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					                                   SUPPLEMENT TO INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTION


  Research ... Evaluate ... Compare ... Analyze ...

The Distribution Software Guide is the only guide specifically            The Software Selection Process ...
developed to meet the unique needs of the wholesale distribution
This supplement to the 17th edition of the Guide is provided in                       If you are selecting software for the first time or
partnership with Industrial Distribution Magazine and is                              replacing existing software, the supplement can help
designed to assist your research, evaluation, comparison and                          you to become conversant with the functionality that
analysis of software to determine which products best fit your            is commonplace for the industry and will serve as a starting point
operation.                                                                in your process.

Reading This Supplement ...
                                                                                        Selecting software is a complex process that must
This Industrial Distribution supplement is intended to help                             involve a team of employees devoting their time and
distributors who are looking to purchase software.                                      energy to this task over a period of time. You need to
                                                                          consider functionality and process fit, vendor strengths and
Each product summary provides a functional and technology                 capabilities, technology and price. How you decide to weight
highlights in addition to which vertical markets are served most.         these components will vary according to your needs.
Data for this print edition was gathered from interviews with the                      Compare
software vendors and the online guide available at
                                                                                       Define your criteria and document your needs.
                                                                                       Efficient and fast order entry, will call/counter sales,
                                                                                       inventory management, replenishment and
                                                                          purchasing, pick/pack/ship are a few of the hallmarks that
This section gives you the basic fundamentals of operating                differentiate distribution from other industries.
system, database, presentation method and delivery method.
New Developments
                                                                                       The online guide includes more comprehensive
What new enhancements have been added? What’s in the next                              information about the vendors, the applications and
release? Read this section to find out.                                                their functionality to assist you in your research
                                                                          project. Utilize the Evaluation Center to compare distribution
User Base                                                                 focused functions side-by-side to find the best solutions to meet
Using this graph helps determine how you fit compared to the              your needs.
other companies that use the software. The tan line represents all
users of the software; smallest to largest. The blue reflects the
majority of customers.
      1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000
                                                                          About The Brown Smith Wallace
                                                                          Consulting Group…
                                                                          For the past 17 years, the Brown, Smith, Wallace Consulting
Number of Branches                                                        Group has researched software vendors, audited their responses
This graph shows that the software vendor has customers with              and continuously worked with them to collect the content for our
this number of branches. Since the number of branches can                 printed and online Guides, including this supplement.
reflect the complexity of your business, make sure the software
vendor can fit your profile.                                              We are objective in performing this work. We do not sell any
                                                                          software, earn any commissions or profit from your decision. As
      1             2-10             11-50        51-100      100+        truly independent advisors, we have used our best efforts to
                                                                          perform this work accurately.

Entry Price Point                                                         Contact:
                                                                          For more information contact us
The pricing for software can be complex and is subject to
                                                                          1050 N. Lindbergh Blvd.; St. Louis, MO 63132
negotiation. This is the entry point for the simplest configuration
                                                                          (314) 983-1208
of the software and basic services to implement it. Use this only
as a starting point; your actual cost will be higher.

                                             For a complimentary half-hour of consulting
                                             and to download a copy of the full Distribution Software Guide visit:
      CONSULTING GROUP             
  Activant Solutions Inc.                                                   Activant Solutions Inc.
  Prelude                                                                   Prophet 21

                                 Activant Prelude™ provides                                                Activant Prophet 21™ is built
                                 functionality for distributors                                            from the ground up as a
                                 with complex requirements                                                 Windows based product.
                             ® including rentals, light                                                ®
                                                                                                           Advantages of this include ease
                                 manufacturing, marketing direct                                           of use, scalability, reliability and
                                 distribution and repair                                                   real-time access. The MS SQL
operations. Activant Prelude integrates with Activant Trading             Server, allows you to dig into and mine for data. To date, more
Partner Connect, which is an Internet trading network for                 than 1,000 distributors have chosen Prophet 21 for their business,
distributors. Prelude is geared for wholesale distributors looking        making it a leading enterprise software solution for distributors.
for a customized Unix-based system
                                                                          Vertical Markets: Industrial; Electrical; Fluid Power;
Vertical Markets: Industrial; Heavy Equipment and                         Fasteners; Plumbing; HVAC; Tile; Pipe Valves and Fittings;
Construction; Pet Supplies; Turf Equipment; Florists; and                 Medical; Janitorial; Paper and Packaging.
                                                                          Functional Highlights:
Functional Highlights:                                                    Prophet 21 features business intelligence and light manufacturing
The software has multi-branch capabilities and can track a core           capabilities, an order entry process that can be completed from
product through the refurbishing or remanufacturing process. It           one screen, an open environment for the utilization of any off the
keeps the identity of the core product while transforming it into a       shelf data analysis tool for ad-hoc reporting and a Wireless
new product. Prelude consistently incorporates customer mods              Warehouse Management Solution for warehouse automation.
into the base software for easy upgrades to future versions.              The application interface has allowed customers to dramatically
Virtual Information Access, an eCommerce module, gives                    reduce the learning curve associated with a new hire as well as
distributors a web portal to allow customers to purchase online.          existing employees. Prophet 21 provides easy access to data
Prelude also offers a web portal tool that allows for a unique            through their management information system.
look and feel so that no two websites look alike.
Technology:                                                               Operating System: Windows
Operating System: Unix, IBM AIX                                           Database: MS SQL
Database: IBM, Unidata                                                    Presentation: GUI
Presentation: GUI and/or Character                                        Delivery: Client/Server, thin or fat client deployment
Delivery: Client/Server
                                                                          Technology Highlights:
Technology Highlights:                                                    Activant supports Windows Vista and MS SQL Server 2005
Activant Prelude gives users a choice of character or GUI                 respectively as well as increased their support for the .Net
presentation based on login. Activant also continues to analyze           framework. Prophet 21 is written with PowerBuilder, an object
and take advantage of the new technologies released from their            oriented fourth generation language.
technology partner, IBM.
                                                                          New Developments:
New Developments:                                                         Activant’s enhancements to the 11.5 version will focus on
Prelude’s next major releases, set to be released in the fall of          simplicity of function, application extensibility and Activant’s
2007 and winter 2008, includes enhancements to rental and light           Trading Partner Connect community, value-added services and
manufacturing modules.                                                    improvements to the deployment process.

User Base:                                                                User Base:
      1   5   10    20    50   75    100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000         1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                       Number of Branches:
      1            2-10             11-50       51-100        100+              1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                    Sales:
Entry Price Point: Contact Sales Rep                                      Entry Price Point: Contact Sales Rep
Sales Channel: Direct in North America                                    Sales Channel: Direct in North America

Contact:                                                                  Contact:
Russ Mellott                                                              Russ Mellott
19 West College Avenue; Yardley, PA 19067                                 19 West College Avenue; Yardley, PA 19067
Phone: (800) 776-7438 email:                    Phone: (800) 776-7438 email:
 Access Information Technologies, Inc.                                    Advanced Business Software Inc. (ABS)
 contractERP                                                              Advanced Distribution Management (ADaM)

