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					NEP Fall Meeting 2008 Attendees List

Attendant               Position                   Program                           Email                            Phone Number     Presentation comments
                                                   Albemarle-Pamlico National
Bill Crowell            Director                                                     (919)715-1327
                                                   Estuary Program
                                                   Albemarle-Pamlico National
Dean Carpenter          Program Scientist                                          (919) 715-7735
                                                   Estuary Program
                                                   Albemarle-Pamlico National
Lori Brinn              Community Specialist                                           (919)715-4196
                                                   Estuary Program
                                                   Association of National Estuary
Lesley Lambert          Administrative Assistant                                          (401)874-6487
                                                   Association of National Estuary
Rich Innes              Executive Director                                                 (202)354-6457
Kery St. Pe             Director                   Barataria-Terrebonne NEP                  (985)447-8068    BTNEP Program Evaluation 2008
                                                                                                                                       Why Reach Out: From Removing Obstacles to
                        Public Involvement
Mel Landry                                         Barataria-Terrebonne NEP                    (985)447-0868    Mobilizing the Troops and Social Networking
                                                                                                                                       Sites: Application for Education
                                                                                                                                       Serving the Underserved- A Gulf Wide
Shelly Sparks           Media Coordinator          Barataria-Terrebonne NEP                (985)447-0868
                                                                                                                                       Environmental Education Diversity Project
                                                Barnegat Bay National Estuary
Martha Maxwell Doyle    Project Coordinator                                                (732)255-0472
                                                Barnegat Bay National Estuary
Mary Judge              Program Assistant                                                   (732)255-0472
                                                Barnegat Bay National Estuary
Stan Hales              Director                                                            (732)255-0472
Curtis Bohlen           Director                Casco Bay Estuary Partnership            (207)228-8460
Liz Donley              Deputy Director         Charlotte Harbor NEP                      (239)338-2556    Presenting
                                                Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries
Leo Trevino             Deputy Director                                                   (361)885-6244
                                                Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries
Ray Allen               Director                                                            (361)885-2604
                                                Delaware Center for the Inland
Ed Lewandowski          Director                                                     (302)226-8105
                                                Delaware Center for the Inland
Jenn Jones              Development Coordinator                                   (302)226-8105
                        Education and Outreach Delaware Center for the Inland
Sally Boswell                                                                        (302)226-8105
                        Coordinator             Bays
Michelle Doran McBean   CEO                     Future City Inc.                         (908)659-0689
                        Long Island Sound
Art Glowka                                      Hudson River Foundation              N/A                              (203)327-5828
                                                                                                                                       Targeted Ecosystem Characteristics for NY-NJ
Dennis Suszkowski       Science Director           Hudson River Foundation            (212)483-7667
                                                                                                                                       Harbor (presenting with Lisa Baron)
James Lodge             Project Scientist          Hudson River Foundation                 (212)483-7667
Troy Rice               Director                   Indian River Lagoon                      (321)984-4950
Wayne Mozo              Project Administrator      Indian River Lagoon                      (321)984-4944
                        Communications             Indian River Lagoon/ St. Johns
Ed Garland                                                                               (321)676-6612
                        Specialist                 River Water Management District
                                                   Institute of Marine & Coastal                                      (732)932-6555
Mike De Luca            Associate Director                                 
                                                   Sciences Rutgers University                                        x512
                        Principal Environmental    Interstate Environmental
Pete L. Sattler                                                                      (212)582-0380
                        Planner                    Commission
Mark Tedesco            Director                   Long Island Sound Study              (203)977-1541
Robert Burg                                     Long Island Sound Study       (203)363-7897
                        Director of Stewardship Lower Columbia River Estuary                                          (503)226-1565
Chris Hathaway                                                             
                        and Technical Programs Partnership                                                            x228
Carol Cain              Technical Coordinator      Maryland Coastal Bays Program      (410)213-2297

Carrie Samis            Education Coordinator      Maryland Coastal Bays Program         (410)213-2297    Diverse Partners, Programs and Participants
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NEP Fall Meeting 2008 Attendees List

