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					                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Abbey, Charles John.                                         Anderson, Robert.
    The English church and its bishops 1700-1800.                Ballads in the Cumberland dialect.
London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1887                        Wigton, B. Crosby and co. [etc., etc.]. 1808
Abbey, Charles John.                                         Anderson, Robert.
      The English Church in the eighteenth century.               Cumberland ballads, with autobiography, notes
London: Longmans, Green, and Co. 1878                        and glossary.
by... and John M. Overton…; 2v.                              London, Bearose and sons; Carlisle, G. & T. Coward.
Abbott, Charles L.
     What comes from what; or, The relationships of          [Annet, Peter].
animals and plants.                                              Critical examination of the life of St. Paul.
St. Paul, Minn. The author. [c.1922]                         London, R. Carlie. 1823
                                                             Translated from the French of Boulanger.
Abbott, Claude C.
      The life and letters of George Darley, poet and        Annet, Peter.
critic.                                                           Judging for ourselves; or, Freethinking, the great
London, H. Milford, Oxford university press. 1928            duty of religion, displayed in two lectures.
                                                             London, printed 1739, Reprinted 1797, and sold by
[Abbott, Edwin Abbott].                                      T.G. Ballard. 1739; 1797
    Philochristus: memoirs of a disciple of the Lord.        Delivered at Plaisterers' hall.
Boston, Roberts brothers. 1878
                                                             Annet, Peter.
Abbott, Edwin Abbott.                                              Lectures on the following subjects.
     The spirit on the waters, the evolution of the          London, Printed for the booksellers. 1822
divine from the human.                                       viz. I. Introductory lecture. II. On consideration and
London, MacMillan and co.; [etc., etc.]. 1897                social conversation. III. On pure and false religion.
                                                             IV. Containing a proposal to unite all true Protestants
Abraham, Israel.                                             in one principle, and form a society of united
      Studies in Pharisaism and the Gospels.                 Protestants in order to vanquish popery. V. An
Cambridge [Eng.] University press. 1917                      endeavour to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond
First series.                                                of peace. VI. Against popery. VII. Ibid. IVVV. Of
                                                             infallibility. IX. On mortification. X. Ibid. XI. Of the
Adams, Eliphalet.                                            light within. XII. Of spiritual understanding. XIII. Of
     God sometimes answers his people by terrible            the word of God.
things in righteousness.
N. London, Printed and sold by T. Green. 1735                [Annet, Peter].
A discourse occasioned by that awful thunder-clap                 The resurrection of Jesus considered; in answer
which struck the meeting-house in N. London,                 to The tryal of the witnessess.
August 31st, 1735. At which time one was killed              London, M. Cooper. 1744
outright and diverse others much hurt and wounded,           3d ed., with great amendments. By a moral
yet graciously & remarkably preserved, together with         philosopher. N.B. The second edition is spurious and
the rest of the congregation, from immediate death.          erroneous.
As it was delivered (Sept. 7th) from Lord's Day
following.                                                   Anster, John.
Address to Christians throughout the world.                  Dublin, Williken and son; [etc., etc.]. 1837
[London, Strangeways and Walden, printers].                  Poems, including translations from Schiller and De
[1862?]                                                      La Motte Fouque.
By the clergy of the Confederate states of America.
                                                             [Anstey, Christopher].
Alford, Henry.                                                    The new Bath guide; or, Memoirs of the B-n-r-d
      Life, journals and letters of Henry Alford, D.D.       family.
late dean of Canterbury.                                     London, J. Dodsley. 1776
London [etc.] Rivingtons. 1873
                                                             [Antrobus, Benjamin].
Allsopp, Henry.                                                    Some buds and blossoms of piety, also, some
     The woodman and other poems.                            fruit of the spirit of love, which directs to the Divine
Oxford, B.H. Blackwell. 1910                                 wisdom.
                                                             London, Printed and sold by Andrew Sowle. 1684
[Amory, Thomas].
    A dialogue on devotion, after the manner of
Xenophon; in which the reasonableness, pleasure and
advantages of it are considered.
[London ?]. [1745?]

                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

Being a collection of several papers, written by a            Arnold, Thomas.
young man, some of them in the time of his                         Faith.
apprenticeship, some of them at several times since,          Philadelphia, N. Altemus. [c.1896]
and the latter part of them in his late confinement, by
a writ De excommunicato capiendo... To which                  Arnold, Thomas.
subjoyned is a Tripple plea, touching law, physick                 Fragment on the church.
and divinitie, formerly printed and subscribed T.C.           London, B. Fellowes. 1845
Also, some Lines written by J.C.                              2d ed, in which are contained appendices on the same
Argyll, George D.C., (8th duke of).
     The philosophy of belief; or, Law in Christian           Arnold, Thomas.
theology.                                                          Introductory lectures on modern history,
New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1896                            delivered in Lent.
                                                              London, B. Fellowes. 1849
Armour, Richard W.
     Barry Cornwall; a biography of Bryan Waller              Arnold, Thomas.
Procter, with a selected collection of hitherto                    The miscellaneous works of.
unpublished letters.                                          New-York, D. Appleton & co.; Philadelphia, G.S.
Boston, Meador publishing company. 1935                       Appleton. 1845
                                                              1st American ed. With nine additional essays, not
Arnold, Edwin, Sir.                                           included in the English collection.
     In my lady's praise, being poems, old and new
written to honour of Fanny, Lady Arnold.                      Arnold, Thomas.
London, Trubner & co. 1889                                         Sermons preached in the chapel of Rugby
                                                              school, with an address before confirmation.
Arnold, Matthew.                                              New-York, D. Appleton & co.; Philadelphia, G.S.
     Culture & anarchy, an essay in political and             Appleton. 1846
social criticism;... being the conversations, letters,        1st American ed.
and opinions of the late Arainius, baron von
Thunderten-Tronckh.                                           Ash, Charles B.
New York, Macmillan and co. 1883                                  The poetical works of C.B. Ash.
                                                              London, Longman, Reese, Orme, Brown, and Green.
Arnold, Matthew.                                              1831
     Essays literary and critical.                            2v.
London, J.M. Dent & co.; New York, E.P. Dutton &
co. [1907]                                                    Ashton, John.
                                                                  Eighteenth century waifs.
Arnold, Matthew.                                              London, Hurst and Blackett. 1887
     The function of criticism at the present time
(reprinted from "Essays in criticism") and An essay           Aspland, Robert.
on style, by Walter Pater.                                         The future accession of good men in all climes
New York and London, Macmillan and company.                   to Christianity, and their final congregation in
[1895]                                                        heaven.
(reprinted from "Appreciations").                             London, R. Hunter. 1833
                                                              A sermon.
Arnold, Matthew.
     God & the Bible; a review of objections to               Aspland, Robert.
"Literature & dogma".                                               The reunion of the wise and good in a future
London, Smith Elder, & co. 1875                               state.
                                                              London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and
Arnold, Matthew.                                              Green. 1825
     Literature & dogma; an essay towards a better            A sermon, preached... on occasion of the lamented
apprehension of the Bible.                                    death of the Rev. Abraham Rees.
New York, Macmillan and co. 1895
                                                              Astaldi, Maria L.
Arnold, Matthew.                                                   Influensze tedesche sulla letteratura inglese del
     St. Paul & Protestantism, with an essay on               primo 600, con particolare riferimento a ll'opera di
Puritanism & the Church of England, and Last essays           Carlyle.
on church & religion.                                         [Milano, F. Bocca]. [1955]
New York, Macmillan and co. 1883
Arnold, Thomas.                                               London, Edward Moxon & co. 1862
     The Christian life; its hopes, its fears, and its        a poem.
Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston. 1856                       [Avity, Pierre d', sieur de Montmartin].

                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

      Les estats, empires, et principavtez dv monde,                  Yet one warning more, to thee O England:
repesenez par la description des pays, moeurs des                together with a very tender lamentation with bowels
habitans, richesses des provinces, les forces, le                of compassion & mourning, yet over thee O land.
gouuernement, la religion, et les princes qui ont                D.B. London, Printed for R. Wilson. 1660
gouuerne chacun estat, avec l'origine de toutes les              By one through whom the eternal, powerful, and
religions, et de tous les cheualiers et ordres militaires.       heavenly Voice, is uttered and sounded forth as a
A.S. Omer, Chez Charles Boscard, imprimeur. 1614                 trumpet, to awaken the nations and inhabitants of the
Par le s. D.T.V.Y. gentilhome ord. de la chambre du              earth; and directed to the eares of thee O England,
roy.                                                             and thine O lofty city London; which may eccho and
                                                                 ring again in the ears of New-England, and be heard
Bacon, Thomas S.                                                 throughout the whole earth... A prisoner I am in
     The reign of God, not "The reign of law".                   Worcester city-gaol, this 9th. month, the 16th. day,
Baltimore, Turnbull brothers. 1878                               and of the year accounted 1660.
A new way (and yet very old) to decide the debate
between "science" and religious faith.                           Baker, James.
                                                                     The life of Sir Thomas Bernard, baronet.
Badstuber, Alfred.                                               London, J. Murray. 1819
    Joanna Baillies Plays on the passions.
Wien und Leipzig, W. Braumuller. 1911                            [Baker, Thomas].
                                                                      Reflections upon learning; wherein is shewn the
Bagehot, Walter.                                                 insufficiency thereof, in its several particulars: in
    Literary studies.                                            order to evince the usefulness and necessity of
London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1879                            revelation.
2v.                                                              London, W. Innys. 1756
                                                                 By a Gentleman; Eighth ed.
Bagot, Lewis, bp. of St. Asaph.
     A sermon preached before the incorporated                   Bale, John, bp. of Ossory.
Society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign                  Scriptorvm illustriu Maioris Brytannie, quam
parts: at their anniversary meeting... February, 1790.           nunc Angliam & Scotiam vocant: Catalogus.
London, Printed by S. Brooke. 1790                               Basileae, apud I. Oporinum. [1557-1559]
                                                                 2v in 1.
Baillie, Joanna.
     The dramatic and poetical works of Joanna                   Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Earl of.
Baillie.                                                             After a year.
London, Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans.                     London, Darling & son, limited. 1915
1853                                                             Speech delivered at the London opera house, 4th
2nd ed.                                                          August, 1915.

Baillie, Joanna.                                                 Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Earl of.
     Fugitive verses.                                                Une anne de guerre.
London, E. Moxon. 1842                                           London, Darling & son, limited. 1915
New ed.                                                          Discours prononce... a l'Opera de Londres, le 4 aout,
Baird, Robert.
     The progress and prospects of Christianity in the           Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Earl of.
United States of America; with remarks on the                         Arthur James Balfour as philosopher and
subject of slavery in America; and on the intercourse            thinker; a collection of the more important and
between British and American churches.                           interesting passages in his non-political writings,
London, Partridge and Oakey; [etc., etc.]. [1851]                speeches, and addresses, 1879-1912; selected and
                                                                 arranged by Wilfrid K. Short.
Baird, Robert.                                                   London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co.
      Religion in the United States of America.                  1912
Glasgow and Edinburgh. Blackie and son; [etc., etc.].
1844                                                             Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Earl of.
Or, An account of the origin, progress, relations to                  The foundations of belief: being notes
the state, and present condition of the evangelical              introductory to the study of theology.
churches in the United States. With notices of                   New York and London, Longmans, Green, and co.
unevangelical denominations.                                     1895

Baird, Robert.                                                   Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Earl of.
     State and prospects of religion in America;                      The pleasures of reading.
being a report made at the conference of the                     Edinburgh, W. Blackwood & sons. 1888
Evangelical alliance, in Paris, August 25, 1855.                 An address delivered at St. Andrews university,
London, E. Suter [etc.]. 1855                                    December 10, 1887, by Arthur James Balfour, lord
[Baker, Daniel].
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Earl of.                     2v.
     Theism and humanism: being the Gifford
lectures delivered at the University of Glasgow,            Barrett, Eaton Stannard.
1914.                                                           Woman, a poem.
New York, Hodder and Stoughton, George M. Doran             London, Printed for H. Colburn. 1818
company. [1915]                                             Occasional poems.
Balfour, Frances C., lady.                                  Barrow, John C., Sir.
    Life and letters of the Reverend James                       The seven cities of the dead, and other poems,
MacGregor, D.C. minister of St. Cuthberts parish,           lyrics and sonnets.
Edinburgh, one of His Majesty's chaplains.                  London, Longmans, Green and Co. 1893
London, New York [etc.] Hodder and Stoughton.
[1912]                                                      Barton, Bernard.
                                                                 Household verses.
Balfour, Francis Maitland.                                  Philadelphia, J.W. Moore. 1846
     … The works of Francis Maitland Balfour.
London, Macmillan and co. 1885                              Barton, Bernard.
Ed. by M. Foster... and Adam Sedgwick; 4v.                      Poems.
                                                            Augusta, Me. W.M. Ladd. 1825
Balguy, John.                                               2d American, from the latest London edition.
     A collection of tracts, moral and theological:
placed in the order wherein they were first                 [Barton, Bernard].
published... with some additional notes; and                    Poems by an amateur.
supplement concerning Rectitute.                            London, Printed for the author by J. M'Creary. 1818
London, Printed for J. Pemerton. 1734
                                                            Barton, Bernard.
Balguy, John.                                                   Poetic vigils.
     An essay on redemption.                                London, Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy. 1824
Winchester, Printed for Lockyer Davis. 1785
The second edition.                                         [Baxter, Andrew].
                                                                 An enquiry into the nature of the human soul;
Balleine, George R.                                         wherein the immateriality if the soul is envinced from
     A history of the Evangelical party in the Church       the principles of reason and philosophy.
of England.                                                 London, Printed by James Settenham, for the author.
London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co.            [1730?]
                                                            Bayley, Daniel, comp.
Barham, Richard Harris.                                          A new and compleat introduction to the grounds
      The Garrick club; notices of one hundred and          and rules of musick, in two books.
thirty-five of its former members.                          Printed for and sold by Bulkley Emerson, and Daniel
]New York ?] Printed privately. 1896                        Baley of Newbury. 1764
                                                            Book I. Containing The grounds and rules of
Barham, Richard Harris.                                     musick,; or, An introduction to the art of singing by
     The Ingoldsby legends; or, Mirth and marvels.          note, taken from Thomas Walter, M.A. Book II:
Philadelphia, J.B. Smith & co. 1860                         Containing a new and correct introduction to the
2v.                                                         grounds of musick, rudimental and practical; from
                                                            William Tans'urs Royal melody: the whole being a
[Barham, Richard Harris].                                   collection of a variety of the choicest tunes from the
    My cousin Nicholas.                                     most approved masters.
London, New York, G. Routledge & co. 1856
A new ed.                                                   Bayly, Thomas Hayne.
                                                                 Fifty lyrical ballads.
[Barlas, John Evelyn].                                      Bath, Printed by Mary Meyler. 1829
      Selections from Songs of a bayadere and Songs
of a troubadour.                                            Bayly, Thomas Hayne.
Dundee, James P. Mathew & co. 1893                                Flowers of loveliness; twelve groups of female
                                                            figures, emblematic of flowers: designed by various
Barnes, William.                                            artists; with poetical illustrations.
     Selected poems.                                        London, Ackermann and company; New York, J.
London, Henry Frowde. 1908                                  Jackson. 1837
Chosen and edited with a preface and glossarial
notes.                                                      Bayly, Thomas Hayne.
                                                                Musings and prosings.
[Baron, Richard, ed.].                                      Boulogne, Printed by F. Birle. 1833
    The pillars of priestcraft and orthodoxy shaken.
London, Printed for R. Griffiths. 1752                      Bayly, Thomas Hayne.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

     Songs, ballads, and other poems.                        London, Hurst and Blackett, limited. 1899
London, R. Bentley. 1844                                     A family narrative based hitherto unpublished private
ed. By his widow. With a memoir of the author; 2v.           diaries, letters, and other documents.
Bayly, Thomas Hayne.                                         Beaven, James.
    Weeds of witchery.                                            Recreations of a long vacation; or, A visit to
London, Ackermann and co. 1837                               Indian missions in Upper Canada.
Poems.                                                       London, J. Burns; [etc., etc.]. 1846

Bayne, Peter.                                                [Beckford, William].
     The chief actors in the Puritan revolution.                  Letters and observations written in a short tour
London, J. Clarke & co. 1879                                 through France and Italy.
2d ed.                                                       Salisbury, Printed by E. Easton. 1786
                                                             By a gentleman.
Bayne, Peter.
    The Christian life, social and individual.               [Beckford, William].
Boston, Gould and Lincoln; New York, Sheldon,                     Recollections of an excursion to the monasteries
Lamport & Blakeman. 1855                                     of Alcobaca and Batalba.
                                                             London, R. Bentley. 1835
Bayne, Peter.
     The Free church in Scotland, her origin,                Beddoes, Thomas L.
founders and testimony.                                          Poems by the late Thomas Lovell Beddoes.
Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark. 1894                               London, William Pickering. 1851
2d ed.                                                       With a memoira [printer's mark]; 2v.
Bayne, Peter.                                                Beddoes, Thomas L.
    The testimony of Christ to Christianity.                      The poetical works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes.
Boston, Gould and Lincoln; New York, Sheldon and             London, J.M. Dent and co. 1820
company; [etc., etc.]. 1862                                  ed., with a memoir by Edmund Gosse…; 2v.

Bearcroft, Philip.                                           Beecher, Henry Ward.
      A sermon preached before the incorporated                    American rebellion.
Society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign         Manchester, Union and emancipation society; [etc.,
parts; at their anniversary meeting... February, 1744        etc.]. 1864
[i.e. 1745].                                                 Report of the speeches of the Rev. Henry Ward
London, Printed by E. Owen, and sold by J. Roberts           Beecher, deliverd at public meetings in Manchester,
[etc.]. 1744 [i.e. 1745]                                     Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and London; and at
                                                             the farewell breakfasts in London, Manchester, and
Beard, Charles.                                              Liverpool.
      …The reformation of the sixteenth century in its
relation to modern thought and knowledge.                    [Belsham, Thomas].
London and Edinburgh, Williams and Norgate. 1883                   An address to the inquirers after Christian truth,
Lectures delivered at Oxford and in London.                  in reply to the extracts from Dr. Magee's book on
                                                             atonement and sacrifice, published by the Religious
Beatley, Richard.                                            tract society of Glasgow.
     The works of.                                           Glasgow, The Glasgow Unitarian fund. 1813
[London, F. Macpherson]. [1836-1838]
collected and edited by the Rev. Alexander Dyce…;            Belsham, Thomas.
3v.                                                               American Unitarianism: or, A brief history of
                                                             "The progress and present state of the Unitarian
Beattie, James.                                              churches in America.".
     Dissertations moral and critical; On memory and         Boston, Printed by Nathaniel Willis. 1815
imagination; On dreaming: Theory of languages; On
fable and romance; On the attachments of kindred;            [Belsham, Thomas].
On sublimity.                                                     Extracts from the writings of eminent divines of
London, W. Strahan. 1783                                     the Church of England, on the history of the creation
                                                             and fall, on justification, and on the inspiration of the
Beattie, James.                                              apostles.
     Evidences of the Christian religion; briefly and        London, R. Hunter. 1824
plainly stated.                                              Being an appendix to a vindication of Mr. Belsham's
Dublin, Printed by William Porter, for Messrs.               translation and exposition of the Epistles of Paul.
Moncrieffe, Colles, Wilson, White, Byrne, Cash, W.
Porter, McKenzie, Moore, and Jones. 1786                     Belsham, Thomas.
                                                                 Memoirs of the late Reverend Theophilus
Beaven, Arthur N.                                            Lindsey, M.A.
    James and Horace Smith.                                  London, Printed for R. Hunter. 1820
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

including a brief analysis of his works; together with        With a full answer to all the remarks of a late
anecdotes and letters of eminent persons, his friends         pamphleteer. By a member of Trinity College, in
and correspondents; also a general view of the                Cambridge.
progress of the Unitarian doctrine in England and
America; 2d ed, cor.                                          Bentley, Richard.
                                                                   Dr. Bentley's proposals for printing a new
Benn, Alfred William.                                         edition of the Greek Testament, and St. Hierom's
     The history of English rationalism in the                Latin version.
nineteenth century.                                           London, Printed for J. Knapton. 1721
London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co.              With a full answer to all the remarks of a late
1906                                                          pamphleteer (I.e., Conyers Middleton). By a member
2v.                                                           of Trinity College in Cambridge.
Bennet, Benjamin.                                             [Bentley, Richard].
     The truth, inspiration, and usefulness of the                  Remarks upon a late Discourse of free-thinking.
scriptures asserted and proved.                               London, J. Morphew. 1713
London, Printed for John Gray. 1730                           in a letter to P.W.D.D. by Phileleurherus
In several discourses in 2 Tim. III.XVI. By the late          Lipsipsiensis [pseud.]. Part the second.
Reverend and learned Mr. Benjamin Bennet.
Published from his manuscripts by L. Latham, M.D.             Bentley, Richard.
                                                                   Richardi Bentleii et doctorum virorum
Benson, Arthur Christopher.                                   Epistolae, partim mutuae.
    Alfred Tennyson.                                          Londini, typis Bulmerianis. 1807
London, Methuen & co. 1904
                                                              Bentley, Richard.
Benson, George.                                                   A sermon upon popery: preach's before the
      The reasonableness of the Christian religion, as        University of Cambridge, Nov. 5th, 1715.
delivered in the Scriptures.                                  Cambridge, University press. 1715
London, J. Noon [etc.]. 1743
Being answer to a late treatise, intitled, Christianity       Bentom, Clark.
not founded on argument. In three parts. Part I.                   A statement of facts and law, relative to the
Contains the arguments for the truth of the Christian         prosecution of the Rev. Clark Bentom, Protestant
religion. Part II. The answers to the difficulties and        missionary from the London missionary society, for
objections proposed by this author. Part III. An              the assumption of the office of a dissenting minister
interpretation of the texts, which he hath perverted.         of the gospel in Quebec, by the King's attorney
                                                              general of Lower Canada.
Benson, George.                                               Troy, Printed for the author by O. Penniman & co.
     A summary view of the evidences of Christ's              1804
London, Printed and sold by J. Waugh [etc.]. 1754             [Berettari, Sebastiano].
                                                                    The lives of Father Joseph Anchieta, of the
Bentham, Jeremy.                                              Society of Jesus; the Ven. Alvera von Virmundt,
      Church-of Englandism and its Catechism                  religious of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre; and the
examined, preceded by strictures on the exclusionary          Ven. John Berchmans, of the Society of Jesus.
system as pursued in the National Society's schools,          London [etc.] T. Richardson and son. 1849
interspersed with parallel views of the English and
Scottish established and non-established churches             Berkeley, George, bp. of Cloyne.
and concluding with remedies proposed for abuses                   A miscellany, containing several tracts on
indicated.                                                    various subjects.
London, E. Wilson. 1818                                       London, Printed for J. and R. Tonson [etc.]. 1752

[Bentham, Jeremy].                                            Berkeley, George, bp. of Cloyne.
    Not Paul, but Jesus.                                            A sermon preached before the incorporated
London, Printed for John Hunt [by R. Taylor]. 1823            Society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign
                                                              parts; at their anniversary meeting... February, 1731
Bentley, Richard.                                             [I.e. 1732].
    The correspondence of Richard Bentley, D.D.,              London, Printed by J. Downing. 1732
master of Trinity college, Cambridge.
London, J. Murray. 1842                                       Berkeley, George, bp. of Cloyne.
2v.                                                               A word to the wise: or, An exhortation to the
                                                              Roman Catholic clergy of Ireland.
Bentley, Richard.                                             Dublin, Printed by G. Faulkner. 1752
     Dr. Bentley's proposals for printing a new
edition of the Greek Testament, and St. Hierom's              [Berkeley, George] bp. of Cloyne.
Latin version.
London, J. Knapton. 1721
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

     A proposal for the better supplying of churches         London, Printed for A. Millar. 1756-1757
in our foreign plantations, and for converting the           In which the most considerable of those papers
savage Americans to Christianity.                            communicated to the society, which have hitherto not
London, Printed by H. Woodfall. 1724                         been published, are inserted in their proper order, as a
                                                             supplement to the Philosophical transactions..; 4v.
Bernard, Thomas D.
     The central teaching of Jesus Christ; a study and       [Birch, Thomas].
exposition of the five chapters of the Gospel                     An inquiry into the share, which King Charles I,
according to St. John, XIIX-XVII inclusive.                  had in the transactions of the Earl of Glamorgan,
New York and London, Macmillan and co. 1892                  afterwards Marquis of Worcester, for bringing over a
                                                             body of Irish rebels to assist the king, in the year
Bible. English. 1855. Authorized.                            1645 and 1646.
     The pictorial Bible, being the Old and New              London, Printed for A. Millar. 1756
Testaments.                                                  In which Mr. Carte's imperfect account of that affair,
London, W. and R. Chambers. 1855-1856                        and his use of the ms. memoirs of the pope's nuncio
4v.                                                          Rinuccini, are impartially considered. The whole
                                                             drawn up from the best authorities, printed and
Bible. N.T. Epistles of Paul. Greek.                         manuscript.
     The Epistles of St. Paul to the Thessalonians,
Galatians, Romans: with critical notes and                   Birch, Thomas.
dissertations.                                                    The life of Archbishop Tillotson, from his
London, J. Murray. 1855                                      original letters and papers.
By Benjamin Jowett…; 2v.                                     London. 1752

Bible. O.T. Isaiah. English. 1883.                           Birch, Thomas.
     Isaiah of Jerusalem in the authorised English                The life of Henry, prince of Wales, eldest son of
version, with an introduction, corrections and notes         King James I, compiled chiefly from his own papers,
by Matthew Arnold.                                           and other manuscripts, never before published.
London, Macmillan and co. 1883                               London, Printed for A. Millar. 1760

Bickersteth, Edward Henry, bp. of Exeter.                    Birch, Thomas.
     Christian psalmody.                                           Memoirs of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, from
London. [1841?]                                              the year 1581 till her death. In which the secret
Enl. ed; 70th thousand.                                      intrigues of her court, and the conduct of her
                                                             favourite, Robert earl of Essex, both at home and
Bickersteth, Edward Henry, bp. of Exeter.                    abroad, are particularly illustrated.
     The hymnal companion to the Book of common              London, Printed for A. Millar. 1754
prayer; with accompanying tunes.                             From the original papers of.. Anthony Bacon,
London, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle &                       esquire, and other manuscripts never before
Rivington. 1880                                              published..; 2v.
Under the musical editorship of Joseph Thomas
Cooper; Rev and enl. ed.                                     Birks, T[homas] R.
                                                                 The Bible and modern thought.
Bickersteth, Edward Henry, bp. of Exeter.                    London, Religious Tract Soc. [pref. 1861]
    The two brothers, and other poems.
New York, R. Carter and brothers. 1871                       Birks, Thomas R.
                                                                  Memoir of the Rev. Edward Bickersteth, late
Bickersteth, Edward Henry, bp. of Exeter.                    rector of Watton, Herts.
    Yesterday, to-day and for ever; a poem in twelve         New York, Harper & brothers. 1851
books.                                                       With an introduction by Stephen H. Tyng, D.D…;
New York, Robert Carter & Brothers. 1869                     2v.

Birch, Thomas.                                               Birks, Thomas R.
    The court and times of Charles the First.                     Modern physical fatalism and the doctrine of
London, H. Colburn. 1848                                     evolution, including an examination of Mr. H.
                                                             Spencer's First principles.
Birch, Thomas.                                               London, Macmillan and co. 1876
      The court and times of James the First;
containing a series of historical and confidential           Blackburne, Francis.
letters.                                                          Consideration on the present state of the
London, H. Colburn. 1849                                     controversy between the Protestants and Papists of
In Great Britain during that period…; 2v.                    Great Britain and Ireland; particularly on the question
                                                             how far the latter are entitled to a toleration upon
Birch, Thomas.                                               Protestant principles.
    The history of the Royal society of London for           London, A. Miller, and T. Cadell. 1768
improving of natural knowledge, from its first rise.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Being the substance of two discourses delivered to            London, Printed by T. Bensley, for the proprietor,
the clergy of the archdeaconry of Cleveland, in the           R.H. Cromek, 2nd sold by Cadell and Davies [etc.].
years 1765 and 1766.                                          1808
                                                              Illustrated by twelve etchings executed from original
Blackie, John Stuart.                                         designs.
    The language and literature of the Scottish
Highlands.                                                    Blood, William.
Edinburgh, Edmonston and Douglas. 1876                              A mission to the Indians of Orialla, South
Blackie, John Stuart.                                         London, Partridge and Oakey. [1853]
    On self-culture, intellectual, physical, and moral.       To which is added, a narrative of the destruction, by
New York, Scribner, Armstrong, and company. 1874              fire, of "The Amazon". With reflections, by the Rev.
A vade mecum for young men and students.                      William Blood, one of the survivors. With six
Blackmore, Richard, Sir.
     Creation.                                                Bloomfield, Robert.
London, A. Bettesworth [etc.]. 1718                                The banks of Wye.
A philosophical poem, demonstrating the existence             London, Longmans, Hurst, Rees, Orme and co. [etc.].
and providence of a God. In seven books.                      1823
                                                              a poem.
Blackmore, Richard, Sir.
      Redemption: a divine poem, in six books.                Bloomfield, Robert.
London, Printed for A. Bettesworth [etc.]. 1772                    The farmer's boy; a rural poem.
The three first demonstrate the truth of the Christian        London, Vernor and Hood. 1800
religion, and the three last the deity of Christ. To          2d ed.
which is added, a hymn to Christ the Redeemer.
                                                              Bloomfield, Robert.
[Blackwell, Thomas].                                                Hazelwood-hall: a village drama.
     Ratio sacra; or, an appeal unto the rational             London, Baldwin Cradock and Joy. 1823
world, about the reasonableness of revealed religion:         In three acts.
containing a... confutation of the... errours of the
present day, to wit, atheism, deism, and                      Bloomfield, Robert.
bourignonism.                                                     May day with the muses.
Edinburgh, printed by the heirs and successors of             London, Printed for the author and for Baldwin,
Andrew Anderson. 1710                                         Cradock, and Joly. 1822

[Blackwell, Thomas].                                          Bloomfield, Robert.
     Schema sacrum, or, A sacred scheme of natural                The poetical works of Robert Bloomfield and
and revealed religion.                                        Henry Kirke White.
Edinburgh, Printed by the heirs and successors of             London, T. Nelson and sons. 1871
Andrew Anderson. 1710                                         With memoirs of the authors.

Blair, Hugh.                                                  Bloomfield, Robert.
     Sermons.                                                     Rural tales, ballads, and songs.
London. 1734                                                  London, Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe [etc.]. 1806
by Hugh Blair, D.D. One of the ministers of the High
church, and professor of rhetorick, in the University         Blunden, Edmund C.
of Edinburgh.                                                     Votive tablets; studies chiefly appreciative of
                                                              English authors and books.
Blair, James, Sir.                                            London, Cobden-Sanderson. [1931]
     Our Saviour's divine Sermon on the Mount,
contain'd in the Vth, VIth, and VIIth chapters of St.         Blunt, Henry.
Matthew's gospel, explained: and the practice of it                Eight lectures upon the history of Jacob;
recommended in divers sermons and discourses.                 delivered during Lent, 1828, at the Church of St.
London, Printed for J. Brotherton [etc.]. 1740                Luke, Chelsea.
to which is prefix'd, a paraphrase on the whole               London, J. Hatchard & son [etc.]. 1836
Sermon on the Mount: and two copious indexes
annex'd; one of the Scriptures explain'd, the other of        Blunt, John J.
the particular heads treated of in the work. By James              Undesigned coincidences in the writings both of
Blair, M.A., commissary of Virginia, president of             the Old and New Testament.
William and Mary.. with a recommendatory preface              New York, Ro Carter. 1847
by the Reverend Dr. Waterland; The 2d ed; 4v.                 1st American from the 2nd London ed.

Blair, Robert.                                                Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen.
     The grave, a poem.                                           A new pilgrimage, and other poems.
                                                              London, Kegan Paul, Trench & co. 1889
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

                                                                  A sermon preached before the incorporated
Boemus, Johann.                                             Society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign
     The manners, lawes, and customes of all                parts; at their anniversary meeting... February, 1721
nations.                                                    [I.e. 1722].
London, Printed by G. Eld. 1611                             London, Printed by J. Downing. 1722
Collected out of the best writers by... a Dutchman...
Written in Latin, and now newly translated into             Bowden, John Edward.
English. By Ed. Aston.                                           The life and letters of Frederick William Faber,
                                                            D.D., priest of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri.
Bonar, Horatius.                                            Baltimore, J. Murphy & co.; New York, Catholic
    God's way of peace.                                     publication society; [etc., etc.]. 1869
London, James Nisbet. 1863                                  With an introduction by an American clergyman.
A book for the anxious.
                                                            Bowden, John W.
Bonar, Horatius.                                                The life and pontificate of Gregory the Seventh.
      Hymns of faith and hope.                              London, Printed for J.G.P. & J. Rivington. 1840
New York, Robert Carter & brothers. 1876                    2v.
First series.
                                                            Bownas, Samuel.
Bonar, Horatius.                                                An account of the life, travels, and Christian
    Hymns of faith and hope.                                experiences in the work of the ministry of Samuel
New York, Robert Carter & brothers. 1876                    Bownas.
Second series.                                              London, Printed by L. Hinde. 1756

Bonar, Horatius.                                            Bowring, John, Sir.
     Hymns of faith and hope.                                    Batavian anthology; or Specimens of the Dutch
New York, Robert Carter & brothers. 1877                    poets; with remarks on the poetical literature and
Third series.                                               language of the Netherlands, to the end of the
                                                            seventeenth century.
Bonar, Horatius.                                            London, Taylor and Hessey. 1824
    A memorial.
New York, Robert Carter & brothers. 1889                    Bowring, John, Sir.
                                                                 Cheskian anthology: being a history of the
Bonar, Horatius.                                            poetical literature of Bohemia with translated
    The morning of joy; being a sequel to The night         specimens.
of weeping.                                                 London, R. Hunter. 1832
New York, R. Carter & brothers. 1854                        2d ed.

