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 1914 – Mr Hugh Harris established the business with the sole aim being to
 offer a premier Menswear range to the gentry of Woking, Surrey. This was
 very much achieved and it wasn’t long before clients visited Mr Hugh Harris
 from afar to be dressed. From good old-fashioned cavalry twill trousers to
 a cloth cap, from fully tailored made to measure suiting to a silk top pocket
 hanky, Hugh Harris at that time epitomised the quality and the style of the

 1980’s - Flash forward some 70 years the same values and qualities remained,
 with great emphasis being placed on customer care and knowledgeable
 service. It was around this time when trends changed toward formal wear
 with more and more acceptance towards formal wear or “top hat & tails”
 being seen. To this end Hugh Harris started its own department within its
 Menswear store to specialise and cater specifically for this market.

 With very few “independent” formal wear departments existing at that time
 major growth was soon achieved. However choice or quality from suppliers
 within the industry remained stagnant limiting our aims at offering “The
 Hugh Harris Style”. With the desire to offer Formal Wear based on our
 history and reputation, investment in quality formal wear of our own
 design was undertaken. Pure fabrics, more fitted designs and general
 quality improvements were sought and eventually achieved ensuring that
 Hugh Harris could offer a difference.

 2010-2011. Having won many trade awards in recent times via several
 different organisations, voted for by our peers or indeed the public, the
 team at Hugh Harris are pleased to offer you an unrivalled range of formal
 wear, to hire or purchase, “off the peg” or “made to measure”, traditional
 formal wear through to Savile Row tailored outfits. We have kept the values
 and vision of Mr Hugh Harris and added our own modern slant to things.
 We truly believe that Hugh Harris offers “A Cut Above”.

 Our team are on hand and fully trained to offer you the ultimate formal
 wear service, including:

  Traditional Hire

  Designer Hire

  Own Design Lounge Suits
  Your Wedding Suit – Made To Measure
  standard suiting, tails and more.

 As a well established business we believe that quality and service is key.
 A visit to Hugh Harris will offer you a service based on knowledge and
 customer care that is all to often lacking in today’s retail environment. You
 will be looked after by one of our fully trained wedding consultants whose
 training would have been thorough in all areas, customer service, etiquette,
 styling, colour co-ordination, tailoring and all others aspects – to ensure a
 service that will enhance your wedding preparations and choices.

 Save shoe leather boys. Pull up a chair, crack open a cold one and create
 your own outfit in a chilled manner. Visit our Outfit Selector at www. to find out more.


 “There are many old wives tales, books and opinions about formal
 wear. We say, wear what suits you – simple.”

 Morning Suit
 Many rules have applied to this style of outfit. Traditionally worn to
 weddings and Royal Ascot, the morning suit remains the most popular
 wedding choice.

 Lounge Suit
 Lounge Suits can be worn for any event and are now very popular for
 weddings. With a stylish suit accessorised in a very wedding way you
 can achieve a more casual yet formal look.

 Dinner Suit
 An alternative to the normal wedding suit, a Dinner Suit or “Tux” can
 be worn at weddings especially for later weddings. Shown here in the
 traditional vibe, also dressing a Tux with wedding accessories creates a
 very different yet smart look.

 Other Suit Styles
 Black Tie, Frock Coats, Highland Outfits, Prince Edward, ¾ Length Styles.
 All are available from Hugh Harris’s stock or we can order these in for you.
 Visit for more details


 Why not create your own outfit?
 Our ground breaking online Outfit Selector is a tool you can use to browse
 through a definitive selection of our current ranges. You can mix and match
 Jackets, ties, waistcoats, hankies, the works – until you’ve come up with the
 perfect mix. Then it’s easy to email your outfit ideas to others in question,
 for that crucial second opinion.

 A waistcoat is more than an accessory, it is an
 important garment in its own right and should
 enhance your chosen suit style and colour.

 This being the case you will find a range of designs
 and colours created specifically for Hugh Harris to
 “fit the bill”. Colour, shape and of course pattern is
 a priority but so is quality. Made from pure silks
 whether they be Dupion, Woven or Embroidered,
 your wedding suit will be finished off in style.

 We have shown each waistcoat with a co-ordinated
 cravat or tie. All colours are available in a cravat,
 tie or bow tie and all have a matching top pocket
 hanky. We have shown each waistcoat with a co-
 ordinated colour, but the sky is the limit.