Dave Wilson            Executive Director       Maryland Coastal Bays Program         (410)213-2574
                       Outreach and Policy
Carole McCauley                                 Mass Bays NEP                 (617)626-1230
Christian Krahforst    Staff Scientist          Mass Bays NEP             (617)626-1216
                                                Mobile Bay National Estuary
Rebecca McElhenney     Program Administrator                                     rmcelhenney@mobilebaynep,com      (251)431-6409
                                                Mobile Bay National Estuary
Roberta Arena Swann    Interim Director                                          rswann@mobilebaynep,com           (251)431-6409
                                                Mobile Bay National Estuary
Sara Shields           Americorps Volunteer                                      sshields@mobilebaynep,com         (215)431-6409
                                                Mobile Bay National Estuary
Tom Herder             Science Communicator                                      therder@mobilebaynep,com          (215)431-6409
                                                Morro Bay National Estuary
Dan Berman             Director                                                         (805)772-3834 x11
                       Education and Outreach   Morro Bay National Estuary
Shari Sullivan                                                                        (805)772-3834 x13
                       Coordinator              program
                                                Narragansett Bay Estuary
Chris Deacutis         Chief Scientist                                               (401)874-6217
                                                Narragansett Bay Estuary                                                               ANEP Update, Ecosystem Based Management in
Richard Ribb           Director                                                         (401)874-6233
                                                Program                                                                                the National Estuary Programs

                       Outreach and Policy      Narragansett Bay Estuary                                                               Urban River Restoration in the Narragansett Bay
Tom Ardito                                                                                (401)874-6492
                       Coordinator              Program                                                                                Estuary: Restoring Anadromous Fish Runs
                                                National Parks Conservation                                                            Envisioning Gateway, (also presenting Adi Shami
Alexander Brash        NE Regional Director                                      abrash@NPCA.ORG                   (212)617-2989
                                                Association                                                                            and Jamie Hand)
                       Outreach Project
Dave Kellam                                     New Hampshire Estuary Project               (603)862-3403       WWW: Webinars, Webcasts, and Wikis
Derek Sowers           Project Coordinator      New Hampshire Estuary Project              (603)862-2641
                                                New York-New Jersey Harbor
Bob Nyman              Director                                                      (212)637-3809
                                                Estuary Program
                                                New York-New Jersey Harbor
Gabriela Munoz         Progam Associate                                            (212)637-3792
                                                Estuary Program
                                                NH University of New Hampshire
James Houle            Reserch Scientist                                              (603)767-7091       Low Impact Development- Green Infrastructure
                                                Stormwater Center
Frank Gallagher        Administrator            NJDEP                     (973)827-7341       Liberty State Park Restoration Project
Kerry Kirk Pflugh      Manager                  NJDEP                        (609)637-7242
                       Chief, Estuarine
Laurie McGilvray                                NOAA                            (301)713-4012       NOAA/NEP Collaboration Opportunities
                       Reserves Division
                       Marine Resource                                                                             (301)713-0174       ANEP & NOAA Community Restoration
Karla Trampus                                   NOAA Restoration center
                       Specialist                                                                                  x121                Partnership
Larissa Graham         Outreach Coordinator     NY Sea Grant                            (613)632-9216
                                                NYC Department of
Beau Ranheim           Section Chief                                                 (212)860-9339
                                                Environmental Protection
                       Director of Ecological   NYC Department of
John McLaughlin                                                                   (718)595-4458
                       Services                 Environmental Protection
                                                NYC Department of
Mark Klein             Chief Permitting Section                                        (718)596-6206
                                                Environmental Protection
                       Hudson River Estuary     NYS Department of
Frances Dunwell                                                               (845)256-3016
                       Coordinator              Environmental Conservation                                                             Hudson River Estuary Program
                       Water Quality            NYS Department of
Jeff Myers                                                                     (518-402-8286
                       Assessment Prog.         Environmental Conservation
                       Deputy Bureau Chief of NYS Department of
Karen Chytalo                                                                (631)444-0431
                       Marine Resources         Environmental Conservation
                       Peconic Estuary Program NYS Department of                                                                       Stakeholder Partnerships and Outreach
Laura Stephenson                                                              (631)444-0871
                       Coordinator              Environmental Conservation                                                             Successfully Control Peconic Invasive
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NEP Fall Meeting 2008 Attendees List