Bonar, Horatius.                                            Bowring, John, Sir.
    The song of the new creation, and other pieces.              The kingdom and people of Siam; with a
New York, Carter. 1872                                      narrative of the mission to that country in 1855.
                                                            London, J.W. Parker and son. 1857
Bostwick, David.                                            2v.
     A fair and rational vindication of the right of
infants to the ordinance of baptism: being the              Bowring, John, Sir.
substance of several discourses from Acts ii.39.                 Matins and vespers: with hymns and occasional
New York printed: London, Re-printed for Edward             devotional pieces.
and Charles Dilly. 1765                                     London, The author: sold by C. & W.B. Whittaker.
Containing I. The Scripture ground, on which the            1824
rights of infants to baptism is founded. II. The            2d ed.
evidence by which it is supported. And, III. A
solution of the most material objections. By David          Bowring, John, Sir.
Bostwick, A.M., late minister of the Presbyterian               A memorial volume of sacred poetry.
church, in the city of New-York.                            London, Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer. 1873

Boswell, Alexander, Sir, bart.].                            Bowring, John, Sir.
    Skeldon Haughs: or, The sow is flitted.                       Minor morals for young people.
Auchlaleck, Printed by James Sutherland. 1816               London, Whittaker and co. 1834-1839
                                                            Illustrated in tales and travels. With engravings by
[Boulanger, Nicolas Antoine].                               George Cruikshank and William Heath; 3v.
     The origin and progress of despotism.
Amsterdam. 1764                                             Bowring, John, Sir.
In the Oriental, and other empires of Africa, Europe,             Poetry of the Magyars, preceded by a sketch of
and America.                                                the language and literature of Hungary and
Boulter, Hugh, apb. of Armagh.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

London, Printed for the author and sold by R.                  London, Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe [etc.]. 1806
Heward [etc.]. 1830
                                                               Brasseur de Bourbourg, Charles Etienne.
Bowring, John, Sir.                                                 Histoire du Canada, de son eglise et de ses
     …Specimens of the Polish poets; with notes and            missions, depuis a decouverte de l'Amerique jusqua
observations on the literature of Poland.                      nos jours, ecrite sur des documents inedits compulses
London, Printed for the author, sold by Baldwin,               dans les archives de l'archeveche et de la ville de
Cradock, and Joy [etc.]. 1827                                  Quebec, etc. Plancy [etc.] Society de Saint-Victor.
                                                               Paris, Sagnier & Bray. 1852
Bowring, John, Sir.
    A visit to the Philippine Islands.                         Bray, Charles.
London, Smith, Elder & co. 1859                                     Christianity: viewed in the light of our present
                                                               knowledge and moral sense.
Bowring, John, Sir, ed. and tr.                                London, T. Scott. [1876]
    Ancient poetry and romances of Spain.                      2 pts in 1 v.
London, Printed for Taylor and Hessey. 1824
                                                               Bray, Charles.
[Boyd, Andrew K.H.].                                                 Phases of opinion and experience during a long
    The critical essays of a country parson.                   life: an autobiography.
London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1867                          London, Longmans, Green and co. [1884]

[Boyd, Andrew K.H.].                                           Bray, Charles.
    The recreations of a country parson.                            The philosophy of necessity; or, The law of
Boston, Ticknor & Fields. 1866                                 consequences; as applicable to mental, moral, and
                                                               social science.
[Boyd, Andrew K.H.].                                           London, Longmans, Orme, Brown, Green and
    The recreations of a country parson.                       Longmans. 1841
Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1861                               2v.
Second series.
                                                               Bray, Thomas.
Boyer, Abel, comp.                                                   A memorial representing the present state of
     Letters of wit, politicks and morality.                   religion on the continent of North America.
London, Printed for J. Hartley [etc.]. 1701                    London, Printed by William Downing 1700…
Written originally in Italian, by the famous Cardinal          Reprinted for the Thomas Bray club [n.p.]. 1700
Bentivoglio; in Spanish by Signior Don Guevara; in             [1916]
Latin by St. Jerome [and others]... in French by
Father Rapin, &c. Also select letters of gallantry out         Bremond, Henri.
of the Greek, of Aristaenetus; the Spanish of Don                    L'inquietude religieuse. Premiere serie: Aubres
Quevedo... The French of Count Bussy Rabutin... Mr.            et lendemains de conversion.
Fontenell, &c. Done in English, by the Honourable              Paris, Perrin et cie. 1919
M---- H---- esq; Tho. Cheek, esq; Mr. Savage, Mr.
Boyer, &c. To which is added a large collection of             Bremond, Henri.
original letters of love and friendship. Written by                 The mystery of Newman.
several gentlemen and ladies.                                  London, Williams and Norgate. 1907
                                                               translated by M.C. Corrance, with an introduction by
Boyse, Samuel.                                                 Rev. George Tyrrell.
      An impartial history of the late rebellion in
1745.                                                          Brerewood, Edward.
Reading, D. Henry. 1648 [i.e. 1748]                                 Enquiries touching the diversity of languages
From authentic memoirs; particularly, the journal of a         and religions, through the chief parts of the world.
general officer, and other original papers, yet                London, Printed for Samuel Hearne, John Martyn,
unpublished. With the characters of the persons                and Henry Herringman. 1674
principally concerned. To which is prefixed, by way
of introduction, a compendious account of the royal            Brett, Thomas.
house of Stuart, from its original to the present time.             The divine right of episcopacy and the necessity
                                                               of an episcopal communion for preaching God's
Bradley, George G.                                             word, and for the valid ministration of Christian
     Recollections of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, late             sacraments.
dean of Westminster.                                           London, Printed for Henry Clements. 1718
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1883
Three lectures delivered in Edinburgh in 1882.                 Brett, Thomas.
                                                                    A sermon of the honour of the Christian
Braley, Edward W.                                              priesthood, and the necessity of a divine call to that
    Views in Suffolk, Norfolk, and                             office.
Northamptonshire; illustrative of the works of Robert          London, Printed by J. Matthews, for John Wyat. 1712
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Brett, Thomas.
     A sermon on remission of sins, according to the           [Brooke, Henry].
Scriptures and the doctrine of the Church of England.              The farmer's letter to the Protestants of Ireland.
London, Printed by J. Matthews, for John Wyat. 1711            Dublin, Printed by George Faulkner. 1745

Brett, William Henry, rev.                                     Brooke, Henry.
     The Indian tribes of Guiana; their condition and              The poems of Henry Brooke.
habits.                                                        London. 1810
London, Bell and Daldy. 1868
With researches into their past history, superstitions,        [Brooke, Henry].
legends, antiquities, languages, &c.                                The spirit of party.
                                                               [Dublin ?]. 1753
Bricknell, William S.                                          Chapter the first [-third] being an introduction to the
     The judgment of the bishops upon Tractarian               History of the knight of the bridge...; 3pt. in 1v.
Oxford, J. Vincent. 1845                                       [Brooke, Henry].
A complete analytical arrangement of the charges                    The tryal and cause of the Roman Catholics: on
delivered by the prelates of the Anglican church,              a special commission directed to Lord Chief Justice
from 1837 to 1842 inclusive, so far as they relate to          Reason, Lord Baron Interest, and Mr. Justice
the Tractarian movement.                                       Clemency. Wednesday, August 5th, 1761.
                                                               Dublin, Printed by G. Faulkner. 1761
British and Foreign Anti-slavery Society, London.
     American slavery.                                         Brooke, Stopford Augustus.
[London]. [1846]                                                   Faith and freedom.
Address of the committee of the British and foreign            Boston, G.M. Ellis. 1881
anti-slavery society to the moderator, office bearers,
and members of the General assembly of the Free                Brooke, Stopford Augustus.
church of Scotland.                                                The gospel of joy.
                                                               New York, Dodd, Mead, and company. 1899
British North America: comprising Canada, British
central North America, British Columbia,                       Brooke, Stopford Augustus.
Vancouver's island, Nova Scotia and Cape Breton,                   The Old Testament and modern life.
New Brunswick, Prince Edward's island,                         New York, Dodd, Mead and company. 1896
Newfoundland and Labrador.
London, The Religious tract society. [186-?]                   Brooke, Stopford Augustus.
                                                                   Religion in literature and religion in life.
The British sailor's discovery: or, The Spanish                New York, T.Y. Crowell & company. 1901
pretensions confuted.
London, Printed for T. Cooper. 1739                            Brooke, Stopford Augustus.
Containing a short history of the discoveries and                   Sermons preached in St. James's chapel, York
conquests of Spain in America, with a particular               street, London.
account of the illegal and unchristian means they              Boston, Fields, Osgood, & co. 1869
made use of to establish their settlements there:
proving that the sovereign sole dominion, claimed by           Brooke, Stopford Augustus.
the Crown of Spain tot he West-Indies, is founded                  Theology in the English Poets.
upon an unjustifiable possession; whilst the rights            London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner. 1904
and possessions of the British subjects in those parts         Cowper-Coleridge-Worsdworth-and Burns; 9th ed.
are both agreeable to the law of nations, and
principles of Christianity. That America was                   Brothers, Thomas.
discovered and planted by the ancient Britons 300                   The United States of North America as they are;
years before Columbus conducted the Spaniards                  now as they are generally described: being a cure for
thither... Also the declaration of war against Spain by        radicalism.
Oliver Cromwell, in 1655, translated from the Latin            London, Longman, Orme, Brown, Green and
original.                                                      Longmans. 1840

Brokesby, Francis.                                             Brown, Simon.
     Some proposals towards propagating of the                      A fit rebuke to a ludicrous infidel in some
gospel in our American plantations.                            remarks on Mr. Woolstool's fifth discourse on the
London, G. Sawbridge. 1708                                     miracles of our Saviour, with a preface concerning
Humbly offerr'd in a letter to Mr. Nelson, a worthy            the prosecution of such writers by the civil powers.
member of the Society for propagating the gospel in            London, R. Ford. 1732
foreign parts. To which is prefix'd, Mr. Morgan
Goodwin's Brief account of religion in the                     Browne, Isaac Hawkins.
plantations: with the causes of the neglect and decay              Of the immortality of the soul.
thereof in those parts. To which is added, a postscript        London, B. Dod. 1754
and contents; The 2d ed.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

A poem... Tr. from the Latin of Isaac Hawkins                   Introduced by a dialogue between Apollo and the
Browne, esq., by Richard Grey, D.D.                             fates; concluded by another between John Fust and
                                                                his friends.
Browne, Peter, bp. of Cork and Ross.
     A letter in answer to a book entitled, Christianity        Bruce, Lewis.
not mysterious.                                                      The happiness of man the glory of God.
London, Printed for R. Clavell. 1697                            London, Printed by D. Browne. 1744
As also to all those who set up for reasons and                 A sermon preached before the Honourable Trustees
evidence in opposition to revelation and mysteries.             for establishing the colony of Georgia in America,
                                                                and the Associates of the late Rev. Dr. Bray; at their
[Browne, Peter, bp. of Cork and Ross].                          anniversary meeting, March 15, 1743, in the parish
     Of drinking in the memory of the dead.                     church of St. Margaret, Westminster.
Dublin, Printed by A.R. and sold by Jer. Pepyat in
Skinner-row. 1713                                               Bryant, Jacob.
Being the substance of a discourse delivered to the                   Observations and inquiries relating to various
clergy of the diocese of Cork, November, 1713, by               parts of ancient history; containing dessertations on
the bishop of that diocese. And published at their              the wind Euroclydon, and on the island Melite,
unanimous request.                                              together with an account of Egypt in its most early
                                                                state, and of the shepherd kings.
[Browne, Peter, bp. of Cork and Ross].                          Cambridge, Printed by J. Archdeacon. 1767
    The procedure, extent, and limits of human
understanding.                                                  [Bryant, Jacob].
London, Printed for W. Innys. 1728                                   A treatise upon the authenticity of the
                                                                Scriptures, and the truth of the Christian religion.
[Browne, Peter, bp. of Cork and Ross].                          Cambridge, Printed by J. Archdeacon for T. Cadell,
     Things divine and supernatural conceived by                and P. Elmsly, London. 1703
analogy with things natural and human.                          2d ed.
London, W. Innays and R. Manby. 1733
                                                                Budd, Thomas.
Browne, Simon.                                                       New-England's Spirit of Persecution
     A defence of the religion of nature and the                Transmitted to Pennsilvania, And the Pretended
Christian revelation; against the defective account of          Quaker found Persecuting the True Christian-Quaker,
the one, and the exceptions against the other.                  In The Tryal of Peter Boss, George Keith, Thomas
London, printed for Richard Ford. 1732                          Budd, and William Bradford, At the Sessions held at
                                                                Philadelphia the Nineth, Tenth and Twelfth Days of
Browne, Simon.                                                  December, 1692.
    Hymns and spiritual songs in three books.                   [New York] Printed [by W. Bradford]. 1693
London, Printed for Eman. Matthews. 1720                        Giving an Account of the most Arbitrary Procedure
                                                                of that Court.
Browning, Elizabeth (Barrett).
     The letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.                 Budgell, Eustace.
New York, The Macmillan company; London,                              Memoirs of the lives and characters of the
Macmillan & co., ltd. 1897                                      illustrious family of the Boyles; particularly of the
ed., with biographical additions, by Frederic G.                late eminently learned Charles earl of Orrery.
Kenyon…; 2v.                                                    London, O. Payne. 1737
                                                                In which is contain'd many curious pieces of English
Browning, Elizabeth (Barrett).                                  history, not extant in any other author.. With
      The poets' enchiridion, a hitherto unpublished            particular account of the famous controversy between
poem; with an inedited address to Uvedale Price on              the Honourable Mr. Boyle, and the Reverend Dr.
his eightieth birthday, an early invocation to sleep,           Bentley, concerning the genuineness of Phararis's
and a preliminary draft of the renowned poem,                   Epistles; also the same translated from the original
Catarina to Canoens.                                            Greek.
Boston, Mass. Printed exclusively for members of the
Bibliophile society. 1914                                       [Budgell, Eustace].
                                                                     A short history of prime ministers in Great
Browning, Robert.                                               Britain.
    Men and women.                                              London, H. Haines. 1733
Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1856
                                                                [Bulwer-Lytton, Edward, 1st earl of Lytton].
Browning, Robert.                                                   Lucile.
      Parleyings with certain people of importance in           Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1865
their day; to wit, Bernard de Mandeville, Daniel                By Owen Meredith [pseud.].
Bartoli, Christopher Smart, George Bubb Dodington,
Francis Furini, Gerard de Lairesse, and Charles                 Burgon, John W.
Avison.                                                             Lives of twelve good men.
London, Smith, Elder Co. 1887                                   New York, Scribner and Welford. 1891
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

New ed.                                                             A first year in Canterbury settlement, with other
                                                               early essays.
Burke, Walter.                                                 London, A.C. Fifield. 1914
      The Joshuade: an heroi-sacred poem, containing           ed. by R.A. Streetfield.
a series of the most important events which passed
upon the great theatre of the world, from the creation         Butler, Samuel.
to the ever-memorable and important area of Our                    God the known and God the unknown.
Saviour's crucifixion.                                         London, A.C. Fifield. 1909
London, Printed for J. Parsons and J. Downes. 1794
                                                               Butler, Samuel.
Burnham, Richard.                                                  The humour of Homer and other essays.
      Pious memorials; or, The power of religion upon          New York, Mitchell Kennerley. 1914
the mind, in sickness, and at death: exemplified in the
experience of many divines and other eminent                   Butler, Samuel.
persons at those important seasons.                                 The life and letters of Dr. Samuel Butler,
London, Printed for A. Millar, W. Law, and R. Cater.           head-master of Shrewsbury school 1798-1836, and
1789                                                           afterwards bishop of Lichfield…by Samuel Butler.
Interspersed with what was most remarkable in their            London, J. Murray. 1896
lives. With a recommendatory preface, by the
Reverend Mr. James Hervey... New ed. To which is               Butler, Samuel.
now added, a large appendix, containing many                        Luck, or cunning, as the main means of organic
valuable lives of ministers of the gospel, and other           modification?.
eminent Christians.                                            London, A.C. Fifield. 1920
                                                               An attempt to throw additional light upon Darwin's
[Burrough, Edward].                                            theory of natural selection…; 2d ed, re-set, with
     A declaration of the sad and great persecution            author's corrections and additions to index.
and martyrdom of the people of God, called Quakers,
in New-England for the worshipping of God.                     Butler, Samuel.
London, Printed for Robert Wilson, in Martins le                    Seven sonnets and A psalm of Montreal.
grand. [1660]                                                  Cambridge [Eng.] Printed for private circulation.
Butler, John, bp.
      A sermon preached before the honourable                  Butler, Samuel.
House of commons, at the church of St. Margaret's,                  …The strange notes of Samuel Butler.
Westminster, on Friday, December 13, 1776; being               Girard, Kan., Haldeman-Julius company. [c.1923]
the day appointed by His Majesty's royal                       [by] John W. Gunn.
proclamation, to be observed as a day of solemn
fasting and humiliation.                                       Butler, William A.
London, Printed for T. Cadell. 1777                                 Letters on the development of Christian
By John Butler.. chaplain in ordinary to His Majesty.          doctrine, in reply to Mr. Newman's essay.
                                                               Dublin, Hodges and Smith. 1850
Butler, Samuel.                                                Edited by Thomas Woodward.
     Alps and sanctuaries of Piedmont and the canton
Ticino (op. 6).                                                Butler, William A.
New York, E.P. Dutton & company. 1913                               Sermons, doctrinal and practical.
                                                               Philadelphia, Parry and McMillan. 1857
Butler, Samuel.                                                Second series.
    Evolution, old & new; or, The theories of
Buffon, Dr. Erasmus Darwin and Lamarck, as                     Butler, William A.
compared with that of Charles Darwin.                                Sermons, doctrinal and practical.
New York, E.P. Dutton & company. [1914]                        Philadelphia, Parry and McMillen. 1856
                                                               First series. Edited with a memoir of the author's life,
Butler, Samuel.                                                by the Very Rev. Thomas Woodward.
     Ex voto: an account of the Sacro monte or New
Jerusalem at Varallo-Sesia. Op. 9.                             Caird, Edward.
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Butler, Samuel.                                                2v.
     The fair haven; a work in defence of the
miraculous element in Our Lord's ministry upon                 Caird, Edward.
earth, both as against rationalistic impugners and                  The evolution of religion; the Gifford lectures
certain orthodox defenders.                                    delivered before the University of St. Andrews in
London, A.C. Fifield. 1913                                     sessions 1890-91, and 1891-92.
                                                               Glasgow, J. MacLabose and sons. 1899
Butler, Samuel.                                                2v.

                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Caird, Edward.                                                 With an appendix, containing the official reports
     The evolution of theology in the Greek                    made to the government of the United States.
Glasgow, J. Maclehose and sons. 1904                           Calverley, Charles Stuart.
The Gifford lectures, delivered in the University of               Verses, translations and fly leaves.
Glasgow in sessions 1900-1 and 1901-2…; 2v.                    London, George Bell and sons. 1904
Caird, Edward.                                                 Campbell, George.
     Lay sermons and addresses delivered in the hall                A dissertation on miracles: containing an
of Balliol college, Oxford.                                    examination of the principles advanced by David
Glasgow, J. Maclehose and sons. 1907                           Hume, esq.; in an essay on miracles: with a
                                                               correspondence on the subject by Mr. Hume, Dr.
Caird, Edward.                                                 Campbell, and Dr. Blair, now first published.
     The social philosophy and religion of Comte.              Edinburgh, Printed for Bell & Bradfute; [etc., etc.].
New York, Macmillan and co. 1893                               1797
2nd ed.                                                        To which are added sermons and tracts…; 2v; The 3d
                                                               ed, with additions and corrections.
Caird, John.
    The fundamental ideas of Christianity.                     Campbell, George Douglas, 8th duke of Argyll.
Glasgow, J. MacLabose and sons. 1899                                Iona.
2v.                                                            London, Strahan & co. 1871
                                                               2d ed.
Caird, John.
    An introduction to the philosophy of religion.             Campbell, George Douglas, 8th duke of Argyll.
Glasgow, J. Maclehose and sons. 1904                               The reign of law.
New ed.                                                        London, A. Strahan. 1867

Caird, John.                                                   [Campbell, John].
     Religion in common life.                                        The Spanish empire in America.
New York, T.Y. Crowell & co. [1901]                            London, Printed for M. Cooper. 1747
with a brief introductory note by J.A. MacVannel.              Containing, a succinct relation of the discovery and
                                                               settlement of its several colonies; a view of their
Caird, John.                                                   respective situations, extent, commodities, trade,
     Sermons.                                                  &c.... By an English merchant.
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.
1873                                                           Campbell, John McLeod.
                                                                    Memorials or John M'Leod Campbell, D.D.
Caird, John.                                                   being selections from his correspondence.
     Spinoza.                                                  London, Macmillan and co. 1877
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons;                   2v.
reprint. 1888; 1889
Reprint 1889.                                                  Campbell, John McLeod.
                                                                   The nature of the atonement and its relation to
Caird, John.                                                   remission of sins and eternal life.
     University addresses: being addresses on                  London, Macmillan and co. 1869
subjects of academic study, delivered to the
University of Glasgow.                                         Campbell, John McLeod.
Glasgow, J. Maclehose and sons. 1899                                Reminiscences and reflections, referring to his
                                                               early ministry in the parish of Row, 1825-31.
Calamy, Edmund.                                                London, Macmillan and co. 1873
     An historical account of my own life, with some           Edited, with an introductory narrative, by his son,
reflections on the times I have lived in (1671-1731).          Donald Campbell.
London, H. Colburn and R. Bentley. 1829
Edited and illustrated with notes, historical and              Campbell, Reginald John.
biographical, by John Towill Rutt…; 2v.                           The new theology.
                                                               New York. The Macmillan company. 1907
California; its past history, its present position, its
future prospects: containing a history of the country          Campbell, Reginald John.
from its colonization by the Spaniards to the present              A spiritual pilgrimage.
time; a sketch of its geographical and physical                London, Williams and Norgate. 1916
features: and a minute and authentic account of the
discovery of the gold region, and the subsequent               Candlish, Robert S.
important proceedings. Including a history of the rise,            The fatherhood of God.
progress, and present condition of the Mormon                  Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black. 1865
London, For the proprietors. 1850
                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

Being the first course of the Cunningham lectures              London, Macmillan and co. 1881
delivered before the new college, Edinburgh, in
March 1864; 2d ed.                                             Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).
                                                                   …Phases of early Christianity, six lectures.
Careless, John.                                                New York and London, G.P. Putnam's sons. 1916
     The old English 'squire; a jovial gay fox hunter,
bold, frank and free.                                          Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).
London, Methuen. 1905                                              Studies in theology.
                                                               London, J.M. Dent & co. 1903
Carlyle, Thomas.
    The life of John Sterling.                                 Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).
New York, Scribner, Welford & co. 1871                              …Theism in medieval India; lectures delivered
                                                               in Essex hall, London, October-December, 1919.
Carlyle, Thomas.                                               London, Williams & Norgate. 1921
     On heroes, hero-worship and the heroic in
history.                                                       [Carter, Landon].
Philadelphia, Henry Altemus. 1894                                    A letter to the Right Reverend father in God, the
                                                               Lord B----p of L----n.
Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).                          Printed in Virginia, and reprinted in London. 1760
     The Bible in the nineteenth century; eight                Occasioned by a letter of His Lordship's to the L---ds
lectures.                                                      of T---e, on the subject of the act of Assembly passed
London, New York and Bombay, Longmans, Green,                  in the year 1758, intituled, An act to enable the
and co. 1903                                                   inhabitants of this colony to discharge their publick
                                                               dues, &c. in money for the ensuing year. From
Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).                          Virginia.
    Comparative religion.
New York, H. Holt and company; [etc., etc.]. [1913?]           Cary, Henry F.
                                                                   …The early French poets.
Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).                          New York, A. & C. Boni. 1925
     The composition of the Hexateuch.
London, New York and Bombay, Longmans, Green,                  Cary, Henry F.
and co. 1902                                                       Lives of English poets, from Johnson to Kirke
an introduction with select lists of words and phrases,        White, design as a continuation of Johnson's lives.
and an appendix on laws and institutions, by George            London, H.C. Bohn. 1846
Harford, M.A.
                                                               [Cassels, Walter R.].
Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).                               A reply to Dr. Lightfoot's essays.
     Ethical and religious problems of the war,                London and New York, Longmans, Green, and co.
fourteen addresses.                                            1889
London, The Lindsey press. 1916
                                                               [Cassels, Walter R.].
Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).                               Supernatural religion: an inquiry into the reality
      The first three Gospels, their origin and                of divine revelation.
relations.                                                     London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1874-1877
London, The Lindsey Press. 1906                                3v.
4th ed with index.
                                                               [Castell, William].
Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).                                A petition of W.C. exhibited to the high court of
     Freedom and truth; modern views of Unitarian              Parliament now assembled, for the propagating of the
Christianity.                                                  Gospel in America, and the West Indies; and for the
London, The Lindsey press. 1925                                settling of our plantations there; which petition is
                                                               approved by 70 able English divines.
Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).                          [London]. 1641
     James Martineau, theologian and teacher; a                Also by Master Alexander Henderson, and some
study of his life and thought.                                 other worthy ministers of Scotland.
London, P. Green. 1905
2d issue, with index.                                          Catcott, Alexander.
                                                                    A treatise on the deluge.
Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).                          London, Printed for the author, by E. Allen. 1768
    The Johannine writings, a study of the                     Containing I. Remarks on the Lord Bishop of
Apocalypse and the Fourth gospel.                              Clogher's account of that event. II. A full explanation
Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin company.                 of the Scripture history of it. III. A collection of all
1927                                                           the principal heathen accounts. IV. Natural proofs of
                                                               the deluge, deduced from a great variety of
Carpenter, J. Estlin (Joseph Estlin).                          circumstances, on and in the terraqueous globe…;
    The life and work of Mary Carpenter.                       The 2d ed considerably enl.
                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

                                                              A comparison of Scotch and English pauperism and
Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Hymnary.                 Evidence before the Committee of the House of
English.                                                      commons, with preface by Mrs. George Kerr... and
     Lyra Catholica, containing all of the hymns of           introduction by Miss Grace Chalmers Wood.
the Roman Breviary and Missal, with others from
various sources, arranged for every day in the week,          Chalmers, Thomas.
and the festivals and saints' days throughout the                  The duty of giving an immediate diligence to the
years.                                                        business of the Christian life.
New York, Edward Dunigan and brother. 1851                    New York, Published by Kirk and Mercein. 1817
With a selection of hymns, anthems, and sacred
poetry from approved sources.                                 Chalmers, Thomas.
                                                                   The expulsive power of a new affection.
Cattermole, Richard.                                          New York, T.Y. Crowell & co. [1901]
     The literature of the Church of England                  with a brief introductory note by John Angus Mac
indicated in selections from the writings of eminent          Vannel.
divines: with memoirs of their lives, and historical
sketches of the times in which they lived.                    Chalmers, Thomas.
London, J.W. Parker. 1844                                          The importance of civil government to society,
2v.                                                           and the duty of Christians in regard to it.
                                                              Glasgow, Chalmers & Collins; [etc., etc.]. 1820
Cecil, Algernon.                                              A sermon preached in St. John's church, Glasgow on
    Six Oxford thinkers: Edward Gibbon. John                  Sabbath, the 30th April, 1820.
Henry Newman. R.W. Church. James Anthony
Froude. Walter Pater. Lord Morley of Blackburn.               Chalmers, Thomas.
London, J. Murray. 1909                                            Lectures on the Epistle of Paul, the apostle to
                                                              the Romans.
Cecil, Richard.                                               New York, R. Carter; Pittsburg, T. Carter. 1843
    Remains of the Rev. Richard Cecil.                        2d ed.
Andover [Mass.] M. Newman. 1824
To which is prefixed a view of his character; 2d ed.          Chalmers, Thomas.
                                                                  The nature and season of repentance, no. 470.
Cestre, Charles.
     John Thelwall, a pioneer of democracy and                Chalmers, Thomas.
social reform to England during the French                         On the miraculous and internal evidence of the
revolution.                                                   Christian revelation, and the authority of its records.
London, S. Sonnenschein & co lim.; New York, C.               New York, R. Carter & brothers. 1857
Scribner's sons. 1906                                         2v.

Chalmers, Thomas.                                             Chalmers, Thomas.
     Chalmers on charity; a selection of passages and              Posthumous works of the Rev. Thomas
scenes to illustrate the social teaching and practical        Chalmers.
work of Thomas Chalmers, D.D.                                 New York, Harper & brothers. 1848-1850
Westminster, A. constable and company. 1900                   edited by the Rev. William Hanna…; [v 1, '49] 9v.
Arranged and ed. by N. Masterman.
                                                              Chalmers, Thomas.
Chalmers, Thomas.                                                  Remarks on the present position of the church of
    Chalmers on peace.                                        Scotland.
[New Vienna, O., Peace association of Friends in              Glasgow, W. Collins. 1839
America]. [1869]                                              Occasioned by the publication of a letter from the
                                                              Dean of faculty to the Lord chancellor.
Chalmers, Thomas.
     The Christian and civic economy of large towns.          Chalmers, Thomas.
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1900                                 Select works of Thomas Chalmers.
abridged and with an introduction by Charles R.               New York, R. Carter & brothers. 1850
Henderson.                                                    comprising his miscellanies; lectures on Rocans;
                                                              astronomical, commercial, congregational, and
Chalmers, Thomas.                                             posthumous sermons…; 4v.
     Discourses on the Christian revelation viewed in
connexion with the modern estronomy; with others of           Chalmers, Thomas.
a kindred character.                                               A series of discourses on the Christian
Edinburgh, T. Constable and co.; London, Hamilton,            revelation, viewed in connexion with the modern
Adams, and co. 1852                                           astronomy.
                                                              New York: Published by Kirk & Mercein. No. 22
Chalmers, Thomas.                                             Wall-street. 1817
    Dr. Chalmers and the poor laws.
Edinburgh, D. Douglas. 1911                                   [Chambers, Robert].
                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

     Explanations: a sequel to "Vestiges of the                      Five types, a book of essays.
natural history of creation.".                                   New York, H. Holt and company; [etc., etc.]. 1911
New York: Wiley & Putnam. 1846
                                                                 Chevrillon, Andrew.
[Chambers, Robert].                                                   Sydney Smith, et la renaissance des idees
    Vestiges of the natural history of creation.                 liberales en Angleterre au xixe siecle.
London, J. Churchill. 1844                                       Paris, Hachette et cie. 1894

Chambers, Robert.                                                Cheyne, George.
    Vestiges of the natural history of creation.                     Philosophical principles of religion.
London, J. Churchill. 1846                                       London, Printed for G. Strahan. 1734, '33
                                                                 Natural and revealed..; 2v in 1.
Chambers, William.
     Memoir of Robert Chambers, with                             Cheyne, Thomas Kelly.
autobiographic reminiscences of William Chambers.                      Encyclopaedia biblica; a critical dictionary of
New York, Scribner, Armstrong & co. 1872                         the literary, political and religious history, the
                                                                 archaeology, geography, and natural history of the
Chapman, John Jay.                                               Bible.
    Emerson, and other essays.                                   New York, The Macmillan company; [etc., etc.].
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1898                               1899-1908
Charles, Robert M.
      A critical history of the doctrine of a future life        Cheyne, Thomas Kelly.
in Israel, in Judaism, and in Christianity; or, Hebrew,               Founders of Old Testament criticism;
Jewish, and Christian eschatology from pre-prophetic             biographical, descriptive, and critical studies.
times till the close of the New Testament canon,                 London, Methuen & co. 1893
being the first Jowett lectures delivered in 1898-99.
London, A. and C. Black. 1913                                    Cheyne, Thomas Kelly.
2d ed, rev and enl.                                                    The origin and religious contents of the Psalter
                                                                 in the light of Old Testament criticism and the history
Charlevoix, Pierre Francois Xavier de.                           of religions.
     The history of Paraguay.                                    London, K. Paul, Trench, Trubner, & co., ltd. 1891
London, L. Davis. 1769
Containing… a full and authentic account of the                  Chorley, Henry F.
establishments formed there by the Jesuits, from                       Memorials of Mrs. Hemans with illustrations of
among the savage natives... Written originally in                her literary character from her private
French…; 2v.                                                     correspondence.
                                                                 London, Saunders and Otley. 1837
The Charters of the British colonies in America.                 2v.
London, Printed for J. Almon. [1774?]
                                                                 Christmas, Henry.
Chaumonot, Pierre Joseph Marie.                                       A concise history of the Hampden controversy,
     La vie du R.P. Pierre Joseph Marie Chaumonot,               from the period of its commencement in 1832 to the
De la Compagnie de Jesus, Missionnaire dans la                   present time.
Nouvelle France, Ecrite par lui meme par ordre de                London, Smith, Elder and co. 1848
son Superieur, l'an 1688.                                        With all the documents which have been published
Nouvelle York, Isle de Manate, A la Presse Cramoisy              and a brief examination of the "Bampton lectures" for
de Jean-marie Shea. 1858                                         1832, and of the "Observations on dissent.".

