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                                HEART & SPIRIT        Alabama Mississippi Tennessee
                                                            South Eastern Region                         of South Eastern                      Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated                                 Winter 2007

                                      Sorors of the South Eastern        meeting was an outstanding success. We appreciate our
                                      Region,                            Centennial Supreme Basileus, Soror Barbara A. McKinzie for
                                                                         serving as our guest speaker for our luncheon. Sorors, it is a
                                            Happy New Year!!! The        “New Day” in Alpha Kappa Alpha with Soror Barbara as our
                                        “Heart and Spirit” of            outstanding leader. Thank you, Soror Barbara.
                                        South Eastern is still alive         Our 2006 Mississippi Statewide Cluster ended our fall
                                        and well in 2007. Sorors, as     meetings with Sorors Bertha Flagg and Debra Goodman
                                        we have traveled across the      serving as Cluster Chairman and Co-Chairman along with Mu
                                        great states of Alabama,         Xi Omega in Vicksburg. We were delighted to have our
                                        Mississippi and Tennessee        Centennial First Supreme Anti-Basileus, Soror Carolyn House
                                        to chapters and cluster          Stewart as our wonderful guest speaker. We had over 608
                                        meetings, you have truly         sorors registered for this cluster. It was an overwhelming
                                        shown me what true               success.
 Soror Juanita Sims Doty, Ed.D. sisterhood really mean. I                    Many thanks to Soror Cynthia Finch, International Pro-
       Centennial South Eastern         appreciate all of you for your   gram Committee and Soror Josephine Dantzler, International
           Regional Director
                                        love and well wishes.            Standards Committee who presented excellent information at
    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
                                             The Undergraduate           each Cluster. Additionally, my friend, Soror Faye Pond
                                        Round-Up in Memphis              Haygood came to each Cluster to introduce the Regional
started our fall meetings and it was indeed a success. Many              Director. Thank you, Soror Faye. I never ‘sounded’ so good.
thanks are extended to Sorors Sheryl Edwards, Gwendolyn                  And, of course, my sister Soror Shirley Christian is always
Shorter and Soror Kristina Dean, who coordinated the                     great with her Centennial Celebration report. A special thanks
Round-Up. We thank our Second Supreme Anti-Basileus,                     is extended to our Regional Pecunious Grammateus, Soror
Soror Ranika Sanchez for being our motivational and inspira-             Ethel Gibson and to our Regional Tamiouchos, Soror Patricia
tional speaker for our over 420 sorors in attendance. Please             Daniels for outstanding work on all four conferences.
see the detailed report written by Soror Tylvia Edwards,                     I must take time to share our deepest gratitude to Soror
Undergraduate Activities Committee member. Then we went                  Nancy Sewell and the members of the South Eastern Heritage
on to Huntsville, Alabama for the Alabama Statewide Cluster.             Committee. This committee has been working tirelessly to
Soror Dawn Stanley and Soror Gladys Brown Davis, State-                  ensure that all chapters, where a complaint has been filed, are
wide Cluster Chairman and Co-Chairman, Epsilon Gamma                     investigated as soon as possible and follow-up with the
Omega and Gamma Mu of Alabama A & M all deserve a                        Regional Director with a complete report. They are doing an
standing ovation for carrying out a successful cluster with              outstanding job and are working very well with the Regional
over 556 in attendance. Sorors Audra Ingram and Donna                    Director and the Standards Committee.
                                              Stone served as                We are looking forward to greeting you at our 2007 South
            In This Issue                     Cluster Chairman and       Eastern Regional Conference in Nashville. Please read the
                                              Co-Chairman along          article in this newsletter for more information.
                                              with Pi Omega and              Sorors, there are so many others of you who I need to
  The Heart of ESP               - Page 2     Zeta Kappa, Univer-        thank, but my space is limited. Please know that I love and
  International Undergrad. AC - Page 3        sity of Tennessee at       appreciate all you do for me, for South Eastern, for Alpha
  Million Pound Challenge        - Page 4     Chattanooga. They          Kappa Alpha and for our communities. I thank God for you
  Membership Report              - Page 5     executed a well-           and I pray that God will continue to bless all of us as we
                                              planned Tennessee          continue to serve Him by serving others.
  Centennial Celebration         - Page 6
                                              Statewide Cluster in
  Standards                      - Page 9     Chattanooga, TN            Love to all of you,
  Undergraduate Round-Up - Page 10            where we had over
  McKinzie Received Degree - Page 12          375 sorors in atten-
  Regional Director’s Itinerary - Page 15     dance. This Cluster

                                                                           The Heart of ESP
       Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.                            An Extraordinary Service Program
            South Eastern Region
             1532 Lakeside Drive                                         Your International Program
             Jackson, MS 39216                                           Committee is ecstatic with the
                 AKA Phone:                                              feedback that we have received
                 601.366.8309                                            from the Regional Cluster
              Fax: 601.981.8943                                          Program Presentations. Your
                                                                         comments, suggestions, and
                                                                         ideas have served to reinforce
      Website:                                   the ESP vision of a “new day”
                                                 and the membership’s fervent desire to take Alpha Kappa
                                                 Alpha to new programmatic heights.
                                                                                                             Soror Cynthia J. Finch
          Official Newsletter of the             Though the official launch date for implementing the ESP    S.E. Representative
                                                                                                             International Program
           South Eastern Region                  Platforms is January 2007 many of you have already          Committee
    The Heart and Spirit of South Eastern is     accepted the challenge of getting in shape for the battle
    published quarterly. Submit information to   of the bulge in connection with our Million Pound
    the newsletter editor at   Challenge and logging your miles and exercising to meet the goals of the “1908
                                                 Centennial Walk.” In addition, you are responding to the committee’s Call for
                                                 Entrepreneurs and Credentialed Mental Health Professionals and have jump-
           Deadline for submission               started planning for all of the program platforms. You are wonderful. South
                                                 Eastern is proud that the vision/idea of the 1908 Centennial walk came out of a
        Summer Issue - June 30
        Fall Issue - September 30
                                                 recommendation submitted by Soror Marie C. King, Alpha Delta Omega Chapter,
        Winter Issue - December 30               Nashville, Tennessee at the 2006 South Eastern Regional Conference. Our thanks
        Spring - March 30                        go out to Soror King for her vision in designing the walk, which has been made a
                                                 part of the 2006-2010 International Program Platforms.

