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									Fall/Winter 2011
New Mexico Chapter

Dan Monte
                                cHAPTER sTAff
                                Agnes Vallejos
                                                                             Inside stories
 President                       Executive Director                          Executive Director Message . . . . . . 3
John Attwood                    George Miles
  Past President                 Finance Director                            President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Leo LaBarge                     Siobhan Mitchell
  Vice President                  Director of Operations                     Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7
Tori Chouinard
                                                                              Know the 10 Warning Signs
                                Melissa Spiers
  Secretary                      Outreach & Corporate Initiatives Director   Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9
Brad Cates                      Myles Copeland                                Alzheimer’s Association
  Treasurer                      Communications & Advocacy Director
                                                                              TrialMatch™ Fact Sheet
Mary Galvez                     BJ Davis
 Member at Large                  Program Director                           Helpline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11
Marcy Baysinger                 Chris McCaffrey                               Chris’s Corner
 Director                        Greater Albuquerque Regional Manager
Charlie Blanco                                                               Upcoming Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
                                Christina Boothe
 Director                        Events Coordinator                           Alzheimer’s Association
Bill Hudson                                                                   New Mexico 2012 Events
                                Theresa Burch
  Director                        Special Projects Coordinator
                                                                             Walk to End Alzheimer’s . . . . . . . . 13
Lisa Lachman                    Valerie LaBarge                               Why I Walk…
  Director                        Administrative Assistant
Barbara Michels                 Melissa Muniz                                Education Calendar . . . . . . . . . . 16-17
  Director                       Special Programs Coordinator
                                                                             Memorial Donations. . . . . . . . . . 18-19
                                REGIONAl OffIcEs
                                                                             General Donations . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21
                                  Northeastern Regional Manager              Volunteer Spotlight . . . . . back cover
ContaCt InformatIon               Northwestern Regional Manager
9500 Montgomery Blvd. NE        Priscilla Lujan
Suite 121                         Southeastern Regional Manager
Albuquerque, NM 87111           Maia Sideris-Dorame
505-266-4473                     Southwestern Regional Manager
24/7 HELPLINE: 1-800-272-3900   Hope Cardenas
www.alz.org/newmexico            Bi-lingual Outreach Coordinator

                        Our Mission
        To eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the
    advancement of research; to provide and enhance care
    and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of                     for a complete list of statewide
      dementia through the promotion of brain health.                           support Groups, please contact

                          Our Vision
                                                                                  our office at 505.266.4473 or
                                                                                      view our website at
              A world without Alzheimer’s disease.                                 www.alz.org/newmexico

                                                                       From the Executive Director

Josie Marrujo. The name                        I believe that Josie Marrujo lives the
                                           title “Caregiver of the Year”; providing
                                           caregiver services not to one person, but
might not ring a bell but                  to four! She continues to be there for my
                                           grandfather today. She has lived most of
Josie is a superstar in the                her adult life caring for others without
                                           hesitation. She has put her own life on
eyes of her grandson TJ.                   hold and done what was needed so her
                                           family would not have to be put into a
    And she’s a superstar to us…           nursing home. She made sure they were
Josie is this year’s Marian Vallejos,      given the care and love they needed, and
Caregiver of the Year Award winner.        that they lived and died with dignity.
The award was given at the 7th Annual          When she accepted her award,
Family Caregiver Conference held at        she very poignantly shared her belief
                                           that every family caregiver deserves                           Agnes Vallejos
Sandia Resort in partnership with the
Bernalillo County Area Agency on           an award and how she wished she
Aging/City of Albuquerque Family           could share hers with everyone at the        beginning of our existence—over 25
and Community Services Department,         conference. We celebrate Josie and the       years! She is not one who has ever
City of Albuquerque Department of          many thousands across New Mexico             sought recognition for all she does on
Senior Affairs and the Alzheimer’s         who provide care to others.                  behalf of those affected by Alzheimer’s
Association.                                  Barbara Michels is a name that            disease and their families, but I am not
    Choosing the winner of this award is   will ring a bell with hundreds if not        alone in the realization that without
never easy. There are so many examples     thousands of people who have come            Barb our Association would not be
of folks who embody what this award        to know Barb through her tireless            what it is. Oh. And did I mention…
strives to recognize—someone who           work on behalf of the Alzheimer’s            she just wrote a book for caregivers?
finds joy and satisfaction in caring       Association. Barb was recognized this        Thank you Barb...for everything.
for others; someone who serves as an       year as the Community Hero of the               As we turn the page on another
example to others of what it means         Year at this year’s 7th annual Family        year, I wish to recognize all of you for
to give freely to others never really      Caregiver Conference. Barb has been          your support of the work we do at the
expecting to be recognized for what        a volunteer with the Alzheimer’s             Alzheimer’s Association. We wish you
they do. In his nomination, TJ wrote:      Association almost from the very             a New Year full of many blessings.

    “The Alzheimer’s Journey…A Practical Perspective for Caregivers©”
                                                     By Barbara Michels
                                    Barbara Michels, one of our founding         experiences as a daughter, caregiver,
                                    volunteers and Support Group                 physical therapist, respite provider,
                                    leaders of the Alzheimer’s Association       support group leader”.
                                    New Mexico Chapter has put her                  To obtain your copy of this
                                    knowledge and experience to paper            invaluable tool, please contact the
                                    in this poignant perspective to              Albuquerque office. Barbara is asking
                                    aide families and/or professionals.          for a minimum donation of $5.00 to
                                    “This is not a technical study but a         the Alzheimer’s Association to help
                                    practical approach gleaned from my           offset printing costs.

From the President

                                               My gratitude is to every one of you                             of the statistics about Alzheimer’s are
                                           who have supported the NMAA in any                                  frightening. Alzheimer’s disease is
                                           way. Whether you have donated your                                  now the sixth leading cause of death
                                           money, time, talent or services, we                                 in the United States and the only cause
                                           simply would not exist without you.                                 of death among the top 10 without a
                                               My excitement is the result of where                            way to prevent, cure or even slow its
                                           we have been as an organization and                                 progression. Progress is made every
                                           where we are heading. Under the                                     day in the prevention and treatment of
                                           leadership of my predecessors, namely                               many diseases. Until there is progress
                                           John Attwood, Greg Gillogly, and                                    in the prevention and treatment
                                           Mike Lord, there has been tremendous                                of Alzheimer’s, the demands upon
                                           progress and enhancement of the                                     caregivers and the demand upon related
                                           services offered by the NMAA. As                                    services, such as those provided by the
                                           the team of board members, staff and                                NMAA, will only increase.
      Dan Monte                            volunteers continues to expand, I am                                    I would sincerely welcome the
                                           confident that we will achieve whatever                             opportunity to visit with every person
It is with much pride,                     goals we set as an organization.                                    who may read this newsletter, but
                                               My sadness is attributable to the                               I understand that this may not be
gratitude, excitement,                     fact that there continues to be an                                  practical. I do, however, encourage
                                           ever-increasing need for the services                               anyone who may be so inclined to
                                           of our association. I have had the                                  contact me and share any thoughts,
and a little bit of sadness                unfortunate experience in my life of                                ideas or suggestions you may have about
                                           watching the ravages of this horrible                               how the NMAA is doing and what we
that I write this letter.                  disease. Our vision is simply “a world                              could do to improve or enhance our
                                           without Alzheimer’s.” Our mission                                   services. My e-mail address is
    My pride is attributable to the many   is “to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease                                danielm@lanb.com and my office
wonderful people I have met as a result    through the advancement of research; to                             number is 505 662-1060.
of my involvement with the New Mexico      provide and enhance care and support                                    I am sincerely looking forward
Alzheimer’s Association (NMAA). The        for all affected; and to reduce the risk of                         to serving the NMAA in every way
commitment and passion of our board        dementia.” I am absolutely committed                                that I possibly can. My contributions,
members, our staff, and our volunteers     to this vision and mission, and, with                               however, will be miniscule compared to
has been both overwhelming and             complete confidence, I can say that                                 the collective contributions and progress
inspiring. I am very proud to serve this   every member of our board and our                                   that we will all make collectively as
wonderful organization beside, and         staff is equally committed.                                         we work toward our vision of a world
in the shadow of, so many incredible           No one would argue that this disease                            without Alzheimer’s.
people.                                    is anything less than horrifying. Many