[Chauncy, Charles].                                              Chubb, Thomas.
    A letter from a gentleman in Boston to Mr.                         The posthumous works of Mr. Thomas Chubb.
George Wishart, one of the ministers of Edinburgh,               London, Printed for R. Baldwin, jun.; and sold by E.
concerning the state of religion in New-England.                 Easton, Sarum. 1748
Edinburgh. 1742                                                  Containing, I. Remarks of the Scriptures. II.
                                                                 Observations on the Reverend Mr. Warburton's
[Checkley, John].                                                Divine legation of Moses. III. The author's Farewel to
      A modest proof of the order & government                   his readers; comprehending a variety of tracts, on the
settled by Christ and his apostles in the church.                most important subjects of religion. With an
Boston: Re-printed by Tho. Fleet. 1723                           appendix, including a postscript to his four last
By shewing I. What sacred offices were instituted by             dissertations, more particularly relative to that on the
them. II. How those offices were distinguished. III.             history of Melchizedek. To which is prefixed, some
That they were to be perpetual and standing in the               account of the author: written by himself…; 2v.
church. And, IV. Who succeed in them, and rightly
execute them to this day.                                        Chubb, Thomas.
                                                                     The true gospel of Jesus Christ asserted.
Chesterton, Gilbert K.                                           London, Printed for T. Cox. 1738
                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

Wherein is shewn what is, and what is not that                London, Macmillan and co., limited; New York, The
gospel; what was the great and good end it was                Macmillan company. 1897
intended to serve; how it is excellently suited to            2v.
answer that purpose; and how, or by what means that
end has in a great measure been frustrated. Humbly            Church, Richard W.
offered to publick consideration, and in particular to            The Oxford movement, twelve years,
all those who esteem themselves, or are esteemed by           1833-1845.
others to be ministers of Jesus Christ, and preachers         London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1891
of his gospel; and more especially to all those who
have obtained the reputation of being the great               Church, Richard W.
defender of Christianity.                                         Pascal and other sermons.
                                                              London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1895
Church R[ichard] W.
    Bacon.                                                    Church, Richard W.
London, Macmillan and Co., Ltd. 1902                              The sacred poetry of early religions.
                                                              London, Macmillan and co. 1874
Church, Richard W.
    Advent sermons 1885.                                      Church, Richard W.
London, Macmillan and co. 1886                                    Saint Anselm.
                                                              London, New York, Macmillan. [1895]
Church, Richard W.
    …The beginning of the middle ages.                        Church, Richard W.
London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1882                             Sermons preached before the University of
With three maps; New ed.                                      Oxford.
                                                              London, Macmillan and co. 1868
Church, Richard W.
    Cathedral and university sermons.                         Church, Richard W.
London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1892                       Village sermons preached at Whatley.
                                                              London, Macmillan and co., limited; New York, The
Church, Richard W.                                            Macmillan company. 1897
     Christianity and civilisation; five lectures
delivered at St. Paul's cathedral, London.                    Church, Richard W.
New York, The Macmillan company. 1914                             W. Spenser.
                                                              New York, J.W. Lovell. 1881
Church, Richard W.
    Dante.                                                    Civilization: or, The Indian chief and British pastor.
London, Macmillan and co. 1878                                London, Printed for T. Egerton. 1818
An essay .. To which is added a translation of De             3v.
monarchia. By F.C. [!] Church.
                                                              Clare, John.
Church, Richard W.                                                …Life and remains of John Clare.
    The discipline of the Christian character.                London, F. Warne and co.; New York, Scribner,
London, Macmillan & Co. 1890                                  Welford, & Armstrong; [etc., etc]. 1873
                                                              Clare, John.
Church, Richard W.                                                Madrigels * chronicles.
     Human life and its conditions; sermons preached          London, The Beaumont press. 1824
before the University of Oxford in 1876-1878, with
the ordination sermons.                                       Clare, John.
London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1894                       Poems descriptive of rural life and scenery.
                                                              London, Taylor and Hessey [etc.]. 1821
Church, Richard W.
     The message of peace, and other Christmas                Clarke, Charles C.
sermons.                                                           Recollections of writers.
London, Soc. for promoting Christian knowledge.               New York, C. Scribner's sons. [1878]
1896                                                          With letters of Charles Lamb, Leigh Hunt, Douglas
3rd ed.                                                       Jerrold, and Charles Dickens; and a preface by Mary
Church, Richard W.
    Miscellaneous essays.                                     Clarke, Helen Archibald.
London, Macmillan and co., limited, New York, The                   Browning and his century.
Macmillan company. 1891                                       Garden City, N.Y. Doubleday, Page & company.
Church, Richard W.                                            Illustrated from photographs.
     Occasional papers, selected from the Guardian,
the Times, and the Saturday review, 1846-1890.                Clarke, Samuel.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

      A collection of papers, which passed between              3v.
the late learned Mr. Leibnitz, and Dr. Clarke, in the
years 1715 and 1716.                                            Coke, Thomas, bp.
London, Printed for J. Knapton. 1717                                 A journal of the Rev. Dr. Coke's third tour
Relating to the principles of natural philosophy and            through the West-Indies: in two letters, to the Rev. J.
religion. With an appendix. To which are added,                 Wesley.
letters to Dr. Clarke concerning liberty and necessity;         London, Printed by G. Paramore. 1791
from a gentleman of the University of Cambridge:
with the doctor's answer to them. Also Remarks upon             Coke, Thomas, bp.
a book, entituled, A philosophical enquiry concerning                A journal, of the Rev. Dr. Coke's fourth tour on
human liberty.                                                  the continent of America.
                                                                London, Printed by G. Paramore. 1792
Clayden, Peter W.
    The early life of Samuel Rogers.                            Coke, Thomas, bp.
London, Smith, Elder & co. 1887                                       A statement of the receipts and disbursements
                                                                for the support of the missions established by the
Clayden, Peter W.                                               Methodist society, for the instruction and conversion
     Samuel Sharpe, egyptologist and translator of              of the Negroes in the West-Indies, addressed to the
the Bible.                                                      subscribers.
London, K. Paul, Trench & co. 1883                              London. 1794

Clough, Arthur Hugh.                                            Coke, Thomas, bp.
     The poems and prose remains of.                                  A statement of the receipts and disbursements
London, Macmillan and co. 1869                                  for the support of the missions established by the
with a selection from his letters and a memoir; ed. by          Methodist society, for the instruction and conversion
his wife…; 2v.                                                  of the Negroes in the West-Indies, addressed to the
Cobbett, William.                                               London. 1794
     An address to the clergy of Massachusetts.
Boston, Printed at the Yankee office. 1815                      Colenso, John William.
Written in England, Nov. 13, 1814... with a prefatory                …Abstract of Colenso on the Pentateuch: a
epistle, to certain priests, by Jonathan [pseud.] one of        comprehensive summary of Bishop Colenso's
the people called Christians.                                   argument, proving that the Pentateuch is not
                                                                historically true; and that it was composed by several
Cobbett, William.                                               writers, the earliest of whom lived in the time of
      Porcupine's works; containing various writings            Samuel, from 1100 to 1060 B.C. and the latest in the
and selections, exhibiting a faithful picture of the            time of Jeremiah, from 641 to 624 B.C.
United States of America; of their government, laws,            New York, Sold by the American news company.
politics, and resources; of the characters of their             1871
presidents, governors, legislators, magistrates, and            To which is appended an essay on the nation and the
military men; and of the customs, manners, morals,              country of the Jews.
religion, virtues and vices of the people: comprising
also a complete series of historical documents and              Colenso, John William.
remarks, from the end of the wear, in 1783, to the                   Lectures on the Pentateuch and the Moabite
election of the President, in March, 1801.                      stone.
London, Printed for Cobbett and Morgan. 1801                    London, Longmans, Green and co. 1873
In twelve volumes. (A volume to be added                        With appendices containing I. The Elohistic
annually.)…; 12v.                                               narrative. II. The original story of the Exodus. III.
                                                                The pre-Christian cross, its universality and meaning.
Cofer, David.
     Saint-Simonism in the radicalism of Thomas                 Colenso, John William.
Carlyle.                                                            The Pentateuch and book of Joshua critically
[Austin, Tex., Printed by Von Boeckmann-Jones                   examined.
company]. [1931]                                                London, Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts &
                                                                Green. 1862-1879
Coke, Thomas, bp.                                               7v.
      A history of the West Indies, containing the
natural, civil, and ecclesiastical history of each              Colenso, John William.
island; with an account of the missions instituted in                St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans: newly
those islands, from the commencement of their                   translated, and explained from a missionary point of
civilization; but more especially of the missions               view.
which have been established in that archipelago by              Cambridge [Eng.] London, Macmillan and co. 1861
the society late in connexion with the Rev. John
Wesley.                                                         Coleridge, Hartley.
Liverpool, Printed by Nuttall, Fisher, and Dixon.                   Lives of northern worthies.
1808-1811                                                       London, E. Moxon. 1852
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

                                                              Cox, Samuel.
Coleridge, John T., Sir.                                           A commentary on the book of Job.
    A memoir of the Rev. John Keble.                          London, K. Paul, Trench & co. 1885
Oxford and London, J. Parker and co. 1869                     with a translation, by Samuel Cox…; 2d ed.
                                                              Cox, Samuel.
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor.                                          An expositor's note-book: or, Brief essays on
     Complete works, with an introductory essay               obscure or misread Scriptures.
upon his philosophical and theological opinions.              London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1875
New York, Harper & brothers. 1884                             3d ed.
edited by Professor W.G.T. Shedd; 7v.
                                                              Cox, Samuel.
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor.                                          Salvator mundi: or, Is Christ the Saviour of all
     Confessions of an inquiring spirit.                      men?.
Boston, J. Munroe and company. 1841                           London, C.K. Paul & co. 1904
Edited from the author's ms.                                  18th ed.

[Combe, William].                                             [Craik, Dinah Marie, Mrs.].
     The dance of life.                                           Poems.
London, Methuen and co. 1903                                  Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1860
a poem by the author of 'Doctor Syntax'; illustrated
with coloured engravings by Thomas Rowlandson; A              Cramer, Maurice Browning.
new ed.                                                             The foundation's [!] of Browning's fame,
Comte, Auguste.                                               [n.p.]. [1942]
     The positive philosophy of Auguste Comte.
London, J. Chapman. 1853                                      Croly, George.
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In ten books.                                                      Salathiel.
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Costello, Louisa S.                                           A story of the past, the present, and the future…;
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the time of the troubadours and trouveres to the reign
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an epic poem in twenty-four books; 2v in 1.                   New-England, December, 1621.
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Cottle, Joseph.                                               Supposed to be the earliest printed sermon delivered
    Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and              in the English colonies in America. With an historical
Robert Southey.                                               and bibliographical pref.
New York, Wiley and Putnam. 1848
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with a new translation; 3d ed.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

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London, Congregational union of England and                  Darley, George.
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The Congregational union lecture for 1875; 25th ed.          London, E. Mathews. 1897

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period of theological decay and transition.
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[Frome and London] The Milton publishing league.             Davidson, John.
1877                                                             Holiday and other poems.
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     The devotion to the Heart of Jesus: with an             Davidson, John.
introduction on the history of Jansenism.                        New ballads.
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3d ed.
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introduction by Ramsay Colles.                               2v; 3d ed.

Darley, George.                                              Davidson, Samuel.
      The geometrical companion, in which the                    The autobiography and diary of Samuel
elements of abstract geometry are familiarized,              Davidson.
illustrated, and rendered practically useful to the          Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark. 1899
various pursuits of life.
London, Printed for Taylor and Walton. 1851                  Davidson, Samuel.
2d ed.                                                            The canon of the Bible: its formation, history,
                                                             and fluctuations.
[Darley, George].                                            London, H.S. King & co. 1877
    The labours of idleness.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Davidson, Samuel.                                                    A journal of the life, travels, and labour of love
     A treatise on Biblical criticism exhibiting a             in the work of the ministry, of that worthy elder, and
systematic view of that science.                               faithful servant of Jesus Christ, James Dickinson.
Boston, Gould and Lincoln. 1853                                London, Printed and sold by T.S. Raylton and L.
2v.                                                            Hinde. 1745

Davies, John Llewelyn.                                         Dickinson, Jonathan.
    Theology and morality.                                          God's protecting providence, man's surest help
New York, T. Whittaker. [1873]                                 and defence, in times of greatest difficulty, and most
Essays on questions of belief and practice.                    eminent danger.
                                                               Philadelphia, printed: London, Reprinted, and sold by
Davison, John.                                                 T. Sowle. 1700
     Discourses on prophecy, in which are
considered its structure, use and inspiration.                 Dimock, Nathaniel.
Oxford and London, J.H. and J. Parker. 1856                         The doctrine of the sacraments in relation to the
being the substance of twelve sermons preached in              doctrines of grace as contained in the Scriptures,
the chapel of Lincoln's inn, in the lecture founded by         taught in our formularies and upheld by our
the Right Reverend William Warburton, bishop of                Reformers.
Gloucester…; 6th ed.                                           London, New York, [etc., etc.] Longmans, Green,
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Dawson, George.                                                New ed.
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De Vere, Aubrey, Sir.                                          the XVIIIth century.
    A song of faith.                                           London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & co. 1892
London, W. Pickering. 1842
Devout exercises and sonnets.                                  Dobson, Austin.
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mind of Christ.                                                [Dodwell, Henry].
New York, A.C. Armstrong & son. 1909                                 Christianity not founded on argument; and the
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Lectures delivered in Chicago theological seminary.            Dolben, Digby Mackworth.
                                                                    The poems of.
Derham, William.                                               London, New York, [etc.] H. Milford, Oxford
      Astro-theology: or, a demonstration of the being         university press. 1915
and attributes of God, from a survey of the heavens.           with a memoir by Robert Bridges.
London, Printed for W. Innys. 1715
Illustrated with copper-plates.                                Dolores: a theme with variations.
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     The harp of Erin, containing the poetical works
of the late Thomas Dermody.                                    Donaldson, Augustus B.
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2v.                                                            Pusey, Liddon and Church.
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                                                                   The political life of the Right Honourable Sir
Dickinson, James.                                              Robert Peel, bart.
                                                               London, Smith, Elder and co. 1856
                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

                                                             lectures on "Christianity in its most simple and
Douglas, Alfred B., lord.                                    intelligible form." Delivered in Oxford and London
    The city of the soul.                                    in April and May, 1894…; 2d ed.
London, John Lane; New York, John Lane company.
1911                                                         Dyer, George.
                                                                 A dissertation on the theory and practice of
Douglas, George Brisbane, Sir, bart.                         benevolence.
     James Hogg.                                             London. 1818-1819
Edinburgh and London, Oliphant, Anderson &                   New ed.
Ferrier. [1899]
                                                             Dyer, George.
Douglas, James.                                                   Four letters on the English Constitution.
    Robert Browning.                                         London. 1818
London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1903                           4th ed.

[Douglas, John, bp. of Salisbury].                           Dyer, George.
      The criterion: or, Miracles examined with a                 History of the University and colleges of
view to expose the pretensions of pagans and papists;        Cambridge; including notices relating to the founders
to compare the miraculous powers recorded in the             and eminent men.
New Testament, with those said to subsist in later           London, Printed for Longmans, Hurst, Rees, Orme,
times, and to shew the great and material difference         and Brown; [etc., etc.]. 1814
between them in point of evidence.                           2v.
London, Printed for A. Millar. 1754
from whence it will appear that the former must be           Dyer, George.
true, and the latter may be false.                                Poetics: or, A series of poems, and disquisitions
                                                             on poetry.
Dowden, Edward.                                              London, Printed for J. Johnson and co. 1812
    Studies in literature, 1789-1877.                        2v.
London, K. Paul, Grench & co. 1882
                                                             Dyer, George.
Driver, Samuel R.                                                 The privileges of the University of Cambridge;
     …An introduction to the literature of the Old           together with additional observations on its history,
Testament.                                                   antiquities, literature, and biography.
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1891                           London, Printed for Longman and co.; [etc., etc.].
Drummond, Henry.                                             2v.
    Natural law in the spiritual world.
New York, J. Pott & co. 1889                                 Earland, Ada.
New ed.                                                          Ruskin and his circle.
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Drummond, Henry.
   The new evangelism, and other addresses.                  An earnest address to the people of Great-Britain and
New York, Dodd, Mead and company. 1899                       Ireland: occasioned by the dismission of William Pitt,
                                                             esq. from the office of secretary of state.
Drummond, Henry.                                             London, Printed for W. Owen. 1761
   The new evangelism, and other addresses.
New York, Dodd, Mead and company. 1899                       Edmundson, William.
                                                                  A journal of the life, travels, sufferings and
Drummond, Henry.                                             labour of love in the work of the ministry, of that
   Pax vobiscum.                                             worthy elder and faithful servant of Jesus Christ,
New York, J. Pott & co. 1891                                 William Edmundson.
                                                             London, Printed and sold by M. Hinde. 1774
Drummond, Henry.                                             The 2d ed.
     What is a Christian? The study of the Bible.
Philadelphia, N. Altemus. [1898]                             Eliot, George (pseud. Marian Evans, afterwards
Drummond, James.                                                  …Complete poems by George Eliot.
     The life and letters of James Martineau, LL.D.,         Boston, Eates and Lauriat. [n.d.]
S.T.D., etc.
New York, Dodd, Mead and company. 1902                       Eliot, George (pseud. Marian Evans, afterwards
and a survey of his philosophical work by C.B.               Cross).
Upton…; 2v.                                                       The Spanish gypsy.
                                                             New York, Frederick A. Stokes company. [1893]
Drummond, James.
    …Via, veritas, vita.                                     Eliot, John.
London [etc.] Williams and Norgate. 1895
                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

     A brief narrative of the progress of the gospel              2v.
amongst the Indians in New-England, in the year a letter...directed to the right worshipfull the        Erskine, Thomas.
commissioners under His Majesties great-seal for                       Remarks on the internal evidence for the truth of
propagation of the gospel amongst the poor blind                  revealed religion.
natives in those United Colonies.                                 Philadelphia, A. Finley. 1821
London, Printed for J. Allen. 1671
                                                                  Erskine, Thomas.
Eliot, John.                                                          The spiritual order and other papers, selected
     A late and further manifestation of the progress             from the manuscripts of the late.
of the gospel amongst the Indians in New-England.                 Edinburgh, D. Douglas. 1884
London, Printed by M.S. 1655
Declaring their constant love and zeal to the truth...            Essays and reviews.
Being a narrative of the examinations of the Indians,             London, J.W. Parker and son.
about their knowledge in religion, by the elders of the
churches. Pub. by the corporation, established by act             The Etonian [Oct.1820-Aug.1821].
of Parliament, for propagating the gospel there.                  London, H. Colburn and co. and C. Knight. 1823
                                                                  3v; 3d ed.
Elliott, Ebenezer.
     Kerhonah, The Vernal Walk, and other poems.                  Ewer, John, bp. of Bangor.
London, Benjamin Steill, Paternoster Row. 1835                         A sermon preached before the incorporated
Vol. III.                                                         Society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign
                                                                  parts; at their anniversary meting, February, 1767.
Elliott, Ebenezer.                                                London printed: New-York, Re-printed and sold by
      The poetical works of Ebenezer Elliott, the                 James Parker, in Beaver-street. 1768
Corn-law rhymer.
Edinburgh, W. Talt; London, Slapkin, Marshall & co.               Ewing, Alexander.
[etc]. 1840                                                           Revelation considered as light.
[2d ed].                                                          London, Strahan & co. 1873

Elliott, Ebenezer.                                                Faber, Frederick William.
     The splendid village: corn law rhymes; and                        All for Jesus; or, the easy ways of divine love.
other poems.                                                      Baltimore, John Murphy & co. [18--]
London, B. Steill [etc., etc.]. 1833
                                                                  Faber, Frederick William.
Elliott, Ebenezer.                                                     Bethlehem.
     The Village Patriarch, Love, and other poems.                Baltimore, John Murphy. [pref. 1960]
London, Benjamin Steil, Paternoster Row. 1834                     Republished from advance sheets with the
Vol. II.                                                          approbation of the Most Rev., the Archbishop of
                                                                  Baltimore; 14th American ed.
[Emlyn, Thomas].
     An humble enquiry into the Scripture account of              Faber, Frederick William.
Jesus Christ; or, a short argument concerning his                      …The blessed sacrament; or, The works and
deity and glory, according to the gospel.                         ways of God.
London-printed; Frankfort-Kentucky; Re-printed by                 Baltimore and New York, J. Murphy and co. [1855?]
James M. Bradford. 1803                                           Republished with sanction and correction of the
Ernle, Rowland Edmund Prothero, baron.
     The life and correspondence of Arthur Penrhyn                Faber, Frederick William.
Stanley, late dean of Westminster.                                     The creator and the creature; or, The wonders of
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1894                                divine love.
With the co-operation and sanction of the Very Rev.               Baltimore, Murphy & co. 1857
G.G. Bradley…; 2v.
                                                                  Faber, Frederick William.
Erskine, Thomas.                                                      Ethel's book: or, Tales of the angels.
     The brazen serpent; or, Life coming through                  London, Burns & Oates. n.d
Edinburgh, D. Douglas. 1879                                       Faber, Frederick William.
                                                                       The foot of the cross; or, The sorrows of Mary.
Erskine, Thomas.                                                  Baltimore, New York, John Murphy Company.
    An essay on faith.                                            [1857?]
Edinburgh, Waugh and Innes. 1823                                  New edition.

Erskine, Thomas.                                                  Faber, Frederick William.
    Letters of Thomas Erskine of Linlathan.                             Growth in holiness; or, The progress of the
New York, G.P. Putnam's sons. 1877                                spiritual life.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Baltimore, Murphy & co. [18--]                               Cambridge, University press, for J. & J.J. Deighton;
                                                             [etc., etc.]. 1847
Faber, Frederick William.
     Hymns.                                                  Farrar, Frederic William.
Baltimore, New York, J. Murphy co. [introd. 1830                 The Bible, its meaning and supremacy.
10th American, from the author's last ed. of 1861.           New York, London [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co.
Faber, Frederick William.
    Notes on doctrinal and spiritual subjects.               Farrar, Frederic William.
London, Thomas Richardson. 1872                                  The book of Daniel.
2v.                                                          London, Hodder & Stoughton. 1895

Faber, Frederick William.                                    Farrar, Frederic William.
     Poems.                                                      Darkness and dawn; or, Scenes in the days of
London, T. Richardson and son. 1857                          Nero, an historic tale.
2d ed.                                                       London, New York, Longmans, Green, & co. 1896

Faber, Frederick William.                                    Farrar, Frederic William.
     The Precious blood; or, The price of our                    Eternal hope; five sermons preached in
salvation.                                                   Westminster abbey.
Baltimore, John Murphy & co. [18--]                          New York, E.P. Dutton & company. 1878
Republished from advance sheets.
                                                             Farrar, Frederic William.
Faber, Frederick William.                                        The First book of Kings.
     Spiritual conferences.                                  London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1893
Baltimore, John Murphy & co. 1892
                                                             Farrar, Frederic William.
Faber, Frederick William.                                         Gathering clouds, a tale of the days of St.
    The Styrian lake, and other poems.                       Chrysostom.
London, J.G.F. & J. Rivington; [etc., etc]. 1842             New York and London, Longmans, Green and co.
Fairbairn, Andrew Martin.
    Christ in the centuries, and other sermons.              Farrar, Frederic William.
New York, E.P. Dutton & co. [1893]                                History of interpretation; eight lectures preached
                                                             before the University of Oxford in the year
Fairbairn, Andrew Martin.                                    MDCCCLXXXV.
      The city of God; a series of discussions in            London, Macmillan and co. 1886
London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1900                           Farrar, Frederic William.
                                                                  The life and work of St. Paul.
Fairbairn, Andrew Martin.                                    London, New York [etc.] Cassell, Petter, Galpin &
    The philosophy of the Christian religion.                co. [1879-1880]
New York, The Macmillan company; London,                     2v.
Macmillan & co., ltd. 1902
                                                             Farrar, Frederic William.
Fairbairn, Andrew Martin.                                        The life of Christ.
    The place of Christ in modern theology.                  London, New York [etc.] Cassell, Potter & Galpin.
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1894                           [1874]
Fairbairn, Andrew Martin.
     Religion in history and in modern life, together        Farrar, Frederic William.
with an essay on the church and the working classes.              The life of lives; further studies in the life of
London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1901                           Christ.
                                                             New York, Dodd, Mead & company. 1900
Fairbairn, Andrew Martin.
    Studies in religion and theology.                        Farrar, Frederic William.
New York, The Macmillan company. 1910                            …The Minor prophets.
The church: in idea and in history.                          New York, Chicago [etc.] Fleming H. Revell
                                                             company. [189- ?]
Falconer, William.
    A new and universal dictionary of themarine.             Farrar, Reginald.
London, T. Cadell [etc.]. 1830                                    The life of Frederic William Farrar, D.D.,
                                                             F.R.S., etc., sometime dean of Canterbury.
Farr, Edward.                                                New York, T.Y. Crowell & company. [1904]
    Select poetry, chiefly sacred, of the reign of           by his son.
King James the First.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

[Farrar, Timothy].                                                 An essay on the evils of popular ignorance: and
     Memoir of the Farrar family.                             a discourse on the communication of Christianity to
[Boston, Printed for private distribution at the press        the people of Hindoostan.
of T. Prince]. [1853]                                         London, Bell & Daldy. 1872
By a member of the N.E. hist. gen. Society.                   New ed, rev and enl.

Fenton, Elijah.                                               Foster, John.
     Mariamne.                                                     An essay on the importance of considering the
London, Printed for John Bell. 1777                           subject of religion.
A tragedy.                                                    Boston, S.H. Parker and Crocker & Brewster. 1827
                                                              Addressed particularly to men of education.
Ferguson, Adam.
     Institutes of moral philosophy.                          Foster, John.
Basil, Printed by J. Decker. 1800                                  An essay on the improvement of time, with
                                                              notes, of sermons, and other pieces.
Feuerbach, Ludwig A.                                          London, G. Bell and sons. 1886
    The essence of Christianity.
New York, C. Blanchard. 1855                                  Foster, John.
Translated from the 2d German ed.                                 Essays in a series of letters to a friend.
                                                              London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme. 1806
Fitzgerald, Edward.                                           2v.
     Polonius: a collection of wise saws and modern
instances.                                                    Foster, John.
London, Alexander Noring limited, The De La More                   Fosterians, consisting of thoughts, reflections,
press. 1905                                                   and criticisms, of John Foster.
                                                              London, H.G. Bohn. 1858
FitzRoy, Augustus Henry, 3d duke of Grafton.                  Selected from periodical papers not hitherto
      Autobiography and political correspondence of           published in a collective form, and ed. by Henry G.
Augustus Henry, third duke of Grafton, K.G., from             Bohn.
hitherto unpublished documents in the possession of
his family.                                                   Foster, John.
London, J. Murray. 1898                                            The life and correspondence of John Foster.
edited by Sir William R. Anson.                               London, Jackson and Welford. 1846
                                                              ed. by J.E. Ryland. With notices of Mr. Foster as a
Forbes, Alexander Penrose.                                    preacher and a companion, by John Sheppard…; 2d
     An explanation of the thirty-nine articles, with         ed; 2v.
an epistle dedicatory to the late Rev. E.P. Pusey.
New York, E.P. Dutton and company, Oxford and                 Foster, John.
London, Parker and co. [n.d.]                                     Miscellaneous essays on Christian morals;
by the late A.P. Forbes…; 5th ed.                             experimental and practical.
                                                              New York, D. Appleton & co.; Philadelphia, G.S.
Forbes, Alexander Penrose.                                    Appleton. 1844
    Kalendars of Scottish saints.
Edinburgh, Edmonston and Douglas. 1872                        Fox, William Johnson.
                                                                   Christ and christianity.
Forbes, Alexander Penrose.                                    Boston, Leonard C. Bowles. 1833
     A short explanation of the Nicene Creed, for the         Sermons on the mission, character, and doctrine, of
use of persons beginning the study of theology.               Jesus of Nazareth; 2v.
Oxford, Parker. 1866
2d ed.                                                        Fox, William Johnson.
                                                                   On the religious ideas.
Forsyth, Peter Taylor.                                        London, C. Fox. 1849
     The principle of authority in relation to
certainty, sanctity and society, an essay in the              Fox, William Johnson.
philosophy of experimental religion.                               The spirit of Unitarian Christianity.
London, New York [etc.] Hodder and Stoughton.                 London, C. Fox and co. [etc.]. 1824
[1912]                                                        A sermon, delivered at the opening of the Finsbury
                                                              Unitarian chapel, on Sunday, February 1st, 1824.
Forsyth, Peter Taylor.
    Religion in recent art; expository lectures on            Foxcroft, Thomas.
Rossetti, Burne Jones, Watts, Holman Hunt and                      Grateful reflexions on the signal appearances of
Wagner.                                                       divine providence for Great Britain and its colonies
London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1901                            in America, which diffuse a general joy.
                                                              Boston, N.E., Printed and sold by S. Kneeland. 1760
Foster, John.

                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

A sermon preached in the Old church in Boston,               Froude, James A.
October 9, 1760. Being the thanks-giving-day, on                  Short studies on great subjects.
occasion of the surrender of Montreal, and the               London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1867
complete conquest of Canada, by the blessing of              2v; [First series].
heaven on His Britannic Majesty's brave troops,
under the auspicious conduct of that truly great and         Froude, James A.
amiable commander, General Amherst.                               The Spanish story of the Armada, and other
Friends, Society of. London Yearly Meeting.                  New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1892
     Meeting for sufferings.
London, printed, Philadelphia, Re-printed by Joseph          Froude, James A.
Crukshank. 1784                                                    …Theological unrest: discussions in science and
The case of our fellow creatures, the oppressed              religion.
Africans, respectfully recommended to the serious            New York, A.S. Barnes & co. c.1880
consideration of the legislature of Great-Britain by
the people called Quakers.                                   Froude, James A.
                                                                  Thomas Carlyle; a history of the first forty years
Froude, James A.                                             of his life, 1795-1835.
    Bunyan.                                                  London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1892
New York, Harper & brothers. 1880                            2v.

Froude, James A.                                             Froude, Richard H.
     The divorce of Catherine of Aragon.                         Remains of the late Reverend Richard Hurrell
New York, Scribner's. 1899                                   Froude.
The story as told by the imperial ambassadors                London, J.G. & F. Rivington. 1838-1839
resident at the court of Henry VIII.                         4v.

Froude, James A.                                             Gage, Thomas.
    The English in Ireland in the eighteenth century.             The English-American, his travail by sea and
New York, Scribner, Armstrong, and co. 1873-1874             land: or, A new survey of the West-India's,
3v.                                                          containing a journall of three thousand and three
                                                             hundred miles within the main land of America.
Froude, James A.                                             London, Printed by R. Cotes. 1648
     History of England from the fall of Wolsey to           With a grammar, or some few rudiments of the
the death of Elizabeth.                                      Indian tongue, called, Poconchi, or Pocoman. By the
New York, C. Scribner and co. 1870-1871                      true and painfull endevours of Thomas Gage.
                                                             Gage, Thomas.
Froude, James A.                                                  A new survey of the West-India's: or, The
    The Knights templars.                                    English American his travail by sea and land;
New York, J.B. Alden. 1886                                   containing a journal of three thousand and three
                                                             hundred miles within the main land of America.
Froude, James A.                                             London, Printed by E. Cotes, and sold by J.
    Lectures on the Council of Trent, delivered at           Sweeting. 1655
Oxford 1892-3.                                               Wherein is set forth his voyage from Spain to St.
New York, Scribner. 1896                                     John de Ulhau; and from thence to Xalappa, to
                                                             Tlaxcalla, the City of Angels, and forward to
Froude, James A.                                             Mexico... Likewise, his journey from Mexico,
    Life and letters of Erasmus.                             through the provinces of Guaxaca, Chiapa,
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1894                           Guatemala, Vera Paz, Truxillo, Comayagua; with his
Lectures delivered at Oxford 1893-4.                         abode twelve years about Guatemala... As also his
                                                             strange and wonderfull conversion and calling from
Froude, James A.                                             those remote parts, to his native country. With his
    Luther: a short biography.                               return through the province of Nicaragua, and Costa
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1884                           Rica, to Nicoya, Panama, Portobelo, Cartagena, and
                                                             Havana... Also, a new and exact discovery of the
Froude, James A.                                             Spanish navigation to those parts: and of their
    The Nemesis of faith.                                    dominions, government, religion, forts... behavior of
London, J. Chapman. 1849                                     Spaniards, priests and friers... Indians; and of their
                                                             feasts and solemnities. With a grammer, or some few
Froude, James A.                                             rudiments of the Indian tongue, called Poconchi, or
    Science and theology, ancient and modern.                Pocoman. The 2d edition enlarged by the author, and
Toronto, Rose-Belford publishing co. 1879                    beautified with maps. By the true and painful
And other religio-science essays. By Emerson, Leslie         endevours of Thomas Gate…; rev.
Stephen [and others].
                                                             Gardner, Percy.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

    Evolution in Christian doctrine.
London, Williams and Norgate; New York, G.P.                   Glascott, Cradock.
Putnam's sons. 1918                                                 The best method of putting an end to the
                                                               American war.
Gardner, Percy.                                                London, Printed by J.W. Pasham. 1776
    Exploratio evengeica: a survey of the                      Being the substance of a sermon preached December,
foundations of Christianity.                                   1776... With an address from Henry Peckwell... to his
London: A. and C. Black. 1907                                  fellow subjects on that solemn occasion.

Garvie, Alfred Ernest.                                         Godard-Lange.
     The Ritschlian theology, critical and                          La congregation; ou, Une mission chez les
constructive; an exposition and an estimate.                   Iroquois; poeme asceti-epique.
Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark. 1899                                 Paris, Chez l'auteur. 1847
                                                               en 9 chants, avec des notes critiques, historiques,
Gilbert, William S. (William Schwenck), Sir.                   anecdotiques et edifiantes, tirees, pour la plupart, des
     The Bab ballads with which are included "Songs            ouvrages des benoits pere jesuites.
of a Savoyard" with 350 illustrations by the author.
London, Macmillan and co., limited. [n.d.]                     Godfrey, John Thomas.
                                                                     The houses and haunts of Henry Kirk White.
Gilchrist, Anne B., Mrs.                                       London, Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & co.
    …Mary Lamb.                                                ltd; Notthingtham, H.B. Saxton. 1908
Boston, Roberts brothers. 1883                                 with some account of the family of White, of
                                                               Nottingham and Norfolk.
Gilfillan, George.
     The bards of the Bible.                                   Godwin, Morgan.
New York, Harper & brothers. 1864                                   The negro's Indians advocate, suing for their
                                                               admission into the church: or A persuasive to the
Gilfillan, George.                                             instructing and baptizing of the negro's and Indians in
     Christianity and our era.                                 our plantations.
Edinburgh, J. Hogg. 1857                                       London, Printed for the author, by J.D. 1680
A book for the times.                                          To which is added, a brief account of religion in
Gilfillan, George.
     A gallery of literary portraits.                          Godwin, Morgan.
Edinburgh, W. Tait; [etc., etc.]. 1845                               Trade preferr'd before religion, and Christ made
                                                               to give place to Mammon.
Gilfillan, George.                                             London, B. Took. 1685
     George Gilfillan: letters and journals, with              represented in a sermon relating to the plantations.
memoir.                                                        First preached at Westminster-Abby and afterwards
London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1892                             in divers churches in London.

Gilfillan, George.                                             Godwin, William.
     The martyrs and heroes of the Scottish covenant.               The enquirer.
Edinburgh, Gall & Inglism. [1920?]                             London, Printed for G.G. and J. Robinson. 1797
                                                               Reflections on education, manners, and literature.
Gilfillan, George.
     A second Gallery of literary portraits.                   Gofft, Capel.
Edinburgh, J. Hogg; [etc., etc.]. 1852                              Laura: or, An anthology of sonnets, on the
2d ed.                                                         Petrarcan model.
                                                               London, R. & A. Taylor for B.R. Crosby and co.
Gillies, John.                                                 1814
     Memoirs of the life of the Reverend George                5v.
Whitefield, M.A., late chaplain to the Right
Honourable the Countess of Huntingdon.                         Gonzalez de Mendoza, Juan, bp.
London, E. and C. Dilly; [etc., etc.]. 1772                         The history of the great and mighty kingdom of
Faithfully selected from his original papers, journals,        China and the situation thereof.
and letters.                                                   London, Printed for the Hakluyt society. 1853-1854
                                                               Ed. by Sir George T. Staunton, bart. with an
Gillow, Joseph.                                                introduction by R.H. Major.
      A literary and biographical history, or
bibliographical dictionary, of the English Catholics,          Goode, William.
from the breach with Rome, in 1534, to the present                 The divine rule of faith and practice.
time.                                                          London, J. Hatchard and son. 1842
London, Burns & Oates; New York, Catholic pub.                 2v.
soc. Co. [pref. 1885-1902]
5v.                                                            Goode, William.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

      Tract XC [by John Henry Newman] historically             Gosse, Edward W., Sir.
refuted; or, A reply to a work by the Rev. F. Oakeley,             Gissop in a library.
entitled, "The subject of Tract XC, historically               London, W. Heinemann. 1891
London, J. Hatchard and Son. 1845                              Goulburn, Edward M.
                                                                    An introduction to the devotional study of the
Goodwin, Thomas.                                               Holy Scriptures.
     An apologeticall narration, humbly submitted to           New York, D. Appleton and company. 1866
the honourable houses of Parliament.                           1st American from the 7th London, ed.
London, Printed for R. Dawlman. 1643
By Tho: Goodwin, Philip Nye, Sidrach Simpson, Jer:             Goulburn, Edward M.
Burroughes, William Bridge.                                         John William Burgon; late dean of Chichester, a
                                                               biography; with extracts from his letters and early
Gordon, Mary [W.].                                             journals.
      Christopher North, a memoir of John Wilson,              London, J. Murray. 1892
late professor of moral philosophy in the University           2v.
of Edinburgh, comp.
New York, W.J. Widdleton. 1863                                 Gould, Elizabeth P.
From family papers and other sources by his                        The Brownings and America.
daughter, Mrs. Gordon, with an introduction by R.              Boston, The Poet-lore company. 1904
Shelton Mackenzie.
                                                               Gould, George.
Gordon, William C.                                                 Documents relating to the settlement of the
      The social ideals of Alfred Tennyson as related          Church of England by the Act of Uniformity of 1662.
to his time.                                                   London, W. Kent. 1862
Chicago, The University of Chicago press. 1906                 With an historical introduction [by Peter Bayne].