             Communication Team                  Since the Regional Cluster Presentations, the Sorority has been awarded a
               Shannon Brown                     $5,000.00 grant from the Points of Light Foundation to initiate a 2007 Martin
            Sharon D. Gipson, Esq.               Luther King Jr. service project. Chapters are asked to initiate the Alpha Kappa
             Dee Bookert Nixon                   Alpha First Responder Service Program under Platform III - The Economic
             Shirley Sims Christian              Growth of the Black Family. Chapters should partner with local Police, Fire,
             Special Assistant to the            Homeland Security offices, school systems, American Red Cross Chapters, etc. to
               Regional Director                 develop plans for establishing a disaster and recovery relief-training program for
                                                 young Black males.
            Kimberly Dowe Davis
    Newsletter Editor & Technology Liaison       CHAPTER APPROACH:
                 Irene T. Jones                  • Hold the initial planning meeting with established partners on January 15, 2007
             Special Assistant to the              in conjunction with the observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
               Regional Director                   (MLK Day of Service Project).
           K. Dawn Rutledge Jones                • Partners should serve as members of the planning committee; provide
    International Communication Committee          training materials; and involve the participating youth in disaster
          Jones PR & Writing Service               recovery activities.
                                                 • Chapters will identify and recruit 10-25 young Black males to be trained as first
                                                 • Workshops should be conducted by participating partners and held during the
              Juanita Sims Doty                    year. Topics should include:
           Centennial South Eastern              • Understanding Disasters
              Regional Director
                                                 • How to Prepare for Disasters
              Barbara McKinzie                   • Potential Causes of Disaster
         Centennial Supreme Basileus             • How to Apply Disaster Training to Your Home, School and Community
                                                 • CPR Training

                   The Heart of ESP: An Extraordinary Service Program continued from Page 2

• Assessing Responsiveness                                     Gamma Rho Jackson, Mississippi. All undergraduate
• Identifying and Utilizing Resource Units                     chapters throughout the country will implement the signature
                                                               program, however these colleges will be used as a beta site
INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE SUPPORT                        for us to gather data and establish a report.
• Participants should receive the appropriate certificates     As your program representative, I am requesting each chapter
  from partnering organizations and a Certificate of First     to forward to me contact information for the program repre-
  Responder Training from Alpha Kappa Alpha upon               sentative in their chapter. Additionally, we are requesting
  completion of the program. The template for the Certifi-     each chapter to appoint a coordinator for each Program
  cate of Completion of First Responder Training will be       Platforms. E-mail all information to
  provided by the International Program Committee via the
  sorority’s website,, under the mem-          If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
  bers’ only program hyperlink.                                865-546-0292. Thank you for your continuing support of the
                                                               ESP vision. We look forward to an exciting program year as
Undergraduate Signature Project – Economic Education           we continue in service to all mankind.
Advancement through Technology
South Eastern is pleased to have two of our college cam-       Sisterly,
puses chosen by our Supreme Basileus, Soror Barbara A.         Soror Loann J. Honesty King    Soror Cynthia J. Finch
McKinize, as a beta site for the first Undergraduate Signa-    International Program Chairman S.E. Representative
ture Project. These colleges are Vanderbilt University - Eta                                  International Program Committee
Beta Nashville, Tennessee and Jackson State University -

International Undergraduate Activities Committee
                                  The International Under-     2.   All committees for Regional Conferences, Boules and
                             graduate Activities Commit-            Leadership Seminars will have at least one undergradu-
                             tee has been working dili-             ate represented.
                             gently to put into action the      3. Each sponsoring graduate chapter will strive to
                             ideas and leadership skills of        sponsor at least two undergraduates to attend
                             all our undergraduate sorors.         Regional Conferences, Boules and/or Leadership
                             Our goal is also to maintain          Seminars. Also, undergraduates should maintain
                             an ongoing, yet, greater              their own budget to help sponsor themselves.
                             connection with our graduate          (Undergraduates utilize your schools’ funds.
                             sorors. As of November 4th,           Organizations such as your Student Government
                             the International Undergradu-         Association may help you pay for conferences.)
Soror Ranika M. Sanchez      ate Activities Committee
Second Supreme Anti-Basileus                                    4. During the undergraduate-graduate joint meeting, sorors
                             presented the following
                              recommendations to the               will plan a joint service project to be implemented by
Directorate, and each of them has PASSED:                          the end of each school semester.
     1. The Undergraduate Activities Committee will             5. The graduate council-graduate advisors will have the
        present two workshops at all Regional Confer-              responsibility of pairing and informing each graduate
        ences. The first workshop will be an hour and              and undergraduate soror of her mentee-mentor no later
        fifteen minutes, titled The Undergraduate House            than two weeks after the joint meeting.
        of AKA:Keeping our House in Order. This will            6. Am I my Soror’s Sister will be shown at all
        include all topics that undergraduates want and            undergraduate MIPs from now until June 2007.
        need to discuss as we grow as leaders. This                (Undergraduate basilei if you have not yet spoken with
        workshop is for undergraduates only. The second            your undergraduate representative and will have MIP in
        workshop is one hour and addresses the roles               the spring of 2007, please contact her to get the Am I
        and relationships between undergraduates and               My Soror’s Sister presentation.)
        graduate advisors. This session will include
        undergraduate and graduate sorors.                                  International Undergraduate... continued on page 10

Alpha Kappa Alpha’s National President Endorses Chicago Defender’s Million Pound Challenge
Doty Joins McKinzie By Encouraging the South Eastern Region To “Enthusiastically Shed Pounds”

Barbara A. McKinzie, International President of Alpha
Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. recently endorsed the Chicago
Defender’s “Million Pound Challenge” and declared that
attacking obesity will be a major programmatic focus under
her leadership.

Appearing with McKinzie at the endorsement announce-
ment was Roland S. Martin, executive editor of the Chicago
Defender. The endorsement was made at the sorority’s
international headquarters at 5656 S. Stony Island in

The pair was joined by the sorority’s Program Chairman
Loann Honesty King, executive director/AKA member Dr.
Betty James, other members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority             Alpha Kappa Alpha’s International President Barbara A.
and members of the Chicago Defender staff.                           McKinzie (left) and the Sorority’s National Program Chair,
                                                                     Loann Honesty King, clasp hands with Roland S. Martin,
                                                                     executive editor of the Chicago Defender, as a show of
McKinzie used the occasion to urge the 200,000 members               solidarity of their support of the Million Pound Challenge.
of the sorority in 900 chapters worldwide to participate in
the Million Pound Challenge and in similar initiatives that
exist in their communities. She also encouraged all African-     with a backdrop banner reading: Enthusiastically Shedding
American women to join AKA’s in this crusade.                    Pounds.

