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     Photo (108 x
2    144 px; jpeg    <                                                 awating picture

                             Anant K.                    Anil K.       Arun Mehra             Ashok K.             Chandra
3    Name                     Nigam                      Virmani                              Agnihotri            Shekhar
     Honor Badges                       +     '                                             [Data pending]
6a IITK Dept                      ME                     EE                   EE                  AE                   CE
6b IITK R. No.                 61004                   61005               61007                61008               61013
    I-Year IITK          ●I-Yr: Tilaknagar        Leather Institute   Tilaknagar            Nawabganj         ●I-Yr: Dayscholar
 7                       ●II-Yr: Azadnagar                                                                    ●II-Yr: Vishnupuri
                         ●Anant                   Anil                Arun                  Ashok             ●Americans:
                         ●Our secret : My                                                                     "Chandra" (--can't
     What friends                                                                                             pronounce “kh” in
4                        alias for novels &
     call me             stories : James                                                                      Shekhar).
                         Bhumi                                                                                ●Indians : Trivedi.
                              Nigam                       Virmani             Guru                  Agni      Most : Trivedi.
        --- during                                                           Maghai                           Others :$&**$
     IITK days                                                                                                (Remember the "C-
                                                                                                              Block" Gang?)
                         ●Made posters                                                      Drama Secretary   ●Friend
     How you’d like      during Gymkhana
8    them to recall      Elections
     you                 ●NCC

                         President                Managing Director President                                 Civil Engineer

9    Occupation

                         H. R. L., Inc., USA Universal                Wotek                                   Globetrotters
                                             Fasteners, Pvt.,         Corporation, USA                        Engineering Corp.,
10   Organization                            Ltd., New Delhi                                                  USA

                         ●In 1979, HRL            ●Manufacture of     ●International                          ●Consulting
                         pioneered Duplex         Industrial          Marketing and                           Engineers &
                         Ultrasound               Fasteners           Sales of                                Architects
           The           Imaging for the                              Engineering                             ●Municipal
      Organization’s     detection of                                 Products                                Engineering
11                       strokes.                                                                             services to
        Product /
        Services         ●Our scanner, the                            ●Projects in Middle                     Local/Regional
                         Scannex-SV                                   East & Indian                           governments and
                         scanner is our                               Subcontinent.                           Land Developers.
                         main product
                        ●I do (have done / ●Management               ●General                          ●Design
                        run) Everything:                             Management                        Engineering
                        R&D,                                                                           ●Client Liaison
                        Manufacturing,                                                                 with Local
                        Clinical testing,                                                              Municipal
                        Financing,                                                                     governments
12   Job description    Standardizing,
                        Marketing, Sales,
                        Training, Service,
                        Collections, etc.

                        2240 North West       D-19, Maharani   10 Rambling brook                       1009 East 171 St
                        76 Avenue             Bagh, New Delhi- Lane     Warren,                        South Holland,
                        Margate, Florida      110065 India     New Jersey 07095                        Illinois, 60473
     Current Address    33063                                     USA                                  USA

                        ●40 mi north of                              ●30 mi East of    Dallas, Texas   ●20 mi south of
     [Nearest well-     Miami                                        New York                          Chicago
     known town]

                        Z1aknHRL(at)msn avirmani(at)del3.vs amehra(at)wotek~ ashok_agnihotri(at) cstrivedi(at)hotmail
14   e-mail (~ =.com)   ~               nl.net.in                            msn~                ~
                        sskiffington(at)sch universal_fastener Gitaarun(at)optonli                     at51360(at)gmail~
15   e-mail backup      wartz-pr~           s(at)airtelmail.in ne~                                     [son]

     Internet           Phone line            DSL                    Cable                             ?
                        ●[USA] 954-974-       ● Off:           [USA] 732 627-                          ●[USA] (708) 596-
    Telephone           2150                  +911294008279    0664                                    0365
17a ●[CountryCd]        ●Voicemail: 954-      ●Mobile:+9198110
    (AreaCd)-No         974-2000.             56084

                        ● 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.                            ●Any time after                   ●Evenings and
    Best Time to        weekdays                                     work.                             Weekends
    call (local time)   ●Voicemail 24/7

                        Forming &             ●Running a                                               ?
                        Running HRL           charitable school
                        (peak 50, 4 plants,   up to 12th class for
                        in 1990)              600 students.
                        has meant no clear    ●Running 32
                        line between          centers in slums,
                        personal &            each having 15
                        business.             women to teach
      Personal data
                                              them to read and
        highlights.                           write Hindi
      (This is solely
       about you)
     Personal data
     (This is solely
      about you)

                       ●After two         ●Wife is an Interior ●Wife Gita is a          ●Wife : now retired
                       divorces, I'm done Decorator            Realtor.                 ●Son : Chemical
                       with marriage.                                                   Engineer, Patent