                                                                     The Greatest Thing About Having A
                                                                     Choice Is The Freedom to make it.
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               Early Detection Empowers Families to Plan for the Future
    The holiday season is a time families      they are or how they got there. What’s       themselves from hobbies, social
gather and spend quality time with             typical: Getting confused about the day      activities, work projects or sports. They
loved ones. It is also a time that can raise   of the week but figuring it out later.       may also avoid being social because
questions about the cognitive health of                                                     of the changes they have experienced.
aging family members. With Alzheimer’s         5 Trouble understanding visual               What’s typical: Sometimes feeling
disease in particular, it is important to      images and spatial relationships.            weary of work, family and social
know what it is and what it is not normal      For some people, having vision               obligations.
aging. Below is a list of warning signs        problems is a sign of Alzheimer’s. They
along with examples of normal aging.           may have difficulty reading, judging         q0 Changes in mood and person-
If you notice any of the warning signs         distance and determining color or            ality. The mood and personalities of
in your aging family members, it is            contrast. What’s typical: Vision changes     people with Alzheimer’s can change.
recommended that you see a doctor.             related to cataracts.                        They can become confused, suspicious,
                                                                                            depressed, fearful or anxious. What’s
Alzheimer’s Association 10                     6 New problems with words in                 typical: Developing very specific ways
                                               speaking or writing. People with             of doing things and becoming irritable
Warning signs of Alzheimer’s                   Alzheimer’s may have trouble following       when a routine is disrupted.
1 Memory loss that disrupts                    or joining a conversation. They may
daily life. One of the most common             stop in the middle of a conversation and        Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
signs of Alzheimer’s is memory loss,           have no idea how to continue or they         or other dementias is an important step
especially forgetting recently learned         may repeat themselves. What’s typical:       in getting appropriate treatment, care
information. What’s typical: Sometimes         Sometimes having trouble finding the         and support service. Additional benefits
forgetting names or appointments, but          right word.                                  to early diagnosis are as follows:
remembering them later.                        7 Misplacing things and losing Benefits of an early diagnosis of
2 Challenges in planning or the ability to retrace steps.                              A    Alzheimer’s disease
solving problems.         Some people          person with Alzheimer’s disease may
                                               put things in unusual places. Sometimes,     • Benefit from treatments that may
may experience changes in their                                                               improve symptoms and help maintain
ability to develop and follow a plan or        they may accuse others of stealing. This
                                               may occur more frequently over time.           a level of independence longer
work with numbers. They may have                                                            • Participate in decisions about their
trouble following a familiar recipe or         What’s typical: Misplacing things from
                                               time to time, such as a pair of glasses or     care, transportation, living options,
keeping track of monthly bills. What’s                                                        financial and legal matters
typical: Making occasional errors when         the remote control.
                                                                                            • Benefit from care and support services,
balancing a checkbook.                         8 Decreased or poor judgment.                  making it easier for them and their
3 Difficulty completing famil-                 People with Alzheimer’s may experience         family to manage the disease
iar tasks at home, at work or at               changes in judgment or decision-
leisure. People with Alzheimer’s often         making. For example, they may use poor       For more information, please contact our
find it hard to complete daily tasks.          judgment when dealing with money,            24/7 helpline at 1-800-272-3900 or visit
What’s typical: Occasionally needing           giving large amounts to telemarketers.       our website at www.alz.org/newmexico.
help to use the settings on a microwave        They may pay less attention to grooming
or to record a television show.                or keeping themselves clean. What’s
                                               typical: Making a bad decision once in
4 Confusion with time or place.                a while.
People with Alzheimer’s can lose track
of dates, seasons and the passage of           9 Withdrawal from work or
time. Sometimes they may forget where          social activities. A person with
                                               Alzheimer’s may start to remove

                OUR            G R E AT E S T C O M F O RT                                  IS IN

                             H E L P I N G O U R P AT I E N T S F I N d T H E I R S .

AMB266_AlzheimersAdvertorial(ds1Abh).indd 1                                                             12/7/11 2:00 PM

    Where Family Centered Care                                “Alzheimer’s Care with
   is the H.E.A.R.T. of all we do.                           Dignity and Compassion”
                                              E ducation         S
                                                                • ecure,SafeResidentialHomesLocated
                                              A wareness         inAlbuquerqueandRioRancho
                                              R esources
                                              T raining          A
                                                                • ssistancewithMedicationsand
                                                                 Personal Care
                          “Mom loved all the simple              C
                                                                • arePlansdesignedtoaddressspecific
  pleasure of life — especially spending time with her           resident needs
  family, After Mom’s dementia diagnosis, Hospice de            •RNonStaff
  la Luz joined our family to take care of Mom. It was          •StaffRatio1:5
  the care of Mom, not the disease that brought so              •PlannedDailyActivities
  much relief. By taking the time to learn who she was,
  they encouraged Mom to live to her last day with the
  same dignity that she lived her life. Hospice provided
  the comfort we needed for Mom and for our family. I
  know that Mom wouldn’t have had it any other way!”

  — Sandy O’Brien

hospicedelaluz.com • (505) 217-2490                              havencarenm.com •     (505) 275-2275