                                  Contract/Job-based distributors                                      A company that offers
                                  selling specialty building                                           personalized service and
                                  materials (which is different                                        partners with companies,
                                  from the commodity building                                          Advanced Business Software
                                  material industry) needs a                                           has been in the distribution
                                  software that follows their                                          business for twenty years. For a
processing flow, versus forcing them into a software suited for a        long term relationship, ADaM has a wealth of effective inventory
different type of business. contractERP, powered by Microsoft            management features. The software is designed for companies
Dynamics NAV, provides the most accurate solution for this               from 10 to 100 users. Advanced Business Software offers a
industry, while still leveraging all the benefits provided by            demo CD for anyone looking further into the software’s features.
Microsoft’s most complete ERP solution - Dynamics NAV.
                                                                         Vertical Markets: Fasteners; Specialty Tools; Construction
Vertical Markets: Division 8 &10/Architecture Opening                    Tools; Commercial Tire Distributors; and Rep Agencies.
Materials; Air Distribution/HVAC Supplies; Security/Access
Control Systems; Fire Suppression; Commercial Electrical; and
                                                                         Functional Highlights:
Plumbing Supplies.
                                                                         ADaM currently features a sales force automation system and
                                                                         pocket PC programs like Pocket Contact Manager. Clients can
Functional Highlights:                                                   use the tablet PC to submit orders wirelessly and remotely. A
contractERP easily supports the tasks of contract material               strong feature in ADaM is effective inventory management as
fulfillment including: precise management of special ordered and         ABS has implemented Jon Schreibfeder’s Effective Inventory
built material; automatic contract billing including AIA                 Management concepts into the software.
requisitions and integration to front end detailing/engineering
software. contractERP handles walk-up/call-in trade as elegantly         Technology:
as its contract sales process.                                           Operating System: Windows
                                                                         Database: Advantage
Technology:                                                              Presentation: GUI
Operating System: Windows                                                Delivery: Client/Server
Database: MS SQL Server
Presentation: GUI                                                        Technology Highlights:
Delivery: Client/Server                                                  ADaM is available for the Windows Vista operating system.
                                                                         Additional performance improvements have been made to keep
                                                                         the Advantage database supplied by Sybase up-to-date.
Technology Highlights:
As a Microsoft Business Software Solution, contractERP                   New Developments:
completely leverages MS SQL Server, MS office integration and            ADaM version 5, released in June 2007, enhancements include a
Sharepoint based deployment. contractERP is also highly                  new screen layout to provide more information and more
adaptable and cost efficient when development is required.               intelligent grids and spreadsheets throughout the system. The
                                                                         software features a warehouse automation system or wireless/
New Developments:                                                        paperless system that allows the client to receive orders, pull
The upcoming release of the solution will introduce a new 3-tier         orders, take physical inventory and ship orders all within a
deployment architecture which will expand the users option for a         forklift or cart mounted wireless device. New features include
true role-based solution, web service connectivity, further .Net         handling rep agencies or manufacturers’ reps and handling multi-
development and web deployment capabilities.                             currencies.

User Base:                                                               User Base:
      1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000        1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                      Number of Branches:
      1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+             1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                   Sales:
Entry Price Point: $23,000 for 5 users                                   Entry Price Point: $17,995 for 5 users
Sales Channel: Direct in North America                                   Sales Channel: Direct in the U.S

Contact:                                                                 Contact:
Nick Bauer                                                               Robert Eldon
35 Pinelawn Road, Ste. 204 E; Melville, NY 11747                         2050 West Chapman Avenue, Ste. 217; Orange, CA 92868
Phone: (866) 743-5665 ext. 725 email:                Phone: (800) 217-4227 email:
  Blue Link Associates Limited                                             BMA Software®
  Blue Link Elite                                                          BMA Distribution Software
                                 Blue Link Elite is an integrated                                       BMA focuses on small-to-
                                 Accounting, Business                                                   medium sized companies in the
                                 Management and Inventory                                               wholesale distribution industry.
                                 Management software solution                                           BMA has 16 employees with an
                                 designed to handle large                                               installed user base of 204
                                 transaction volumes. There are                                         customers that range from one to
330 installed customers. Blue Link focuses on small to mid-size          55 users. BMA software is sold through a network of 9 resellers
businesses and on the expertise they have in the wholesale               around the United States.
distribution category.
                                                                         Vertical Markets: Industrial Equipment and Supplies;
Vertical Markets: Wholesale Distribution; Food Service
                                                                         Building Equipment and Supplies; Electrical; Plumbing; HVAC;
Distribution; Apparel Distribution; Windows and Doors;
                                                                         Floral; Safety and Security; and Block and Brick.
Industrial Distribution; and Building Supplies.

Functional Highlights:                                                   Functional Highlights:
The software includes a flexible CRM system which Blue Link              The latest release, v7.01, builds on past successes and highlights:
calls “Lead Opportunity Management” Other features include an            enhanced pricing includes pricing by item and by class for
order entry system, inventory management, advanced                       contract prices plus assortment pricing for families of products;
management costing components, multi-currencies, accounting              enhanced kitting and assembly to provide five different methods
modules. The integrity model layer prevents data from going out          and allows the users to configure how it works in the order entry
of bounds so that someone can not go behind the scenes and               account payables and how it appears to the customer; rental and
corrupt the data tables.                                                 repair extends warranty capability and integration with fixed
                                                                         asset tracking.
Operating System: Windows                                                Technology:
Database: MS SQL Server                                                  Operating System: Windows
Presentation: GUI                                                        Database: Borland or MS SQL Server
Delivery: Client/Server                                                  Presentation: GUI
                                                                         Delivery: Client/Server
Technology Highlights:
Blue Link will continue to migrate to .Net and will support              Technology Highlights:
Microsoft’s Vista and Microsoft’s Desktop Gadgets. The                   A version of the product that is tailored to the performance
Desktop Gadgets represent a series of software applications              requirements of larger customers with 60 users or more, will be
whose task is to offer information on a specific subject. Blue           released in mid 2007.
Link Elite is built on a Microsoft SQL Server platform and is
scalable for a single-user to dozens of concurrent users.                New Developments:
                                                                         Enhancements planned for 2007 include a new web portal with
New Developments:                                                        advanced drill down customer inquiries capabilities and a new
Blue Link Elite version 12 will include moving Business Logic            user interface in the warehouse management module that allows
to .Net and improvements to the work flow capability. The                customers to utilize any existing data collection device that they
company is introducing a 3rd party add-on product that will              are currently using, thereby reducing the costs of implementing a
specifically focus on work flow, productivity and dead stock for         new Warehouse Management Solution.
medium size wholesale distributors.
                                                                         User Base:
User Base:                                                                    1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000
      1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                      Number of Branches:
                                                                              1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+
      1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                   Sales:
Entry Price Point: $10,500 for 5 users                                   Entry Price Point: $14,000
Sales Channel: Direct in the U.S. and Canada                             Sales Channel: 9 resellers in the U.S.

