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                     New York                                      December, 2011


     Tis the Season!                                          Photo by Anne O‘Dell

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The Official Publication of the New York State Snowmobile Association
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

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                                                                         From the Executive Director
    December, 2011                                                       Dominic Jacangelo
                                                                         dominic@nysnowmobiler.com 888-624-3849 x104

                                                        “From the Desk”
                                                        The long term forecast looks like winter is finally going to slowly emerge in the Albany area
                                                        with only slightly better forecasts for areas north of here. The contrast between the green
                                                        grass and brown trees is striking but we would rather see all white!
                                                        Doing it better!
                                                        At this year‘s Annual Meeting the body directed the Board of Directors to hire a public rela-
                                                        tions firm to perform a number of tasks for the Association. At the December meeting, the
                                                        Board voted to hire Gramercy Communications to be our firm. Gramercy Communications
                                                        has many tasks in front of them, with many of these tasks of equal importance. Job one for
                          New York Snowmobiler Online

                                                        the firm is to ensure that snowmobiling is always perceived and promoted in the most fa-
                                                        vorable of terms. In order to do that effectively Gramercy Communications will be reaching
                                                        out to some clubs and snowmobilers to gather various perspectives on our sport. I hope
                                                        that you will welcome their call if it comes.
                                                        We have already begun working with Gramercy Communications on a number of early sea-
                                                        son issues. It is encouraging to see their enthusiasm for getting started even before a con-
                                                        tract is signed. One task that we have specifically asked Gramercy Communications to fo-
                                                        cus on is help for the clubs. I was talking with a club president the other day who was very
                                                        frustrated by a public meeting that his club recently attended regarding a local controversy.
                                                        While the opponents were quoted, the local media never sought out the club‘s comments
                                                        creating a one-sided story. Working with Gramercy Communications, we can avoid that
                                                        happening in the future to any of our clubs.
                                                        Over time, this partnership with a PR firm will produce media tools for the clubs, including

                                                        press release templates and talking points. You will also see changes to our website and
                                                        with our printed material that are distributed.
                                                        This effort to invest in professional public relations services is directed at doing a better job
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                                                         Inside this issue:
                                                                                                                          Did You
                                                         How Many This Year? Editorial                  P. 6             RENEW?
                                                         President’s Message, Gary Broderick            P. 8

                                                         Warren to Washington Connector               P. 10

                                                         2012 Scholarships and Awards                 P. 12

                                                         VP Report, Jim Elmore                        P. 16    On the Cover:
                                                                                                               Bob Pinckney, VP of the Shawangunk
                                                         Trail Coordinator Report, Jim Rolf           P. 20    Snowmobile and Rescue Club, riding
                                                                                                               between the stakes at Stewart State Forest.
                                                         News from NYS OPRHP                           P.28    Photo by Anne O’Dell

                 Anne O’Dell, Editor                     2011-2012 Member Discounts                 P.35-39
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

  (Executive Director, Continued from page 3)

  for you, advocating for our sport and the respect it de-
  Economic Assessment of Snowmobiling in NY
  During the first week of December, 6,000 surveys were
  mailed to snowmobilers who had a sled registered in NYS
  last year. The survey is an important component of a new
  economic assessment that we have embarked upon with
  the SUNY Potsdam Institute of Applied Research. I am
  happy to report that the International Snowmobile Manu-
  facturers Association has agreed to provide us with a
  $4,000 grant to support this work. Jim Rolf worked his
  magic with the Oneida County Visitors Bureau who voted at
  their last board meeting to provide NYSSA with a $2500
  grant also in support of the project. While, I have not
  received a confirmation, St. Lawrence County Chamber was also considering a small donation to the project.
  If you were one of the lucky ones to have received this survey, please complete it. As a convenience the
  Institute has provided you with instruction on how to complete the survey on line. NOTICE: If you had trouble com-
  pleting the survey on line over the weekend (12-10), the problem has been corrected. We thank you for your pa-
  tience. Didn’t get a survey? Stand by: within a week we will be sending an e-mail to every member of NYSSA
  on how you can complete the survey on line.
  The results of the survey will be shared with Gramercy Communications who will help us distribute and promote the
  findings of the assessment.
  On Line Map
  Much has been stated about the on line map that is prominently featured on the NYSSA home page. The map was
  offered to NYSSA for free by Jimapco, an upstate map making company. There are mistakes in the map due to ei-
  ther mistakes in the data or the difficulty in converting data to the map format. The map is primarily a promotional
  tool where anyone can see the extent of the snowmobile trail system in the state. This is particularly important to
  those who do not live in the area where they ride or are interested in trailering or riding to a new area. The on
  line map should not be depended on for trail navigation. There is simply no substitute for a club or
  association guide. The sale of these guides (maps) are extremely important to the clubs or local asso-
  ciation and just as importantly, promote local businesses. Please buy a map where you ride! You will
  be glad you did! Hope for snow and see you on the trail!

  Shootout Success
  The annual Shootout in Woodgate on Friday, December 9, held
  in conjunction with the Snodeo in Old Forge was supported by
  the Lost Trail Snowmobile Club. Shown here are members
  Sally Devins, Cindy Lee and Bob Ely with their offerings of new
  trail maps, gas raffle chances (funding for the groomer fuel), the
  newly available Super Raffle tickets from NYSSA, a 50/50 raf-
  fle and the new line of Lost Trail clothing, designed by Boon-
  ville's own Bonnie Yager of Y-Designs.

  While overall attendance was down somewhat from previous
  years, Lost Trail felt that 'business' was good and well worth the
                                                                       Photo and text provided by Betty Haig.

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                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   December, 2011 - Page 5
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

  How Many This Year?
  An Editorial by Dominic Jacangelo, Executive Director

  This is an editorial about an issue that no one wants to think about. Last year 19 New York snowmobilers
  headed out to have some winter fun and never returned to their home and family. They left behind sons
  and daughters, spouses and parents, friends and fellow club members who will never enjoy their compan-
  ionship again. Why? There is no simple answer and I cannot point you at a smoking gun. An inescap-
  able fact is that while New York had 19 fatalities, Vermont had not a single fatality!

                                             While alcohol is a factor in some fatalities it is not a factor in many
          Excess Speed                       of them. Clearly excess speed is the number one factor in acci-
                                             dents and fatalities. These fatalities are caused by collisions with
        is the                               fixed objects. Most fatalities and in some years all, occur off trail.
   Number One Factor                         Over the past couple of decades the number of snowmobile acci-
                                             dents has been dropping. Better gear and a better trail system are
           in Accidents                      no doubt factors in this accomplishment. But no matter how hard
                                             we try, the number of fatalities seems to be proportional to the
        and Fatalities.                      amount of snow on the ground.

  So here are my suggestions for the coming season:
   Don’t pop it till you park it! Don‘t drink any
     amount of alcohol until you are done with your rid-
     ing. Safe snowmobiling requires the sharpest of
   Don’t ride beyond your ability. We all have dif-
     ferent skill sets and different equipment.
   Ride on the maintained trail system. It is the
     safest place to ride.
   Don’t ride alone. Unfortunately, last year a few
     injured snowmobilers were not found until many
     hours after their accident. By that time it was too Photo Courtesy Timmons Times
     late for medical assistance.
   Throttle back! When you‘re late and you‘re hoping to make it home in a hurry, think for a second,
     what if? What if I never make it home?

                                                    Best Wishes for a Safe
                                                  and Happy Holiday Season
                                                     From your Friends at-
Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com      December, 2011 - Page 6
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   December, 2011 - Page 7
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                  NYSSA Online Magazine

                President’s Message: The Season Begins, The Year Ends
                by Gary J. Broderick             president@nysnowmobiler.com 716-807-7002

         Here we are in the run-up to Christmas and the Holiday Season. The trails are open in some areas, not yet
 in others, but the day is coming very soon! Now, all we need is frozen ground and snow! And there is the rub: snow
 back in October, but in early December we are seeing lots of rain and a little snow. Should be the other way around
 shouldn‘t it? I know you are with me in hoping that Old Man Winter wakes up and gets to work soon!
           As we finish up this year, some highlights.
    We completed our first season of having a print magazine once again after
     nearly 5 years without one. You should have received the first issue in late Octo-
     ber, early November. The second edition is due out later this month or early next
     month. Our joint-plan with Supertrax International is to eventually have 4 editions
     per year and to match them up with the Supertrax publishing schedule. I have to
     mention the folks that have made this possible: the Lester Clan from Supertrax
     International (Mark, Matt & Kent), Harold MacAdam, Cathy Light and the rest of
     the Supertrax crew and our NYSSA crew Dominic Jacangelo, Anne O‘Dell, Jim Rolf
     and the Directors that helped out getting destination articles put together and
     provided pictures for publishing. If you want to see your area in the print maga-
     zine and/or here, please send us as much information as you can gather along
     with high resolution pictures. The best way to approach an article like this is to
     describe why a snowmobiler should come to your area. What does the area have
     to offer? What sights are there to see? What kinds of accommodations are avail-
     able? Are they snowmobile friendly? How many miles of trails? Connecting to
     what? What type of terrain (mountains, valleys, woods, fields, etc.)? Send what
     you can to nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com and we‘ll work on polishing it and publishing it.
    At NYSSA, we are working on many projects. We have made a decision on a Public Relations firm and are
     moving forward with contract negotiations. This effort will be aimed at all levels of snowmobiling: club, county
     and state, and helping all of us promote the sport as safe and family friendly while promoting club membership
     and enticing those that don‘t ride but are interested in the sport to give it a try.
    That brings me to a nationwide program that we participate in: Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week
     (February 11-20, 2012). This is a great opportunity to introduce friends to the sport. Many of your local
     dealers might be interested in helping you put on an event for the potential new riders in your area. The Inter-
     national Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) and the American Council of Snowmobile Associations
     (ACSA) are sponsoring a contest as part of the ‗Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign‘ with $5000 up for grabs!
     Take a look here: http://www.snowmobilers.org/press_release_article.asp?prid=115 for more information!
 NYSSA Awards
         As we end the year, we start asking for you to consider those truly deserving individuals, families, groomer
 operators, dealerships and clubs that deserve recognition. The Annual NYSSA Awards Program is available for
 those that you feel are truly deserving. Any member can make nominations in any and all categories. The applica-
 tion forms can be found in this issue of the magazine and can also be found on our website, here:
 http://www.nysnowmobiler.com/annual-meeting/awards. Award nominations must be received by the office by
 March 1, 2012. Award winners in certain categories are forwarded to ACSA for consideration at the national level. I
 talked with Dan Gould, President of SledMass (Massachusetts State Snowmobile Association) and current Vice-
 President of ACSA about awards submissions and what they are looking for at the ACSA level. Dan has been involved
 in the ACSA award selection process and provided the following information on award submissions:
 Additional information included with the application really helps to convince the committee. Additional information
 can be:
                                                                                                       (Continued on page 9)

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com         December, 2011 - Page 8
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                    NYSSA Online Magazine

(President, Continued from page 8)

