s health services available                                                                                                                            UW Health
in each county. Visit our Web site,                                                                    A Spanish version of the Wisconsin Women's
                                                                                                       Health Guide is planned to be released in Winter          WEA Insurance Corporation, to download a copy.

TAPROOT: Rural News Update
WWHF U.S. Rural/Frontier Women's                                                           the Silver Bear: A Navajo Woman
Health Coordinating Center Networks                                                        Surgeon’s Story.” She shared her
on National Level                                                                          challenges of being from a rural New
                                                                                           Mexico Navajo community to study
In August, the WWHF-RFCC attended
                                                                                           medicine at an Ivy League university,
the “Charting New Frontiers in Rural
                                                                                           and how she reconciled cultural
Women’s Health Conference” from
                                                                                           differences between her native
August 13-15, 2007, in Washington,
                                         The 2007 Charting New Frontiers in Rural          medicinal practices and Western
D.C. As part of the national planning
                                         Women's Health in Washington DC seeks to          medicine.
conference, WWHF-RFCC Director,          increases awareness of the needs of women
                                         and families living in rural and frontier areas
Bobbie Kolehouse, and Program                                                              Other presentations focused on
Coordinator, Liz Orlowski, worked        themselves and their families healthy,”           community health, challenges of
with staff from the federal Department   said Director, Bobbie Kolehouse. “At              isolation and outreach education
of Health and Human Services,            the conference we shared information              programs on heart disease and
Office On Women’s Health to identify     on the unique needs of rural women                domestic violence among others.
speakers, funding support, and           across the country and outside of
                                                                                           The conference was supported
promotion of the conference.             it, to learn ways to increase access
                                                                                           financially in part by Marshfield
                                         to health care, and explore ways
“The Rural/Frontier Women’s Health                                                         Clinic, Security Health Plan who
                                         to sustain these efforts post DHHS
Coordinating Center is the last link                                                       donated $1,000. The donation was
in the Centers of Excellence multi-                                                        used to fund a national photography
disciplinary model and provided          Lori Arviso Alvord, M.D., Associate               contest of images that reflected rural
a way for rural women to connect         Dean of Student and Mulitcultural                 cultural life, community life and
with the research, leadership and        Affairs, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical              the diverse lives of rural women
health information they need to keep     Center presented “The Scalpel and                 everywhere.