Contact:                                                                 Contact:
Mark Canes                                                               Michael Hollingsworth
156 Corstate Ave., Ste. #3; Concord, On, Canada L4K 4X2                  36 Four Seasons Center, Ste. 126; Chesterfield, MO 63017
Phone: (905) 660-0599 email:                            Phone: (800) 814-6631 email:
  Computer Insights, Inc.®                                                  Epicor Software Corporation®
  The BUSINESS EDGE™                                                        Epicor for Distribution
                                 Computer Insights has made                                                Epicor provides solutions for
                                 imaging technology an integral                                            small-to-midsize businesses in
                                 part of their software. The                                               the distribution and
                                 software is capable of turning                                            manufacturing industry. The
                                 inbound faxes into electronic                                             majority of Epicor’s customer
                                 documents that will                                                       base is in the range of 25 to 75
automatically attach to customers or vendors.                             users. There are 1,000 plus installs in the distribution industry
documentConnection features the ability to scan in drawings,              for Epicor’s product. Epicor for Distribution allows customers to
certifications and other documents to attach to the specific              automate their procurement process and inventory controls to
documents that they relate to in The BUSINESS EDGE.                       improve productivity and reduce costs.
Computer Insights has 178 installed customers and focuses on
Fastener clients.                                                         Vertical Markets: Conventional Warehousing; Consumer
                                                                          Packaged Goods; Industrial; Print; Produce; Electronics; and
Vertical Markets: Fasteners; Industrial Distributors; and                 Service and Repair.
Bearing Distributors.
                                                                          Functional Highlights:
Functional Highlights:                                                    Epicor for Distribution version 7.4 includes features such as
The BUSINESS EDGE is strong in lot control, traceability and              multi-language, multi-currency, EDI, rebates, sourcing,
handling secondary processes. A valuable function for Fastener            procurement, advanced forecasting, advanced warehouse
clients is the automatic replenishment system, located in multiple        management, order entry, bar coding, eCommerce and much
menus, it is able to create, edit and send Purchase Orders, RFQs,         more. The software has an award-winning CRM application,
Processing Purchase Orders, Work Orders and Transfers. This               supply chain management and financial, value added services
system will also feature auto replenishment flags and list the            which include kitting and assembly, customer or supplier portals
products that need replenishment along with inventory ranges.             and role-based computing with a portal framework that allows
                                                                          screens to be personalized according to specific roles.
Operating System: Linux/Windows                                           Technology:
Database: C-Trieve                                                        Operating System: Windows
Presentation: CHUI, GUI                                                   Database: MS SQL Server
Delivery: Client/Server                                                   Presentation: GUI
Technology Highlights:                                                    Delivery: Client/Server
Computer Insights has recently introduced a new Windows                   Technology Highlights:
client, that gives customers increased access to information and          Epicor for Distribution features Microsoft SharePoint and .Net
the ability to use that information in many different ways. The           applications that are cost effective tools for product development.
customer is able to export all of their information in an excel           The software will be compatible with Microsoft’s Vista. The
spreadsheet with the click of a button. The new user interface            database is Microsoft’s SQL Server with a graphical interface.
being released by the end of this quarter is a full graphical user
interface.                                                                New Developments:
                                                                          Epicor is continuing to expand their Service Connect, web
New Developments:                                                         service integration platform, which provides expanded automated
The BUSINESS EDGE version 07.02.13 new enhancements
                                                                          workflow and graphical mapping. Service Connect harnesses the
include multiple currencies that assist customers in buying,
                                                                          openness of XML web services to improve order-to-delivery
selling and in keeping track of costs. Computer Insights is also
further streamlining their client’s operations by improving their
warehouse management.
                                                                          User Base:
User Base:                                                                     1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000
      1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                       Number of Branches:
                                                                               1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+
      1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                    Sales:
Entry Price Point: $12,500 for 2 users                                    Entry Price Point: $40,000 for 10 users
Sales Channel: Direct in North America                                    Sales Channel: Direct and resellers worldwide

Contact:                                                                  Contact:
Dennis R. Cowhey, Computer Insights, Inc.                                 Epicor Software
108 Third Street; Bloomingdale, IL 60108-2912                             18200 Von Karman Avenue, Ste. 1000; Irvine, CA 92617
Phone: (800) 539-1233 email:                             Phone: (800) 999-6995 email:
  Exact Software™                                                            Exact Software™
  Macola ES® (Enterprise Suite)                                              e-Synergy®
                                      Exact Macola ES offers                                                      Exact e-Synergy improves
                                      distributors and                                                            business processes and has
                                      manufacturers a single                                                      strong project management
                                      source solution that goes                                                   components. What is most
                                      beyond the needs of a                                                       appealing is its non-
traditional mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning system.                traditional architecture and ability to adapt to complexities not
With a growing list of more than 6,000 installed customers in              limited to distribution, manufacturing and retail operation. Exact
more than 40 countries worldwide, Exact Macola ES is a                     e-Synergy offers practical applications that professional service
solution that has strong core functionality and grows as the               organizations, consulting firms and trade associations can benefit
company needs grow.                                                        from. It is an affordable solution for companies with a need to
                                                                           work more efficiently, providing a higher level relationship
Vertical Markets: Industrial; Consumer Package Goods;                      management with customers.
Retail and Plastics.
                                                                           Vertical Markets: Distribution; Manufacturing; Professional
                                                                           Service; Retail; Consulting and Special Project Agencies.
Functional Highlights:
With the Macola ES interface, users have a choice of menus that            Functional Highlights:
are customizable, scalable, configurable and deliver positive              Exact e-Synergy functions so that users have an accurate view of
changes to the organization at the user level through the use of           an organization's personnel, finances, workflow, documents and
its built-in Microsoft Visual Basic tools.                                 asset information. Exact e-Synergy also has functionality that
                                                                           enhances decision-making, analysis, scenario planning and
Technology:                                                                ongoing management across the entire business.
Operating System: Windows
Database: MS SQL Server                                                    Technology:
Presentation: GUI                                                          Operating System: Windows
Delivery: Client/Server                                                    Database: MS SQL Server
                                                                           Presentation: GUI, Browser
Technology Highlights:                                                     Delivery: Client/Server
Macola ES is designed with Microsoft technology and it has
fully integrated modular solutions that share the same                     Technology Highlights:
architecture and database. This level of system integration                The benefit of e-Synergy is its emphasis on the whole business
between the financial, distribution and manufacturing data allows          as well as the interdependence of its parts. The e-Synergy web-
users to follow business transactions using common terminology             based platform integrates and consolidates corporate data into a
and applications.                                                          single database, allowing all members of the value chain to view
                                                                           and modify information based on their access and roles within
New Developments:                                                          the system. e-Synergy’s technology offers the best of CRM,
Exact Business Analytics (EBA) is a solution with clear benefits           Document Management, Role-based Computing, Project
to the Exact customers using Macola ES. Information that had               Management, Reporting, Workflow and Portals.
been locked away within the enterprise resource planning or
customer relationship management systems becomes available to              New Developments:
provide the basis for improved corporate and personal                      Exact e-Synergy has developed an easy to use Opportunity
performance.                                                               Management capability feature that supports customer life-cycle
                                                                           management. Exact Business Analytics (EBA) is a business
User Base:                                                                 intelligence application that will add even more value and
      1    5   10      20   50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000
                                                                           empower businesses to make better decisions.
                                                                           User Base:
                                                                                1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 4000

Number of Branches:
      1             2-10              11-50      51-100        100+        Number of Branches:
                                                                                1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                     Sales:
Entry Price Point: $15,000 - $25,000                                       Entry Price Point: $8,000 Varies based on user type and function
Sales Channel: 15 Direct and 70 resellers worldwide                        Sales Channel: Direct and resellers in North America
Contact:                                                                   Contact:
Exact Software North America                                               Exact Software North America
300 Brickstone Square; Andover, MA 01810                                   300 Brickstone Square; Andover, MA 01810
Phone: (800) 468-0834 ext. 2650                                            Phone: (800) 468-0834 ext. 2650
email:                                          email:
 General Data Systems                                                      Gillani Inc.
 ProfitTool                                                                iDistribute®
                                      General Data Systems (GDS)                                                    Gillani has a worldwide
                                      provides a complete                                                           reach of over 3,000
                                      enterprise management                                                         customers. While used
                                      solution including needs                                                      in very large
                                      assessment, consultation,                                                     companies, the latest
                                      hardware recommendations,                                                     version of the product
installation and on-site training. ProfitTool offers a wide range        has been optimized for the small to medium sized distributor.
of functionality and is a customizable and scalable solution. For        iDistribute offers a low Total Cost of Ownership with a single
more than twenty years, GDS has worked exclusively with                  solution that can integrate multiple business units and profit
privately held small-to-medium size businesses.                          centers.

Vertical Markets: Industrial Supplies and Equipment;                     Vertical Markets: Industrial; Electrical; Electronics; Food
Durable Goods; HVAC; Plumbing and Electrical.                            and Foodservice; Retail; Healthcare and Government.

Functional Highlights:                                                   Functional Highlights:
General Data Systems deals with many specialty wholesaler                Gillani provides users with a scalable solution that is able to
distributors with unique requirements, and therefore, one of             handle rapid company growth. Gillani offers rapid installation,
GDS’ core strength is software customization. Nearly 1/3 of              ease of deployment and full integration with existing systems.
ProfitTool users have customized their software and rely on the          The software’s real-time access to information enables faster
expertise of GDS. ProfitTool is a modular system and all                 response to customer demands. iDistribute centralized view of
distribution components are part of the “base” system.                   the business helps the companies with multiple locations.