 The waistcoats shown are just a selection of our
 range. To view all waistcoats, please visit www.

 All waistcoat are available to hire or buy. Hire is
 available immediately. If you wish to purchase, at
 least 8 weeks notice will be required. For further
 info’ please call 01483 756267 or email sales@


 Is there such thing as the perfect pattern? Our new     A bride often wants her groom to wear a colour and
 Vine design has been created to try and create just     style that the groom simply does not carry off or “it’s
 that. Made to co-ordinate totally with its respective   a bit girlie”. On the flip side a groom often wants a
 neckwear colour, a vine design waistcoat is made        plain and simple version that simply subdues any
 from a pure silk warp with the “vine” being chosen      outfit. Vine Design, sorted.
 from 1000’s of different yarn colours.

 A group can either look harmonious or a little messy. You have concentrated
 on the suit style but what about the shoes? Your shirt needs cuff links but
 can you trust your guys to pack them? We believe the finer details are
 essential for two reasons. Firstly they enhance any outfit such as a gleaming
 fob chain on your waistcoats. Secondly logistics.

 Our experience tells us that your groomsmen might “claim to have decent
 shoes”, or “yes mate I have some cuff links you can borrow”. BUT when it
 comes down to it, usually an hour before your do, guess what, problem
 time. Of course we would suggest hiring everything, but detail really is an
 important area to consider.

 All accessories are available to hire or purchase. If you wish to purchase we
 would suggest 4 – 8 weeks notice. If you wish to hire, perhaps the following
 NEW package may be of interest.

 New For 2011
 Accessory Pack – Saves £2.50 per person.
 Add a pair of Cuff Links, a Fob Watch Chain and a pair of Braces for just
 £9.99 per person. Ask in-store for details.

 “Thank you to Steve and the team at Hugh Harris for providing the
 menswear for our wedding - the suits were excellent quality and the
 service was very efficient and professional. Highly recommended!
 Best wishes, Jeremy and Catherine.”

 “We would like to thank you for helping to make the men in our
 wedding party look so dapper. Everyone enjoyed wearing your
 clothes and commented on their comfort. We have been very
 impressed with your service and quality of clothing. We would
 recommend Hugh Harris unreservedly.”

 “Steve at Hugh Harris was a pleasure to work with - organised,
 efficient, courteous and friendly. The suits supplied were just
 stunning and the service meticulous, I would trust him to come
 through on any major celebrity event I was managing.” Maureen
 Magee, Northern Lights Actors Management Ltd.

 Recent Celebrity Weddings.
 Specialising in Designer Formal Wear, to hire or purchase has enabled us to assist with weddings that are
 in the public eye. Here are some of the recent Celeb’ Weddings that Hugh Harris have helped with.

 Paul Sampson & Kirsty Gallagher     Alan Halsall & Lucy Jo Hudson        Jamelia & Daren Byfield
 25/7/10 Hello Magazine              20/6/09 OK Magazine                  21/6/08


Bespoke Tailoring                                                    Not Just The Groom
With so many “made to measure” services available why                All designs and fabrics have been chosen not just for the
has Y.W.S – Your Wedding Suit – been created? It is clear            groom, the groomsmen have been considered as well.
that a lot of craftsmanship within some modern tailoring             All too often a groom purchases or has a suit made for
services has been replaced with a more computerised,                 him without thinking about one other very important
machine generated creation with less emphasis on                     area, how to co-ordinate his best man, ushers and so on.
actual fit. It is time to reverse this trend and offer a new         Don’t worry, Y.W.S have thought about that. All fabrics
“genuine” made to measure service.                                   and suit designs chosen for the Y.W.S collection have
                                                                     been co-ordinated with the hire range available from
How?                                                                 Hugh Harris Formal Attire. So to create a full, classy and
                                                                     cohesive look, book a visit.
The experienced team at Hugh Harris, offer their
extensive knowledge of fabrics, tailoring services and
most importantly, client fittings to ensure the creation             What & Why “Made To Measure”
of a suit fit for your most important day.                           It is rare to find the exact style, colour and fit when
                                                                     searching the High Street. Y.W.S offers a wide range
Not willing to sacrifice quality for price, time has been
                                                                     of fabrics with style suggestions from a classic black
spent sourcing the latest fabrics from the most supreme
                                                                     wool mohair two piece to a green ¾ length frock coat.
Italian & British cloth mills. We then, in conjunction
                                                                     Choice is no longer a limitation.
with other reputable individuals such as the team at
William Hunt, design suits or “blocks” that take the                 Prices will depend on the choice of fabric, maker and
traditional working day suit and turn it into a garment              details such as pocket trim, lapel detail and linings.
that exudes that certain something.                                  Therefore price will be available at each consultation
                                                                     but we are pleased to offer a starting price of £750.00
                                                                     for this service.

