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                                               ACA dEMIC CERTIFICATE PRogRAM

                                               interpretation (SEI)
                                                “The only Spanish/English Interpretation (Legal/Court) certificate program in the Bay Area.”

                         SF State              This program is designed to develop the interpreting skills
        Extended Learning                      necessary for service in the courts, in state agencies, and in
                     in partnership            the medical evaluation system of workers compensation.
        with the University Center
               at Cañada College               AcAdemic certificAte ProgrAm
                  in redwood City               Introduction to interpreting
                                                Consecutive interpretation
     SF State Downtown Campus
     835 Market Street, 6th Floor               simultaneous interpretation
        (at Powell St. BART/Muni)
                                                sight translation | 415-817-4223
                                                advanced interpreting and oral examination prep Course
University Center at Cañada College
           4200 Farm hill Boulevard
                   redwood City, Ca
               “Para que la verdad no se pierda en la traducción”
        university/interpretation.html         “So the truth is not lost in translation”

                                                NOTE: Special Admission Waiver for Administrative Hearing Interpreters,
                                                Judicial Council approved for CIMCE credit

Quick Facts                                            a c a d e m i c c eR t i Fi c a t e PRogRam

Program Length                                         The Spanish/English Interpretation Certificate Program is designed to develop the inter-
The program is designed so participants can            preting skills necessary for performance as a Spanish/English interpreter in the courts,
complete requirements in 15 to 22 months.              in state agencies, and in the medical evaluation system of workers’ compensation. It is
                                                       specifically designed to prepare participants to pass the State of California Court Interpreter
Program Cost
                                                       Certification Exam. The program faculty are state-certified court interpreters.
The cost of the six required courses is approxi-
mately $3,600 plus a $50 application fee. Texts
                                                       the court interpreter
and optional courses are additional.
                                                       “The primary role of a state-certified court interpreter is to interpret for defendants or
Program Requirements                                   witnesses in superior courts (criminal, civil and juvenile proceedings), and for deposi-
• Passing score on Bilingual Entrance Exam             tions. Court assignments include arraignments, preliminary hearings and all aspects of
• Minimum of 56 academic semester units                trials through and including sentencing. Examples of duties include interpreting intense
  in any discipline (approximately two years           cross-examinations and complex jury instructions; statements by judges, attorneys and
  of college).
                                                       expert witnesses who frequently use legal and technical terminology; and language that
                                                       may seem graphic or offensive. Interpreters must precisely, accurately and completely
                                                       interpret for individuals with a high level of education and an expansive vocabulary as well
After you have been notified that you have
passed the Bilingual Entrance Exam, complete           as persons with very limited language skills while preserving the complete meaning of
and return an application for admission, with          the source language utterances. Interpreters are also responsible for sight translating
a copy of your exam results and a check for                                                                                                ”
                                                       written documents, often of a legal nature, from English into Spanish and vice versa.
the non-refundable application fee of $50.             -Judicial Council of California
Call (415) 817-4223 for an application.

                                                       career opportunities
Contact Information
SF State Downtown Campus                               Interpreter examinations are mandated for employment in courts and state agencies.
Baseemah Rahman                                        Once an interpreter passes the California Court Certification Exam, s/he will be able to
(415) 817-4223,                       work in the state courts and freelance for state agencies, health organizations, private                        companies, law firms, and interpreting agencies. Many attorneys in private practice now
Cañada College                                         use only certified court interpreters for depositions, personal injury, and workers’ com-
Baseemah Rahman                                        pensation cases.

“This brochure was funded in part by Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998 (VTEA) grant 06-342-004, awarded to San Mateo
County Community College District and administrated by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.  ”
AdmIssIon RequIRements
1) Academic Background                                   First Course: Introduction to Interpreting           Where do I find out the dates for the current
Although a B.A. degree is desirable, the mini-           After your application has been accepted, you        classes and course descriptions?
mum admission requirement is 56 academic                 may register for the first introductory course in    Go to or
semester units (approximately two years of               the program. Those who pass this course will
college) from an accredited institution.                 automatically be admitted to the program.
                                                                                                              How can I prepare for the bilingual
2) Bilingual Proficiency: Entrance Exam                  Cost of Program                                      entrance exam?
Applicants must pass an examination designed             The cost of all six courses required to earn the     For sample questions, go to,
to verify bilingual and bi-literate proficiency at the   certificate will be approximately $3,600 plus a                     ,          ,                 .
                                                                                                              then to “Tests” “Bilingual” and “Preparation”
university level. This multiple choice exam tests        $50 non-refundable application fee. Fees are paid    For review of grammar, any English or Spanish
for Spanish and English ability at a high level in       on a course-by-course basis each semester and        grammar book would be useful. For additional
translation, grammar, syntax, vocabulary and read-       are subject to change. Texts and elective courses    study, go to
ing comprehension. To register for the exam, go          are additional.                                      CACourtIntPrep.htm and click on“Sample Exam
to:, or register in person                                                                                 ,
                                                                                                              (English/Spanish)” or go to www.ncsonline.
at the SF State Testing Center, HSS Bldg., room          Academic Degree Credit                               org/d-research/fcice_exam/index.htm and click on
206, main campus, 1600 Holloway Avenue.                  The required courses in this program carry full      ‘Examinee Handbook’ pp. 23-24.
                                                         upper-division academic credit. Some courses
Waiver of Requirements                                   may be applied toward a Spanish degree with          If my language skills are not strong enough to be
1) those who have passed the written portions            faculty advisor approval. For further information,   admitted to the program at this time, what can I
of the federal exam are exempt from taking the           contact the SF State Spanish Language Depart-        do to improve my skills?
Bilingual Entrance Exam.                                 ment at (415) 338-1421. Courses taken on a           Read as much as possible and as widely as
                                                         credit/no credit basis may not be used towards       possible in both English and Spanish, including
2) certified administrative hearing interpreters
                                                         a Spanish major.                                     novels, plays, newspapers, and magazines.
may register for any course in the program with
                                                                                                              Read Spanish periodicals directly from Spanish-
the consent of the instructor without fulfilling
                                                                                                              speaking countries rather than ones from the US,
any of the admission requirements.
                                                                                                              where styles tend to be heavily influenced by
Note: academic degrees with Spanish or English
                                                                                                              English. Study abroad is also recommended.
majors cannot be substituted for any exam
                                                                                                              Will this program be of value to me if I do not want
Application for Admission                                                                                     to become a state certified court interpreter?
After you pass the Bilingual Entrance Exam, you                                                               Yes. The interpreting skills learned in this program
may apply for admission to the program. Fill out                                                              can help in becoming a medical or administrative
the application, attach a check for $50 (non-re-                                                              hearing interpreter for possible employment with
fundable), and enclose your written exam score.                                                               social service agencies, hospitals, interpreter
For an application, call (415) 817-4223.                                                                      agencies, private attorneys for depositions and
                                                                                                              client interviews.

                                                                                                              Where can I find out more information about the
                                                                                                              State of California certified court interpreter
                                                                                                              exams and the profession?

   cycle oF couRses                                       Fall       spring         summer                    Judicial Council of California Administrative Office
                                                                                                              of the Courts “Court Interpreter Program”
   Intro to Interpreting                                     •           •            •
                                                                                                              455 Golden Gate Avenue
   Sight Translation                                                     •            •                       San Francisco, CA 94102
   Consecutive Interpretation I                              •                                                Phone: 1-866-310-0689
   Simultaneous Interpretation I                             •                                      
   Consecutive Interpretation II                                         •
   Simultaneous Interpretation II                                        •
   Advanced Interpreting & Oral Exam
   Prep Course (optional) *

* scheduled in accordance with State Exam
SF State Extended Learning | Downtown Campus | 835 Market Street, 6th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94103-1901

                  spanish/english interpretation
                   ACA dEMIC CERTIFICATE PRogRAM

                   “The only Spanish/English Interpretation (Legal/Court) certificate program
                   in the Bay Area.”

                   •	 IntroductIon	to	InterpretIng
                   •	 consecutIve	InterpretatIon
                   •	 sImultaneous	InterpretatIon
                   •	 sIght	translatIon
                   •	 advanced	InterpretIng	and	oral	exam	prep	course

                   “Para que la verdad no se pierda en la traducción”
                   “So the truth is not lost in translation”

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