                       ●Children: Shanti                          ●Son Ashim is         Agent & Attorney in
      Interests of     (age 37), Anjulee,                         Analyst with a        Chicago
19      wife and       Neesha, Krishan,                           Mutual Fund.          ●Daughter :
        children       Naryan (22)                                ●Daughter Shilpi is   Environmental
                       ●Grandchildren:                            a Pediatric           Engineer in
                       Sam, Ava, Ben                              Cardiologist.         Chicago

                       ●SM, MIT, 1967.      ●Managing             ●First 11 years:      ●Illinois P. E.  ●I
                       ●PhD, MIT, 1971      Director, Institute   Voltas, India.        retired from one
                       ●1971-73: Bell       of Supply Chain       ●MBA from Delhi       firm after 34+
                       Labs.                Management            University.           years.
                       ●1973-1976: CBS                            ●Worked in Dubai      ●Then I couldn't
                       Labs, Head,                                for building          deal with idleness
                       Ultrasound Div.                            Servces               and took
                       ●1976-now: HRL       ●Managing             contactors.           a similar job at
                       ●Chaired 2 US        Director, Indian      ●In 1982, moved to    present firm (let's
                       Govt. Steering       Induction             USA and started       see for how long!)
                       Committees.          Castings              Wotek Corp            ●For the first time
                       ●Trained and                                                     in my life I now
           Brief       Certified 1,000+                                                 commute to work
       Professional    physicians and                                                   (no, I'm not the
     data highlights   Nurses in Duplex                                                 cause for the
      since leaving    use and stroke                                                   increasing price of
     IITK (your past   diagnosis.                                                       gas) and
         career)       ●Ran Newsletter                                                  I haven't adjusted
                       (The MedScanner)                                                 to that long
                         ●Myself sold 90                                                commute as yet.
                       Scanners, 30+
                       financings, 100+
                       Litigations, 600
                       investors, ALL
                       agencies. Press

                       ● Since 2000, I      ●Managing                                   ●I plan to work for
                       have been winding    Partner, Medulla                            a couple more
                       down operations      Soft (A software                            years and then see
                       after two key-       company)                                    (again) if
      Professional     colleagues                                                       retirement works or
21     ●Current                                                                         not for me.
21     ●Current
        ●Future        suddenly passed
                       away (in 1997 and

                       ●USA (visited          ●Have lived in New ● We live in NJ   ●1969-1971 :
                       almost every town      Delhi              ● I am often in   Montreal, Canada
                       in the Eastern and     ●Have traveled all India & Dubai.    ●Since 1972 : In
                       Central time           over the world,                      Chicago
                       zones)                 both on business                     ●Not much travel
                       ●London                and pleasure                         except within the
                       ●India (UP, Delhi)                                          US and to India
                       ●I have visited
                       most major
                       International stops,
                       for a day or two,
        My Travel      while traveling to
        highlights     India.
     (living as well   ●I am "traveled-
      as visiting).    out."
                       ●I have lived only
                       in the US North
                       East (9 years) and
                       in South Florida
                       (33 years)

                       ●I had always       ●I do not plan on     ●India and USA    ●Probably in
                       thought of retiring retiring                                Chicago, but this
                       in India, but now I                                         could change if our
                       don’t know. (Never                                          children move
                       having                                                      elsewhere
     Where I plan to    been dependent
23     retire and      on anyone or
        reasons        anything, I still
                       can’t imagine such
                       a situation.)

                       ●Reading novels        ●Golf              ●Gardening.       ●Trying to keep fit
                       ●I published a         ●Bridge            ●Reading.         (not sure if it is
                       novel, (see                               ●Traveling        working)
                       www.June2508.com)                                           ●I do volunteer
                       in 2007                                                     work with local,
    Interests and
   hobbies. ●Past,
    ●Present and
    Interests and      ●4 stories so far ●I                                             social
   hobbies. ●Past,     pick up a new area                                               organizations
    ●Present and       every two years or                                               ●Just completed 3-
                       so                                                               year term as
                                                                                        President, Uttar
                                                                                        Association of
                                                                                        Greater Chicago
                                                                                        ●Hindi Literature
                       After re-gaining   ●                        ●Wife’s Birthday 5   ●Usual Birthdays
                       possession of my                            Feb                  and Anniversaries
                       home during my                              ●Wedding             (but we celebrate
        Top three      first divorce, I                            Anniversary 11       quietly)
                       found that my wife                          Dec
                       had thrown out                              ●My birthday 29
25       and/or        everything I had                            Nov
       meaningful      ever cherished.
          dates        That FOREVER
                       cured me of being