                                                  NYS Department of
Sarah Deonarine           LISS Coordinator                                               (631)444-0467
                                                  Environmental Conservation
                                                  O'Hanlon Environmental                                                                          The National Estuary Program / NOAA
Lore O'Hanlon             Consultant - NOAA Grant                                                    (434)964-1968
                                                  Consulting                                                                                      Community-Based Restoration Partnership
                                                  Partnership for the Delaware
Susan McDowell            Environmental Scientist                                             (215)814-2739
                                                  Partnership for the Delaware
Charnell Hicks            Board Member                                                (302)655-4990
                                                                                                                                                  Climate Change in an Evolving Delaware Estuary
                                                    Partnership for the Delaware                                              (302)655-4990       and Natural Capital; Ecosystem Service Valuation
Danielle Kreeger          Science Director                                 
                                                    Estuary                                                                   x104                as Tools to Guide Restoration and Climate
                                                                                                                                                  Adaptation in the Delaware Estuary
                                                    Partnership for the Delaware                                              (302)655-4990
Jen Adkins                Executive Director                               
                                                    Estuary                                                                   x102
                                                    Partnership for the Delaware
Laura Bishop              Board Member                                                          (302)655-4990
                          Science and Policy        Partnership for the Delaware                                              (302)655-4990
Priscilla Cole                                                             
                          Fellow                    Estuary                                                                   x115
                          Marketing and
                                                    Partnership for the Delaware                                              (302)655-4990
Shaun Bailey              Communication                                                                      Managing Communication in the Electronic Age
                                                    Estuary                                                                   x113
                                                    Passaic Valley Sewerage
Ashley Pengitore          Scientist IV                                                           (973)817-5958
Kimberly Paulsen          Program Coordinator       Peconic Estuary Program     (631)852-5805
Vito Minei                Director                  Peconic Estuary Program           (631)852-5800

Martin Trent              Chief Office of Ecology   Peconic Estuary Program Office         (631)852-5750
                                                 Peconic Estuary Program/ Group
Jennifer Skilbred         Environmental Advocate                                    (631)536-1400 x18
                                                 for the East End
Debbi Egter Van Wissekerke Outreach                 San Francisco Estuary Project   (510)622-2304

Jennifer Krebs            Principal Planner         San Francisco Estuary Project                (510)622-2315
                                                                                                                                                  Climate Ready Estuares: A Pilot Project in the
Judy Kelly                Director                  San Francisco Estuary Project               (510)622-8137
                                                                                                                                                  San Francisco Bay Estuary
Paula Trigueros           Finance and Budget        San Francisco Estuary Project            (510)622-2499
Cathy Ortiz               Office Manager            San Juan Bay Estuary Program                      (787)725-8165
Javier Laureano           Executive Director        San Juan Bay Estuary Program                   (787)463-6727
                          Boater Estucation         Santa Monica Bay Restoration
Grace Lee                                                                                    (310) 216-9828
                          Program Coordinator       Commission
                                                    Santa Monica Bay Restoration
Guangyu Wang              Deputy Director                                                   (213)576-6639       A Fish Contamination Education Collaborative
                                                    Santa Monica Bay Restoration
Jack Topel                Environmental Scientist                                          (213)526-6647       Malibu Lagoon Restoration
                          Restoration Program       Santa Monica Bay Restoration
Sean Bergquist                                                                         (310)216-9899       Ballona Wetlands Restoration
                          Manager                   Commission
                                                                                                                                                  Green Solutions for Urban Runoff: A Blueprint for
                                                    Santa Monica Bay Restoration
Shelley Luce              Executive Director                                                (310)216-9827       Integrating Low-Impact Development into Urban
                                                                                                                                                  Backyard Restoration: Involving Neighborhoods in
                          Public Outreach
Julia Burch                                         Sarasota Bay Estuary Program                    (941) 955-8085      Habitat Recovery and Community Connections:
                                                                                                                                                  Reaching All Parts of the Watershed
Marian Pomeroy            Finance Director          Sarasota Bay Estuary Program                   (941) 955-8085
Mark Alderson             Executive Director        Sarasota Bay Estuary Program                     (941) 955-8085
Ed Sherwood               Program Scientist         Tampa Bay Estuary Program                       (727)893-2765

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NEP Fall Meeting 2008 Attendees List

                                                                                                                                           Biological Condition Gradient; Ecological Services
Holly Greening         Executive Director         Tampa Bay Estuary Program                    (727)893-2765
                                                                                                                                           Research (ESR) Plan for the Tampa Bay Estuary
Lindsay Cross          Environmental Scientist    Tampa Bay Estuary Program                        (727)893-2765    How to Ace your Performance Evaluation
                       Public Outreach
Nanette O'Hara                                    Tampa Bay Estuary Program                      (727)893-2765
Ron Hosler             Program Administrator      Tampa Bay Estuary Program                          (727)893-2765
Valerie Folkema        Interim Executive Director Tillamook Estuaries Partnership                      (503)322-2222
Giancarlo Cicchetti    Ecological Scientist       US EPA AED Lab             (401)782-9620    Biological Condition Gradient
                                                  US EPA Coatal Management
Kristen Goodrich       ORISE Fellow                                                     (202)566-1284
                       Biologist/ Maryland Bays                                                                                            NEPs and Minority Outreach - Diversifying the
David A. Greaves                                  US EPA HQ                                (215)815-5729
                       Coordinator                                                                                                         Partnership Portfolio
John McShane           Environmental Scientist    US EPA HQ                                 (202)566-1381
Marylin Katz           Program Analyst            US EPA HQ                                 (202)566-1246
Nancy Laurson          Env. Prot. Specialist      US EPA HQ                                (202)566-1336
Noemi Mercado          Env. Prot. Specialist      US EPA HQ                        (202)566-1251
Tim Jones              NEP Coordinator            US EPA HQ                            (202)566-1245    NEP Leveraging
                                                  US EPA Long Island Sound
Joe Salata             Senior Analyst                                                      (203)977-1541
                                                  US EPA Oceand and Coastal
Sharon Hayes           Deputy Director                                            (228)688-3506
                                                  US EPA Office of Research and                                                            Comparing Economic Studies and Understanding
Lawrence Martin        Environmental Scientist                                   (202)564-6497
                                                  Development                                                                              Applications in the NEP Action Plans
John Wilson            Senior Analyst             US EPA OWOW                                (202) 566-1158   Climate Ready Estuares Update
Bob Dieterich          Environmental Planning     US EPA Region 2                       (212)637-3794
                       Delaware Program
Irene Purdy                                       US EPA Region 2                    (212)637-3845
Rick Balla             NEP Coordinator            US EPA Region 2                          (212)637-3788
                       Coastal Wetlands &
Barbara Keeler                                    US EPA Region 6                         (214)665-6698
                       Planning Coordinator
                       Environmental Protection
Margherita Pryor                                  US EPA Region I               (617)918-1597    Biological Condition Gradient
                       Acting Chief, Watersheds
Johanna Hunter                                    US EPA Region I                 (617)918-1041
                       and NPS
Amie Howell            Environmental Scientist    US EPA Region III                          (215)814-5722
                       Deputy Associate
Edward Ambrogio                                   US EPA Region III                      (215)814-2758
                                                                                                                                           NEPs and Minority Outreach Diversifying the
Tiana Blount           Environmental Scientist    US EPA Region III                         (210)814-5413
                                                                                                                                           Partnership Portfolio
                       Director, Ocean and
Paul Cough             Coastal Protection         US EPA/ OWOW                                (202)566-1334
Louise Harrison        Biologist/ EPA Liason      US Fish and Wildlife                   (203)997-1543
                       Director, Center for
Carl Hershner          Coastal Resource           VIMS                            (804)684-7387    Status & Trends in the Continuing Quest for EBM
                       Associate Director, Living
Eric Sanderson                                    Wildlife Conservation Society                    (718)220-6825    Presenting
                       Landscapes program
                       Manager WCS/NOAA
Marla Krauss                                      Wildlife Conservation Society                       (718)741-8136
                       Regional Partnership
                                                                                                                                           Ecosystem Services Element of the NYC
Jeff Potent            WQ Coordinator             US EPA Region 2                            (212) 637-3857
                                                                                                                                           Watershed Filtration Avoidance Determination
Suzanne Marcy                                     EPA ORD                                  (703)347-8552

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NEP Fall Meeting 2008 Attendees List

Joe Costa              Director        Buzzards Bay   (508)291-3625 x19

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