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Looking for the best place to spend quality time with friends and family? If you go to a spot called Fraser Island your search is over.

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									                                                      Discover Fraser Island

       Looking for the best place to spend quality time with friends and family? If you go to a spot called
       Fraser Island your search is over. The place is simply gorgeous. Miles of pristine and super-clear
       beaches, natural and wildlife wonders, out-of-the-ordinary adventure and discoveries, and more
       outback fun with historical and cultural significance, Fraser Island is surely to fascinate the senses.

       To make the trip smooth and exciting, let Fraser Island Discovery handle the not-so-gorgeous side
       of organizing the trip. Fraser Island Discovery does not only deliver premium tours and holiday
       experiences to the World Heritage Listed Fraser Island, it also offers unique, all inclusive corporate

       Considered as the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island lies at the southern coast of
       Queensland Australia. It is a World Heritage-listed natural wonder, formed over hundreds of
       thousands of years as winds, waves, and ocean currents carried sands from the eastern river
       systems of Australia into the continental shelf, and in towards the land to form a string of sand
       islands along the Queensland coast.

       Surrounded by salt water and formed entirely by sand, Fraser Island hosts more than 100
       freshwater lakes and various freshwater streams and rivers. Much of the water from the yearly
       average rainfall of 1600mm is contained into a gigantic dome shaped water table below its dunes.
       Exploring more than 40 freshwater lakes, fast flowing creeks, huge sand blows, pristine rainforest,
       and colored sands in Fraser Island will be an experience of a lifetime.

       Some of the notable lakes and streams include the Eli Creek, which is the largest creek on the east
       coast of the island with a flow of 80 million liters per day. It is a popular picnic and swimming
       spot, adorned with boardwalk following the creek inland through banksia and pandanus. Swim or
       float down the swiftly flowing creek from the bridge at the far end and feel an ecstatic water ride.

       The 75 Mile Beach (named for its approximately 75 mile stretch) extends along most of the east
       coast of Fraser Island. Dangerous currents and plentiful Tiger sharks are some of the reasons why
       Fraser Island may not be the best place to swim. Otherwise, it is extremely beautiful and has a
       number of excellent highlights such as Champagne Pools, Indian Head (where you can often see
       the sharks in the surf), the S.S. Maheno Wreck, and the Pinnacles at the high colored sand cliffs
       fronting the eastern surf beach.

Fraser Island Discovery: Fraser Island Tours - 186 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville QLD 4566 T (07) 5449 0393 email:
        Fraser Island’s long stretch has led it to become a hot zone for driving tours. Simply, four-wheel
        driving is well-liked on the island. Preparing a vehicle to drive on the sand takes an advanced skill
        in driving 4WD. On the other hand, since it's a national park area, you will to secure a permit for
        driving on the island. Presently, there are quite a few companies in Hervey Bay which hires a
        vehicle fully-equipped with camping gear for the tourists’ to visit the best spots and experience

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        The packages can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and range from half day
        adventure programs and full day Fraser Island experiences. Fraser Island Discovery also offer a
        diverse range of complete 3-4 day experiences blending Noosa with a fantastic beach driving
        experience on Fraser and group activities / conferencing at Kingfisher Bay Resort. Grab this
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