                       ●Please see Blog       ●Golf                                     ●Anyone
                       page                   ●Education for the                        interested in Hindi
                       ●I can religiously     underprivileged                           and Hindi
                       spend 15 min                                                     literature?
                       each week on           ●(I give                                  ●Environment
                       almost any             scholarships to                           ●World Affairs
26     Blog Topics     topic(s). But (see     poor and                                  ●Light general
                       the Voices 2008        meritorious                               topics (up to their
                       draft), be ready to    students. 65%                             becoming
                       get a shockingly       apply for                                 argumentative)
                       different point-of-    engineering (zero
                       view                   for medical)
                       No magazine as         ●IITK has not        Our Batch has not    ●During my last
                       the basic common       produced a single    kept in touch to     visit (2001) the
                       platform for           Nobel Laureates      find ways to share   buildings (both
   One item about
                       interaction            (and not even        our prosperity and   academic ones
   IITK that                                  close to it).        experiences to       and the Hostels)
27                     between students,
   concerns you        alumni and the                              improve IITK         appeared "dirty."
   most                faculty.                                                         ●Did we ever dare
                                                                                        write graffiti on the
     Featured Member   (webmaster 2008- March - April 2009              Oct 2008          Sep - Oct 2008
     (during)               2010)
29 Future   Use
30 Future   Use
31 Future   Use
32 Future   Use
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       Jan-09               Sep-08            Jul-09               Jun-08              Sep-08            Apr-08

 Chandra Vir           Dileep P.        Dhani Sahai              Girish K.       Harish K. Lal       Jai Prakash
   Singh                Mathur            Mathur                Srivastava                              Gupta

      EE                  ME                CH E                    ME                EE                  CH E
    61014               61015             61016                   61018             61023               61025
Azadnagar          Tilaknagar         Azadnagar              Tilaknagar         Azadnagar          Tilaknagar

CV                 Dileep             DS                     Srivastava         Lal                Jai

     Chandra Vir            Dileep             DS                  Girish               Lal                JP

                   Good friend with a Sportsman              Girish, Mechanical ● Good Friend       ●Nice Guy!
                   heart of gold.     (And don't you         Engg               ● Played
                                      forget : TT &                             Basketball for IITK
Vice President     Senior Executive   ● (Retired)            Prof & Head (Mech (Retired) Air Force Professor
(Retired)          Engineer           Director, Refineries   Engg)             Officer
                                      and ●Member,
                                      Board of Directors

Last: Tata         Boeing Co.         Hindustan          GLA Inst of            Indian Air Force   I.I.T., Kanpur
Daewoo, Co.,                          Petroleum Corp.    Technology &
Korea                                                    Management,
●2nd largest       ●Aerospace.        ● Oil Refining and ●Imparts               ● Military         ●Graduates
commercial vehicle Aircraft and Space Marketing          professional                              ●Frontier Research
(medium and        station, Space     ● HP is a Fortune education in the
heavy duty truck) shuttle for         500 company, with areas of
company in Korea. governments and revenues               Engineering,
                   industry           exceeding $ 15 B Management and
●100% subsidiary                      (US)                   Computation
of Tata Motors                                               Science
●Integration of      ●Plan and oversee    ● I provided          ● I manage the       ● Maintenance of      ●Teach ●Research
Tata Daewoo          design and           strategic direction   administrative       ground and            ●Supervised PhD,
Korea and Tata       analysis of space    and oversee           activities of the    airborne electronic   MT, and BT
Motors India in      stations and         implementation of     department, and      equipment             projects.
Korea                aircraft.            Oil Refining,         coordinate
●Business            ●Semi retired        Marketing             planning and                               ●Consulted for
development in                            Operations and        execution of                               companies in India
Domestic and                              related projects at   strategies of the                          and abroad.
overseas market.                          HP.                   Institute                                  ●Examined thesis
                                                                                                           and projects for
                                                                                                           Indian and foreign
3/455 Vishwas        24305                ● 3 A Pearl Queen,    GLA Inst of Tech &   203 AFA Senior        Dept. of Chemical
Khand                Ponchartrain Lane,   North Ave,            Mgmt,                Citizens Home         Engineering,
Gomti Nagar          Lake Forest, CA      Santacruz (W),        Mathura-Delhi        62 Institutional      I.I.T. Kanpur-
Lucknow 226010       92630                Mumbai 400054         Highway,             Area                  208016 (U.P.)
INDIA                USA                  INDIA                 Mathura-281406       Tughlakabad, New      INDIA
                                          ● At Agra part of     UP                   Delhi 110062          ●(House 428, IITK)
                                          the year              INDIA                INDIA
Lucknow              ● 40 mi (70 km)      Mumbai                                     New Delhi             Kanpur, U.P.
                     South East of Los

cvindu(at)gmail~     mathur_dileep(at)y dsmathur(at)hotma gksriv(at)yahoo~           hklal(at)vsnl.net     jpg(at)iitk.ac.in
                     ahoo~              il~
cvindu(at)gmail~     mathur_dileep(at)y                         neerusriv(at)yahoo. amrishlal(at)yahoo sgupta3(at)chicago
                     ahoo~                                      co.in               ~                  gsb.edu