“Obesity is a major health issue that, unfortunately, afflicts   South Eastern Regional Director Dr. Juanita Sims Doty said
African-American women in disproportionate numbers to            she is committed to carrying McKinzie’s message to
the total population,” declared McKinzie. “As the interna-       members across her region, adding that now is the time for
tional president of the oldest and largest sorority serving      women of color, particularly African American women, to
primarily African-American women, it is my obligation to         begin living more healthy lifestyles from exercise to
address a crisis that is a trigger for diabetes, strokes and     nutrition to regular doctor’s visits.
other life-threatening diseases. Today’s endorsement
represents a call to action that will yield people and the       “We are pleased to learn of the partnership between AKA
ultimate measurement: Results!”                                  and the Chicago Defender’s Million Pound Challenge to
                                                                 encourage African American women to lead healthier
Martin applauded McKinzie for her leadership in getting          lifestyles,” said Doty. “Small, subtle changes can make a
Alpha Kappa Alpha to rally around the Million Pound              difference over the long term in diet and exercise and can
Challenge.                                                       make a tremendous difference in how we feel and perform
                                                                 daily activities. Losing just 5 to 10 percent of a person’s
“We are excited that the committed and dedicated women           body weight can have dramatic health benefits and the
of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., have embraced the           South Eastern Region is up to the challenge in contributing
Chicago Defender’s Million Pound Challenge,” said Roland         to the weight loss goals of this important health campaign.”
S. Martin, executive editor/general manager of the Chicago
Defender and the visionary behind the weight loss initia-        The Chicago Defender’s Million Pound Challenge (MPC)
tive. “Our aim is to get Black Chicagoans to collectively        is a 12-month health and fitness initiative to challenge
lose one million pounds, and we are more than happy that         African Americans in the Chicagoland area to collectively
the inclusion of the thousands of members of Alpha Kappa         lose one million pounds. Alpha Kappa Alpha’s participation
Alpha will help us achieve our goal.”                            will extend throughout its 10 regions. Participants are
                                                                 encouraged to lose weight and increase physical fitness
In issuing the worldwide call, she used her popular ESP          through developing healthy diet and exercise habits.
administration signature theme to drive home the message

                              Centennial Membership Committee Report

Your Membership Committee has been very busy. We are
making changes to the Membership Intake Process as
promised. The changes have been divided into three            Cluster III-B    Soror Juanda Maxwell (334) 874-4393
                                                              Cluster IV       Soror Leonia Dorsey       (601 332-0049
                     • Phase One:
     Membership Intake Process Manual Revisions               Cluster V        Soror Brenda Leuthje      (601) 736-0719
Changes to the Membership Intake Process Manual will be
                                                              Cluster VI       Soror Minnie Coleman (256) 378-6525
effective January 1, 2007 and are primarily cosmetic in
nature. Revisions include, but are not limited to:            The survey will also be available at the Regional Conference.
o Elimination of a separate Candidate’s Notebook. The
                                                                                     • Phase Three:
information is now contained totally within the MIP
                                                                           New Membership Intake Process
Manual. Every candidate should have a MIP Manual.
                                                              A new Membership Intake Process will be designed based
o Elimination of the Post-initiation workshops. All           on the results of the survey and input from the Regional
chapters that conduct a Membership Intake Process will be     and International Membership Committees. The new
required to conduct two Post-initiation workshops for all     process will engender a feeling of a positive and
chapter members within six months following the               memorable experience for Sorors and Candidates.
Membership Intake Process. This must be fulfilled in
                                                              In addition to the MIP changes, the committee has created
order for the chapter to have subsequent MIP’s.
                                                              a Reclamation Campaign – “There’s a Heart in the House
o Elimination of the MIP Video. We will continue to use       of AKA – Come Home Sorors.” The reclamation
the Ethel Hedgeman Lyle video.                                campaign will be conducted from January 2007 through
                                                              December 2007. Chapters and Sorors will be recognized
o Inclusion of the 5 Extraordinary Service Programs           for their accomplishments at the 2008 Regional
platforms.                                                    Conference and the 2008 Centennial Boule.

o Updated Protocol Information.                               Finally, our Centennial Supreme Basileus Soror Barbara A.
                                                              McKinzie has declared, “It’s a New Day.” Therefore, we
                     • Phase Two:                             must remember that the “New Day” brings significant
                  Membership Survey                           changes. For instance, terminology associated with
In the Fall mailing, every chapter will receive a             membership intake should coincide with The Guide to the
Membership Survey. We encourage Every Soror to                Graduate/Undergraduate Membership Intake Process
Participate by providing us with your thoughts and            rather than “old school phrases.” Use candidate rather than
suggestions for changing the process. Suggestions should      “pledge”; initiated rather than “pledged” or “crossed.”
focus on the content, length, criteria, and the selection     References to burning sands, sands, line sister, line
process. Remember our ultimate goal is for candidates to      numbers, line names, big sister, little sister, back door, tail,
have an understanding of what they are joining before we      paper, and dean of pledges are examples of inappropriate
lock hands in a larger circle. You may contact your Cluster   terminology.
representative if you have any questions concerning the       As the “New Day” dawns, let’s keep our minds and hearts
survey. For your convenience, listed below are your           open and receptive to change. We are reminded to work
Cluster Representatives along with their contact              together and “Let Sisterhood and Service be our
information:                                                  Signature.”
Cluster I       Soror Toni Franklin     (901) 756-8364        Remember, Every Soror is a Pearl.
                                                              Soror Mary Conner,
Cluster II-A    Soror Linda Calvert     (423 392-4465
                                                              South Eastern Regional
Cluster II-B     Soror Elease Jolley    (615) 876-7312        Membership Chairman
Cluster III-A   Soror Teracita McCall (205) 956-9896          (615) 855-1882

                           South Eastern Region Centennial Celebration
                                      Soror Shirley Sims Christian, Chairman

