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					Google Android vs Google Phone
If you have never heard of Android before, it’s an Operating System for mobile phones that is
developed by Google.

Unlike RIM (BlackBerry), Apple (iPhone), Nokia (Symbian) and other mobile phone companies that
develop the mobile OS and the hardware, Google is only developing the OS part while the hardware
of mobile device is manufactured by other companies like HTC, Lenovo and Samsung.

So when someone says “Google Phone”, it essentially means the that phone runs on the Google
Operating system which is known as Android. And since Android internally runs on Linux, some
users have even managed to install the Google Android OS on their Nokia phones and Asus

Google Phone in India
The HTC Magic is the first Google Android phone that will become available in India through Airtel
at around 30k INR. It’s the same phone that’s marketed as Android G2 or myTouch 3G by T-Mobile
in America and a unlocked version of this phone was given to all attendees of the Google I/O

The HTC Magic is Wi-Fi enabled and features a 3.2 Megapixel camera (that can record still photos as
well as video) but unlike the Nokia N97, it has no physical keyboard. Other models like the HTC
Touch and HTC Dream (or G1) feature a keyboard but none of them are in India yet at least through
official channels.
The phone features a unique bar coding application so if you are shopping somewhere, you can
quickly scan the barcode of any product in the shelf to get more information about that product using
your Google phone.

While Airtel is the exclusively selling HTC Magic Android phones in India, the good news is that
these are unlocked phones so you can buy a phone from Airtel and use the SIM of other cellular
networks like Vodafone, BSNL, Reliance, etc.

Should you buy the HTC Touch
HTC is about to launch a new smartphone called the HTC Hero that is just as big as the HTC Magic
but features a 5 megapixel camera and best of all, it will be the first Android smartphone to include a
native Flash player. The HTC Magic can only play MP4 (MPEG-4) video format while the Hero has
support for Windows Media files as well. I will probably wait.

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