Invitation to pre qualify for Tender for the supply of an Integrated by jolinmilioncherie


									Invitation to pre qualify for Tender for the
supply of an Integrated Payroll, Human
Resource, and Pension Management System
for Marine Institute, Rinville, Oranmore, Co.
(Ref: CA01)

Table of Contents


 1. Introduction                                              3

 2. Scope of Pre qualification                                3

 3. System Specification                                4/5/6

 4. Technical Requirements                                   6/7

 5. Requests for additional information                       8

 6. Closing Date for pre qualification to Tender Responses    8

1.     Introduction
The Marine Institute, a semi State body, wishes to invite companies to pre qualify to
tenders for the supply of an Integrated Payroll, Human Resource, and Pension
Management system.
The Successful supplier will be responsible for all aspects of the implementation,
including training. The supplier will also be required to provide maintenance and
support post-implementation.

2.     Scope of Tender
This is an Open Invitation to pre-qualify for Tender with any manufactures and/or
resellers invited to respond for the supply of a fully integrated Human Resource,
Payroll and Pension Management system. Suppliers who are successful in this pre
qualification round will be invited to tender.

Note: There is no guarantee made by the Marine Institute that items contained in
this invitation shall be purchased.

Based on the following criteria tender respondents shall be short listed:

       1.1     Tendering Company Details
       1.2     Financial standing of the Tendering Company
       1.3     Customer History (details of similarly sized project(s) including
       1.4     Technical specification of solution provided
       1.5     Hardware Infrastructure

Note: Order of criteria does not indicate weighting

Important: All pre qualification to tender responses must include the five headings
listed above. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of the pre qualification tender.

Successful pre qualification to tender Companies may be requested to provide onsite
demonstration of the system. Relevant references must be made available.

3.       System Specification
The Marine Institute, Ireland’s National Maritime Research Agency employs
approximately 200 people with this figure expanding to 260 at certain times during
the year. As a Semi State agency the Marine Institute staff are paid in accordance
with Department of Finance Salary Scales. Salaries may be paid weekly, bi-weekly or

The New system must be able to accommodate a minimum of 400 staff and to reach
specific targets for each of the three required areas, Human Resources
Management, Payroll and Pension. All three must be fully integrated with each other
and the Marine Institute Finance System Navision. In addition, the system must have
the capacity and be capable of accommodating an increasing number of employees

Human Resources Management System Requirements:
The Human Resources (HR) team are looking for a flexible HR system with the ability
to capture all HR records and must be able to meet the following specific

     •    Flexible Structures and Parameters
     •    Real-time entry and validation
     •    The system must be capable of recording all employee details i.e. Name,
          address, contact ‘phone numbers, multiple bank account details, PRSI
          numbers, emergency contact details
     •    The HR system must be able to track an employees employment history from
          recruitment records to multiple contracts, redeployment / secondment and
          career break history
     •    The system must be capable of tracking all social welfare and company
          entitlements e.g. sick leave, maternity leave, parental leave, annual leave
          special leave, force majeure.
     •    The system should be capable of linking job grade to salary scale grade along
          with general, back dates and benchmarking increases as they apply to public
          sector employees.
     •    Maintain all salary history and ‘flag’ in advance when salary increments are
          due for review
     •    Must be able to record employees Probation end date and ‘flag’ this date six
          weeks prior to end date.
     •    The HR system should be able to record both certified and non-certified
          sickness absence and ‘flag’ when entitlements are nearing exhaustion.
     •    There should be a full audit trail along with management reporting tools /
          reporting mechanism and generation e.g. staff numbers, contract status by
          grade, by academic status, by gender.

Payroll System Requirements:
The chosen system must be able to meet the following specific requirements:

   •   Flexible Structures and Parameters
   •   The Payroll system must link the Marine Institute Salary Scales to each
       Individual Personnel details allowing automatic calculation and processing of
       their salary after any changes to their salary from an increment, acting up
       allowance or cost of living increases which have been approved separately.
   •   Security- The system should allow for a full audit trial. Increments or changes
       to Salaries should be able to be approved separately from the payroll
       processing department
   •   The Payroll System must be fully compliant with all legislative requirements,
       including all necessary details re Social Welfare, maternity benefit and is
       updated in line with legislative changes as they occur
   •   Multiple pay Cycles- Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc
   •   Ability to enter assorted personal details including those of an historical
       nature e.g. multiple finish dates, salary history
   •   As a general principal, the system should be able to interface easily with other
       systems as required especially with the Marine Institute Financial
       Management System – Navision and by production and/or reading/uploading
       of data in standard formats such as MS Excel/CSV,HTML.
   •   Nett to Gross Calculations
   •   Ability to Calculate Benchmarking Increases, Back pay and Increase salary
       scales by percentage awards assigned to grades by DCMNR.
   •   Calculate all common deductions based on percentages of Salary e.g.
       Income Continuance, Union Fees and Pensions and provide an audit trial on
       these deductions
   •   Historical Online Payslip Information and provision of payslips
   •   Allows for EFT Payments
   •   Links with R.O.S
   •   Annual P35/P60 Returns
   •   Reporting Tools
   •   See additional documents for general requirements

