Common Origination and Disbursement (PowerPoint) by ert554898


									Common Origination and

  School View
            COD Overview
   Student Centric Data

   Can send Pell and DL records in one or multiple

   User Friendly

   One Customer Service Center for Pell and DL

   DL and Pell more similar in reporting processes
           Processor Changes
   New Common School Entity ID

   Match on abbreviated CPS file

   Student Identifiers
    – DL identifiers are SSN and DOB
    – Pell uses first two letters of CURRENT last name,
      transaction number and CURRENT SSN

   One Message class: COMREC
    School Processing Changes

   Reconcile name in SAM against your
    Registrar system

   Send change records for Last Name, SSN
    and DOB if necessary
                DL Changes
   No major changes to DL processing

   Manifests are still mailed to the current
    Loan Origination Center

   EMPN are still stored on current LO system
    and sent to schools via the COD process
                Pell Changes
   Now uses the FLO file page 7 and 8

   Disbursement transaction numbers, D1, D2, D3,

   Disbursement amounts sent are now the bottom
    line amount. No longer sending negative or
    positive adjustment amounts.

   May include changes to your reconciliation
               SAM Changes
   Bio Supplemental/Communication

    – The export SAMP51B program uses addresses
      located in this file

    – Can have multiple address types
                  Bio Person
   Bio Person

    – Biographic data is stored for the student and
    – Created when using SAMP35 or FACAV2
    – Ability to create manual or skeleton record with
      SAMP35 for PLUS
    – Can have multiple BIO person types for parent
BIO Person
BIO Person cont
      Document Information
        Exchange (DIE)
 This file is used to store the document
  information created from SAMP51 and
 Contains award and dollar totals for
  individual documents
 When response received updated with total
  award and dollars accepted and rejected
DIE Screens
DIE Screens Cont
           New FLO Screens
   The new screens are used for the Pell

   Information is NOT stored on these fields
    but instead displayed only. All changes for
    Pell must still be made on the Master record
New Pell Flo screens
Pell Flo screens cont
Changes to current programs
 – SAMP35B
 – This program now creates and updates the DL
  and the Pell awards

 – Can create and update DL and Pell awards
  together or run separate jobs
          New Programs
 SAMD53: Processes inbound and outbound
  disbursement records for Pell and DL
 SAMP51B: Exports all Pell and DL records
       New Programs cont.
 CASX50: sorts all COMREC files in
  response types (prom notes, DL, Pell) and
  updates the documents on the DIE file
 SAMP57: loads all acknowledgements to
  FLO, BIO records
Changes to Disbursement
   Pell now requires a disbursement and
    sequence transactions numbers

   New fields in DIS file
New Disbursement fields
ADS Records
COD Website
COD Website cont
COD Website Cont
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