South Eastern will celebrate its Regional Centennial Cel-        October 7-12: AKAnomics: The Centennial Green Tea
ebration month during October 2007. Each activity pre-           Chapters will hold a “Centennial Green Tea” to promote
sented has been developed to reflect and celebrate our 100       Economic Literacy and Health. Green represents economics
year history, while at the same time, promote our current        (money) and health. During this tea, sorors and the commu-
National Program platforms for this Centennial Administra-       nity will be asked to wear green (or sorors only can wear
tion.                                                            green). They will drink green tea to promote health and the
                                                                 decorations can be green and white. The following activi-
           OCTOBER CENTENNIAL KICK-OFF                           ties can be incorporated:
A sample Regional press release and calendar will be sent to          · Discuss what AKA has done since 1908 or the last
all chapters containing the Regional Centennial Celebration           100 years to improve and promote health and econom-
activities that will be implemented across the region. Chap-          ics (i.e. Mississippi Health Project, Sickle Cell Anemia
ters will be asked to include their local information before          work, SIDS Awareness, etc.). Discuss what AKA and
sending to the press. The official South Eastern Web site             the local chapter plan to do in the future to promote
will have a Centennial Celebration menu button where the              health and economics
public will be directed to view information regarding South           · Invite women business owners to have exhibits /
Eastern’s activities. The Web site,,          tables about their businesses at Minority Business Fair
will be published in the press release to direct the public to        as a part of the tea. See Tickled Pink and Making
view these celebratory and educational activities. Addition-          Green on page 16.
ally, the national website address will be given.                     · Sessions may include Financial Planning; Promoting
                                                                      Healthy Living; Retirement Planning, etc.
October 1-6: Educating and Publicizing South Eastern
                                                                      · HBCU Fundraising Initiative: chapters will raise
Each chapter will publish, promote and present a Chapter
Centennial Calendar for the month of October. This calen-             funds for the HBCU in their area.
dar/Packet should include a press release and will be sent to
all local papers, including a calendar of activities for the                  Centennial Regional Conference
month. Chapter Centennial Chairs should send calendars to                          October 18-21, 2007
Co-Chair by April 30, 2007.
                                                                 During the Centennial Regional Conference the South
AKA Day at City Hall / State Proclamations from the              Eastern Region’s Centennial Exhibit will be on display and
Governor’s Office                                                the South Eastern’s 75th Anniversary History Book will be
Each chapter will be asked to hold an “AKA Day at City           unveiled. Soror Geraldine Bell and the Centennial Exhibit
Hall” in their town/city. All chapters in that city/town (both   and History Book committee are working on these initia-
graduate and undergraduate) will be asked to work together       tives. The Regional Parade of Flags will take place with
to request time on the City Council’s agenda to talk about       chapter flags displaying the date of their chartering.
AKA’s 100 year history and the Region’s 75th year history. A     October 18: A “1908 Centennial Walk” will be held as a
press release and information will be sent to chapters that      part of the Centennial Regional Conference. The Interna-
will give consistent information across the region. Local        tional Program Committee is suggesting that sorors will
information will be provided by the chapter. A proclamation      have reached the 7-mile walk point by October, 2007. This
will be requested from each local government entity from         walk will be a part of the Regional Conference and will be a
the chapter to be placed in an exhibit at the Regional Confer-   walk to promote October as Mental Health Month, Breast
ence. A press conference can be held at the local level during   Cancer Awareness Month and SIDS Awareness Month.
this time. Additionally, chapters will request proclamations
from their Governor’s Offices and State Legislature to be        October 18: The Region’s 75th Anniversary celebration
presented at the Regional Conferences.                           will take place the evening of October 18 with the region
                                                                 celebrating outstanding community leaders in the region.
October 7-12: Day of Worship                                     This will be a public program to highlight AKA’s Centen-
South Eastern Region Sorors “Day of Worship” will be held        nial accomplishments and the Region’s Diamond accom-
October 7. Chapters will encourage their members to              plishments.
worship together and will have the pastor to highlight the
accomplishments of the local chapter, the Region’s 75 year-      October 19: The Region’s Legacy Breakfast will be held,
history and the sorority’s 100 year history.                     highlighting the Region’s Unsung Legacies Herstory.

                  South Eastern Region Centennial Celebration continued from page 6
October 20: During the Region’s Awards Banquet,               Director’s Office with input from chapters in the South
additional Unsung Heroes will be saluted!!                    Eastern Region:
October 21: South Eastern will hold its Regional              A Centennial Soror of the Month will be recognized on the
Founders Day Gospel Brunch as the closing event for           South Eastern website from March, 2007 - March 2008. A
the South Eastern Regional Conference.                        Centennial Soror of the Day will be recognized each day
                                                              during theRegional Conference. These recognitions will be
October 27: During Make-A-Difference Day, chapters            posted on the South Eastern Web site
will be requested to implement activities regarding the During the Regional Conference,
Economic Growth of the Black Family or the Undergradu-        the Soror of the Day will be recognized at a plenary session
ate Signature Program: Economic Educational Advance-          or another event during the conference. Nominations for the
ment through Technology. Graduate and Undergraduate           recognition will come from the chapters. One chapter will be
chapters will be asked to work together to implement          able to submit a maximum of one
activities as: Adopting several families; providing activi-   nomination per month and will be
ties for Black males in the 6th-9th grade; or working with    submitted through their Chapter
seniors regarding computer literacy activities. The           Centennial Celebrations Chairman.
following activities will take place through the Regional

Centennial Celebration Co-Chairs
Centennial Exhibit and History Book Committee, Soror Geraldine Bell
Mississippi - Soror Maxine Harkless, 150 Overlook Circle, Jackson, MS 39213
Alabama - Soror Wilhelmenia Evans, 4396 Longwood Drive, Gardendale, AL 35071
Tennessee - Soror Tanya Coats, 1734 Woodhaven, Knoxville, TN 37914                               Soror Shirley Sims Christian
Please send chapter Centennial Celebration calendars to your state Co-Chair by April 30, 2007.
                   See Page 8, Report of Centennial Celebration Committee, for National Gift Giving.

              AKA                                          CENTENNIAL CONNECTION COMMITTEE
                                                        The Centennial Connection Committee is fully engaged. The

             100 Years                                  ESP concept for the Connection Committee is Engaging
                                                        Strategies for Power. Our Centennial Supreme Basileus has
                                                        charged the committee to:
                 1908 - 2008                            (1) identify and study national and international issues which
                                                        impact the quality of life in the African American community,
                                                        (2) design strategies for communicating with the membership
            REPORT OF THE                               for action, and
             CENTENNIAL                                 (3) formulate and recommend position statements regarding
        CELEBRATION COMMITTEE                           key issues.

                                                        A framework is being established in training modules for the
Every soror is asked to give an anniversary gift in
                                                        membership and general public. These modules will provide
commemoration of our 100 years of service. In or-       individuals with the training and skills needed to become a
der for ESP (Every Soror Participates) to be effec-     powerful advocate for Economic, Social and Political changes
tive, Every Soror is asked to Participate in this ap-   in nonpartisan issues. WE plan to equip sorors to become
peal with ESP (Excitement, Satisfaction and Pride).     change agents at the federal, state and local levels.

