13. Paragraph Development by Chronological Sequence

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					 General Writing

Paragraph Design
               Paragraph Design
   What makes writing:
      Letter makes word.
      Word makes sentence.
      Sentence makes paragraph.
      Paragraph makes essay.
   What makes good paragraph:
    Topic sentence
        Giving the idea, writer’s attitude, intent of the paragraph.
    It is the core of the whole paragraph.
    Developing sentence
        The explanation to the topic sentence. It often contains some
    anecdotes, statistics, experiences, numbers etc. They must be
    related to the topic sentences.
    Closing sentence
        At the very end of a paragraph. It should reconfirm the topic,
    give the solution, make a prediction, put up with a related question
    to make reader think further.
           Paragraph Design
   Model 1
         I must study hard so that I could catch up
    with my classmates. I had to stay at home
    during my last holidays. I began to learn the
    lessons by myself. I studied some of my
    subjects in classroom. Usually I read English in
    the morning and did my homework in the
    afternoon. I telephoned my teachers and
    classmates when I had questions in my studies.
    They gave me great help.
          Now I know it is important to learn how to
    study. I think I must study harder than before.
             Paragraph Design
   Model 2
          In 2050 you will sleep later because your
    job will start later in the morning. This is just
    one of the many ways that will make life in 2050
    different from what it is today. Too, machines
    will do most of your routine works for you. Also,
    you will travel to work on a moving sidewalk.
    Furthermore, you will talk to your friend on a
    picture phone. Finally, you will take longer
    vacation in more distant places since
    transportation will be so much faster and
          Paragraph Design
   Model 3
         Today I went to park. When I was
    playing, I saw a girl. She was eating
    bananas. After eating, she threw some
    banana skin on the ground.
         I think it’s a bad behavior. We
    shouldn’t do like that. We must protect
    environment and keep our environment
    clean and beautiful.
               Paragraph Design
   Model 4
        A white woman with a bachelor's degree typically earned
    nearly $37,800 in 2003, compared with nearly $43,700 for a
    college-educated Asian woman and $41,100 for a college-
    educated black woman, according to data being released Monday
    by the Census Bureau. Hispanic women took home slightly less at
    $37,600 a year. The bureau did not say why the differences exist.
    Economists and sociologists suggest possible factors: the
    tendency of minority women, especially blacks, to more often hold
    more than one job or work more than 40 hours a week, and the
    tendency of black professional women who take time off to have a
    child to return to the work force sooner than others. Employers in
    some fields may give extra financial incentives to young black
    women, who graduate from college at higher rates than young
    black men, said Roderick Harrison, a researcher at the Joint
    Center for Political and Economic Studies, a think tank that studies
    minority issues.
            Paragraph Design
   More exercises:
        Making topic & closing sentences according
    to the following scenario
    about first trip to Europe;
    a brief introduction of yourself;
    an introduction to your company;
    a birthday party of your colleague;
    the first paragraph of a report about the new
    products promotion to your boss;
    the last paragraph of the love letter to your Bf or
          Paragraph Design
   Home work

        Select anyone you like to expand it
    into a 100-word paragraph.

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