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									E-Business on Solid Ground
Payroll & Taxation Enhancements
     for Lawson Version 8.0
  BSI TaxFactory / TaxFactory Canada
•   BSI TaxFactory / TaxFactory Canada
•   TaxLocator
•   New Forms / Programs
•   7.2 to 8.0 Upgrade Considerations
•   Overview of BSI TaxFactory Menu &
BSI TaxFactory / TaxFactory Canada

   BSI TaxFactory is a payroll tax regulation and
   compliance product for automated payroll systems.
   It is the tax software product delivered with the
   Lawson HR Suite 8 Series.
BSI TaxFactory / TaxFactory Canada

 • To process PR using Lawson Version 8, must
   install BSI TaxFactory 6.0 (for use in U.S.)
   and/or BSI TaxFactory Canada (for use in
 • Must be running Environment 8.0.x.
 • Products are installed on the client server (same
   server as the Lawson Apps) and on the user
BSI TaxFactory / TaxFactory Canada
 • BSI TaxFactory 6.0 includes new tax “engine”
   called TaxLocator.
 • When EE work and/or home address changes,
   Lawson sends this info to TaxLocator.
 • TaxLocator identifies and returns applicable tax
   authorities and triggers auto creation of tax
   deductions for the EE.
 • NOTE: TaxLocator engine not present in BSI
   TaxFactory Canada product.
BSI TaxLocator
            BSI TaxLocator
• With TaxLocator, U.S. tax withholding deductions
  will no longer need to be associated with PR03
  (Required Deductions). PR03 will continue to be used
  for group-wide deductions. TaxLocator auto attaches
  appropriate taxes to employees (U.S. taxation only).
• Tax deductions assigned based on employee’s home
  state (HR11) and location code (HR04.9) assigned on
           BSI TaxLocator
• Default functionality returns taxes based on
  city, county and state information.
• TaxLocator includes street-level address
  verification, however, client can choose not to
  download state street-level files.
• Correct spelling of streets, cities, states and
  counties is critical!
         BSI TaxLocator
TaxLocator uses two pieces of data when
   assigning taxes:

1) Employee’s Home Address from HR11 –
   taken directly from the HR11 Address Tab
BSI TaxLocator
             BSI TaxLocator
2) Location Code (defined on HR04.9, attached to HR11)
              BSI TaxLocator
• Work state on PR13
  is derived from the
  location code.
• If EE is tied to a
  process level whose
  country is U.S., the
  location code is a
  required field on
                BSI TaxLocator
• Postal Address Converter: Uses information passed to BSI
  from Lawson Address lines 1 and 2 to locate and verify street
  addresses within a state and postal code.
• TaxLocator files for each applicable state must be loaded
  from BSI’s Web site.
• If the applicable state file is not loaded, BSI will use current
  TaxLocator functionality to resolve taxes using city, county
  and state.
• By following address guidelines (eliminating P.O. boxes and
  rural route numbers), tax deduction accuracy in states with
  localities will increase to over 90%.
             BSI TaxLocator
• All applicable tax          • The Tax Group field on
  authorities must be set       the employee time record
  up on PR05 before             has been replaced by
  TaxLocator can attach         Location Code.
  them to employees.          • Location Code will
• Tax authorities on PR06       replace Tax Group field
  should not be duplicated.     on all forms where Tax
                                Group formerly existed.
          BSI TaxLocator
Triggers to call TaxLocator:
• Change to employee address fields (Addr1, Addr2,
   City, County, State, Zip)
• Change of Location Code
• Removal of Termination Date
• Pay Status (PB or PN)
• Railroad Code
• Work Country
            BSI TaxLocator
When an employee is added, home address and work location
information is passed from Lawson to TaxLocator.
TaxLocator returns necessary tax authorities and triggers
Lawson to create appropriate deductions.

 New EE             New EE Info
record in                                    TaxLocator
                     Tax Deductions
             BSI TaxLocator
When trigger fields on an employee record are changed, the
changed information is passed to TaxLocator. Based on the
information passed, TaxLocator will add new tax deductions
and/or end existing ones (by adding an end date to the

                     EE Change Info
 record in
  Lawson             Tax Deductions
BSI TaxLocator
    • TaxLocator returns tax authorities
      and enables the creation of tax
      deductions based on the HR11
      Effective Date or Personnel
      Action Effective Date

    • There is an effective date field on
      PR113 that will also allow you to
      manipulate the effective date of
      tax withholding deductions
New Tax-Related
New Form – U.S. Tax Locations (PR13.7)
New Form – U.S. Tax Locations (PR13.7)

  PR13.7 is used to:
  • View tax deductions which were attached to
    employee by TaxLocator
  • Disable any tax deductions which were attached to
    the employee by TaxLocator
  • Enable tax deductions that were manually disabled
  • Attach other tax deductions to the employee and
    location that TaxLocator did not identify
New Form – U.S. Tax Deduction Errors (PR13.8)
New Form – U.S. Tax Deduction Errors (PR13.8)

