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                                            1961:   Bill Robertson, End
         BLUE-GRAY GAME                                                                       1969:    Dan Pierce, Quarterback
                                                                                                       Bob Parker, Guard
2001:   Marcus Smith, Defensive Back                         Total Players: 4                 1967:    Dale Brady, Wingback
        Ryan White, Kicker
2000:   Marcus Bell, Nose Tackle
        Michael Stone, Defensive Back
                                                    LIONS AMERICA BOWL                                          Total Players: 5

                                            1976:   Ricky Rivas, Receiver
1996:   Marvin Thomas, Defensive End
        Ken Newton, Center                  1975:   Jerry Dandridge, Linebacker                COACHES ALL-AMERICA GAME
1995:   Jerome Woods, Defensive Back        1974:   Ed Taylor, Cornerback                     1970:    Bob Parker, Guard
1994:   Marcus Holliday, Running Back               James Thompson, Receiver                  1965:    Harry Schuh, Tackle
        James Logan, Defensive End          1969:   David Berrong, Safety
1993:   Isaac Bruce, Wide Receiver                  Jerry Todd, Cornerback                                       Total Players: 2
1992:   Larry Bolton, Center                1968:   Dean Lotz, Center
        Jeff Fite, Punter
        Tory Epps, Nose Guard                                Total Players: 7                            CHALLENGE BOWL
1988:   Marlon Brown, Linebacker                                                              1963:    John Fred Robilio, Tackle
        Scott Dill, Offensive Guard
        Jeff Walker, Offensive Tackle
                                                         SENIOR BOWL                          1962:    Fred Moore, Tackle

1984:   Derrick Burroughs, Defensive Back   2000:   Michael Stone, Defensive Back                                Total Players: 2
1979:   James Stewart, Defensive Back       1996:   Marvin Thomas, Defensive End
                                            1994:   Ken Irvin, Defensive Back
1977:   Keith Butler, Linebacker
        Keith Simpson, Cornerback           1993:   Joe Allison, Placekicker                                  HULA BOWL
1976:   Bob Rush, Center                            *Steve Matthews, Quarterback              2002:    Joe Gerda, Offensive Guard
        Eric Harris, Cornerback             1992:   Jeff Sawyer, Defensive End                1993:    *Steve Matthews, Quarterback
        Eary Jones, Tackle                          Russell Copeland, Receiver                1985:    Tim Harris, Linebacker
1975:   Jerry Dandridge, Linebacker         1987:   Scott Dill, Offensive Guard               1977:    Keith Wright, Receiver (MVP)
1974:   David Fowler, Quarterback                   Jeff Walker, Offensive Tackle             1970:    John Bomer, Center
        Van Anderson, Defensive End         1984:   Jack Oliver, Guard
        Ed Taylor, Cornerback                       Derrick Burroughs, Cornerback                               Total Players: 5
1972:   Al Harvey, Quarterback              1978:   Earnest Gray, Wide Receiver
1971:   Charlie Babb, Defensive Back
        Dave Pawlik, Nose Guard
                                            1977:   Keith Butler, Linebacker
                                                    Keith Simpson, Cornerback
                                                                                                  ROTARY GRIDIRON CLASSIC 190
        Mike Stark, Tackle                  1976:   Bob Rush, Center                          2000:    Kamal Shakir, Linebacker
1970:   John Bomer, Center                          Eric Harris, Cornerback
        Larry McGhee, Guard                 1964:   Harry Schuh, Tackle                                         Total Players: 1
1969:   David Berrong, Safety (MVP)         1963:   Dave Casinelli, Fullback

        Martin Orcutt, Tackle
        Bill McRight, Monsterman
                                                    John Griffin, Halfback
                                                    Bill Hudson, Guard
                                                                                                          PARADISE BOWL
                                                                                              2002:    Tony Brown, Defensive Tackle
        Joe Rushing, Linebacker
                                                            Total Players: 20                          Mowbray Rowand, Defensive End
1967:   Terry Padgett, Quarterback
1966:   Larry Duck, Nose Guard
                                                    NORTH-SOUTH GAME
                                                                                                                Total Players: 2
1965:   Billy Fletcher, Quarterback
1964:   Bob Finamore, Guard (MVP)
        Harry Schuh, Tackle                 1976:   Eary Jones, Defensive Tackle
                                                                                      Nose tackle
1963:   Richard Quast, Tackle                       Terdell Middleton, Running Back   Marcus Bell

        Russell Vollmer, Quarterback        1973:   Steve DeLong, Tight End           (54) played in
                                                                                      the 2000 Blue-
1962:   John Bramlett, Linebacker           1972:   Stan Davis, Receiver              Gray All-Star

        Fred Moore, Tackle                  1969:   Luis Fernandez, Tackle            game.