    Bullet statements of accomplishments referenced back to the question(s) on the form. (Show supporting docu-
     mentation for the statements made. No supporting information means a lower score in the ranking).
    Letters of recommendation/commendation from community sources whether state or local government, fire
     dept., rescue squad, business, sponsors, charities, even non - snowmobile sources (testimonials to what they
     have achieved).
    Copies of newspaper articles or other media, club newsletter articles, items that especially promote snowmobi-
     ling in your area.
    Need to show cause and effect, like - sponsored a charitable fundraiser and - raised ___ dollars.
    Lists of activities (whether snowmobile or non-snowmobile related), charities, donations, how you "market" your
    Pictures, assets, equipment, buildings, etc.
    Professional look works well, massive paragraphs do not. Use bullet statements where possible.
          One of the things I enjoy most at our Annual Forum is recognizing those who go above and beyond, I con-
sider it an honor to be a part of Awards Ceremony. Every one of us works hard to make our club, our trails and
snowmobiling a great experience. This is a chance to say thank you to ‗those that do‘.
        Additionally, it‘s time again to solicit scholarship applications for the North East Chapter of ACSA Scholar-
ship and NYSSA‘s Norris Brusoe Scholarship and the Joan and Digger Vreisen Scholarship awarded annually
to two deserving young student members. Requirements and applications for these scholarships can be found here:
http://www.nysnowmobiler.com/annual-meeting/scholarships. ACSA also has the CJ Ramstad Memorial Scholar-
ship ($1000) and the Bill Townsend Memorial Access Scholarship ($5000) available to members. More infor-
mation on these scholarships can be found here: www.snowmobilers.org.
Economic Impact Survey
                                                                            ON-LINE ECONOMIC IMPACT SURVEY
         Surveys are out for the New York State Snowmobiling Eco-
nomic Impact Study being conducted by SUNY-Potsdam. Some of
                                                                            If you were one of the 6,000 registered snowmo-
you have already received surveys. Please fill them out and return          bile owners who received a survey in the mail
them as soon as possible. For those that haven‘t received one, you          you can go to http://nyssa.potsdam.edu and com-
will be given an opportunity to take the survey online after December       plete your survey on line. Please try to complete
14. As we work locally, at the state or even the national level, it is      your survey by December 15, 2011. If you did
important to have a sound economic impact study to refer to. A pre-         not receive a survey in the mail, and would like
vious Study done in 2003 showed that we as snowmobilers have an             to complete one, please go on line at the same
$875 Million economic impact annually in New York State. I think            address beginning Monday, December 19,
that number has risen dramatically. We are an economic engine,              2011. Your participation will be extremely
especially in upstate areas and need to be able to tell the full story to   beneficial to your sport.
those that are considering rules and laws that affect us.
        I‘d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Wonderful and Safe New Year!
Please be safe-don‘t drink and drive-your family wants you around-including your extended snowmobiling family.
Now someone, go wake up Old Man Winter and tell him to get to work….. Until next time, keep the rubber side

                                     Happy Holidays
Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com               December, 2011 - Page 9
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

                                 Warren to Washington County Connector
                                 By Shane Mahieu, Warren County District Director
                                 November 9, 2011 was an important date in history. Yes history. It was an impor-
                                 tant date in the history of Warren & Washington Counties, the local snowmobile
                                 clubs, businesses, politics and the sport in general. On November 9, 2011 the Warren
                                 County Board of Supervisors held a special public meeting to discuss and receive in-
  put from the public, and eventually vote upon, the pro-
  posed use of an approximately 1.2 miles stretch of the
  ―bike path‖. Why is this such a landmark event and so
  important to the history of the region, the clubs, busi-
  nesses and the sport in general? Well thank you for ask-
            For as long as most can remember, those of us
  riding west of Washington County (i.e. starting in Warren
  County and stretching all the way across the state), were
  restricted from connecting via sled with our friends to the
  east via Washington County and on into the magnificent
  trail system of New England and beyond. As well, our
  friends from the eastern part of the northeast snowbelt
  were not able to visit us and enjoy the beautiful trails and
  warm hospitality that the rest of New York has to offer.
  In 2010 many forces came together to make this connec-
  tion a reality.
                                                  Countless thanks go out to Mr. Ralph Macchio, owner of Wild West
                                         Ranch and French Mountain for allowing several miles of trail to be used
                                         through his property and for allowing trailer parking in his parking lot, to make
                                         the connection between these two magnificent trail systems! You may re-
                                         member Mr. Macchio‘s son as ―The Karate Kid‖. Be sure to say THANK YOU
                                         and visit Mr. Macchio‘s fine establishment when visiting the Lake George Area.
                                         The trick is getting from Mr. Macchio‘s Wild West Ranch to the main trail sys-
                                         tem. Last year the South Warren Snowmobile Club was granted access via
                                         Ellsworth Road, resulting in countless business owners reporting RECORD
                                         WINTER SEASONS which allowed them to remain open 7 DAY PER WEEK
                                         when historically they have been open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and HIRE
                                         ADDITIONAL STAFF during a tumultuous economic backdrop. These folks re-
                                         ported seeing many new faces from Washington County, Vermont and even
                                         New Hampshire! Clearly this connection is VITAL to the regional economy!
  Wild West Ranch is located off Route 9 -
  1 Mile south of Lake George village on         Unfortunately, for the 2011/2012 season use of the Ellsworth Road
  Bloody Pond Road (Next to Magic Forest) connector trail has been rescinded. The South Warren Snowmobile Club, at
                                         the leadership of President Mike Fazio and Vice President Mark McLain lobbied
  tirelessly to bring a proposal to open a 1.2 mile stretch of the Warren County Bike Path to re-open this vital link.
  The use of the Bike Path is wonderful option for everyone, and one of the biggest reasons is SAFETY crossing State
  Route 9. There are a very select few residents and business owners that have been vocally in opposition of the use
  of the Bike Path during the winter months by snowmobiles and those few folks were present on November 9, 2011.
          As I sat in the lobby of the Warren County Municipal Center I must admit I was not at all hopeful that our
  request would be granted. There were only three or four other folks there waiting for the meeting to begin. Two of
  them I knew from the snowmobile club, the others I was certain were there to enlighten us with mis-information but
  I was prepared to provide the facts! As the Board of Supervisors began to assemble in the meeting room just min-
  utes before the call to order, what moments earlier appeared like the ―faithful minority‖ turned into a scene
                                                                                                        (Continued on page 11)

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com         December, 2011 - Page 10
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

  (Continued from page 10)
  reminiscent of a Bee Hive with thousands of worker bees all banding for a common cause! And that is exactly what
  we were doing, banding together! The number of people grew so large the Chairman asked for the maintenance staff
  to bring in more chairs until they ran out. We had supporters sitting in the ―press box‖, they were standing all the
  way around the perimeter of the room, in the aisles and out in the hallways! I was BLOWN AWAY! Everyone who
  spoke did a phenomenal job. They were professional, honest, sincere and stuck to the FACTS! There were only three
  or four people that stood up and spoke in opposition and based their case on emotions and rhetoric, not on the facts.
  Everyone in attendance remained quiet giving each person the opportunity to speak his or her mind. Those in atten-
  dance included industry leaders, dealers, business owners, golf course owners that allow us to cross their beautifully
  manicured property, politicians, insurance brokers, members of the chamber of commerce, retirees, groomer opera-
  tors and countless enthusiasts. It was truly motivating to see
                                                                     Please remember, a vast majority of the land we
  how many people took the day off from work to attend this im- ride on is private, and our trails are there only
  portant meeting!                                                   because of the unselfish nature of the landowner
           What I thought was going to be a very short meeting        allowing us to cross his or her property.
  where the Board allowed us to speak to merely pacify us, turned     It is OUR OBLIGATION to RESPECT them and
  into what was one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen     other users of the trail system by RIDING RIGHT,
  for the sport. The meeting ran for nearly 2 1/2 hours without       RIDING BETWEEN THE STAKES, CARRYING
  skipping a beat! Mike Fazio and Mark McLain, on behalf of the       OUT WHAT YOU CARRY IN and remind others
  club, have always given land owners their full commitment to        to do the same!
  ensure that their land will be and is respected. If any damages
                                                                      Thank you to all the hard working
  are incurred as a result, the club takes full responsibility and    volunteers across the state and the country, and
  fixes the issues either immediately or as soon as humanly           especially to the land owners that allow us the
  possible! As fine stewards of the sport, Mike and Mark pledged      use of your personal fields and forest! Without
  the same support of the club and its members to the Board of        each and every one of you, there wouldn’t be the
  Supervisors and Warren County residents as a whole.                 sport we all love so much!
           As the clock approached 1:30 PM and bellies were ready
  for some much deserved lunch, the proposal came to a vote. All but one member of the Board of Supervisors voted in
  favor of the use of the bike path for snowmobiles this season! What a wonderful story of people coming together to
  support our sport! This season if you visit or ride in the Warren/Washington County area, check out the connection
  between these two fine clubs and their awesome trails systems. You will be glad you did!
  Have a safe and healthy Holiday Season and may your trails be wide and white and groomed to perfection!
  ~ Shane

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com        December, 2011 - Page 11
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                    NYSSA Online Magazine

2012 Scholarship Applications
                * Northeast Chapter ISC * Norris Brusoe NYSSA Scholarship *
                                 Joan & Digger Vriessen NYSSA Scholarship *
      Applications are currently being accepted for two (2) $500 Scholarships. Only members of NYS Snowmobile Clubs will
       be eligible for the Norris Brusoe and for the Joan Vriessen Scholarships. The top 5 applications will be sent to the NEC
       Scholarship Committee where they will compete against applications from Northeast States for two (2) $1,000
      Only one application is needed.
      Two $500 Scholarships will be awarded.
      Parents or student must be a member of NYSSA as of January 1, 2012.
      All applications must be complete.
      Applications must be received at the NYSSA Office by March 1, 2012.
  Any change in college, university or vocational school after the scholarship is
 awarded will nullify the scholarship. All scholarship awards will be payable after January
 1st; provided that the student is still enrolled at the same college, university or
 vocational school.
 The application form follows on the next pages.

 For Members Only:
 Scholarship and NYSSA Award Applications available online!
 Scholarship Applications for both the 2011 Northeast Chapter (NEC) Scholarships and The 2010 NYSSA Scholarships
 (deadline March 1, 2012) are available on the NYSSA website in the “members only” section.
 Application forms for the 2011-2012 NYSSA Awards, presented each year at the Annual Meeting and Forum, are also in
 the same section. Deadline for submission is March 1, 2012.

  To login, you must create an                                                                         Other members-only info
            account at                                                                                        includes:
                                                                                                          Forum Handouts
       using your 6-digit
    NYSSA Membership ID #                                                                                 Bylaws and Policies
 (located on your membership
   card, or on your voucher).                                                                              Member Menu Here
After you login, a members-only
   member will appear on the                                                                              Trail Programs
       right of the screen.
                                                                                                          And much more!

