HERVEY BAY BOAT CLUB Inc by jennyyingdi


									Boat Club Weddings

 	   	   Buccaneer	Drive,	Urangan	Q	4655
 	   	   Functions	Manager	Heidi	Krause
 	   	   Email:	functions@boatclub.com.au
 	   	   Website:	www.boatclub.com.au
 	   	   Phone:	0741978705	Fax:	0741255110

 	   	   				Information	for	members	&	guests
Bridal Wear
	        Classique	Stiletto
	        Peppers	Pier	Resort
	        The	Esplanade
									Urangan	Q	4655
	        P:	07	41254455

	    					Shoe	Frenzy
	    					10/564	The	Esplanade
	    					Urangan	Q	4655
	    					P:	07	41946180

Limousine Hire
 Bow	Tie	Limousine																												Essence	Limousine	Service
	PO	Box	415	 	    	        	        	        		P:	1300437736			
	Hervey	Bay	Q.	4655	 																				W:	www.essencelimousines.com.au
	P:	0411486765
Cakes For All Occasions
	      	      	       	      	       	      	      	       	      Bella	Gateau
	      	      	       	      	       	      	      	       	      Russell	&	Tracey	Briscoe
	      	      	       	      	       	      	      	       	      P:			07	41255679
	      	      	       	      	       	      	      	       	      M:	0400170433
	      	      	       	      	       	      	      	       	      M:	0409340443

	      	      	       	      	       	      	      	       	      Cae	Adams
	      	      	       	      	       	      	      	       	      14	Arthur	Street
	      	      	       	      	       	      	      	       	      Urangan	Q.	4655
	      	      	       	      	       	      	      	       	      P:		07	41289932

Printers & Stationary
                                                                        McTaggarts	The	Printers
	        	        	        	        	        	         	        	        		21	Southern	Cross	Circuit
																																																																											Hervey	Bay	Q.	4655
																																																																											P:	07	41252233
	        	        	        	        	        	         	        	        	Dreamworks	On	The	Bay
																																																																										130a	Boat	Harbour	Drive									
																																																																										Pialba	Q	4655
																																																																										P:	07	41247390
Blooms	&	Petals	Florist
16	Main	Street,	Pialba	Q	4655	
P:	07	41241077
Airport	Nursery	Indoor	Plant	Hire
Lot	3,	Booral	Road,	Urangan.
P:	07	41252561
M:	0417001310

Cheryl	Kidd	Civil	Celebrant	 	                  	        	    Lyn	Farrugia
I		Thee	Wed	 	       	        	        										        	    Marriage	Celebrant
P:	07	41280339																																						 	        P:0741280339	
M:	0416046531	 	              	        	        	        	    M:041450204
	W:	www.cherylkidd.com	                																				   E:	celebrant@gmail.com								


Lasting	Castings	P:	07	41	221316	
E:info@lastingcastings.com.au																W:	www.lastingcastings.com.au
The Marloo Room
David	Davies
Davies	Video	Productions
Hervey	Bay	Q.	4655
P:	07	41247040
        Entertainment - Bands
Darren	Marlow	-	Soloist

One	For	The	Road	-	Duo
Neil	Wenk	&	Anne	Etherton

Dr	Ego	-	4	piece	band
Richard	Butler
07	41282037

Uncle	Arthur	-	4	piece	band	 	   	   	   	   	   	   	   	   	
Richard	Butler
07	41282037
        Entertainment - DJ’s
	   	   	   	    	    	    	    	     Supreme	Sounds
	   	   	   	    	    	    	    	     Steve	Hope

	   	   	   	    	    	    	    	     Fraser	Coast	Sound	&	Lighting	
	   	   	   	    	    	    	    	     Tony	Shaw

	   	   	   	    	    	    	    	     Wide	Bay	Mobile	Entertainers
	   	   	   	    	    	    	    	     Simon	Bevilacqua

    Karaoke, Juke Boxes & Other Entertainment
	   	   	   												Venom	Entertainment
	   	   	   																Micheal	Moores
 Buccaneer Drive, Urangan

www. mantraherveybay.com.au 1800 044 422   herveybay.res@mantraresorts.com.au
                 Decoration Packages
White	crystal	organza	bridal	table	skirting
White	crystal	organza	cake	table	skirting
White	pleated	bridal	table	skirting
White	pleated	cake	table	skirting
White	fitted	chair	cover	&	tie
Black	fitted	chair	cover	&	tie
White	linen	table	cloths
Black	linen	table	cloths
Guest		table	overlays	&	guest	table	runners
Guest	table	centre	pieces
Linen	napkins	-	assorted	colours	
Embossed	3	ply	folded	napkins	-	triangle,	flat,	glass,	fan	-	assorted	colours
Pair	of	cast	iron	candelabras	including	white	church	candles
Satin	ceiling	drapes	
Wishing	well
Seating	easel
Fairy	lights
Bubble	machine
Guest	Table	Centre	Pieces	 	          						Chair	Ties,	Table	Overlays	&	Runners	
Large	champagne	flutes	 				          				Full	range	of	colours	in	organza	&	satin	
Martini	glasses	 	    	     				      	       	         						
Extra	large	glass		   	     	         	       																	 	  			
Vases	-	Urn,	Tower,	Brandy		          	       	         						
Hurricane	lamps	      	     	         	       	         						
Bubble	bowls	 	       	     	         	       	         						 			
Cathedral	candle	holders	 	           	       	         						
3	tiered	tulip	arrangements		         	       	         				 	     	   	  	    	    	
Tea	light	candles	    	

Decoration	package	prices	are	available	on	application	and	include	positioning	of	name	
place	cards	and	bombonieres.	 	       	      	      	
Decorations	supplied	from	an	outside	source	will	incur	a	co-ordination	fee	of	$250.00	to	
ensure	all	requirements	are	delivered	correctly	and	by	the	due	date,	plus	an	additional	set	
up	fee	of	$2.50	per	person.
If	a	contracted	decorator	supplies	decorations,	the	Boat	Club	is	not	responsible	for	any	
decoration	set	up	or	break	down.
All	decorations	must	be	picked	up	no	earlier	than	9.00am	the	following	morning	and	no	
later	than	12.00pm	the	following	day.

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