Gore, Charles.                                                 Grant, Robert, Sir.
     The doctrine of the infallible Book.                           Sacred poems.
New York, George M. Doran company. [1925]                      London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1868
with a section by Professor H.R. Mackintosh.                   British Literature
                                                               By the late Right Hon. Sir Robert Grant; A new ed.
Gore, Charles.
     Dr. Streeter and The primitive church.                    Graves, Alfred Percival.
Milwaukee, Morehouse publishing co.; London, A.R.                  The Irish poems.
Mowbray & co. [c.1930]                                         Dublin, Maunsel & company, ltd.; New York, The
by the Right Reverend Charles Gore, D.D., sometime             Macmillan company. 1908
Bishop of Oxford; a paper read at Sion college on              2v.
November, 1930, and subsequently published in the
Church times, London.                                          Green, Thomas H.
                                                                   The witness of God, and Faith.
Gore, Charles.                                                 London, Longmans, Green and co. 1883
    …The Holy Spirit and the church.
London, J. Murray. 1924                                        Greg, William R.
by Charles Gore, D.D. ...formerly bishop of Oxford.                 The creed of Christendom; its foundations and
Gore, Charles, bp. of Oxford.                                  London, J. Chapman. 1851
    The Epistles of St. John.
London, J. Murray. 1921                                        Greg, William Rathbone.
                                                                    The creed of Christendom; its foundations and
Gore, Charles, bp. of Oxford.                                  superstructure.
    The incarnation of the Son of God; being the               London, J. Chapman. 1851
Bampton lectures for the year 1891.
London, J. Murray. 1891                                        [Grey, Isaac].
                                                                    A serious address to such of the people called
Gore, Charles, bp. of Oxford.                                  Quakers, on the continent of North-America, as
     The new theology and the old religion; being              profess scruples relative to the present government:
eight lectures, together with five sermons.                    exhibiting the ancient real testimony of that people,
London, J. Murray. 1907                                        concerning obedience to civil authority.
                                                               Philadelphia: Printed by Styner and Cist, at the
Gore, Charles, bp. of Oxford, ed.                              north-east corner of Race-and-Second streets. 1778
      Lux mundi, a series of studies in the religion of
the incarnation.
New York, United States book company. [1890?]
From the 10th English ed.

                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Written before the departure of the British army from          Halliwell-Phillipps, James O.
Philadelphia, 1778, by a native of Pennsylvania. To                 On the character of Sir John Falstaff, an
which are added, for the information of all rational           originally exhibited by Shakespeare in the two parts
enquirers, an appendix, consisting of extracts from            of King Henry IV.
An essay concerning obedience to the supreme                   London, William Pickering. 1841
powers, and the duty of subjects in all revolutions,
published in England soon after the revolution of              Hamilton, Janet T., Mrs.
1688; The 2d ed.                                                    …Poems, essays, and sketches: comprising the
                                                               principal pieces from her complete works.
Griffin, William Hall.                                         Glasgow, J. Maclehose. 1880
     The life of Robert Browning, with notices of his
writings, his family, & his friends.                           Hampden, Rena D., bp of Hereford.
London, Methuen & co., ltd. [1910]                                   The scholastic philosophy considered in its
completed and edited by Harry Christopher Minchin.             relation to Christian theology.
                                                               Hereford, J. Head: London, Simpkin, Marshal and co.
Griggs, Edward H.                                              1848
    The poetry and philosophy of Browning: a
handbook of eight lectures.                                    Hare, Julius Charles.
New York, B.W. Huebach. [1905]                                      Charges to the clergy of the archdeaconry of
                                                               Lewes, delivered at the Ordinary Visitations from the
Griswold, Rufus W.                                             year 1840 to 1854.
     The poets and poetry of England, in the                   Cambridge, Macmillan. 1856
nineteenth century.                                            3v.
Philadelphia, Carey & Hart. 1845
                                                               [Hare, Julius Charles].
Groome, Francis Hindes.                                            Guesses at truth, by two brothers.
    Two Suffolk friends.                                       London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1871
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.                   New ed.
                                                               Hare, Julius Charles.
Guiney, Louise I.                                                  The mission of the Comforter, with notes.
    Murrell Froude; memoranda and comments.                    Boston, Gould and Lincoln; New York, Sheldon and
London, Methuen & Co. [1904]                                   company; [etc., etc.]. 1860
                                                               2d American ed.
Guthrie, Thomas.
    The gospel in Ezekiel.                                     Hare, Julius Charles.
New York, R. Carter & brothers. 1856                                Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy
                                                               neighbour: a letter to the Editor of the English
Hale, Edward Everett.                                          Review.
    …Lights of two centuries.                                  London, J.W. Parker. 1849
New York & Chicago, A.S. Barnes & company. 1887                With a letter from Professor Maurice to the author.

Hall, Joseph, bp. of Norwich.                                  Hare, Julius Charles.
      A common apologie of the Church of England:                   The victory of faith.
against the vnjust challenges of the over iust sect.           London, Macmillan. 1874
commonly called Brownists.                                     Ed. by E.H. Plumptre, with introductory notices by
London, Printed for E. Edgar. 1610                             Professor Maurice and Dean Stanley; 3d ed.
Wherein the grounds and defences, of the separation
are largely discussed; occasioned by a late pamphlet           Hare, Julius Charles.
published under the name of An answer to a                          Vindication of Luther against his recent English
censorious epistle, which the reader shall finde in the        assailants.
margent.                                                       London, J.W. Parker and son. 1855
                                                               2d ed, reprinted and enlarged from the notes to the
Hall, Robert, rev.                                             Mission of the Comforter.
London, Henry G. Bohn. 1853                                    The Harleian miscellany; or, A collection of scarce,
With a brief memoir of his life, by Dr. Gregory; and           curious, and entertaining pamphlets and tracts, as
observations on his character as a preacher, by John           well in manuscript as in print, found in the late Earl
Foster. Pub. under the superintendence of Olinthus             of Oxford's library; interspersed with historical,
Gregory; 6v.                                                   political, and critical notes.
                                                               London, Printed for R. Dutton. 1808-1811
Hall, Samuel, Sir.                                             12v.
     A short history of the Oxford movement.
London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co.               Harris Public Library, Preston (England).

                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

     Catalogue of manuscripts, letters and books in           extracts from the manuscript notebooks of R.S.
the Harris Public Library, Preston, based on the              Hawker, Vicar of Morenstow, Selected and arranged
collection presented by Mr. J.H. Spencer in 1950.             by E.R. Appleton. Edited with a preface by C.E.
[Preston, Eng. ?]. 1959                                       Byles.

Harrison, Frederic.                                           Headlam, Arthur Cayley, bp. of Gloucester.
    Autobiographic memoirs.                                        The teaching of the Russian church.
London, Macmillan and co. limited. 1911                       Published for the Eastern Church Association.
2v.                                                           London, Rivingtons. 1897
                                                              being notes on points on which it differs from the
Harrison, Frederic.                                           English church.
    The creed of a layman; apologia pro fide mea.
New York, The Macmillan company; London,                      Heath, Richard.
Macmillan & co., ltd. 1907                                         The English peasant.
                                                              London, T.F. Unwin; New York, The Century co.
Harrison, Frederic.                                           [1893]
    The philosophy of common sense.                           Studies: historical, local, and biographic.
New York, The Macmillan company. 1907
                                                              Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.
Harrison, Frederic.                                                 Heber's hymns.
     Realities and ideals; social, poligical, literary        London, S. Low, son, and Marston. 1867
and artistic.                                                 Illustrated.
New York, The Macmillan company. 1908
                                                              Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.
Harrison, Frederic.                                                Hymns, written and adapted to the weekly
     Theophano, the crusade of the tenth century.             church service of the year.
New York and London, Harper & brothers. 1904                  New-York, G. & C. Carvill. 1827
a novel.
                                                              Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.
Hastings, James.                                                   The life of Reginald Heber.
     A dictionary of the Bible; dealing with its              New York, Protestant Episcopal press. 1830
language, literature and contents, including the              by his widow. With selections from his
Biblical theology.                                            correspondence, unpublished poems, and private
New York, C. Scribner's sons; [etc., etc.]. 1898-1904         papers; 2v.
                                                              Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.
Hatch, Edwin.                                                      The life of Reginald Heber.
     …The influence of Greek ideas and usages upon            New-York, Protestant Episcopal press. 1830
the Christian church.                                         by his widow. With selections from his
London and Edinburgh, Williams and Norgate. 1890              correspondence, unpublished poems, and private
                                                              papers; together with a Journal of his tour in Norway,
Hatch, Edwin.                                                 Sweden, Russia, Hungary, and Germany, and a
     The organization of the early Christian churches.        History of the Cossacks; 2v.
London [etc.] Rivingtons. 1882
Eight lectures delivered before the University of             Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.
Oxford, n the year 1880, on the foundation of the late              The life of the Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor, with a
Rev. John Bampton…; 2d ed, revised.                           critical examination of his writings.
                                                              London, Printed for C. and J. Rivington. 1828
[Hawker, Robert Stephen].
      A letter to a friend, containing some matters           Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.
relating to the church.                                            Narrative of a journey through the upper
London, Royston and Brown. 1857                               provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay,
By a Cornish vicar.                                           1824-1825 (With notes upon Ceylon) an account of a
                                                              journey to Madras and the southern provinces, 1826,
Hawker, Robert Stephen.                                       and letters written in India.
      The poetical works of.                                  London, J. Murray. 1828
London and New York, John Lane. 1899                          2d ed; 3v.
ed. from the original manuscripts and annotated
copies, together with a prefactory notice and                 Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.
bibliography, by Alfred Wallis.                                    Palestine, and other poems.
                                                              Philadelphia, Carye, Lea and Carey: New York, G. &
Hawker, Robert Stephen.                                       C. Carvill; [etc., etc.]. 1828
    Stones broken from the rocks.
Oxford, Blackwell. 1922                                       Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.

                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

      The personality and office of the Christian           Philadelphia, Lee and Blancard. 1870
Comforter asserted and explained, in a course of            with a memoir by her sister, and an essay on her
sermons on John XVI.7, preached before the                  genius, by Mrs. Sigourney…; 7v.
University of Oxford, in the year MDCCCXV.
Oxford, The University press for J. Hatchard, London        Henderson, Andrew.
[etc.]. 1816                                                    The history of the rebellion, MDCCXLV and
Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.                           London, Printed for A. Millar [etc.]. 1753
    The poetical works.
London, J. Murray. 1841                                     Henley, William E.
                                                                Views and reviews, essays in appreciation.
Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.                           New York, Charles Scribner's sons. 1902
    The poetical works of Reginald Heber.
London, J. Murray. 1841                                     [Herbert, William, dean of Manchester].
                                                                Attila, king of the Huns.
Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.                           London, H.G. Bohn. 1838
    Sermons preached in England.
New York, Sold by E. Bliss; [etc., etc.]. 1829              [Herbert, William, dean of Manchester].
                                                                Translations from the German, Danish &c. to
Heber, Reginald, bp. of Calcutta.                           which is added miscellaneous poetry.
    Sermons preached in India.                              London, Printed for T. Reynolds, by I. Gold. 1804
London, J. Murray. 1829
                                                            Herford, Charles H.
Helps, Arthur, Sir.                                             Robert Browning.
    Thoughts in the cloister and the crowd.                 New York, Dodd, Mead & company. 1905
Glasgow, Wilson & McCormick. 1883
                                                            Hill, Rowland.
Hemans, Felicia D.B., Mrs.                                        Village dialogues, between Farmer Littleworth,
    The forest sanctuary; and other poems.                  Thomas Newman, Rev. Mr. Lovegood, and others.
Boston, Illiar: Gray, Little and Wilkins. 1827              London, Tegg. 1839
Hemans, Felicia D.B., Mrs.                                  Hinton, James.
     Hymns on the works of nature, for the use of               The mystery of pain; a book for the sorrowful.
children.                                                   New York, M. Kennerley. [1914]
Boston, Hilliard, Gray, Little, and Wilkins. 1827
                                                            Hoadly, Benjamin, bp. of Winchester.
Hemans, Felicia D.B., Mrs.                                       The works of Benjamin Hoadly.
     The league of the Alps.                                London, Printed by W. Bowyer and J. Nichols and
Boston, Hilliard, Gray, Little, and Wilkins. 1826           sold by R. Horsfield. 1773
The siege of Valencia.                                      Published by his son, John Hoadly…; 3v.

Hemans, Felicia D.B., Mrs.                                  Hodson, Margaret M., Mrs.
    National lyrics, and songs for music.                       Wallace; or, The fight at Falkirk; a matrical
Dublin, W. Curry jun., and company; London,                 romance.
Simpkin and Marshall. 1834                                  London, Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme
                                                            and Brown. 1810
Hemans, Felicia D.B., Mrs.
    Records of women; with other poems.                     Hoffman, Karl.
Boston, Williard Gray, Little, and Wilkins. 1828                 Uber Lord Byrons "The Giaour".
                                                            Halle a. S., E. Karras. 1898
Hemans, Felicia D.B., Mrs.
    The sceptic.                                            Hogg, James.
New York, S. Francis & co.; Boston, J.N. Francis.               Familiar anecdotes of Sir Walter Scott.
1852                                                        New York, Harper & brothers. 1834
                                                            With a sketch of the life of the shepherd, by S.
Hemans, Felicia D.B., Mrs.                                  DeWitt Bloodgood.
     Songs of the affections.
Philadelphia, E.H. Butler & co. 1860                        Hogg, James.
Hemans, Felicia D.B., Mrs.                                  London and New York, John Lane. 1905
      The vespers of Palermo.
London, J. Murray. 1823                                     [Hogg, James].
a tragedy, in five acts.                                         The poetic mirror; or, The living bards of
Hemans, Felicia D.B., Mrs.                                  Philadelphia, M. Carey and son; sold also by Wells,
   The works of Mrs. Hemans.                                and Lilly, Boston. 1817
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

[Hogg, James].                                                Hood, Thomas.
    The poetical works of the Ettrick shepherd.                   National tales.
Glasgow [etc.] Blackie and son. [1838?]                       London, W.N. Ainsworth. 1827
With an autobiography and illustrative engravings;            2v.
                                                              [Hood, Thomas].
Hogg, James.                                                      Odes and addresses to great people.
      …The private memoirs and confessions of a               London, Baldwin, Cradock & Joy. 1825
justified sinner.
London, A.M. Philpot, ltd. 1924                               Hood, Thomas.
                                                                  The plea of the midsummer fairies, Hero and
[Hogg, James].                                                Leander, Lycus the Centaur, and other poems.
     A queer book.                                            London, Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green.
Edinburgh, W. Blackwood; [etc., etc.]. 1832                   1827
By the Ettrick shepherd.
                                                              Hood, Thomas.
[Hogg, James].                                                   Poems.
     A series of lay sermons on good principles and           New York, Wiley and Putnam. 1846
good breeding.
London, J. Fraser. 1834                                       Hood, Thomas.
by the Ettrick shepherd [pseud.].                                 The poetical works of Thomas Hood.
                                                              New York, J. Miller. 1871
[Hogg, James].                                                With a memoir...; 3v.
    Songs, by the Ettrick shepherd.
New York, W. Stodart. 1832                                    Hood, Thomas.
Now first collected; 1st American ed.                             Whims and oddities, in prose and verse.
                                                              London, C. Tilt. 1836
Hogg, James.
     …The suicide's grave; being the private                  Hood, Thomas.
memoirs & confessions of a justified sinner, written              Whimsicalities, a periodical gathering.
by himself.                                                   London, H. Colburn. 1844
London, J. Shiells & co. 1895                                 2v.
With a detail of curious traditionary facts & other
evidence; Photogravures by R. Easton Stuart.                  Hook, Walter Farquhard.
                                                                  The Church and Its Ordinances.
[Hogg, James].                                                London, Richard Bentley & Son. 1876
    Tales and sketches.                                       2v.
Glasgow [etc.] Blackie & son. 1837
6v.                                                           Hook, Walter Farquhard.
                                                                    An ecclesiastical biography, containing the lives
Holland, Henry S.                                             of ancient fathers and modern devices, interspersed
    Personal studies.                                         with notices of heretics and schismatics, forming a
London, Gardner, Darton & Co. [1905]                          brief history of the church in every age.
                                                              London, F. and J. Rivington: Leeds, T. Harrison;
Holme, Benjamin.                                              [etc., etc.]. [1845]-1852
     A collection of the epistles and works of                8v.
Benjamin Holme.
London, Luke Hinde. 1753                                      Hook, Walter Farquhard.
To which is prefix'd an account of his life... written            Five sermons preached before the University of
by himself.                                                   Oxford.
                                                              Oxford, D.A. Talboys; London, Sold by F.
Hood, Thomas.                                                 Macpherson [etc., etc.]. 1837
   The dream of Eugene Aram, the murderer.
New York, Peabody & co. 1832                                  Hook, Walter Farquhard.
                                                                   Lives of the archbishops of Canterbury.
Hood, Thomas.                                                 London, R. Bentley. 1860-1864
    The Epping hunt.                                          12v.
London, C. Tilt. 1830
                                                              Horne, Richard Henry.
Hood, Thomas.                                                      Orion.
     The miscellaneous poems of Thomas Hood,                  London, J. Miller. 1843
containing Lamia, The Epping hunt, odes and                   an epic poem, in three books; 3d ed.
addresses and poems of sentiment, wit and humor,
with notes.                                                   Horne, Thomas Hartwell.
Boston, Phillips, Sampson & co. 1858
                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

     Introduction to the critical study and knowledge               Philosophical essays concerning human
of the Holy Scriptures.                                         understanding.
Philadelphia, E. Littall. 1827                                  London, Printed for M. Cooper. 1751
                                                                Humphreys, David.
Horner, Joseph Andrew, ed.                                           An historical account of the incorporated
      …The American board of missions and slavery.              Society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign
Leeds, J.B. Barry & co. 1860                                    parts.
A reprint of the correspondence in the                          London, Printed by J. Downing. 1730
"Nonconformist" newspaper; to which is added, an                Containing their foundation, proceedings, and the
article on the fall of Dr. Pomroy [!] and his                   success of their missionaries in the British colonies,
consequent dismissal from office. Ed. by Joseph A.              to the year 1728. By David Humphreys, D.D.,
Horner, hon. see. to the Wakefield anti-slavery                 secretary to the honourable society.
                                                                Humphreys, Edward Rupert.
Horswell, Charles.                                                    America, past, present and prospective.
     Suggestions for the study of the English New               Newport, R.I., C.E. Hammett, jun. 1869
Testament.                                                      a lecture, ... To which are subjoined essays on the
New York, Hunt & Eaton; Cincinnati, Cranston &                  higher education of America and England, with an
Curts. 1893                                                     historical sketch of the Queen's colleges in Ireland.

Hort, Fenton John Anthony.                                      Hunt, John.
     The Christian ecclesia; a course of lectures on                 Religious thought in England in the nineteenth
the early history and early conceptions of the ecclesia         century.
and four sermons.                                               London, Gibbings & co., limited. 1896
London, Macmillan and co. 1897
                                                                Hunt, Leigh.
Hort, Fenton John Anthony.                                           Leigh Hunt as poet and essayist.
     Judaistic Christianity.                                    London and New York, Frederick Warne and co.
London, Macmillan. 1894                                         1889
a source of lectures.
                                                                [Hutcheson, Francis].
Hort, Fenton John Anthony.                                            An essay on the nature and conduct of the
     Life and letters of.                                       passions and affections.
London, Macmillan and co. ltd.; New York,                       London, Sold by J. Osborn and T. Longman; [etc.,
Macmillan & co. 1896                                            etc.]. 1728
sometime Hulsean professor and Lady Margaret's                  With illustration on the moral sense.
reader in divinity in the University of Cambridge; 2v.
                                                                Hutcheson, Francis.
Hort, Fenton John Anthony.                                            A system of moral philosophy, in three books.
    Six lectures on the ante-Nicene fathers.                    London, Sold by A. Millar; [etc., etc.]. 1755
London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1895                     ... Pub. from the original manuscript by his son
                                                                Francis Hutcheson, M.D. …; 2v.
Hort, Fenton John Anthony.
    The way, the truth, the life.                               Hutton, Arthur Wollaston.
Cambridge, Macmillan & co. 1893                                     Cardinal Manning.
                                                                Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and
Howitt, William.                                                company. 1892
      Colonization and Christianity: a popular history
of the treatment of the natives by the Europeans in all         Hutton, Richard Holt.
their colonies.                                                      Aspects of religious and scientific thought.
London, Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and                        London, Macmillan and co., limited; New York, The
Longmans. 1838                                                  Macmillan company. 1899
                                                                selected from the Spectator.
Hume, David.
    Essays, moral and political.                                Hutton, Richard Holt.
London, Printed for A. Millar; [etc., etc.]. 1748                   Cardinal Newman.
                                                                London, Methuen and co. 1891
Hume, David.
      Four dissertations.                                       Hutton, Richard Holt.
London, Printed for A. Millar. 1757                                  Criticisms on contemporary thought and
I. The natural history of religion. II. Of the passions.        thinkers.
III. Of tragedy. IV. Of the standard of taste.                  London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1900
                                                                selected from the Spectator; 2v.
Hume, David.
                                                                Hutton, Richard Holt.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

    Essays on some of the modern guides of English                 Chalcographimania; or, The portrait-collector
thought in matters of faith.                                  and print-seller's chronicle, with infatuations of every
London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1887                   description.
                                                              London, R.S. Kirby. 1814
Hutton, Richard Holt.                                         A humorous poem.
    Essays on some of the modern guides of English
thought in matters of faith.                                  Ireland, William Henry.
London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1887                         The confessions of William Henry Ireland.
                                                              London, Printed by Ellerton and Byworth, for T.
Hutton, Richard Holt.                                         Goddard. 1805
     Essays, theological and literary.                        Containing the particulars of his fabrication of the
London, Daldy, Isbiter, & co. 1877                            Shakspeare manuscripts; together with anecdotes and
2v; 2d ed rev and enl.                                        opinions (hitherto unpublished) of many
                                                              distinguished persons in the literary, political, and
Hutton, Richard Holt.                                         theatrical world.
     The incarnation and principles of evidence.
New York, Pott & Amery. 1871                                  [Ireland, William Henry].
a theological essay.                                               Gtultifera navis; or, The modern Ship of fools.
                                                              Bedford Bury, Printed by Wm. Savage. [1807 ?]
Hutton, William Hilden.
    The English church from the accession of                  [Ireland, William Henry].
Charles I. to the death of Anne (1625-1717).                       Miscellaneous papers and legal instruments
London, Macmillan and co., limited; New York, The             under the hand and seal of William Shakspeare.
Macmillan company. 1903                                       London, Mr. Egerton [etc.]. 1796
An impartial sketch of the life of Thomas Paine,              Ireland, William Henry.
author of "Common sense," "Rights of man," &c. &c.                 Neglected genius.
London, Printed for, and sold by T. Browne. 1792              London, G. Cowie and co [etc.]. 1812
To which is added, his letters to Mr. Henry Dundas,           A poem.
to Lord Onslow, to the Marquis of Landsdowne, to
the authors of the Republican, to the Abbe Syeyes,            Ireland, William Henry.
and to the people of France. With Thoughts on the                  Rhapsodies.
peace.                                                        London, Longman and Rees. 1803

Inge, William Ralph.                                          [Ireland, William Henry].
     Christian ethics and modern problems.                         Scribbleomania; or, The printers' devil's
New York, London, G.P. Putnam's sons. 1930                    Polichronicon.
                                                              London, Sherwood, Healy and Jones. 1815
Inge, William Ralph.                                          A sublime poem.
     Outspoken essays.
London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co.               [Ireland, William Henry].
1921                                                               Vortigern.
                                                              London, J. Barker [etc.]. 1799
Inge, William Ralph.                                          an historical tragedy, in five acts; represented at the
      The philosophy of Plotinus; the Gifford lectures        Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. And Henry the Second,
at St. Andrews, 1917-1918.                                    an historical drama.
London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co.
1918                                                          Irving, Edward.
2v.                                                                The collected writings of Edward Irving.
                                                              London, A Strahan & co. 1864-1865
Inge, William Ralph.                                          Edited by his nephew the Rev. G. Carlyle…; 5v.
     Studies of English mystics; St. Margaret's
lectures, 1905.                                               Jacks, Lawrence P.
London, J. Murray. 1906                                            From authority to freedom; the spiritual
                                                              pilgrimage of Charles Hargrove.
Ireland, William Henry.                                       London, Williams & Norgate. 1920
     An authentic account of the Shakesperian
manuscripts, &c.                                              Jacks, Lawrence P.
London, Printed by J. Debrett. 1796                               Life and letters of Stopford Brooke.
                                                              New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1917
Ireland, William Henry.                                       2v.
     Ballads in imitation of the antient.
London, T.N. Londman and O. Rees. 1801                        Jackson, Thomas.
                                                                  The life of the Rev. Charles Wesley.
[Ireland, William Henry].                                     London, J. Mason. 1841

                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

Comprising a review of his poetry; sketches of the              With a concluding chapter by the Lord Bishop of
rise and progress of Methodism; with notices of                 Oxford [Francis Paget]…; 2d impression.
contemporary events and characters…; 2v.
                                                                Jones, Jeremiah.
Jacobi, Bernhard.                                                    A new and full method of settling the canonical
     Elizabeth Barrett Browning als ubersetzerin                authority of the New Testament.
antiker dichtungen.                                             Oxford, The Clarendon press. 1798
Munster (Westf.) H. Schoningh. 1908                             To which is subjoined A vindication of the former
                                                                part of St. Matthew's Gospel, from Mr. Whiston's
Jameson, Anne B. M., Mrs.                                       charge of dislocations…; 3v.
    Anna Jameson letters and friendships
(1812-1860).                                                    Jones, William.
London, T.F. Unwin, ltd. [1915]                                      The history of the Christian church, from the
                                                                birth of Christ, to the eighteenth century; including
Jameson, Anne B. M., Mrs.                                       the very interesting account of the Waldenses and
     A commonplace book of thoughts, memories,                  Albigenses.
and fancies, original and selected.                             Louisville, E.A. Smith. 1831
New York, D. Appleton & company. 1855                           3d American from the 4th London ed.

[Jenyns, Soame].                                                Josephus, Flavius.
    Disquisitions on several subjects.                               The works of Flavius Josephus.
London, Printed for J. Dodsley. 1789                            London, J. Richardson and co. [etc.]. 1822
                                                                to which are added, three dissertations, concerning
Jenyns, Soame.                                                  Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, James the Just. God's
      A free inquiry into the nature and origin of evil.        command to Abraham, etc. with an index to the
London: Printed. Boston: Re-printed and sold by                 whole. Tr. by W. Whiston…; 4v.
John W. Folsom no. 30, Union-street. 1795
In six letters to ____. To which is added, a preface,           Jukes, Andrew J.
and some explanatory noted.                                          The second death and the restitution of all
                                                                things: with some preliminary remarks on the nature
Jenyns, Soame.                                                  and inspiration of Holy Scripture.
     The poems of Soame Jenyns.                                 London, Longmans, Green, an co. 1876
London. 1790                                                    A letter to a friend.
(In Johnson, Samuel, ed. The works of the English
poets. London, 1790).                                           [Kames, Henry Home, lord].
                                                                      Essays on the principles of morality and natural
Jenyns, Soame.                                                  religion.
      A view of the internal evidence of the Christian          Edinburgh, Printed by R. Fleming, for A. Kincaid
religion.                                                       and A. Donaldson. 1751
Philadelphia: Printed by Joseph Crukshank, in                   In two parts.
Market-street, between Second and Third-streets.
1780                                                            [Kames, Henry Home, lord].
                                                                     Sketches of the history of man.
Jobson, Frederick James.                                        Edinburgh, W. Creech; London, A Strahan and T.
      America, and American Methodism.                          Cadell. 1788
London, J.S. Virtue. [1857]                                     Considerably enlarged by the last additions and
By the Rev. Frederick J. Jobson. With a prefatory               corrections of the author…; 4v.
letter by the Rev. John Hannah, D.D. Illustrated from
original sketches by the author.                                [Keble, John].
                                                                     The Christian year: thoughts in verse for the
Jodl, Friedrich.                                                Sundays and holydays throughout the year.
     Leben und philosophie David Hume's.                        Philadelphia, Carey, Lea and Blanchard. 1834
Halle, C.E.M. Pfeffer. 1872                                     1st American ed.
Dargestellt von dr. Friedrich Jodl.
                                                                Keble, John.
Johnson, Mary Lynch.                                                 Letters of spiritual counsel and guidance.
     The grotesque in Browning.                                 Oxford, J. Parker. 1870
Raleigh, N.C. Meredith College. 1926                            edited by R.F. Wilson; 2d ed.

Johnston, John O.                                               [Keble, John].
     Life and letters of Henry Parry Liddon, D.D.,                   Lyra innocentium: thoughts in verse on
D.C.L., LL.D., canon of St. Paul's cathedral, and               Christian children, their ways, and their privileges.
sometime Ireland professor of exegesis in the                   New York, Wiley and Putnam. 1846
University of Oxford.
London, New York and Bombay, Longmans, Green,                   Keble, John.
and co. 1904                                                        Miscellaneous poems.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Oxford and London, J. Parker and co. 1869                            The Presbyterian and independent visible
                                                               churches in New-England and else-where, brought to
Keble, John.                                                   the test, and examined according to the doctrine of
    Occasional papers and reviews.                             the Holy Scriptures, in their doctrine, ministry,
Oxford and London, J. Parker and co. 1877                      worship, constitution, government, sacraments, and
                                                               Sabbath day.
Keble, John.                                                   London, T. Northcott. 1691
    On eucharistical adoration.                                More particularly directed to those in New-England,
Oxford and London, James Parker and co. 1867                   and more generally to those in old England, Scotland,
With considerations suggested by a late pastoral letter        Ireland, &c. With a call and warning from the Lord to
(1858) on the doctrine of the most holy eucharist.             the people of Boston and New-England to repent, &c.
                                                               And two letters to the preachers in Boston; and an
Keble, John.                                                   answer to the gross abuses, lies and slanders of
     Sermons for the Christian year.                           Increase Mather and Nath. Morton, &c.
Oxford, Sold by J. Parker. 1875-1880
11v.                                                           [Keith, George].
                                                                     The pretended Yearly meeting of the Quakers,
Keble, John.                                                   their nameless bull of excommunication given forth
    Sermons, academical and occasional.                        against George Keith, from a party or faction of men
Oxford, J.M. Parker, [etc., etc.]. 1847                        that call themselves the Yearly meeting, which they
                                                               would have to be received, as the general judgment,
Keble, John.                                                   and sentence of the Quakers.
     Studia sacra.                                             [London ?] R. Levis. 1695
Oxford and London, J. Parker and co. 1877
Commentaries on the introductory verses of St.                 Keith, George.
John's Gospel, and on a portion of St. Paul's Epistle               A seasonable information and caveat against a
to the Romans; with other theological papers, ...M.A.          scandelous book of Thomas Elwood, called An
                                                               epistle to Friends.
Keble, John.                                                   London, R. Levis. 1694
    Village sermons on the baptismal service.
Oxford, Sold by J. Parker. 1868                                Keith, George.
                                                                    The tryals of Peter Boss, George Keith, Thomas
Keith, George.                                                 Budd, William Bradford, Quakers, for several great
      An account of the great divisions, amongst the           misdemeanors (as was pretended by their
Quakers, in Pensilvania, &c.                                   adversaries) before a court of Quakers: at the sessions
London, J. Guillim [etc.]. 1692                                held at Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, the ninth, tenth,
As appears by their own book, here following,                  and twelfth days of December, 1692.
printed 1692, and lately came from thence, intituled,          London, R. Baldwin. 1693
viz. The plea of the innocent, against the false               Giving also an account of the most arbitrary
judgment of the guilty. Being a vindication of George          procedure of that court.
Keith, and his friends, who are joined with him in
this present testimony, from the false judgment,               Kelway, A. Clifton.
calumnies, false informations and defamations of                    George Rundle Prynne; a chapter in the early
Samuel Jenings, John Simcock, Thomas Lloyd, and                history of the Catholic revival.
others, joyned with them, being in number twenty               London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co.
eight. Directed, by way of epistle, to faithful friends        1905
of truth, in Pensilvania, East and West-Jersey, and
else-where, as occasion requireth.                             Kenmare, Dallas.
                                                                    Browning as the poet of immortality and love.
Keith, George.                                                 New York, Haskell House. 1974
     New-England's Spirit of Persecution                       "A paper read to the Poetry Society on the fiftieth
Transmitted to Pennsilvania, And the Pretended                 anniversary of the death of Robert Browning.".
Quaker found Persecuting the True Christian-Quaker,
In The Tryal of Peter Boss, George Keith, Thomas               [Kennett, White] bp. of Peterborough.
Budd, and William Bradford, At the Sessions held at                 Bibliothecae americanae primordia.
Philadelphia the Nineth, Tenth and Twelfth Days of             London, Printed for G. Churchill, at the Black Swan
December, 1692.                                                in Pater-Noster-Row. 1713
[New York] Printed [by W. Bradford]. 1693                      An attempt towards laying the foundation of an
Giving an Account of the most Arbitrary Procedure              American library, in several books, papers, and
of that Court.                                                 writings, humbly given to the Society for the
                                                               Propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts.
Keith, George.
                                                               Kenyon, John.
                                                                    A day at Tivoli: with other verses.
                                                               London, Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

                                                                    The Roman and the Teuton; a series of lectures
Kenyon, John.                                                  delivered before the University of Cambridge.
    Poems: for the most part occasional.                       London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1891
London, E. Mixon. 1838                                         New ed, with preface by Professor F. Max Muller.