                 Alzheimer’s Association’s Clinical Trials Matching Service
What is Alzheimer’s Association             Where does Alzheimer’s Association          rates for other major diseases — HIV,
TrialMatch™?                                TrialMatch™ get its listings? How is it     stroke, heart disease, prostate cancer,
    Alzheimer’s Association                 kept up to date?                            breast cancer — declined while deaths
TrialMatch is a first-of-its-kind,              Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch      from Alzheimer’s have risen 66 percent
free, confidential interactive tool         listings come from publicly available       during the same period. Alzheimer’s
that provides comprehensive                 sources, such as clincaltrials.gov,         disease is reaching epidemic
clinical trial information and an           though all the studies listed there are     proportions, and there are inadequate
individualized trial matching service       being contacted to get updates on           levels of volunteers for clinical trials.
for people with Alzheimer’s disease         recruiting status and local sites. In       This is significantly impeding critical
and related dementias. Alzheimer’s          addition, direct outreach is being made     research and the development of
AssociationTrialMatch operates              to a variety of research facilities and     new treatments. More than 130
through the Internet (www.alz.              trial sites across the country to include   Alzheimer’s clinical trials are now
org/TrialMatch), and through the            their Alzheimer’s/dementia studies in       recruiting participants at 545 trial sites
Alzheimer’s Association toll-free           the database. In order to be included       nationwide. Recruiting and retaining
phone number (800-272-3900). This           in Alzheimer’s AssociationTrialMatch,       participants for clinical studies is one
powerful tool is also available to          trial sites must submit proof of their      of the greatest obstacles to developing
caregivers, physicians, researchers and     approval by an institutional review         the next generation of Alzheimer’s
people interested in becoming “healthy      board (IRB). This is a committee            treatments.
volunteers.”                                that approves, monitors, and reviews            There is ground-breaking research
                                            research involving humans to protect        going on right now that could have
What has Alzheimer’s Association            the rights and welfare of the research      a measurable beneficial impact
TrialMatch™ accomplished so far?            subjects.Then the trials go through         on the lives of current and future
   Since the clinical trial matching        additional vetting by the Alzheimer’s       Alzheimer’s patients, such as through
service launched in July 2010,              Association prior to being listed           the development of new therapies and
more than 13,000 individuals have           to ensure that listings only include        prevention strategies. The Alzheimer’s
registered with Alzheimer’s Association     credible trials and investigators.          Association is looking to physicians
TrialMatch, and more than 3,000                 The technology and platform for         to play a leadership role in referring
have been matched to a clinical trial       Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch is       their patients to clinical trials in
based on their diagnosis, preferences       provided by EmergingMed.                    Alzheimer’s and dementia. Alzheimer’s
and location. Currently, Alzheimer’s                                                    AssociationTrialMatch is the vehicle for
AssociationTrialMatch lists more than       Who can use Alzheimer’s Association         people with dementia, their healthcare
130 Alzheimer’s clinical studies that are   TrialMatch™?                                professionals and caregivers to gain
recruiting participants at 545 trial site       Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch      access and take part in research studies
locations nationwide.                       is for people with Alzheimer’s,             quickly and easily.
                                            their caregivers and healthcare
What types of trials are included in        professionals to explore and identify       How do I use Alzheimer’s Association
Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch™?        clinical trials based on individualized     TrialMatch™?
   Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch       criteria. Healthy volunteers and               For a complete list of step by step
contains institutional review board         researchers may also use Alzheimer’s        instructions, visit online at www.alz.
(IRB)-approved Alzheimer’s, mild            AssociationTrialMatch.                      org/TrialMatch or by calling the our
cognitive impairment (MCI) and other                                                    24/7 helpline, 1-800-272-3900.
dementia trials currently taking place      Why is Alzheimer’s Association
throughout the United States.               TrialMatch™ important?
                                                Alzheimer’s disease is the only top
                                            10 cause of death in the U.S. without a
                                            method to prevent, cure or even slow
                                            its progression. From 2000-2008, death

                                                              • 3 full time medical
                                                                directors on staff                       Thank You to Our Bronze sponsor
                                                              • In-Patient Unit available
                                                                at Lovelace Medical Center
                                    Our team of                 Downtown, Albuquerque
                                  compassionate               • Comfort provided 24
                                   professionals                hours a day/
                                                                7 days a week
                                    hospice care
                                   wherever you                (505) 821-5404
                                   need it to be...
                                   wherever you
                                 or your loved one
                                     calls home.
                                                                  www.vistacare.com                   thecottagesmcc.com • (505) 291-0113

                                                            We Provide a Variety of Expert Services
                                                            Accepting Private pay, Medicare, Medicaid, CoLTS C Waiver, HMO’s and Long Term Care Insurance
                                                          • Registered Nurses (RN’s)                           • Case Management
                                                          Comprehensive assessments, medication                Coordinating medical, financial and housing needs
                                                          management, wound care, IV’s                         • Home Making Services
                                        • Physical and Occupational                                            Whether it’s 3 hours or live-in, we can provide
                                                                                                               assistance with grooming and bathing, light housekeeping,
1-877-884-4080                          Therapists (PT’s/OT’s)
                                        Specializing in improving walking/
                                                                                                               prescrption pick up, mobility assistance, companionship,
                                                                                                               bowel and bladder services meal preparation..
   Light Housekeeping • Meal Preparations • Bath Services • Prescription Pick-Up • Mobility Assistance • Bowel and Bladder Services •
         Companionship • Dieticians • Speech Therapists • Medical Social Work • HomeHealth Aids • Wound Care Ostomy Nurse

Albuquerque Home Office:                              505-884-4080                                                Gallup Office: 505-722-7522

        • Do you need home care services?
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          vacuuming, laundry, meal preparation,
          and/or cleaning your home?
        • Do you need assistance grocery
          shopping or getting to the doctor?
        • Do you only need an hour of
          assistance a week and do not want to
          pay for four?

  If you answered yes to any of these questions,
  please contact Addus HealthCare. We can help.
  Addus HealthCare provides non-medical in-home
  care with no minimum hours required.

Addus HealthCare provides services to Veterans, Surviving Spouses of Veterans,
Personal Care Option (PCO) recipients on the CoLTS C-Waiver (formerly the Disabled &
Elderly (D&E) Waiver) program, Long Term Care Insurance recipients, Private Pay clients
and more. Please call for more information.

          Addus HealthCare        505-792-8230
    4004 Carlisle NE, Suite G, Albuquerque, NM 87107

                                                        Chris’s Corner

     Dear Chris,
     My 71 year old dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
     disease for six years. Last week he terrified my wife and me
     when he disappeared for eight hours. It turns out; he had gone
     to the store and couldn’t remember where he was when he
     came out. After hours of wandering around the strip mall, an
     employee noticed that something was not right, and asked my
     dad if everything was okay. It was obvious to the worker that
     my dad was very confused so she notified the police. Luckily,
     the responding officer was familiar with issues of dementia and
     did a great job of calming my dad down. He was able to get my
     dad to show him an I.D. and from there, track us down to come
     get him. We can’t stop imagining how badly this could have
     turned out if not for the Good Samaritan store worker and the
     knowledgeable police officer. What can we do to make sure this
     doesn’t happen again?
                                                  - Relieved but worried son

Dear Relieved but worried,                   • Wants to fulfill former obligations,       he can participate in daily. Structure
                                               like going to work                         them to fit his skill level and remaining
First, I’m glad that your dad was            • Wants to “go home” even though they        strengths. Monitor his reactions
returned safely to you. Wandering              are home                                   to any medications and notify the
behavior is one of the most frightening                                                   doctor if you observe troublesome
and difficult behaviors that caregivers      • Has problems finding familiar              patterns. Avoid busy and chaotic
have to deal with. Unfortunately,              location such as the bathroom              places like shopping malls, which can
it’s also one of the most common             • Constantly checks the whereabouts of       increase his sense of confusion, and
behaviors as well. Six in 10 people            caregivers                                 never leave him unsupervised in a
with Alzheimer’s will wander at some         • Feels lost in a new or changed             new place. Control access to car keys
point. If not found within 24 hours,           environment                                (remember, wandering can occur in
almost half of that 60 percent will suffer                                                many ways). If your loved one is exit
                                                75 percent of people who wander           seeking, As a caregiver you may need
serious injury or death. Wandering can       will repeat the behavior, so we already
occur on foot as well as by car or other                                                  to employ unique ways to redirect
                                             know that your father is at increased        and/or distract. Some people get
means of transportation.                     risk. Let’s talk about some strategies to    really creative by disguising doors
To prepare for and prevent wandering,        minimize some of that risk.                  with curtains or by painting them the
caregivers must consider the following:         Having your dad move around and           same color as the wall. Others hide
                                             exercise regularly can reduce anxiety        the doorknobs with towels or use dark
Who is at risk? Anyone who:                  and restlessness. Make sure all of his       mats in front of doorways (the mat
                                             basic needs, such as nutrition, toileting,   can appear to be a hole in front of the
• Returns from walks or drives later         and hydration are being met. Find
  than usual                                                                              door which discourages the person
                                             meaningful activities and tasks that         from approaching it). It’s always okay