Technology:                                                              Technology:
Operating System: Windows                                                Operating System: Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris
Database: Microsoft Visual FoxPro                                        Database: Informix, DB2, Oracle
Presentation: GUI                                                        Presentation: GUI and Web/Browser
Delivery: Client/Server                                                  Delivery: ASP, Client/Server

Technology Highlights:                                                   Technology Highlights:
ProfitTool is a Windows-based system with a GUI interface that           iDistribute is available in a Client/Server environment, eBusiness
is powered by Microsoft Visual FoxPro database. Major                    environment and Application Service Provider (ASP) model
upgrades are released annually.                                          environment. The software is customizable by design.
                                                                         Companies can modify the software for their unique business
New Developments:                                                        needs.
A new Warehouse Transfer package will be added and the Work
Order/Sales Order Bill of Materials will be expanded for multi-          New Developments:
level functionality. In addition, General Data Systems plans to          The development roadmap in 2007 includes new features that
add these enhancements to ProfitTool Version 10: expand                  enhance user interface, navigation, and ease of use via
auditing on Gross Profit violations during Sales Order Entry,            customizable icons, fast operations, zooms and drill-downs. The
improve auditing procedures for Drop Shipment Transactions,              eCommerce application will provide customers with the ability
add search/browse functionality for all master files including           to query up to date FedEx delivery information. Gillani has
multiple words with “and/or” criteria, expand Serial Number              aggressive plans to introduce RFID ship/receipt technology,
Inquiry and add new Product Ranking/Comparison Report with               voice-directed warehouse operations, rental, and repair
optional run time filters.                                               functionality. Gillani Financials was selected as a finalist for
                                                                         IBM Beacon Awards at the 2007 IBM Partner World conference.
User Base:
      1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000   User Base:
                                                                              1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                      Number of Branches:
      1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+
                                                                              1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                   Sales:
Entry Price Point: $16,900                                               Entry Price Point: $30,000
Sales Channel: Direct in the U.S.                                        Sales Channel: Direct worldwide

Contact:                                                                 Contact:
Michael Orso                                                             Atif Ahmed
10801 Indian Head Ind. Blvd.; St. Louis, MO 63132-1103                   833 East Arapaho Road, Ste. 102; Richardson, TX 75081
Phone: (800)736-5551 ext.129                    Phone: (972) 918-0400 email:
  Infor™                                                                    Integrated Systems Technology, Inc. (IST)
  Infor Distribution Essentials ERP                                         NewVision
                              More than 5,700 distributors, from                                            In response to distributors in the
                              small and medium-sized firms to                                               marketplace moving away from
                              some of the largest distribution                                              transactional sales to contract
                              companies in the world rely on                                                sales, Integrated Systems
                              Infor. Infor Distribution Essentials                                          Technology has put additional
                              is backed by domain experts who                                               emphasis and support into
help companies manage increasingly complex products and                   vendor managed inventory and contract sales of their product.
product offerings, increase the productivity of inventory, reduce         NewVision is powered by the latest Windows technology and is
operating costs, improve agility and supply chain performance.            a good fit for distributors with 20 plus users. The software has
Infor will continue to lead with distribution-specific functionality      evolved since 1982 to meet feature and functional demands in
across a wide range of vertical markets.                                  niche vertical markets within the wholesale distribution industry.

Vertical Markets: Building Materials (BMAT); Electrical                   Vertical Markets: Fasteners; Hose Products; Seals and
Equipment; Industrial Equipment; Janitorial; Paper; and                   Gaskets; Tools; Valves and Fittings; Medical Supplies; and
Plumbing/Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (PHVAC).                    Dental Supplies.

Functional Highlights:                                                    Functional Highlights:
Distribution Essentials provides business-specific functionality          The NewVision solution uses the latest technology to insure a
across order management, demand forecasting and visibility, core          seamless integration with many office automation tools and other
materials management, financial and transactions, job                     off-the-shelf software products. Technology has been used to its
management, multi-site distribution and sales operations to help          fullest to streamline all processes, eliminate manual intervention
optimize customer service, inventory levels, productivity and             and thereby reduce costs in almost all phases of the distribution
profitability. In addition, Infor offers a full complement of             process. The result is a solution that maximizes customer
extended applications to assist distributors with supply chain            service, increases profit margins, while at the same time reducing
management, enterprise asset management, customer relationship            errors and other cost elements.
management, supplier relationship management and corporate
performance management.                                                   Technology:
                                                                          Operating System: Windows Server 2003
Technology:                                                               Database: MS SQL Server
Operating System: Windows, OS/400, Unix, Linux                            Presentation: GUI
Database: Progress, MS SQL Server, DB 400                                 Delivery: Client/Server
Presentation: CHUI, GUI
Delivery: Client/Server                                                   Technology Highlights:
                                                                          NewVision version 5 features an Outlook style interface. The
Technology Highlights:                                                    system will also feature role-based computing where users can
Infor provides users with choices on operating systems and                be assigned to roles, salesperson, etc. and when that user is
databases to help meet their needs. Distribution Essentials               accessed all of their information related to their role will be
includes both a character-based and graphical-based presentation.         displayed in a dashboard style format.

New Developments:                                                         New Developments:
Infor Distribution Essentials extends customers’ investments with         IST has expanded their VMI product capabilities and more of
strategic solutions and gives customers’ broader control of their         IST’s products are available on the internet, making it easier for
business through such tools as Demand Planning. Infor has also            distributors and manufacturers to manage communications. IST
evolved their customers’ technology and increased their business          is doing a series of road shows across the United States
efficiency through the newly released Infor Open Service                  highlighting NewVision. Locations include Dallas, Houston,
Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy.                                     Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Garden Grove in California.
User Base:                                                                User Base:
      1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000         1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                       Number of Branches:
      1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+              1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                    Sales:
Entry Price Point: $35,000 for 10 users                                   Entry Price Point: $27,000 for 10 users, software only
Sales Channel: Direct and 60 resellers worldwide                          Sales Channel: Direct in North America and no resellers

Contact:                                                                  Contact:
Erika Tiner                                                               Don Kolker
13560 Morris Road, Ste. 4100; Alpharetta, GA 30004                        1925 W. John Carpenter Freeway, Ste. 300; Irving, TX 75063
Phone: (800) 264-2412                   Phone: (800) 633-5583 email:
 International Business Systems (IBS)                                      Intuit® Eclipse™
 IBS Enterprise (ASW)                                                      Eclipse Distribution Management Solutions
                                IBS Enterprise software is                                                Intuit Eclipse’s software package
                                designed to meet the Supply                                               has been built from the ideas of
                                Chain requirements of wholesale                                           wholesale distributors for years.
                                distributors and manufacturers.          The product includes a Windows-based interface called Solar
                                In 2005, IBS acquired two                Eclipse. Intuit Eclipse brings experts and customers together to
application developers: TMS, whose Bookmaster product                    build from their experiences, giving Intuit Eclipse and their more
addresses the publishing and book distribution industries; and           than 40,000 active users, the opportunity to be on the forefront of
IDS Enterprise Systems, whose solutions are geared toward the            wholesale distribution trends.
automotive industry.
                                                                         Vertical Markets: Industrial; Plumbing and Heating; HVAC;
Vertical Markets: Pharmaceuticals; Automotive; Food and                  Pipe Valves and Fittings; and Electrical.
Grocery; Wine and Spirits (Beverage); Paper, Packaging,
Janitorial and Sanitation; Publishing; Consumer Goods; Medical
                                                                         Functional Highlights:
Supplies; Electrical; Electronics; Machinery and Equipment; and
                                                                         Functions include a radio frequency (RF) warehouse picking
Industrial Supplies.
                                                                         solution, EDI, and most recently-added through a partnership
                                                                         with the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED)
Functional Highlights:                                                   - an automation of special pricing authorizations called SPAs.
IBS includes Rebates/Royalties/Chargebacks (RRC); automated              Also included is a disaster recovery system with on-site and off-
Returns Handling; support for Multi-currency, Multi-language             site backup storage facilities and a forms generator solution that
and Multi-site operations; as well as paperless, automated               allows customers to design, build and deploy customized forms.
Warehouse Processing. IBS Integrator enables the integration of
multiple platforms and databases across departmental and
corporate boundaries. IBS’ Business Process Tracker, through a
                                                                         Operating System: Unix, Windows Client
single view, flags errors as they occur in the order process.
                                                                         Database: IBM UniVerse
Demand planning modules that address sales, operations and the
                                                                         Presentation: GUI, character-based
supply chain are also available.
                                                                         Delivery: Client/Server
Operating System: IBM i5/OS                                              Technology Highlights:
Database: IBM DB2/UDB                                                    The software features Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with
Presentation: GUI                                                        extensibility through a host of APIs that will allow plug and play
Delivery: Client PC/System i Server                                      functionality.