Broadband            Cable                                      Leased line from     Tataindicom           DSL
/Wireless                                                       BSNL
●H: (91) 522-230-    ●[USA] (949) 586- ●Mumbai: 0222-           ●+91-999-782-        ●[India] 91 11        ●[91]- (0) 512-259
9783                 6986              649-6966                 9565                 2995-8867 X 203       8505
(91) 522-407-9065                      ●Agra: 0989-795-                              ●[US] (847) 359-
●M: (91) 983-906-                      6875 (Cell)                                   3247
                     ● Anytime, leave                           ●8 a.m. - 9 p. m.    ●[US] (408) 735-      ●Call anytime
                     message.                                   any day              7282                  [24/7]
                                                                                     ●[US] (909) 987-
●May 2009: We        ● Travel for leisure ● Insignificant       ● Married            ● My wife and I    ●Many low-lights at
are settled in       ● Still play tennis contributor to the     ●Two daughters       disposed all our   this stage
Lucknow and even     ● Love boating,      global economic       ●One son)            belongings and
visited JP in                             scene                                      moved into the Air
Rae Bareilly. We     walking at the                                                  Force Senior
meet Narendra        beach                                                           Citizens' Home,
(Khattar) and his                                                                    New Delhi
wife daily during                                                                    ● In March 2008,
our morning walks                                                                    we received our
in the nearby park                                                                   US Green cards
(He has been a                                                                       and plan to spend
perfect host). Met                                                                       of our time in the
Vishnu also.                                                                             US with our
                                                                                         children and travel
                                                                                         to other countries.

●Wife, Indu: home, ●Wife, Margaret:                               ●Wife is primarily a   ● Travelling and      Jewelery and
cooking and           likes to travel,                            housewife, but         meeting people        money respectively
gardening,            loves to visit India,                       keeps busy writing     ● Both son and
                      loves the                                   articles for           daughter are well
●Son, Abhay (age beach                                            publication in         settled in the U.S.   (●Two children)
29): Plays guitar, is ● Daughter,                                 various magazines
into Music,           Anjule: likes                               ●All the children
graduated IITK,       spending money.                             take part in various
EE, Batch 2000                                                    sports activities
                                                                  and excel in most
                                                                  of them

●ME (EE), IITK,       ● MSME UC,              ● 1966-1967 MBA,   ●1968-1973 Telco        ● 1966-1991           ●I never really left
1968.                 Berkeley                Loughborough       ●1974-1979              Indian Air Force      IITK.
●Management           ● MBA, Univ. of         University, U.K.   Scooters, India         ● 1992-2006 VP        ●Visiting professor
Services Div, Tata    Detroit                 ● 1967-1968 at     ●1979-2001 Tata         (Operations) in       at several
Motors (formerly      ● Director of           Hindustan Lever ●  Steel                   four medium scale     universities
TELCO),               Engineering at          1967-2005          ●2001-2005              companies             abroad.
Jamshedpur.           General Motors,                            Thapar Institute of
 Various functions    Ford                                       Thapar Tech
                                              Started with Exxon Engg & Institute of                           ●Science
and levels. ●Head,                            (India), which was Engg & Tech                                   Counselor,
Tata Motors’                                  taken over by the ●2006- now GLA                                 Embassy of India,
Lucknow                                       Govt. as Hindustan Inst of Tech &                                Washington DC
●3/2004 to Korea:                             Petroleum Corp.    Mgmt                                          USA
upon Tata Motors                                                                                               ● Wrote a couple
purchase of                                                                                                    of books
Daewoo Motors,
Truck Div.

●Fellow, Indian
Computer Society
& Inst of Engineers
●Prof Member
●Senior Member

●Current:             ● I am semi-                                ● I plan to continue   ● Currently           ●I am living in the
Management            retired. Looking                            teaching (here or      learning Sanskrit     future already.
Studies, IT           forward to healthy                          at some other          and studying the      ●At IITK I retire in
application,          and happy                                   engg college) until    Upnishad and          2010 or 2015, but
Integration Issues    retirement                                  I reach age 70         Geeta                 don't expect to
                                                                                         ● Planning to set     retire from
●Future:                                                        (the normal             up care facility for   profession.
Academic work in                                                retirement age in       older brother and
Services Science,                                               private colleges)       sisters.
Engg. &
●USA                ● Travelled            ● Lived in Mumbai, Lived in:                 ●Ceylon                ●14 years in USA
●Europe             extensively for        throughout         ●Jamshedpur               ●Bhutan                ●1 year in the UK
●South Korea        pleasure and                              ●Pune                     ●Thailand              ●Roamed as
●Australia          adventure                                 ●Lucknow                  ●Japan                 vagabond in many
●Japan              ● Cruised around                          ●Patiala                  ●U.S.                  other countries as
●China              Cape Horn and                             ●currently in             ●Canada                well
●Singapore          the Strait of          Unusual places       ●Mathura.
●South Africa.      Magellan               visited :            Visited many
                    (Southern tip of       ●Brunei              places in:
                    South America)         ●Madagascar          ●India
                    ● Lived in Ypsilanti   ●Libya               ●The UK
                    (Michigan) and         ●Czech Republic      ●USA
                                           ●Saudi Arabia        ●Germany
                    Southern California ●Venezuela              ●Singapur
                                        ●Mauritius.             ●Pakistan

●Lucknow, India     ● In Southern          Already retired, I   ●We have built a        ● We have              ●Vasant Kunj,
                    California -- good     live in Mumbai and   house in                decided to settle in   Delhi.
                    weather year           Agra, six months     Jamshedpur and          the USA in the Los     ●Best place to
                    round.                 each year            plan to retire there.   Angeles Area near      meet ex-
                                                                                        our children           colleagues
                                           (Agra is the         ●We have many                                  ●also all relations
                                           Spiritual            old-time friends                               there
                                           headquarters of      who live in
                                           the Radhasoami       Jamshedpur, so
                                           faith)               we expect to enjoy
                                                                a good social life in

●Social work        ● Travelling           ● Until lately, I    A lazy person, I am     ● Planning to set      ●Touring in India
●Reading            ● Trying my hand       played a lot of      mostly engrossed        up home for senior     and abroad.
●Traveling          at gardening           Tennis               in enjoying old time    citizens in the Los    ●Reading political
                                           ● Now trying my      film songs and          Angeles area           biographies
                                           hand at spiritual
                                            pursuits to look   trying to copy them ● Studying Indian ●Playing with
                                            beyond                                 scriptures        grandchildren
                                                                                   ● Travelling and
                                                                                   meeting people

●Wedding            ● Wedding                                  ●My birthday-1     ● Birthday, Sep 14       ●Wife’s birthday
anniversary May19   anniversary, Apr 8                         July               ● Wedding                July25
●Son’s Birthday,    (our 35th this year)                       ●Wife’s birthday-1 Anniversary, May 8       ●Her marriage
March 10            ● Birthdays, Jan                           September                                   anniversary May15
●Wife’s Birthday,   3, July 9                                  Anniversary – 25                            ●Nothing else
Jan 9               ● Every day is a                           May                                         counts

                    ● Quality of blogs                         ●Films               ● Social services      ●Any and All
                    ● Will the quality of                      ●Friends             for senior citizens    topics. Esp on:
                    IITs hold up after                         ●Past profiles and   ● Discussions on       ●Good restaurants
                    opening so                                 current affairs      Indian scriptures
                    many?                                                                                  ●Tourist places in
                    ● Should the new                                                                       India
                    generation use 4-                                                                      ●Institutes working
                    letter words in                                                                        to solve Indian
                    blogs? Particularly                                                                    industries’
                    in Indian blogs?                                                                       problems

Sustain and         ● Rising cost of                           The whereabouts      ● Lack of adequate Its limited links to
maintain the        education at IITK                          of BT-66 and MT-     teaching faculty   Indian industry,
standard of                                                    68 batchmates                           though now
academic work.                                                                                         increasing.

 Nov - Dec 2008       Jan - Feb 2009                                                  Nov - Dec 2008
                                                                                       + Sep 2009

                                                                                          END             OF    DATA
    Apr 2008            Sep 2008           Aug 2008               May 2008            Aug 2009           Aug 2009
     2014                2010                2014                    2014               2014               2010
     May-08              Nov-08              Aug-08                  May-08

  Kulwant S.          Naresh K.           Narendra           Rabinder Nath          Rajendra K.      Santosh Mehra
    Bhatia             Bansal              Kumar                 Kapur               Kanodia
                                                                                    [Data pending]
        EE               CH E                 CH E                  CH E                ME                 EE
     61033             61042                61044                 61053                61057             61070
Tilaknagar         Azadnagar           Tilaknagar            Tilaknagar                              Azadnagar

Kulwant            Bansal              Narendra              Ravi                                    Santosh

      Bhatia         Sleepy Bansal          Khatter                   Ravi                           Santosh

●Performed                             ●Teen-patti champ ● Just one of the
Bhangra on stage                       ●In-charge of all  crowd
●In-charge of                          naughty activities
Hostel 1 mess, 2                       in the Hostel
Project Manager    (Retired) Atomic    Managing Director ● Relaxing . . . (Not                       President
(Retired)          Recycling           (Retd.)           Milkha Singh!)

Last: City of      Bhabha Atomic       India Polyfibres      ● Me and Myself                         ●Mehra
Houston, USA       Research Center     (a RELIANCE                                                   Investments, Inc.
                                       group company)                                                ●Mehra
                                                                                                     Enterprises, LLC
●City Services –   ● Overall R&D      ●Leading               ● I freely offer my                     I started this
Non Profit         support to nuclear manufacturer of        skills and advice                       company initially
Organization       power plants       Polyester fibers       on Project Control /                    dealing in Auto
                                      (fibers spelled here   Management Data                         Components. Now
                                      the american way)      Banks.                                  it is a holding
                                                             ●(This really sells                     company
                                                             like hot cakes                          (Real Estate,
                                                             when I package it                       Private Equity,
                                                             and price it real                       Medical Device
                                                             high)                                   Cos.)
●Manage City’s        ● Radioactive         ●I currently consult ● Everything and     Owner
Payroll System        Waste                 for Reliance         Nothing (the same
                      Management            Industries, Ltd.     thing?)
                      ● I retired in June   ●I also consult for
                      2005 as
                      Associate Director,   other Polyester
                      Nuclear Recycle       manufacturers
                      Group, overseeing     ●I retired in Jan
                      the BARC facilities   2007 from India
                      in Trombay,           PolyFibres, Ltd.
                      Tarapur and
21826 Canyon          3C Parijat Bldg,      1/73, Vishwas       B2 / 36A Lawrence     ●1419 Burgundy,
Peak Lane,            Plot No.6,            Khand               Road,                 Ann Arbor MI
Katy, TX 77450        RSC 21, Gorai,        Gomti Nagar,        Keshav Puram,         48105
USA                   Borivli West,         Lucknow 226010      Delhi 110035          ●25055 Pinewater
                      Mumbai 400091         UP                  INDIA                 Cove Lane, Bonita
                      INDIA                 INDIA                                     Springs, FL 34134

●25 miles West of Mumbai                    Lucknow             New Delhi             ●MI: 35 mi West of
Houston                                                                               Detroit
                                                                                      ●FL: 120 mi South
                                                                                      of Tampa
KulwantSBhatia(at) nkbansal45(at)gma narendra.kumar.lk KapurRN(at)bol.net             smehra(at)mehrain
gmail~             il~               o(at)gmail~       .in                            vest~
harpeetbhatia(at)h nkbansal(at)myreal narendrakumarlko KapurRN(at)gmail~              mehrafam(at)ameri
otmail~            box~               @in~                                            tech.net

Cable (at home)       DSL                   AirTel              Broadband             DSL

●O (obsolete):        ● [91] 222-860-      ●[91] (522) 230-     ●[91] (112) 718-      [USA] (734) 996-
(713) 837-9725        2047                 9632                 4151                  0482
●H: (281) 828-        ●Cell: [91] 982-122-                      ●M: [91] (112) 718-
0467                  2314                                      4151

●9 a.m. - 5 p.m.      ● 9 a.m. - 9 p. m.    ●9 a.m. - 8 p.m.    ● 10 a.m. - 7 p. m.
weekdays                                                        IST

●Born Nov 12,         ● The high point in   ●Married           ●Still Married
1943 (diff. from HS   my career was         ●Sons Rohit and    [Silver Jubilee year
certificate).         commissioning a       Anuj ●Grandsons = 2005] ●Son
● Unlike my IIT       plant to convert                         Aditya:
-days, I am now a     highly radioactive     Ayush and Ayaan (Engineer,
quiet, reserved       waste into glass      ●After being very Graduated in
guy, very content     form and its          busy with work for Computer Science
with life.            inauguration by       40 years, now I am & Engg in 2003,
●Played extensive     Prime Minister        taking life easy,  Married 2005 to
Tennis for many       Vajpayee in 2002      doing consulting   Vibha, his college
years causing my      ● I had heart         work from home,    sweetheart)
knees to give up.     bypass surgery in
●1973-1981, First     2002                   taking frequent       ●My first grandson
marriage     ●Dec     ● I have six           vacations every 2-    born May 21, 2009,
1988, met             grandchildren,         3 months for          yet to be named
Harpreet in           aged 8 to 3 years.     visiting new places   ● . . . . Meanwhile I
Chandigarh and                               with my wife, etc.    am still my Mama's
we were married in                                                 boy !
July 89.
●Wife, Harpreet,      ● Wife interested      ●Wife, Madhu, is a    ●My loving, caring
teaches High-         in Hindi literature,   housewife and         (and still working)
School World          knitting, interior     enjoys traveling,     wife, Manju, loves
History and is        decoration and         playing cards and     socializing (180
very dedicated to     keeping me on the      parties               degrees to my
her profession.       right track!      ●3   ●Both sons, Rohit     nature)
●Son, Vikram, age     Children (son,         and Anuj live and     ●Son Vijay (and
16, in 10-th grade    daughter, son) are     work in Gurgaon       family) buy latest
HS, is an avid        married and well       with their families   gadgets, dumping
sportsman, esp.       settled in Mumbai,                           old stuff on me,
Basketball & (US-)    Dallas and Boston                            making me an
Football                                                           antiques collector

●1969-1971: Did       ●1966-1969 Job in      ●After IITK, first    ●Sep 1966 - Jan         ●1966-67 ME (EE)
my Masters in         private industry in    job, 2 years in       1975: Sriram            NY Univ.
Industrial            U.P.                   Mumbai                Rayons. I was in        ●1969-70 MBA
Engineering in        ●1969-1973             ●Then 12 years in     the team that set       Finance Univ. of
Texas [Which          Worked in              Pune                  up SRF Ltd.             Michigan
campus of the Univ    Rishikesh in a         ●Then 5 years in      Manali, Madras          ●1970-79
of Texas?]            public sector          Gaziabad              and scouted             Treasurer, Intn'l
●1971 - 1974          pharmaceutical         ●Last 23 years in     Japan & the USA         American Motors
Taught Computer       company                Lucknow, where I      for them during         ●1979-1981
Science at Univ. of   ●1973-2005             have retired          Sep-Nov 1971            Treasurer, White
Houston. ●1974-       Central                ●My jobs were in      ●Feb 1975 - Aug         Motors
April 2009: Worked    Government job in      Plant operations,     2001: Engineers         ●1981-1986 Sr V.
for City of           the nuclear field      Project execution,    India, Ltd. Project     P. Finance,
Houston               (Kota, Tarapur and     Corporate             Services &              Gelman Sciences
●May 1, 2009          Mumbai)                planning, Business    Management is my        ●1988-2004
Retired.              ● I represented        Development           forte. Left EIL as I    Owner, Mehra
                                                                   couldn't                Tube, Inc (Auto
                      India in several       and General           reconcille to the       parts mfg.)
                      international          management.           instructions of         ●2004-current:
                      neetings and                                 Dummies dancing         Owner, Mehra
                      conferences for                              to the tune of the      Investements, Inc.
                      key assignments                              Mandarins               and Mehra
                                                                                           Enterprises, LLC

●May 1, 2009          ●I am retired (as of ●I am already           ● Current:
Retired from the      June 2005)            retired and intend     Relaxing . . . Wife
City of Houston       ● If nuclear          to keep consulting     Manju plans to
                      industry grows in                            work another 4
                      the private sector, I                        years and I get full
                      may look into                                peace during
                     helping them out.                          daytime as "mouse
                                                                can play when cat
                                                                is away" ● Future
                                                                will take care of
●Arrived in USA in   ● I lived mostly in   ●While working, I    ● 1978-1981: On       The whole world
June 1969.           Mumbai and in         lived in Mumbai,     deputation for EIL
●Visited Prof.       Tarapur (near         Pune, Gaziabad       to USA and
Acton in Princeton   Mumbai)               and Lucknow,         Algeria [Great 15
●Raj Kanodia at      ● Visit children in   where I retired      months at Houston
MIT (he took me      the U.S.                                   with
to see my first      ● Frequent work-      ●Traveled            Kulwant Bhatia and
movie in USA –       related travel in     extensively all over Vijai Jain]      ●
Midnight Cowboy)     Europe, Russia,       the world both on Several weeks'
●I have lived in     Malaysia and          business and         vacations in the
Texas since then,    Japan.                pleasure             UK and Japan
moving to Houston    ● Have travelled                           ● Less than a
in Jan               all over India                             month in France,
 971                 on vacations and                           Switzerland,
●In my bachelor      work-related trips                         Rome, Germany,
days, 1981-1989, I                                              Kuwait, Qatar and
traveled                                                        Sharjah
extensively all over
the world
●Visit my mother
(age 86) every 18
mos with family as
she now lives
alone in
●Staying in        ● Already retired       ●Retired in          ● Already retired
Houston for now. and living in             Lucknow in Jan       and living in Delhi
Texas heat does    Mumbai                  2007
not bother me, I                           ●We had lived
feel at home                               here for 23 years
here.                                      and had found the
●Harpreet, 13                              people very
years younger,                             friendly and it is
wants to keep on                           also a "cool" place.
working in

●Stock Market        ● Social              ●Photography         ● PAST:               ● Golf and Sailing
●US politics         networking            ●Traveling           Photography,
●Photography         ● Photography                              Reading fiction and
●Tennis (despite     ● Travel and sight                         Driving
my knee problem,     seeing India and
      I can still teach my the world                               ● CURRENT:            ● More golf, more
      son a few tennis                                             Reading non-          sailing, and sex –
      shots). ●Like to                                             fiction, Digitizing   what else?
      exercise regularly.                                          past meterial