to use other monitoring devices such         them as memory impaired. The                       or, “Helen’s Law”. This law expands
as motion detectors and alarms which         jewelry is engraved with a toll free               the Missing Persons Information
can be purchased at any hardware             number and a pin number that allows                Act to include those diagnosed with
store. The bottom line is: stay flexible     first responders to quickly reunite                Alzheimer’s disease or dementia as a
and don’t be afraid to try new things.       the individual with their loved ones.              person in imminent danger of harm.
    The next thing to consider is            Jewelry identifying caregivers is also             This requires law enforcement to
planning ahead. Ask neighbors and            available.                                         immediately notify the Department of
friends to call if they see your dad       • comfort zone utilizes GPS technology               Public Safety, which will issue an alert
alone or dressed inappropriately.            that allows family members to track                to the public through media sources,
Keep a list of places your dad might         their loved ones from a secured                    similar to an “Amber Alert”. Anyone
wander to, like past work locations,         website and receive alerts if the                  caring for a loved one with dementia
former homes etc. Is your dad right          person leaves a predetermined                      should be aware of this law.
or left handed? Wanderers tend to            perimeter.
follow the direction of their dominant                                                          *Project Lifesaver is not available in all
hand. Know your neighborhood and           • Project lifesaver* utilizes radio                  areas. Please Contact the Alzheimer’s
familiarize yourself with potentially        tracking technology. Registered                    Association for a list of member agencies
dangerous areas like bodies of water,        participants wear a bracelet that                  in New Mexico.
wooded areas etc. The Alzheimer’s            transmits a specific frequency kept
Association has programs specifically        on file by local law enforcement.                  Helpline Q & A information
designed to address the risks that           When the participant is reported                   contributed by Chris McCaffrey,
wanderers face. I encourage you to           missing, officers respond with                     Greater Albuquerque Regional Manager
explore which one(s) might be best           receiving equipment that allows
suited for your father’s needs.              them to quickly find the person
                                             wearing the bracelet.
• Medicalert/safereturn is a 24 hour
  nationwide emergency response            One final word: effective July
  service providing individuals with an    1st, 2007 the New Mexico State
  ID bracelet or pendant that identifies   legislature passed Senate Bill 912,

            “Peace of Mind”
     FootPrints Home Care exists to be a blessing to
     families facing health care crisis and issues. Our
     team intends to add value to every life we come
     into contact with on a daily basis. We employ
     Care Givers with a Servant Heart, who also have
     serving Clients with issues in activities of daily
              safety•toileting•dressing                          You can be a daughter
     hygiene/bathing/showering•mobility/transfers                 again.
            general health and companionship
                                                                     Let us help.
     Call 505-828-3918 to set up a FREE in-home
     assessment of your loved one’s needs!
                                                                                                                               Call for a free,
                                                                      Whether you are looking for someone to help
                                                                      an aging parent a few hours a week or need
                                                                     more comprehensive assistance, Home Instead               appointment:
                                                                                Senior Care can help.                              884-0353


                                                                                                                               Each Home Instead Senior Care ®
                                                                                                                    franchise office is independently owned and operated.
                                                                                                                                 © 2009 Home Instead, Inc.

Upcoming Events

 Alzheimer’s Association New Mexico 2012 Events

     Alzheimer’s Day at the legislature - Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
     Santa Fe Capitol
     Annual Dancing stars Gala - Saturday, April 14th, 2012
     Hotel Albuquerque
     Alzheimer’s Association New Mexico chapter Professional conference
     Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 ~ La Fonda Hotel-Santa Fe
     Walk to End Alzheimer’s
       Farmington and Las Cruces - Saturday, September 8th, 2012
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     UnfOREgettable Golf classic - Monday, October 8th, 2012
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     family caregiver conference - Saturday, November 3rd, 2012
     Sandia Resort and Casino-Albuquerque

     for information on participating in any (or all!) of these activities, please call us at 505-266-4473

                T H E A L Z H E I M E R ’ S A S S O C I AT I O N              Please join us for Alzheimer’s
                                                                                 Day at the legislature,
                              PRESENTS      THE

               2nd Annual
                                                                                       Tuesday, February 14, 2012

                             at Hotel Albuquerque

                                 S AV E   THE   D AT E
                                April 14, 2012

                                                                                 Above: Theresa Burch as Lizzie at the Roundhouse with
                                                                               Lisa Vigil, a teacher and caregiver for a family member with
                                                                              Alzheimer’s. Lisa spoke in the Rotunda about the importance
                                                                              of government support for Alzheimer’s research and the needs
                                                         NEW MEXICO CHAPTER          of people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

                                                Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Why I Walk…
“I have participated in the walk for the last 13 years. The walk is more than an event, it’s more
than a fundraiser and it’s more than a social gathering; so much more. It is a time set aside for
remembrance, for grief and for hope. I remember those who have lost the battle with Alzheimer’s
and those who are in the midst of it. I grieve for the losses that families and loved ones have
suffered. And I hope for a better future, one that holds answers to a cure. I walk in honor of my
grandmother and of the literal hundreds of individuals I have worked with professionally. I walk as
an example to my daughters. And I walk to someday end Alzheimer’s.”
                               - Mary Galvez MA, CMC, NCG
                                 Alzheimer’s Association New Mexico Chapter Board Member
                                 Guardianship and Care Management Services
                                 Albuquerque, NM

“As the director of an Alzheimer’s Program, I see the devastation of this disease every day. I watch
families and friends grieve a little every time their loved one doesn’t remember something that
was once so important. A name, a birthday, an event, or even time that was spent together just
yesterday. I walk because IT MATTERS, THEY MATTER, and I CAN’T make a cure, I CAN’T make a
prevention, but I CAN Educate, I CAN talk about it, and I CAN WALK!”
                                - Bonnie Zeiler, LPN
                                  Las Cruces Walk Committee Member
                                  Village at Northrise~Director of Alzheimer’s Services
                                  Las Cruces, NM

“Why do I participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s? I do it to honor my father Jose Campos Varela,
who was my hero. I participate to bring awareness to a disease that is difficult to accept especially
in the Latin culture. I want to bring attention that we are not alone in our quest to find a cure. I
participate to be visible to others who may be struggling with Alzheimer’s in a family member. I want
to make myself available to others who may need a shoulder to lean on. My hero was always there
for me when I struggled; he was there when I needed a strong shoulder to lean on.”
                                  - Hipólitalisia Varela de Gutierrez
                                    Team Grampo Joe
                                    Dexter, NM

“The Alzheimer’s walk was a great experience and a wonderful way to create awareness and unite
the community.”
                              - Dr. Nery Diaz
                                Resident Psychiatrist
                                UNM School of Medicine
                                Albuquerque, NM

“I walk for the friend I’ve lost and for my friend who just begun their long goodbye”
                                  - Jane Gunter
                                    2011 Corporate Walk Chair-Los Alamos Walk
                                    Los Alamos, NM

     The Woodmark at Uptown Encourages Activity and Independence
         The Woodmark at Uptown is ideally located in          hour away, and nearby Interstates 25 and 40 make it
     Albuquerque’s Uptown neighborhood, with fantastic         convenient and easy to go anywhere. The Woodmark is
                                           sunsets and         adjacent to new shopping malls, and close to banks,
                                           awesome views of    medical centers, movie theaters and numerous popular
                                           the scenic Sandia   restaurants.
                                           and Manzano              Within The Woodmark at Uptown, we provide
                                           Mountains. There    Assisted Living, and Independent suites. In addition,
                                           is plenty to see    The Woodmark Memory Care S.P.A. consists of 36 suites
                                           and do within       for individuals with dementia and care needs. We are
                                           an easy drive       committed to providing services in a manner that
                                           to Old Town,        dignifies our residents and encourages activity and
                                           Albuquerque’s       independence.
     Biological Park and Botanical Garden, the Rio Grande
     Zoo, and the University of New Mexico’s Popejoy Hall
     featuring classical music and many cultural events.
     A sight to see for residents of the Woodmark is what
     Albuquerque is known for, its annual International
     Balloon Festival with over 700 spectacular hot air
     balloons in the sky at a time. Santa Fe is just an

               For more information or to schedule a tour: (505) 881-0120 • www.seniorlifestyle.com

                      Home Health, Hospice & Personal Care Services
                                             Physical Therapy
                                              Speech Therapy
                                          Bereavement Counselor

                               www.heritagehomehealthcare.com • (505) 232-3311

                                                                NEUROSCIENCE, INC.
                                                                       Clinical Research Center
                                                                IMPROVING LIVES THROUGH
                                                                   CLINICAL RESEARCH
Proud to be a sponsor of
                                                                           Bipolar Disorder
                                                                         Alzheimer’s Disease
                                                                         Psychiatric Disorders
              cardinal.com • (505) 830-9071
                                                                CALL TODAY at 505-848-3773

                                                                        Her doctor says she needs
                                                                         around-the-clock care . . . . . . . . . . .
       We Specialize in a Coordinated Approach to Care

  • Personal Care Assistance    • Transportation/Accompanying     “Devoted to Caring for New Mexico’s Elderly
  • Housekeeping and Meal         to Appointments                           In Your Home or Ours”
    Preparation                 • Available 3 hour shifts up
  • Shopping and Errands          to 24 hours
                                                                         Las Cruces ● Albuquerque
      No Charge for Initial                                                          Assisted Living
                                                                                 Non-Medical Home Care
  Assesment and Consultation                                                        Adult Day Care
                                                                                      Respite Care                  Preferred
       Locally Owned and Operated                                          Alzheimer’s—Dementia—End of Life Care
                                                                                                                    Assisted Living & Home Care Inc.

          505-938-4652                                                       2919 Spitz St., Las Cruces, NM 88005
www.eldercaresolutionsnm.com                                                  888-884-3830 www.apalinc.com

Education Calendar

calendar Key:                        Basics of Alzheimer’s disease         Day at the Legislature ~ santa fe       Veterans Savvy Caregiver Class
                                     Albuquerque                           Feb 14 ~ 8am-noon                       farmington
Savvy Caregiver                      Jan 18 ~ 12pm - 1pm                   The Roundhouse                          Mar 5-19, Mondays ~ 12pm - 4pm
Veteran Savvy Caregiver              Alzheimer’s Association Office        Paseo de Peralta & Old Santa Fe Trail   Bonnie Dallas Senior Center
Know the 10 Signs                    9500 Montgomery Ave. Suite 121        Santa Fe NM                             109 East La Plata Street
                                     Albuquerque NM                        For information call: 505-266-4473      Farmington NM
Coffee Talk                          For information call: 505-266-4473                                            For information call: 505-326-3680
Alzheimer’s Education                                                      Veterans Savvy Caregiver Class
                                     Basics of Alzheimer’s disease         Jemez Pueblo                            Veterans Savvy Caregiver Class
Community Events                     silver city                           Feb 15-29, Weds. ~ 12pm - 4pm           Alamogordo
                                     Jan 20 ~ 10:30am - 11:30am            Jemez Senior Center                     Mar 7-21, Weds. ~ 12pm - 4pm
                                     Silver City Senior Center             110 Sheep Springs Circle                Alamogordo Senior Center
JANUARY 2012                         202 Victoria Street, Silver City NM   Jemez Pueblo                            2201 Puerto Rico Ave.
Savvy Caregiver Class ~ Tularosa     For information call: 575-647-3868    For information call: 505-266-4473      Alamogordo NM
Jan 3-Feb 7, Tuesdays ~ 5pm - 7pm                                                                                  For information call: 575-647-3868
                                     Basics of Alzheimer’s disease         Guardianship and Power of Attorney
Tularosa Senior Program
                                     socorro                               las cruces                              Know the 10 Signs ~ Hagerman
35 Radio Rd., Tularosa NM
                                     Jan 23 ~ 12pm - 1pm                   Presenter : Melissa J. Reeves, P.C.     Mar 7 ~ 9am - 10am
For information call: 575-647-3868
                                     For information call: 505-266-4473    Feb 15 ~ 12pm - 1pm                     Hagerman Joy Center
Know the Ten Signs ~ carlsbad                                              Alzheimer’s Association Office          505 E Argyle, Hagerman NM
                                     Know the Ten Signs & The Basics
Jan 5 ~ 10am - 12pm                                                        Las Cruces                              For information call: 575-624-1552
                                     las Vegas
Comfort Keepers                                                            For information call: 575-647-3868
                                     Jan 24 ~ 12pm - 1pm                                                           Know the 10 Signs ~ Roswell
206 W. McKay, Carlsbad NM
                                     Luna Community College                Caregiver Self Care ~ Albuquerque       Mar 8 ~ 9am - 10am
For information call: 575-624-1552
                                     366 Luna Drive, Las Vegas NM          Feb 15 ~ 12pm - 1pm                     Roswell Joy Center
Veterans Savvy Caregiver Class       For information call: 505-473-1297    Alzheimer’s Association Office          1822 N Montana Ave, Roswell NM
las cruces                                                                 9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121         For information call: 575-624-1552
                                     Eyewitness News 4 Health Fair
Jan 9-23, Mondays ~ 11am - 3am                                             Albuquerque NM
                                     Albuquerque                                                                   Veterans Savvy Caregiver Class
Alzheimer’s Office ~ Las Cruces                                            For information call: 505-266-4473
                                     Jan 28-29 ~ 9am - 5pm                                                         Albuquerque
For information call: 575-647-3868
                                     Expo New Mexico                       Basics of Alzheimer’s disease           Mar 12-26, Mondays ~ 12pm - 4pm
Savvy Caregiver Class                300 San Pedro NE                      farmington                              Alzheimer’s Association Office
Albuquerque                          Albuquerque NM                        Feb 15 ~ 12pm - 1pm                     9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121
Jan 10-Feb 21, Tuesdays              For information call: 505-266-4473    For information call: 505-326-3680      Albuquerque NM
5:30pm - 7:30pm                                                                                                    For information call: 505-266-4473
                                                                           Basics of Alzheimer’s disease
Alzheimer’s Association Office       fEBRUARY 2012                         los Alamos                              Savvy Caregiver Class
9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121
                                     Basics of Alzheimer’s disease         Feb 17~ 12:30pm - 1:30pm                Albuquerque
Albuquerque NM
                                     Artesia                               Betty Ehart Center Senior Center        Mar 13-Apr 24, Tuesdays
For information call: 505-266-4473
                                     Feb 2 ~ 10am - 11am                   1101 Bathtub Row, Los Alamos NM         5:30pm - 7:30pm
Savvy Caregiver Class                Comfort Keepers                       For information call: 505-473-1297      Alzheimer’s Association Office
Albuquerque                          502 W Texas Ave., Suite C                                                     9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121
                                                                           Basics of Alzheimer’s disease
Jan 12-Feb 23, Tuesdays              Artesia NM                                                                    Albuquerque NM
                                                                           Truth or consequences
10am - 12pm                          For information call: 575-624-1552                                            For information call: 505-266-4473
                                                                           Feb 21~ 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Alzheimer’s Association Office
                                     Veterans Savvy Caregiver Class        Arrey Site Senior Center                Aging Safely in the Home ~ Hobbs
9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121
                                     clovis                                360 W. Fourth St.                       Mar 14 ~ 2pm - 3pm
Albuquerque NM
                                     Feb 6-20, Mondays ~ 11am-3pm          Truth or Consequences NM                Senior Circle
For information call: 505-266-4473
                                     La Casa Senior Center                 For information call: 575-647-3868      5419 N. Lovington Hwy.
Know the Ten Signs ~ Roswell         1120 Cameo Street, Clovis NM                                                  Hobbs NM
                                                                           Basics of Alzheimer’s disease
Jan 12 ~ 9am - 10am                  For information call: 575-624-1552                                            For information call: 575-624-1552
                                                                           los lunas/Belen
Roswell Adult and Senior Center
                                     Coffee Talk ~ santa fe                Feb 24 ~ 12pm - 1pm                     Savvy Caregiver Class
Room #29
                                     Communications and Behaviors          For information call: 505-266-4473      Albuquerque
807 N Missouri, Roswell NM
                                     Feb 8 ~ 10am - 11am                                                           Mar 15-Apr 26, Thursdays
For information call: 575-624-1552                                         Volunteer Orientation ~ santa fe
                                     For Information call: 505-473-1297                                            10am - 12pm
                                                                           Feb 29 ~ 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Coffee Talk ~ santa fe                                                                                             Alzheimer’s Association Office
                                     Basic of Alzheimer’s disease          Santa Fe Community Foundation
Basics of Alzheimer’s disease                                                                                      9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121
                                     Roswell                               501 Halona Street, Santa Fe NM
Jan 18 ~ 10am - 11am                                                                                               Albuquerque NM
                                     Roswell Adult and Senior Center       For information call: 505-473-1297
For Information call: 505-473-1297                                                                                 For information call: 505-266-4473
                                     807 N Missouri, Room #29
Basics of Alzheimer’s disease        Roswell, NM                           MARcH 2012                              Coffee Talk ~ santa fe
las cruces                           For information call: 575-624-1552                                            Aging Safely in the Home
                                                                           Savvy Caregiver Class ~ santa fe
Jan 18 ~ 12pm - 1pm                                                                                                Mar 21 ~ 10am - 11am
                                                                           Mar 2-Apr 13, Fridays
Alzheimer’s Office ~ Las Cruces                                                                                    For Information call: 505-473-1297
                                                                           10am - 12pm
For information call: 575-647-3868
                                                                           For information call: 505-473-1297

                                                                                                        Education Calendar

The Basics of Alzheimer’s disease     Aging at Home Safely ~ clovis         Savvy Caregiver Class                JUNE 2012
las cruces ~ (Spanish)                Apr 17 ~ 10am - 11am                  Albuquerque
Mar 21 ~ 12pm - 1pm                   Baxter-Curren Senior Center           May 15-Jun 26, Tuesdays              Veterans Savvy Caregiver Class
Alzheimer’s Office ~ Las Cruces       908 Hickory St., Clovis NM            5:30pm - 7:30pm                      Albuquerque
For information call: 575-647-3868    For information call: 575-624-1552    Alzheimer’s Association Office       Jun 4-18, Mondays ~ 12pm - 4pm
                                                                            9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121      Alzheimer’s Association Office
Behavior and Communication            Coffee Talk ~ santa fe                                                     9500 Montgomery Ave. Suite 121
                                                                            Albuquerque NM
Albuquerque                           Moving a Loved One with Memory                                             Albuquerque NM,
                                                                            For information call: 505-266-4473
Mar 21 ~ 12pm - 1pm                   Loss: Choices and Challenges                                               For information call: 505-266-4473
Alzheimer’s Association Office        Presenter: Mary Yamada from Los       Coffee Talk ~ santa fe
9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121       Alamos Retirement Community           Navigating Legal Issues and          Veterans Savvy Caregiver Class
Albuquerque NM                        Apr 18 ~ 10am - 11am                  Alzheimer’s disease                  Gallup
For information call: 505-266-4473    For Information call: 505-473-1297    May 16 ~ 10am - 11am                 Jun 5-19, Tuesdays ~ 12pm - 4pm
                                                                            For Information call: 505-473-1297   For information call: 505-326-3680
Caregiver Self Care ~ farmington      Living with Alzheimer’s-Early stage
Mar 21 ~ 12pm - 1pm                   las cruces                            Living with Alzheimer’s- Middle      Caregiver Self Care ~ lovington
For information call: 505-326-3680    Apr 18 ~ 12pm - 1pm                   stages ~ las cruces                  Jun 7 ~ 10am - 11pm
                                      Alzheimer’s Office~ Las Cruces        May 16 ~ 12pm - 1pm                  For information call: 575-624-1552
Family Caregiver Conference
                                      For information call: 575-647-3868    Alzheimer’s Office ~ Las Cruces      Northern New Mexico Family
                                                                            For information call: 575-647-3868   Caregiver Conference ~ Espanola
Mar 22 ~ 8am - 12pm                   Alzheimer’s Education
For Information call: 505-473-1297    Albuquerque                           Alzheimer’s Education                For Information call: 505-473-1297
                                      Apr 18 ~ 12pm - 1pm                   Albuquerque                          Savvy Caregiver Class
Basics of Alzheimer’s disease
                                      Alzheimer’s Association Office        May 16 ~ 12pm - 1pm                  los Alamos
East Mountains
                                      9500 Montgomery Ave. Suite 121        Alzheimer’s Association Office       Jun 15-Jul 27, Fridays
Mar 26 ~ 12pm - 1pm
                                      Albuquerque NM,                       9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121      10am - 12pm
For information call: 505-266-4473
                                      For information call: 505-266-4473    Albuquerque NM                       Aspen Ridge Lodge
Volunteer Orientation                                                       For information call: 505-266-4473   1010 Sombrilla Ct., Los Alamos NM
                                      Early Detection Matters
Albuquerque                                                                                                      For Information call: 505-473-1297
                                      farmington                            Aging Safely in the Home
Mar 31 ~ 10am - 12pm
                                      Apr 18 ~ 12pm - 1pm                   farmington                           The Basics of Alzheimer’s disease
Alzheimer’s Association Office
                                      For information call: 505-326-3680    May 16 ~ 12pm - 1pm                  Gallup
9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121
                                                                            For information call: 505-326-3680   June 19 ~ 10am - 11am
Albuquerque NM                        Early Detection Matters ~ shiprock
For information call: 505-266-4473    Apr 20 ~ 10am - 11am                  Savvy Caregiver Class                For information call: 505-326-3680
                                      For information call: 505-326-3680    Albuquerque                          Coffee Talk ~ santa fe
APRIl 2012                            Basics of Alzheimer’s disease
                                                                            May 17-Jun 28, Thursdays             Jun20 ~ 10am - 11am
                                                                            10am - 12pm                          Faith and Spirituality: For You and
Veterans Savvy Caregiver Class        Bernalillo
                                                                            Alzheimer’s Association Office       Your Loved One
santa fe                              Apr 23 ~ 12pm - 1pm
                                                                            9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121      For Information call: 505-473-1297
Apr 2-16, Mondays ~ 12pm - 4pm        For information call: 505-266-4473
                                                                            Albuquerque NM
For information call: 505-473-1297                                                                               Living with Alzheimer’s- Late stages
                                                                            For information call: 505-266-4473
Savvy Caregiver Class ~ silver city   MAY 2012                                                                   las cruces
                                                                            Basics of Alzheimer’s disease        Late Stages of Alzheimer’s disease
Apr 3-May 15, Tuesdays                Veterans Savvy Caregiver Class
                                                                            Jemez Pueblo                         Jun 20 ~ 12pm - 1pm
1pm - 3pm                             Taos
                                                                            May 21~ 12pm - 1pm                   Alzheimer’s Office ~ Las Cruces
Silver City Senior Center             May 1-15, Tuesdays ~ 12pm - 4pm
                                                                            For information call: 505-266-4473   For information call: 575-647-3868
205 Victoria St., Silver City NM      For information call: 505-473-1297
For information call: 575-647-3868                                          Basics of Alzheimer’s disease        Alzheimer’s Education
                                      Moving a Loved One with Memory
                                                                            Reserve                              Albuquerque
Savvy Caregiver Class ~ Roswell       Loss: Choices and Challenges
                                                                            May 23 ~ 10:30am - 11:30am           Jun 20 ~ 12pm - 1pm
Apr 4-May 9, Wednesdays               Ruidoso
                                                                            Reserve senior center                Alzheimer’s Association Office
For information call: 575-624-1552    May 2 ~ Thursday
                                                                            Ester Street, Reserve NM             9500 Montgomery Ave., Suite 121
Early Detection Matters ~ Taos        For information call: 575-624-1552
                                                                            For information call: 575-647-3868   Albuquerque NM
Apr 11 ~ 1pm - 2pm                    Professional Conference ~ santa fe                                         For information call: 505-266-4473
                                                                            Basics of Alzheimer’s disease
For Information call: 505-473-1297    May 3 ~ 8am - 4:30pm
                                                                            Quemado                              Communication and Behaviors
Aging at Home Safely ~ Roswell        La Fonda Hotel
                                                                            May 23 ~ 1:30pm - 2:30pm             farmington
Apr 12 ~ 9am - 10am                   100 E. San Francisco St.
                                                                            Quemado Senior Center                Jun 20 ~ 12pm - 1pm
Roswell Adult and Senior Center       Santa Fe NM
                                                                            Country Road A028 - 28 Lopez Rd.     For information call: 505-326-3680
807 N Missouri, Room #29              For Information call: 505-266-4473
                                                                            Quemado NM
Roswell, NM                           Behavior and Communication            For information call: 575-647-3868   Southern New Mexico Family
For information call: 575-624-1552    Roswell                                                                    Caregiver Conference ~ las cruces
                                                                            Basics of Alzheimer’s disease        For Information call: 575-647-3868
                                      May 10 ~ 9am -10am
Savvy Caregiver Class ~ farmington                                          Bloomfield
                                      Roswell Adult and Senior Center                                            The Basics of Alzheimer’s disease
April 16-May 21, Mondays                                                    May 24 ~ 10am - 11am
                                      807 N Missouri, Room #29                                                   laguna Pueblo
12pm - 4pm                                                                  For information call: 505-326-3680
                                      Roswell, NM                                                                Jun 25 ~ 12pm - 1pm
For information call: 505-326-3680
                                      For information call: 575-624-1552                                         For information call: 505-266-4473