Technology Highlights:                                                   New Developments:
IBS introduced a new user interface and a java-based graphical           Intuit Eclipse’s enhancements include a Business Intelligence
client that allows users to customize screens. IBS also built a          Center that incorporates what-if analysis and forecasting with
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that allows for the easy             report capabilities. A more comprehensive version was
configuration of direct communications with partner applications         introduced to the electrical distribution industry, including show
- both internal and external.                                            room functionality, lot billing and project management for
New Developments:                                                        commercial jobs. Also added was a more comprehensive mobile
The enhancements to Version 6 include Inventory Management,              platform for sales force automation, so any mobile device is able
Planning and Forecasting methods, and an upgraded Requests               to check info associated with an open purchase order and enter
and Returns module. On the Distribution side, IBS has added              orders remotely.
some new automatic sourcing policies and new pricing methods
that include “short term,” “basket” and “buying group” pricing.
                                                                         User Base:
User Base:                                                                    1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 4740
      1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                      Number of Branches:
      1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+             1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                   Sales:
Entry Price Point: $35,000                                               Entry Price Point: $50,000 - $100,000, heavily size dependent
Sales Channel: Direct worldwide in over 40 countries                     Sales Channel: Direct in the U.S. and Canada
Contact:                                                                 Contact:
Dan Wells or Lisa Jarvis                                                 Intuit Eclipse
90 Blue Ravine Road; Folsom, CA 95630                                    5340 Airport Blvd.; Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (800) 886-3900                               Phone: (800) 932-5477 email:
  Integrated Inventory Solutions                                           Lawson Software
  inxsql®                                                                  Lawson M3 Solution
                                Integrated Inventory Solutions’                                                     Lawson delivers
                                inxsql software delivers an easy-                                                   software and services
                                to-use, affordable and                                                              to over 4,000
                                comprehensive distribution               customers globally. The Lawson M3 Distribution solution is a
                                solution for small to medium sized       business software application designed and configured to support
                                companies. inxsql allows these           the needs of companies in the distribution and logistics sector.
companies to consolidate accounting, order entry, purchasing and         The system routinely helps companies maintain high customer
inventory management functions with industry specific features           service levels in demanding multi-channel, multi-inventory
that will make their staff more productive and improve customer          environments. It provides the ability to manage high data
service. In addition, inxsql can fully automate warehouse                volumes and supports value added services while dealing with
activities with wireless handheld technology, eCommerce efforts          the constant pressures on operating margins.
with sophisticated B2B and B2C capabilities, customer locations
with Vendor Managed Inventory and improve sales activities               Vertical Markets: Building Materials; Electrical; Plumbing;
with a complete contact management solution.                             Food Service Distribution; Industrial/Spare Parts and Equipment;
                                                                         Consumer Goods; Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences; Furniture;
Vertical Markets: Fasteners; General Distribution; and                   Fashion; and General Distribution.
Industrial Hard Goods.
                                                                         Functional Highlights:
Functional Highlights:                                                   Lawson M3 is an extended ERP application that supports all core
Exclusive to inxsql is the PFC Direct Connect. This Porteous             distribution processes including automated inter-company
Fastener interface can be used for immediate stock checking,             trading, sales order processing, extended catalog management,
pricing and ordering. inxsql easily accommodates multiple                WMS and Logistics, complex pricing and discount conditions,
warehouses with detailed parts inquiry, multi-ship capabilities,         trade retail solutions, e-Sales, support for a wide range of value
warehouse transfers and ordering. The software features rental           added services, US and international ready financials as standard.
processing, consigned inventory solutions, light manufacturing
and work order scheduling for maintenance and repair activities.         Technology:
                                                                         Operating System: IBM i5/OS, Windows, Solaris (Unix)
Technology:                                                              Database: MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle
Operating System: Windows                                                Presentation: Web-based smart client
Database: MS SQL Server                                                  Delivery: Thin client
Presentation: GUI
Delivery: Client/Server                                                  Technology Highlights:
                                                                         Lawson M3 is written in Java code and incorporates a decoupled
Technology Highlights:                                                   technology layer, IBM Websphere thereby lowering the Total
inxsql version 2.704.3 introduces the new 2.0 .Net platform
                                                                         Cost of Ownership for customers and removing the need for
making the software compatible with Microsoft’s Vista operating
                                                                         heavy scale upgrades. The M3 Smart Client user interface, uses
system and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
                                                                         Microsoft Net 3.0. This highly intuitive tool allows users to
New Developments:                                                        customize and put the right tools and resources on their screen.
There is a new fully integrated eCommerce application that
                                                                         New Developments:
includes a full range of B2B and B2C capabilities. A new
                                                                         Lawson M3 7.1 released in May 2007 includes additional
Remote Sales add-on to the CRM application allows salespeople
                                                                         capabilities such as improved high volume order management,
to access customer information and history, check inventory
                                                                         advanced warehouse management and the ability to manage
status and write orders without requiring a cell phone or internet
                                                                         global supply chains. Together, with the acquisition of the long
connection to the server. inxsql’s wireless Warehouse
                                                                         standing partner mobile solution, Lawson M3 provides greater
Management module has been improved to automatically
                                                                         software support for enterprise mobility and service engineers.
generate a pick-path for picking orders in the warehouse.
User Base:                                                               User Base:
      1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 4000        1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                      Number of Branches:
      1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+             1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                   Sales:
Entry Price Point: $22,000 for 10 users                                  Entry Price Point: Contact Vendor
Sales Channel: Direct in North America and 6 resellers                   Sales Channel: Direct in North America
Contact:                                                                 Contact:
Bob Reynolds                                                             Peter Quinn, Regional Marketing Director
3509 Elizabeth Lake Road, Suite 103; Waterford, MI 48328                 700 East Golf Road; Ste. 900; Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone: (877) 446-9775 ext. 201 email:                    Phone: (847) 413-1494 email:
  Microsoft Business Solutions                                             Microsoft Business Solutions
  Microsoft Dynamics™ AX (Axapta)                                          Microsoft Dynamics™ GP (Great Plains)
                                Microsoft Dynamics AX has more                                          Microsoft Dynamics GP has over
                                than 1,500 partners and 7,000                                           39,000 customers worldwide,
                                customers worldwide. Microsoft                                          delivering an enhanced user
                                AX looks like and works similar                                         experience that puts the familiar
to Microsoft Outlook. It is an all-in-one solution that is able to       Microsoft Office System experience to work in a business
unlock additional capabilities as companies change and grow.             process environment tailored to individual roles. Microsoft
Microsoft Dynamics AX is customizable and provides one of the            Dynamics GP Version 10.0 provides straightforward, flexible
lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models in the industry.             approval process workflow automation for the processes that
With the Microsoft Industry Builder program, Microsoft is                matter most to businesses. New business intelligence
working with the partner community to deliver best-of-class              capabilities free people to take full advantage of business
vertical solutions to support many industries.                           information and Microsoft-based reporting capabilities, whether
                                                                         working in Microsoft Dynamics GP or another application.
Vertical Markets: Manufacturing; Distribution; Retail;
Services; and Public Sector.                                             Vertical Markets: Distribution; Manufacturing;
                                                                         Construction; Industrial; Retail; Services; Beverages; and
Functional Highlights:                                                   Consumer Packaged Goods.
Microsoft AX has robust Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting
capabilities. Business users can perform queries, create reports,        Functional Highlights:
track business performance, analyze data and share conclusions.          Microsoft Dynamics GP Version 10.0 utilizes purchase order
The software features an alert system, RFID support, financial,          approval workflow, sales quote approval workflow, sales order
inventory management, purchasing, real-time connectivity, sales          credit limit override workflow, in-transit inventory transfers,
force and warehouse automation. Microsoft AX provides built-             sales fulfillment process workflow and enhanced lot tracking
in multi-site, multi-language and multi-currency capabilities.           flexibility to maintain tight, efficient control over distribution
                                                                         channels. Customers can streamline their distribution cycle,
Technology:                                                              giving them a high degree of control while ensuring speed and
Operating System: Windows                                                accuracy without extraordinary costs.
Database: MS SQL Server, Oracle                                          Technology:
Presentation: GUI, browser                                               Operating System: Windows
Delivery: Client/Server                                                  Database: MS SQL Server
Technology Highlights:                                                   Presentation: GUI
Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 provides a role-based user                     Delivery: Client/Server
experience, Service Oriented Architecture, and common client             Technology Highlights:
technology. The 3-tier, object-oriented architecture integrates          Microsoft Dynamics GP brings together personal productivity
with the MS SQL Server. Microsoft designed AX to be easily               and business processes through new and improved integration
rolled out to new divisions before being deployed to the rest of         with Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007, Microsoft SQL
the company. Microsoft AX can be implemented in subsidiary               Server™ 2005, and Microsoft .Net technologies. Microsoft
or satellite sites and linked to a centralized headquarters.             Dynamics GP provides the ability to access and analyze accurate
New Developments:
Microsoft introduced a new Sure Step Migration Tool to help              New Developments:
speed up and lessen the risks inherent in any implementation             With more power from Microsoft Office Excel, new options for
process. Future releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX are                    report management, and new flexibility for report writing
expected to provide a model-driven approach to business                  through Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft
processes that draws on the power of Microsoft Visual Studio             Dynamics GP delivers new flexibility for queries and report
.Net.                                                                    writing, enabling businesses to transition to industry standard
User Base:                                                               Microsoft reporting tools at their pace.
      1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000   User Base:
                                                                              1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:
      1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+        Number of Branches:
                                                                              1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                   Sales:
Entry Price Point: Contact Vendor                                        Entry Price Point: $2,250 per user, software only
Sales Channel: Direct worldwide and international resellers              Sales Channel: Direct worldwide and international resellers
Contact:                                                                 Contact:
Microsoft Business Solutions                                             Microsoft Business Solutions
1 Microsoft Way; Redmond, WA 98052                                       1 Microsoft Way; Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: (888) 477-7989 Web:                    Phone: (888) 477-7989 Web:
  Microsoft Business Solutions                                             Mincron Software Systems®
  Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV (Navision)                                       Enterprise Distribution & Warehouse Suite
                                Microsoft Dynamics NAV has                                             Mincron Software Systems offers an
                                over one million users worldwide                                       Enterprise Distribution and
                                in Distribution, Manufacturing                                         Warehouse Management Solution
                                and other industries. There are                                        which is web-enabled and can be
over 57,000 installed customers. The product has a wide range                                          accessed anywhere at anytime.
of feature sets focused on growing companies from small,                                               Mincron’s product suite allows
medium and larger division companies. Recently added to                                                users to custom build a solution that
Microsoft Dynamics NAV are new integration capabilities with             fits business requirements and budgets. In every case, Mincron
Microsoft Office and other Microsoft software. Microsoft                 stands behind their solutions with outstanding service,
Dynamics NAV has the customization capability enabling                   implementation and support. One of Mincron’s biggest strengths
partners to embed their vertical solution.                               is its people, who have an average of 12 years tenure and 14
                                                                         years of distribution-related expertise.
Vertical Markets: Distribution; Industrial; Consumer Goods;
Manufacturing; High Tech; Retail; Construction; and Agriculture.         Vertical Markets: Plumbing; HVAC; Waterworks; Building
                                                                         Materials; PVF; and Industrial Supplies/Fasteners/Bearings.
Functional Highlights:
Embedded with CRM, Microsoft NAV has deep integration with               Functional Highlights:
Outlook that enables users to complete daily tasks within one            Robust bids and contracts offer the ability to respond quickly and
program and have the data synchronized to both Microsoft                 professionally to commercial demands. Non-stock items are
Dynamics NAV 5.0 and Microsoft Outlook. Specially designed               fully tracked and supported throughout the system and can be
Office XML allows forms in Microsoft NAV to be exported to               created “on the fly.” Contribution Margin Analysis ensures users
Word and Excel. Other features of the software include business          know what each customer and salesperson is bringing to the
intelligence, inventory management, job costing, bar coding,             bottom line. Digital Assets can be viewed wherever there is an
accounting, project management, field service and repair.                item number, true job management and lien tracking, lot control
                                                                         and serial number tracking, branch buyer line performance, and
Technology:                                                              full vendor rebate tracking. Light Manufacturing controls all
Operating System: Windows                                                aspects of make-to-order, assemble-to-order and engineer-to-
Database: MS SQL Server                                                  order functions. The software features strong Business
Presentation: GUI                                                        Intelligence and data mining tools.
Delivery: Client/Server
Technology Highlights:
                                                                         Operating System: Windows, OS/400
The upcoming release of version 5.1 in the first half of 2008,
                                                                         Database: DB2, MS SQL Server, IBM i5 (AS/400)
Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes a new client that will provide
                                                                         Presentation: CHUI, GUI, Browser
a breakthrough roles-based user interface, a new state-of-the art
                                                                         Delivery: Client/Server
technology platform, and Web services enablement. Key to these
innovations is a revolutionary roles and task-based graphical user       Technology Highlights:
interface that will change the paradigm for the ERP user                 System i technology is an excellent choice for businesses looking
experience by empowering people with a truly intuitive, faster           to add new applications and for businesses who want to
and more efficient way of working.                                       consolidate servers with different operating systems to a single
                                                                         system environment.
New Developments:
Version 5.0 functionality enhancements include document                  New Developments:
approval, prepayments, intercompany purchase cost distribution,          Mincron’s next release is scheduled for Q1 2008 and includes
inventory costing, item tracking, jobs and service order handling,       event management, vendor consigned inventory, warranty claims
record links with Microsoft SharePoint, Kitting, and Windows             processing, enhanced CRM and retail eBusiness.
Live Local Search powered by Microsoft Virtual Earth.
                                                                         User Base:
User Base:                                                                    1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000
      1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                      Number of Branches:
      1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+             1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                   Sales:
Entry Price Point: $2,250 per user, software only                        Entry Price Point: $60,000 - $75,000
Sales Channel: Direct worldwide and international resellers              Sales Channel: Direct in the U.S. and Canada
Contact:                                                                 Contact:
Microsoft Business Solutions                                             Pam Cuellar
1 Microsoft Way; Redmond, WA 98052                                       333 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. East, Ste. 1100; Houston, TX 77060
Phone: (888) 477-7989 Web:                    Phone: (800) 299-7010 email:
  NetSuite, Inc.                                                           Sage Software
  NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution Edition                                  Sage Accpac ERP
                                  NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution                                         Sage Accpac ERP focuses on
                                  Edition gives companies                                                 the SMB market and delivers a
                                  customer facing sales force                                             complete and comprehensive
                                  automation (quotes and orders),                                         end to end solution that is easy
marketing, customer service processes linked seamlessly with                                              to use and install. With Sage’s
back-office inventory management, fulfillment and accounting
                                                                           Your business in mind. software, clients receive the
processes all within a single, flexible business application.            freedom of choice in choosing the functionality, platform,
NetSuite has leveraged best practices from its more than 800             database and deployment that fits their business needs. Sage
distributor customers, complemented with a best practice                 Accpac ERP serves tens of thousands of installed customers
implementation methodology and customization services.                   worldwide. A new Sage 360 degree ad campaign is being used
NetSuite is an on-demand Software-as-a-Service business                  to create awareness about their end to end solution.
management suite that provides browser-based access.
                                                                         Vertical Markets: Distribution; Manufacturing; Services;
Vertical Markets: Wholesale/Distribution; retail;                        Retail; Industrial; and Non Profit Education.
eCommerce (B2B and B2C); software as service providers; high
technology; professional and industrial services.                        Functional Highlights:
                                                                         Functions include multi-currency that meets global business
Functional Highlights:
                                                                         requirements, CRM with multi-company consolidation, business
NetSuite features eCommerce integrated shopping carts with site
                                                                         intelligence, warehouse management, available to promise, EDI,
tracking tools to view sales and customer activity. Inventory lot
                                                                         sales analysis, eCommerce and much more.
and bin management, pick/pack/ship and integrated UPS and
FedEx management tracking capabilities included. Also featured           Technology:
are service orders that track and record specific projects to the        Operating System: Windows, Nitix, OS/400, Linux, NetWare
employee time level, CRM, business intelligence, partner                 Database: MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, P. SQL
relational management (PRM) and returns management (RMA).                Presentation: GUI
Technology:                                                              Delivery: Client/Server and Web deployed
Operating System: Linux
                                                                         Technology Highlights:
Database: Oracle
                                                                         Sage Accpac is taking advantage of the new operating system
Presentation: Browser-based over the internet
                                                                         Vista, from Microsoft. Accpac ERP offers a preconfigured
Delivery: Subscription-based Software-as-a-Service
                                                                         hardware/software bundle that includes a streamlined automatic
Technology Highlights:                                                   operating system Nitix and preinstalled IBM DB2 for Linux
Fifteen role-based dashboards increase employee time to                  running on the state of the art IBM XSeries platform.
productivity. SuiteFlex tools allow business-user customization
of the actual business processes, and allows the creation of new         New Developments:
functions and applications that run within NetSuite. Because             Version 5.4A enhancements include a standards based business
there is one common data repository, all authorized users have           process automation tool that uses BPEL to provide clients with
visibility to all aspects of the business and a 360 degree of the        workflow toolsets. Additional improvements include executive
customer at all times.                                                   dashboards, report design wizards and real-time business
                                                                         intelligence reporting that compliments Sage Accpac Insight (BI
New Developments:                                                        tool). Sage Accpac is also giving clients the ability to create
NetSuite enhancements include wireless integration, tools for            quotes against the job or project within the order entry system.
cross-selling and upselling; eBay integration; support for search        In the future there are plans to make Sage Accpac ERP more
engine marketing; sophisticated yet easy to understand business          portable and functional over the web.
intelligence; Bill of Materials, Kitting and Assembly.
                                                                         User Base:
User Base:                                                                    1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000
      1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                      Number of Branches:
                                                                              1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+
      1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                   Sales:
Entry Price Point: $499 for “Basic Suite” per month and $99 per          Entry Price Point:Sage Accpac 100 ERP is $3,000, Sage Accpac
user/per month (Includes hosting and software)                           200 ERP is $6,000 and Sage Accpac 500 ERP is $9,000.
Sales Channel: 50 resellers: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific         Sales Channel: 100% reseller channel company