      ●Wedding            ●Wedding            ●Wedding          ● Galti Sudhar
      anniversary: July   Anniversary Feb     Anniversary Oct 14Diwas (June 15)
      22,                 23                  ●Wife's Birthday  ● Manju's birthday,
      ●Vikram’s           ●Grandsons'         Nov 4             Aug 6       ●
      Birthday: June 4    birthdays, Oct 17                     Aditya's
      ●Wife, Harpreet’s   and Aug 11          ●My birthday Sept birthday, Apr 13
      birthday:                               15
      December 18

                                                                   ● Haven't blogged     ● Meaningful
                                                                   so far. Waiting to    philanthropy
                                                                   see how it

                                              Reservation of       ● Quality of IITK     How to donate to
                                              SC/ST in the         education with        IITK so as to have
                                              faculty would        concern for merit     direct benefit /
                                              adversely affect     being sacrificed to   impact without any
                                              IITK standards of    politics              pilfering by non-
                                              teaching                                   designated

          July 2008         Mar - Apr 2009      Jul - Aug 2009       May-Jun 2009          Oct-Nov 2009

    Jun 2008           May 2008           May 2008          28
     2014               2014                2014

     May-08             May-08              Mar-08

                                       awating picture      2

   Satish C.           Sushil K.       Vijai K. Jain
   Sharma               Handa                               3

      CH E               AE                  CE             6a
    61072               61085              61090            6b
Azadnagar                             Leather Institute

Satish                                Vijai or Jain Sahib


Sharma               [Data pending]   most likely Jain

●TT Champ                             ●Ran Photography
                                                                 END OF


Senior Technical                      Retired

A R D L, Inc.
(Akron Rubber
Development Lab,
●Rubber & Plastics
●R & D
Technical problem


4441 Leewood                          6606 Windrock
Road                                  Road
Stow, OH 44224                        Dallas,
USA                                   Texas 75252

●25 mi So Ea of                       Dallas, Texas

Schsharma5(at)ya Sushil(at)inforgeni vijaijain(at)hotmail~
hoo~             e.ca                                      14

Sharmastow(at)ya                      Vijai’jaina(at)gmail
hoo~                                  ~                      15

Cable                                 DSL
[00] (330) 688-                       [USA} 972 447
9143                                  0383

●Weekdays: 5                          ●a.m. (after 7:00
p.m. - 9:30 p.m.                      a.m. local time)
●Weekends: 9
a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
                                      Don’t know what
                                      else to write here


●I would like to say   ●Wife - Reading
ME, but that would     and Traveling
be delusional

●Three Children:       ●Children – Adult
Sabina (29), Shalu     with varying
(25), Samir (25)       interests            19
●And one wife,
who came and
comes first (Ha,

●Studied more          ●Banking (IT)
Chemical               from Systems
Engineering.           Analyst to CIO /
●And then studied      CTO
Polymer Science        ●I lived & worked
                       in Calcutta; USA
                       (New York,
●I have enjoyed        Houston,
working and            Albuquerque,
learning               Dallas); Bangkok;
                       Singapore; Jakarta
                       articles in the
                       Economic Times –
                       Task Force of        20
                       Engineers for

                       and A Case Study
                       of Gold Trading
                       ●Faculty – Part
                       time at Univ. of
                       Phoenix, Dallas

●Whereever I can       ●Voluntary work
●Ride it out into
                    ●Translation of
                    religious (Jain)
                    books in English

                    ●USA (all);
                    ●Canada; ●Mexico
                    (Mexico City,
                    Acapulco, Cancun,
                    Vallarta, etc.)

                    ●East Europe
                    ●Hong Kong,
                    ●Macau; ●Thailand
                    (all); ●Singapore;
                    ●Malaysia (all);
                    ●Australia (Gold
                    Coast, Sydney,
                    Melbourne, etc.);
                    ●Algiers; and
                    ●India (all)

●Hopefully a long   ●Already retired
(and not a brief)   ●Not yet finalized
retirement.         the city/ locale
●Best place: Who    ●Possibilities are
knows?              few months in
                    Dallas and a few
                    months in India      23
                    (possibly Gurgaon)

●Golf               ●Past –
●Tennis             Photography,
●Writing Poetry     Travel
                    ●Present –
                    Volunteer work;

                    travel; Yoga
                    ●Future –

                    Not into it


●Future of          Not into blogging
●Truth. Fairness.


                    Ability to sustain
                    current Hype about
                    IIT Brand


  Jan - Feb 2009      Aug-Sep 2009


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