1961:   Don Coffey, End                     1968:   Alex Dees, End
        Bill Hudson, Guard                  1967:   Rich Coady, End
1950:   Bill Robertson, End                 1963:   Dave Casinelli, Fullback

               Total Players: 49                             Total Players: 8

        CHICAGO ALL-STAR                             EAST-WEST GAME
1965:   Harry Schuh, Tackle                 2001:   Artis Hicks, Offensive Guard
1963:   John Griffin, Halfback              1987:   Tim Borcky, Offensive Tackle
1962:   Bill Hudson, Guard                                                                   *Injured and could not participate


      Listed below are the Memphis football players                  JOHN BRAMLETT, LB                                           KEN DUNEK, TE
who have been drafted into and played for at least one    (Denver Broncos, 1965-66; Miami Dolphins, 1967-                   (Philadelphia Eagles, 1980)
season in the professional ranks after their years as a         68; New England Patroits, 1969-70;
                                                                      Atlanta Falcons, 1971)                                    DONNIE ELDER, DB
Tiger. Leagues included are the NFL and the CFL.
                                                                                                                 (New York Jets, 1985; Pittsburgh Steelers, 1986;
Players in italics are active.                                        DAVID BRANDON, LB                         Detroit Lions, 1986; Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1988-
                                                           (San Diego Chargers, 1987-89, 1995; Cleveland                 89; San Diego Chargers, 1990-91)
              RICK ACKERMAN, DT                             Browns, 1991-93; Seattle Seahawks, 1993-94;
           (San Diego Chargers, 1982-84;                             Atlanta Falcons, 1996-1997)                                TORY EPPS, NG
           Los Angeles Raiders, 1985-87)                                                                        (Atlanta Falcons, 1990-92; Chicago Bears, 1993-94;
                                                                       MARLON BROWN, LB                                      New Orleans Saints, 1995)
              STANLEY ADAMS, LB                                     (British Columbia Lions, 1990)
            (Los Angeles Raiders, 1984)                                                                                         ERIC FAIRS, LB
                                                                   P ISAAC BRUCE, WR P                           (Houston Oilers, 1986-91; Atlanta Falcons, 1992)
               CHARLIE BABB, DB                                    (St. Louis Rams, 1994-present)
             (Miami Dolphins, 1972-79)                                                                                       BILLY FLETCHER, QB
                                                                   DERRICK BURROUGHS, DB                                     (Denver Broncos, 1966)
              DANTON BARTO, LB                                        (Buffalo Bills, 1985-89)
            (Memphis Mad Dogs, 1995)                                                                                         JUDSON FLINT, DB
                                                                       KEITH BUTLER, LB                          (Cleveland Browns, 1980-82; Buffalo Bills, 1983)
          P IDREES BASHIR, DB P                                     (Seattle Seahawks, 1978-87)
          (Indianapolis Colts, 2001-present)                                                                                 REUBEN GIBSON, FB
                                                                       BILL CESARE, DB                                        (Buffalo Bills, 1977)
           P MARCUS BELL, DT P                                   (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1978-81)
          (Arizona Cardinals, 2001-present)                                                                                  EARNEST GRAY, WR
                                                                        RICH COADY, TE/C                                   (New York Giants, 1978-84;
              KEITH BENTON, QB                                        (Chicago Bears, 1970-74)                              St. Louis Cardinals, 1985)
   (B.C. Lions, 1992; Memphis Mad Dogs, 1995)
                                                                         MAC CODY, WR                                         JOHN GRIFFIN, DB
           DENNIS BIODROWSKI, OT                                  (Birmingham Barracudas, 1995;                    (Los Angeles Rams, 1963; Denver Broncos,
           (Kansas City Chiefs, 1963-67)                   Montreal Allouettes, 1996-98; Arizona Cardinals,              1964-66; B.C. Lions, 1967-68)
              DARRIUS BLEVINS, WR                                                                                              ERIC HARRIS, DB
               (St. Louis Rams, 2000)                                    DON COFFEE, WR                          (Toronto Argonauts, 1977-79; Kansas City Chiefs,
                                                                       (Denver Broncos, 1963)                         1980-82; Los Angeles Rams, 1983-85)
              DENNIS BORCKY, DT
              (New York Giants, 1987)                                RUSSELL COPELAND, WR                                        TIM HARRIS, LB
                                                          (Buffalo Bills, 1993-96; Philadelphia Eagles, 1997;     (Green Bay Packers, 1986-90; San Francisco
                  DALE BRADY, DB                                       Green Bay Packers, 1998)                 49ers, 1991-92, 1994-95; Philadelphia Eagles, 1993)
          (British Columbia Lions, 1968-69)
                                                                       OLLIE CORDILL, P                                     DAVE HATHCOCK, DB
                                                          (San Diego Chargers, 1967; Atlanta Falcons, 1968;                (Green Bay Packers, 1966;
                                                                     New Orleans Saints, 1969)                              New York Giants, 1967)
 Offensive lineman Tony Semple has been with the
 Detroit Lions for seven seasons.
                                                                   DERRICK CRAWFORD, WR                                    P ARTIS HICKS, OT P
                                                          (San Francisco 49ers, 1986; Calgary Stampeders,               (Philadelphia Eagles, 2002-present)
                                                               1990-93; Birmingham Barracudas, 1995)
                                                                                                                                EDDIE HILL, RB
                                                                       JAMES CRIBBS, DT                                   (Los Angeles Rams, 1979-80;
                                                                        (Detroit Lions, 1989)                               Miami Dolphins, 1981-84)