Contact:                                                                 Contact:
Curt Leo                                                                 Hemant Makhija
2955 Campus Drive; San Mateo, CA 94403                                   6700 Koll Center Parkway, Ste. 300; Pleasanton, CA 94566
Phone: (877) 638-7848 email:                           Phone: (800) 945-8007 email:
  Sage Software                                                             Sage Software
  MAS 90/MAS 200 ERP                                                        MAS 500 ERP
                                  Sage MAS 90/200 should be                                                   Sage MAS 500 should be
                                  considered by the distributor                                               considered by the distributor
                                  that is looking for support                                                 with multiple sites and multiple
                                  through a local reseller and a                                              warehouses. The software
  Your business in mind. moderate entry price point.                       Your business in mind. includes remote access for
                                  With a large installed base of                                              customers, salespeople and
over 70,000 customers in North America that range in size from            executives who want critical information available to them
1 to 250 users, 900 resellers in North America and two                    anytime and anywhere. With an installed base of over 3,500
technology choices, this product is a good fit for the small to           customers in North America and a network of 200 resellers this
medium enterprise.                                                        product is a good fit for the distributor with up to 600 users.
Vertical Markets: Industrial Equipment and Supplies;                      Vertical Markets: Industrial Equipment and Supplies;
Building Equipment and Supplies; Consumer Electronics;                    Building Equipment and Supplies; Consumer Electronics;
Furniture and Home Furnishings; Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC.               Furniture and Home Furnishings; Electrical, Plumbing, and
Functional Highlights:                                                    HVAC; Food and Beverage.
The latest release, v4.2, continues Sage’s effort to implement
                                                                          Functional Highlights:
their Business Framework, which streamlines workflow and
                                                                          Advanced warehouse management and warehouse automation
increases productivity through improved personalization,
                                                                          modules meet the stringent requirements of complex distribution
customization, reporting and integration features. Users can
                                                                          environments. Sage MAS 500 ERP offers a full set of
access the software through a data centric interface that changes
                                                                          manufacturing modules for distributors performing advanced
the way users interact with the software. By focusing on data
                                                                          kitting or light manufacturing, to satisfy mixed mode operations
(such as customer or product) simultaneously with processes
                                                                          like make-to-order and configure-to-order. The fully integrated
(order entry or purchasing) all of the information for the data can
                                                                          project accounting module assists project oriented distributors
be accessed simply and quickly. Business Intelligence
                                                                          who may need to track value-added services. A flexible business
capabilities using the Insight Explorer are available throughout
                                                                          intelligence system allows management to select from pre-
the system.
                                                                          defined dashboards or create their own custom views of the data.
Operating System: Windows                                                 Technology:
Database: Providex, MS SQL Server                                         Operating System: Windows
Presentation: GUI                                                         Database: MS SQL Server
Delivery: Client/Server                                                   Presentation: GUI
                                                                          Delivery: Client/Server
Technology Highlights:
Sage MAS 90/200 provides identical functionality with different           Technology Highlights:
technologies. MAS 90 uses the ProvideX database, an                       New versions will be compatible with MS SQL Server 2005 and
affordable solution for smaller distributors. MAS 200 comes in            Visual Studio 2005.
two varieties: a thin-client version of the ProvideX database, and
one that utilizes the Microsoft SQL Server database, both                 New Developments:
providing faster transaction processing for businesses with more          Seamless integration of CRM allows MAS 500 users to be more
demanding needs.                                                          productive. The executive dashboard capabilities have been
                                                                          enhanced by adding access to more data including 3rd party
New Developments:                                                         products. These dashboards can be accessed remotely or through
The Business Framework is applied to more modules in version              company intranets that use Microsoft Sharepoint. WMS has
4.2, which is released in Spring 2007, to improve usability and           received major enhancements for picking strategies and
productivity. Seamless integration of CRM allows users to                 utilization of handheld devices.
improve the personalization of these features.
                                                                          User Base:
User Base:                                                                      1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000
      1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                       Number of Branches:
      1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+              1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                    Sales:
Entry Price Point: $12,000 for the Small Business Edition                 Entry Price Point: $14,500 for the Small Business Edition
Sales Channel: 900 resellers                                              Sales Channel: 200 resellers
Contact:                                                                  Contact:
Scott Pugmire                                                             Scott Pugmire
1715 North Brown Road; Lawrenceville, GA 30043                            1715 North Brown Road; Lawrenceville, GA 30043
Phone: (800) 854-3415 email:                       Phone: (800) 854-3415 email:
  SAP                                                                      SAP
  SAP® All-in-One                                                          SAP® Business One

