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					                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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        Resveratrol Supplements and the Benefits of Resveratrol in Fighting the Aging Process
                                                            By Valerie Rosenbaum

   Most resveratrol supplements are not worth the investment. While researchers have shown many
resveratrol benefits in the laboratory, the nutrient must reach your bloodstream in order to perform its
magic. The latest research indicates that it does not usually make it to the bloodstream.

 They have tested people’s blood after drinking wine on an empty stomach, drinking it with food and
taking uncoated resveratrol supplements. None of these caused a significant increase in the levels of
trans-resveratrol in the bloodstream.

 All of the studies concerning resveratrol benefits were conducted using trans-resveratrol. The
supplement with the highest trans-resveratrol content is standardized to a 50% concentration. If an
enteric coating is applied, this type of supplement can increase the blood level of trans-resveratrol, but
most companies don’t use the right form and they don’t include an enteric coating.

 You won’t get any resveratrol benefits from a powder or liquid form. You might get some by drinking
red wine, but researchers believe that the benefit of red wine is not due to its trans-resveratrol content.
The amount that you would have to drink to significantly affect circulating blood levels would be
damaging to the liver.

 So, resveratrol supplements are a good idea, as long as the manufacturer uses the right form,
combines it with other important nutrients and wraps the whole thing up in an enteric coating, to insure
that it reaches the upper intestine, where it can pass through to the bloodstream.

 Some of the resveratrol benefits include a healthier heart, a reduced risk of cancer, better functioning
metabolism and possibly an extension of your lifespan, if the results of the laboratory studies can be
transferred to humans.

No one is sure how or why it works in the ways that it does. There are only theories.

 One of the most convincing is that trans-resveratrol increases the activity of a gene that can reduce a
free radical known as superoxide. Superoxide molecules are not highly toxic, but they can, over time,
cause DNA degeneration.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

 If this theory is correct, resveratrol supplements should include vitamin C, enzymes and glutathione.
The gene reduces superoxide to hydrogen peroxide, which is also a free radical. Vitamin C and other
ascorbates, reduce hydrogen peroxide to water. If glutathione and enzymes are also present, vitamin C
remains more active for a longer period of time.

 Some of the better supplement manufacturers include the right combination of antioxidants and other
nutrients to provide the greatest effect. Resveratrol benefits are included among them.

 There are hundreds of different nutrients and plant extracts that are known to be beneficial to human
health. It would be nearly impossible to include all of them in your diet. Some of them are not plants
that we normally eat. Extracts from marigold, for example, are known to protect the eyes from oxidative
damage. When was the last time that you ate a marigold?

 So, supplementation is important and necessary, if you want to live the longest, healthiest life
possible. But, single-ingredient resveratrol supplements are not your best choice for supplementation.

Valerie Rosenbaum has spent several years researching anti aging natural supplements and skincare
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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                          Why Resveratrol is the best in solving the aging old Diseases
                                                    By Bobby Brown

Resveratrol ultra is one of the most abundantly found in different types of plants. Some of these are
forms of dietary supplements and herbal formulations in Asian folk medicine. Resveratrol was first
identified from the roots of the Japanese knotweed.

Other plant sources include eucalyptus, spruce, pine, and lily. Resveratrol is present in foods including
peanuts, blueberries, partridgeberries, and bilberries. Resveratrol is found in most abundance, though,
in the skin of grapes that are used to make red wine. Resveratrol is the best anti oxidant that can be
naturally obtained.

It is one of the most volatile molecules and when exposed to oxygen, oxidizes and breaks down
rapidly. As the levels of the resveratrol I natural sources are very low it has become damn essential for
manufacturers to produce the Resveratrol supplements in an environment that preserves its potency.
In addition, the delivery mechanism is very important as it will determine both the bioavailability of the
Resveratrol content as well as the metabolism.

Bioavailability of resveratrol in people is necessary and crucial since most of the studies on resveratrol
ultra have been done on cultured cells in pietre dishes in the lab which are exposed to resveratrol,
which has been improper metabolized and in concentrations that are usually ten to a hundred times in
excess of the highest concentrations measured in human plasma after been orally consumed.

Even though the digestive tract cells are exposed to poorly metabolized resveratrol, research in
humans suggests that other organs and cellular tissues are exposed mainly to metabolized resveratrol.
Not much is understood about the biological activity of metabolized resveratrol , and it has not been
conclusively determined if some cells are able to convert resveratrol metabolites back to resveratrol.

Therefore, ingesting resveratrol supplements that deliver a more effective bioactive resveratrol dose is
an important factor in the manufacturing of these resveratrol products. There are several methods
being utilized by the major resveratrol manufacturers to improve bioavailability.

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