     Create an account here

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                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

                                              Norris Brusoe Scholarship
                                        Joan & Digger Vriessen Scholarship
               MAIL TO: New York State Snowmobile Association, PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566
  DEADLINE: All materials must be received on or before March 1, 2012
  (Please Type or print clearly) Date_______________________
  Name of Applicant; __________________________________________SS#; ______________________
  Address; ________________________________________________________________________
  City _____________________________________State_________________________________
  Phone ___________________________________Email_________________________________
  Name of school attended; ________________________________________________________________
  Address; _____________________________________________________________________________
  Date of Graduation; ____________________________________________________________________
  Name of College, University or Vocational School; ___________________________________________
  Address; _____________________________________________________________________________
  Date of starting study above; _____________________________________________________________
  Major area of study; ____________________________________________________________________
  Cost per year; _________________________________________________________________________
  Are you employed; _______ Year round; ______ summer only; ______
  Employers Name: ______________________________________________________________________
  If not why? ___________________________________________________________________________
  Student Resources; ________________________________

  Estimated Expenses; ___________________________
  Salary; _________________________________________

  Tuition and fees; ______________________________
  From Family; ____________________________________

  Books and supplies; ____________________________
  Loans, Grants –Amounts; __________________________

  Room and Board; ______________________________

  Savings; _______________________________________

  Transportation; ________________________________

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   December, 2011 - Page 13
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine
Scholarship Application Page 2

 Other scholarships-Amount; _______________________ other expense; _________________________________
 Total Resources; ________________________________ Total est. expense; ______________________________
 Other pertinent information; _____________________________________________________________________
 Parents Names; _______________________________________________________________________________
 Parents Address; ______________________________________________________________________________
 Parents Occupations; Mother; __________________________________________________________________
 Father; ___________________________________________________________________
 Number and ages of brothers and sisters; ___________________________________________________________
 Are they attending college; ______________________________________________________________________
 Please give details; ____________________________________________________________________________
 State or Provincial Snowmobile Association; _______________________________________________________

 Please Attach:
 1. An official High School or College transcript, which ever applies.
 2. Current recommendations in writing by at least two (2) teaches, dated and signed.
 3. Current recommendations in writing by one or two friends, employers or clergy, dated and signed.
 4. Proof of acceptance at the listed college, University or vocational school.
 5. Write an essay about snowmobiling in your state about one of these topics: (Economy, Trails, Environment,
 What snowmobiling means to you) 500 words or less.
 6. Include an over view of your extra curricular activity and any snowmobile associated volunteerism within the
 last year.

 Deadline for completed applications: March 1, 2012 Late applications will not be considered.
 The above statements are certified to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

 Signed________________________________ Date_______________________
 Mail Completed Applications to:
 New York State Snowmobile Association
 PO Box 1040
 Pine Bush, NY 12566

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                     Massachusetts to Host the 2012 International Snowmobile Congress
                                       Collaborate! Learn! Exhibit!

  The Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts (SAM) is proud to host the 44th Annual International
  Snowmobile Congress (ISC), June 5 – 9, 2012 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Snowmobile enthusiast from
  all over the world will gather at this premier international event.

  ISC is the preeminent snowmobile event of the year, featuring over 20 workshops covering an incredibly
  wide range of topics, including proper grooming techniques, trail easements, planning saddlebag trips,
  political impact, even vintage snowmobile restoration. A full list of workshops and ISC information is
  available at www.sledmass.com.

  In addition to the workshops there will be meetings of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations
  (ACSA) and the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO), a surprise off-site event, an
  awards banquet, groomer displays, general exhibits, evening social parties and lots of fun.

  The conference is also a forum where snowmobile leaders and administrators from U.S., Canada, Sweden
  and Russia meet, share ideas and move the snowmobile recreational agenda forward.

  Historic Sturbridge is conveniently located at the intersection of I-90 and I-84 in Central Massachusetts, an
  hour‘s drive from three major airports. We invite snowmobilers, industry leaders and others in snowmobile
  businesses, big or small, to participate in this unique event.

  We know that with your support, we can achieve our goal of showcasing ISC 2012 as ―A Revolutionary

  Rena M. Sumner
  Rena M. Sumner
  Executive Director
  Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts
  ISC 2012 Chair                                                                               www.sledmass.com

                                     Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts
                                              P.O. Box 386, Conway, MA 01341
                                           Phone: 413-369-8092 Fax: 413-369-0203
                                    rena.sumner@sledmass.com or dan.gould@sledmass.com

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com        December, 2011 - Page 15
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                         Vice President Report
                         Jim Elmore, NYSSA Vice President
                         585-813-4610 jelmo@buffalo.com

                             The best month of the year is finally here, snow is falling and Santa will soon be making
                    his appearance. NYS snowmobile clubs are out building the trail system to handle the smiling
                    faces this year. At the December Board meeting we voted to hire a public relation firm as per the
  vote of the delegates this past April at the 2011 forum. Gramercy Communications was picked as the firm to
  promote snowmobiling in the State. Having a company to spread the word on our sport is a great Christmas
  present for everyone involved. I believe every club will benefit from this new educational tool, we will all be better
  prepared in communicating with the snowmobile population and the non-snowmobile public. The traditional media
  will always be around but with so many new social media avenues available, it‘s time to harness this and use it to
  our advantage. Information is instant these days with the use of smart phones and the speed of the internet,
  people don‘t wait for the nightly news or the paperboy any longer for information.

           With this new media, clubs can promote their activities to a wider area of the population. Many clubs have
  special events that help improve the quality of life in their communities. Clubs need to remove the stigma that
  many non-snowmobile citizens think about this sport. If a club is in the forefront of good communications and
  sharing their club events just benefits everyone. Your club will find it easier to solve problems when the community
  knows of your hardships and will in turn offer help. Snowmobile clubs are doing the work that the taxpayers do not
  want to fund. Volunteers in this sport are building a system of recreation that the State benefits from in sales taxes
  and other fees but we receive little back for all of our work. I would like to stress to any snowmobiler who received
  the impact study being sent out, to please return it without delay.
                                                                                                        (Continued on page 17)

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com         December, 2011 - Page 16
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 (Continued from page 16)

        Our Government Affairs committee has officially submitted the vintage registration bill to Albany.
 Sponsors from the State level will be needed to move this bill on to become law, if the State is looking for more
 revenue then this bill should be passed. The State takes ten dollars off the top of every snowmobile registration for
 the general fund and clubs never see this returned.
          Steve Lewis, Director of the NYS OPRHP Snowmobile Unit is still working on the reimbursement rates for trail
 miles, he should have this number for the January meeting or sooner. The State has laid off some staff in his office
 putting them a little behind. They are catching up on the grants submitted by the clubs.
           NYSSA is gearing up for the International Snowmobile Congress 2015, we already made a deposit on
 the facility in Niagara Falls. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your local Director or one of the
 NYSSA officers. Snowmobilers from North America and Europe attend this annual event, the venue needs committed
 volunteers to make it a successful event.
 I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Joyous Hanukah, please enjoy this time of year. I would like to
 thank all the club volunteers for their hard work in building the trails and I hope Santa brings you something special.
 Ride safe and see you on the trails soon.

  SnowTrails TV -
  Broadcasting on Fox Sports
  and MSG Network
  New Broadcast Networks and Time through
  Dec. 25th:
  Fox Sports Detroit @ 7:30 AM Eastern On Sunday,
  Fox Sports North @ 6:30am Central
  Madison Square Garden Network
  (MSG or MSG Plus) @ 7:30 AM Eastern Sundays,
  plus Fridays 9AM
  ++ Nationally on satellite and dish with the Fox
  Sports Package. 430
  SnowTrailsTV will let you Take A Friend Snowmo-
  biling right now.
  Enjoy the 9th season broadcast on Fox Sports and
  New York‘s MSG network. SnowTrailsTV is a
  snowmobile reality TV & Web series. Ride with
  Video Mike exploring a variety of recreational
  touring destinations and snowmobile trail

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Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   December, 2011 - Page 18
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  Are You Ready for the Cold Weather?
  Get your home buttoned up for the winter ahead.
  The only thing dependable about the weather is that you know it will change. As temperatures dip, take the time to
  winterize your home. You‘ll save money and stay warm!
  Optimize Your Heating Systems
  Buy filters for your furnace and remember to change them.
  Remove all flammable material in the area around your furnace.
  Turn the temperature on your hot water heater down to 120˚F to cut related costs by up to 10 percent.
  Seal Windows and Doors
  Caulk windows and use weatherstripping around doors to boost energy efficiency by as
      much as 30 percent a year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  Replace window screens with storm windows if you have them.
  If your home has a basement, protect window wells with inexpensive plastic shields.
  Insulate Your Home
  The federal government will reimburse you for 30 percent of the cost, up to $1,500,
     for highly efficient insulation. Find out more by contacting local energy agencies or
     by going to dsireusa.org to find incentives.
  If your hot water heater or hot water pipes are warm to the touch, they‘re good candidates for insulation, which can
       cut your heating bills.
  Prepare for Winter Storms
  Service snow blowers.
  Trim trees if branches hang close to your house or electrical wires.
  Store extra bottled water and non-perishable food supplies (including pet food, if you have a pet), blankets, indoor
      candles, matches and a first-aid kit in a dry and easy-to-access location.

                      This message is brought to you by Nationwide Insurance
                  As a member of NYSSA, you may be eligible for special discounts
                                 on Nationwide® auto insurance.

                Click for a free quote, Contact your local agent or Call 1-888-889-4322

               In the greater Buffalo area call The Getzoni Agency at 1-866-447-SNOW
                     With offices in Akron, Williamsville and Chaffee to serve you!

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                     Trail Coordinator Report
                     by Jim Rolf, NYSSA Trail Coordinator
                     888-624-3849 x 102               jrolf@nysnowmobiler.com

  REMEMBER… it‘s still early in the season. I too am frustrated that snow hasn‘t fallen so far this year, but most trails
  are not even open yet due to the Southern Zone hunting seasons, preventing some clubs from finishing trail signing.
  Riders should contact the local club(s) to find out exactly when their trails are officially opened. See the paragraphs
  below for more on this:
  Join a Club and REGISTER Before the Snow Does Pile Up!
  AS A REMINDER FROM LAST MONTH…I‘d like to politely suggest that everyone join a
  club of their choice EARLY… I‘m not sure how many club members realize that you can
  do so right after April 1st each year. That would allow you to have your voucher in hand when sled renewals are
  sent out by the NYS DMV in late July. You can beat the lines at the DMV offices too by mailing those renewals with
  a check or going to a local DMV office before the influx begins.
  NYSSA Club Trails
  Another reminder… A few years back, Dave Perkins, the former NYSSA Trails Coordinator initiated a process
  whereby clubs that maintained trails that are not funded through Parks for whatever reason could name trails by
  numbers. Some clubs have been assigned ID numbers for these ―club trails‖ that are then noted, signed for riders‘
  sake, and included in the NYSSA Trail Liability policy. I‘d like to see each club who requests a number for their own
  unfunded trail(s) to send me an e-mail (or through the snail-mail if so elected) with a short description of where the
  trail(s) begin and end; what amenities are located on the trails, and what municipalities encompass the trail.
  All OPRHP funded trails must be GPSed this year during the Phase I application process that is due in June. I am
  encouraging all clubs that have not undertaken GPSing their trails before this winter, to do so early when snow is on
  the ground. NYSSA owns 4 Garmin 60CS hand held units for clubs to ―borrow‖ and return to me right away. Con-
  tact me for more information. Use the document on the NYSSA website described below to learn how to easily
  translate GPS receiver data to the format which Parks uses and requires be used. I also suggest that these NYSSA
  club trails also be GPSed this upcoming season for future use.
  GPSing Your Trails
  Segueing into this topic… in this past season‘s Phase I application from Parks, it was noted that ― By the Phase I
  deadline for the 2012-2013 season (June 30, 2012), GPS data will be required for ALL TRAILS that
  wish to continue receiving state funding.”. I am suggesting that any club that has not yet GPSed your trails to
  meet this requirement do so this winter. Obviously some trail re-routes do come up at the last minute, but most of
  the time clubs know when they are moving a trail and the winter months with snow on the ground gives the opti-
  mum opportunity to access these areas, compared to at the last minute during the spring-time ―muddy season‘. I
  also must remind all club volunteers that they need to obtain landowner permission BEFORE accessing another‘s
  land for the purposes of scouting out new trail locations. You would be trespassing and could face arrest & fines.
  Don‘t jeopardize yourself; get the permission done before walking or driving around looking for re-routes or new
  trail locations.
  I will keep all clubs informed of any new inclusion in this next season‘s Phase I application. I have asked Parks if
  they could possibly release the application while there is snow on the ground (like by February?) in order for clubs
  who have their GPS work and all metadata forms finished the opportunity to submit it early. We aren‘t sure if this
  will happen, but it does make sense that your GPS work be done while there is a snow base to allow for easy
  access. Club members will be riding their trails anyhow and groomers should be out smoothing down the trails,
  both great ways to GPS your trails.
  NYSSA owns 4 (four) Garmin CS60 GPS units. Contact me to find out how to borrow these units for a week or so.
  See ―Guide to GPS Trail Mapping‖ on our site at www.nysnowmobiler.com/trail-info/gps/59-documents for more info
  on what is expected and how to convert GPS shape files to what Parks can accept and work with. Other pertinent
                                                                                                       (Continued on page 21)