Undergraduate Sorors                      $19.08        The following points will give a snapshot of ESP (Engaging
                                                        Strategies for Power):
Graduate Sorors                                             1. Building Collaborations
  (active, inactive, general, life)      $190.08            2. Structuring For Action
                                                            3. Refining Communication (referred recommenda-
Undergraduate chapters                   $190.08                tions to the Technology Committee)
                                                            4. Taking Action
Graduate chapters                      $1,908.00            5. Utilizing Technology (recommendations, Regional
                                                                Blog Sites and Post Calls) Implementing Training
Honorary Sorors                        $1,908.00
                                                        Directorate approved activities:
Contributions are to be sent to the Corporate O f -     1. Connection Spring Symposium
fice. Please specify that this contribution is your     2. Voter Registration theme, “Voter Education + Voter Regis-
anniversary gift. The gifts may be sent in by chap-     tration = Voter Mobilization.”
ters or by individual sorors. Just think of how our     3. AKA at the State Capitol
investments will grow if ESP- Every Soror Partici-      4. March Advocacy Month (address local issues at City Hall).
pates. Save $1.00 a day and send your gift to the       South Eastern will implement this initiative in collaboration
office as soon as you’ve saved the amount you are       with its Centennial Celebration in October 2007.
                                                        5. National Connection Award
asked to contribute. Graduate sorors, you can have
your gift ready to send in less than 200 days.
                                                        Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee will have an AKA Day at
                                                        the Capitol. The State Connection Chairmen will send
All sorors who participate in this project will re-     information regarding the dates to each chapter. This infor-
ceive special recognition.                              mation will also be posted on the South Eastern website.

       January 1, 2007 - January 15, 2008               Zelmarine Anderson Murphy
                                                        SE Centennial Connection Committee
This is not to be confused with Regional contribu-      106 Skyway Lane
tions for the Region’s Month of Celebration. This       Vicksburg, MS 39183
contribution is for the National Celebration.           W: 318.574.2621
                                                        H: 601.638.5172
                 Norma Solomon White, Chairman          C: 601.415.1519

                                      International Standards Committee
                                       Soror Alma Ivey Clarke, Chairman
                             Soror Josephine Dantzler, South Eastern Representative

        ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS                                        FACTS SHEET II
                                                                   CHAPTER EVALUATIONS
Step One: Schedule Visit
Regional Director, Standards Committee Regional
                                                         Q: How many years will the evaluation team look at
Representative and the Regional Heritage Commit-         to evaluate?
tee Chairman confer to develop the schedule for          A: The team will evaluate at least the last seven years of
chapter evaluation visits.                               chapter operations.
Step Two: Notify Chapter
                                                         Q: Will chapters be allowed to have the evaluation
Regional Director sends a letter to the chapter at
                                                         team stay at a soror’s home and eat meals at a soror’s
least 45 days prior to the scheduled visit notifying
chapter of the dates for the evaluation visit. The       A: The evaluation team is to stay at a hotel or equivalent
chapter is advised to contact the Regional Heritage      facility that offers housing/lodging. All meals shall also
Chairman within 7 days.                                  be from a commercial establishment. The risks and
                                                         potential liability exceeds any possible benefit of staying
Step Three: Confirm Logistics                            at a soror’s home.
Chapter sends a Confirmation Letter to the Re-
gional Heritage Committee Chairman to notify the
                                                         Q: How many days should we anticipate the team’s
Evaluation Team of the air and ground transporta-        visit to last?
tion, lodging, and meeting site accommodations.          A: It is anticipated that the team will arrive on Friday
                                                         afternoon and stay until Sunday afternoon. If there are
Step Four: Evaluate Chapter
                                                         difficulties, adjustments may have to be made.
The Evaluation Team conducts the chapter evalua-
tion and provides the Chapter with a Preliminary
                                                         Q: Can a team look at graduate and undergraduate
Evaluation Report prior to leaving. The Chapter is
                                                         chapters during the same visit?
reminded to complete the Evaluation Expense              A: Every attempt will be made to minimize financial
Report and forward it to the Standards Committee         burdens to chapters. It is conceivable that an evaluation
Regional Representative.                                 team can do more than one chapter per visit.
Step Five: Complete Final Report
                                                         Q: How soon will our chapter know the outcome of
The Regional Heritage Committee Chairman sends
                                                         the evaluation?
the Official Final Report to the Chapter, Regional
                                                         A: Before the evaluation team leaves, preliminary results
Director, Standards Committee Regional Represen-         of the evaluation will be provided. The official evalua-
tative and Supreme Basileus (if requested).              tion report will be forwarded within 30 days of the visit.

                                                         Q: How soon in advance will our chapter know when
                                                         the evaluation team is coming?
                                                         A: Chapters will receive a letter from the Regional
                                                         Director not later than 45 days before the team’s visit.
                   Soror Josephine Dantzler              The letter will provide the date and preliminary logistics
                                                         that must occur prior to the team’s arrival.

                              Undergraduate Round-Up - Catch the Vision
                              Memphis, Tennessee will             • Chapters must implement the five ESP platforms
                              never be the same as hun-
                                                                    into their programs
                              dreds of undergraduates from
                                                                  • All requests for the Regional Director must be
                              Tennessee, Mississippi, and
                              Alabama gathered at the               sent in a timely manner
                              Undergraduate Round-Up to           • Documentation of sisterly relations within the
                              discuss the sorority’s most           chapter as well as with the graduate chapter must
                              pertinent issues as it ap-            be submitted
                              proaches its centennial year.
                                                                Soror Doty stressed the importance of both Scholarship
                              This two-day summit began
                                                                and Programs. She stated that our number one objective
    Soror Tylvia Edwards
                              on September 15, 2006,
                                                                was scholarship, number two is programs, and everything
International Undergraduate     with a networking reception
                                                                else follows behind. Accordingly, all step shows forms are
    Activities Committee       and photo session.
                                                                to include academic information and documentation of
Chapters got a chance to intermingle with each other as         programs. Also, there must be a program implemented
well as Sorors Juanita Sims Doty, Centennial Regional           within seven days of the step show. Every participant in
Director and Ranika Sanchez, Second Supreme Anti-               the step show must participate in the program activity.
Basileus. The following day started early with an under-
graduate only workshop entitled “Am I My Sister’s               The opening session also included Soror Cynthia Finch of
Keeper.” This workshop was developed by the National            the National Program Committee. She spoke on the 2006-
Undergraduate activities Committee, and it will be pre-         2010 Program, ESP. The Extraordinary Service Program
sented at every region’s Undergraduate Roundup this year.       focuses on five platforms. The Non-Traditional Entrepre-
It focused on sisterly relations as well as the state of the    neur, Economic Keys to Success, Economic Growth of the
sorority. The opening sessions and luncheon followed the        Black Family, the Undergraduate Signature Program, and
workshop.                                                       Health Resource Management and Economics. She gave
                                                                us examples for implementing these programs such as
As Soror Doty gave her spirit filled speech, she discussed      Business Card Exchanges, and instilled in us the impor-
several important points of interest. In an effort to cel-      tance of each area.
ebrate the centennial and recognize outstanding chapters
in South Eastern, a Diamond/Centennial Chapter will be          The speaker for the Luncheon, Soror Ranika Sanchez,
acknowledged. There are several criteria for this distinc-      Second Supreme Anti-Basileus, rocked the house. She
tion:                                                           gave an exceptionally beautiful speech. She expressed to
  • All members of the chapter must have a C+ Aver-             the audience that Alpha Kappa Alpha is the light that is
    age or better                                               leading the African-American people out of the darkness.