                                                                        STAN DAVIS, WR                                       RICHARD HOGANS, LB
                                                                     (Philadelphia Eagles, 1973)                               (Chicago Bears, 1997
                                                                                                                   Rhein Fire, 1999; San Diego Chargers, 2000)
                                                                    CHUCK DEVLIEGHER, DT
                                                                       (Buffalo Bills, 1969)                               MARCUS HOLLIDAY, RB
                                                                                                                            (St. Louis Rams, 1996)
                                                                         SCOTT DILL, OT
                                                              (Arizona Cardinals, 1988-89; Tampa Bay                          TRELL HOOPER, DB
                                                                       Buccaneers, 1990-95;                                   (Miami Dolphins, 1987)
                                                                   Minnesota Vikings, 1996-1997)
                                                                                                                        P REGGIE HOWARD, DB P
                                                                       JAY DOUGLAS, OT                                   (Carolina Panthers, 2000-present)
                                                                   (San Diego Chargers, 1973-74)
                                                                                                                             BILL HUDSON, DT
                                                                                                                (San Diego Chargers, 1962; Buffalo Bills, 1963-68)

                                                                                                                                                                    Tigers in the Pros

               GARY HUNT, DB                                          WIL RENFRO, LB                                                         JAMES THOMPSON, WR
           (Cincinnati Bengals, 1987)                     (Washington Redskins, 1957-59; Pittsburgh                                           (New York Giants, 1978)
                                                          Steelers, 1960; Philadelphia Eagles, 1961)
            P KEN IRVIN, DB P                                                                                                                  MARVIN THOMAS, DE
           (Buffalo Bills, 1995-2001;                 PRESTON RILEY, WR (San Francisco 49er's,                                       (Detroit Lions,1998; Denver Broncos, 1998;
       New Orleans Saints, 2002-present)                  1970-72; New Orleans Saints, 1973)                                      Barcelona Dragons, 1999; B.C. Lions, 1999-2000)

             ENIS JACKSON, WR                                  GLENN ROGERS, JR, DB                                                             JEFF WALKER, OT
 (Cleveland Browns, 1987; Edmonton Eskimos,             (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1991; Edmonton                                                (San Diego Chargers, 1986;
       1988-92; Toronto Argonauts, 1993)               Eskimos, 1992-1998; Montreal Allouttes 1999)                                         New Orleans Saints, 1988-89)