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com         December, 2011 - Page 20
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
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  (Trail Coordinator, Continued from page 20)

  GPSing articles are also listed for registered members to review at http://www.nysnowmobiler.com/trail-info/gps-
  program under the Trails Program link in under NYSSA Member Menu.
  Trail Opening Dates
  As always, many discussions take place this time each season about ―when do the trails officially open‖ on snowmo-
  bile blogs and trail websites. This is a very sensitive issue. I must relay that there is not a NYS Law that dictates
  this trail opening date. But more importantly, it is usually dictated by a mutual agreement with private landowners.
  You see, most snowmobile trails in NY transverse private lands of others. If these private landowners hunt or allow
  hunting on their lands, they DEMAND that clubs stay off their property during such hunting seasons each and every
  year. Our snowmobile clubs obviously comply with these requests, or stand to lose access to these lands. Some
  lands are actually hunting clubs who are also generous enough to allow snowmobile trails across their lands during
  their ―off-season‖.
  It comes down to respect, in most cases. Clubs are definitely going to respect these agreements and they ask riders
  to understand why we ask them to stay off the trails until after hunting seasons. Some clubs aren‘t even allowed on
  these lands to hang signs or install posts until hunting season ends. This means that the trails can not officially be
  opened the night hunting ends or even the next day, for that matter. Clubs‘ volunteer trail workers need time to get
  out and do what they must do to make their trails safe for passage. NYSSA asks that all riders show respect for the
  landowners and to the clubs by contacting each club via their website or by phone in order to find out the official
  dates that each clubs trails are going to open. Don‘t ruin it for all!
  Stay Right … AND Between The Stakes!!
  Here‘s a friendly reminder to think about when the trails open and
  there‘s enough snow to safely ride the trails. Stay on the marked
  trails. Reports have surfaced that a couple of clubs have lost access
  to long-standing trails due to some riders deciding for themselves to
  ride where they want to, not adhering to the marked trails. Don‘t
  force landowners to make this decision. Respect our landowners and
  clubs by riding where they are posting the trails. This is the safest
  place to be and in most cases, the only location that farmers want a
  trail on their lands. THINK ABOUT IT!
  The New JIMAPCO Interactive Snowmobile Map
  The map was again updated recently, and then e-mails & phone calls starting coming in about errors, missing trails,
  and even additional trails not meant to be there. I contacted Steve at Parks and inquired with him about these
  inconsistencies. After looking at the Parks‘ 2011-12 season funded trails map alongside of the JIMAPCO map, it led
  us to decide that the error must be a data translation issue within JIMAPCO. I notified Mike of JIMAPCO to let him
  know, which he verified and has corrected. Clubs should look at the new map to make sure no other corrections are
  needed. Any club contact info errors should also be addressed right away to Mike LaViolette at
  Groomer Training Courses
  If your snowmobile club or County group is hosting a groomer training class this winter, please notify me of the date
  and location so I can post them for all clubs to know about. I see quite a number of posts on snowmobile websites
  inquiring about these groomer courses. For any club wishing to hold their own, I have a couple of DVDs of the NYS
  OPRHP training course left that I can send out for your own use.
  Insurance Handbook
  The 2011-12 NYSSA Insurance Handbook will be sent out to all clubs via e-mail as well as in hard copy as soon as
  the insurance company and our attorney review the updates & changes.

                                                                                                      (Continued on page 22)

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com        December, 2011 - Page 21
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                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

  (Trail Coordinator, Continued from page 21)

  Erie Canalway “CLOSING THE GAPS” meetings
  These informational planning meetings are still ongoing across NYS. Areas like Utica/Rome, Amsterdam, Lockport,
  and Syracuse among others have submitted grant requests to the Regional Economic Development teams to fund
  the trail rebuilding processes needed to finish this historic trail. When funding awards are announced that affect
  these gap areas, I will notify everyone. Clubs with trails in these regions should become more involved in these
  STEP Advisor Scheduling
  The last Safe Trails Education Program (STEP) classes have been held. Safe Trails Advisers (STAs) have been edu-
  cated as to what they are to look for and how to report their trail findings. Assignments will be coming out soon.
  Clubs are asked to respect the program and work cooperatively with any Adviser tasked to ride along with your club
  representatives this winter. They are there to observe and help out, if necessary, with club volunteers understand-
  ing signage of intersections, surprising changes on trails, and hazardous terrain. This program is meant to be a
  positive partnership between clubs and those advisers who have taken their own free time to learn more about what
  signing guidelines are expected of clubs, giving a report back to clubs on how they interpreted what is ―on the
  ground‖ in regards to those signs. We urge all clubs to make the most of this positive work for everyone‘s sake.
  Planning The 2012 NYSSA Educational Forum
  The 2012 Annual Meeting and Forum planning is underway. When the proposed by-law changes and schedule of
  seminars are sent to all the clubs, I am asking the club reps that receive these mailings and e-mails from NYSSA to
  please pass them onto all of your club members. It seems that many attending do not receive all of the important
  and pertinent information that is needed to make educated choices through their clubs. I feel it is important for
  clubs sending multiple delegates to plan out their days by choosing who will attend what seminars and why each
  person attending is the best person to learn from what NYSSA is offering.
  Also, those clubs that do not send anyone to this annual gathering… you are surely missing out! The information
  disseminated at The Forum is beyond describing. The interaction between snowmobilers meeting other snowmobil-
  ers with the same passion as them is also a highlight of what this annual meeting brings to the forefront. PLEASE,
  take the opportunity to send one or two members to learn more about what NYSSA does for your clubs and this
  sport. If you do, I believe you will be genuinely impressed and will be back year after year.

  COLLETT COMMUNICATORS are Back in Business!

  I am pleased to announce that Collett, manufacturers of the widely used 900Mhz helmet communications systems
  are back after a brief hiatus. I spoke with them just this week, and they told me that the groomer warning beacons
  that they produce and supply to clubs for free as a safety warning device for those with Collett Commmunicators will
  be again supplied to snowmobile clubs FREE OF CHARGE. Contact them to order your groomer warning beacons .

  Saratoga and Warren Co. RR Announcement

  The following announcement is from the Warren Co. Parks Dept. regarding the new Snow Train that will run from
  Saratoga Co. to the North Creek area this year. For snowmobiler's safety, clubs in this area are being asked to pass
  this important information on via newsletters and club websites so that any local riders and visitors alike can be
  made aware of this situation. Anyone trespassing on the railroad corridor (including the area adjacent to the tracks)
  will be prosecuted!
  ―PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the railroad right-of-way spanning from North River in the Town of Johnsburg in Warren
  County, N.Y. to the City of Saratoga Springs in Saratoga County, N.Y. is an "active Railroad". There is and will be
  increased train traffic year-round on the Railroad right-of-way. Entry on the Railroad right-of-way without the ex-
  press permission of the Railroad operator is strictly prohibited. Travel by foot, vehicle or snowmobile on or near the
  Railroad Right-of-way is trespassing. Do not park any vehicle, including a snowmobile, on or near the Railroad right-
  of-way OR on or near any Railroad crossing, whether public or private.

  Questions regarding this notice should be directed to Steve Torrico, Saratoga North Creek Railway Manager, @ 518-
  251-3959, or email: torricos@iowapacific.com‖

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com        December, 2011 - Page 22
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                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

NYS DOT/ADK Scenic Railroad Inspection by Jim Rolf
I was fortunate enough to be invited to ride-along
with the DOT officials as they performed their
regularly scheduled track maintenance trip in mid-
November. We stopped at different trestles as well
as ―switch‖ locations to get a better handle on
what the issues are between snowmobiles and
these sections of track. The Tupper Lake club had
submitted a sketch of what they would like to do in
order to allow snow to build-up better on a local
bridge and also provide better safety for snowmo-
biles crossing the bridge. DOT engineers reviewed
and approved these plans, which the club started
installing Dec 1st.
NYSSA holds the permit for the winter months
along the stretch of railroad tracks from Remsen to
Lake Placid. The 6 clubs along that section must
adhere to the regulations included in this permit.
Along this trip we were told of past issues with ac-
tions undertaken by clubs that were in violation of
the permit. I must reiterate to these clubs that if
they plan to do any type of work on the tracks,
bridges, and/or culverts along this corridor, DOT
must be contacted (along with myself) for special
permission and an engineering decision, if so
needed. DO NOT jeopardize this permit that allows
thousands of sledders the opportunity to access
the inner ADK Park on such a direct path between
communities that are so far apart. The beautiful
scenery that is viewed along this trail corridor is
something that we want to continue to be able to
                                                        Photos by Norm Scianna

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   December, 2011 - Page 23
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  World-Class Snowmobile Trail Envisioned                                                 The New York State Snowmobile
                                                                                          Association has not taken an offi-
  By Jim McCulley, President, Lake Placid Snowmobile Club                                 cial position on the removal of
                                                                                          the tracks from portions of the
                                                                                          Adirondack Railroad right of
                                                                                          way. The following articles are
                                                                                          published as a courtesy and in
                                                                                          the interest of informing our
                                                                                          members. This issue is likely to
                                                                                          be debated for some time before
                                                                                          any decision is reached by any
                                                                                          level of government.
                                                                                                On behalf of the Lake
                                                                                       Placid Snowmobile Club,
                                                                                       I invite all NYSSA members
                                                                                       and clubs to join the
                                                                                       Adirondack Recreational Trail
                                                                                       Advocates. ARTA was estab-
                                                                                       lished last summer with the
                                                                                       goal of transforming the
                                                                                       90-mile rail corridor from
  Old Forge to Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake and Lake Placid into a trail connecting with hundreds of miles of other trails
  in and around the Adirondacks. With the tracks removed between Old Forge and Lake-Placid, snowmobilers could
  enjoy the trail all winter long, in effect doubling the length of the season.
          A tourist train currently operates between Utica and Thendara, just south of Old Forge. From Old Forge on,
  ARTA has called for removing and salvaging the tracks all the way to Lake Placid. Without the tracks acting as a ma-
  jor impediment to public use, this wonderful travel corridor could become one of the most popular recreation trails
  in the Northeast—for snowmobiling in season, and for bicycling, hiking, running, sports training, and bird-watching
  during the warmer months.
            The trail nowhere exceeds a 2% grade. That means it is well under the requirements of the Americans with
  Disabilities Act for ease of access and would be highly suitable for use by handicapped persons, a minority of our
  population greatly in need of safe places to enjoy fresh air and wild nature. A surface of compacted, crushed lime-
  stone would work nicely to accommodate wheelchairs, either self-propelled or electrically powered.
           Imagine being able to take your family on a bicycle ride from Old Forge to Lake Placid, through miles of for-
  ests, past lakes and streams, through wild bogs and marshes, stopping at friendly villages and campgrounds along
  the way. Now imagine winter use of the corridor, starting at first snow instead of late December to mid-January as
  we must do now, waiting until enough snow finally covers the tracks (two feet of snow are needed to avoid the dan-
  gerous and damaging rails underneath). Without the steel to reckon with, you can ride from Old Forge to Tupper
  Lake in an hour, on a safe, well-groomed trail. In half an hour, you can be in the tiny station at Sabbatis and from
  there follow the new connector trail to Long Lake, for a great dinner and overnight stay at the Adirondack Hotel.
           From Tupper Lake you can split off into St. Lawrence County to Cranberry Lake and beyond, for some of the
  nicest riding anywhere in the state. Or head north from Tupper and connect with 300 miles of trails in Franklin
  County. Or ride east through woods and lake country to Saranac Lake, check out the Ice Palace and enjoy the Win-
  ter Carnival. Just ten miles further you will reach the end of the line in Lake Placid, where you can visit the Olympic
  ski jumps for a memorable view of the surrounding mountains.
            In other words, the Old Forge-to-Lake Placid travel corridor along the old railroad bed is the most important
  link trail for snowmobiling in northern New York State. Every trail system in the western and northern Adirondacks
  depends on this corridor to create a seamless trail system. Having a trail-without-rails means you can take that 200-
  300 mile ride, and when you head back to Old Forge, after spending the night in Tupper Lake or Long Lake (or
  wherever), the entire route will be properly groomed and free of hidden dangers.

                                                                                                         (Continued on page 25)

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com          December, 2011 - Page 24
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 (Continued from page 24)
          As snowmobilers, we know well the economic benefits that our sport can bring to a region like the Adiron-
 dacks. Consider Old Forge: This thriving village is the leader in producing sales tax for all of Herkimer County—and
 winters are the biggest sales-tax collection time, thanks to snowmobiling. For many other regions of the Park, some
 55% of businesses close for the winter. ARTA‘s goal of converting this obsolete, underused rail line into a popular
 recreation trail would provide a major boost to an economically-depressed region.
           As Tom Peryea, head of the Franklin County Snowmobile Association put it, ―Removal of the rail would be like
 putting Whiteface Mountain ski center in the middle of Franklin County.‖ For those of us that live in the Adirondacks,
 this trail will not only make for greatly improved snowmobiling but for a better quality of life all around.
 Instead of struggling to survive the long winter months when business is off and funds are tight, we can help to
 secure the economic future of the Adirondack communities along the way. Converting the rail to a trail presents a
 classic example of adaptive reuse and sustainable development— a stated goal of most economic development agen-
          As a member of the ARTA steering committee, I am working with Dick Beamish, founder of the Adirondack
 Explorer news magazine and an outspoken environmentalist. I‘m working with Lee Keet, head of the Lake Colby As-
 sociation, who has waged a successful battle against invasive Eurasian milfoil in that lake and is currently leading the
 fight against excessive road salting in the Adirondacks. I‘m working with Tony Goodwin, head of the Adirondack Ski
 Touring Council and creator of the famed Jack Rabbit cross-country ski trail. There are other stalwarts on our com-
 mittee, as well, but I bring these names up to show the diverse points of view that have coalesced behind this great
 cause. Since our kickoff meeting on August 30, more than 1,200 supporters have signed up. With your help, we can
 reach our goal of 5,000 by next summer.
         This opportunity is too important to ignore. Please take the time to go to www.thearta.org and click the sign-
 up button. By working together, we can rally enough support, and apply enough public pressure, to make this great
 dream a reality.

  The Adirondack Corridor Recreational Trail (Corridor #7 “the Tracks”).
  Have you signed the "ACT" petition cards at Beaver River or on line? The goal is to remove the rails on the
  corridor for a connective trail over 100 miles long through the Adirondacks and we need your HELP! The Trail initia-
  tive is doing well and now we need to "Kick it Up" to the next level.
                                                            Please go to www.theARTA.org and sign up free.

                                                              ARTA - Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates
                                                              Contact: info@thearta.org / www.thearta.org
                                                              Mail: PO Box 1081, Saranac Lake, NY 12983

                                                              Contribute! Make checks to
                                                              “PTNY, for benefit of ARTA”
                                                              & mail to PTNY Fiscal Agent Program,
                                Photo by Anne O’Dell          29 Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207

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  Will snowmobiles be removed along with the tracks?                                           The New York State Snowmobile
                                                                                               Association has not taken an offi-
  By Phil Gallos                                                                               cial position on the removal of
                                                                                               the tracks from portions of the
  This story originally appeared in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise                            Adirondack Railroad right of
  on Oct. 20, 2011.                                                                            way. The following articles are
                                                                                               published as a courtesy and in
  Back in the 1980s, a group of men working for the Adirondack Council –
                                                                                               the interest of informing our
  Dick Beamish, Gary Randorf, and George Davis – began a campaign to revive                    members. This issue is likely to
  Bob Marshall‘s 1930s vision of a huge wilderness area in the western Adirondacks.            be debated for some time before
  Davis ―mapped it out and put together a formal plan‖ while Beamish and Randorf               any decision is reached by any
  ―promoted it,‖ according to Council spokesman, John Sheehan.                                 level of government.
  Called the Bob Marshall Great Wilderness, ―The Bob,‖ as it was nicknamed, would be
  a 408,000-acre super-wilderness encompassing almost everything south of New York State Rt. 3, west of Rt. 30,
  north of Rt. 28, and extending west almost to the Blue Line. It would consolidate existing wilderness areas and
  other state lands, necessitate the purchase of large tracts of private land, and, where outright purchase was not
  feasible, require the negotiation of easements restricting development rights to preserve wilderness values.
  In 1993, ―The Bob‖ was incorporated into the New York State Open Space Conservation Plan. Today, much of what
  Beamish, Randorf, and Davis planned and promoted has been achieved. Two new wilderness areas have been
  added. Pre-existing wilderness has been expanded. Vast private holdings are protected from development by ease-
  ments, and at least one more large private tract is scheduled to be absorbed into the forest preserve during the next
  As the largest ―roadless" area in the eastern United States north of the Everglades, ―The Bob,‖ now temporarily re-
  named the Bob Marshall Wild Lands Complex, is considered the last best hope in the Adirondacks for the reintroduc-
  tion of the wolf and the cougar. ―An Ark in the forest,‖ author Michael DiNunzio called it in a 1992 report to the
  There‘s just one problem. Call it an irritation, if you will. The Remsen – Lake Placid Travel Corridor – a unique and
  vulnerable passageway used by countless snowmobilers and the occasional railroad train – runs right through the
  heart of ―The Bob.‖
  Although efforts are being made to piece together an alternative snowmobile route paralleling Rts. 28 & 30, the
  Remsen – Lake Placid corridor remains the only continuous, east-west, cross-park snowmobile route, considered a
  vital link in the Adirondack snowmobile trail network. Furthermore, current snowmobile trails are just about at their
  cap of 848 miles on state forest preserve land. (Snowmobiles are allowed on ―wild forest,‖ a less restrictive forest
  preserve classification than ―wilderness.‖) If snowmobilers were to lose use of the corridor through ―The Bob,‖ that
  change would not free up more miles to be used elsewhere because the corridor miles ―don‘t count,‖ according to
  Sheehan. The corridor miles are not forest preserve miles – at least not yet.
  ―Adirondack Council‘s understanding is that, if the rails are removed, the corridor will revert to forest preserve,‖
  Sheehan says, acknowledging that the interim step of revision of the Remsen – Lake Placid Travel Corridor Manage-
  ment Plan would have to occur first. That management plan, however, would have to be revised to allow removal of
  the tracks in the first place.
  It is just such as revision of the management plan that Adirondack recreational Trail Advocates (ARTA) is seeking for
  the purpose of removing the rails from Lake Placid to Tupper Lake to make way for a bike path and a few more
  weeks of snowmobiling. This is an enormously risky move for anyone interested in cross-park snowmobile travel.
  The plan is one plan, and the corridor is one corridor. An individual or group cannot selectively open a section of the
  plan to revise it to suit their needs for a particular segment of the corridor and keep the rest untouched. The revi-
  sion process would involve the entire corridor, and it would be open to all parties with an interest in the corridor,
  according to DOT‘s Remsen – Lake Placid Travel Corridor manager Dawn Klemm.
  If the tracks were to be pulled up through the Tri-Lakes section, there is essentially no justification for the rest to
  remain in place all the way back to Big Moose. Powerful voices will argue for removal. Then the same voices will
  argue for reversion to forest preserve. This is not an argument that will happen merely on a local scale. This will be
                                                                                                            (Continued on page 27)

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(Continued from page 26)
an issue of national interest to a broad spectrum of environmental groups, from Defenders of Wildlife (who want to rein-
troduce wolves) to the Sierra Club (who had their own vision for this area – the Great Oswegatchie Wilderness). They
and many other influential organizations will bring enormous pressure to bear on decision makers to assure that the cor-
ridor becomes part of the forest preserve. In ―The Bob,‖ that means wilderness; and wilderness means no bicycles and
no snowmobiles.
A battle between recreationists and environmentalists, in the event that the tracks are removed, was anticipated by the
corridor management plan. It is a battle that the recreationists are likely to lose. The cyclists and the snowmobilers will
be outspent, out-lobbied, and out-litigated by national organizations with very deep advocacy experience and even
deeper pockets.
The Remsen – Lake Placid Travel Corridor will become a footpath from Horseshoe Lake to Beaver River. ―The Bob‖ will
be rid of a 25-mile long irritation. Protectors of ―The Bob‖ can reflect on a job well done. And those snowmobilers who
have been using and enjoying this resource for decades will truly be left with a ―trail to nowhere.‖
Phil Gallos opposes rail removal. He favors wolf and cougar reintroduction. He has never ridden a snowmobile; and he
has no affiliation with the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. He lives in Saranac Lake.
Attempts to contact Dick Beamish regarding this article were unsuccessful.

   If you were one of the 6,000
   registered snowmobile owners
   who received a survey in the
   mail you can go to
   http://nyssa.potsdam.edu and
   complete your survey on line.
   Please try to complete your
   survey by December 15, 2011.
   If you did not receive a
                                                        Trackside Blazers at Sand Lake, Jan. 2011 ~ Photo by Norm Scianna
   survey in the mail, and would
   like to complete one, please
   go on line at the same address
   beginning Monday,
   December 19, 2011. Your
   participation will be extremely
   beneficial to your sport.

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                   News from NYS OPRHP
                   Contributed by Stephen C. Lewis, Director of Snowmobiling
                   Stephen.Lewis@parks.ny.gov * 518 - 474 - 0446

 Merry Christmas and may your New Year resolutions all happen!
 The ground is freezing up quickly, the lake effect engine is gearing up and the Christmas lights are hung so let‘s get
 ready to RIDE. I know the season is nearing because the requests for meetings has increased, the Safety Classes are
 being attended, there has been an increase in the number of phone calls seeking information on the trails, but best of
 all are the invitations for me to come and ride your trails.
 The ultimate indicator that our season is just about here is seeing that the trails are ready for snow. My travels this
 fall have taken me to meet with members from over 160 Clubs about the Automated Trail Grant Program. These
 meetings have provided the opportunity to learn more of Club needs for developing and maintaining their part of the
 trail system. Of all the requests and comments I have received, I wish I could find the miracle solution to get more
 volunteers to help. Here is one thought, if every trail worker were to just ask one friend to join them for a few days
 helping out, you would obviously double the work force. So seek out a fellow Club member and just ask them to join
 you. Yes, I have said this before but it can not be said enough, THANK YOU for all your personal sacrifices and hard
 work to make this trail system SAFE for so many!
 Every year, I am reminded of my responsibilities and of the decisions that I made which directly affect the workings of
 the 4th largest trail system in the nation. I hear constantly that I need to find better ways to manage the program,
 our trails and resources. So this year we have implemented an Automated Trail Grant Program. This program will
 reduce the time needed to document the work and expenses expended toward developing and maintaining the trails.
 This online program makes it easier to enter the information, reduces paper, allows for more timely data entry (not
 the last minute scrambling to find and record those log sheets/receipts/donated hours) and allows more individuals to
 help with the documentation input. It also allows people to see where the dollars are being expended. An even
 greater benefit is we now will have the ability to speed up the auditing/verification requirement and do an analysis of
 the costs.
 Overwhelmingly, a concern that keeps coming up is
 how to better protect our riders‘ SAFETY. Through
                                                                               Ride Right…
 consistent trail signage, promotion of the Zero Alco-        while on the trail
 hol-Your SMART Choice, and training law enforce-
 ment agencies to encourage the implementation of             by being responsible for your actions
 better individual riding responsibilities, we will have      by not consuming alcohol before or during a ride
 safer trails. Please make it a personal choice to RIDE
 RIGHT. Ride Right while on the trail, Ride Right by          by encouraging everyone to obey the laws
 being responsible for your actions, Ride Right by not
 consuming alcohol before or during a ride, Ride Right        by taking a safety course.
 by encouraging everyone to obey the laws, Ride
 Right by taking a safety course.
 I will continue to connect with the Counties and Clubs, attend NYSSA Board meetings (check my attendance record),
 find the time to actually attend Club & Association meetings, ask questions and carefully listening to local sponsors,
 trail users, volunteers and leadership. Honestly, most times I don‘t have to ask questions, just answer them. The
 concerns and comments I hear, help to sharpen my focus on program priorities.
 NEW TRAIL MAP! This year we have been able to secure funding to print the Statewide Trail System map.
 Distribution of the map will begin in about three weeks, just about the time all trails will be open.
 This season we are wishing for all those interested in snowmobiling to come closer together, closer to eliminating any
 thoughts of reducing the trail fund, closer to finding a better way of managing the program, and closer to fulfilling
 every ones desire to have enjoyable days on the trails.
 Be SAFE, RIDE RIGHT and Zero Alcohol is your smart choice!!!!

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com        December, 2011 - Page 28
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                                                               We've Got That!
                                                               Western New York not
            Please support the businesses                      only has lots of snow
                That support our sport!                        and snowmobile trails,
                                                               now it has a snowmobile
                                                               rental and guided snow-
                                                               mobile touring company.
                                                               For all you riders that
                                                               have wanted to take
                                                               friends and family riding
                                                               with you, but didn‘t
                                                               have the extra sleds,
                                                               Chautauqua Lake Snow-
                                                               mobile Services can
                                                               help! Owned and run
                                                               by long-time friends Brice Steffen and Dee Dippel, they
                                                               have lots of 2012 Polaris 600 Rushs for solo riders and
                                                               2012 Polaris Turbo IQ LXT with two-up seats for the plush
                                                               Brice, born and raised in Bemus Point, New York, is a
                                                               member of the Ellery Sno-Cruisers snowmobile club. He
                                                               and his wife had both dreamed of providing guided tours
                                                               on the extensive and beautiful trails in Chautauqua and
                                                               Cattaraugus counties. Brice‘s college buddy, Dee Dippel,
                                                               originally from West Virginia, moved to Gerry, New York
                                                               and joined the Lake Effect Trailbreakers snowmobile club,
                                                               as he too loves snowmobiling and decided that he wanted
                                                               to live ―on the trail‖ in snow country. Soon after, their
                                                               families decided to start the business together, as they
                                                               knew that this was a service needed to take snowmobiling
                                                               tourism to the next level.
                                                               Thanks to Brice and Dee, Western New York snowmobilers
                                                               no longer have to be concerned about running out of gas
                                                               or how we are going to get home with a broken snowmo-
                                                               bile, because Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Services will
                                                               come to your rescue! For those who like long distance rid-
                                                               ing, Brice and Dee will even provide a truck and trailer to
                                                               take you to a drop off point on a trail system, so that you
                                                               can ride back to your home or hotel, or even on to your
                                                               next trail stop. In other words, they‘ve made destination
                                                               riding very easy.
                                                               Please check out their website at: http://
                                                               www.clsnowmobiles.com/ or give them a call this season
                                                               at: (716) 581-LAKE (5253). Brice or Dee will be happy to
                                                               help you rent a snowmobile, provide you and your sled
                                                               with a trailer ride or provide your group with a guided tour
                                                               of the trails in the area, ones that even local riders might
                                                               not be familiar with, all at very reasonable prices. Brice,
                                                               Dee and their families have been riding the area for years
                                                               and know all the great trails and want to share that experi-
                                                               ence and knowledge to make your riding experience the
                                                               best that it can be! ~ Submitted by Sue Hough

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com         December, 2011 - Page 29
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  Building BRIDGES Info and photos submitted by                                                            This is just one of
                                                                                                           thousands of bridges
  Sharon Czelusniak, Ted Gay, and Darlene Haflett of TC Riders, Camden, NY                                 across New York that
                                                                                                           are built and
       When complete, this may be the largest snowmobile trail                                             maintained by
       bridge in New York State. We’ll update you next month.                                              VOLUNTEERS.
                                                                                                             How can you help?

                                                                                                           Concrete piers are set
                                                                                                           into place.

                                                            1       4

  Loading the steel (73 feet long) on the truck for transport
  to railroad bed - new trail - Corridor 4M between
  Camden & Williamstown. Trail will connect to Kasoag
  Trailblazers at Oswego County line.


  Loaded and ready to go. Had a police escort through the
  Village of Camden.

  Transporting from drop-off point to bridge site - about a one
  mile trip on the railroad bed.                                        Crane putting steel beams into position.
                                                                        The abutments are from the old railroad bridge.
  Skidded it with a telehandler, assisted by a bulldozer.

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                 December, 2011 - Page 30
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              Contact Your Local Club to Purchase Tickets!
Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   December, 2011 - Page 31
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                                                Prize List Continued!
      Sponsor Business Name                Website                      2012 Prize Description
 10   Cardo Systems, Inc.                  www.cardosystems.com         Scala Rider G4 Power Set for Snowmobiles
 11   The Edge Hotel                       www.theedgehotel.com         2 night stay in a jacuzzi suite + $100 NYSSA Cash
                                                                        2 night stay jacuzzi package, dinner, movei tickets for 2
 12   Ridge View Lodge                     www.ridge-view.com           + $100 Cash
 13   Cranberry Lake Lodge                 www.cranberrylakelodge.com   2 nights in a lakeside room + $100 NYSSA Cash
 14   Charlie's Inn                        www.newyorksnowmobiling.com 2 night stay w/Dinner for 2 + $100 NYSSA Cash
 15   Headwaters Motor Lodge               www.headwatersmotorlodge.com 3 night stay Sun - Thurs + $100 NYSSA Cash
 16   Soucy Track                          www.soucy-track.com          Modular helmet w/ electric lens
 17   Byrncliff Resort                     www.byrncliff.com            Overnight golf package for 2 + $100 NYSSA Cash
 18   The Gold Mine Jewelers                                            $250 Gift Certificate
 19   Allegany County Federation of SC     www.acfsnow.org              $250 Cash
      Niagara County Snowmobile Federa-
 20   tion                                                                     $250 Cash
 21   Northern Erie Sno Seekers         www.snoseekers.com                     $250 Cash
      Shawnee Sno-Chiefs Snowmobile
 22   Club                                 www.snowchiefs.net                  $250 Cash
 23   Marienthal                           www.marienthalcountryinn.com        One Night Stay For Two + $100 NYSSA Cash
 24   DDS Motorsports                      www.ddsmotorsports.com              $200 Gift Certificate
 25   Hebeler Sales & Service              www.hebelers.com                    $200 Gift Certificate
 26   Tekrider                             tekrider.com                        $200 GC toward vest
      Caledonia Trailblazers Snowmobile
 27   Club                                 www.caledoniatrailblazers.com       $200 Cash
 28   Cattaraugus County Federation                                            $200 Cash

 29   Cranberry Lake Mountaineers          www.cranberrylakemountaineers.com   $200 Cash
 30   Erie County Federation of SC         wnysnowtrails.com                   $200 Cash
 31   Ful-Mont Snow Travelers              fulmontsnowtravelers.com            $200 Cash
 32   Herkimer County Trail & Trade Assn                                       $200 Cash
 33   OCSA                                                                     $200 Cash
 34   Penn Mountain Snow Riders            www.pennmountain.com                $200 Cash
 35   Salmon Creek SC                      www.salmoncreeksnow.org             $200 Cash
 36   Seven Valley Snow Goers                                                  $200 Cash
      Wyoming County Snowmobile Fed-
 37   eration                                                                  $200 Cash
 39   The Savoy Restaurant                                                     $100 Gift Certificate

 39   Cayuga County Snowmobile Assn        www.cayugacountysnowmobile.com $100 Cash
 40   Genesee County Snowmobile Assn                                           $100 Cash
      Oneida County Areas Snowmobile
 41   Assn                                                                   $100 Cash
 42   Southern Orleans Trailblazers        southern-orleans-trailblazers.net $100 Cash
 43   Washington County Assn of SC         wcasc.snowclubs.com               $100 Cash
 44   45 & 46 NYSSA                                                          100 Cash (each)
      48 49 and 50 -                       www.greatadirondacksteakands
 47   Great Adirondack Steak & Seafood     eafood.com                        $50 Gift Certificate (each)

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Stay and Play an Extra Day at the

           2012 Forum

           Friday April 20 – Sunday April 22, 2012
  Nestled within the Adirondack Park's six million acres of natural beauty, Lake Placid is paradise for the
  outdoor enthusiast, the adventurous heart and the romantic soul. Offering endless opportunities,
  attractions, shopping, dining, and family activities, Lake Placid encourages you to invent your own
  perfect day.
  We recommend trying something new, whether it's climbing the Adirondack High Peaks, skiing or
  boarding down the highest vertical drop in the East at Whiteface Mountain, or simply strolling down
  Main Street mingling with local shopkeepers at one of the unique shops in Lake Placid.
  Whatever you decide to do, you'll find the atmosphere here is liberating... because Lake Placid is more
  than pristine waters and majestic Adirondack Mountains. It's a real community filled with passionate
  people who are united by shared interests, a common perspective and immense enthusiasm for the
  beautiful area they inhabit.
  You'll find the mood is infectious and your stay in Lake Placid will be invigorating. Relax and embrace it.
  Welcome to the Adirondacks.

      Lake Placid Hotel Info - NYSSA Forum 2012                           Single       Double     Triple      Quad
      Art Devlin's Olympic Motor Inn, 2764 Mirror Lake Drive,
      Lake Placid, NY 12946-3593 Phone (518) 523-3700
      http:// www.artdevlins.com/
         Traditional Rooms                                                    $97.46     $97.46     $108.54     $119.61
         Specialty Rooms                                                     $135.12    $135.12     $146.19     $157.27
      High Peaks Resort (HEADQUARTERS), 2384 Saranac Avenue,
      Lake Placid, NY 12946 Phone (518) 523-4411
      http://highpeaksresort-px.trvlclick.com <-- FORUM HQ
         Traditional Rooms                                                   $112.97    $112.97     $135.12     $157.27
         Suites                                                              $112.97    $112.97     $135.12     $157.27
      Northwoods Inn, 2520 Main Street,
      Lake Placid, NY 12946 Phone (866)294-7171
         King, Kitchenette, or 2 Double Beds                                  $91.92     $98.57     $104.11     $109.64
                       1 - 8 0 0 - 4 4 P L A C I D (1-800-447-5224)
                                                                                                    CLICK FOR
                Lake Placid/Essex County Convention and Visitors Bureau
                    49 Parkside Drive, Suite 2, Lake Placid, NY 12946                                ONLINE
                          Tel: 518-523-2445 Fax: 518-523-2605                                     RESERVATIONS

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com           December, 2011 - Page 33
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                                   NYSSA CHARITIES PAGE
                                   NYSSA encourages its individual members and its Clubs to support
                                   the following charitable organizations:

                                   Pink Ribbon Riders www.pinkribbonriders.com
                                   The Pink Ribbon Riders mission is to promote awareness of breast can-
                                   cer in the motor sports industry for both men and women while raising
                                   funds for those in need.

                                   Easter Seals www.easterseals.com
                                   Easter Seals has been helping individuals with disabilities and spe-
                                   cial needs, and their families, live better lives for over 85 years.

                                   The USO                   www.uso.org/howtohelp

                                   The USO is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to
                                   support the troops by providing morale, welfare and recreation-
                                   type services to our men and women in uniform.

      Safety Question

                                                                                                                    Safety Question Answer: B
      Why is it important to grease
      the suspension?
      A. It makes the parts look nice and
      B. It drives out water that will rust the parts
      C. it makes the snowmobile go faster

      Note: we don’t make these questions up - they’re right out of the Safety Program workbook!

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                               members of the NYSSA. Save up to 40% with discounts for things like switching
                               from another insurer or having more than one policy or vehicle with Allstate. Con-
                               tact your local Allstate agent today. http://www.allstate.com/snowmobile-
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                               NYSSA members save 15% off at over 5,000 participating Choice Hotels world-
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                                                                                                                                          Membership Discount Program 2011-2012
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                               Join the Choice Privileges Program for even more benefits!

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                               the third one free to complete the 10 show season series. Visit
                               www.snowtrailstv.com for ordering/program information.

                                                                                                                            rev 2011-05
                               Impact Global Industries, the maker of the C.S.S. (Communication Safety
                               System), an LED light system used to replace the unsafe outdated hand-signals,
                               is exclusively offering 10% off to NYSSA members. Discount orders must be
                               placed by phone, toll free at 1-866-560-6365. www.impactglobalindustries.com

                               Sign up now and get a 15% discount on T-Mobile service! When you activate
                               new service with T-Mobile you are eligible for all of our newest handsets
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                               call 917-379-1145 or email Ralph.Schomberg@t-mobile.com.

                               Sled Insure offers NYSSA members an additional 5% discount on their snow-
                               mobile insurance premium! Other discounts also available, such as Multiple
                               Sled Discounts and Safety Course Discounts. We can write your coverage the
                               same day and fax or email your NYS Insurance ID Cards immediately! Call us
                               at 1-800-562-6036 or visit us at www.SledInsure.com.

                                Makovic Homes offers a free Stainless Steel Appliance Package Upgrade to
                                any NYSSA Member purchasing a Modular or Manufactured Home from
                                Makovic Homes. Must provide proof of current membership. Visit our Model
                                Center at 411 State Rt. 17B, Monticello, NY 12701, call us at 845-796-4663
                                or e-mail us! See you on the Trails!

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                   December, 2011 - Page 35
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                  NYSSA Online Magazine

                               NYSSA Members: Book any two consecutive nights lodging at the Big Moose
                               Inn and Restaurant and receive a third contiguous night free. Cannot be used for
                               any other promotional pricing or package deals. Free night limited to Sunday-
                               Thursday. Excludes New Year's Eve, the Sunday before Martin Luther King's
                               birthday and President‘s Weekend. Must be booked by telephone: 315-357-
                               2042. The Big Moose Inn and Restaurant www.bigmooseinn.com 1510 Big
                               Moose Road, Eagle Bay, N.Y. 13331

                               NYSSA WINTER SPECIAL: Use this 10% OFF COUPON FOR ROOM, FOOD
                               OR DRINKS. Stay at this lake front resort and conference center & receive 10% off
                               everything! (NYSSA Membership Number and Promotional Code NYSSA0809
                               required) Book one of our Jacuzzi suites—or call and ask about other Room Dis-
                               counts or seasonal rentals. North Woods Inn Resort, 4920 NYS CRT 28, Fourth
                               Lake, Old Forge, NY 13420 (www.NorthWoodsInnResort.com) Call for reservations:

                                                                                                                                         Membership Discount Program 2011-2012
                                                               (Clip and Use this coupon!)

                               NYSSA members save 20% on overnight lodging Sun-Thurs (excluding holi-
                               days), December through April at The Loft in Raquette Lake, in the Central
                               Adirondack Region. Fireplace-sauna-heated garage for sled storage & repair.
                               No permit required for Raquette/Long/Indian Lakes/Newcomb/Tupper trails.
                               For description/rates/photos visit http://www.raquettelakerentals.com

                               Water’s Edge Inn: SAVE 20% OFF ANY ROOM OR SUITE SUNDAY –
                               THURSDAY NIGHTS! Rest assured at Water‘s Edge Inn, located lakeside directly
                               across from Water Safari, Snowmobile Trails 1&5 and Enchanted Premium Gas!
                               (NYSSA Membership Number/Card required for discount, not to be combined with
                               any other offer/discount, limit 1 offer per reservation, valid October 16, 2011 - May

                                                                                                                           rev 2011-05
                               24, 2012 ) Water‘s Edge Inn, 3188 St. Rte. 28, Old Forge, NY 13420. Call for Res-
                               ervations (315) 369-2484. www.WatersEdgeInn.com

                               Old Forge Camping Resort: 20% off your stay Sunday through Thursday
                               nights! Heated Cabins and Cottages & RV & Tent Sites. Drive your sled right to
                               your door! Direct access to Snowmobile Trail 5 and Premium Gas. (NYSSA Mem-
                               bership Number/Card required for discount, not to be combined with any other offer
                               or discount, valid October 16, 2011 - May 24, 2012 ) Old Forge Camping Resort,
                               3347 State Route 28, Old Forge, NY 13420. For Reservations: 1-800-CAMPING.

                               The Rocky Acres Inn invites NYSSA Members to enjoy our facilities and re-
                               ceive 10% off your entire stay, year round! The Inn is located on Trout Brook
                               Rd. in Schroon Lake with easy access to trails to local restaurants and Olmsted-
                               ville/Minerva. Reservations required along with your NYSSA Membership
                               Number. For more information, go to www.RockyAcresInn.com or call us at

                               HD Adirondack Chairs by Aaron Fischer: NYSSA Members will receive 15%
                               off the purchase of one/20% off for 2 or more pieces of hand made heavy duty
                               ADK style outdoor furniture. Many styles available and can be custom made to
                               your dimensions in any type of wood you desire. Delivered to most NY towns for
                               a small fee, you can pick-up or shipping can be arranged. The key word is heavy
                               duty-these will be around for years to come. For more information, call 315-
                               897-0457 or visit: https://sites.google.com/site/hdadirondackchairs/

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                  December, 2011 - Page 36
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                  NYSSA Online Magazine

                             The Tumble Inn invites NYSSA Members to enjoy 15% off regular prices ($98-$125)
                             at our bed, breakfast and beyond. Private baths with clawfoot tubs, modern showers
                             and electric fireplaces. The comfortable guest living room features a fieldstone fire-
                             place, cable TV, DVD player, games, reading materials, snacks, homemade cookies
                             and Free Wi-Fi!. An outdoor hot tub takes off the chill (robes and slippers provided).
                             Close to miles of trails. Includes an elegantly served "no lunch" breakfast. Call 518-
                             351-5020 or 518-532-7605 for info/reservations.

                             Save up to 15% on Bonvoyage Snow Adventures. Quebec snowmobile
                             adventures. A Bonvoyage trip is not merely a trip, but an unparalleled adventure
                             experience. Our tours are the direct result of nearly 30 years of exploring Quebec,
                             looking for the provinces best groomed trails, most scenic areas and truly unique
                             places to stay. Dog sledding and a visit to the Ice Hotel can add to the experience.
                             For reservations, go to www.bvadventures.com or call us at 860-796-9055
                             NYSSA Membership Number required at time of reservation.

                                                                                                                                         Membership Discount Program 2011-2012
                             Charlie‘s Inn-we have specials for snowmobilers! 10% off all rooms Sunday thru
                             Thursday (with your NYSSA Membership Card), come and enjoy, the HOT SPOT
                             in the Adirondack Mountains! Where the trails are groomed all the time. Charlie‘s
                             Inn has great food and a full bar. We‘re located at 44 Junction Road, Lake Clear
                             (Right on Corridor Trail #7), N.Y. 12945. Call at 518-891-9858 and don‘t forget
                             to check us out on the web at www.newyorksnowmobiling.com !

                             Come on out to the Junction Campground and join the fun. NYSSA Members get
                             10% off the regular campground price from June-Sept. by showing their mem-
                             bership card. The Junction Campground is located in the beautiful Adirondack
                             Mountains. It's a quiet, secluded campground with 24 full hook up sites and 12
                             tent sites. Full restaurant and lounge on premises, hot showers, electric, cable,
                             wireless internet, Laundromat, dump station, picnic tables and play area. Hiking

                                                                                                                           rev 2011-05
                             and biking trails are nearby and the swimming location is just 1/4 mile away! We
                             are located at 44 Junction Rd., Lake Clear, N.Y. 12945 Call us at 518-891-9858.

