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      Nutrition, in its basic sense, refers to the intake of nourishment; specifically the fluids and fuels we need to
    survive. Following illness or surgical procedures, our nutrient needs are increased in order to facilitate healing.
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                 Green Tea Capsules, Green Tea Extract and Natural Anti-Aging Supplements
                                                            By Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

   Many people are making the switch from beverage versions to green tea capsules, because from
most manufacturers you get more quality assurance than you do through the liquid products. This is
good, because in order for you to be able to take full advantage of the plethora of health benefits of
green tea extract.

 Green tea capsules are used by many people as a way to lose weight due to the fact that it is a natural
diuretic, but it is also useful for treating stomach disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. It has
also been found useful in maintaining remission in people that suffer from Crohn’s disease. It is also
beneficial for the prevention of prostate, colon, and rectal cancer.

 The benefits of green tea extract don’t stop there either. It is also is known for preventing Parkinson’s
disease, heart disease, and kidney stones. It is also thought to be beneficial in the prevention of breast
cancer. This makes this the nutritional supplement of choice for all women who have a history of breast
cancer in their family. It also helps in the prevention of aging.

 It is now known that there are five primary reasons why we age. These are free radicals caused by
oxidation, protein destroying glycating molecules, methylation, inflammation, and DNA degeneration.
You are not going to find relief from all of these things through the use of green tea capsules alone no
matter how amazing these supplements seem to be.

 That is why I always recommend to people that they invest in a complete nutritional supplement that
offers not only the benefits of green tea extract, but that also includes vitamins, minerals, proteins,
herbs, and enzymes. You will want to look for a high quality product that contains only the purest forms
of these ingredients, and the maximum potency.

 Green tea capsules by themselves simply cannot cure all that ails you, but with a well rounded
supplement you can prevent, or at least put off anything debilitating that might come to affect you as
the years pass along. You want to use a product that is as complete as possible, because such a
product could prolong your ability to do many of the things that you have always love until you reach a
very advanced age.

 The benefits of green tea extract combined with the power of these other natural ingredients will go a
long way toward improving the quality of your life. You will quickly notice that not only do you feel much

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

better physically, but you will begin to perform much better mentally too. The rewards of using such a
product just go on, and on.

 Just make sure that the extracts in your new multivitamin have been tested by the manufacturer to
ensure that they have been tested, and guaranteed to be of the very highest quality possible. This will
ensure that you will receive the maximum possible benefit from their use. Green tea capsules have
their benefits, but with the right choice of products you can enjoy so much more.

Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum has spent several years researching anti aging natural supplements and
skincare products. As a result of that effort she has found the best natural anti-aging supplement
available on the market today. Learn more at her website

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                Mega Green Tea: What It Is And Why You Should Try It
                                                                 By Ann Marier

 Mega Green Tea Extract is a brand of green tea extract which is considered as being extremely
efficient and effective in many different regards. For one, Mega Green Tea Extract is great for people
who want to lose weight, as the toxins that are present in the extract work to fight off fat and help the
person to gain muscle as well.

Mega Green Tea Extract also helps to cleanse the body, as there are tons of antioxidants that are
found within it, which fight against disease and sickness in the body, as well as help to flush out all the
toxins that are present in the body.

More Benefits Of Mega Green Tea Extract

There are tons of other benefits as well, and for instance, Mega Green Tea Extract helps to not only
prevent but as well cure serious diseases, such as cancer. This is not entirely foolproof, obviously
however research and statistics have gone to show that persons who have diseases such as cancer
start doing a tremendous deal better once they start including the green tea extract in their diet.

Where You Can Go To Purchase It

If you are interested in buying this so that you can try it out for yourself, then the first place that you
should go to is your local health foods store, because they are sure to have it. However if they do not,
then you can either see if they are able to order it in, or ask them where the other best place would be
for you to go to get it.

Other Things To Think About

Although this green tea extract is great and you are going to start noticing positive results almost
immediately, you still have to make sure that you include a healthy diet and that you get lots of
exercise regularly, because only by doing this will you actually be able to get and stay healthy.

After all, the green tea extract is superb and definitely is a great assistant in this regards, but at the
same time it will not work properly if you are not healthy otherwise, and so thus you really need to
make sure that you have the healthiest lifestyle possible overall, so that the green tea extract can work
at its best.

Also remember to talk to your doctor before starting on anything, even if it is only green tea extract, just
to make sure.

Ann Marier writes informative articles about family life and general health issues, Her latest are about
the health benefits of green tea.  Click on to read  her
green tea articles Click on to see all the other general health

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