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									                  LEARNER IN THE WORLD

Man is nothing but a learner in this world. He has to learn his lessons throughout his whole life. But to
do so, he often gets lessons from parents and often from his teachers. Therefore, it is a matter of
dispute whether parents or teachers are the best for a learner. But I strongly believe that parents are
always the best teachers especially in one, s childhood.

It is a fact a child may also be taught at School. The teachers are also responsible for his bright and
Prosperous future. But teachers are also responsible for his bright and prosperous future. But teachers
at School have a lot of difficulties in doing that. Firstly, a child spends only a fixed amount of time at
School. So they are able to teach the child only for a specific period. Besides, a teacher is quite ignorant
about the child’s nature. So, he doesn’t know about the exact and effective way to guide him. Moreover,
he has to maintain a large class and look after many a number of students. So, he may not be able to
take proper care to a child considering his nature or his method may be receivable to the child.

However, it is the parents, who can build a child’s career best. As they primarily start teaching a child,
their influence and effect work on his whole life. Realizing the true, Napoleon said, `Give me an
educated mother, I, ll give you an educated nation’. Here education does not mean to be able to read
and write, but to become a good citizen, to be honest, trustful, and helpful to others. A child (even a
grown up one) spends most of his time with his parents. That is why he is directly influenced and
affected with them.

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