Pension Management System Requirements
The Human Resources team at the Marine Institute require a system that is capable
of maintaining the ever increasing plethora of information relating the their employees
Superannuation and Children and Spouses schemes with the ability to meet the
following specific requirements: -

     •   The system should be able to keep up to date and capture all information
         relating to the Public Sector Superannuation and Spouses and Children’s
         (S&C) schemes
     •   The system should be able to calculate Superannuation and S&C employee
         contributions and track pension history
     •   The system should have the ability to create ad-hoc and Annual Benefit
     •   The system should be capable of producing a normal retirement benefit
         statement including the tax free lump sum element
     •   The system is required to produce Early Retirement Benefit Statements /
         Death in Service Benefits and deferred Benefit statements. A number of staff
         are also purchasing Notional and bought service (by transfer from previous
         pension schemes) and this information should be captured.
     •   The system should be able to interface with both the HR system and payroll
     •   The system should be capable of generating FRS 17 calculations in
         preparation for actuarial review and sign off.

4.       Technical Requirements

Respondents to the pre qualification to tender must ensure that the following issues
are addressed.

     •   Technology Base

         o   The Marine Institute has an existing infrastructure that predominately
         o   MS Windows2000/Windows XP on the desktop
         o   MS Explorer, version 6 greater
         o   Windows2000 Server and Windows Server 2003
         o   Windows SQL Server 2000 for database applications

In addition, as research institute, the Marine Institute is an associate member of the
Combined Higher Education Software Team (CHEST) and as a result purchases a
significant amount of its software at education rates, including the above.

Proposed tenders may be disqualified on cost grounds should the proposed
implementation require significant purchase of new supporting software or systems,
or associated support, not detailed above.

Where the proposed system will include deviations from the installed technology
base as listed above, respondents should detail alternative support arrangements

(such as Database Administration services) in the pre qualification to tender. Where
additional software (that does not form part of the proposed solution) would be
required in order for the proposed solution to operate this should also be detailed.

   •   Network Architecture

The Marine Institute is geographically dispersed organisation with staff located in
offices in Newport, Co. Mayo; Harcourt St, Dublin 2; and a number of ports at coastal
locations. During the next two years it is also possible that staff will be located in
Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin and/or Swords, Co. Dublin and Shannon, Co. Clare.

The offices in Newport and Harcourt St. are connected to the Marine Institute office in
Oranmore via the Government VPN using BIP connections. A practical connection
speed of 256KB/Sec should be assumed between these locations.

Other offices are connected using a variety of ISDN, DSL (VPN) and Dial-up

Typically, the Marine Institute installs central applications on servers located at the
Oranmore facility and provides Web or PC Client access to the central application.

Respondents must detail any likely difficulties that the proposed system may have in
supporting staff located in the above locations.

   •   Support

Respondents should provide details of service levels including:
Proposed service level agreements for remote (telephone) and on-site support
Escalation procedures under the above service level agreements
Requirements for remote access to systems for support purposes. This must include
at a minimum:

Impact, and alternative strategies, where remote access is not possible
Steps that will be taken to ensure such remote access does not place Marine
Institute systems at risk from malicious or accidental damage

Note: Due to security implications Marine Institute policies dictate that external
bodies cannot access its corporate network through dial-up or VPN connection. In
event that remote support is required, companies shall have the option of using a
secure, encrypted remote control software that does not require the disclosure of
network passwords (eg Netviewer) or a direct analogue connection to the server.

   •   Product Deployment

The Marine Institute operates strict procedures for the deployment of software to its
systems. Applications are always deployed to a test system prior to deployment to
the production environments. Respondents must provide details of the following:
Testing procedures and standards followed in the development of software
Product roadmaps and release lifecycle schedules
Release procedures for emergency fixes and other unscheduled software releases

Known, or likely, conflicts the software has with other commercial off the shelf
software packages

5.     Requests for additional information
Requests for additional information or clarification of items within this document must
be made in writing to the following email address quoting tender Reference number

Within 48 hours of a request for clarification or additional information being received,
a confirmation of receipt of the query shall be sent. If clarification is not received
within this time, the sender should assume that the Marine Institute has not received

Queries relating to emails which have not been received, should be made via Sean
Connolly or Jane Blair on 091 387200.

A document containing the replies to any requests for clarification or additional
information (including all previous requests) shall be circulated to all parties that have
expressed an interest in the pre qualification to tender.

Requests for information made by telephone or to any other email address shall not
be responded to.

6.     Closing Date for Pre Qualification to Tender Responses
All pre qualification to tender responses must:
    • be received prior to 12 noon on Friday 17th November 2006
    • be sent via registered post, to the address below
    • include three hard copies - please note that non conformance with
       this requirement will result in disqualification

 All Pre Qualification to Tender responses should addressed
       HR/Payroll Pre Qualification to Tender (ref: CA01)
                         Marine Institute
                           Co. Galway

     Please note that any information submitted may be subject to the
                    Freedom of Information Act, 1997.


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