In Memory of

[May 26, 2011 - December 1, 2011]
Rex Alcorn                          Trudy Herman Delker                     Arlene Stegman
   Bobbi Alcorn                        Herbert Delker                    Geraldine Morgan
Mary Alice Andrews                  Carol Ann Hoke                          Barbara Michels
   Anonymous                           James Collins                     Howard Mullens
Esther Ballschmidt                     Stephen Coons                        Mr. and Mrs. Sean Baker
   Mr. Dickens                         Betty Fischle                     Howard Neighbor
Frank Bonnet                        Henry Horak                             Barbara Michels
   Francis Bonnet                      Farmers National Company          Bryce Olsen
   Ardella Green                       Phyllis Holland                      Pat Farm
   Mr. and Mrs. James Hill             Steven P. Margulin CPA CFP        Alvina Parks
   Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Kreider     Jim Hulette                             Trail West Inc
   Barbara Michels                     Jon & Brenda Rogers               Phillip Peed
   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tricarico    Darlene Jelimehs                        Andrews, Smith, Lowery & CO., LLC
Lou Bright                             Myrna Wood                               Certified Public Accountants
   Sherri Ferguson                  Don Jelinek                             Cathryn Fannin
Joan Carson                            Ernestene Hallman                    Sigma Engineering Corp.
   Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Card       Alice Johnson                           Luke Thompson
George Carter                          Joan Johnson                         Wesleyan School
   Veronica Mitchem and             Margaret Jones                       Chan Phan
     Gail Overton                      J. Mueller                           Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.
Dolores Castleman                      Carol Swenson                     Jack Pinney
   Mr. Chapman                      June Ann Kimm                           Jeanne Toman
Milton & Anne Chernin                  Richard Lindholm                     H. R. Yungmeyer
   Donna Crank                         Lorna Rademacher                  Douglas Reed
Luis B. Crites                         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scanlon          Martha Anderson
   Marilyn Mikulic                     Millicent See                        Nicole Bellows
Jerry Dodrill                       Horst Kuehn                             Karin Cook
   Ommund Skaar                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harris          Edmundo Corona and Mary Ybarra
   Arlene Stegman                   Trudy Lueras                            Mr. and Mrs. Marc Dewall
Martin J. Donnelly                     Dale Olson                           Eleanor Gracey
   Michelle Blum                    Jose Martinez                           Donna Hicks
   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cole            Nancy Troutman                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles Macha
   Mr. and Mrs. James Massaway      Peggy Mason                             Heather Manley
   Henry Remm and Cynthia Griffin      Irene Victory                        Mr. and Mrs. Nick McCulloch
Joe Edwards                         Gladyce Marie Matthies                  Mr. and Mrs. Dianne Murray
   James Volin, CFP                    Marlys Bowers                        Jimmy Nunn
Alice Faulkner                      James Mertz                             Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Reed
   Gertrude Rockett                    Mr. and Mrs. Sharon Baird            Betty Rein
Hal Fietz                              Maureen Bartell                      S. Rister
   Priscilla Fine and Fred Maynes      Michael Clark and Susan Moffitt      Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ritchie
   M. Owen                             Mr. and Mrs. Marc Dewall             Arlene Stegman
Marilyn Foster                         Margaret Eck                         Phyllis Syrek
   Jane Young                          Mr. and Mrs. Rita Krapf              Billy Thetford
Betty Francisco                        Marilyn Leigh                     Delva Rhodes
   AARP Las Cruces Chapter 1230        Logan College of Chiropractic        Frances Boling
Johnette Franke                        Thomas Ward                       Andrew Roerick
   KB Ivey                          Rhea M. Miller                          Mr. & Mrs. Bartholomew
Ruth Hayes                             Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Dickinson      J. Beck
   Ardella Green                    Elinore Moloney                         Colleen Bickford

                                                                                    In Memory of

    Charlotte Burchett                  Jeff Paul                          Terry Miller
    Eva Cassady                         Ann Roerick                        K Moore
    CEI Enterprises, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith         Reba Savole
    Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Clark       Jack Shoberg                          Robert Utterback
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dickey         Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Chalem         W Woodrow
    Michelle Dieger                  Herb Simpson                       Irene Yates
    Allen Gelinas MD and                Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sallee          Wanda Frazier
       Theresa Gelinas               Suzann Southworth                     Margo Saikaly and Jack Toma
    Kenneth Glibert                     Katherine Walker