International Undergraduate Activities Committee                         continued from page 3

    Of course, we know the undergraduate membership                Also sorors as we move towards 100 years, we are
intake process is also a great concern for our undergradu-     moving towards greater unity and harmony not only in what
ates. Please know that the Undergraduate Activities            we do but also in what we say. You will see in our new The
Committee is working with the Membership Committee             Official Guide to Alpha Kappa Alpha Protocol a Terminol-
to help provide a process that will not only enhance the       ogy section that lists words we should not use as Alpha
undergraduate membership intake process but our soror-         Kappa Alpha women. “Pledged,” “crossed,” “line sister,”
ity as a whole. The Undergraduate Activities Committee         “big sister,” and “dean of pledges” are some of those words.
hears your concerns. Undergraduate sorors, at your             We must make sure, as graduates and undergraduates, we
Undergraduate Roundups and Clusters, you all presented         are helping one another speak the same language.
wonderful ideas and showed great leadership during the            Thank you sorors for your dedication to making Alpha
Am I My Soror’s Sister presentation. Please do not forget      Kappa Alpha better each day. We will see one another in
to contact your International Undergraduate Activities         July as we bring Leadership Seminar to the Big Easy! May
Committee representative if you have any questions,            God continue to bless each of you.
ideas or concerns about anything.

Soror Mary Coleman hosts National Black Caucus of State Legislators in Jackson, MS

                                                              this young man should receive additional recognition.
                                                              South Eastern region would recognize Mr. Terry with a
                                                              $500 contribution. During the presentation, Soror Doty told
                                                              the audience of the Centennial Supreme Basileus’ initiative
                                                              of focusing on the young black male. To promote this
                                                              platform, a $500 contribution was given to Mr. Terry in
                                                              honor of President Coleman. After Soror Doty called Mr.
                                                              Terry to the stage to receive his recognition, hands started
                                                              going up in the audience and Corporate Sponsors and
                                                              friends began announcing that they would also contribute
                                                              monies to this young man’s future. It was an amazing wave
                                                              of humanitarians in the audience. Within five minutes, more
                                                              than $10,000 had been pledged to contribute to Mr. Terry.
                                                              He stated that he would use the monies for his college
From left: Soror Cynthia Finch, Jumel Terry, Sorors Carolyn   education. Of course, President Coleman stated that Alpha
House Stewart, Mary Coleman and Juanita Sims Doty.
                                                              Kappa Alpha always sets the tone for things that are great
                                                              and are of service to mankind. She was moved by the
State Representative Mary Coleman of Jackson, Missis-         generosity of her sorority and motivated that the AKAs set
sippi completed her term as President of the National         the tone for a wonderful closing event to celebrate her
Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) by hosting the      presidency. Kappa Alpha Omega chapter in Itta Bena/
national convention in her home state in December, 2006.      Greenwood, MS will also be in touch with Mr. Terry to
This event attracted more than 600 State Legislators and      continue our focus on young black males.
guests from across the country. Soror Coleman is the State
Representative of Soror Juanita Sims Doty, Centennial
South Eastern Regional Director.                                                Ivy Beyond the Wall

Coleman invited Soror Doty to the closing David S.                     14th South Eastern Regional Director
Holmes Annual Awards Banquet as her special guest. This                     Soror Ernestine Holloway
was the same weekend as the Mississippi Statewide                               January 15, 2007
Cluster meeting in Vicksburg. Sorors Carolyn House
Stewart and Soror Cynthia Finch were special guests and
program participants at the Cluster. Sorors Stewart and
Finch accompanied Soror Doty to the Awards Banquet as
guests of Soror Coleman. Soror Doty was on program to
present a gift to President Coleman from the South Eastern

During the awards ceremony, Mr. Jumel Terry of Itta Bena,
MS received the Regis F. Groff Youth Award which honors
a young person who had demonstrated a commitment to
improving the lives of our country’s youth.Groff was the
NBCSL’s fourth president and part of his career included
working with troubled youth. While award recipient-
Terry faced some challenges as a youth in school, he was
highly praised for facing those challenges and becoming
an academically talented student with plans of attending

As Sorors Doty, Stewart and Finch heard the wonderful
remarks about Terry, they were moved and discussed that                A great leader, soror, mentor and friend.

South Eastern Sorors Join the NAACP
                    The Sorors of South Eastern are being      advocate for the African American community. The Regional
                    asked to support the NAACP by becom-       Director will be giving a special award --- a Diamond Centen-
                    ing members of this great organization.    nial NAACP Award to chapters that have 100% of their
                    Our Centennial Supreme Basileus, Soror     members who are members of the NAACP. This Diamond
                    Barbara McKinzie is working with the       Centennial NAACP chapter award will be given at the
                    National Office of the NAACP to            Regional Conferences in 2007 and 2008. So, when we get to
expand the partnership between the NAACP and AKA. In           the 2008 Centennial Boule’ in Washington, DC, South
South Eastern, each soror is asked to become a member of       Eastern wants to go to DC with all sorors in our region being
the NAACP. See the NAACP membership form on page 11            a member of the NAACP. Let’s support an organization that
in this publication. We are asking you to join an organiza-    has supported us. Join the NAACP!!!
tion that has stood the test of time by being a strong

McKinzie Receives Doctorate
The international president of America’s first African-
American sorority received the Doctor of Humane Letters
during the 130th Founder’s Day Convocation on Nov. 9 in
Birthright Auditorium at Stillman College.

Barbara A. McKinzie, elected in 2006, is the 27th interna-
tional president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorpo-
rated, which is the oldest Greek-letter sorority established
for African American college-trained women in 1908 at
Howard University in Washington, D.C.

McKinzie is a certified public accountant and served as
senior audit manager for firms such as Deloitte & Touche
and Coopers & Lybrand. She holds a Bachelor of Science
degree from East Central University and a Master of
Business Administration degree from Northwestern
University Kellogg School of Management.

Support EAF - Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation, Inc.
Soror Beverly Courtney, South Eastern Regional Coordinator

Membership in EAF - Every financial member of Alpha            for submitting correct name/address information of the
Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is to be a member of EAF by         current Basileus and chapter members.
paying the $10 annual dues by February 15, 2007. For
Boule’ members, the dues may be submitted individually,        EAF Awareness Month - November - Use fact sheets, EAF
while chapters will continue to utilize the remittance forms   I.Q. tests, membership rally, etc. to generate awareness and
issued in the Fall Mailing. All membership correspondence      build interest in an EAF activity to be held during EAF
and checks should be sent separately to EAF: Executive         month.
Secretary, 5656 South Stony Island Avenue, Chicago, IL         EAF Month - February - Host chapter EAF activity,
60637.                                                         workshop, fundraiser, etc.
Fall Mailing - A packet is sent in early November to all       Theme - ESP...Excellent Scholarly Performance - Incorpo-
Chapter Basilei from the EAF office containing a roster of     rate in all EAF publications.
members, remittance forms, the Fall Alert, scholarship and
community assistance award applications and other EAF          Symbols of Chapter Recognitions - Bronze, Silver, Gold,
promotional materials. Make sure your chapter has ap-          and Platinum
pointed an EAF Captain (required), who will be responsible

Investing in our Universities—Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Alpha Kappa Alpha’s ABC (Advocates of Black Colleges) Project begins in South Eastern
South Eastern is poised to take the lead in our ABC Project       Mississippi
in Alpha Kappa Alpha. Our Centennial Supreme Basileus             Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS
announced this project as she received the Honorary               Coahoma Community College, Clarksdale, MS
Doctorate at Stillman College in November. Soror                  Hinds Community College, Raymond, MS
McKinzie vowed to be a champion for all HBCU’s and                Jackson State University, Jackson, MS
said, “ We cannot allow these schools not to thrive. We are       Mary Holmes College, West Point, MS
what we are because of schools such as these.” The                Mississippi Valley State University, Itta Bena, MS
Centennial South Eastern Regional Director, Soror Juanita         Rust College, Holly Springs, MS
Sims Doty echoed these comments and stated that, “The             Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS
South Eastern Region probably has the largest number of
HBCUs in the country. We must support our own. We
                                                                  Fisk University, Nashville, TN
must Invest in our Universities (IOU).” South Eastern’s
                                                                  Knoxville College, Knoxville, TN
mantra will be “IOU—HBCU” According to the HBCU
                                                                  Lane College, Jackson, TN
website, we have 14 in Alabama, 8 in Mississippi and 6 in
                                                                  Lemoyne-Owen College, Memphis, TN
Tennessee. A total of 28 in the South Eastern Region.
                                                                  Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN
Alabama                                                           Tennessee State University
Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL
Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL                          We are asking all chapters in South Eastern to support our
Bishop State Community College, Mobile, AL                        HBCUs. We know many of the chapters already have
Concordia College, Selma, AL                                      scholarships with these institutions. During our Regional
J. F. Drake State Technical College, Huntsville, AL               Founders Day celebration in Nashville, we will be high-
Lawson State Community College, Birmingham, AL                    lighting our HBCUs and asking chapters to bring a repre-
Miles College, Birmingham, AL                                     sentative from their HBCUs as their guest during the
Oakwood College, Huntsville, AL                                   gospel brunch. The Regional Registration packet will
Selma University, Selma, AL                                       have more information on this initiative. We want chap-
Shelton State Community College, Tuscaloosa, AL                   ters to start deciding now how they will continue to
Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL                                  support our HBCUs and to develop new initiatives to
Talladega College, Tallageda AL                                   support them. You will be recognized in Nashville for
Trenholm State Technical College, Montgomery, AL                  your contributions. We certainly do need to “Invest in Our
Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL                                 Universities” (IOU).

                                      South Eastern Statewide Clusters
    Mississippi Statewide Cluster                                             Alabama Statewide Cluster
   Hosted by Mu Xi Omega Chapter                                         Hosted by Epsilon Gamma Omega and
                                                                        Gamma Mu of Alabama A & M University,
                                                                                 Huntsville, Alabama
                                  Seated from left: Soror
                                  Juanita Sims Doty,
                                  Centennial South Eastern
                                  Regional Director and First
                                  Supreme Anti-Basileus
                                  Carolyn House Stewart.
                                  Standing from left, Soror
                                  Bertha Flagg, Mississippi
                                  Statewide Cluster Coordi-
                                  nator and Soror Debra
                                  Goodman, Cluster Co-
                                  Chairman.                              Soror Juanita Sims Doty, center, Centennial South
                                                                         Eastern Regional Director; Soror Dawn C. Stanley,
                                                                         right, Alabama Cluster Coordinator/Cluster Chairman
                                                                         and Gladys B. Davis, left, Cluster Co-Chairman.
                                            Statewide Cluster continued on page 16.

Sorors to Converge on the Music City for the South Eastern Diamond/Centennial
Regional Conference

