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					Hi, Bonesman here. I've been playing FF for proximately 7 years. I've never won a
championship in my main pay league, although I have won a few free private Y! leagues... but
there's no championship wrestling/boxing style belt for those. My strategy coming into this draft
was my general strategy from year to year: Pick the guys that fall to me that I'm high-on.
Normally in the past, I've had excellent drafts, but i squander my hopes at FF glory by making
incorrect lineup decisions or by dumping a diamond in the rough who emerges later in the season
for someone who starts out hot in week 1 or 2. So I'm looking forward to how i fare in a league
where that can't happen.

Lets get to the picks:

1.8- Fast Willie Parker...... I could have probably done better. I think 6-8 is probably his ceiling
this year... but that could just be pessimism about him nursing injuries/missing games this year.

2.5- Maurice "Mojo" Jones-Drew..... I'm enamored w/ this guys talent. I don't mind his situation
either... he's probably better off only getting 15 carries a game against winded defenses in the

3.08- TJ "Championship" Houshmandingo.... Not the type of guy that can score from anywhere
on the field like FWP and MJD... but he should get a ton of underneath stuff... nearly a lock for 10

4.05- Brandon Jacobs.... My opinion on this guy wavers often. I haven't actually seen him run
this year... but hopefully the reports I've read of him making some adjustments are accurate. I
think he'll out perform this draft spot.

5.08- Julie Jones.... Definitely think this guy is a steal across the board in drafts this year. At this
point I feel I have 4 backs that'll end up in the top 20... and all w/ different BYEs.

6.05- Deion Branch... Should be #1 target for Hasselbeck in Holmgren's offense? 4-5 catches
per game should be easy.

7.08- Vernon Davis.... I really wanted Cooley. Might've reached a tad here but as long as he
stays healthy, i think the pick will pan out.

8.05- Santonio Holmes.... Wanted to get Hasselbeck or BigBen here... both were gone so i
grabbed a piece of Ben w/ Holmes as my WR3. I'm high on Pitts offense this year... so this feels
like a solid pick.

9.08- Jay Cutler.... Possibly my least favorite pick so far... yet i doubt i regret it in the end. Only
time will tell.

10.05- Leon Washington.... a little early perhaps, especially with my RBs pretty well shored up...
but i really like what I've seen from Leon and i think his upside is HUGE w/ PPR. Could've
probably had him a round later though... especially since this was before T. Jones got dinged in

11.08- Chargers DST.... one of my highest ranked Team Defenses. Their corners aren't great
and they give up some points... but sacks and fumble recoveries should be plentiful.

12.05- Matt Schaub.... Schedule coincides nicely w/ Cutler's. If i had to pick who to start, it
doesn't look like it'd be too difficult most weeks.

13.08- Greg Olsen.... I bought the hype. Rookie TEs don't usually do much... but hopefully Olsen
will be an acception to that rule. D. Clark can go back to blocking full time which is where he
really excels anyway.

14.05- Bryant Johnson.... Too early here. And what if Bolden and Fitz both actually stay healthy
all year? That probably won't happen and Johnson will have another 600-700 yards and 5 TDs.

15.08- Eagles DST.... Probably should've taken the Vikings who were selected right after me. I
had just held up the draft for a few hours and tried to pick as fast as possible and over looked
someone i had ranked higher. Oh well.

16.05- Nate Burleson.... sort of a handcuff to Branch... could also step up if Hackett and/or
Engram falter.

17.08- Noah Herron.... Long shot... but I've gotta have at least one Packer on my team.

18.05- Damon Huard.... Not happy at all w/ him as my 3rd QB... yet i still see noone that came
after him that i would've rather had. In retrospect, I probably should've taken McNair over
Burleson and then got Burleson in the 17th... and i bet i STILL could've had Herron right here in
the 18th... live n learn.

19.08- Bo Scaife.... 3rd TE... didn't notice Leonard Pope there though *head smack*... great snag
by my rival Junk17 only five rounds later.

20.05- TJ Duckett.... finally make a decent pick after a few stinkers. I may never actually see
points in my lineup from Duckett... but i wouldn't be surprised if he has a 5 carry 3 TD game
sometime this year to help me out.

21.08- Greg Jones.... like Duckett above and a bit of insurance for MJD. I've drafted this guy late
in drafts of the past thinking he could be Bettis like someday. Way wrong.

22.05- Rob Bironas...w/ Tenns running game... he should be golden.

23.08- Ruvell Martin... Cheezehead pick... he'd probably get dropped after week one if we were
doing transactions. Still, w/ Driver on the PUP early and Jennings' durability still in question and
the only other person challenging him for time at WR is a upstart rookie, J.Jones.
Loooooooooooong shot though.

24.05- Kris Brown... Schaub TDs now worth 7 w/ the XP.

25.08- Nate Washington... bit of insurance for Santonio.

All in all I'm happy with my team. I think I started real strong but started faltering around round 14
reaching for picks and overlooking other more solid options. My strengths are clearly RB and WR
where i spent my early round picks. My weakness is probably QB and my extended depth at WR.
TE is a bit of a question mark as Vernon Davis has the potential to be in the top tier at his position
but has yet to apply that potential and stay healthy... Olsen is also a question mark and Scafie will
be competing w/ Troupe for attention from Vince.

As always in the NFL and in FF... it's going to take some luck and I'll have to catch some breaks...
but i think my team will be able to take a hit and still compete if need be.

Final notes: sorry for taking so long.. but i'm happy i didn't take the LONGEST... that honor goes
to broskey8 who took a full 9 min longer than me per pick. Thanks :)

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