                             Exclusive offer for NYSSA members only! Get Three (3) years of Supertrax, the
                             world's #1 snowmobile magazine, for the incredible price of $9.99! Simply call
                             1-800-905-8729 (toll free) and mention the subscription code "NYSSAP" or visit
                             the subscription page on www.SUPERTRAXMAG.com and enter the code
                             "NYSSAP" to get Supertrax for Three (3) years for $9.99 (a $22.99 value).
                             **Offer valid for one name per address and is for NYSSA members only.

                             The Bear in the Tree B&B invites NYSSA members to enjoy a 15% discount off
                             the regular room rate ($85-$115) while riding some of the best groomed trails in
                             the Adirondack Park. We‘re located on State Rt. 8 in the Town of Morehouse,
                             with direct access to the Corridor 4 trail. NYSSA membership number required at
                             time of booking. For reservations call 315-826-5614. For more information go to
                             www.bearinthetree.com. THERE IS ALWAYS SNOW IN MOREHOUSE!

                             KMT Service Parts Inc is excited about being able to offer discounts to NYSSA mem-
                             bers. We were involved with the Ski Doo Race Team in 1967 and love the sport! We
                             sell one of the best enclosed trailers available and offer a 20% Discount off the pub-
                             lished retail price to NYSSA Members. All trailer orders will be processed through
                             KMT and can be picked up at the factory or we can arrange shipping. We have all
                             kinds of parts including tires, wheels, jacks, wheel chocks, aluminum products such as
                             helmet cabinets, gas can holders and shelving and much more! Visit us at:
                             www.kmtparts.com. 315-697-2441 CALL TODAY!

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                  December, 2011 - Page 37
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                   NYSSA Online Magazine

                            The Ponderosa House Rental in beautiful Allegany County, NY offers NYSSA members
                            10% off your entire stay, year round. If you are looking to hit the trails or for a quiet
                            relaxing weekend, The Ponderosa is the spot! Situated on 5 acres of peace and quiet in
                            Belmont, NY (West Almond); surrounded by thousands of acres in Phillips Creek State
                            Forest, just down the road from the Southern Tier Snow Riders trails and Palmers Pond!
                            This house features 2 bedrooms downstairs with double beds and a room upstairs with 6
                            beds! Enjoy a fully stocked kitchen and oil heat to keep you warm after a long ride on the
                            trails. Rates: from $300 to $600 per week. Weekend rates also available. Don‘t forget-
                            book early for hunting season/holidays. Please visit www.Findrentals.com/40872 or call
                            Ray @ 716-418-0768 for more info.

                            NYSSA has teamed up with CardPartner.com to bring you the all new NYSSA Visa®
                            Platinum Rewards Card. For qualifying members, this card will feature no annual fee, a
                            competitive low interest rate, rewards points, 100% fraud protection, emergency cash
                            disbursement and card replacement, auto rental and accident insurance, and many other
                            benefits. You can select one of our 5 custom NYSSA images or upload your own picture
                            for a truly unique design. Click here to get started!

                                                                                                                                          Membership Discount Program 2011-2012
                            From the consumer to the professional athlete, Whiplash will help you support the
                            sport you love by investing in your club/association. For every purchase that a con-
                            sumer or professional athlete makes and designates your club or association as a
                            recipient, Whiplash will donate 5% of the purchase to your club or association!
                            Whiplash is dedicated to helping organizations such as yours develop the sport
                            through education, safety. responsibility and fun. All you have to do is go to
                            www.whiplashsports.com, add item(s) to your cart and at checkout, select your club
                            name from the drop-down list and complete the purchase. That's it! Checks will be
                            sent to clubs/associations quarterly! Check our website and our competitive prices!

                            SledVentures offers NYSSA members up to 20% off all services and special dis-
                            counts on lodging, snowmobile rentals and more! Tour/adventure planning and
                            guide service can include location selection, lodging, transportation, food & bever-

                                                                                                                            rev 2011-05
                            age, equipment, gear and staff. Simply stated; a single source contact for all ar-
                            rangements from one-day family trip to multi-day experienced rider adventures for
                            groups from 2 -200 throughout North America. Please contact Michael Young at
                            (800) 243-9623 or Michael@SledVentures.com.

                            We‘ve partnered with Liberty Mutual to offer our members special discounted rates on
                            Auto Insurance, Home Insurance and Renters Insurance. This special rate comes from a
                            company that has been leading the industry in safety advancements since 1912. Find out
                            more and get a free quote from Liberty Mutual. Discounts and savings are available
                            where state laws and regulations allow, and may vary by state. To the extent permitted by
                            law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify. Click here:

                            Wide Open Expeditions has 4 cabins-each have 2 sets of bunk beds, futon, bathroom
                            with shower and kitchenette which includes mini fridge, microwave, coffee pot and
                            toaster. NYSSA members receive $5.00 off of the nightly individual lodging rate of
                            $30.00 or 10% off of lodging from the seasonal rate of $1,400.00. We are 5.3 miles
                            from the Hayloft Pub in Redfield and have close access to the C4 trail. We are on
                            the Tug Hill Snowmobile Trail Map for 2010-2011 (we are # 90). Call us at
                            315-599-7397 or visit us on the web at www.WideOpenExpeditions.com

   Want to See Your           Become a Sponsor in the NYSSA Membership Discount Program!
  Business Advertised        For More Information, E-mail us Here or call the Office Toll Free at
   Here? For Free?                                            1-888-624-3849

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                   December, 2011 - Page 38
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                   NYSSA Online Magazine
                            Oscars has been in business for over 60 years offering a great selection of quality prod-
                            ucts. We welcome NYSSA members to visit us at our all new store in Warrensburg,
                            New York. Snowmobiling is an important part of the north country economy and we
                            are happy to show our support. Now thru the end of April 2011 NYSSA members will
                            receive a 10% discount on any purchase..PLUS a Free Oscars Shopping Bag with any
                            $50 purchase...All you have to do is present your NYSSA membership card when you
                            come in. Oscars is located just off Rt. 9 in the heart of Warrensburg, Exit 23 off the
                            Northway (87). Oscars Smoke House, 22 Raymond Lane, Warrensburg, NY 12885
                             1-800-627-3431. www.oscarssmokedmeats.com

                            Snowmobiling is an important part of the north country economy and we are happy to
                            lend our support as business members. We welcome all NYSSA members to visit either
                            of our 2 dealerships. As a token of our support we are offering all NYSSA members a
                            special sales incentive, now thru the end of April 2011. Your choice: $250 off the ad-
                            vertised price of any in stock vehicle or a $250 credit toward any service contract
                            purchase. Simply present your NYSSA membership card when you come in.
                            Johnstown, NY - 121 N. Comrie Avenue - 518-762-4609

                                                                                                                                           Membership Discount Program 2011-2012
                            Amsterdam, NY - 4419 State Highway Rt.30 - 518-843-4600

                            TRUCK MONTH IS HERE!.... New Country Buick-GMC in Mechanicville NY,
                            proudly announces 0% for 72 Month financing promotion. This is BIG. 0% for 72
                            Month financing is available on all of the Light Duty Sierra models. This is your op-
                            portunity to save over $8000 in finance charges. Mention this ad for a free bedliner or
                            1 Year Maintenance package when you purchase a new vehicle in the month of
                            March. Hurry in we are just 2 minutes from the corners of Routes 9 and 146 in Clifton
                            Park, NY. Call at 518-664-9851 or check us out online at
                            www.NewCountryBuickGmc.com. 205 Route 146, Mechanicville, NY 12118

                            Otto Cadillac is pleased to be a business sponsor for NYSSA. Snowmobilers contribute
                            a lot to New York's economy and we welcome the opportunity to support their efforts.
                            Otto Cadillac offers quality new and used vehicles along with award winning service
                            and a state-of -the -art collision repair facility. We welcome all NYSSA members to

                                                                                                                             rev 2011-05
                            experience the professional service at Otto...present your NYSSA membership card and
                            receive a 10% discount off any service or parts purchase. This offer is valid now thru
                            the end of May 2011. Otto is conveniently located on Central Avenue in Albany only
                            minutes from the Northway and the NYS Thruway. Otto Cadillac, 1730 Central Ave-
                            nue, Albany, NY 12205 518-869-5000 www.ottocars.com

                             Trappers Tavern at The Copperfield Inn, where quality comfort food & drink is served
                             in a casual rustic Adrirondack style. Featuring oversized appetizers, over-stuffed sand-
                             wiches & memorable signature entrees.
                             SAVE 10% off your meal when you present your NYSSA membership card. The
                             Copperfield Inn, 307 Main Street, North Creek, NY 12853. 518-251-2200.

         Become a Member of the NYSSA Membership Discount Program!
                             For More Information, e-mail us here,
                            or contact our office at 1-888-624-3849.

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                    December, 2011 - Page 39
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                   As the unified voice for NY Snowmobiling, NYSSA works year-round to promote
                                                   the sport and protect the trails needed for winter enjoyment. NYSSA is recognized
                                                   and accepted in Albany, across the state, and nationally as the organization that
                                                   represents the rights and needs of New York’s snowmobilers.

                                                   Season 2011-2012 NY Snowmobiler Publication Dates:
                                                   (10 days after each BOD Meeting).           March 13, 2012
                                                   2011-2012 Season:                           April 30, 2012
          NEW YORK STATE
   S N O W M OB I L E A S S O C I A T I O N        January 17, 2012                            2012-2013 Season:
                                                   February 14, 2012                           May 15, 2012

PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040
  888-624-3849 / Fax 888-317-2441
 E-mail: nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com

             NYSSA Calendar of Events
     January 7, 2012               NYSSA BOD Meeting 1:00 pm (Committees meet at 10)             Driver’s Village, Cicero, NY

     January 14, 2012              16th Annual Trail Grooming Seminar                            Salisbury Ridge Runners,
                                   http://ridgerunners.homestead.com/ClassAGroomer2011.html      717 Curtis Road Little Falls NY
     January 15-21, 2012           International Snowmobile Safety Week - Ride Safely!!          Events take place state wide!

     January 27-29, 2012           Visit the NYSSA Booth at the Boonville Sno Fest               Oneida Fairgrounds, Boonville NY
     February 3-4, 2012            Visit the NYSSA Booth at the 2012 Vision KIA Eastern          Finger Lakes Casino and Racetrack,
                                   Nationals - www.fingerlakessnocross.com                       5857 Route 96, Farmington, NY
     February 4, 2012              NYSSA BOD Meeting 1:00 pm (Committees meet at 10)             The Beeches Inn and Conf Ctr
                                   (Stay and Ride!)                                              7900 Turin Road, Rome, NY
     February 10-11, 2012 NYSSA Supports the Pink Ribbon Riders 8th Annual Snow                  George Hiltebrant Recreation
                          Run - www.pinkribbonriders.com                                         Center - Old Forge, NY
     March 3, 2012                 NYSSA BOD Meeting 1:00 pm (Committees meet at 10)             Driver’s Village, Cicero NY

     April 20-22,2012              NYSSA Educational Forum , Vintage Sled Show,                  Lake Placid Conference Center,
                                   & Annual Meeting                                              Lake Placid, NY

                       Club Events are listed on our website: www.nysnowmobiler.com
     Safety Courses are listed at http://nysparks.state.ny.us/recreation/snowmobiles/safety-courses.aspx

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