           REGINALD JONES, DB                                            BOB RUSH, C                                                         RICHARD WILLIAMS, RB
         (New Orleans Saints, 1991-93;                            (San Diego Chargers, 1977-82;                                     (Atlanta Falcons, 1983; Houston Oilers, 1984)
           Cleveland Browns, 1994)                                 Kansas City Chiefs, 1983-85)
                                                                                                                                          P TONY WILLIAMS, NG P
            CHARLIE KILLETT, DB                                      JEFF SAWYER, DE                                                       (Minnesota Vikings, 1997-2000;
            (New York Giants, 1963)                          (Las Vegas, 1994; San Antonio, 1995)                                         Cincinnati Bengals, 2001-present)

              JAMES LOGAN, LB                                    HARRY SCHUH, OT                                                            CHARLES WILSON, WR
        (Seattle Seahawks, 1995-present)              (Oakland Raiders, 1965-70; Los Angeles Rams,                                   (Green Bay Packers, 1990-91; Tampa Bay
                                                           1971-73; Green Bay Packers, 1974)                                         Buccaneers, 1992-94; New York Jets, 1995)
                TIM LONG, OT
          (San Francisco 49er's, 1987)                                   BILL SCOTT, OT                                                         BUBBA WINKLER, C
                                                                      (Toronto Argonauts, 1966)                                             (Green Bay Packers, 1968-69)
           (New York Giants, 1987)                                P TONY SEMPLE, OT P                                                           JEFF WOMACK, RB
                                                                     (Detroit Lions, 1995-present)                                            (Minnesota Vikings, 1987)
             DORAN MAJOR, DB
          (Toronto Argonauts, 1988-91)                                  BOB SHERLAG, WR                                                       DOUG WOODLIEF, LB
                                                                        (Atlanta Falcons, 1966)                                             (Los Angeles Rams, 1965-69)
          (Memphis Mad Dogs, 1995)                                    KEITH SIMPSON, DB                                                   P JEROME WOODS, DB P
                                                                    (Seattle Seahawks, 1978-85)                                          (Kansas City Chiefs, 1996-present)
    (Kansas City Chiefs, 1993-1995; Scottish                    P MICHAEL STONE, DB P                                                       JAMES EARL WRIGHT, QB
 Claymores, 1996,; Jacksonville Jaugars, 1997;                  (Arizona Cardinals, 2001-present)                                             (Denver Broncos, 1964)
           Tennessee Titans, 1998)
                                                                    DAVID STRICKLAND, OG                                                       KEITH WRIGHT, WR
         P MIKE MCKENZIE, DB P                                       (Denver Broncos, 1960)                                                 (Cleveland Browns, 1978-80)
       (Green Bay Packers, 1999-present)

            LOU MCLELLAND, WR
            (Toronto Argonauts, 1952)
                                                                       CLIFF TAYLOR, FB
                                                                     (Chicago Bears, 1974-75;
                                                                     Green Bay Packers, 1976)
                                                                                                                                    NFL Draft Selections
         TERDELL MIDDLETON, RB                                           ED TAYLOR, DB
         (Green Bay Packers, 1977-81;                                 (New York Jets, 1975-78;                                   Player                 Pos.       RD          Pick
             Tampa Bay, 1982-83)                                      Miami Dolphins, 1979-82)                                   Wade Smith             OT          3            78
                                                                                                                                 (Miami Dolphins)
              FRED MOORE, DT                        Defensive tackle Tony Williams was a starter for the Cincinnati Bengals in   Travis Anglin          WR           7          260
         (San Diego Chargers, 1964-66)              2001 after playing three seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.                 (Detroit Lions)

              ANDY NELSON, DB
(Baltimore Colts, 1957-63; New York Giants, 1964)                                                                                                       2001
                                                                                                                                 Player                 Pos.       RD          Pick
            DARRELL NELSON, TE                                                                                                   Idrees Bashir          DB          2            37
          (Pittsburgh Steelers, 1984-85)
                                                                                                                                 (Indianapolis Colts)
              ERIC NELSON, DB                                                                                                    Michael Stone          DB           2           54
           (Memphis Mad Dogs, 1995)                                                                                              (Arizona Cardinals)
                                                                                                                                 Marcus Bell            NT           4          123
              JACK OLIVER, OG                                                                                                    (Arizona Cardinals)
             (Chicago Bears, 1987)