Kenyon, John.                                                  Kingsley, Charles.
     Rhymed plea for tolerance.                                    Scientific lectures and essays.
London, E. Mixon. 1839                                         London, Macmillan and co. 1880
In two dialogues; 2d ed.
                                                               Kingsley, Charles.
Kimball, Jacob, ed.                                                Sermons for the times.
     The Essex harmony: an original composition, in            New York, Dana and co. 1856
three and four parts.
Printed for T. C. Cushing and B.B. Macanulty, and              Kingsley, Charles.
sold at their book-stores in Salem. 1800                           Sir Walter Raleigh and his time, with other
Published according to act of Congress. From the               papers.
music-press of H. Ranlet, Exeter [N.H.].                       Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1859

Kingsley, Charles.                                             Kingsley, Charles.
      Charles Kingsley; his letters and memories of                True words for brave men.
his life.                                                      New York, T. Whittaker. 1886
London, H.S. King & co. 1877
Ed. by his wife... With steel engraved portraits and           Kingsley, Charles.
illustrations; 2v.                                                 Village sermons and Town and country
Kingsley, Charles.                                             London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1890
    Discipline, and other sermons.
London, Macmillan and co., limited. 1899                       Kingsley, Charles.
                                                                   The water of life and other sermons.
Kingsley, Charles.                                             London, Macmillan and co. 1867
     From death to life; fragments of teaching to a
village congregation, with letters on the life after           Kingsley, Charles.
death.                                                             Westminster sermons, with a preface.
London, New York, Macmillan. 1887                              London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1894
Edited by his wife.
                                                               Kingsley, Charles.
Kingsley, Charles.                                                  "What, then, does Dr. Newman mean?".
    The good news of God; sermons.                             London, Macmillan and co. 1864
London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1898                    A reply to a pamphlet lately published by Dr.
                                                               Newman…; 3d edition.
Kingsley, Charles.
    The gospel of the Pentateuch, a set of parish              [Kingsley, Charles].
sermons; and David, five sermons.                                   Yeast: a problem.
London, etc., Macmillan and co., limited. 1904                 New York, Harper & brothers. 1864
                                                               Reprinted, with corrections and additions, from
Kingsley, Charles.                                             Fraser's magazine.
    Historical lectures and essays.
London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1889                    Kinnersley, Thomas, comp.
                                                                    A selection of sepulchral curiosities, with a
Kingsley, Charles.                                             biographical sketch on human longevity: containing
    Lectures delivered in America in 1874.                     the most sublime, singular, and authentic epitaphs
London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1875                          that were ever before collected.
                                                               New-York, T. Kinnersley. 1823
Kingsley, Charles.
     The limits of exact science as applied to history.        Knight, George W.
Cambridge, London, Macmillan and co. 1860                           Byron's dramatic prose.
An inaugural lecture delivered before the University           [Nottingham] University of Nottingham. [1953]
of Cambridge.
                                                               Knight, Samuel.
Kingsley, Charles.                                                  The life of Dr. John Colet, dean of St. Paul's in
    Poems, including The Saint's tragedy,                      the reigns of K. Henry VII and K. Henry VIII. and
Andromeda songs, ballads, &c.                                  founder of St. Paul's school.
London, Macmillan and co. 1882                                 Oxford, The Clarendon press. 1823
Kingsley, Charles.

                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

with an appendix, containing some account of the                     Memoire analytique: ou l'on deduit, par une
masters and more eminent scholars of that                      grande reunion de faits les principes, a l'aide desquels
foundation, and several original papers relating to the        on poura faire prosperer de nouvelles colonies...
said life.                                                     Suivi de l'examen de questions relatives aux effets
                                                               que les progres de la population & des cultures du
Knight, William Angus.                                         Nouveau monde produiront sur l'Europe; avec un
      Retrospects.                                             tableau de la population & des produits de l'archipel
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1904                             de l'Amerique.
[1st series].                                                  Londres, Impr. de W. & C. Spilsbury. 1796
                                                               Dedie a Sa Majeste catholique le roi d'Espagne.
Knight, William Angus.
     The Robert Browning centenary celebration at              [La Terriere, Pierre de Sales].
Westminster Abbey, May 7th, 1912.                                   A political and historical account of Lower
London, Smith, Elder & co. 1912                                Canada; with remarks on the present situation of the
ed. with an introduction and appendices.                       people, as regards their manners, character, religion,
                                                               &c. &c.
Knox, Alexander.                                               London, W. Marsh & A. Miller; [etc., etc.]. 1830
     Remains.                                                  By a Canadian.
London, Duncan and Malcolm. 1844
3d ed, 4v.                                                     Landor, Robert E.
                                                                   The fountain of Arethusa.
Knox, Wilfred L.                                               London, Longman, Brown, Green and Longman's.
    The Catholic movement in the Church of                     1848
England.                                                       2v.
New York, Edwin S. Gorham. [1923]
                                                               Landor, Robert E.
[Knox, William].                                                    The impious feast.
      Observations upon the liturgy.                           London, J. Matchard and son. 1828
London, J. Debrett. 1789                                       a poem in ten books.
With a proposal for its reform, upon the principles of
Christianity, as professed and taught by the Church of         Landor, Walter S.
England; and an attempt to reconcile the doctrines of              Gebir, and Count Julian.
the angels' apostacy and perpetual punishment, man's           London [etc.] Cassell & company. 1887
fall and redemption, and the incarnation of the Son of
God, to our conceptions of the divine nature and               Landor, Walter S.
attributes. By a layman of the Church of England,                   The poems of.
late an under secretary of state. To which is added,           London, Walter Scott. [n.d.]
the Journals of the American convention, appointed             Selected and edited by Ernest Radford.
to frame an ecclesiastical constitution, and prepare a
liturgy for the Episcopal churches in the United               Landor, Walter S.
States.                                                             The shorter works of Walter Savage Landor.
                                                               London, G. Newnes ltd.; New York, C. Scribner's
La Gallienne, Richard.                                         sons. 1904
    Sleeping beauty, and other prose fancies.
London and New York, John Lane. 1900                           Lang, Andrew.
                                                                    Adventures among books.
[La Martiniere, Pierre Martin de].                             London, New York and Bombay, Longmans, Green,
     A new voyage to the North: containing a full              and co. 1905
account of Norway; the Laplands, both Danish,
Swedish and Muscovite; of Borandia, Siberia,                   Lang, Andrew.
Samojedia, Zembla and Iseland; with the description                 Ban and arriere ban, a rally of fugitive rhymes.
of the religion and customs of these several nations.          London and New York, Longmans, Green & co.
London, Printed for T. Hodgson and A. Barker. 1706             1894
To which is added a particular relation of the court of
the czar; of the religion and customs of the                   Lang, Andrew.
Muscovites; and a short story of Muscovy. As it was                Grass of Parnassus; rhymes old and new.
taken by a French gentleman who resided there many             London, Longmans, Green & co. 1888
years. Written by Monsieur ***, employed by the
company of merchants, trading to the North from                Lang, Andrew.
Copenhagen. Now done into English.                                   How to fail in literature.
                                                               London, Field & Tuer, [etc.]. 1890
La Rocque, [Andre Jean] de.                                    a lecture.

                                                               Lang, Andrew.
                                                                   Letters to dead authors.
                                                               New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1888
                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

                                                            A short view of New-Englands present government,
Lang, Andrew.                                               both ecclesiasticall and civil, compared with the
     New collected rhymes.                                  anciently-received and established government of
London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co.             England, in some materiall points; fit for the gravest
1906                                                        consideration in these times.

Lang, Andrew.                                               Lecky, William E.H.
    Old friends.                                                 Democracy and liberty.
London & New York, Longmans, Green & co. 1890               London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co.
Essays in epistolary parody.                                1896
Lang, Andrew.
     Rhymes a la mode.                                      Lecky, William E.H.
London, Kegan Paul, Trench & co. 1885                            History of the rise and influence of the spirit of
[2d ed].                                                    rationalism in Europe.
                                                            New York, D. Appleton and co. 1868
Langbridge, Frederick.                                      2v; Revised ed.
    The power of Red Michael and other ballads.
Dublin, Maunsel & company. 1909                             Lecky, William E.H.
                                                                The map of life, conduct and character.
Lathbury, Daniel C.                                         London [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co. 1901
    …Dean Church.
London, Oxford, A.R. Mowbray & co. ltd.;                    Ledderbogen, W.
Milwaukee, The Young churchman company. [1912]                    …Felicia Dorothea Hemans' lyrik, eine
Lathbury, Thomas.                                           Heldelberg, C. Winter. 1913
     A history of the convocation of the Church of
England from the earliest period to the year 1742.          Lediard, Thomas.
London, J. Leslie. 1853                                         The naval history of England, in all its branches
21d ed, with considerable additions.                        from the Norman conquest in the year 1066, to the
                                                            conclusion of 1734.
Lathbury, Thomas.                                           London, Printed for J. Wilcox [etc.]. 1735
     A history of the Nonjurors: their controversies        2v.
and writings: with remarks on some of the rubrics in
the Book of common prayer.                                  [Lee, Samuel].
London, W. Pickering. 1845                                       Eleothriambos or, The triumph of mercy in the
Birth Date: 1798; Date of Death: 1865.                      chariot of praise.
                                                            Boston: Reprinted by B. Green, for Benj. Elit, and
Law, Edmund, bp. of Carlisle.                               sold at his shop. 1718
      An enquiry into the ideas of space, time,             A treatise of preventing secret & unexpected mercies,
immensity, and eternity; as also the self-existence,        with some mixt reflections.
necessary existence, and unity of the divine nature.
Cambridge, W. Thurlbourn. 1734                              Legrew, James.
In answer to a book lately publish'd by Mr. Jackson,             A few remarks on the sculpture of the nations
entitled, The existence and unity of God proved from        referred to in the Old Testament, deduced from an
His nature and attributes.... To which is added, A          examination of some of their idols.
dissertation upon the argument a priori for proving         London, Whittaker and co. 1845
the existence of a first cause. By a learned hand.
                                                            Lehmann, Rudolph C.
Layard, George B.                                                Memories of half a century, a record of
    Tennyson and the pre-Raphaelite illustrators.           friendships.
London, Elliot Stock. 1894                                  London, Smith, Elder & co. 1908

Lea, Henry Charles.                                         [Leslie, Charles].
     Studies in church history.                                  The snake in the grass: or, Satan transform'd into
Philadelphia, H.C. Lea; London, S. Low, son, &              an angel of light, discovering the deep and
Marston. 1869                                               unsuspected subtilty which is couched under the
The rise of the temporal power.- Benefit of clergy.-        pretended simplicity, of many of the principal leaders
Excommunication.                                            of those people call'd Quakers.
                                                            London, Printed for Charles Brome, at the Gun at the
Lechford, Thomas.                                           West-end of St. Pauls. 1698
    Plain dealing: or, Nevves from New-England.             The 3d edition, with additions.
London, Printed by W.E. & I.G. for N. Butter. 1642
                                                            Leslie, Shane.
                                                                 Henry Edward Manning, his life and labours.

                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

London, [etc.] Burns, Cates & Washbourne limited.             Paris, Chez Pain Jeune et comagnie [etc.] an XII.
1921                                                          [1804]
Lester, Charles Edwards.
    The glory and the shame of England.                       Liddon, H[enry] P.
New-York, Harper & brothers. 1841                                  Clerical life and work, a collection of sermons
2v.                                                           with an essay.
                                                              London and N.Y., Longmans, Green & co. 1894
A letter to his grace the D---- of N----e, on the duty
he owes himself, his king, his country and his God, at        Liddon, Henry P.
this important moment.                                             Advent in St. Paul's; sermons bearing chiefly on
London, J. Morgan. 1757                                       the two comings of Our Lord.
                                                              New York, E.P. Dutton. 1889
A Letter to the Earl of Chatham, concerning his               2v.
speech and motion in the House of Lords.
London, Printed for T. Evans. 1777                            Liddon, Henry P.
With some observations on the speeches of Lord                      Christmastide in St. Paul's; sermons bearing
Camden, Lord Weymouth, The Archbishop of York,                chiefly on the birth of our Lord and the end of the
Lord Shelburne, and Lord Mansfield.                           year.
                                                              London, Longmans, Green & co. 1891
A letter to the great man, occasioned by the Letter to        2d ed.
two great men.
London: Printed for W. Bristow. 1759                          Liddon, Henry P.
In which many of that writer's absurdities,                        The divinity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus
inconsistencies and contradictions are detected. And          Christ; eight lectures preached before the University
the fatal tendency of his propositions exposed. By a          of Oxford.
citizen of London, a disciple of Sidney and Locke.            London [etc.] Rivingtons. 1867
Letters to the king, from an old patriotic Quaker,            Liddon, Henry P.
lately deceased.                                                   Easter in St. Paul's; sermons bearing chiefly on
London, Printed for R. Baldwin. 1778                          the Resurrection of Our Lord.
                                                              New York, E.P. Dutton. 1889
Lewis, Matthew G.                                             2v; 2d ed.
London. 1812                                                  Liddon, Henry P.
                                                                   Essays and addresses.
Leyden, John.                                                 London and New York, Longmans, Green, and co.
     Historical account of discoveries and travels in         1892
Edinburgh, A. Constable and company, [etc.]. 1817             Liddon, Henry P.
2v.                                                                Explanatory analysis of St. Paul's Epistle to the
Leyden, John.                                                 London and New York, Longmans, Green, and co.
     Journal of a tour in the Highlands and Western           1893
Islands of Scotland in 1800.
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.                  Liddon, Henry P.
1903                                                               Life of Edward Bouverie Pusey, doctor of
                                                              divinity, canon of Christ church; regius professor of
Leyden, John.                                                 Hebrew in the University of Oxford.
     The poetical remains of the late Dr. John                London and New York, Longmans, Green, and co.
Leyden.                                                       1893-1897
London, Printed by Strahan and Spottis-woods, for             4v.
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown; [etc., etc.].
1819                                                          Liddon, Henry P.
with memoirs of his life, by the Rev. James Norton.               The Magnificat.
                                                              London, N.Y., Longmans, Green & co. 1891
[Leyden, John].                                               Sermons in St. Paul's, August, 1889.
      Scotish descriptive poems; with some
illustrations of Scotish literary antiquities.                Liddon, Henry P.
Edinburgh, Mundell & son; [etc., etc.]. 1803                       Sermons on Old Testament subjects.
                                                              London and New York, Longmans, Green, and co.
[Leyden, John].                                               1891
     Tableau historique des decouvertes et
etablissemens des Europeens dans le nord et dans              Liddon, Henry P.
l'ouest de l'Afrique, jusqu'au commencement du xixe               Sermons on some words of St. Paul.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

London, New York, and Bombay, Longmans, Green                       Memoirs of the life and writings of Vittorio
and co. 1898                                                   Alfieri.
                                                               London, C. and H. Baldwyn. 1821
Liddon, Henry P.
    Sermons preached before the University of                  Lock, Walter.
Oxford, chiefly during the year 1863-1865.                         John Keble, a biography.
New York, Boston, E.P. Dutton and company. 1869                Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and
                                                               company. 1893
Liddon, Henry P.
     Some elements of religion: Lent lectures, 1870.           [Lockhart, John G.].
London, Oxford, and Cambridge, Rivingtons. 1873                     Peter's letters to his kinsfolk.
2d ed.                                                         Edinburgh, W. Blackwood; [etc., etc.]. 1819
                                                               3d ed; 3v.
Liddon, Henry P.
     Thoughts on present church troubles, occurring            Locky, William E.H.
in four sermons preached in St. Paul's cathedral in                 History of European morals from Augustus to
December, 1880.                                                Charlemagne.
Oxford and London, Rivingtons. 1882                            London, Longmans, Green and co. 1869
2d ed.                                                         2v; 2d ed.

Lidgett, J. Scott.                                             [Locky, William E.H.].
      The fatherhood of God in Christian truth and                 The leaders of public opinion in Ireland.
life.                                                          London, Saunders, Otley, and co. 1861
Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark. 1902
                                                               London Missionary Society.
Lieber, Francis.                                                     A missionary voyage to the southern Pacific
     Remarks on the relation between education and             ocean, performed in the years 1796, 1797, and 1798,
crime, in a letter to the Right Rev. William White.            in the ship Duff, commanded by Captain James
Philadelphia. 1835                                             Wilson.
To which are added, some observations by N.H.                  London, Printed for T. Chapman, by T. Gillet. 1799
Julius.                                                        Compiled from the journals of the officers and the
                                                               missionaries; and illustrated with maps, charts, and
Lightfoot, Joseph Barber, bp of Durham.                        views, drawn by Mr. William Wilson, and engraved
      Essays on the work entitled Supernatural                 by the most eminent artists. With a preliminary
religion.                                                      discourse on the geography and history of the South
London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1889                    sea islands; and an appendix, including details never
Reprinted from the Contemporary review.                        before published, of the natural and civil state of
                                                               Otaheite; by a committee appointed for the purpose
Lightfoot, Joseph Barber, bp. of Durham.                       by the directors of the Missionary society.
    Dissertations on the apostolic age.
London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1892                    Loskiel, George Henry.
Reprinted from editions of St. Paul's Epistles.                      History of the mission of the United Brethren
                                                               among the Indians in North America.
[Lightfoot, William].                                          London, The Brethren's society for the furtherance of
      The complaint of England.                                the gospel. 1794
London, Printed by I. Wolfe. 1587                              Tr. from the German by Christian Ignatius LaTrobe.
Wherein it is clearly prooved that the practices of
traitrous Papists against the state of this realme, and        Lounsbury, Thomas R.
the person of Her maiestie, are in divinitie unlawful,             …The early literary career of Robert Browning.
odious in nature, and ridiculous in pollicie.                  New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1911

Lindsay, Thomas M.                                             Love, Robert R.
    …A history of the reformation.                                   A bibliographical account of English theatrical
New York, C. Scribner sons. 1906-1907                          literature from the earliest times to the present day.
2v.                                                            New York, J.W. Bouton; London, J.C. Nimmo. 1888

Little, Marion.                                                Lowman, Moses.
     Essays on Robert Browning.                                      A dissertation on the civil government of the
London, S. Sonneschein & co lim. 1899                          Hebrews.
                                                               London, J. Noon. 1740
Lloyd, Charles.                                                In which the true designs, and nature of their
     Desultory thoughts in London, Titus and                   government are explained. The justice, wisdom and
Gisippus, with other poems.                                    goodness of the Mosaical constitutions, are
London, C. and H. Baldwyn. 1821                                vindicated: in particular, from some late, unfair and
                                                               false representations of them in the Moral
[Lloyd, Charles].                                              philosopher.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

                                                              London and Edinburgh, Williams and Norgate; [etc.,
Lucas, Edward V.                                              etc.]. 1866-1867
     Charles Lamb & the Lloyds; comprising newly              A tract, in two parts; 2v in 1.
discovered letters of Charles Lamb, Samuel Taylor
Coleridge, the Lloyds, etc.                                   Mackay, Robert William.
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott company. 1899                        The progress of the intellect, as exemplified in
                                                              the religious development of the Greeks and
Lucas, Edward V.                                              Hebrews.
    The life of Charles Lamb.                                 London, J. Chapman. 1850
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's sons. 1905                 2v.
                                                              Mackay, Robert William.
Lucas, Samuel.                                                     The Tubingen school and its antecedants: a
      Charters of the old English colonies in America.        review of the history and present condition of modern
London, J.W. Parker. 1850                                     theology.
With an introduction and notes... Pub. for the Society        Edinburgh, Williams and Norgate. 1863
for the reform of colonial government.
                                                              Mackintosh, Robert.
[Luttrell, Henry].                                                Christianity and sin.
     Advice to Julia.                                         New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1914
London, J. Murray. 1820
A letter in rhyme.                                            Macklin, Mary de Lourdes, Sister.
                                                                    An interpretation of Francis Thompson's Hound
Lyra apostolica.                                              of Heaven.
London, J. and C. Mosley; [etc., etc.]. 1864                  Rochdale, England, Printed at the Orphans Press.
13 ed.                                                        [n.d.]

Lyte, Henry F.                                                Macleod, Norman.
    The poetical works of.                                        Reminiscences of a Highland parish.
London, E. Stock. 1907                                        London, A. Strahan. 1867
ed with a biographical sketch.
                                                              MacManus, Anna J., Mrs.
Lyttelton, George, 1st baron.                                      The four winds of Eirinn: poems.
     The history of the life of King Henry the second,        Dublin, M.H. Gill & son. 1905
and of the age in which he lived, in five books.              Ed. By Seamas MacManus.
London, Printed for J. Doddey. 1777-1787
to which is prefixed a history of the revolutions of          Macmillan, Hugh.
England from the death of Edward the Confessor to                  Bible teachings in nature.
the birth of Henry the Second by George, lord                 London, Macmillan and co. 1874
Lyttelton…; 6v.                                               9th ed.

[Lyttelton, George, 1st baron].                               Macmillan, Hugh.
      Observations on the conversion and apostleship               The isles and the Gospel, and other Bible
of St. Paul.                                                  studies.
London, Printed for R. Dodsley, and sold by M.                London, Macmillan. 1907
Cooper. 1749                                                  With portrait & prefatory memoir.
In a letter to Gilbert West, esq.
                                                              Macmillan, Hugh.
Lyttelton, George, 1st baron.                                      The Sabbath of the fields, being a sequel to
     The works of George lord Lyttelton.                      "Bible teachings in nature".
London, Printed for J. Dodsley. 1775                          London, Macmillan and co. 1876
formerly printed separately and now first collected
together with some other pieces, never before printed.        Macpherson, James.
                                                                   The history of Great Britain, from the
Lytton, Edward G.E.                                           restoration, to the accession of the house of
    Caxtoniana: a series of essays on life, literature        Hannover.
and manners.                                                  London, Printed for W. Strahan, and T. Cadell. 1775
New York, Harper & brothers. 1864                             2v.

Macaulay, Thomas B.M.                                         [Madden, Samuel].
    Marginal notes of Lord Macaulay.                              Memoirs of the twentieth century.
New York [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co. 1907                 London, Osborn and Longman [etc.]. 1733

Mackay, Robert William.
     The eternal gospel; or, The idea of Christian
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Being original letters of state, under George the                   Sermons preached before the University of
Sixth: relating to the most important events in Great          Oxford.
Britain and Europe, as to church and state, arts and           Oxford, J.W. Parker; London, F. and J. Rivington.
sciences, trade, taxes, and treaties, peace, and war...        1845
Received and revealed in the year 1728; and now                2d ed.
published for the instruction of all eminent statesmen,
churchmen, patriots, politicians, projectors, Papists,         Manning, Henry Edward, cardinal.
and Protestants. In six volumes. Vol. I.                           Sin and its consequences.
                                                               New York, Montreal, D. & J. Sadlier & company.
Maddox, Isaac, bp. of Worcester.                               [1876 ?]
      A sermon preached before His Grace Charles               By His Eminence Henry Edward Manning; 3d ed.
duke of Marlborough, president, the vice-presidents
and governors of the Hospital for the small-pox, and           Manning, Henry Edward, cardinal.
for inoculation, at the parish-church of St. Andrew                The temporal mission of the Holy Ghost: or,
Holborn... March, 1752.                                        Reason and revelation.
London, Printed by H. Woodfall, and sold by H.                 New York, D. Appleton and company. 1866
Whitridge [etc.]. [1753?]                                      By Henry Edward, archbishop of Westminster.
The 4th ed, with a new preface.
                                                               Manning, Henry Edward, cardinal.
[Madre de Deus, Manuel da].                                        The unity of the church.
     Summa triunfal da nova, e grande celebridade              London, J. Murray. 1842
do glorioso, e invicto martyr s. Goncalo Garcia.
Lisboa, Ms Officina de P. Ferreira, impressor da               Manning, Henry Edward, cardinal.
Augustissima Rainha Hossa Senhora. 1753                             The Vatican council and its definitions.
dedicada, e offerecida so senhor capitao Joze Rabello          New York, Montreal, D. & J. Sadlier. 1871
de Vasconcellos, por seu autor Soterio da Sylva                a pastoral letter to the clergy, by Henry Edward,
Ribeiro [pseud.].                                              archbishop of Westminster.
Manasseh ben Joseph ben Israel.                                Mansel, Henry L.
     The hope of Israel.                                            The limits of religious thought examined in
London, Printed by R.I. for L. Chapman. 1652                   eight lectures, preached before the University of
Whereunto are added, in this second edition, some              Oxford, in the year MDCCCLVIII.
discourses upon the point of the conversion of the             Oxford, Printed by J. Wright for J. Murray, London.
Jewes. By Moses Wall; The 2d ed, corrected and                 1858
                                                               [Mansel, Henry Longueville].
Mangan, James Clarence.                                              An examination of the Rev. F.D. Maurice's
     Essays in prose and verse.                                strictures on the Bampton lectures of 1858.
Dublin, J. Duffy & Sons. 1884                                  London, J. Murray. 1859
Ed. by C.P. Meehan.                                            By the lecturer.

Manna, William.                                                Mansel, Henry Longueville.
    Memoirs of the life and writings of Thomas                      The gnostic heresies of the first and second
Chalmers.                                                      centuries.
New York, Harper. 1857                                         London, J. Murray. 1875
4v.                                                            with a sketch of his work, life and character by the
                                                               Earl of Carnarvon. Edited by J.B. Lightfoot.
Manning, Henry Edward, cardinal.
     The eternal priesthood.                                   Mansel, Henry Longueville.
Baltimore, J. Murphy & co. 1883                                     Letters, lectures, and reviews, including the
By Henry Edward, cardinal, archbishop of                       Phrontisterion; or, Oxford in the 19th century.
Westminster.                                                   London, J. Murray. 1873
                                                               Ed. by Henry W. Chandler.
Manning, Henry Edward, cardinal.
     Rome or reason.                                           Mant, Richard, bp. of Down, Connor, and
New York, C.P. Farrell. 1898                                   Dromore.
A series of articles contributed to the North American             The British months; a poem in twelve parts.
review, by Cardinal Manning and Col. Robert G.                 London, J.W. Parker. 1835
Ingersoll. Also the following articles: Is divorce             2v.
wrong? A discussion. General introduction, Rev.
S.W. Dike, LL.D. The Roman Catholic view,                      Mant, Richard, bp. of Down, Connor, and
Cardinal Gibbons. An Episcopalian view, Bishop                 Dromore.
Henry C. Potter. An agnostic view, Col. Robert G.                   The happiness of the blessed considered as to
Ingersoll; Only complete and authorized ed.                    the particulars of their state: their recognition of each
                                                               other in the state; and its difference of degrees.
Manning, Henry Edward, cardinal.                               New York, Stanford and Swords. 1847
                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

To which are added Musings on the church and her
services; From the 6th London ed.                               Martineau, James.
                                                                      Endeavors after the Christian life.
Maristegui, Francisco Javier.                                   London, Longmans. 1867
     Resena historica de los principales concordatos            ed 4.
celebrados con Roma, y breves reflexiones shobre el
ultimo habido entre Pio IX y el gobierno de Bolivia.            Martineau, James.
Lima, Impreso por J. Mira. 1856                                      Essays, reviews, and addresses.
                                                                London and New York, Longmans, Green and co.
Markham , William.                                              1890-1891
     A sermon preached before the incorporated                  Selected and revised by author...; 4v.
Society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign
parts...February, 1777.                                         Martineau, James.
London, Printed by T. Harrison and S. Brooke. 1777                   Ideal substitutes for God, considered in an
                                                                opening lecture at Manchester New College, London,
Marrant, John.                                                  ninety-third session, 1878-9.
     A narrative of the Lord's wonderful dealings               London and Edinburgh, Williams and Norgate. 1879
with John Marrant, a black, (now going to preach the
gospel in Nova-Scotia) born in New-York, in                     Martineau, James.
North-America.                                                      Inter amicos; letters between...and William
London, Printed by Gilbert and Plummer. 1785                    Night, 1869-72.
Taken down from his relation, arranged, corrected               London, J. Murray. 1901
and published by the Rev. Mr. Aldridge; The 2d ed.
                                                                Martineau, James.
Marriott, Charles, rev.                                              A Martineau year book; extracts from sermons
     Sermons preached before the university, and in             by.
other places.                                                   Boston, J.M. West company. [c.1905]
Oxford, John Henry Parker. 1843                                 Selected and arranged by Fanny Louise Weaver.

Martin, John.                                                   Martineau, James.
     Familiar dialogues between Americus and                         Modern materialism in its relations to religion
Britannicus; in which the right of private judgment;            and theology, comprising an address delivered in
the exploded doctrines of infallibility, passive                Manchester new college, October 6th, 1874, and two
obedience, and non-resistance; with the leading                 papers reprinted from "The Contemporary review".
sentiments of Dr. Price, on the nature of civil liberty.        New York, G.P. Putnam's sons. 1877
&c. are particularly considered.
London, Printed for J. Wilkie [etc.]. 1776                      Martineau, James.
                                                                     National duties, and other sermons and
Martineau, Harriet.                                             addresses.
     Devotional exercises: consisting of reflections            London, New York and Bombay, Longmans, Green,
and prayers, for the use of young persons.                      and co. 1903
Boston, Otis Broaders. 1838
To which is added a guide to the study of the                   Martineau, James.
scriptures.                                                         The pretensions of the Roman church.
                                                                Boston, Roberts brothers. [1874]
Martineau, Harriet.
    Eastern life, past and present.                             Martineau, James.
Boston, Roberts Bros. 1876                                            The rationale of religious enquiry; or, The
                                                                question stated of reason, the Bible, and the church:
Martineau, Harriet.                                             in six lectures.
    The essential faith of the universal church;                London, E.T. Whitfield. 1853
deduced from the sacred records.                                4th edition.
Boston, Bowles. 1833
                                                                Martineau, James.
Martineau, Harriet.                                                 The seat of authority in religion.
     Harriet Martineau's autobiography.                         London and New York, Longmans, Green, and co.
Boston, J.R. Osgood and company. 1877                           1890
Ed. by Maria Weston Chapman…; 2v.
                                                                Martineau, James.
Martineau, Harriet.                                                   Studies of Christianity: or, Timely thoughts for
    Providence as manifested through Israel.                    religious thinkers.
Boston, L.C. Bowles. 1833                                       Boston American Unitarian association. 1875
                                                                A series of papers... Ed. by William R. Alger.
Martineau, James.
    The Bible and the child; a discourse.                       Martineau, James.
Boston, B.M. Greene. 1845                                          A study of religion, its sources and contents.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Oxford, Clarendon press; New York, Macmillan and               Five lectures on Dr. Marneck's "Wesen des
co. 1888                                                       christentums",... Pub. under the direction of the Tract
2v; American ed, rev by the author.                            committee.
Martineau, James.                                              Mason, Arthur James.
    A study of Spinoza.                                            The historic martyrs of the primitive church.
London, Macmillan and co. 1882                                 London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co.
Martineau, James.
    …Types of ethical theory.                                  Mason, Arthur James.
Oxford, At the Clarendon press. 1885                                Life of William Edward Collins, bishop of
2v.                                                            Gilbraltar.
                                                               London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co.
Martineau, James.                                              1912
     Unitarian Christianity.
London, The association. [1861?]                               Mason, Arthur James.
Ten lectures on the positive aspects of Unitarian                   The mission of St. Augustine to England
thought and doctrine, delivered by various ministers,          according to the original documents, being a
under the auspices of the British and foreign                  handbook for the thirteenth centenary.
Unitarian association.                                         Cambridge [Eng.] The University press. 1897

[Martyn, Benjamin].                                            Mason, Arthur James.
     Reasons for establishing the colony of Georgia,              The persecution of Diocletian; a historical essay.
with regard to the trade of Great Britain, the increase        Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and co.; [etc., etc.]. 1876
of our people, and the employment and support it will
afford to great numbers of our own poor, as well as            Mason, Arthur James.
foreign persecuted Protestants.                                     The principles of ecclesiastical unity; four
London, Printed for W. Meadows, at the Angel in                lectures delivered in St. Asaph cathedral on June 16,
Cornhill. 1723                                                 17, 18 and 19.
                                                               London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green & co.
Martyn, Henry.                                                 1896
     Journal and letters of the Rev. Henry Martyn.
New York, M.W. Dodd. 1851                                      Mason, John Mitchell.
Edited by the Rev. S. Wilberforce.                                  Living faith.
                                                               New-York: Printed by Isaac Collins and son, for
[Maseres, Francis].                                            Cornelius Davis, no. 167, Water-street. 1671802
     Considerations on the expediency of admitting             a sermon; preached before the Society for the relief
representatives from the American colonies into the            of the destitute sick, on the evening of Sabbath, the
British House of commons.                                      1st of November, 1801. In Bristo-street
London, Printed for B. White. 1770                             meeting-house, Edinburgh. By John M. Mason, A.M.
                                                               pastor of the Associate-Reformed church in the city
[Maseres, Francis].                                            of New-York.
     A draught of an act of Parliament for tolerating
the Roman Catholick religion in the province of                Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston.
Quebec, and for encouraging and introducing the                      Lectures delivered in a course before the Lowell
Protestant religion into the said province, and for            institute, in Boston, by members of the Massachusetts
vesting the lands belonging to certain religious               historical society, on subjects relating to the early
houses in the said province in the crown of this               history of Massachusetts.
kingdom.                                                       Boston, The Society. 1869
[London ?]. [1772?]
                                                               Massey, Edmund.
[Maseres, Francis] ed.                                              A sermon against the dangerous and sinful
      Occasional essays on various subjects, chiefly           practice of ineculation.
political and historical; extracted partly from the            London, printed. Boston, Re-printed for B. Indicott.
publick newspapers, during the present reign, and              1730
partly from tracts published in the reigns of Queen            Preach'd at St. Andrew's Holborn, on Sunday, July
Elizabeth, King Charles I., King Charles II., and from         the 8th, 1722. From the 3d ed.
Bishop Burnet's history of his own times.
London, Printed by R. Wilks. 1809                              Masson, Rosaline O.
                                                                   Pollok & Aytoun.
Mason, Arthur James.                                           Edinbvgh and London, Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier.
    …Christianity--what is it?.                                [1898]
London [etc.] Society for promoting Christian
knowledge. 1911                                                [Mather, Cotton].
                                                                    Pietas in patriam: the life of His Excellency Sir
                                                               William Phips, knt.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

London, Printed by S. Bridge for N. Miller. 1697               2 v.
Late captain general, and governour in chief of the
province of the Massachusets-bay, New England.                 Maurice, Frederick Denison.
                                                                     The life of Frederick Denison Maurice, chiefly
Mather, Nathanael.                                             told in his own letters.
     A discussion of the lawfulness of a pastor's              New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1884
acting as an officer in other churches besides that            edited by his son, Frederick Maurice…; 2v.
which he is specially called to taken the oversight of.
Boston, Reprinted and sold by Thomas Fleet. 1730               Maurice, Frederick Denison.
                                                                    Moral and metaphysical philosophy.
Mather, Samuel.                                                London, Macmillan and co. 1886
     The figures of types of the Old Testament, by             2v; New ed, with preface.
which Christ and the heavenly things of the gospel
were preached and shadowed to the people of God of             Maurice, Frederick Denison.
old. Explain'd and improv'd in sundry sermons.                      The patriarchs and lawgivers of the Old
London, Printed for N. Hillier. 1705                           Testament.
By Samuel Mather, sometime pastor of a church in               London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1890
Dublin; The 2d ed, to which is annex'd, (more than             A series of sermons preached in the chapel of
was in the former edition) a scheme and table of the           Lincoln's Inn.
whole, whereby the reader may readily turn to any
subject treated of in this book.                               Maurice, Frederick Denison.
                                                                    The prophets and kings of the Old Testament.
Matheson, James.                                               Boston, Crosby, Nichols and company; New York,
     A Narrative of the visit to the American                  C.S. Francis and company. 1853
churches, by the deputation from the Congregational            A series of sermons preached in the chapel of
Union of England and Wales.                                    Lincoln's Inn.
London, Jackson and Walford. 1835
By Andrew Reed, D.D. and James Matheson.                       Maurice, Frederick Denison.
                                                                    The religions of the world and their relations to
Mathieson, William L.                                          Christianity.
    Church and reform in Scotland; a history from              London, J.W. Parker. 1847
1797 to 1843.
Glasgow, J. Maclehose and sons. 1896                           Maurice, Frederick Denison.
                                                                     Sequel to the inquiry, What is revelation?.
Mauduit, Israel.                                               Cambridge and London, Macmillan & co. 1860
      The case of the dissenting ministers.                    in a series of letters to a friend; containing a reply to
London, Printed for J. Wilkie. 1772                            Mr. Mansel's "Examination of the Rev. F.D.
Addressed to the lords spiritual and temporal… To              Maurice's strictures on the Bampton lectures of
which is added, a copy of the bill proposed for their          1858".
relief; 23d ed.
                                                               Maurice, Frederick Denison.
Maurice, Frederick Denison.                                        Sermons preached in country churches.
     The conscience; lectures on casuistry delivery in         London, Macmillan and co., limited; New York, The
the University of Cambridge.                                   Macmillan company. 1903
London, Macmillan and co. 1883
3d ed.                                                         Maurice, Frederick Denison.
                                                                   Sermons preached in Lincoln's Inn chapel.
Maurice, Frederick Denison.                                    London and New York, Macmillan and co.
     The doctrine of sacrifice, deduced from the               1891-1892
Scriptures; a series of sermons.                               New ed; 6v.
London, Macmillan. 1893
                                                               Maurice, Frederick Denison.
Maurice, Frederick Denison.                                        Social morality.
     The Epistles of St. John; a series of Lectures on         London, Macmillan. 1886
Christian ethics.                                              Twenty-one lectures delivered in the University of
London, Macmillan. 1885                                        Cambridge; A new ed.

Maurice, Frederick Denison.                                    Maurice, Frederick Denison.
    The friendship of books and other lectures.                     The spirit of love and other sermons.
London, Macmillan and co. 1874                                 New York, Boston, T.Y. Crowell & company.
Maurice, Frederick Denison.
     The kingdom of Christ; or, Hints to a Quaker              Maurice, Frederick Denison.
respecting the principles, constitution, and ordinances             Theological essays.
of the Catholic church.                                        London, Macmillan and co. 1871
London, Macmillan and co. 1883                                 3d edition.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

                                                                   Leaders of religious thought in the nineteenth
Maurice, Frederick Denison.                                   century; Newman, Martineau, Comte, Spencer,
     What is revelation?.                                     Browning.
Cambridge and London, Macmillan & co. 1859                    Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.
A series of sermons on the epiphany; to which are             1902
added Letters to a student of theology on the
Bampton lectures of Mr. Mansel.                               Melvill, Henry.
                                                                  Lectures on practical subjects, delivered at St.
Maurice, Frederick Denison.                                   Margaret's Lothbury.
     The workman and the franchise; chapters from             New York, Stanford and Swords. 1853
English history on the representation and education
of the people.                                                Melvill, Henry.
London and New York, A. Strahan. 1866                              Sermons.
                                                              New York, Stanford and Swords. 1854
Mayhew, Jonathan.                                             Comprising all the discourses published by consent
     A discourse concerning unlimited submission              of the author; 2v.
and non-resistance to the higher powers; with some
reflections on the death.                                     The men-conformist's plea for uniformity, being the
Boston, Printed and sold by D. Fowle, in                      judgment of fourscore and four ministers of the
Queen-street. Boston: Re-printed by Hall & Goss,              county palatine of Lancaster, of a whole provincial
Congress street, second room over the Post Office.            assembly of ministers and elders in and about
1750; 1818                                                    London, and of several other eminent preachers,
in which the mysterious doctrine of that Prince's             English, Scottish, and New-English, concerning
saintship and martyrdom is unriddled: the substance           toleration and uniformity in matters of religion;
of which was delivered in a sermon preached,                  together with a resolution of this difficult question:
January, 1749-50.                                             whether the penalty of the law ought to be inflicted
                                                              on those who pretend and plead conscience in
Mayhew, Jonathan.                                             opposition to what the law commands?.
     Observations on the charter and conduct of the           London, H. Brome. 1674
Society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign
parts; designed to shew their non-conformity to each          Merivale, John N.
other.                                                             Orlando in Roncesvalles, a poem in five cantos.
Boston, New-England: Printed by Richard and                   London, Printed for J. Murray by R. and A. Taylor.
Samuel Draper .. and Thomas and John Fleet. 1763              1814
As also various incidental reflections relative to the
Church of England, and the state of religion in               Merivale, John N.
North-America, particularly in New-England.                        Poems original and translated.
                                                              London, W. Pickering. 1844
Mayhew, Jonathan.                                             3v; A new and cor. ed with some additional pieces.
    A sermon preached at Boston in New England,
May 26, 1751.                                                 Merrick, James.
Boston: New-England: Printed and sold by Richard                   Poems on sacred subjects.
Draper . . . and Daniel Gookin. 1751                          Oxford, The Clarendon press, sold by R. and J.
Occasioned by the much-lamented death of His                  Dodsley, London. 1963
Royal Highness Frederick, prince of Wales, &c. &c.            Viz., The benedicite, paraphrased. The Lord's prayer,
&c.                                                           paraphrased... &c.

Mayrick, Frederick.                                           Mexican letters.
     The doctrine of the Church of England on the             London, W. Goldsmith. 1773
Holy Communion restated as a guide at the present             Containing humorous and satirical observations on
time.                                                         the manners, customs, religion, and policy of the
London, Longmans, Green. 1908                                 English, French, Spaniards, and American s…; 2v.
New ed.
                                                              Meyrick, Frederick.
Mead, Edwin D.                                                      Memories of life at Oxford, and experiences in
    The philosophy of Carlyle.                                Italy, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Spain, and
Boston, Houghton, Mifflin and company. 1881                   elsewhere.
                                                              London, J. Murray. 1905
Mellone, Sydney H.
     The church and war in ancient and modern                 Middleton, Conyers.
times.                                                             The free inquiry into the miraculous powers,
London, The Lindsey press. 1916                               which are supposed to have subsisted in the Christian
                                                              church, from the earliest ages through several
Mellone, Sydney H.                                            successive centuries.
                                                              London, Printed for R. Manby and H.S. Cox. 1744

                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

By which it is shewn, that we have no sufficient
reason to believe, upon the authority of the primitive        Mitford, Mary Russell.
fathers, that any such powers were continued to the                Recollections of a literary life; or, Books,
Church, after the days of the apostles.                       places, and people.
                                                              London, R. Bentley. 1852
Mill, John Stuart.                                            3v.
     Nature, the Utility of religion, and Theism.
London, Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer. 1874               The Mitre and crown; or, Great Britain's true interest.
                                                              London, Printed for the author. [1748-1751]
Miller, Hugh.                                                 In which our constitution in church and state will be
     The foot-prints of the Creator: or, The                  explained and defended. And a short account of most
Asterolepis of Stromness.                                     valuable books given, with some original pieces, and
Boston: Gould and Lincoln. 1856                               law-cases. And also an abstract of what is material in
From the third London edition. With a memoir of the           the several publick papers, with the usual common
author, by L. Agassiz.                                        news. And an account of births, marriages,
                                                              preferments, deaths, &c....By a gentleman late of the
Miller, Hugh.                                                 Temple; v 1-2, v 3, no. 1-4; Oct. 1748-Feb. 1751; 3v.
     The headship of Christ, and the rights of the
Christian people.                                             Mixley, James Bowling.
Boston. 1863                                                      Essays, historical and theological.
with the author's celebrated letter to Lord                   London [etc.] Rivingtons. 1878
Brougham... Ed. with a preface, by Peter Bayne.               2v.

[Miller, John, bp.].                                          Moberly, Charlotte A.E.
     Supplementary memoirs of English Catholics,                    Dulce domum, George Moberly (D.C.L.;
addressed to Charles Butler, esq., author of the              headmaster of Winchester college, 1835-1866, bishop
Historical memoirs of the English Catholics.                  of Salisbury, 1869-1885), his family and friends.
London, Keating and Brown. 1820                               London, J. Murray. 1911
                                                              by his daughter, C.A.E. Moberly, with portraits and
[Miller, John, bp.].                                          illustrations.
     A treatise on the ecclesiastical architecture of
England, during the middle ages, with ten illustrative        Moberly, George, bp. of Salisbury.
plates.                                                           The administration of the Holy Spirit in the
London, J. Weale. 1835                                        body of Christ. Eight lectures preached before the
3d ed, with corrections.                                      University of Oxford, in the year 1868, on the
                                                              foundation of the late Rev. John Bampton.
Miller, Josiah.                                               Oxford and London, J. Parker and co. 1868
     Singers and songs of the church: being
biographical sketches of the hymn-writers in all the          Moberly, George, bp. of Salisbury.
principal collections.                                             The sayings of the great forty days, between the
London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1869                         resurrection and ascension, regarding as the outline
With notes on their psalms and hymns; 2d ed.                  of the kingdom of God, in five discourses: with an
                                                              examination of Mr. Newman's theory of
Milner, Joseph.                                               developments.
     Gibbon's account of Christianity considered:             Philadelphia, H. Hooker. 1850
together with some strictures on Hume's Diologues
concerning natural religion.                                  Moberly, George, bp. of Salisbury.
York, Printed by A. Ward; and sold by G. Robinson,                 Sermons on the Beatitudes, with others mostly
and T. Cadell, London; [etc., etc.]. 1781                     preached before the University of Oxford.
                                                              Oxford and London, J. Parker and co. 1870
Mitford, John.                                                to which is added a preface relating to the volume of
    Cursory notes on various passages in the text of          "Essays and reviews."; 3d ed.
Beaumont and Fletcher, as ed. by the Rev. Alexander
Dyce; and on his "Few notes on Shakespeare.".                 Molineux, Marie Ada.
London, J.R. Smith. 1856                                           A phrase book from the poetic and dramatic
                                                              works of Robert Browning.
Mitford, John.                                                Boston & New York, Houghton, Mifflin and
    Cursory notes on various passages in the text of          company. 1896
Beaumont and Fletcher, as ed. by the Rev. Alexander           to which is added an index containing the significant
Dyee; and on his "Few notes on Shakespeare.".                 words not elsewhere noted.
London, J.R. Smith. 1856
                                                              Momerie, Alfred Williams.
Mitford, John.                                                     Agnosticism; sermons preached in St. Peter's,
    Sacred specimens, selected from the early                 Cranley gardens, 1883-4.
English poets, with prefatory verses.                         Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.
London, Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy [etc.]. 1827                1891
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

4th ed, rev.                                                       The wanderer of Switzerland, and other poems.
                                                              London, Vernor and Hood [etc.]; Sheffield, Printed
Momerie, Alfred Williams.                                     by J. Montgomery. 1806
     The basis of religion, being an examination of
"Natural religion".                                           Montgomery, James.
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.                       The world before the flood, a poem, in ten
1886                                                          cantos.
2d ed.                                                        New York Published by Eastburn, Kirk & co. at the
                                                              Literary rooms, corner of Wall and Nassau-streets
Momerie, Alfred Williams.                                     [Brooklyn, Printed by Pray and Bowen]. 1814
     Belief in God.
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.                  Moore, Thomas Verner.
1886                                                               The Culdee church: or, The historical
                                                              connection of modern Presbyterian churches with
Momerie, Alfred Williams.                                     those of apostolic times, through the Church of
     Inspiration and other sermons delivered in the           Scotland.
chapel of the Foundling hospital.                             Richmond, Presbyterian committee of publication.
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.                  1868
                                                              More, Hannah.
Momerie, Alfred Williams.                                           Remarks on the speech of M. Dupont, made in
    The religion of the future, and other essays.             the National Convention of France, on the subjects of
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.                  religion and public education.
1893                                                          London, Printed for T. Cadell. 1793
                                                              The second edition.
Montefiore, Claude Joseph Goldsmid.
      … Lectures on the origin and growth of religion         More, Hannah.
as illustrated by the religion of the ancient Hebrews.            The works of Hannah More.
London and Edinburgh, Williams and Norgate. 1892              New York, Harper & brothers. 1855
Montefiore, Claude Joseph Goldsmid.
    Liberal Judaism and Hellenism and other essays.           Morgan, William.
London, Macmillan and co., limited. 1918                          Memoirs of the life of the Rev. Richard Price.
                                                              London, Printed for R. Hunter [etc.]. 1815
Montefiore, Claude Joseph Goldsmid.
     The synoptic Gospels; edited with an                     Morris, Lewis, Sir.
introduction and a commentary by C.G. Montefiore                  The epic of Hades, in three books.
together with a series of additional notes by I.              London, Kegan Paul Trench, Trubner & co. 1892
Abrahams. In three volumes.
London, Macmillan and co., limited. 1909                      Morris, Lewis, Sir.
2v.                                                                Poems by Sir Lewis Morris (authorized
Montgomery, James.                                            London, George Routledge & sons, ltd. New York,
     … Lectures on general literature, poetry, &c.            E.P. Dutton & co. [1904]
delivered at the Royal institution in 1830 and 1831.
New York, Harper & brothers. 1838                             Moserie, Alfred W.
                                                                   Defects of modern Christianity and other
Montgomery, James.                                            sermons preached in St. Peter's, Cranley Gardens,
     The Pelican Island, and other poems.                     1881-2.
Philadelphia, E. Littell and J. Crigg. 1827                   Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.
[Montgomery, James].                                          3d ed, rev.
     Prose, by a poet.
Philadelphia, A. Small. 1824                                  Motherwell, William.
2v.                                                               The poetica, works of William Motherwell.
                                                              Glasgow, D. Robertson; [etc., etc.]. 1849
Montgomery, James.
    Sacred poems and hymns, for public and private            Motherwell, William, ed.
devotion.                                                          Minstrelsey: ancient and modern with an
New York, D. Appleton and company. 1854                       historical introduction and notes.
                                                              Glasgow, J. Wylie. 1827
Montgomery, James.
    Songs of Zion; being imitations of Psalms.                Moule, H.C.G. (Handley Carr Glyn).
Boston, Wells and Lilly. 1823                                     Charles Simeon.
                                                              London, Methuen. 1892
Montgomery, James.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Moule, H.C.G. (Handley Carr Glyn).                             New York, E.P. Dutton and co. 1883
     Colossian studies; lessons in faith and holiness
from St. Paul's Epistles to the Colossians and                 Mozley, James B.
Philemon.                                                          Letters to the Rev. J.B. Mozley.
New York, Armstrong. 1898                                      London, Rivingtons. 1895

Moule, H.C.G. (Handley Carr Glyn).                             Mozley, James B.
     Ephesian studies; expository readings on the                   Ruling ideas in early ages and their relation to
Epistle of Saint Paul to the Ephesians.                        Old Testament faith; lectures delivered to graduates
London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1900                             of the University of Oxford.
                                                               New York, E.P. Dutton and company. 1877
Moule, H.C.G. (Handley Carr Glyn).
    The Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans.                     Mozley, James B.
London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1899                                 Sermons, parochial and occasional.
                                                               New York, E.P. Dutton and company. 1879
Moule, H.C.G. (Handley Carr Glyn).
     The evangelical school in the Church of                   Mozley, James B.
England; its men and its work in the nineteenth                     The theory of development, a criticism of Dr.
century.                                                       Newman's essay on the development of Christian
London, J. Nisbet & co., limited. 1901                         doctrine.
                                                               New York, E.P. Dutton & co. 1879
Moule, H.C.G. (Handley Carr Glyn).                             Reprinted from "The Christian remembrancer",
     Philippian studies; lessons in faith and love from        January 1847.
St. Paul's Epistle to the Philippians.
London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1908                             Mozley, Thomas.
6th ed.                                                             Reminiscences chiefly of Oriel college and the
                                                               Oxford movement.
Moule, H.C.G. (Handley Carr Glyn).                             Boston, New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company.
     The school of suffering; a brief memorial of              1882
Mary E.E. Moule.                                               2v.
London [etc.] Society for promoting Christian
knowledge. 1912                                                Murdin, Cornelius.
by her father Handley, bishop of Durham... Published                 Three sermons, entitled. I. Liberty when used as
under the direction of the Tract committee.                    a cloke of maliciousness, the worst of evils. II. The
                                                               evil of rebellion, as applicable to American conduct,
Moule, H.C.G. (Handley Carr Glyn).                             considered. III. Great Britain oppressing America, a
      To my younger brethren, chapters on pastoral             groundless charge.
life and work.                                                 Southampton, Printed by T. Baker. [1780 ?]
London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1892                             Preached on the three preceding fast days, appointed
                                                               to be observed on account of the American rebellion;
Moule, H.C.G. (Handley Carr Glyn).                             in the parish churches of Twylord and Ouzlebury,
     Veni creator: thoughts on the person and work             Hampshire. By Cornelius Murdin, M.A., vicar.
of the Holy Spirit of promise.
New York, T. Whittaker. 1890                                   Murdoch, William G.B.
2d ed.                                                             The renaissance of the nineties.
                                                               London, Alexander Moring. 1911
Moultrie, John.
    Poems.                                                     Murray, Hugh.
London, W. Pickering. 1837                                          Enquiries historical and moral, respecting the
                                                               character of nations, and the progress of society.
Mountain, Armine Hale.                                         Edinburgh, Printed by J. Ballantyne and co. for J.
     A memoir of George Jehoshaphat Mountain,                  Anderson; [etc., etc.]. 1808
D.D., D.C.L., late bishop of Quebec, compiled (at the
desire of the synod of that diocese) by his son.               Murray, James.
London, S. Low, son & Marston; Montreal, J. Lovell.                  Sermons to asses, to doctors in divinity, to lords
1866                                                           spiritual, and to ministers of state.
                                                               London: Printed for W. Hone. 1819
Mozley, James B.                                               with an engraved portrait of the author, and an
     Eight lectures on miracles, preached before the           original sketch of his life.
University of Oxford in the year M.DCCC.LXV, on
the foundation of the late Rev. John Bampton.                  Murray, Thomas Byles.
London [etc.] Rivingtons. 1867                                      Pitcairn; the island, the people and the pastor,
2d ed.                                                         with a short account of the mutiny of the Bounty.
                                                               London, Printed for the Society for promoting
Mozley, James B.                                               Christian knowledge. 1854
   Lectures and other theological papers.
                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

Pub. under the direction of the Committee of general                 Collected hymns, sequences and carols of John
literature and education, appointed by the Society for           Mason Neale.
promoting Christian knowledge.                                   London, Hodder and Stoughton. [1914]
[Myers, Frederic].                                               Neale, John Mason.
     Catholic thoughts.                                               A commentary on the Psalms: from primitive
[Cambridge, Printed by C.J. Clay and the University              and mediaeval writers; and from the various office
press]. [1834-1848]                                              books and hymns of the Roman, Mozarabic,
2v.                                                              Ambrosian, Gallican, Greek, Coptic, Armenian, and
                                                                 Syriac rites.
Myers, Frederic.                                                 London, Joseph Masters & co. 1869-1883
     Lectures on great men.                                      By... and... Rev. R.F. Littledale..; 2nd ed, 4v.
London, J. Nisbet and co. 1857
with a preface by T.H. Tarlton...; 3d ed.                        [Neale, John Mason].
                                                                      The history of pues, being the substance of a
National prejudice, opposed to the national interest,            paper read before the Cambridge Camden society
candidly considered in the detention of yielding up              November 22, 1841, with an appendix containing a
Gibraltar and Cape-Briton by the ensuing treaty of               report presented to the society on the statistics of
peace: with some observations on the natural jealousy            pues, December 6, 1841.
of the Spanish nation.                                           Cambridge [Eng.] Stevenson; [etc., etc.]. 1843
London, Printed for W. Owen [etc.]. 1748                         3d ed, containing the "Supplement" with additions.
In a letter to Sir John Barnard, knight.
                                                                 Neale, John Mason.
Neal, Daniel.                                                         A history of the Holy Eastern Church.
     The history of New-England containing an                    London, J. Masters. 1847-1873
impartial account of the civil and ecclesiastical affairs        3v in 5.
of the country to the year of Our Lord, 1700.
London, Printed for J. Clarke, R. Ford, and R.                   Neale, John Mason.
Cruttenden. 1720                                                      A history of the so-called Jansenist church of
To which is added the present state of New-England.              Holland; with a sketch of its earlier annals, and some
With a new and accurate map of the country. And an               account of the Brothers of the common life.
appendix containing their present charter, their                 Oxford and London, J.H. and J. Parker. 1858
ecclesiastical discipline, and their municipal-laws…;
2v.                                                              Neale, John Mason.
                                                                      Letters of J.M. Neale, D.D.
Neal, Daniel.                                                    London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1910
     The history of the Puritans, or Protestant                  Selected and ed. by his daughter. With portrait.
nonconformists, from the reformation under King
Henry VIII. to the Act of toleration under King                  Neale, John Mason.
William and Queen Mary: with an account of their                     The life and times of Patrick Torry... with an
principles, their attempts for a further reformation in          appendix on the Scottish liturgy.
the church; and the lifes and characters of their most           London, J. Masters. 1856
considerable divines.
London, J. Buckland [etc.]. 1754                                 Neale, John Mason.
2v; The 2d ed, cor.                                                   Mediaeval preachers and mediaeval preaching.
                                                                 London, J.C. Mozley [etc.]. 1856
Neal, Daniel.                                                    A series of extracts, translated from the sermons of
      A review of the principal facts objected to the            the middle ages, chronologically arranged: with notes
first voloume of The history of the Puritans, by the             and an introduction.
author of the Vindication of the government, doctrine
and worship, of the Church of England, established in            Neale, John Mason.
the reign of Queen Elizabeth.                                         Medieval hymns and sequences.
London, Printed for R. Hett. 1734                                London, J. Masters. 1863
                                                                 2d ed with very numerous additions and corrections.
Neale, J[ohn] Mason.
     Sequences, hymns, and other ecclesiastical                  Neale, John Mason.
verses.                                                              Seatonian poems.
London, J.T. Kays. [1866]                                        Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and co; London, Bell and
                                                                 Daldy. 1874
Neale, John Mason.
     Annals of virgin saints.                                    Neale, John Mason.
London, Masters. 1846                                                  The triumphs of the cross.
by a priest of the Church of England.                            Chicago, The Living church company. 1834
                                                                 First series. Tales of Christian heroism.
Neale, John Mason.
                                                                 [Neale, John Mason].
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

     The unseen world; communications with it, real,           London, J. Chapman. 1850
or imaginary, including apparitions, warnings,
haunted places, prophecies, aerial visions, astrology,         Newman, Francis William.
etc.                                                                The soul, her sorrows and her aspirations: an
London, J. Masters. 1853                                       essay towards the natural history of the soul, as the
2d ed, with additions.                                         true basis of theology.
                                                               London, J. Chapman. 1849
Neale, John Mason.
     Views of the most interesting collegiate and              Newman, Francis William.
parochial churches in Great Britain; including                       Theism, doctrinal and practical; or, Didactic
screens, fonts, monuments, &c., &c.                            religious utterances.
London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and                 London, J. Chapman. 1858
Green [etc.,]. 1824-1825
With historical and architectural descriptions...; 2v.         Newman, John Henry, cardinal.
                                                                   The church of the Fathers.
Neale, Mary (Peisley).                                         London, Printed for J.C.F. & J. Rivington. 1840
     Some account of the life and religious exercises
of Mary Neale, formerly Mary Peisley.                          Newman, John Henry, cardinal.
Dublin-Printed: Philadelphia: Reprinted for, and sold               Lead, kindly light; President McKinley's
by, Joseph Crukshank, no. 87, Highstreet. 871796               favorite hymn.
Principally compiled from her own writings.                    Philadelphia, H. Altemus company. [1901]
                                                               [Memorial ed.].
New-England's faction discovered; or, A brief and
true account of their persecution of the Church of             Newman, John Henry, cardinal.
England; the beginning and progress of the war with                 Lectures on justification.
the Indians; and other late proceedings there, in a            London, J.G.F. & J. Rivington; [etc., etc.]. 1840
letter from a gentleman of that country, to a person of        2d ed.
[London, Printed for J. Hindmarsh, at the sign of the          [Newman, John Henry, cardinal].
Golden ball, over against the Royal exchange in                      Lectures on the history of the Turks in its
Cornhill]. [1690]                                              relation to Christianity.
Being an answer to a most false and scandalous                 Dublin, J. Duffy; London, C. Dolman. 1854
pamphlet lately published; intituled, News from                By the author of Loss and gain.
New-England, &c.
                                                               [Newton, John].
Newland, Henry G.                                                  Olney hymns in three books.
     Three lectures on tractarianism, delivered in             London, T. Tegg. [18--]
London. 1855                                                   Nichols, Thomas Low.
4th ed.                                                            A biography of the brothers Davenport.
                                                               London, Saunders, Otley, and co. 1864
Newman, Francis William.                                       With some account of the physical and psychical
     Contributions chiefly to the early history of the         phenomena which have occurred in their presence, in
late Cardinal Newman.                                          America and Europe.
London, K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & co., ltd. 1891
With comments by his brother, F.W. Newman.                     Nicholson, Aldwell.
                                                                    The adoration of Christ: a vindication of the
Newman, Francis William.                                       Catholic doctrine, and refutation of the heresies
     Hebrew theism; the common basis of Judaism,               taught by Cardinal Manning in the devotion to the
Christianity, and Mohammedism, with revisions and              Sacred he-rt. Edited by C.E.R-D.
additions to the quarto ed. of 1858.                           London, The Black friars printers, limited. 1897
London, Trubner. 1874
                                                               Nicholson, John.
Newman, Francis William.                                            The lyre of Ebor; The fall of Belshazzar; Genius
     A history of the Hebrew monarchy, from the                and intemperance; and other poems.
administration of Samuel to the Babylonish captivity.          London, Seeley and son [etc., etc.]. 1827
London, J. Chapman. 1853
2d ed.                                                         Nicolson, William, apb. of Cashel.
                                                                     The English, Scotch and Irish historical
Newman, Francis William.                                       libraries.
    Life after death? Palinodia.                               London, Printed for T. Evans [etc.]. 1776
London, Trubner & co. 1886

Newman, Francis William.
    Phases of faith; or, Passages from the history of
my creed.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Giving a short view and character of most of our                    The critical history of England, ecclesiastical
historians, either in print or manuscript. With an             and civil: wherin the errors of the monkish writers,
account of our records, law-books, coins, &c. To               and others before the reformation, are expos'd and
which is added, a letter to the Reverend White                 corrected.
Kennet, DD. in defence of the English historical               London, Printed for J. Pemberton. 1726
library, &c.                                                   As are also the deficiency and partiality of later
                                                               historians. And particular notice is taken of the
Niebler, Else.                                                 History of the grand rebellion. And Mr. Echard's
    Robert Southey's "The doctor".                             History of England. With remarks on some
Darmstadt, L.C. Wittich. 1941                                  objections made to Bishop Burnet's History of his
                                                               time, and the characters of Archdeacon Echard's
Nightingale, Joseph.                                           authors... 2d ed. cor. and improved. To which is
     The religions and religious ceremonies of all             added, A review of Dr. Zachary Gray's Defence of
nations: accurately, impartially, and fully described;         our ancient and modern historians, &c; 2v.
including Christians, Mohammedans, Jews,
Brahmins, and pagans, of all sects and                         Ollard, Sidney Leslie.
denominations.                                                      The Anglo-Catholic revival, some persons and
London, Sir R. Phillips and co. 1821                           principles; six lectures delivered at All Saints',
With numerous engravings. A new ed. By the Rev. J              Margaret street.
.Nightingale.                                                  London [etc.] A.R. Mowbray & co., ltd.; Milwaukee,
                                                               U.S.A., The Morehouse, publishing co. 1925
Nisbet, Richard.                                               With a preface by N.F.B. Mackay.
     The capacity of negroes for religious and moral
improvement considered: with cursory hints, to                 Ollard, Sidney Leslie.
proprietors and to government, for the immediate                   A dictionary of English church history.
melioration of the condition of slaves in the sugar            London, A.B. Mowbrey and co., ltd.; Milwaukee,
colonies: to which are subjoined Short and practical           The Young churchman co. [1912]
discourses to negroes, on the plain and obvious
principles of religion and morality.                           Ollard, Sidney Leslie.
London, Printed by J. Phillips. 1789                               A short history of the Oxford movement.
                                                               London, A.R. Mowbray & co., ltd.; Milwaukee, The
Noel, Baptist Wriothesley.                                     Young churchman co. [1915]
     Meditations in sickness and old age.
Philadelphia, H. Perkins; Boston, Perkins & Marvin.            [Onderdonk, Henry Ustick] bp.
1838                                                                A letter to the wardens and vestry of Christ
                                                               Church, Cincinnati; in reply to their "declaration and
Oakeley, Frederick.                                            protest against the proceedings of Bishop Hobart and
     Catholic worship: a manual of popular                     the Trustees of the General Theological Seminary of
instruction on the ceremonies and devotions of the             the Episcopal Church in relation to the mission of
church.                                                        Bishop Chase to England.".
New York, The Catholic publication society. 1872               New-York, T. and J. Swords. 1824
2d ed.                                                         By a Presbyter of the Diocese of New-York.