PR13.8 is used to:
• View TaxLocator errors on individual
• Inform the user to look at BSI error
• To perform updates on individual employees
New Form – U.S. Tax Deduction Errors (PR13.8)

The three tabs on PR13.8 are used for the
• Messages Tab: displays tax messages/errors
• Location Changes Tab: displays tax
  deduction changes by location
• Deduction Changes Tab: displays the
  deduction changes that occurred due to the
  TaxLocator update
New Form – U.S. Tax Deduction Update (PR113)
New Form – U.S. Tax Deduction Update (PR113)

PR113 can be used:
• To perform maintenance on employee tax
• To “load” correct taxes for employees (post-
• To set up newly implemented taxes for
7.2 to 8.0 Upgrade
7.2 to 8.0 Upgrade Considerations
 Location Code
 • Location Code is required in 8.0. If location code
   is utilized in 7.2 for something other than work
   location, the data in this field must be moved
 • Work location codes (including addresses) will
   need to be set up and assigned to employees in 8.0.
 • Mass Action can be used to populate location code
   if needed.
7.2 to 8.0 Upgrade Considerations
 Time Record Interfaces?
 • Existing time record interfaces will need to
   be modified.
 • ‘Location’ will replace the ‘Tax Group’
7.2 to 8.0 Upgrade Considerations
 TaxFactory Database
 • Up to 350 MB may be required for the
   TaxFactory database, depending on how
   many state address tables are needed.
7.2 to 8.0 Upgrade Considerations
 TaxFactory Client
 • Each person running PR140 must have the
   TaxFactory client and an ODBC connection
   on their PC in order to view error messages
   within TaxFactory during a pay cycle.
 • Anyone performing TaxFactory maintenance
   must also have the TaxFactory client software
   installed on their PC. Their ODBC connection
   must have update access.
7.2 to 8.0 Upgrade Considerations
 TaxFactory Install
 • A single installation of TaxFactory CAN be
   used across multiple Lawson environments on
   the same machine. At least one installation is
   required on each Unix/NT machine.
 • When more than one Lawson productline
   exists within the same Lawson environment,
   only one installation of TaxFactory is
7.2 to 8.0 Upgrade Considerations
 Conversion from BSI Tax to BSI TaxFactory
 • If you are currently using BSI Tax, a conversion to
   BSI TaxFactory is available. (BSI TaxFactory can
   be used with version 7.2.2, however, TaxLocator is
   only available with 8 Series.)
 • Custom mappings, experience rates, etc. are
   converted from BSI Tax to BSI TaxFactory,
   therefore eliminating the need to re-setup this
Questions ?
  BSI TaxFactory Menu
Overview of BSI TaxFactory Menu
        and Functionality
BSI TaxFactory / TaxFactory Canada
 The BSI TaxFactory desktop menu enables users to:
 • View tax-related error messages generated by PR140
   or tax-related errors encountered in EE record
 • Conduct testing on proper tax authorities required for
 • Map tax codes, tax types and payment codes for
   interfacing with Lawson
 • Input tax code override data for federal and/or state
   level unemployment insurance tax rates.
BSI TaxFactory Menu

    This represents
        the BSI
    desktop menu.
BSI TaxFactory Menu
    Direct access to BSI’s
    home page is at the top
        of the menu.

   BSI’s home page offers
    product, training and
BSI TaxFactory Menu
   Error messages received
     while running payroll
       are displayed and
          viewed here.
   Both online (PR80) and
   batch (PR140) programs
    are listed in the viewer.
BSI TaxFactory Menu
 Regulatory Bulletins: View and
 download available bulletins directly
 from BSI’s website.
 Cyclic Bulletins: Download platform
 specific TaxFactory updates directly
 from BSI’s website.
 Update: Lists all bulletins that have
 been applied. Includes date and
 timestamp applied.
BSI TaxFactory Menu

   TaxLocator (specific to
     the 8.0 version only).
BSI TaxFactory Menu

  Allows you to test various tax
       scenarios. Similar to
     Lawson’s PR89 Payment
     Modeling feature, but with
      capabilities of testing an
     entire batch of employees.
BSI TaxFactory Menu

   Enter and maintain tax
       codes, tax types,
     payment codes and
      benefit/plan codes
BSI TaxFactory Menu

   Modeling allows you to
      enter BSI company
      name information,
     experience rates and
    other custom tax data.
BSI TaxFactory Menu

   The tax history report
     lists all past, current
        and future dated
   formulas that are in the
    TaxFactory database
    for a given authority.
BSI TaxFactory Menu

      Tech Tools will be
      primarily utilized by
         your IS team.
            In Summary
• TaxLocator uses EE home address and location
  code to assign taxes
• Location code is required for U.S. employees
• TaxLocator automatically adds tax deductions
  (and/or ends existing ones) appropriately
• Conversion from BSI Tax to BSI TaxFactory is

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