                                 SAP® All-in-One for wholesale                                            SAP® Business One has 13,000
                                 distribution has 150 customers                                           customers worldwide, with 40
                                 in North America, ranging in                                             different country versions. It is
                                 size from 8 to 10,000 users. The                                         used by customers that range in
                                 industry solution for durable                                            size from 1 to 150 users, and is
                                 goods wholesalers is sold                                                sold through a network of 200
directly by SAP, and through resellers and partners. SAP All-in-          partners in North America. SAP Business One is easily adapted
One allows the wholesale distributor to become part of an                 to each customer’s needs. Business intelligence tools make it
integrated supply chain with software that is capable of handling         easy to share data, so companies can be part of an integrated
unlimited future growth.                                                  supply chain of businesses using SAP products.

Vertical Markets: Industrial Machinery; Electronics; Food                 Vertical Markets: Industrial Machinery; Electronics; Food
and Beverage; Medical Devices; and Printed Goods.                         and Beverage; Medical Devices; and Printed Goods.

Functional Highlights:                                                    Functional Highlights:
The procure-to-pay business process is designed to easily handle          Contact management and CRM are integrated directly into the
special price authorizations. Lean order entry allows users to            software and do not require any add-ons or integration. CRM
rapidly process orders in high-volume sales environments,                 can now be accessed remotely through the Web. Service
creating a superior customer experience. Flexible pricing in the          management and field service functionality are also tightly
order-to-cash process supports an almost infinite combination of          integrated. Outlook integration provides for seamless and
pricing schemes. The supply-chain-planning process supports               synchronized communications. Screen layouts and reports are
many different methods for demand planning. Dashboards and                easily modified and user-defined fields and tables can be updated
analytics are built into all processes to improve operations across       by the user. This integrated approach to software design creates
the entire organization.                                                  cleaner, more efficient workflow, making it easier to realize the
                                                                          benefits of this business management tool.
Operating System: Unix, Windows, OS/400                                   Technology:
Database: MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle                                  Operating System: Windows
Presentation: GUI, Browser                                                Database: MS SQL Server
Delivery: Client/Server                                                   Presentation: GUI
                                                                          Delivery: Client/Server
Technology Highlights:
SAP All-in-One uses the SAP NetWeaver platform and works on               Technology Highlights:
any combination of operating system and database. This allows             Users can use any device (phones, blackberry, or browser)
companies to gain more value from IT investments, provides a              anywhere to access the data in SAP Business One. SAP has
framework for integrating systems, and creates a solid platform           created a roadmap to adopt enterprise service-oriented
for any amount of growth.                                                 architecture (enterprise SOA) by 2010. Enterprise SOA will
                                                                          make it easier to support products across multiple languages and
New Developments:                                                         countries.
SAP All-in-One has business processes and best practices that
are focused on improving productivity in the wholesale                    New Developments:
                                                                          Tools for enabling business-to-business and business-to-
distribution marketplace. This allows for lower costs and rapid
                                                                          consumer eCommerce have been enhanced to provide greater
implementation. New functionality includes robust returns
                                                                          functionality. An easy-to-use spreadsheet-based reporting tool
processing and rebate management.
                                                                          has been added to the package.
User Base:                                                                User Base:
      1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000        1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                       Number of Branches:
      1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+
                                                                               1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                    Sales:
Entry Price Point: $150,000                                               Entry Price Point: $20,000
Sales Channel: Direct, Resellers and Solution Partners                    Sales Channel: 200 resellers in North America
Contact:                                                                  Contact:
SAP America, Inc.                                                         SAP America, Inc.
3999 West Chester Pike; Newtown Square, PA 19073                          3999 West Chester Pike; Newtown Square, PA 19073
Phone: (866) 609-1125 email:                         Phone: (866) 609-1125 email:
  Sentai Software®                                                         Technology Group International (TGI)
  TRAX Distribution                                                        Enterprise 21
                           Sentai has expanded the business                                   Enterprise 21 is designed around industry
                           intelligence and ad hoc reporting                                  best practices for distributors and
                           functionality in their TRAX                                        manufacturers. It is a scalable system for
                           Distribution software through a                                    10 to over 700 users. The software includes
                           partnership with Cognos. The                                       a full-featured Warehouse Management
                           software, TRAX, is designed for use                                System and Customer Relationship
                           in geographically distributed                                      Management System that are fully
environments and features light bandwidth requirements for the                                integrated, core part of the product.
secure transmission of data for distributors with multiple                                    Technology Group International focuses on
branches. Sentai has 100 installed customers and twenty-three            customers that range in size from 30 to 250 users.
years of experience in the Distribution industry.
                                                                         Vertical Markets: Wholesale Distribution; Building
Vertical Markets: Medical Products Distribution; Beverage                Products; Food and Beverage; Chemical and Industrial
Production Distribution; Hardwood and Flooring Distribution;             Manufacturing.
and Hydraulics Parts Distribution.
                                                                         Functional Highlights:
Functional Highlights:                                                   Enterprise 21 features an enterprise resource planning system
Sentai has integrated a full featured CRM application. TRAX              that is sufficient for small companies, yet is complex enough to
Distribution features serial number and lotted product tracking;         manage multi-corporations with numerous companies and
Service and Repair functionality; integrated EDI and UCC 128’s;          divisions. The software is menu driven to allow users to group
multi-locations and multi-currencies. There is also a Bill of            commonly used functions into a logical menu.
Materials module that handles repetitive assemblies as well as an
integrated Document Management application.                              Technology:
                                                                         Operating System: Windows, Unix, Linux, OS/400
Technology:                                                              Database: MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix
Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX                              Presentation: GUI
Database: Oracle, Progress, MS SQL Server                                Delivery: Client/Server and ASP
Presentation: GUI
Delivery: Client/Server                                                  Technology Highlights:
                                                                         The software includes user-based dashboards with integrated
Technology Highlights:                                                   decision support systems capable of being distributed to each
TRAX Distribution includes a multi-tab rich GUI interface that           user in an organization. Enterprise 21 entry screens use a menu
allows the customer to go from one function point in the                 bar and point-and-click icons in GUI mode to provide users with
application to another just by clicking on a different tab, this         a familiar, highly functional interface.
allows for true multi-tasking. The software operates on
Windows, Linux, Unix and AIX. All data in TRAX is available              New Developments:
using ODBC connectivity in report writers.                               Enhancements to Enterprise 21, version 6.6, include user-
                                                                         controlled menus that can be modified to control the look-and-
New Developments:                                                        feel of the interface by end-users, which allows users to adapt to
TRAX 6.3 is introducing an integrated Business Intelligence, Ad          the system quickly and efficiently. Training improvements
hoc reporting, Alert Engine and Executive Dashboard tool. A              include a self guided implementation, online help, expansive
complete eCommerce package is available. Sentai’s warehouse              FAQ section, video tutorials and an integrated online training
management software, Pinpoint, can automate warehouse                    system. The software’s functionality will focus on multi-
operations by delivering paperless control of receiving, put-away,       currency processing, multi-company processing, made-to-order
picking, counting and replenishment for one or multiple                  processing, forecasting, financial report writer, and EDI.
                                                                         User Base:
User Base:                                                                    1    5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000
      1   5   10   20     50   75   100 150 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000

Number of Branches:                                                      Number of Branches:
                                                                              1             2-10             11-50      51-100        100+
      1            2-10             11-50      51-100        100+

Sales:                                                                   Sales:
Entry Price Point: $42,000 for 5 users                                   Entry Price Point: $35,000 for 10 users
Sales Channel: Direct in North America                                   Sales Channel: Direct in North America
 Contact:                                                                Contact:
Jim Knutsen                                                              Rebecca Gill
Ste. 300, 10509 81 st Avenue; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 1X7          6800 West Central Avenue, Ste. I; Toledo, OH 43617
Phone: (780) 423-3113 email:                      Phone: (419) 841-0295 email: