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									S M A RT V O I C E
Integrated Voice Processing

Value and Performance                                     Calls Answered and
that Speaks for Itself.                                   Directed to where they
                                                          Need to Go.
System is a digitally integrated circuit
card which installs directly into all                     With Automated Attendant,
WIN® 440CT Series Telephone                               incoming calls are automatically
Systems. Digital integration allows                       answered with greetings recorded
SMART VOICE to deliver advanced                           by you. These recordings can
features, yet is a cost effective                         include single digit access to
automated attendant/voicemail                             departments within your company,
system specially designed to meet all                     transferring callers to their specific
your needs. The scalable design                           party or directory information if they
meets all the requirements of both the                    are not certain whom they are trying
small office/home office as well as the                   to reach.
large office users.

Features Designed for                                     Capacity that Grows with
Productivity                                              Your Business

The WIN® SMART VOICE through                              The WIN® SMART VOICE Voice
digital integration incorporates                          Mail System supports 2, 4, 8 and 16
advanced features which allow the                         Answering Ports, 17 hours to 600
Voice Mail system to communicate                          hours of Message Storage and can
information to your telephone set.                        have from 300 to 65,000 Mail
Information such as Number of                             Boxes. This gives your company
Messages, Calling Name and Calling                        lots of room for growth.
Number will be displayed directly on
your telephone display. The SMART
VOICE also incorporates display
controls allowing “smart key”
navigation of voice mail functions.
Additional features such as
Automated Attendant, Voicemail,
Flexible Programming, Message
Notification, Live Call Monitoring and
Outbound Call Back are all included
as standard features.
(Smart Key functionality is only available on 32 Button
Display Telephones.)
WIN Quality Guaranteed

               Features and Performance that Can’t be Beat

 Administration From Telephone or Terminal            Message Waiting Notification
 Alias Users                                                 Desktop
 AMIS Networking                                             Page
 Audioforms                                                  Remote
 Audiotext                                            Message Playback Fast Forward and Rewind
 Auto-Advance Message Playback                        Message Playback Order Control
 Automated Attendant                                  Message Playback Pause
 Auto-Play Messages                                   Message Pooling
 Busy/Queuing Hold Audio                              Message Review
 Busy Greeting                                        Erased Message Retrieve
 Bypass Personal Greeting                             New Message Identification
 Call Announce                                        New User Tutorial
 Call Accounting                                      Number of Messages Displayed
 Call Blocking                                        On-line Programming
 Call Coverage                                        Operator Direct Mailbox Transfer
 Call Queuing                                         Password Protected Remote Access
 Call Screening                                       Personal Assistant
 Call Transfer                                        Personal Distribution Lists
 Caller ID on Transfer                                Private Messages
 Caller Message Review                                Port Configurable Greetings
 Calling Name and Number Display*                     Public Distribution Lists
 Cancel Unheard Messages                              Real-time System Information
 Cascade Notification                                 Remote Maintenance Facility
 Class of Service Restrictions                           Administration
 Context Sensitive Voice Menus                           Recording of Greetings
 Continuous On-line Service                              Upload-Download
 Date and Time Control                                Reports
 Departmental Control                                 Scheduled Events
 Detailed Diagnostics                                    Company Greetings
 Direct Mailbox Access Digitally Controlled              Audiotext
 Directory Assistance                                    Message Notification
    First Name                                           User Settings
    Last Name                                         Secured User Password
 Distribution Lists                                   Separate Unavailable Greetings
 Display Control - Smart Keys*                           Busy
 Extension Control                                       Ring No Answer
 Flexible Integration                                    Directed
 Flexible Numbering Plan                                 Out of Office
 Future Delivery of Messages                          Setup From Telephone or Terminal
 Group Partitions/Tenant Sharing                      Shared Mailboxes
 Guest Mailboxes                                      TDD/TTY Compatibility
 In-band Signaling Integration                        Unlimited Distribution Lists
 International Date and Time Formats                  Unlimited V-Trees
 Live Message Monitoring with Live Retrieval*         Urgent Messaging
 Local Area Paging Support                            Urgent Message Lamp Indication
 Local Maintenance                                    User-friendly Administration
 Message Append
 Message Callback External – with CID
 Message Carbon Copy                                 System Capacities
 Message Certification
                                                     Ports:           2, 4, 8 and 16
 Message Date and Time
                                                     Voice Storage:   17 Hrs. Flash or 600 Hrs. HD
 Message Forwarding
                                                     Mail Boxes:      300 to 65,000
 Message Length Control

* Only available on 32 Button Display Telephones

                                     The Art of Communications
                      WIN Communications Corporation

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