           ANTHONY PARKER, FB                                                                                                                           1998
        (British Columbia Lions, 1986-89;                                                                                        Player              Pos.          RD          Pick
           Calgary Stampeders, 1990)                                                                                             Mike McKenzie       DB             3            87
                                                                                                                                 (Green Bay Packers)
               NICO PERKINS, DB
          (British Columbia Lions, 1990)

            DANNY PIERCE, QB
          (Washington Redskins, 1970)                                                                                            Player                 Pos.       RD          Pick
                                                                                                                                 Tony Williams          DT          5           151
                                                                                                                                 (Minnesota Vikings)
                                                                                                                                 Richard Hogans         LB           6          200

              Tigers in the Pros

                 (Chicago Bears)                           St. Louis Ram's All-Pro wide out Isaac Bruce is one of
                 Marvin Thomas          DE      7   233    the top receivers in the NFL.                                                    1981
                 (Chicago Bears)                                                                                    Player                  Pos.   RD    Pick
                                                                                                                    Keith Clark             DE      12    326
                                        1996                                                                        (Buffalo Bills)
                 Player               Pos.     RD   Pick
                 Jerome Woods         DB        1     28                                                                                    1980
                 (Kansas City Chiefs)                                                                               Player              Pos.       RD    Pick
                                                                                                                    James Stewart       DB          12    310
                                        1995                                                                        (Green Bay Packers)
                 Player                 Pos.   RD   Pick
                 Ken Irvin              DB      4    109                                                                                    1979
                 (Buffalo Bills)                                                                                    Player                 Pos.    RD    Pick
                                                                                                                    Earnest Gray           WR       2      36
                                        1994                                                                        (New York Giants)
                 Player                 Pos.   RD   Pick                                                            Eddie Hill             RB        2     54
                 Isaac Bruce            WR      2     33                                                            (LA Rams)
                 (LA Rams)                                                                                          Judson Flint           DB        7    177
                 Tony Semple            OT      5   154                                                             (New England Patriots)
                 (Detroit Lions)
                 Steve Matthews         QB      7   199                                                                                     1978
                 (Kansas City Chiefs)                                                                               Player                  Pos.   RD    Pick
                                                                                                                    Keith Simpson           DB      1       9
                                        1993                                                                        (Seattle Seahawks)
                 Player                 Pos.   RD   Pick   David Brandon            LB            3           60    Keith Butler            LB       2     36
                 Russell Copeland       WR      4    111   (Buffalo Bills)                                          (Seattle Seahawks)
                 (Buffalo Bills)                                                                                    Keith Wright            WR       5    122

                 Jeff Buffaloe          P       8   188                            1986                             (Cleveland Browns)
                 (LA Rams)                                 Player                   Pos.        RD          Pick
                                                           Jeff Walker              OT           3            70                            1977
                                        1991               (San Diego Chargers)                                     Player                  Pos.   RD    Pick
                 Player                 Pos.   RD   Pick   Tim Harris               LB            4           84    Bob Rush                C       1      24
                 Reginald Jones         DB      5    126   (Green Bay Packers)                                      (San Diego Chargers)
                 (New Orleans Saints)                      Gary Hunt                DB            6          152    Terdell Middleton       RB       3     80
                 Jeff Fite              P       5   135    (Cincinnati Bengals)                                     (St. Louis Cardinals)
                 (Green Bay Packers)                       Trell Hooper             DB            8          198    Eric Harris             DB       4    104
                 Eduardo Vega           OT      6   144    (Indianapolis Colts)                                     (Kansas City Chiefs)
   193           (Phoenix Cardinals)
                                                                                                                    Eary Jones
                                                                                                                    (LA Rams)
                                                                                                                                            DT       4    107

