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									Website Monitoring
I recently did a small experiment to evaluate the reliability and response time of various website
monitoring services available on the Internet.

In case you are new, these services continuously monitor your website(s) for downtime and send
email alerts as soon as your web server goes down or becomes slow and inaccessible. You get another
alert when the site is up again.

As you may have noticed, Pingdom was able catch the downtime within seconds while Watch Mouse
and Site Uptime were late by 5-10 minutes. Uptime party sent a notification almost 30 minutes after
the site went down.

When the site was up and running again, Pingdom and WatchMouse were the first one to send an
uptime email alert while the rest two were late by 10-15 minutes.

The problem resurfaced yesterday night when the site went down and here’s a snapshot of email
alerts from the second instance. Pingdom response time impressed again.

For this test, I configured my site with Uptime Party, Pingdom, Watch Mouse, Site Uptimeand
Zoho’s Site 24×7. They are all commercial site monitoring services but also offer a trial version which
is good for around 30 days.
Now as you would know, the site went down last week for a couple of hours due to some issues with
the file server of the web hosting company but this was a good opportunity to test how quick and
reliable these site monitoring services are.

Here’s a snapshot of email alerts that came from all the above services along with the exact time
when these alerts were received.

I was not too sure why there were no email alerts from Site24x7 and it later turned out that site
monitoring was disabled in the control panel. Have no clue why that happened so can’t really
comment on Zoho’s service.

Finally, here’s a quick chart comparing the price of various website monitoring services for bloggers
and small web publishers.

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