Oakeley, Frederick.                                            Osborne, Charles Edward.
     Remarks about Aristotelian and Platonic ethics,               The life of Father Dolling.
as a branch of the studies pursued in the University of        London, E. Arnold. 1903
Oxford.                                                        Popular ed.
Oxford, Printed for J.W. Parker and J.G. and F.
Rivington, London. 1837                                        Osborne, Charles Edward.
                                                                   Religion in Europe and the world crisis.
Ogle, Robert Bertram.                                          London, T.F. Unwin, ltd. [1916]
    Byron and the Bernesque satire.
Urbana, Ill. 1952                                              Overton, John.
                                                                     The true churchman ascertained; or, an apology
Okely, Francis.                                                for those of the regular clergy of the Establishment
     Memoirs of the life, death, burial, and wonderful         who are sometimes called evangelical ministers:
writings, of Jacob Behmen: now first done at large             occasioned by the publications of Drs. Paley, Mey,
into English, from the best edition of his works in the        Croft, Messrs. Daubeny, Ludlam, Polwhele,
original German.                                               Fellowes, the reviewers, &c &c.
Northampton, Printed by T. Dicey for the translator,           York, Printed by T. Wilson and N. Spence. 1802
and for J. Lackington, London; [etc., etc.]. 1780              2d ed.
With an introductory preface of the translator,
directing to the due and right use of this mysterious          Overton, John M.
and extraordinary theosopher.                                      Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln,
[Oldmixon, John].                                              London, Rivingtons. 1888
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

                                                                   Natural theology; or, Evidences of the existence
Owen, N[icholas].                                             and attributes of the deity.
      British remains; or, A collection of antiquities        London, Printed for J. Faulder. 1809
relating to the Britons: comprehending, I. A concise
history of the lords marchers... II. The arms of the          Palmer, William.
ancient nobility and gentry of North-Wales. III. A                  A compendious ecclesiastical history; from the
letter of Dr. Lloyd, bishop of St. Asaph's concerning         earliest period to the present time.
Jeffrey of Monmouth's History. IV. An account of the          New York, Swords, Stanford & co. 1841
discovery of America, by the Welsh, more than 300             With a preface and notes, by an American editor.
years before the voyage of Columbus. V. A
celebrated poem of Taliesin, translated into Sapphic          Palmer, William.
verse.                                                             Dissertations on subjects relating to the
London, Printed for J. Bow. 1777                              "Orthodox: or "Eastern-Catholic: communion.
The whole selected from original mss. and other               London, J. Masters. 1853
authentic records. To which are also added, Memoirs
of Edward Llwynd, antiquary, transcribed from a               Palmer, William.
manuscript in the museum, Oxford. By the Rev. N.                    The doctrine of development and conscience
Owen.                                                         considered in relation to the evidences of Christianity
                                                              and of the Catholic system.
Paget, Francis Edward.                                        London, J. & J. Rivington. 1846
     Helps and hindrances to the Christian life.              [pt. 1].
London, Skeffington & son. 1887
Plain village sermons for a year..; 2v; 5th ed.               Palmer, William.
                                                                    Letters to N. Wiseman, D.D., on the errors of
Paget, Francis Edward.                                        Romanism, in respect to the worship of saints
     Luke Sharp; or, Knowledge without religion.              satisfactions, purgatory, indulgences, and the worship
New York, General Protestant Episcopal S.S. union.            of images and relics.
1846                                                          Baltimore, J. Robinson. 1843
A tale of modern education… From the London ed.
                                                              Palmer, William.
Paget, Francis Edward.                                             A narrative of events connected with the
     Milford Malvoisin; or, Pews and pewholders.              publication of the Tracts for the times, with
London, J. Masters. 1848                                      reflections on existing tendencies to Romanism and
2d ed.                                                        on the present duties and prospects of members of the
[Paget, Francis Edward].                                      Oxford, J.W. Parker; London, J. Burns [etc.]. 1843
    The owlet of Owlstone edge, his travels, his
experience, and his lucubrations.                             Palmer, William.
London, J. Masters. 1858                                           Notes of a visit to the Russian church in the
                                                              years 1840, 1841.
Paget, Stephen.                                               London, K. Paul, Trench. 1882
     Francis Paget.                                           Selected and arranged by Cardinal Newman.
London, Macmillan. 1912
By Stephen Paget and J.M.C. Crum. With an                     Palmer, William.
introduction by His Grace the Archbishop of                         Origines liturgicae, or antiquities of the English
Canterbury.                                                   ritual, and a dissertation on primitive lituriges.
                                                              Oxford, Univ. Press. 1839
Paget, Stephen, ed.                                           3d ed; 2v.
    Henry Scott Holland... Memoir and letters.
New York, E.P. Dutton and company. 1921                       Palmer, William.
                                                                   A treatise on the church of Christ, designed
[Paine, Thomas].                                              chiefly for the use of students in theology.
     Additions to Common sense; addressed to the              London, J.C.F. & J. Rivington. 1842
inhabitants of America.                                       3d ed, rev and enl., 2 v.
Philadelphia, printed; London, Reprinted for J.
Almon. 1776                                                   Parker Society, London.
                                                                   The Parker society . . . for the publication of the
Paley, William.                                               works of the fathers and early writings of the
     Horae Paulinae: or, The truth of the Scripture           reformed English church.
history of St. Paul, evinced by a comparison of the           [Cambridge, Eng., Printed at University Press].
Epistles which bear his name with the Acts of the             [1841-1855]
apostles, and with one another.                               55v.
London, R. Faulder. 1805
4th ed.                                                       Parrett, Thomas Marc.
                                                                  Studies of a booklover.
Paley, William.                                               New York, J. Pott & co. 1904
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

                                                             As also of some further grounds for justifying of the
Pater, Walter H.                                             same, in an Appendix to John Norton's book (which
    Miscellaneous studies, a series of essays.               was printed after the book it self, yet as part thereof)
New York, Macmillan. 1907                                    whereto he is said to be appointed by the General
                                                             Court. And likewise of the arguments briefly hinted
The path of the Pilgrim church, from its origin in           in that which is called, A true relation of the
England to its establishment in New England.                 proceedings against the Quakers, &c. Whereunto
Boston, Massachusetts Sabbath school society.                somewhat is added about the authority and
[1862]                                                       government which Christ excluded out of his church,
An historical sketch. Written for the Massachusetts          which occasioneth somewhat concerning the true
Sabbath school society, and approved by the                  church-government. By Isaac Penington, the
Committee of publication.                                    younger.
Patmore, Coventry K.D.                                       Penington, John.
    … The angel in the house.                                     An apostate exposed: or, George Keith
London, Cassell and company. 1898                            contradicting himself and his brother Bradford.
                                                             London, T. Sowle. 1695
Pattison, Mark.                                              Wherein their testimony to the Christian faith of the
     Isaac Casaubon, 1559-1614.                              people called Quakers, is opposed to G. K.'s late
Oxford, The Clarendon press. 1892                            pamphlet, stiled, Gross error and hypocrisie detected.
2d ed.
                                                             Penington, Mary (Proude), Mrs.
Pattison, Mark.                                                   A grief account of my exercises from my
     Sermons.                                                childhood: left with my dear daughter, Gulielma
London, Macmillan and co. 1885                               Maria Penn.
                                                             Philadelphia. 1848
Peacock, Thomas Love.
    Songs from the novels of Thomas Love                     Penn, William.
Peacock.                                                          Argumentum ad hominem: being an extract
London, R. Brimley Johnson. [n.d.]                           from a piece intitled, England's present interest
                                                             considered, with honour to the prince, and safety to
Pellham, Edward.                                             the people.
     Gods power and providence: shewed, in the               Philadelphia. 1775
miracvlous preservation and deliverance of eight             To which are added some extracts from the writings
Englishmen, left by mischance in Green-land anno             of divers authors, more particularly recommended to
1630. nine moneths and twelve dayes.                         the notice of the people called Quakers.
London, Printed by R.Y. for J. Partridge. 1631
With a true relation of all their miseries .. With a         Penn, William.
description of the chiefe places and rarities of that             A brief account of the rise and progress of the
barren and cold countrey. Faithfully reported by             people called Quakers, in which their fundamental
Edward Pelham, one of the eight men aforesaid. As            principle, doctrines, worship, ministry and discipline
also with a map of Green-land.                               are plainly declared; with a summary relation of the
                                                             former dispensations of God in the world, by way of
Pemberton, Ebenezer.                                         introduction.
     A sermon preach'd in New-ark, June 12, 1744, at         Philadelphia, Printed by J. Rakestraw. 1816
the ordination of Mr. David Brainerd, a missionary
among the Indians upon the borders of the provinces          Penn, William.
of New-York, New-Jersey, and Pennsylvania.                         A key, opening the way to every capacity; how
Boston, Printed by Rogers and Fowle, for J.                  to distinguish the religion professed by the people
Pemberton. 1744                                              called Quakers, from the perversions and
By E. Pemberton, A.M., pastor of the Presbyterian            misrepresentations of their adversaries.
church in the city of New-York. With an appendix,            London, Printed and sold by T. Sowle Raylton and
touching the Indian affairs.                                 Luke Hinde. 1748
                                                             With a brief exhortation to all sorts of people to
Penington, Isaac.                                            examine their ways, and their hearts, and turn
      An examination of the grounds or causes, which         speedily to the Lord; 15th ed.
are said to induce the court of Boston in
New-England to make that order or law of                     Penn, William.
banishment upon pain of death against the Quakers;                  The people's antient and just liberties asserted,
as also of the grounds and considerations by them            in the tryal of William Penn, and William mead, at
produced to manifest the warrantableness and                 the sessions held at the Old-Baily in London, the
justness both of their making and executing the same,        first, third, fourth and fifth of Sept. 70. against the
which they now stand deeply engaged to defend,               most arbitrary procedure of that court.
having already thereupon put two of them to death.           London, Printed for W. Butler. 1682
London: Printed for L. Loyd. 1660
                                                             [Penn, William].
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

      Plain-dealing with a traducing Anabaptist: or           Pollok, Robert.
three letters writ upon occasion of some slanderous                 The course of time, a poem, in ten books.
reflections, given and promoted against William Penn          Boston, Crocker and Brewster; New York, J. Leavitt;
by one John Morse.                                            [etc., etc.]. 1828
[London]. 1672
Published for common benefit, that all impartial              Pollok, Robert.
people may be better acquainted with the invective                 Tales of the Covenanters.
spirit of some so called, and their ungodly sly way of        Edinburgh, W. Oliphant; [etc., etc.]. 1833
defaming such as dissent from them especially in
their restless indeavours against the poor Quakers. By        Pomfret, John.
a lover of charity and sincerity in all, W.P.                      Poems upon several occasions.
                                                              Boston: Re-printed and Sold by Zecharian Fowle in
Penn, William.                                                Queen-street. 1751
     Rise and progress of the people called Quakers;          By the Reverend Mr. John Pomfret. Viz. I. The
also Sandy foundation shaken, and Innocency with              choice. II. Love triumphant over reason. III. Cruelty
her open face, by William Penn, with his letter to his        and lust. IV. On the divine attributes. V. A prospect
wife and children.                                            of death. VI. On the conflagration and last judgment.
Philadelphia, T.E. Chapman. 1855                              The eleventh edition, corrected. With some account
                                                              of his life and writings. To which are added, his
Perceval, A[rthur] P.                                         Remains.
     A collection of papers connected with the
theological movement of 1833.                                 Powell, Baden.
London, printed for J.C.F. & J. Rivington. 1842                    Christianity without Judaism.
                                                              London, Longman. 1857
Perceval, Arthur P.                                           A second series of essays including the substance of
     A letter to Lord Henley, respecting his                  sermons delivered in London and other places.
publication on church reform.
London, J., G. & F. Rivington. 1832                           Powell, Baden.
                                                                   The connexion of natural and divine truth; or,
[Percy, Thomas, bp. of Dromore].                              The study of the inductive philosophy, considered as
    Miscellaneous pieces relating to the Chinese.             subservient to theology.
London, Printed for R. and J. Dodsley. 1762                   London, J.W. Parker. 1838
                                                              Powell, Baden.
Perry, William S., bp.                                             The order of nature considered in reference to
     The centenary of the British colonial episcopate.        the claims of revelation.
Grinnell, Ia., Published for S. Paul's church. 1887           London, Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans &
A sermon preached in St. Paul's cathedral, London,            Roberts. 1859
June, 1887, on occasion of the 186th anniversary of           A third series of essays.
the Society for the propagation of the gospel in
foreign parts.                                                Powell, Baden.
                                                                   State education considered with reference to
Phillis.                                                      prevalent misconceptions on religious grounds.
     An elegiac poem, on the death of that celebrated         London, J.W. Parker: [etc., etc.]. 1840
divine, and eminent servant of Jesus Christ, the late
reverend, and pious George Whitefield.                        Powell, Baden.
[Boston, Sold by Ezekial Russell in Queen-Street,                  Tradition unveiled: or, An exposition of the
and John Byles, in Marlboro-Street]. [1770]                   pretensions and tendency of authoritative teaching in
                                                              the church.
Plain Sermons.                                                Philadelphia, Booker & Agnew. 1841
London, Printed for J.G.F. & J. Rivington, St. Paul's
Church Yard and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.                    Powell, Thomas.
1839-1848                                                         The living authors of England.
By contributors to the Tracts for the times…; Vol. 1-         New York, D Appleton & co. Philadelphia, G.S.
(No. 1 - ) 1839-1848; 10v.                                    Appleton. 1849

Pollen, Anne.                                                 Praed, Winthrop Mackworth.
     John Hungerford Pollen, 1820-1902.                           Charades.
London, J. Murray. 1912                                       New York [E.O. Jenkins, printer] MDCCLII. [i.e.
Pollock, David.
     The life of Robert Pollock.                              Praed, Winthrop Mackworth.
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.                       Essays.
1843                                                          London, New York [etc.] G. Routledge and sons.
By his brother, David Pollok, A.M.                            1887
                                                              Collected and arranged by Sir George Young.
                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

                                                              Edinburgh, The Abbey press. [1902]
Praed, Winthrop Mackworth.
    The poetical works.                                       Procter, Adelaide A.
New York, H.G. Langley. 1844                                      The poems of Adelaide A. Procter.
Now first collected by Rufus W. Griswold.                     Boston, James B. Osgood and company. 1877

Price, Richard.                                               Procter, Bryan Waller.
     A free discussion of the doctrines of                          … An autobiographical fragment and
materialism, and philosophical necessity, in a                biographical notes, with personal sketches of
correspondence between Dr. Price and Dr. Priestly.            contemporaries, unpublished lyrics, and letters of
London, Printed for J. Johnson and T. Cadell. 1778            literary friends.
                                                              London, G. Bell and sons. 1877
Price, Richard.
      A review of the principal questions and                 [Procter, Bryan Waller].
difficulties in morals; particularly those relating to            Charles Lamb; a memoir.
the original of our ideas of virtue, its nature,              Boston, Robert brothers. 1866
foundation, reference to the deity, obligation,
subject-matter, and sanctions.                                [Procter, Bryan Waller].
London, Printed for A. Millar. 1758                               Dramatic scenes.
                                                              Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1857
Priestley, Joseph.                                            With other poems, now first printed.
     Disquisitions relating to matter and spirit.
Birmingham, Printed by Pearson and Rollason, for J.           [Procter, Bryan Waller].
Johnson. 1782                                                      Effigies poeticae; or, The portraits of the British
To which is added the history of the philosophical            poets, illustrated by notes biographical, critical, and
doctrine concerning the origin of the soul, and the           poetical.
nature of matter; with its influence of Christianity,         London, J. Carpenter and son. 1824
especially with respect to the doctrine of the
pre-existence of Christ…; 2v.                                 [Procter, Bryan Waller].
                                                                  English songs and other small poems.
Priestley, Joseph.                                            Boston, W.D. Ticknor & company. 1844
      An examination of Dr. Reid's Inquiry into the
human mind on the principles of common sense, Dr.             [Procter, Bryan Waller].
Beattie's Essay on the nature and immutability of                 Essays and tales in prose.
truth, and Dr. Oswald's Appeal to common sense in             Boston, Ticknor, Reed, and Fields. 1856
behalf of religion.                                           2v.
London, Printed for J. Johnson. 1775
                                                              [Procter, Bryan Waller].
Priestley, Joseph.                                                The life of Edmund Kean.
     A free discussion of the doctrine of materialism,        London, E. Moxon. 1835
and philosophical necessity, in correspondence                2v.
between Dr. Price, and Dr. Priestley.
London, J. Johnson and T. Cadell. 1778                        [Procter, Bryan Waller].
                                                                  Marcian Colonna, an Italian tale; with three
Priestley, Joseph.                                            dramatic scenes, and other poems.
     The theological and miscellaneous works of               London, J. Warren [etc.]. 1820
Joseph Priestley.
[London, Printed by G. Smallfield]. [1817-1832]               [Procter, Bryan Waller].
edited, with notes, by John Towill Rutt; 25v, in 26.              Mirandola, a tragedy.
                                                              London, J. Warren. 1881
Pringle, Thomas.
     Ephemerides: or, Occasional poems, written in            [Procter, Bryan Waller].
Scotland and South Africa.                                        The poetical works of Barry Cornwall [pseud.].
London, Smith, Elder, and co. 1828                            London, H. Colburn and co. 1822
Pringle, Thomas.
    Narrative of a residence in South Africa.                 [Procter, Bryan Waller].
London, W. Tegg & co. 1851                                         A Silician story, with Diego de Montilla, and
                                                              other poems.
Pringle, Thomas.                                              London, C. and J. Ollier. 1820
    The poetical works.
London, E. Moxon. 1839                                        Proposed new plan of a general emigration society.
With sketch of his life.                                      London, C. Dolman; [etc., etc.]. 1842
                                                              By a Catholic gentleman.
Pringle, Thomas.
    … South African sketches; poems.                          Psalmanazar, George.
                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

     Memoirs of ****. Commonly known by the                    Oxford [etc.] Sold by J. Parker & co.; London [etc.]
name of George Psalmanazar; a reputed native of                Rivingtons. 1869
London, R. Davis [etc.]. 1765                                  Pusey, Edward Bouverie.
Written by himself, in order to be published after his              … The holy Eucharist a comfort to the penitent.
death: containing an account of his education, travels,        New York, Harper & brothers. 1843
adventures, connection, literary productions, and              A sermon preached before the university in the
pretended conversion from heathenism to                        Cathedral church of Christ, in Oxford.
Christianity; which last probed the occasion of his
being brought over into this kingdom, and passing for          Pusey, Edward Bouverie.
a proselyte, and a member of the Church of England.                 Is healthful reunion impossible?.
                                                               Sold by J. Parker & co. London [etc.] Rivingtons.
Purcell, Edmund S.                                             1870
    Life of Cardinal Manning, archbishop of                    A second letter to the Very Rev. J.H. Newman, D.D.
Westminster.                                                   Oxford [etc.].
New York and London, Macmillan and co.
1895-1896                                                      Pusey, Edward Bouverie.
2v.                                                                 A letter to the Right Hon. and Right Rev. the
                                                               Lord Bishop of London, in explanation of some
Pusey, Edward Bouverie.                                        statements contained in a letter by the Rev. W.
      The Articles treated on the Tract 90                     Dodsworth.
reconsidered and their interpretation vindicated in a          Rivingtons, Oxford and London, J.W. Parker. 1851
letter to the Rev. R.W. Jelf.
Oxford, Parker. 1841                                           Pusey, Edward Bouverie.
With an appendix from Abp. Ussher on the difference                  Marriage with a deceased wife's sister prohibited
between ancient and modern addresses to saints.                by Holy Scripture.
                                                               Oxford [etc.] J.W. Parker. 1849
Pusey, Edward Bouverie.                                        Evidence given before the commission appointed to
     The Church of England a portion of Christ's one           inquire into the state and operation of the law of
holy catholic church, and a means of restoring visible         marriage as relating to the prohibited degree of
unity.                                                         affinity, with a preface... To which is appended, a
New York, D. Appleton and company. 1866                        speech delivered in the Court of Queen's bench, June
An eirenicon, in a letter to the author of "The                15, 1847, in the case of the queen v. the parish of St.
Christian year".                                               Giles-in-the-Fields, By Edward Badeley.

Pusey, Edward Bouverie.                                        Pusey, Edward Bouverie.
      Collegiate and professorial teaching and                      The minor prophets, with a commentary,
discipline, in answer to Professor Vaughan's                   explanatory and practical and introductions to the
strictures, chiefly as to the charges against the              several books.
colleges of France and Germany.                                New York, Funk & Wagnalls. 1886
Oxford, J.W. Parker: [etc., etc.]. 1854                        2v.

Pusey, Edward Bouverie.                                        Pusey, Edward Bouverie.
     Daniel the prophet; nine lectures delivered in the              The real presence of the body and blood of Our
Divinity School of the University of Oxford with               Lord Jesus Christ in the doctrine of the English
copious notes.                                                 church, with a vindication of the reception by the
Oxford, Parker; London, Rivingtons. 1864                       wicked and of the adoration of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
3rd thousand.                                                  truly present.
                                                               Oxford, J.W. Parker; [etc., etc.]. 1857
Pusey, Edward Bouverie.
     The doctrine of the Real presence as contained            Pusey, Edward Bouverie.
in the Fathers from the death of St. John the                      Sermons preached before the University of
Evangelist to the fourth General Council, vindicated,          Oxford between A.D. 1859 and 1872.
in Notes on a sermon, "The presence of Christ in the           Oxford [Society of the Holy Trinity]. 1872
Holy Eucharist", preached A.D. 1853, before the
University of Oxford.                                          Pusey, Edward Bouverie.
Oxford, J.W. Parker. 1855                                           Spiritual letters Edward Bouverie Pusey, doctor
2v.                                                            of divinity, canon Christ church; regius professor of
                                                               Hebrew in the University of Oxford.
Pusey, Edward Bouverie.                                        London, New York and Bombay, Longmans, Green,
     First letter to the Very Rev. J.H. Newman, D.D.           and co. 1898
In explanation chiefly in regard to the revential love         edited and prepared for publication by the Rev. J.O.
due to the ever-blessed Theotokos, and the doctrine            Johnston... and the Rev. W.C.E. Newbolt.
of her immaculate conception; with an analysis of
Cardinal de Turrecremata's work on the immaculate              Pusey, Edward Bouverie.
conception.                                                        What is of faith, as to everlasting punishment?.
                            British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                             Author Index

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                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

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London, Duckworth & co. 1909                                  honor of the fortieth anniversary of Professor
                                                              Edmund L. Freeman at Montana State University on
Rashdall, Hastings.                                           April 8, 1960.
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2v.                                                                An account of the life of that ancient servant of
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Rashdall, Hastings.                                           many of his trials and exercises in his youth, and his
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Badger, and to be sold at the Bible, on Fleet-bridge,         Rivington, Luke.
and in Saint Dunstanes church-yard. 1644                          Authority; or, A plain reason for joining the
Agreed upon long since by the joynt consent of                Church of Rome.
sundry, godly, and learned ministers of this                  London, K. Paul, Trench, & co. 1888
kingdome, then standing out and suffering in the
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                              British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                               Author Index

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1909                                                          London, G. Allen. 1899

[Rogers, Henry].                                              Royce, Moses S.
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sceptic.                                                      Church of England and of the Protestant Episcopal
London, Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts.                 church in the United States.
1861                                                          New York, F.D. Harriman; Boston, E.P. Dutton.
10th ed.                                                      1859

                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

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Hanover Square, on Sunday, February 17, 1733/4.
London, Printed for T. Woodward and J. Brindley.             Salmon, George.
1734                                                             Gnosticism and agnosticism, and other sermons.
To recommend the charity for establishing the new            London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1887
colony of Georgia. Pub. at the request of the Right
Honourable the Lord Viscount Tyrconnel, the                  Salmon, George.
Honourable Colonel Whitworth, churchwardens, and                  A historical introduction to the study of the
several of the parishioners.                                 books of the New Testament: being an expension of
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[Rush, Benjamin].                                            University of Dublin.
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of the British settlements, on the slavery of the            9th ed.
negroes in America, in answer to a pamphlet entitled,
"Slavery not forbidden by Scripture; or, A defence of        Salmon, George.
the West-India planters from the aspersions thrown               The human element in the gospels.
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                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

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London and New York, Longmans, Green and co.                        Ecce Homo; a survey of the life and work of
1891                                                           Jesus Christ.
Nine lectures on the nature and extent of Biblical             London, Macmillan and co. 1866
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Testament Scriptures at the present time; with two             [Seeley, John Robert, Sir].
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London, J. Taylor. 1825                                        chapters on the Philosophy of religion.
With an introduction by the translator, containing an          London, Edinburgh, Williams and Norgate. 1882
account of the controversy respecting the origin of            Published by the Kibbert trustees.
the three first Gospels since Bishop Marsh's
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printers of a paper, subscribed a South Briton... a            1897
comparison... between the public and private virtues
of their present majesties, and those of King William          Seth Pringle Pattison, Andrew.
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London, Printed for S. Hooper [etc.]. [1775]                   with chapters reprinted on the philosophy of religion
The merits, also, of Roman Catholics, and of                   in Kent and Negel.
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1916                                                           Princeton university.
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                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

London, Longmans, Green and co. 1883
ed. by Andrew Seth and R.B. Haldane; with a preface           Sharp, Granville.
by Edward Caird.                                                   Three tracts on the syntax and pronunciation of
                                                              the Hebrew tongue; with an appendix, addressed to
Seth, James.                                                  the Hebrew nation.
     Freedom as ethical postulate.                            London, Hernor and Hood, [etc., etc.]. 1804
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.                  4v in 1.
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     A study of ethical principles.                           action in man.
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.                  London, S. White [etc.]. 1777
4th ed, rev.                                                  Shaw, George Bernard.
                                                                   This is the preechment On going to church, writ
Several conferences between some of the principal             by George Bernard Shaw.
people amongst the Quakers in Pennsylvania, and the           East Aurora, N.Y. The Roycroft printing shop. 1896
deputies from the Six Indian nations, in alliance with
Britain; in order to reclaim their brethren the               [Shebbeare, John].
Delaware Indians from their defection, and put a stop              Letters on the English nation: by Batista
to their barbarities and hostilities.                         Angeloni [pseud.], a Jesuit who resided many years
Newcastle upon Tyne, Printed by I. Thompson and               in London.
company. 1756                                                 London. 1755
To which is prefix'd (as introductory to the said             2v.
conferences) two addresses from the said Quakers;
one to the lieutenant-governor, and the other to the          [Shebbeare, John].
General-assembly of the province of Pennsylvania; as               A sixth letter to the people of England, on the
also the lieutenant-governor's declaration of war             progress of national ruin; in which it is shewn, that
against the said Delaware Indians and their adherents.        the present grandeur of France, and calamities of this
                                                              nation, are owning to the influence of Hanover on the
Seward, William.                                              councils of England.
     Journal of a voyage from Savannah to                     London, Printed for J. Morgan. 1757
Philadelphia and from Philadelphia to England,
M,DCC,XL.                                                     [Shebbeare, John].
London, J. Oswald; [etc., etc.]. 1740                              A third letter to the people of England.
By William Seward, gent. companion in travel with             London, Printed for J. Scott. 1756
Rev. Mr. George Whitefield.                                   On liberty, taxes, and the application of public
                                                              money…; 2d ed.
Sewell, William.
    The plea of conscience for seceding from the              [Shepherd, Richard Herne].
Catholic Church to the Romish schism in England, a                  The bibliography of Tennyson; a bibliographical
sermon preached before the University of Oxford,              list of the published and privately-printed writings of
November, 1845.                                               Alfred (Lord) Tennyson, poet laureate from 1827 to
Oxford, John Henry Parker. 1846                               1894 inclusive; with his contributions to annuals,
To which is prefixed, An essay on the process of              magazines, newspapers, and other periodical
conscience.                                                   publications and a scheme for a final and definitive
                                                              edition of the poet's works; by the author of
Shairp, John C.                                               "Tennysoniana".
    Culture and religion in some of their relations.          London [Billings & sons, printers]. 1896
New York, Hurd and Houghton. 1871
Reprinted from the Edinburgh ed.                              Sherman, Lucius A.
                                                                   Analytics of literature, a manual for the
Sharp, Granville.                                             objective study of English prose and poetry.
     Remarks on the uses of the definitive article in         Boston, Ginn & company. 1893
the Greek text of the New Testament, containing
many new proofs of the divinity of Christ, from               Shindler, Mary Dana.
passages which are wrongly translated in the                       Letters addressed to relatives and friends,
common English version.                                       chiefly in reply to arguments in support of the
London, Sold by Vernor and Hood; [etc., etc.]. 1803           doctrine of the Trinity.
3d ed.                                                        Boston, J. Munroe and company; London, Chapman
                                                              brothers. 1846
Sharp, Granville.                                             new ed.
     "The system of colonial law" compared with the
eternal laws of God; and with the indispensable               Sidgwick, Henry.
principles of the English constitution.                           Lectures on the ethics of T.M. Green, Mr.
London: Printed by Richard Edwards. 1807                      Herbert Spencer, and J. Martineau.
                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

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Macmillan company. 1902                                      Smith, Alexander.
                                                                 Edwin of Deira.
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London, Macmillan and co., limited; New York, The            Smith, Alexander.
Macmillan company. 1904                                          Poems.
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London, S. Sonnenschein & co. lim.; New York, The            East, second lord bishop of Calcutta, 1783-1826.
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     The life of the Rev. Rowland Hill, A.M.                     Does the Bible sanction American slavery?.
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2d ed.
                                                             Smith, Goldwin.
Sieveking, Isabel C.                                             England and America.
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twenty-eight illustrations and two articles (one
unpublished ms.).                                            [Smith, Samuel].
London, K. Paul, Trench, Trubner and co., ltd. 1909                Lecturer of St. Albans. Public spirit, illustrated
                                                             in the life and designs, of the Reverend Thomas Bray,
Skelton, John, Sir.                                          D.D. late minister of St. Botolph without Aldgate.
     Essays in history and biography, including The          London: Printed for J. Brotherton, at the Bible, next
defence of Mary Stuart.                                      Tom's coffee-house in Cornhill. 1746
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.                 [Two line Biblical quotation] [Vignette].
                                                             Smith, Samuel, lecturer of St. Alban's.
[Skelton, John, Sir].                                              A sermon preach'd before the Trustees for
     Nugae criticae, occasional papers written at the        establishing the colony of Georgia in America, and
seaside, by Shirley [pseud.].                                before the associates of the late Rev. Dr. Thomas
Edinburgh, Edmonston and Douglas. 1862                       Bray, for converting the negroes in the British
                                                             plantations, and for other good purposes.
…A sketch of the life and character of William Penn.         London, Printed by J. March. 1733
Philadelphia, The Tract association of Friends. 1885         At their first yearly-meeting, in the parish church of
                                                             St. Augustin, on Tuesday February 23, 1730/31.
Smart, Christopher.                                          Publ. at the desire of the trustees and associates. To
     The parables of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus              which is annexed some account of the designs both of
Christ.                                                      the trustees and associates.
London, W. Owen. 1768
Done into familiar verse, with occasional                    Smith, Sydney.
applications, for the use and improvement of younger              Elementary sketches of moral philosophy,
minds.                                                       delivered at the Royal institution, in the years 1804,
                                                             1805, and 1806.
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With steel portraits.                                              A memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith.
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     A publisher and his friends.                            his letters, ed. by Mrs. Austin...; 2v.
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Memoir and correspondence of the late John Murray,           Smith, Sydney.
with an account of the origin and progress of the                 Miscellaneous sermons.
house, 1768-1843; 2v.                                        Philadelphia, Carey and Hart. 1846

Smith, George Barnett.                                       Smith, Sydney.
    John Knox and the Scottish Reformation.                       Sermons preached at St. Paul's cathedral, the
London, S.W. Partridge. [n.d.]                               Foundling hospital, and several churches in London;
                                                             together with others addressed to a country
Smith, Alexander.                                            congregation.
    City poems.                                              London: Printed for Longman, Brown, Green, and
Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1857                             Longmans. 1846
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

                                                                   Chapters on church yards.
Smith, Sydney.                                                Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.
      Wit and wisdom of the Rev. Sydney Smith,                1841
being selections from his writings and passages of his        Rev ed.
letters and table-talk, with a biographical memoir and
notes by Everet A. Duyckinck and a prefactory                 Southeby, Caroline A.B., Mrs.
memoir of E.A. Duyckinck by R.M. Stoddard.                         The select literary works, prose and verse, of
New York, A.C. Armstrong & son. 1886, [c.1879]                Mrs. Caroline Southey.
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Smith, Sydney.                                                2v in 1. Series II.
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Edinburgh [etc.] W. Blackwood and sons. 1875                  [Spangenberg, August Gottlieb, bp.].
                                                                    A concise historical account of the present
Smith, William.                                               constitution of the Unitas Fratrum; or, Unity of the
     The prophets of Israel and their place in history        Evangical brethren, who adhere to the Aguustan
to the close of the eighth century, B.C.                      confession.
New York, D. Appleton. 1882                                   London, Printed by M. Lewis. 1775
W. Smith LL.D.                                                Tr. from the German, with a preface by the Rev. B.
                                                              La Trobe.
Smith, William A.
     'Shepherd' Smith being the Universalist; the             Spencer, William R.
story of a mind, being a life of the Rev. James E.                The year of sorrow.
Smith, M.A.                                                   London, Printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, by W.
London, S. Low, Marston & Co. 1892                            Bulmer and co. 1804

Smith, William R.                                             Spender, John.
    Lectures on the religion of the Semites.                      The comments of Bagshot.
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Smith, William R.                                             Spurgeon, C.H. (Charles Haddon).
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New York, D. Appleton and company. 1881                       seekers concerning faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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Sneath, Elias N.
     The mind of Tennyson; his thoughts on God,               Spurgeon, C.H. (Charles Haddon).
freedom, and immortality.                                         The gospel of the kingdom.
New York, Charles Scribner's sons. 1900                       New York, The Baker & Taylor co. [1893]
                                                              A popular exposition of the Gospel according to
Sotheby, William.                                             Matthew.
    The battle of the Nile, a poem.
London, Hatchard [etc.]. 1799                                 Spurgeon, C.H. (Charles Haddon).
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Sotheby, William.                                             family or the closet.
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Boston: Printed for John West, no. 75, Cornhill, by
David Carlisle, Court Street. 1808                            Spurgeon, C.H. (Charles Haddon).
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Sotheby, William.                                             New York, Chicago [etc.], Fleming H. Revell
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and other poems.
London, Printed by Smeeton, for R. Blamire. 1794              Spurgeon, C.H. (Charles Haddon).
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Southeby, Caroline A.B., Mrs.                                 the soul in the knowledge of Jesus.
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Edinburgh, W. Blackwood and sons; [etc., etc.]. 1836          and Lincoln; [etc., etc.]. 1860

Southeby, Caroline A.B., Mrs.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

With additional discourses: and an introduction and          Comprehending poems on subjects chiefly
biographical sketch, by E.L. Hagoon, D.D.; First             devotional: and miscellaneous pieces in prose and
series--50th ed.                                             verse: heretofore published under the title of
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Spurgeon, C.H. (Charles Haddon).
    Talks to farmers.                                        Stefansson, Jon.
New York, Funk & Wagnalls. 1882                                   Robert Browning (1812-89) et literaturbilede fra
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Spurgeon, C.H. (Charles Haddon).                             Kjobenhavn, G.E.C. Gad. 1891
      The treasury of David: containing an original
exposition of the book of Psalms; a collection of            Stephen, James, Sir.
illustrative extracts from the whole range of                     Critical and miscellaneous essays.
literature; a series of homiletical hints upon almost        Philadelphia, Carey and Hary. 1843
every verse; and lists of writers upon each psalm.
Toronto, New York [etc.] Funk & Wagnalls co. 1892            Stephen, James, Sir.
7v.                                                               Essays in ecclesiastical biography.
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Spurgeon, C.H. (Charles Haddon).                             1907
     Types and emblems.                                      2v.
London, Passmore and Alabaster. 1873
being a collection of sermons preached on Sunday             Stephen, James, Sir.
and Thursday evenings at the Metropolitan                        Essays on freethinking and plainspeaking.
tabernacle.                                                  New York and London, G.P. Putnam's sons. 1905
                                                             With introductory essays on Leslie Stephen and his
Spurgeon, C.H. (Charles Haddon).                             works, by James Bryne and Herbert Paul.
     The war of truth.
London, J. Heaton & son. [1857?]                             Stephen, James, Sir.
A sermon.                                                         History of English thought in the eighteenth
Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn.                                     New York, G.P. Putnam's sons. 1876
     Christian institutions; essays on ecclestical           2v.
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1881                            Stephen, James, Sir.
                                                                 Studies of a biographer.
Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn.                                     New York, G.P. Putnam's sons, London, Duckworth
     The life and correspondence of Thomas Arnold,           & co. 1898-1902
D.D. late head-master of Rugby school and regius             4v.
professor of modern history in the University of
Oxford.                                                      Stephens, William R.W.
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1903                                The life and letters of Walter Farquhar Hook,
2v in 1.                                                     D.D., F.R.S.
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Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn.                                     by his son-in-law W.R.W. Stephens.
     The life and correspondence of Thomas Arnold,
D.D., late head-master of Rugby school, and regius           Sterling, John.
professor of modern history in the University of                  Essays and tales.
Oxford.                                                      London, J.W. Parker. 1848
London, B. Fellowes. 1858                                    2v.
8th ed, 2v.
                                                             Stevenson, Robert Louis.
Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn.                                          … An apology for idlers, and other essays.
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Oxford and London, J. Parker and co. 1874
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Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn.                                         A Christmas sermon.
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occasions preached in Westminster Abbey.
New York, Charles Scribner's Sons. 1882                      Stevenson, Robert Louis.
                                                                  … Complete poems: a child's garden of verses -
Steele, Anne.                                                Underwoods - Ballads.
     The works of Mrs. Anne Steele.                          New York, Charles Scribner's sons. 1912
Boston, Printed and published by Munroe, Francis             by Robert Louis Stevenson; with prefaces by Mrs.
and Parker, Shakspeare bookstore, no. 4 Cornhill.            Stevenson.
                                                             Stevenson, Robert Louis.
                                                                 … Lay morals, and other papers.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1920                            ed. by Richard Henry Stoddard.