                                        1990               Player              Pos.             RD          Pick    Bob Jordan              OT       6    143
                 Player              Pos.      RD   Pick   Derrick Burroughs   DB                1            14    (New York Giants)
                 Charles Wilson      WR         5    132   (Buffalo Bills)
                 (Green Bay Packers)                       Tim Long            OT                 3           65                            1976
                 Tory Epps           NG         8   195    (Minnesota Vikings)                                      Player              Pos.       RD    Pick
                 (Atlanta Falcons)                         Donnie Elder        DB                 3           67    Jerry Dandridge     LB          15    413
                                                           (New York Jets)                                          (Green Bay Packers)
                                        1989               Jack Oliver         OT                 6          158    Mike Fuhrman        TE          16    449
                 Player                 Pos.   RD   Pick   (New York Giants)                                        (Baltimore Colts)
                 Mike Nettles           DB      7    184   James Bowers        DB                10          280
                 (Seattle Seahawks)                        (Seattle Seahawks)                                                               1975
                 Greg Ross              DT     10   275    Punkin Williams     RB                11          286    Player                Pos.      RD    Pick
                 (Miami Dolphins)                          (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)                                   Everett Taylor       DB        9     224
                 James Cribbs           DT     12   309                                                             (New York Jets)
                 (Detroit Lions)                                                   1984                             Carl TaylorDE        17        437
                 Marlon Brown           LB     12   328    Player                Pos.           RD          Pick    (Washington Redskins)
                 (Cleveland Browns)                        Derrick Crawford      WR              1            24
                                                           (San Francisco 49ers)                                                            1974
                                        1988                                                                        Player                  Pos.   RD    Pick
                 Player                 Pos.   RD   Pick                           1983                             Cliff Taylor            FB      3      62
                 Tim Borcky             OT      7    177   Player                Pos.           RD          Pick    (Chicago Bears)
                 (Buffalo Bills)                           Richard Williams      RB              2            56
                                                           (Washington Redskins)                                                            1973
                                        1987                                                                        Player               Pos.      RD    Pick
                 Player                 Pos.   RD   Pick                                                            Jay Douglas          C          11    268
                                                                                                                    (San Diego Chargers)

                                                                                                                                                    Tigers in the Pros

Stan Davis              WR     13    315     Harry Schuh            T             1         NA
(Philadelphia Eagles)                        (Oakland Raiders - AFL)                                        SUPER BOWL PLAYERS
                                             Doug Woodlief          LB            4         NA                             I DAVID HATHCOCK
                        1972                 (San Diego Chargers - AFL)                                                  Green Bay Packers, 1966

Player                  Pos.   RD    Pick    Ollie Cordill          B             4         NA                              III HARRY SCHUH
Charlie Babb            DB      5     129    (Houston Oilers - AFL)                                                       Oakland Raiders, 1968
(Miami Dolphins)                             Doug Woodlief          LB            5         NA
                                                                                                                        VII & VIII CHARLIE BABB
Ray Jamieson            FB      7    173     (LA Rams - NFL)
                                                                                                                           Miami Dolphins, 1973
(Oakland Raiders)                            Ollie Cordill          B            11         NA                             Miami Dolphins, 1974
John Kirchner           TE     13    328     (Cleveland Browns - NFL)
(Detroit Lions)                                                                                                              XIV EDDIE HILL

                                                                    1964                                                 Los Angeles Rams, 1980

                        1971                 Player                  Pos.       RD         Pick                          XVIII RICK ACKERMAN
Player                  Pos.   RD    Pick    Chuck Brooks            E           5          NA                            Oakland Raiders, 1984
James Heyden            DE      12    301    (St. Louis Cardinals - NFL)
                                                                                                                          XVIII STANLEY ADAMS
(Cincinnati Bengals)                         Russ Vollmer            QB          13         NA
                                                                                                                          Oakland Raiders, 1984
David Vaughn            TE     14    359     (Minnesota Vikings - NFL)
(Miami Dolphins)                             Chuck Brooks            E           14         NA                              XVIII EDDIE HILL
John Bomer              C      17    440     (New York Jets - AFL)                                                         Miami Dolphins, 1984