WWHF Helps Sponsor Women's Day in Stratford
Aspirus Health Care hosted its “9th      “The event was a wonderful mix of                 with the living of life,” Pierce said.
Annual Women’s Day Event in              women of all ages,” said Liz. “And                “It’s easy to forget to forget to laugh.
Stratford” in June, supported in part    they all came interested in making                You’ll be inspired to create your
from a Lisa A. Cudahy Community          their life better and healthier. I think          own ‘joy journal’ as you learn how
Grant from WWHF.                         the tools they received today will help           laughter has the power to change
                                         them do that one laugh at a time.”                your life.”
More than 150 women attended,
and this year, WWHF-RFCC Program         Humorist Mary Pierce was the guest                A columnist and author of three books
Coordinator, Liz Orlowski partici-       speaker and kept everyone in giggles              of inspirational humor for women,
pated as an exhibitor. She took the      as she talked about humor in our lives            Pierce has been speaking profes-
WWHF Rural Programs display,             as a key to healthy living. Her presen-           sionally since 1996. She lives in
and distributed copies of the new        tation, “Remember Laughing,” poked                Wisconsin with her family where she
Wisconsin Women’s Health Guide           fun at life.                                      dreams of getting her act together…
along with other women’s health                                                            someday.
                                         “Stress and strain, challenge and
                                         change, it’s easy to get bogged down
TAPROOT: Rural News Update
Safe Spaces Program – Reducing           Thompson, Founder and President           Welcome New EVJ Facilitators
barriers for women seeking shelter       of the Wisconsin Women’s Health           WWHF would like to thank its newest
from domestic abuse.                     Foundation. “Pets and farm animals        everywoman's journal facilitators. These
                                         are truly part of the family, and its     volunteers dedicate their time and skills
From its beginnings as a small group
                                         heart rendering to have to leave them     to improving the lives of women living
of people in central Wisconsin
                                         behind. The goal of Safe Spaces is        in rural areas of Wisconsin who are
committed to helping women who
                                         to help communities develop capacity      often underserved with respect to health
have pets and farm animals flee
                                         and coordinate resources through          information.
domestic abuse, our Safe Spaces
                                         the collective creativity of the people
program has grown to include                                                       By teaching valuable journaling skills, these
                                         working to meet this need.”
partners in twelve counties.                                                       women are changing the way hundreds of
                                         WWHF has established a Safe               rural women care about their health.
Safe Spaces reduces barriers for
                                         Spaces mini-grant program
women seeking shelter from domestic                                                WWHF extend its sincerest thanks to:
                                         sponsored by the Terrance and
abuse, by assuring them their pets
                                         Judith Paul Advised Family Fund           Linda Grilley, RN, MSN
and farm animals are safe. The
                                         through Community Foundation of           Marathon County
program partners with representa-
                                         South Wood County, in memory
tives from domestic violence shelters,                                             Mayra Marero
                                         of the Pauls’ pet Cavalier King
veterinary clinics, animal shelters,                                               Marathon County
                                         Charles Spaniel, Bob. The $1,000
farm communities, healthcare and
                                         mini-grants are available to women’s      Kathleen Connolly
other service providers.
                                         domestic violence shelters to help        Outagamie County
“We started with an exploration          offset costs associated with the care     Rhonda Kaenen
meeting to see what the need might       of pets and farm animals for women        South Wood County
be to eliminate barriers for women in    fleeing domestic violence. The funds
domestic abuse situations, and what      are to be used for coordinated animal     Carol Gottard
was already in place,” said Bobbie       care crisis services.                     Longlade County
Kolehouse, Director of WWHF’s                                                      Cindy Grueneberg
                                         For information on Safe Spaces,
Rural Women’s Health Coordinating                                                  Brown County
                                         contact Liz Orlowski, Program
Center. “There were working
                                         Coordinator, WWHF’s Rural Women’s         Marie Michel
programs in place that helped
                                         Health Coordinating Office in Stevens     Manitowoc County
others learn how to move forward
                                         Point, at 1-800-898-8818 or email
to develop a similar program in
                                                      2008 Safe Space Mini Grant
their community. However, the entire
area of how to reach out and be of
practical help to women farmers was                                                Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services, Inc.
almost nonexistent,” she added.                                                    Winnebago County

“Leaving your home to go into                                                      People Against Violent Environment (PAVE)
a shelter is difficult enough, but                                                 Dodge County
leaving home without knowing if
                                                                                   Bolton Refuge House, Inc.
your pets or farm animals are safe
                                                                                   Eau Claire County
is often impossible,” says Sue Ann

TAPROOT: Rural News Update continued......
Rural Office Library Project Brings
Awareness about Mental Health

This year our Rural Women’s Health
Coordinating Center began a new
outreach campaign titled “Celebrating
Women’s Contribution to Community

The campaign promotes mental
health and encourages women to be
pro-active in their mental wellness.
The display features ways to improve
mental wellness, such as exercise
                                                        From left, Bobbie Kolehouse, Deb Bellamy and Liz Orlowski unveil the mental health info board at the
and eating right, and information
                                                        Crandon Public Library
on community resources and the
                                                        one of the area volunteer, trained                    Wellesley College in Massachusetts,
Rural Women’s Health Coordinating
                                                        facilitators, and is a hands-on way for               are donated to the library.
Center’s toll free number,
                                                        rural women to learn proactive health
1-800-898-8188.                                                                                               Since July, Liz has coordinated four
                                                                                                              exhibits in Portage, Wood, Forest
During the time the exhibit is on
                                                        And as a gift from the WWHF to the                    and Ashland counties, with others
display at a library, we also hold
                                                        community, two books on women’s                       scheduled in the next months for
an everywoman’s journal workshop
                                                        psychology from the Stone Center at                   Brown, Marathon, Barron, Chippewa,
there. The workshop is presented by
                                                                                                              and Adams counties.
Sue Ann Says continued...
                                                                                                              “Wisconsin bears a double burden
                                                                                                              as a result of tobacco use,” explained
                                                                                                              Dr. Michael Fiore, director of the
                                                                                                              University of Wisconsin Center for
                                                                                                              Tobacco Research and Intervention.
                                                                                                              “First, the pain and suffering of
                                                                                                              individuals dying unnecessarily.
                                                                                                              Second, the extraordinary burden
                                                                                                              on businesses, who are losing some
                                                                                                              of their most valuable, highly trained
                                                                                                              employees. Therefore, tobacco use
                                                                                                              is not only a critically important
                                                                                                              health issue; it is a critically important
                                                                                                              economic issue.”
From left, Dr. Frank J. Chaloupka, University of Illinois-Chicago, Dr. Frederick C. Eichmiller, Delta
Dental of Wisconsin, and Secretary Kevin R. Hayden, Wisconsin Department of Health and Family
Services discuss tobacco's impact on the Wisconsin Economy at WWHF's 2nd Annual Dialogue
                                                   •	 Select	an	insurance	plan	that	          2nd Annual Dialogue News
                                                   covers medicine and counseling for
                                                   tobacco cessation that is both effective    For more information on tobacco use in
                                                   and affordable. Consider plans that         Wisconsin, check out the University of
                                                   provide cessation programs for the          Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research
                                                   employee’s family as well.                  and Intervention (UW-CTRI) Web site
                                                                                               at They have a great
                                                   •	 Make	sure	non-tobacco	use	policies	
                                                                                               publication to help you as your workplaces
                                                   are implemented in a way that accom-
                                                                                               become tobacco-free. The entire WWHF
                                                   modates a variety of needs. And
                                                                                               2nd Annual Dialogue is available on our
                                                   give your employees plenty of notice
                                                                                               Web site,, and Wisconsin
                                                   before the plan goes into action so
Dr. Michael Fiore, Director of the University of                                               Eye, in the September
                                                   they have time to make the necessary
Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and                                                      video archives.
Intervention moderating discussion on creating
                                                   physical and emotional adjustments.
tobacco-free workplaces in Wisconsin
                                                   Even if we don’t use tobacco                Proceeds from the Annual Dialogue will
So what can you and I do to make                   ourselves, we pay the price, right          support First Breath, our smoking cessation
a tobacco-free workplace a reality?                out of our own pocketbooks. To say          program for pregnant women.
Here are some of the panel’s                       nothing of the friends we lose to
suggestions:                                       premature death from tobacco-related       Thank You Panelists
                                                   illness. You’ve heard it before: if you
•	 Create	a	non-tobacco	use	                                                                   The Wisconsin Women’s Health
                                                   want to get an idea across, you can
culture in your workplace. This can                                                            Foundation would like to thank its
                                                   use a telephone. You can send an
create gentle peer pressure among                                                              esteemed panel for making the 2nd Annual
                                                   email. Or you can tell a woman. Talk
employees that will push tobacco                                                               Dialogue a remarkable success.
                                                   with family and friends about the
users to pursue quitting.                                                                      Thank you to:
                                                   economic impact of smoking. Make
•	 Make	sure	all	employees	                                                                    •	Michael	Fiore,	MD,	MPH,	University	of		
                                                   your voice heard so together we can
understand that tobacco users are not                                                           Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research
                                                   address one of Wisconsin’s greatest
the villains. Addiction is a disease that                                                       and Intervention
                                                   health and economic burdens.
needs special care and understand-                 Because it all begins with a healthy        •	Frank	J.	Chaloupka,	PhD,	University	of		
ing.                                               woman.                                       Illinois-Chicago
                                                                                               •	Frederick	C.	Eichmiller,	DDS,	Delta		
•	 Provide	financial	and	educational	              Yours in good health,
                                                                                                Dental of Wisconsin
incentives for tobacco users to
quit. Many Wisconsin businesses                                                                •	Secretary	Kevin	R.	Hayden,	Wisconsin		

require that employees who use                                                                  Department of Health and Family

tobacco pay a higher share of their                                                             Services
                                                   Sue Ann Thompson
health insurance premiums. When                                                                •	Linda	McKnew,	MSN,	CMCE,	Managed		
                                                   Founder and President,
combined with free tobacco cessation                                                            Health Services
                                                   Wisconsin Women's Health
classes, resources and other wellness              Foundation                                  •	Tommy	G.	Thompson,	former	Secretary		
programs, this can be highly effective                                                          of U.S. Health and Human Services
in helping to kick the habit.


$25,000-$99,999                 Blain Supply, Inc.            William & Jean Baker           Nancy Jolliffe                   Private Industry Council

Blain's Farm & Fleet            Mark & Ann Bradley Fund       Pamela Bean                    Cherie Jones                     John & Jacquelyn Rader
                                within the Community
The Cudahy Foundation                                         Yolanda Becker                 Lisa Jorgensen                   Renee Reback
                                Foundation of North
Darshan Dhaliwal                Central Wisconsin             Kit Blake                      Nancy Kaufman                    Patrick Remington

Delta Dental                    brava Magazine                Blue Sky Creative Services,    Kehl School of Dance             Janell Rice & Max Bucksbaum
GE Healthcare                   Deri Cattelino                                               Andrea Kersten                   Susan M. Richards
                                                              Axley Brynelson, LLP
Green Bay Packers, Inc. &       Cook & Franke, S.C.                                          Mary Knechtle                    Fred & Nancy Risser
American Family Insurance                                     Donna Boutelle
                                Commercial Air, Inc.                                         Ivan Knezevic                    Pete Rothering
Managed Health Services                                       Theodore Bratanow
                                Comprehensive Computer                                       Robin Kostelnik                  Jackie Ruggles
(Centene Corporation)           Consulting, Inc.              Bulgrin, Inc.
                                                                                             Jennifer Kraemer                 Rick & Sandy Rusch
New American Policy Institute   G. Frederick & Shirley        Laurel Canan
                                                                                             Mary Lawrence                    Michelle Rutta
Rebecca Kasten Racing, LLC      Davie
                                                              Molly Carnes
                                                                                             Victoria Lenzlinger              Mark Ryan
Terrance & Judith Paul          Edison Liquor
                                                              Nick Chiarkas
Charitable Trust                                                                             La Crosse Loggers Foundation,    David Sauer
                                Eric & Jane Englund
                                                              Cirille Connor                 Inc.
Third Wave Technologies                                                                                                       Florence M. Sarres Living Trust
                                Dr. Fritz & Sara Hildebrand
                                                              Zelma Cree                     Susie LeBrun
We Energies, through the                                                                                                      Kay E. Schachte
                                Hurley, Burish & Stanton,
Wisconsin Energy Corporation                                  Mr. & Mrs. George Dalton       Jewel Liebenstein
                                S.C.                                                                                          Michael & Brenda Schmidt
Foundation                                                    Carl & Eve Degen               Peggy Long
                                Johnson & Johnson                                                                             Betty J. Schuett
Worzalla Publishing Company     Services, Inc.                John DeLamater                 Lutheran Social Services
                                                                                                                              Marla Schultz
WPS Health Insurance                                                                         of Wisconsin and Upper
                                Kahler Slater Architects,     Pamela DeRosa
                                                                                             Michigan                         Patricia Seger
                                                              DeWitt Ross & Stevens
                                                                                             Sandria Maass                    Myra Shelton
$10,000 - $24,999               Knupp & Watson, Inc.
                                                              Ruth DiCristina
                                                                                             Dave & Trina MacDougall          Thelma A. Sias
Charles E. Kubly Foundation     Eli Lilly and Company
                                                              Linda Dindzans
                                                                                             Madison Gas and Electric         Joann Six Plesko
The Markos Foundation, Inc.     Mary Paul Long & Dick
                                                              Jim & Jessica Doyle            Foundation, Inc.
                                Gartner                                                                                       Maureen Slattery
Macy's                                                        Emma L. Earl                   Dave Magnum
                                Jim & Kay Lindblade                                                                           Betty Smith
Marshfield Clinic                                             Jennifer Ehle                  Raymond & Diane Maida
                                M & I Bank                                                                                    Mary Jane Spohn
Pfizer, Inc.                                                  Jeanie Farmer                  Marquette University
                                Madison Festivals, Inc.                                                                       Margaret A. Sobczak
WISC-Channel 3/                                               Gerald Fellows                 Kathy Marshall Interior Design
Madison Magazine                Madison Plastic Surgery                                                                       Sarah Spellmeyer
                                Associates, Ltd.              Ron & Joanne Fiedler           Patricia Martin
                                                                                                                              Mongkol & Rampai Srisopark
$5,000 - $10,000                Maximus                       Fleming's Prime Steakhouse &   Kathryne M. McGowan
                                                                                                                              David B. Stewart
                                                              Wine Bar
                                Mortenson Family                                             Susan McVey
                                                                                                                              Laura Stillman
ABC Supply                      Foundation                    Anna Foundling
                                                                                             Janeen Meehan
                                                                                                                              Jane Stoklasa
American Family Mutual          M3                            Peter & Patricia Franson
                                                                                             Winifred Meier-Oakes
Insurance Company                                                                                                             Sub-Zero Foundation, Inc.
                                Potawatomi Bingo Casino       Sarah Fredrick
                                                                                             Sharon Y. Mikkelson
Aurora Health Care                                                                                                            Task Force on Family Violence
                                Quarles & Brady, LLP          GE Employees Bake Sale
                                                                                             Miller Winsten
                                                                                                                              Mark Thimke
B C Golf Rally                  Security Health Plan of       Norma Geissler                 Communications
                                Wisconsin, Inc.                                                                               Jim Thorpe
Bartolotta's                                                  Sharon Gilpatrick              Don Millis
                                Hans & Mary Lang                                                                              Peter Thurlow
                                                              Robert & Diane Gomez           Ministry Health Care - SSO
C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc.      Sollinger
                                                                                                                              Lisa Tiedemann
                                                              Joan Gray                      Kate Mize
Dean Health Systems, Inc.       Starbucks
                                                                                                                              Mark & Judy Tomczak
                                                              Yvonne Greer                   Barb Moe
Forest County Potawatomi        George & Mavis Steil
Community Foundation                                                                                                          Sharon Topp
                                                              Krista Grosshans               Sally L. Mueller
Independent Care Health Plan                                                                                                  Joe & Jeanne Tregoning
                                                              Patricia Hackett               Carol Muller
                                Edward Terry
Kramer Printing                                                                                                               Volunteer Center of Waukesha
                                                              Amany Hamdan                   Doug & Dianne Naujeck
                                Tommy & Sue Ann                                                                               County
Meriter Health Services, Inc.   Thompson                      Camille Haney                  John Nickel
                                                                                                                              Nyles Walker
Midwest Airlines                Ultimate Spa Salon            Carolyn Hargrove               Bradley Niebuhr
                                                                                                                              Elizabeth Wallman
                                University of Wisconsin       Kayt Havens                    Trista Niemuth
Midwest Family Broadcasting                                                                                                   Thomas Wampler
                                Medical Foundation
                                                              Matthew & Amy Heckmann         Roger Nilles
Samuel H. & Maria Miller                                                                                                      we energies
                                US Bank
Foundation                                                    Michele Hein                   North Milwaukee State Bank
                                                                                                                              Patti Weber
                                WEA Insurance Trust
                                                              Donna Hermsen                  Alice O'Connor
SSM Health Care of                                                                                                            Julie Whitehorse
Wisconsin                                                     Robert & Jenny Hillis          Eric & Monique Olson
                                                                                                                              Melodie Wilson
Donald & Roxanne Weber          $100 - $999                   Janis Hoeksema                 PRP Wine International
                                                                                                                              Jeanne Wittig
                                                              Steve D. Hotzhauer             Richard & Peggy Parfitt
$1,000 - $4,999                                                                                                               Stanley Woodard
                                Alt N' Bachs Town Tap, Inc.   Pamala Hoyheim                 Mary Pesik
                                                                                                                              John Wright
Adam's Outdoor Advertising      Larry & Sharon Ambrose        Cynthia Huber                  George Petak
American Transmission           Alverno College               Rick Huhn                      Robert Phillips                  $5- $99
                                Jacquelynn Arbuckle           Chris Iglar                    Elizabeth Pinkerton              Beth Barutha
Andrew Burish
                                Brett & Michele Bachhuber     Jo Jean Janus                  Susan Plakus                     Diane Birkholz
Barbara DeMain

                                                            JANUARY- JUNE 2007

Sally Blodgett                       Theresa Kowler                   Jay Blankenship                Gerald Brew                     In Honor of BC Golf Rally
Eileen Bradley                       Allison Mead Schultz             Greeta Cherayil                Jane L. Danis
                                                                                                                                     Given by BC Golf Rally
Brady East STD Clinic, Inc.          Moreland OB-GYN Associates       Cheryll Collins                Kenneth Davidson Jr.
Douglas County Community             David Ngo                        Julie S. Connelly              Sara Finger                     In Memory Of
Health Clinic, Inc.
                                     Parkinson Dermatology, S.C.      Dee Dee Davies                 Janet Johnson                   In Memory of Julie A.
Yvonne Duemke                                                                                                                        McCracken
                                     Anna Rasmussen                   Maria Flores                   Rachel Kos
Meg Gaines                                                                                                                           Given by Joann Preuss
                                     Ellen Schumann                   Kristine Freundlich            April Lamb
Rose E. Gordon                                                                                                                       In Memory of Paula Cooper
                                     Anne Silverfeathers              Gonzales, Saggio &             Mary L. Malaney                 Given by Robert and Mary
Suzanne Graziano                                                      Harlan, LLP                                                    Krill
                                     Mary Youngbauer                                                 Eileen A. Meredith
Internal Medicine & Pediatrics                                        Cecelia Gore                                                   In Memory of Mrs. Stephany
                                     Nicole Lisle                                                    Susan Meredith
of Wisconsin, SC                                                                                                                     Halverson
                                                                      Heartlove Place
                                     Tammy Garrett                                                   Dorna Mae Miller
Michael Kretz                                                                                                                        Given by Mark and Julie
                                                                      Thomas Jackson
                                     Sara Bossingham                                                 Laurianne Nichols               Trotter
Judith Maret
                                                                      Amy Johnson
                                     Traci T. Goll                                                   June Potter                     In Memory of Marilyn Biel
Angela Metz
                                                                      Just Nails                                                     Harter
                                     Susan Morrison                                                  Katherine Ramirez
Monroe County Health                                                                                                                 Given by Delwyn and Mary
                                                                      Anne Katz
Department                           Irene Temple                                                    Millie Samaniego                Biel
                                                                      Pam Kriger
Diane E. Nelson                      Barbara Voltz                                                   Seeds of Hope Outreach, Inc.    In Memory of Lois Kivlin
                                                                      Jody Medeke                                                    Given by William Hutchins
Leanne R. Newman                     Arlene F. Banoul                                                Jean Whitcomb
                                                                      Michelle Melsby                                                In Memory of Sister Ann
Nancy Rhodes                         Gabrielle Blood                                                 Anonymous Donations
                                                                                                                                     Joseph Schmid, SSND
                                                                      Mental Health Association in
Marlene Roewer                       Carol Carey                                                     Gregory Rogalinski              Given by Lew and Sue
                                                                      Milwaukee County
Gail S. Ruffert                      Elizabeth Deger                                                 Kari Fitzgerald
                                                                      Margaret Meyer
                                                                                                                                     In Memory of William G. Bunk
Linda S. Smith                       Carol Englund                                                   Margaret Wise
                                                                      Dennis Najoom                                                  Given by Elda Bunk
Southwestern Wisconsin               Cindy Feldt                                                     Linda McKnew
                                                                      Sara A. Orvick                                                 In Memory of Beth Kaplan
Community Action Program,
                                     Ariel Ford                                                      Martha Rasmus                   Given by Jeffrey and
Inc.                                                                  Julie Penosky
                                                                                                                                     Stacey Caplan
                                     Claire Franz                                                    Sandi Tunis
St. Stephen Congregation                                              Carolyn Pergande
                                                                                                                                     In Memory of Jacqueline
                                     Teresa Johnson
Marilynn Thaney                                                       Kate Phillips                                                  Costa
                                                                                                     In Honor Of
                                     Doris Mergen                                                                                    Given by Cathy Scholl
UNIDOS Against Domestic                                               Zoe Polovina
Violence                             Primary Connection Health                                       In Honor of Sue Ann and         In Memory of Lois Kivlin and
                                                                      Johna Rogovin                  Tommi Thompson
                                     Care, Inc.                                                                                      Audrey Coon
County of Vilas                                                                                      Given by Elizabeth Jorgensen
                                                                      Jason Thompson                                                 Given by Chuck and Dianne
                                     Barbara Richter
WomenCare                                                                                            In Honor of Bobbie Kolehouse    Thompson
                                                                      Mary Troudt
                                     Wanda Schrank                                                   Given by Marilyn Follen
Michelle Zellmer                                                                                                                     In Memory of Patricia
                                                                      Jeff Wagner
                                     Timothy Waldoch                                                 In Honor of Betsy Knight        Louise Blain
Allison Coakley
                                                                      William Weber                  Given by Elaine Burke           Given by Jane Blain
                                     Dawn Foeller
Veronica Flower                                                                                                                      Gilbertson
                                                                      Charmaine Glass                In Honor of Holt-Smith and
                                     Susan Platz
Franciscan Skemp Healthcare                                                                          Yates Advisors
                                                                      Susan Heimsch
Gundersen Lutheran
                                     Susan Englund                                                   Given by Holt-Smith and Yates   Special Thanks
                                                                      Ellen Moseng                   Advisors
Administrative Services, Inc.        Elizabeth Kluesner
                                                                      Sarah L. Peterson              In Honor of Sue Ann
Kirsten Held                         Brian Curry
                                                                      Ladette Austin                 Thompson's Birthday!
Kenosha County                       Joseph Maxwell
                                                                                                     Given by Jenny Hillis, Direct
                                                                      David Dies
Kathleen Kingston                    Shirley Abrahamson                                              Supply Inc.
                                                                      Kenneth Artis
Lois Kinsfogel                       Christopher B. Anthony

