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					     Friesian Horses For Sale: A Justifiably
                 Popular Breed
For much of human history, humans have had a partnership with horses. Ever since the
human race discovered that these powerful, intelligent and beautiful animals could be
tamed, horses have been used for everything from agriculture to wars. Horses indeed
had a significant impact on the modernization and expansion of human civilizations.
Since early times, horses were bred for specific purposes, whereby breeders carefully
selected genetic traits that made particular animals better suited to some type of work.
Today, there are specific breed registries that guard the purity of breeds, and many of
these registries are closed.

Friesian horses have now become a very popular breed and many advertisements in
magazines and over the Internet offer Friesian horses for sale. The story of the Friesian
horse is quite interesting, since the breed originated in Friesland, Netherlands, which
gave origin to the breed name. During the Middle Ages they were mostly used as war
horses, carrying great loads of men and armor. However, Friesians are as light on their
feet as they are powerful. Today, they excel in many equestrian disciplines, including
dressage, driving and shows, where their beauty and grace excels. Friesians have
traditionally been black in color, although there are now some paints and lighter-colored
Friesians available.

Friesians have a notorious smooth trot or gait because of their powerful rear ends. They
are graceful, elegant, noble looking, striking and gentle. Perhaps the most eye-catching
feature of a Friesian horse is its curly, long and silky mane. Given all the favorable
physical and temperamental features of this breed, it is no surprise that they have
become such a recognized and desired breed. Hence, Friesian horses are typically
costlier than other breeds. Regardless of the cost, many people still seek them and this
demand will continue to support the breed's longevity.

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