(Dallas Cowboys)                             John Evans              T           17         NA                         XXVIII RUSSELL COPELAND
                                             (St. Louis Cardinals - NFL)                                                     Buffalo Bills, 1994
                        1970                 Bill Scott              G           18         NA
                                                                                                                            XXIX TIM HARRIS
Player                  Pos.   RD    Pick    (New York Jets - AFL)
                                                                                                                        San Francisco 49ers, 1995
Danny Pierce            QB      5     121    John Evans              T           23         NA
(Washington Redskins)                        (Buffalo Bills - AFL)                                                         XXXIV Isaac Bruce
Bob Parker              OG      5    123                                                                                   St. Louis Rams, 2000
(Denver Broncos)                                                    1963                            Babb, Ackerman, Hathcock, Harris, Adams and Bruce are the only
Preston Riley           WR      9    217     Player                  Pos.       RD         Pick     Tigers with Super Bowl Championship Rings.
(San Francisco 49ers)                        John Griffin            B           4          NA
Steve Jaggard           DB     10    240     (LA Rams - NFL)
(Philadelphia Eagles)                        John Griffin            B            8         NA                                   1958
Jerry Todd              DB     16    409     (Denver Broncos - AFL)                                 Player                         Pos.            RD           Pick
(Denver Broncos)                             Dick Quast              G           16         NA      Hal Devine                     T                25           NA
                                             (Baltimore Colts - NFL)                                (Philadelphia Eagles)
                        1969                 Charlie Killett         B           16         NA      Robert Lyles                   B                26           NA
Player               Pos.      RD    Pick    (New York Giants - NFL)                                (Chicago Bears)
Joe Rushing          LB         17    432    Dick Quast              G           27         NA
(San Diego Chargers)                         (Buffalo Bills - AFL)                                                               1957
                                             Charlie Killett         B           29         NA      Player                         Pos.            RD           Pick
                        1968                 (Buffalo Bills - AFL)                                  Andy Nelson                    QB               11           NA
Player                  Pos.   RD    Pick                                                           (Baltimore Colts)
Bubba Winkler           DE      5     137                           1962                            Bob Schmidt                    B                14           NA
(Green Bay Packers)                           Player                    Pos.   RD           Pick    (Chicago Bears)
Herb Covington          FB     14    350    Defensive back Jerome Woods is known as one of the A
                                              Bill Hudson               T         2          N
                                            hardest hitters in the NFL.
(New Orleans Saints)                          (San Diego Chargers - AFL)                                                         1956
Chuck DeVliegher        DT     14    361      Fred Moore                T       10           NA     Player                         Pos.            RD           Pick
(Buffalo Bills)                               (Baltimore Colts - NFL)                               Joe Billings                   T                22           NA
Bob Baxter              FL     15    400      Fred Moore                T       15           NA     (Chicago Bears)
(Cleveland Browns)                            (San Diego Chargers - AFL)
                                              Dennis Biodrowski         E       16           NA                                  1954
                        1966                  (Cleveland Browns - NFL)                              Player                Pos.                     RD           Pick
Player                  Pos.   RD    Pick     Dennis Biodrowski         E       18           NA     Will Renfro           E                         24           NA
Bob Sherlag             E       5     NA      (San Diego Chargers - AFL)                            (Washington Redskins)
(Buffalo Bills - AFL)
Bob Sherlag             E       6    NA                             1961                                                         1953
(Philadelphia Eagles - NFL)                  Player                  Pos.       RD         Pick    Tiger 1st Round Draft RD
                                                                                                     Player       Pos.    Picks Pick
Harry Day               T      12    NA      James Earl Wright       QB          3          NA      Wayne Wood                     T                22           NA
(Houston Oilers - AFL)                       (Philadelphia Eagles - NFL)                            (Chicago Bears)
Harry Day               T      15    NA      Don Coffey              E           12         NA
(Philadelphia Eagles - NFL)                  (San Francisco 49ers - NFL)                                                         1951
David Hathcock          DB     17    NA      James Earl Wright       QB          14         NA      Player                         Pos.            RD           Pick
(Green Bay Packers - NFL)                    (Boston Patriots - AFL)                                Bill Robertson                 E                16           NA
                                                                                                    (LA Rams)
                        1965                 Don Coffey              E           25         NA
Player                  Pos.   RD    Pick    (LA Chargers - AFL)

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