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									Government Communications (GCIS) briefing to the
        Portfolio Committee on Communications
                                     15 June 2004
Period leading up to end of First Decade of Freedom
- a time to:
 Consolidate and intensify current programmes

   Review progress and prepare for the challenges of the
    Second Decade of Freedom

As context to the GCIS strategic plan and budget:
   Milestones of GCIS’ work during the past year
   Reflections on the communication challenges of the
    Second Decade of Freedom.
   National Imbizo Focus Week

Completion of
                    Release of final
the Truth and
                    Distribution of
                     reparation grants

16 Days of
Action for No       Extended reach
Violence Against     and impact
Women and           Impact expected
Children             to grow in 2004.
                            Interaction across departments
                            around the need to absorb new
                            insights into our country’s
                                with the public at large
                                with a range of researchers
                                 and stakeholders including
                                 the media

Ensuring that the results of the Review
reached as many citizens as possible in
formats and languages they prefer.
 Preparing brought immense communication
 challenges for government:
   Leadership,  for truly national and
    unifying celebrations
   Co-ordination of planning and
    implementation over a long period
   Production of publicity and branding
   Interface between celebrations within SA
    and those held in other parts of the world

GCIS played its part through its work in
support of the Inter-Ministerial Committee.
GCIS was:
 Central in the
  communication campaign
  around the 40th anniversary
  of Africa Day
And is:
 Intimately involved in the
  integrated work of
  government to realise the
  objectives of the AU and
      More Multi-Purpose Community
       Centres (MPCCs) were opened
       during 2003
      Totalof 56 at end of 2003/04 year -
       a result of co-operative efforts
       among national depts, provincial
       administrations and municipalities
Programme on course to meet objective of
60 MPCCs by end 2004, with the aim of:
  Ensuring    one MPCC in each district
          protracted programme to have
  Starting
   one MPCC in each of the 284
     Dept of Public                Dept of Trade &
      Service and                        `

Intensive interaction ` in   Establishment at 3 MPCCs
2003 in preparation for:     of pilot Business Zones
   the introduction of      which bring information
    Community                about economic
    Development Workers      opportunities and support
                             services within easier
   Launch of Batho Pele
                             reach of communities.
Will present own annual reports - reflecting
maturing of these projects
  Both depend on partnership of government and
    civil society
  Both have taken giant strides in addressing
    their core mandates.
A baseline empowerment survey has
begun to:
  Help the industry set benchmarks
   and targets
  Inform a balanced scorecard and

Update of the Advertising Transformation Index Research
is in progress to compare adspend against the
composition of the population and audiences
       This work will inform the report which the
  Transformation Monitoring and Steering Committee
     will be giving to the Committee later this year.
          Capacity to                   Communication in
            meet                          support of the
        communication                   implementation of
          challenges                      government's
                            Continued        of Action
                           progress in
                           key areas in
                          core mandate

  Strengthening the     Broadening access to     Means of receiving
     government             government              and imparting
communication system        information        information and ideas.
      Stock-                      Directives
      taking                          of
     exercise      Longer term    Comtask
                  assessment of     report

Foundation of our assessment of communication
        challenges for the next decade.
     Government wide communication system

                communicators Forum
                   (3X per annum)

Pre-Cabinet                             Communication
 Meetings                                  Clusters

Heads of                               Ministerial Liaison
Communication                           Officers Forum

                 Strengthening local
                government capacity
     Government wide communication system

                                      State of the
 Makgotla                            Nation Address

Monthly DG     Fortnightly Cabinet
 Clusters        Current Affairs
 meeting           discussion

Weekly GCIS
 Secretariat                          Daily Rapid
  meetings                            Response
         Access to communication and information

Substantial shift towards
unmediated communication to:
  improve access to govt
  afford citizens opportunity
   to make their views and
   concerns known to govt

Imbizo      Government-                               Broadcast
                            Publications     Big
              on-Line                                media (ALS)
                                in all     screens
 Audio       (MPCCS,
                             languages                 Braille
 Tapes      NGOs, CDW)
    October 2003 imbizo focus week biggest ever
                  Nov 01 Apr 02 Oct 02 Apr 03 Oct 03
No. of events      170     300    320     365     410
Ministers           14     18      9      23      13
Dep. Ministers      4       4      3       5       3
Premiers            7       7      8       7       8
MECs                40     53      70     73      84
Local gov reps.    107     50     155     71      263

 Direct and interactive communication becoming part of
  the fabric of governance
 Working with other departments to further enhance
  imbizo forms a key part of GCIS plans for the future.
      Shift towards LSM 1-5 in communication campaigns
   Supporting above-the-line advertising with media vehicles preferred by
    lower LSM groups, e.g. outreach programmes (big screen events)
   111 big screen events countrywide allowed an estimated 160 000 South
    Africans the opportunity to watch the Presidential Inauguration live

   Issuing of guidelines to all DGs to promote departmental adspend against
    all LSM groups, especially LSM 1-5
   Monitoring adspend of depts to promote use of the most appropriate
   Using peer assessment of Heads of Communication to address this issue
   Multi-media campaigns placing emphasis on African Language Stations
    and community radio stations.
         Shifting communication campaigns for wider reach
        Spending handled by GCIS – patterns affected by time of year
                          Radio                                        Below The
                   ALS & CRS    Others       TV    Print    Outdoor       Line      Total

10/02 – 06/03            17%       10%      12%    43%        13%         5%        100%
07/03 – 12/03            45%       13%      10%    32%         -%         -%        100%

Disseminating Programme of Action outlined in State of the Nation Address
          Distribution     Print   Radio     Outreach      People W disabilities   Total
 2002        7%            70%      17%        7%                   0%             100%
 2003        14%           23%      36%        16%                  2%             100%
 2004        33%           15%      21%        28%                  3%             100%
Distribution of below-the-line material: direct-to-home (incl in rural areas) and other
distribution outlets (MPCCS, GICs, Wards, schools, libraries, post offices, etc.)
Outreach: community-based events, esp. in rural areas, during which media such
as big screens, street theatre, mobile video units and workshops are prioritised.

Research in progress will give a better picture of government-wide patterns.

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