South Eastern sorors will be pleased to know that the
October 18-21 Regional Conference will be a major
celebratory and learning event. There will be four
events in one which means efficiency and savings for
our sorors. This four day event will include: Dia-         Friday
mond (75th) year anniversary of our Region; Centen-        On this day we will focus on “economics” and “health.”
nial Celebration for the sorority; Undergraduate           We are encouraging all sorors to wear “GREEN,”
Round-Up; Founders Day celebration, and Cluster            representing “money” and “good health.” Special
training. So sorors, in 2007, you don’t have to worry      activities are being planned during this time. The host
about travel and hotel for Undergraduate Round-Up;         chapters are planning a “Centennial Gala” that is out of
travel and registration for Cluster, and you didn’t have   this world. A national recording artist will be providing
to plan and spend money for a Founders Day celebra-        entertainment. Stay tuned.......
tion. Sorors, how much better can it get!!!
The Renaissance Hotel is the host hotel for our            The Legacy Breakfast is going to be great!!! I can’t
conference. Rooms are available now. You can go to         wait for you to get the information on what we are
our South Eastern website,,        planning...jazz band...and everything. Well, Nashville
and click on the link to reserve your room. Registra-      is the music city.
tion materials will be sent to chapters from mid-late
March.                                                     This is our “Undergraduate Round-Up” day. SO,
                                                           undergraduates, be prepared to learn a lot, have fun and
Sorors in Cluster IIB have been doing an outstanding       be a part of the Undergraduate Luncheon. We are
job in planning our conference. Soror Mary Conner,         looking to salute our Historically Black Colleges and
Conference Chairman and Soror Minty Rich                   Universities (HBCU’s) during this time.
Ballard, Conference Co-Chairman are leading this
effort for a “one-of-a-kind” regional conference.          The Awards Banquet will be great!!! Get your formal
Here is a sneak preview of what’s to come:                 attire ready for a “pink carpet” event as sorors and
Each day we will honor a Centennial “Soror of the          chapters stroll down the aisle to accept your Diamond/
Day.” Be prepared. It might be you!!! Information          Centennial awards.
will be included in your Registration materials.
Thursday                                                   Attire: White
Come early for a 12 noon press conference and our          We will celebrate our Ivies Beyond the Wall, have our
“1908 Centennial Walk” Our 75th anniversary cel-           Rededication and our Founders Day Gospel Brunch to
ebration will take place during our public meeting.        close out the conference. As you know, we are looking
We are inviting our NAACP national leadership,             to have a gospel recording artist as a part of this cel-
NAACP state presidents from Alabama, Mississippi           ebration.
and Tennessee to showcase our campaign for 100%
chapter membership. We will present these outstand-        Sorors, yes, you are getting a deal with a $150 registra-
ing Diamond/Centennial NAACP Chapters during               tion fee. Sorors of Cluster IIB have already said that
this meeting. The reception to follow will be one you      you will have fun, learn information, be recognized and
don’t want to miss.                                        will leave Nashville ready to serve your communities.
                                                           Music City, here we come!!!!!

                                   Regional Director’s Itinerary

December 2    2006 Mississippi Statewide Cluster     January 26-27 Regional Conference Planning Meeting
              Vicksburg, MS                                        Nashville, TN

Dec. 4-6      National Institutes of Health/NICHD    January 29-31 National Institutes of Health/NICHD
              Bethesda, MD                                         Bethesda, MD

December 9    Phi Mu Omega / Brookhaven, MS          February 9    Heart and Soul Gala, American Heart
              Scholarship Ball                                     Association

December 22 Upsilon Upsilon Omega/Canton, MS         February 10   Jackson State University Alumni Luncheon,
            Christmas Social                                       Guest Speaker - McComb, MS

December 31 Beta Delta Omega/Jackson, MS             February 11-12 Meeting with Office of Head Start
            New Year’s Eve Gala                                     Washington, DC

January 8     Inauguration of Mayor Zachary          February 20   Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau
              Patterson, First African-American                    Board Meeting
              Mayor, McComb, MS
                                                     February 21   Board Meeting, Mississippi Food Network
January 12    Magnolia Bar Association Banquet,
              Jackson, MS - Soror Patricia Russell   February 22-25 South Atlantic Regional Conference
              McCloud, Speaker                                      Atlanta, Georgia

January 15    Martin Luther King Breakfast           March 1-4     Directorate Meeting
              Jackson, MS                                          Sadona, Arizona

January 17    Jackson Convention and Visitors        March 10-11 Regional Planning Meeting, Nashville, TN
              Bureau Board Meeting Reception,
                                                     March 18      Upsilon Chi Omega, Gulfport, MS
              Mississippi Conference of Black                      Mistress of Ceremony for
              Mayors - Canton, MS                                  FASHIONETTA

January 18-21 North Atlantic Regional Conference     March 22-25 Great Lakes Regional Conference
              Hartford, CT                                       Buffalo, New York

“Tickled Pink” and “Making                   Green” (TPMG)
An Entrepreneurial Training Program for South Eastern
The Center for Business Development and Economic                through the modules. Each allows participants to
Research at Jackson State University and the South Eastern      answer a few questions that are then exported to almost any
Region have entered into a partnership to provide training      word processing program for a finished business plan,
assistance to entrepreneurs. The Center houses a Small          including the most difficult portion relating to financial
Business Development Center and the Bureau of Economic          statements. Other items in the toolkit include handbooks and
Research. The Center Director is Soror Lurlene Irvin.           worksheets that make creating a business plan easier. Sorors
                                                                interested in participating in the program should have a
Soror Irvin developed the program based on the principles of    toolkit. The cost of the toolkit will be minimal.
the Kaufman Foundation Fast Trac Program, which is a
leading program for Entrepreneurial Training. Soror Irvin is    Integral to the success of the program are bi-weekly tele-
certified to teach the Fast Trac Entrepreneurship program,      phone conferences with leaders of the chapter entrepreneur-
and teaches entrepreneurship in the College of Business at      ship initiative to discuss specific areas of business planning
Jackson State University.                                       and answer any questions that may arise as sorors develop
                                                                their ideas. Sorors/Chapters will be individually responsible
The TPMG program will lead sorors through an interactive        for the cost of the calls. We expect the cost of the calls to be
self-paced study ranging from assessing the marketability of    nominal.
a business to determining the potential of financial success.
A toolkit for TPMG will include a CD with access to             Additional information is forthcoming. We invite your
Internet resources for market planning. The CD has seven        suggestions to make this program useful. Please send
modules and includes streaming video of business experts        comments to Soror Lurlene Irvin at: or
that help participants when they encounter a problem moving     call 601-624-8120.

                            South Eastern Statewide Clusters continued from page 13

                                                                              Tennessee Statewide Cluster
                                                                               Hosted by Pi Omega and
                                                                            Zeta Kappa of the University of
                                                                              Tennessee at Chattanooga
                                                                        Left to right: Audra Dean Ingram, Tennessee
                                                                        Statewide Cluster Coordinator; Greg Beck, Hamilton
                                                                        County Commissioner; Juanita Sims Doty, Centen-
                                                                        nial South Eastern Regional Director; Centennial
                                                                        Supreme Basileus, Barbara McKinzie; Ron Littlefield,
                                                                        Mayor, Chattanooga; Eddie Holmes, NAACP, and
                                                                        Donna H. Stone, Basileus, Pi Omega

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