                                            William Hunt, Savile Row
                                             Exclusives at Hugh Harris

  Eddie Izzard, Scott Parker, Rio Ferdinand, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jonathon             More about William Hunt can
  Ross, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Tom Cruise, Gordon Ramsay, Ryan                     be found at www.williamhunt.
  Giggs, David Beckham, Nicky Clarke, Jude Law, Clint Eastwood, Alistair   
  Campbell, Andrew Castle, Max Beasley, Vernon Kay.

  Having been offering traditional formal attire for many years, adding colours
  and styles seemed to be the only way of offering you more choice. Having
  reached the limits that formal wear set us, the only way forward was to offer a
  different variation on the traditional themes. With manufacturing being a little
  cautious or “standard”, the design team at Hugh Harris set about searching for
  a higher quality garment that also exudes a designer vibe to formal wear.

  The project with William Hunt is looked after by Mr Douglas Hood.
  Douglas has experience in Menswear and suiting of over 30 years. Working
  alongside YSL and Ozwald Boateng, his experience regards suit making is
  second to none. Add the experience of Steve Bishop, a Director of Hugh
  Harris who has over 25 years in the formal end of Menswear & Menswear
  suiting to find a collaboration that has created the most prestigious, quality
  and relevant range of wedding suits.

  “What makes Hugh Harris different?” I hadn’t thought about it in those
  terms for a long time so, taking a bit time of to think about it, all I could
  work out is that I simply want to offer our clients a difference, not just the
  clothing but customer service as well. We are a part of one of the biggest
  events in a couple’s life so everything we do has to bear that in mind.
  Steve Bishop – Hugh Harris & YWS

  Nothing makes me more proud than seeing one of our creations adding to
  the sense of any occasion, especially a wedding. Someone asked me how to
  describe a suit, all I could think of is this, “it’s all about the style”.
  Douglas Hood – William Hunt

                PRICE GUIDE
                   Our prices are set to reflect not only the quality of our formal wear but also the
                   level of service we know is required to enhance your wedding experience.

                   All goods are available to hire, buy or have made to measure for you. We
                   recommend a visit or to reserve outfits as early as possible. Hire goods
                   are available at all times but we do recommend choosing your outfits no
                   later than 8-12 weeks before your function. Should you require a made to
                   measure outfit, we suggest a visit no later than 12 weeks before your function
                   but highly recommend a visit at least 16 weeks before your big day.

       Price Guide                         Hire                                    To Purchase
       Traditional Formal Suiting          From £59.99 to £85.00                   From £499.00
       Designer Formal Wear                From £125.00 to £225.00                 From £699.00

       A full list of suit prices and accessory prices can be found at

YWS – Made To Measure
All styles and fabrics have been chosen specifically by our team to be modern and relevant. Backed
up by a fully trained team, choose this service to create “Your Wedding Suit”.

       2 piece suit                                  Starting price £750.00
       3 piece suit                                  Starting price £899.00
       Tails are available                           Starting price £850.00
       Matching waistcoat for tails                  From £149.00

                                         Visit our “Outfit Selector” at

 Main Showroom
 13 High Street
 GU21 6BL
 0800 0749153



 Other Locations
 Periodically we visit locations around the country so that you can view    Canary Wharf
 our range locally. By appointment only you can arrange to visit one of     29th Floor
 the following locations as specified times. See website page “National &   One Canada Square
                                                                            Canary Wharf
 International” for details.
                                                                            London E14 5DY

                                                                            Oxford Street
                                                                            81 Oxford St
                                                                            London W1D 2EU

                                                                            Birmingham NEC Airport
                                                                            4200 Waterside Centre
                                                                            Solihull Parkway
                                                                            Birmingham Business Park
                                                                            Birmingham B37 7YN

                                                                            82 King Street
                                                                            Manchester M2 4WQ

                                                                            Haywood House North
                                                                            Dumfries Place
                                                                            Cardiff CF10 3GA
 Contact for details.

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