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					            MicroVision 200Z                                                                               TM

       Wireless Emergency Call System
          More Safety - Less Money

Resident Safety                                               Staff Safety
MicroVision 200Z utilizes reliable, fully supervised          Add fixed or portable transmitters for staff to call for
900 MHz spread spectrum wireless technology to link           help. When activated in an emergency situation, the
your residents to your staff. Residents can be                system will wirelessly notify the front desk, on-site
equipped with any combination of wireless pull sta-           security personnel or even your local 911 emer-
tions, personal pendant transmitters, bedside call            gency center. MicroVision can also monitor exit
cord stations, bed or chair exit, door or window exit         doors, smoke detectors, motion detectors, provide
alarms and more. Best of all, you can quickly and             equipment on/off notification, monitor security & in-
easily add more at any time with no wiring required.          trusion devices, whatever your business requires.

Flexibility & Growth                                          The 900MHz Advantage
MicroVision 200Z can support up to 48 wireless trans-         Because the FCC allows higher transmit power for
mitters that can monitor not just your residents and          900 MHz spread spectrum systems, MicroVision
staff, but any device with a contact closure. It is eas-      provides superior in-building range and up to 10
ily upgraded to VisionLink with the addition of the PC        times the open field range of 300 MHz products.
“head end” which supports up to 65,000 transmitters.          Operating in the 902 to 928 band, MicroVision pro-
Vision Link adds features such as management re-              vides 26 channels of redundant communication
ports, silent messaging to pocket pagers and cell             from the transmitter to the receiver to ensure super-
phones, 32 simultaneous alarm display in 12 colors,           vised, reliable operation in environments where
programmable information fields and so much more.             other wireless equipment is unable to function.

     Systemstechnologies                            Transforming Technology Into Solutions
                                                                    MicroVision 200Z                                                                         TM

                                                                                       Wireless Emergency
                                                                                           Call System

  •   900 MHz spread spectrum technology                                                         APPLICATIONS
  •   Alarm calls reset at the source                                                            •     Assisted Living Communities
  •   Easy user programming                                                                      •     Medical Offices
  •   2 line by 16 character LCD display                                                         •     Psychiatric Clinics
  •   Six programmable relays                                                                    •     Convalescent Centers
  •   All devices fully supervised                                                               •     Outpatient Hospitals/Wards
  •   User replaceable long-life battery                                                         •     Gated Communities
  •   Plug and play installation                                                                 •     Retirement Apartments
  •   Supports up to 48 transmitters                                                             •     Banks & Credit Unions
  •   Upgradeable to 65,000 transmitters                                                         •     Office Buildings
                                                                                                 •     Schools & Campuses

  EQUIPMENT OPTIONS                                                                              •
                                                                                                       Equipment Monitoring
                                                                                                       Historic Buildings
  •   Wireless Single & Dual Patient Stations                                                    •     Temperature Monitoring
  •   Wireless Emergency Pull Stations                                                           •     Smoke Detection
  •   Wireless Pendant and Wrist Transmitters                                                    •     Motion/Glass Breakage/Water
  •   Wireless multi-button LED stations                                                         •     Equipment On/Off Notification
  •   Wireless Door and Window exit sensors                                                      •     IV Pump & Ventilator Monitoring
  •   Wireless Temperature sensors                                                               •     Door/Window Exit Monitoring
  •   Smoke/Motion/Glass breakage sensors

                                                         MicroVision 200Z Console with                                   Need more range to reach
Select from a variety of stations in-
                                                         two line by sixteen character                                   throughout large buildings or
cluding personal pendant transmitters,
                                                         alpha-numeric alarm display with                                across a 100 acre campus? Just
pull stations, bedside call cord sta-
                                                         LED indicators and six relays.                                  add wireless repeaters as needed.
tions, door/window/bed exit & more.

                       Call Today
                       Our experienced and knowledgeable technical staff would be happy to answer
                       your questions or give you ideas on how to put wireless to work for your facility.

                        For more information, call or write:
                        Phone: 1-888-826-3394                                            Address: 11310 N. Government Way
                        Fax:    1-208-762-4877                                                     Hayden, ID 83835
                        Website: www.wirelessnursecall.com                                         sales@wirelessnursecall.com
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