Stevenson, Robert Louis.                                      Swinburne, Algernon Charles.
    The suicide club.                                             The tale of Balen.
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1896                            New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1896

Stock, Eugene.                                                Symonds, William.
     The history of the Church missionary society, its              Virginia.
environment, its men and its work.                            London, Printed by I. Windet for E. Edgar and W.
London, Church missionary society. 1899-1916                  Werlby. 1609
4v.                                                           A sermon preached at White-chappel, in the presence
                                                              of many, honourable and worshipfull, the aduenturers
Stoddard, Richard H.                                          and planters of Virginia. 25. April. 1609. Pvblished
    Under the evening lamp.                                   for the benefit and vse of the colony, planted, and to
New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1892                            bee planted there, and for the aduancement of their
                                                              Christian purpose.
Storr, Vernon Faithfull.
     Christianity and immortality.                            Symons, Arthur.
London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co.                   An introduction to the study of Browning.
1918                                                          London, J.M. Dent & co. 1906
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Storrs, Margaret.
    The relation of Carlyle to Kant and Fichte, Bryn          Synge, John M.
Mawr, Pa.                                                         Poems and translations.
Bryn Mawr College. 1929                                       Boston, John W. Luce & company. 1911

Story, Robert.                                                Taine, Hippolyte A.
    The poetical works of Robert Story.                            Notesa sur l'Angleterre.
London, Longman, Brow, Green, Longmans, and                   Paris, Hachette. c.1872
Roberts. 1857                                                 2 ed rev et. cor.
Story, Robert.                                                Taylor, Houghton W.
     Songs and poems.                                               … The idea of locality in English criticism of
London, Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans.                     fiction, 1750-1830.
1849                                                          Chicago, Ill. 1936

Strauss, David F.                                             Taylor, Isaac.
     The life of Jesus, critically examined by Dr.                 Logic in theology, and other essays.
Strauss.                                                      New York, W. Gowans. 1860
London, Chapman Brothers. 1846                                With a sketch of the life of the author and a catalogue
Translated from the fourth German edition [by                 of his writings.
George Eliot]; 3v.
                                                              [Taylor, Isaac].
Strickland, Jane M.                                               Natural history of enthusiasm.
     Life of Agnes Strickland, by her sister.                 London, Holdsworth and Ball. 1834
Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.
1887                                                          Taylor, Isaac.
                                                                  The restoration of belief.
Sumner, John Bird.                                            London, Macmillan and Co. 1864
     A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese          A new edition, revised, with an additional section.
of Chester, at the triennial visitation in 1835.
London, J. Eatchard and son. 1836                             Taylor, Isaac.
                                                                   The spirit of the Hebrew poetry.
Sumner, John Bird.                                            N.Y, Rudd & Carleton. 1862
     Divinite due christianisme.                              With a biographical introduction by William Adams,
Paris, E. Giraud. 1860                                        D.D.
traduit de l'anglais par Fresne.
                                                              [Taylor, Isaac].
Sumner, John Bird.                                                Spiritual despotism.
     The evidence of Christianity, derived from its           New York, Leavitt, Lord & co.; Boston, Crocker &
nature and reception.                                         Brewster. 1835
London, Printed for J. Hatchard and son. 1824
                                                              Taylor, Isaac.
Swinburne, Algernon Charles.                                      Ultimate civilization, and other essays.
    The poems of Swinburne.                                   London, Bell and Daldy. 1860
New York, Thomas Y. Crowell company. [1884]
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

Taylor, Isaac.                                                 3v.
    Wesley and Methodism.
New York, Harper & brothers. 1852                              Thelwall, John.
                                                                     Poems chiefly written in retirement.
Taylor, Jeremy.                                                Hereford, Printed by W.H. Parker. 1801
    The rule and exercises of holy dying.                      The fairy of the lake, a dramatic romance; effusions
London, Rivington; [etc., etc.]. 1869                          of relative and social feeling; and specimens of the
New ed.                                                        Hope of Albion; or, Edwin of Northumbria; an epic
                                                               poem. With a prefactory memoir of the life of the
Taylor, John J.                                                author; and notes and illustrations of Runic
     A retrospect of the religious life of England; or,        mythology; [2d ed].
The church, Puritanism, and free inquiry.
London, Trubner & co. 1876                                     [Thelwall, John].
2d ed., re-issued with the introductory chapter on                 Poems written in close confinement in the
recent developments, by James Martineau.                       Tower of Newgate, under a charge of high treason.
                                                               London, Printed for the author. 1795
[Tennant, William].
     Anster fair.                                              Thirlwell, Connop.
Baltimore, Coale and Maxwell [Printed by Wells and                  Letters literary and theological of Connop
Lilly, Boston]. 1815                                           Thirlwell.
A poem in six cantos. With other poems.                        London, R. Bentley & son. 1881
Tennant, William.                                              Thirlwell, Connop.
    The Thane of Fife; a poem in six cantos.                        Letters to a friend, by Connop Thirlwall, late
Edinburgh, A. Constable & co.; [etc., etc.]. 1822              lord bishop of St. David's.
                                                               Boston, Roberts brothers. 1883
Tennyson, Alfred, 1st Baron Tennyson.                          ed. by the Very Rev. Arthur Penrhyn Stanley.
     The suppressed poems of Alfred Lord
Tennyson, 1830-1868.                                           Thirlwell, Connop.
London, Sands & co. 1910                                            Remains literary and theological of Connop
Ed. by J.C. Thomson.                                           Thirlwell, late lord bishop of St. David's.
                                                               London, Daldy, Isbister & co. 1877-1878
Tennyson, Alfred, 1st Baron Tennyson.                          3v.
    Tennyson, with four colour plates and
twenty-two black and white illustrations.                      Thomas, Edward.
[London] Britain in pictures, limited. [n.d.]                      A literary pilgrim in England.
                                                               New York, Dodd, Mead and company. 1917
The testimony of a number of
New-England-ministers met at Boston Sept. 25.                  Thomas, James.
1745.                                                              Tempora Thomasoni in latino versu reddita a
Boston: N.E. Printed and sold by S. Kneeland and T.            Roberto Christiano Brownell.
Green in Queen-street over against the Prison, and J.          Londino, venduntur apud Mr. Yeats, Mr. Hookham,
Winter in Union-street near the Town dock. 1745                Mr. Wallis. [1795?]
Professing the ancient faith of these churches;
inviting others who sold it, to unite in professing and        [Thompson, Edward R.].
maintaining the same; reciting and recommending an                 A life of Arthur James Balfour.
excellent act concerning preaching lately made by the          Boston, Little Brown and company. 1920
General assembly of the Church of Scotland. [Six
lines of Biblical quotations].                                 Thompson, Francis.
                                                                   Selected poems of Francis Thompson.
Thackeray, William Makepeace.                                  New York, Dodd, Mead & company. 1922
    The complete poems of W.M. Thackeray.
New York, Frederick A. Stokes. 1887                            Thompson, George.
                                                                    … The Free church of Scotland and American
Thelwall, John.                                                slavery.
     Monody on the Right Honourable Charles James              Edinburgh, T. & W. M'Dowall; [etc., etc.]. 1846
Fox.                                                           Substance of speeches delivered in the Music hall,
London, Printed for the author by J. M'Creary, and             Edinburgh, during May and June 1846, by George
sold by Mr. Phillips [etc.]. 1806                              Thompson, esq. and the Rev. Henry C. Wright. With
The 2d ed, cor.                                                an appendix, containing the deliverances of the Free
                                                               church on the subject of slavery, 1844, 1845, and
[Thelwall, John].                                              1846, and other valuable documents.
     The peripatetic; or, Sketches of the heart, of
nature and society; in a series of politico-sentimental        Thompson, George.
journals, in verse and prose.
[London] Printed for the author. 1793
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

     . . . The substance of Mr. Thompson's lecture on
slavery, delivered in the Wesleyan chapel, Irwell              Toland, John.
street, Salford, Manchester, (Eng.).                                A collection of several pieces of Mr. John
Manchester, Printed by S. Wheeler and son; Boston,             Toland, now first publish'd from his original
Re-printed by I. Knapp. 1836                                   manuscripts: with some memoirs of his life and
Thomson, James.                                                London, J. Peele. 1726
    Biographical and critical studies.                         2v.
London, Reeves and Turner and B. Dobell. 1896
                                                               [Toplady, Augustus Montague].
Thomson, Joseph C.                                                 An old fox tarred and feathered.
     Bibliography of the writings of Alfred, Lord              London. Printed for William Baynes and Son,
Tennyson.                                                      Edinburgh, H.S. Baynes. 1825
Wimbledon, J. Thomson; New York, G.E. Stechert.                Occasioned by what is called Mr. John Wesley's
1905                                                           Calm address to our American colonies.
Ed. by J.C. Thomson.
                                                               Toynbee, Paget J.
Thomson, Joseph C.                                                  Dante in English literature from Chaucer to Cary
     Bibliography of the writings of Charles and               (c.1380-1844).
Mary Lamb; a literary history.                                 London, Methuen & co. [1909]
Hull, J.R. Tutin. 1908                                         With introduction, notes, biographical notices,
                                                               chronological list, and general index…; 2v.
Thureau-Dangin, Paul, M.P.
     The English Catholic revival in the nineteenth            Traill, Henry Duff.
century.                                                            The new Lucian; being a series of dialogues of
New York, E.P. Dutton & co. [prev. 1899]                       the dead.
revised and re-edited from a translation by the late           London, Chapman and Hall limited. 1884
Wilfred Wilberforce; 2v.
                                                               [Trapp, Joseph].
Thureau-Dangin, Paul, M.P.                                         Thoughts upon the four last things: Death;
     … Newman catholique, d'apres des documents                Judgment; Heaven; Hell.
nouveaux.                                                      London, L. Gilliver. 1734
Paris, Plon-Mourrit et cie. 1912                               A poem in four parts... Pt. I-II; 2v.

Thurlow, Edward H.T., 2d baron.                                [Trench, Maria M.F.].
    Poems on several occasions.                                    Charles Lowder: a biography.
London, Messrs. White, Cochrane, and co. 1818                  New York, E.P. Dutton and co. 1883 [1882]

Tibble, John W.                                                [Trench, Maria M.F.].
    John Clare, a life.                                            The story of Dr. Pusey's life.
London, Cobden-Sanderson. [1932]                               London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co.
Tighe, Mary.
     Psyche, with other poems.                                 Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.
Philadelphia, J. & A.Y. Humphreys. 1812                             Brief thoughts and mediations on some passages
                                                               in Holy Scripture.
[Tindal, Matthew].                                             London, Macmillan and co. 1884
     Christianity as old as the creation: or, The
gospel, a republication of the religion of nature.             Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.
London. 1732                                                       English past and present.
In octavo…; The 2d ed.                                         New York, Redfield. 1855

[Tindal, Matthew].                                             Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.
      A defence of The rights of the Christian church.               The fitness of Holy Scripture for unfolding the
London. 1709                                                   spiritual life of men. Christ the desire of all nations,
In two parts. Part I. Against Mr. Wotton's visitation          or, the unconscious prophecies of beathendom.
sermon, preach'd at Newport-Pangnel, Part II.                  New York, W.J. Widdleton. 1866
Occasion'd by two late indictments against a                   Being the Hulsean lectures… From the second
bookseller and his servant, for selling one of the said        London edition, revised by the author.
books. With some tracts of Hugo Grotius, and Mr.
John Hales... The 2d ed., cor. To which is added, A            Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.
letter from a country attorney to a country parson,                 Gustavus Adolphus.
concerning the rights of the church. Never publish'd           London and Cambridge, Macmillan and co. 1865
before. And likewise, Mons. Le Clerc's extract and             Social aspects of the thirty years' war. Two lectures.
judgment of the said book, translated from his
Bibliotheque choisle.                                          Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

     Lectures on medieval church history; being the                  Beginning life; chapters for young men on
substance of lectures delivered at Queen's College.            religion, study, and business.
London, New York, C. Scribner's Sons. [1877?]                  New York, American tract society. [186-?]
Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.                      Tulloch, John.
     Letters and memorials.                                         Modern theories in philosophy and religion.
London, K. Paul, Trench & co. 1888                             Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons.
ed. by the author of "Charles Lowder" [I.e. Maria              1884
Marcia Fanny Trench]...; 2v.
                                                               Tulloch, John.
Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.                           Movements of religious thought in Britain
    Notes on the miracles of our Lord.                         during the nineteenth century.
New York, D. Appleton & Company. 1882                          New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1885
New edition, revised, with additions.                          St. Giles lectures.

Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.                      Tulloch, John.
    Notes on the Parables of our Lord.                              Pascal.
New York, N. Tibbals & Sons. [1841]                            Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & co. [1878]

Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.                      Tulloch, John.
     On the lessons in proverbs; being the substance                Rational theology and Christian philosophy in
of lectures delivered to young men's societies at              England in the seventeenth century.
Portsmouth and elsewhere.                                      Edinburgh, W. Blackwood. 1872
New York, Redfield. 1853                                       2v.
From the 2d London ed, rev and enl.
                                                               Tulloch, John.
Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.                           Theism: the witness of reason and nature to an
     Sacred Latin poetry, chiefly lyrical, selected and        all-wise and beneficient creator.
arranged for use.                                              New York, Robert Carter. 1856
London, Macmillan and co. 1874
With notes and introduction…; 3d ed, rev and                   Tupper, Martin Farquhar.
improved.                                                          The complete poetical works.
                                                               New York, Geo. A. Leavitt. [n.d.]
Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.                      Authorized edition.
     Studies in the Gospels.
London, Macmillan and co. 1878                                 Tyrrell, George.
4th edition, revised.                                              Autobiography and life of.
                                                               New York, Longmans, Green and co.; London, E.
Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp. of Dublin.                      Arnold. 1912
     Synonyms of the New Testament.                            2v.
London, Macmillan and co. 1880
9th ed, improved.                                              Tyrrell, George.
                                                                    Christianity at the cross roads.
Trevor, Richard, bp. of Durham.                                London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co.
      A sermon preached before the incorporated                1910
Society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign
parts: at their anniversary meeting in the parish              Tyrrell, George.
church of St. Mary-le-Bow, on Friday February 16,                  Essays on faith and immortality... arranged by
1749 [I.e. 1750].                                              M.D. Petre.
London, Printed by E. Owen and sold by J. Roberts              new York, Longmans, Green and co.; London, E.
[etc.]. 1750                                                   Arnold. 1914
By the Right Reverend Father in God, Richard, lord
bishop of St. Davids.                                          Tyrrell, George.
                                                                   External religion: its use and abuse.
Tucker, Josiah.                                                London, New York and Bombay, Longmans, Green,
      Four tracts, together with two sermons, on               & co. 1906
political and commercial subjects.
Glocester [Eng.] Printed by R. Raikes, and sold by J.          Tyrrell, George.
Rivington. 1774                                                     The faith of the millions; a selection of past
Tuckwell, William.                                             London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co.
     Pre-Tractarian Oxford; a reminiscence of the              1902
Oriel "Koetics".                                               2v; First [and second] series. 2d ed.
London, Smoth, Elder, & co. 1909
                                                               Tyrrell, George.
Tulloch, John.
                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

     Hard sayings: a selection of meditations and             The golden fleece diuided into three parts, under
studies.                                                 which are discouered the errours of religion, the vices
London, Longmans, Green and co. 1900                     and decayes of the kingdome, and lastely the wayes
3d impression.                                           to get wealth, and to restore trading so much
                                                         complayned of.
Tyrrell, George.                                         London, Printed for Francis Williams. 1626
     Jova et vetera: informal meditations.               Transported from Cambrioll Colchos, out of the
London, New York and Bombay, Longmans, Green,            southernmost part of the iland, commonly called the
and co. 1902                                             Newfovndland. By Orpheus, junior [pseud.] for the
4th ed.                                                  generall and perpeutall good of Great Britaine.

Tyrrell, George.                                         Venegas, Miguel.
     Lex credendi; a serquel to Lex orandi.                    A natural and civil history of California:
New York, London and Bombay, Longmans, Green,            containing an accurate description of that country, its
and co. 1906                                             soil, mountains, harbours, lakes, rivers and seas; its
                                                         animals, vegetables, minerals, and famous fishery for
Tyrrell, George.                                         pearls.
     Lex orendi; or, Prayer and creed.                   London, J. Rivington and J. Fletcher. 1759
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London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co.         and taking actual surveys of that country, its gulf, and
1908                                                     coast of the south-sea. Illustrated with copper plates,
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1907                                                          A few words on Robert Browning.
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London, Gibbings & company, ltd. 1893                    account of the principal sects and heresies.
6th ed; 2v in 1.                                         London, J. Murray. 1911

[Vaughan, William].                                      Wace, Henry.
                                                               The foundations of faith considered in eight
                                                         sermons preached before the University of Oxford at
                                                         the lecture founded by John Bampton.
                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

London, Pickering and co. 1880                               Willing to help 'mend his native country, lamentably
                                                             tattered, both in the upper-leather and sole, with all
Wainewright, Thomas G.                                       the honest stitches he can take. And as willing never
    Essays and criticisms now first collected with           to bee paid for his work, by old English wonted pay.
some account of the author, by W. Carew Hazlitt.             It is his trade to patch all the year long, gratis.
London, Reeves & Truner. 1880                                Therefore I pray gentleman keep your purses. By
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Waldegrave, Samuel.                                          some amendments.
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Ward, James.                                                 portraits.
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delivered before the University of Aberdeen in tye           2v.
year 1896-1898.
London, Adam and Charles Black. 1906                         Ward, Wilfrid P.
3d ed, 2 v.                                                       Men and matters.
                                                             New York, London [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co.
Ward, James.                                                 1914
     The realm of ends; or, Pluralism and theism; the
Gifford lectures delivered in the University of St.          Ward, Wilfrid P.
Andrews in the years 1907-10.                                     The Oxford movement.
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2v.                                                              Ten personal studies... With ten portraits.
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[Ward, Nathaniel].                                           1908
     A religious retreat sounded to a religious army,
by one that desires to be faithful to his country,           Ward, Wilfrid P.
though unworthy [!] to be named.                                 William George Ward and the Oxford
London, S. Bowtell. 1647                                     movement.
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[Ward, Nathaniel].
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                                                                 Essays on the philosophy of theism.
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                                                             Ward, William G.

                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

     The ideal of a Christian church considered in
comparison with existing practice.                            Watts, Alaric Alexander.
London, J. Toovey. 1844                                           Poetical sketches with other poems.
2d ed.                                                        London, Hurst, Chance and co. 1828

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pamphlet.                                                     Herbert Cole.
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      Industry and diligence in our callings earnestly             The letters of the Duke of Wellington to Miss J.,
recommended.                                                  1834-1851.
London, Printed for W. Meadows. 1737                          New York, Dodd, Mead and Company. 1889
In a sermon preached before the Honourable Trustees           ed., with extracts from the diary of the latter.
for establishing of the colony of Georgia, in America,
and the Associates of the late Rev. Dr. Bray; at their        Wells, Charles J.
anniversary meeting, March 1736-7... in Fleet-street,             Joseph and his brethren, a dramatic poem.
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With portrait after a photography by Frederick                to which are appended selections from his
Hollyer.                                                      correspondence and poetry, with an introduction and
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Watson, William, Sir.
   The hope of the world, and other poems.                    Wesley, John.
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the Bodley head. 1909                                         Wesley, John.
                                                                    Some observations on liberty: occasioned by a
Watson, William, Sir.                                         late tract.
     Odes, and other poems.                                   London, Printed by R. Hawes, and sold at the
London, John Lane; New York, Macmillan & co.                  Foundry, in Moorfields, and at the Rev. Mr. Wesley's
1894                                                          preaching-houses in town and country. 1776
                                                              By John Wesley, M.A. [Ornament].
Watson, William, Sir.
    Sable and purple, with other poems.                       Westcott, Arthur.
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With an introduction by the bishop of Hereford.               Six sermons preached in Peterborough cathedral.

Watts, Alaric Alexander.                                      Westcott, Brooke Foss, bp. of Durham.
     Lyrics of the heart: with other poems.                       Christian social union addresses.
Philadelphia, E.M. Butler & co. 1853
                          British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                           Author Index

London, New York, Macmillan and co., limited.                     Elements of logic comprising the substance of
1903                                                         the article in the Encyclopaedia Metropolitana with
                                                             additions, &c.
Westcott, Brooke Foss, bp. of Durham.                        New-York, William N. Colyer; Boston, Phillips &
    Essays in the history of religious thought in the        Sampson. 1847
West.                                                        The only complete American edition from the 8th
London and New York, Macmillan and co. 1891                  London edition revised.

Westcott, Brooke Foss, bp. of Durham.                        Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin.
     A general survey of the history of the canon of               Elements of rhetoric; comprising an analysis of
the New Testament.                                           the laws of moral evidence and of persuasion.
Cambridge and London, Macmillan and co. 1881                 New York, Wm. H. Colyer. 1847
5th ed.                                                      With rules for argumentative composition and
                                                             elocution. The only complete American ed, from the
Westcott, Brooke Foss, bp. of Durham.                        6th London ed, rev.
     A general view of the history of the English
Bible.                                                       Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin.
London, Macmillan and co., limited: New York, The                 Essays (first series) on some of the peculiarities
Macmillan company. 1905                                      of the Christian religion.
                                                             London, S. Fellowes. 1837
Westcott, Brooke Foss, bp. of Durham.
     … The incarnation a revelation of human                 [Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin].
duties: a charge delivered to the clergy of the                   Historic doubts relative to Napoleon
diocease of Durham, at his primary vizitation,               Buonaparte.
November 1892.                                               1821
Cambridge, Printed at the University press. 1892
                                                             Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin.
Westcott, Brooke Foss, bp. of Durham.                            Introductory lessons on Christian evidences.
    Introduction to the study of the Gospels.                Boston, W. Crosby and H.P. Nichols. 1850
Boston, Gould and Lincoln; New York, Sheldon and
company; [etc., etc.]. 1862                                  Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin.
With historical and explanatory notes.                            The kingdom of Christ delineated, in two essays
                                                             on Our Lord's own account of His person and of the
Westcott, Brooke Foss, bp. of Durham.                        nature of His kingdom, and on the constitution,
     Social aspects of Christianity.                         powers, and ministry of a Christian church, as
London and Cambridge and New York, Macmillan                 appointed by Himself.
and co. 1887                                                 New-York, Wiley and Putnam. 1843
                                                             From the 2d London ed, with additions.
Westcott, Brooke Foss, bp. of Durham.
     Steps in the Christian life.                            Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin.
London, Society for promoting Christian knowledge.                Sermons on various subjects, delivered in
[1880]                                                       several churches in the city of Dublin, and in other
Published under the direction of the Tract committee.        parts of the diocese.
                                                             London, J.W. Parker. 1849
Westcott, Brooke Foss, bp. of Durham.                        2d ed, with additions. Series II.
    The two empires, the church and the world.
London, Macmillan and co. limited. 1909                      Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin.
                                                                  Thoughts on church government; being
Westcott, Brooke Foss, bp. of Durham.                        substance of a charge, delivered at the visitation of
    Words of faith and hope.                                 the diocese of the province of Dublin, 1844.
London, Macmillan and co., limited; New York, The            London, S. Fellowes; [etc., etc.]. 1844
Macmillan company. 1902
                                                             Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin.
Whately, Elizabeth J.                                              The use and abuse of party-feeling in matters of
      Life and correspondence of Richard Whately,            religion, considered in eight sermons preached before
D.D., late archbishop of Dublin.                             the University of Oxford, at the lecture founded by
London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1875                        the late Rev. John Bampton.
[3d].                                                        Oxford, The University press for the author. 1822

Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin.                             Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin.
     Easy lessons on reasoning.                                   A view of the Scripture revelations respecting
Boston, J. Munroe and company. 1845                          good and evil angels.
1st American from 2d London ed.                              Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston. 1856
Whately, Richard, abp of Dublin.                             White, Andrew D.

                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

     A history of the warfare of science with                  London: Printed and sold by the booksellers in town
theology in christendom.                                       and country. 1739
New York, D. Appleton & company. 1897                          To which are added, several prayers.
                                                               Whitefield, George.
White, Henry K.                                                     Eighteen sermons preached by the late Rev.
     The beauties of Henry Kirke White, consisting             George Whitefield.
of selections from his poetry and prose.                       Printed at Newburyport, by Edmund M. Blunt. 1797
Philadelphia, J. Crissy. 1829                                  Taken verbatim in short-hand, and faithfully
                                                               transcribed by Joseph Gurney. Revised by Andrew
White, Henry K.                                                Gifford, D.D.
     Memoir and poetical remains; also Melancholy
hours.                                                         Whitefield, George.
Philadelphia, Perkins, & Purves. 1844                                A hymn composed by the Reverend Mr.
                                                               Whitefield to be sung over his own corps.
White, Henry K.                                                [n.p.]. [1764]
    The poetical works of.                                     Taken from the original.
London, W. Pickering. 1840
                                                               Whitefield, George.
White, Henry K.                                                      A journal of a voyage from London to Savannah
     The prose remains of Henry Kirke White of                 in Georgia.
Nottingham.                                                    London: Whittaker, Treacher and Arnot. 1829
London, A. Robertson and co. 1824                              In two parts. Part I. From London to Gibraltar. Part
2v.                                                            II. From Gibralter to Savannah. With a short preface,
                                                               shewing the reason of its publication.
White, Henry K.
     The remains of Henry Kirke White of                       Whitefield, George.
Nottingham, late of St. John's college, Cambridge.                 A letter from the Reverend Mr. George
New York: Published by Richard Scott. 1815                     Whitefield, to the Reverend Mr. John Wesley, in
with an account of his life, by Robert Southey...; 2v.         answer to his sermon, entituled Free grace.
                                                               Boston, Printed by G. Rogers, for S. Kneeland and T.
White, Joseph Blanco.                                          Green in Queen-street, J: Edwards and S. Eliot in
     The life of the Rev. Joseph Blanco White,                 Cornhill. 1740
written by himself; with portions of his
correspondence.                                                Whitefield, George.
London, J. Chapman. 1845                                           The works of the Reverend George Whitefield.
Edited by John Hamilton Thom...; 3v.                           London, E. and C. Dilly [etc., etc.]. 1771-1772
                                                               To which is prefixed, an account of his life, comp.
White, Joseph Blanco.                                          from his original papers and letters [by J. Gillies]; 6v.
    Observations on heresy and orthodoxy.
London, J. Mardon. 1835                                        Whitefield, Henry, ed.
                                                                    The light appearing more and more towards the
White, Joseph Blanco.                                          perfect day.
     The poor man's preservative against popery:               London, Printed by T.R. & E.M. for John Bartlet.
addressed to the lower classes of Great Britain &              1651
Ireland.                                                       Or, A farther discovery of the present state of the
Georgetown, D.C., J.C. Dunn. 1827                              Indians in New-England, concerning the progress of
1st American, from the 3d London, ed.                          the gospel amongst them. Manifested by letters from
                                                               such as preacht to them there.
[White, Joseph Blanco].
      Second travels of an Irish gentleman in search of        Wiffen, Jeremiah M.
a religion.                                                         Aonian hours; and other poems.
Dublin, R. Milliken and son. 1833                              London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown.
2v.                                                            1819

Whitefield, George.                                            Wiffen, Jeremiah M.
     An account of money received and disbursed for                  Historical memoirs of the house of Russell; from
the orphan-house in Georgia.                                   the time of the Norman conquest.
London: Printed by W. Strahan for T. Cooper at the             London, Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and
Globe in Pater-noster-row, and sold by R. Hett at the          Longman [etc.]. 1833
Bible and Crown in the Poultry. 1741                           2v.
To which is prefixed a plan for the building.
                                                               Wilberforce, Robert Isaac.
Whitefield, George.                                                 The doctrine of Holy Baptism: with remarks on
     The Christian's companion: or, Sermons on                 the Rev. W. Goode's :"Effects of Infant baptism.".
several subjects.                                              Philadelphia, H. Hooker. 1850
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

                                                               Wilberforce, William.
Wilberforce, Robert Isaac.                                          An appeal to the religion, justice, and humanity
     The doctrine of the Holy Eucharist.                       of the inhabitants of the British empire, in behalf of
Philadelphia, Herman Hooker. 1853                              the negro slave in the West Indies.
                                                               London, Printed for J. Katchard and son. 1823
Wilberforce, Robert Isaac.                                     New ed.
     The doctrine of the Incarnation of Our Lord
Jesus Christ, in its relation to mankind and to the            Wilberforce, William.
church.                                                             The correspondence of William Wilberforce.
London, John Murray; John and Charles Mozley.                  London, J. Murray. 1840
1849                                                           Edited by his sons, Robert Isaac Wilberforce...and
2d ed.                                                         Samuel Wilberforce…; 2v.
Wilberforce, Robert Isaac.                                     Wilberforce, William.
     An inquiry into the principles of                              A practical view of the prevailing religious
church-authority; or, reasons for recalling my                 system of professed Christians, in the higher and
subscription to the Royal Supremacy.                           middle classes in this country, contrasted with real
London, Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans.                   Christianity.
1854                                                           London, T. Cadell, jun. and W. Davies. 1797

Wilberforce, Robert Isaac.                                     Wilde, Oscar.
    The life of William Wilberforce.                               The decay of lying.
London, J. Murray. 1838                                        New York, Dodd, Mead and company. 1902
By his sons, Robert Isaac Wilberforce... and Samuel
Wilberforce…; 5v.                                              Wilkinson, James John Garth.
                                                                    The African and the true Christian religion, his
Wilberforce, Robert Isaac.                                     magna charta.
     The practical effect of the Gorham case.                  London, J. Speirs. 1892
London, J. Murray; [etc., etc.]. [1850?]                       A study in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.
A charge, to the clergy of the East Riding delivered at
the ordinary visitation. A.D. 1850.                            [Williams, Isaac].
                                                                    The altar: or Meditations in verse on the great
Wilberforce, Samuel, successively bp. of Oxford                Christian sacrifice.
and of Winchester.                                             London, J. Burns [printed by Robson, Levey, and
    Agathos, and other Sunday stories.                         Franklyn]. 1847
London, R.B. Seeley and W. Burnside. 1841                      With numerous illustrations.

Wilberforce, Samuel, successively bp. of Oxford                Williams, Isaac.
and of Winchester.                                                  The autobiography of Isaac Williams, b.d.,
    Essays contributed to the 'Quarterly review,'.             fellow and tutor of Trinity college, Oxford, author of
London, J. Murray. 1874                                        several of the "Tracts for the times".
                                                               London and New York, Longmans, Green, & co.
Wilberforce, Samuel, successively bp. of Oxford                1892
and of Winchester.                                             Edited by his brother-in-law, the Ven. Sir George
    Heroes of Hebrew history.                                  Prevost... as throwing further light on the history of
Edinburgh, J. Grant. 1898                                      the Oxford movement.
New ed.
                                                               Williams, Isaac.
Wilberforce, Samuel, successively bp. of Oxford                     The gospel narratives of Our Lord's passion
and of Winchester.                                             harmonized with reflections.
    A history of the Protestant Episcopal church in            New York: J.A. Sparks. 1846
London, J. Burns. 1844                                         Williams, Isaac.
                                                                    Thoughts on the study of the Holy Gospels.
Wilberforce, Samuel, successively bp. of Oxford                London, Rivington. 1882
and of Winchester.
      Poems by Samuel Wilberforce, late lord bishop            Wilson, Carolyn (Fry), Mrs.
of Oxford and Winchester.                                           The Scripture reader's guide to the devotional
[n.p.]. 1884                                                   use of the Holy Scriptures.
Privately printed.                                             New York, R. Carter & brothers. 1849
[Wilberforce, Samuel] successively bp. of Oxford               Wilson, Daniel.
and of Winchester.
    The note book of a country clergyman.
New York, Harper. 1833

                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

      The analogy of religion, natural and revealed, to        Dublin: James Duffy, 15 Wellington Quay and
the constitution and course of nature: consisting of a         London: 22 Paternoster Row. 1867
criticism of Butler's treatise on the subject, together        Complete in one volume.
with a view of the connexion of the arguments of the
analogy with the other main branches of the                    Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick Stephen, cardinal.
evidences of Christianity not noticed in Butler's                    Recollections of the last four popes and of Rome
work.                                                          in their times.
Boston, J. Loring. 1834                                        Boston, P. Donahoe. 1858

Wilson, Daniel.                                                Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick Stephen, cardinal.
     A defence of the Church missionary society                    Sermons and lectures on various subjects.
against the objections of the Rev. Josiah Thomas... In         London [etc.] Richardson and son. 1860
The Pamphleteer.
London. 1818                                                   Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick Stephen, cardinal.
                                                                     Sermons on Our Lord Jesus Christ, and on His
Wilson, Daniel.                                                Blessed Mother.
     The evidences of Christianity: stated in a                New York, Montreal, D. & J. Sadlier & co.; [etc.,
popular and practical manner, in a course of lectures,         etc.]. 1865
delivered in the parish church of St. Mary, Islington.
Boston, Crocker and Brewster. 1852                             Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick Stephen, cardinal.
6th ed, rev and improved 2v.                                        Twelve lectures on the connexion between
                                                               science and revealed religion.
Wilson, David Alec.                                            Andover, New York, Gould and Newman. 1837
    Mr. Froude and Carlyle.                                    Delivered in Rome.
London, W. Heinemann. 1898
                                                               Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick Stephen, cardinal.
Wilson, David Alec.                                                  Zusammenhang der argebaisse
     The truth about Carlyle; an exposure of the               wissenschaftlicher forschung mit der geoffenbarten
fundamental fiction still current.                             religion.
London, Alston Rivers, ltd. 1913                               Regensburg, G.J. Manz. 1840
with a preface by Sir James Crichton-Browne, M.D.
                                                               [Wollaston, William].
[Wilson, John].                                                    The religion of nature delineated.
     The recreations of Christopher North [pseud.].            [London ?]. 1722
Philadelphia, Carey & Hart. 1848
                                                               Wood, S.
Wise, Thomas J.                                                     Letters from the United States.
     A bibliography of the writings in prose and               [London, Printed by G. Smallfield]. [1837]
verse of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.                           By the Rev. S. Wood.
London, Printed for private circulation only by R.
Clay & sons, ltd. 1918                                         Woodberry, George Edward.
Wise, Thomas J.                                                New York, McClure, Philips & co. 1905
     A complete bibliography of the writings in prose
and verse of Robert Browning.                                  Worley, George.
London, Printed only for private subscribers. 1897                  The church of the Knights templars in London, a
                                                               description of the fabric and its contents, with a short
Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick Stephen, cardinal.                   history of the order.
     Fabiola; or, The church of the catacombs.                 London, G. Bell & sons. 1907
New York, Joseph F. Wagner, inc.; London, B.                   With illustrations.
Herder. [192 ?]
by His Eminence Cardinal Wiseman; with an                      Worley, George.
introduction by John C. Reville, S.J.                               The priory church of St.
                                                               Bartholomew-the-Great, Smithfield.
Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick Stephen, cardinal.                   London, G. Bell and sons. 1908
     Four lectures on the offices and ceremonies of            A short history of the foundation and a description of
Holy week, as performed in the papal chapels.                  the fabric and also of the church of St.
Baltimore, J. Murphy & co.; Pittsburgh, G. Quigley.            Bartholomew-the-Less.
delivered in Rome in the Lent of MDCCCXXXVII;                  Worley, George.
1st American, from the last London ed. Series II.                   Southwark cathedral formerly the collegiate
                                                               church of St. Saviour, otherwise St. Mary Overie.
Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick Stephen, cardinal.                   London, G. Bell & sons. 1905
     Lectures on the principal doctrines and practices         A short history and description of the fabric, with
of the Catholic church.                                        some account of the college and the see. With
                                                               XXXVI illustrations.
                           British Culture: Series Two: British Theology
                                            Author Index

[Wragghan, Francis].
     The quadrupeds' feast; inscribed, a great many
years ago, with a father's fondest affection, to A.F.E.,
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