                                                                        In Honor Of...
    Ardella Green                    Richard John Tinnes
    Skip Gronhaug                       Hayden Long
    Mr. and Mrs. Curt Hamilton          Mr. and Mrs. David Woods
    Betty Marion                     Katalin Torma                      Gladys
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger Marion           General Dynamics                   Connie Snyder
    Claude McCausland                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Martin     George Carter
    Melody Pearce                    Theodore Trujillo                     Mr. and Mrs. Nadyne Bicknell
    Robert Potts                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Curzi       Barbara Michels
    Eugene Roerick                   Carl E. Tyner                         William Bode
    Mr. and Mrs. Dee Smith              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strother       Kenneth Bray
    TRICORE Reference Laboratories   Terry Charles Wallace, Sr.            Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Frame
    Lorrain Vrem                        N. Krikorian and K. Krikorian      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Potter
    Mr. and Mrs. Judy Weinkauf       Naomi Ward                            Mr. and Mrs. Roger Riggs
    Pat Wemette                         Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dennis           Snow Company, Inc.
F. Joel Roth                         Naomi Ward                         Ellie Sanchez
    Paul Schmidt                        Willora Bryant                     Martha Day
Esther Sandoval                         Mr. and Mrs. Norman Butts       Smitty & Jean Smith
    Kirtland Public Affairs Office      Jeanne Langenegger                 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Perry

                    Thank you for your continued support
           of the Alzheimer’s Association New Mexico Chapter.
           We honor and remember those that we’ve lost to the disease
                    and continue to fight for our vision…
                   A world without Alzheimer’s disease.

General Donations

Albert I Pierce Foundation           Comfort Keepers                          Heritage Hotels and Resorts
Alameda Greenhouse                   Companion Care                           Hilton of Santa Fe
Albon, Harry                         Compass Bank                             Hinkle Family Fun Center
Alert Medical Tags LLC               Condon, Doris and Thomas                 Holtman, Norma and Dirk
AlluraDerm MD Med Spa, Inc.          Coneybeer, Mary                          Hospice of New Mexico, LLC
Alonzo, Grace and Hans, Janet        Cortez, Roy and Norma                    Howes, Tami
Altrusa Club of Roswell              Cronick, James                           Howie’s Sports Page, Inc.
American Legion Post #69             Davis, Barbara                           Hull, Betty and Loren
Amish Connection                     Dennis, Carl and Maxine                  Hunter, Roy
Animas Credit Union                  Dimperio, Thomas and Rhonda              Ipach, Cynthia
Atsye, Thelma                        Diva D’Luxe                              Isleta Eagle Golf Club
Banks, Robert                        Doak, Kent and Elizabeth                 J&T Distributing Company, Inc.
Basin Coordinated Healthcare, Inc.   Doris Murphy DBA Usana Health Science,   Jeneski, Keith and Monique
Bell, Floyd and Carmen                 Independent Associate                  Jewish Family Service
Belville, Heidi                      Dye, Patricia                            Jinja Bar & Bistro
Benavidez, Mario                     Electa Chapter 13,                       Joe’s Diner and Pizza
Berg, Nancy                            Order of the Eastern Star              Johnson, William
Berghaus, Donna                      Elmore, Amy                              Judy’s Handmade Jewelry
Bergsohn, Harold                     Enchanted Sage                           Kalas, Richard
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          Thank You to Our statewide sponsor                               Thank You to Our Bronze sponsor

                   www.dexknows.com                                   www.decadesgroup.com • (505) 345-2211

     Living                            independently.

                That’s how he rolls.
       program, Amerigroup Community Care of New Mexico, Inc. can help you
       get the right care right in your own community. We help you coordinate:
         ■   Medical care and services          ■   Behavioral health services
         ■                                      ■   Social services
         ■   CoLTS “c” Waiver or Personal       ■
                                                ■   Vision services
         ■                                      ■   Dental services

      We also offer you the help you need for daily living so you can continue
       living at home. For more information, call 1-800-600-4441 today.

         New Mexico CoLTS program services are funded in part under contract with
                               the state of New Mexico.

             www.myamerigroup.com/nm                      1-800-600-4441

           The Retreat - Alzheimer’s Specialty Care
                                                           many symptoms that accompany Alzheimer’s disease
                                                           and other related dementias. The result is a unique
                                                           and special place that combines skilled professionals
                                                           with an environment that always feels warm, familiar
                                                           and welcoming. Our gentle, daily care is based on
                                                           anticipating physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
                                                           We partner with family members to develop individual
                                                           care programs that meet the unique concerns of
                                                           each person. The Retreat has an in-house medical
                                                           physician, geriatric psychiatrist, and a Ph.D. trained
                                                           educator all contributing to a genuinely loving care
                                                           team that believe in exceeding your expectations

W    e understand that living with dementia can
     beThank You to Our Bronzewhy this privately
        a difficult road - That’s sponsor
owned care facility was designed to be different!
                                                           everyday! From our extensive
                                                           outside gardens, our exceptional
                                                           staff ratios, to our warm living
The Retreat believes in honoring the total person -        rooms that smell of fresh bread
regardless of their disease. We care about who each        each morning, The Retreat is
resident has been, who they are today, and who they        strongly committed to serving
will grow to be tomorrow. The Retreat’s unique care        residents and families living
programs were specifically designed to care for the        with dementia.

         vistacare.com • (505) 821-5404
                                  www.retreatnm.com • (505) 891-1234

                                                                RBC Wealth Management Can
                                                                Help You Achieve Your Goals
                                                                  Be empowered to reach your life’s goals
                                                               through financial expertise and guidance. Our
                                                               experienced financial advisors can provide
                                                               answers, simplify your financial life and help you
                                                               make well-informed decisions.
                                                                  When it comes to helping manage your wealth,
                                                               our character counts. For decades, we’ve earned a
                                                               reputation for putting clients first.
                                                                  What kind of lifestyle do you envision for
                                                               yourself and your loved ones? Prepare today to
                                                               help fund the tomorrow you want.
    It’s not “like home”, It is home.                             Collaborate with an advisor for help investing
                                                               appropriately and assistance creating a
                                                               dependable income for the rest of your life.
                                                                  Identify how you wish to share your wisdom
                                                               and your wealth with the people and causes you
                                                               care about.

 Contact us today to schedule a free in-home assessment.
                                                                        rbcwm-usa.com • (505) 883-5311

                                                                                                       Non Profit Org.
                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders                                                                Permit No. 1893
Association, Inc NM Chapter                                                                            Albuquerque, NM
9500 Montgomery Boulevard NE, Suite 121
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Volunteer Spotlight

Our Top family fundraising team
at this year’s 2011 Walk to End
“Eleanor’s Angels” raised an
astounding $2,829.24!
Talk about creative “fun”draising…

                                                         these creative ladies sold handmade jewelry, held bake
                                                         sales, and asked EVERY person they could to help support
                                                         their efforts. Year after year, this family team not only helps
                                                         raise funds, but they volunteer as a family the day of the
                                                         Albuquerque walk to help raise awareness.
                                                             Two of “Eleanor’s Angels” talented and craft wise
                                                         members, Judy Marsh and Karen Shackleford, made this
                                                         beautiful quilt that hangs in our Albuquerque office to
                                                         memorialize our past walks shirts. We cannot thank them
                                                         enough for this amazing gift!
                                                             Because they have been personally affected by the
                                                         disease, the quilt was made in honor of their family
                                                         members that lost their battle to Alzheimer’s-Doris, Grace,
                                                         Lucille, John, Richard, Jan and Eleanor. Pictured above are
Pictured left to right, Judy Marsh, Kim O’Roark, Emily   Judy and Karen presenting their one of a kind gift to the
O’Roark, Lindsay O’Roark and Morgan O’Roark              Association...we appreciate all your hard work!

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