    The generosity of our individual and corporate donors allows WWHF to offer education and outreach programs to women all over the state.
    Donations also facilitate the growth of important women's health research initiatives. Call 1-800-448-5148, visit for more infor-
    mation or complete the form below.

    Please accept my contribution in the amount of: $ __________________ Name: _________________________________________________

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    Mail to Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation, 2503 Todd Drive, Madison, WI 53713

Wis Consi n Wo M E n' s H EA LT H F oU n DAT i on

               Board of Directors       Medical & Community             The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation Staff
                                        Advisory Board
                                                                        Sue Ann Thompson                Nora Miller                      Janeen Meehan,
       Sue Ann Thompson, President      Jane Cahill Wolfgram,Chair      Founder & President             Program Coordinator              Scheduler
       Carol Markos, Vice President     Samantha Allison                Tommi Thompson, MBA             Lisa Tiedemann,                  Kate Peterson
           Essie Whitelaw, Treasurer    Jacquelynn Arbuckle, MD         Finance Director                CMA, ICCE                        Intern
  Jason Thompson, Assistant Treasurer   Michele Bachuber, MD                                            My Baby & Me Coordinator
                                                                        Julie Whitehorse
          Janeen Meehan, Secretary      Meredith Bakke, DC              Program Director                Michelle Baier
                     Terri Bresenham    Jodi Bloch                                                      First Breath Program                 Madison Office
                                                                        Susan Schaumburg
                   Molly Carnes, MD     Elizabeth Burns                                                                                    2503 Todd Drive
                                                                        Development Director            Jane Howard
                         Lisa Cudahy    Elizabeth Burnside, MD, MPH                                     Communications Specialist         Madison, WI 53713
            Darshan Singh Dhaliwal                                      Bobbie Kolehouse, MA                                                800.448.5148
                                        Hathaway Dilba
                                                                        Director, Rural Women’s         Janet Johnson                       608.251.1675
                Jane Blain Gilbertson   Camille Haney                   Health Programs                 Administrative Assistant
                    Sara Hildebrand     Jane Jadin                      Stevens Point Office
                     Rodman P. Hise                                                                     Liz Orlowski
                                        Carol Koby                                                                                      Rural Women's Health Office
                                                                        Lisa Schemmel                   Assistant, Rural Programs
                 P. Nicholas Hurtgen    Jill Kolesar, PharmD, BCPS                                                                         817 Whiting Avenue
                                                                        Communications &
                     Mary Paul Long     Michelle Kussow                                                 Liz Shane                        Stevens Point, WI 54481
                                                                        Marketing Director
                     Alice O’Connor                                                                     First Breath Program                  800.898.8818
                                        Muriel Nagle
                                                                        Marilyn Duguid, RN
                         Thelma Sias    Lisa Nicolaison                                                 Rachel Williams                       715.346.1391
                                                                        Project Coordinator
        Saul Winsten, Legal Counsel     Judi Paul                                                       First Breath Program
                                                                        Dori Knoff, MPH
                                        Petie Rudy                                                                                 
                                                                        First Breath Coordinator
                                        Sandy Rusch, MA
                                        Linda Sabatini, PhD
                                        Gloria Sarto, MD, PhD         Wisconsin Women’s Health
                                        Joanna L. Stokes, RN          Foundation is proud to be a part of          Newsletter design and printing donated by:
                                        Sandi Thomas
                                        Katie Walby
                                        Susan Webb-Lukomski, RN

                                                                                                                        for women and their families.
                                                                                                                        Improve the overall quality of life

                                                                                                                           better advocates for their own
                                                                                                                           Encourage women to become

                                                                                                                        support they need to be healthy;
                                                                                                                        information, opportunity and
                                                                                                                        Reach all women with the

                                                                                                                                   WWHF Mission

                                                                                                                                    Madison, WI 53713
                                                                                                                                    2503 Todd Drive
PERMIT No. 1621
  Madison, WI

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