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									Becoming Even More Beautiful
Everybody wants to know how they can be the most attractive person in the world. While beauty is in
the eye of the beholder, here are some beauty tips that will help you be beautiful to anyone who
beholds you!

1. Research what you need to do to take care of your particular skin. The first step in any beauty
regime is to find out the latest news about how to care for your skin. If your skin is covered in pimples,
it is hard to feel beautiful. This is why taking care of your skin is important. Find out what kind of
cleansers you should use, whether you should use natural masks, and how best to handle blemishes
for natural and healthy skin.

2. Get the right hairstyle. Anyone who has looked at old pictures of themselves can understand why a
hair style is so important. Your hair frames your face, so it needs to look good.

3. Find out how to apply makeup well. This becomes more important as you age and need to care for
fine lines and wrinkles. Go to a makeup counter, sit down, and ask the questions you need to ask in
order to know how to apply your makeup at home. There are even internet videos that provide step
by step instructions.

4. Remember your nails. You use your hands a lot during the day, and if you think no one notices
them, think again. Keep your nails short and groomed. Long talons are no longer attractive, so make
sure your nails look as gorgeous as the rest of you.

5. Eliminate hair on your face. Women are not supposed to have hair on their face, but you may have
hair on your upper lip or a few stray whiskers on your chin. That is okay, you just have to make sure
you cut those hairs. Use a cream or shave the hairs away to enhance your beauty.

6. Don't neglect your feet. If you are like most women, you love shoes. Many shoe styles feature open
toes. If you look beautiful until someone looks at your feet, you know you're on the wrong track. Care
for your feet as well as you do for your hands.
7. Exercise regularly. Nothing is more beautiful than a body that is fit and in shape. If you need to slim
down, head to the gym a few times a week. Even if you are at your perfect weight, exercise keeps
you looking good because it flushes toxins and helps your muscles stay taut and tight instead of

8. Buy a wonderful perfume. The right scent can add a mystique to you, and help people remember
you. Try a few different choices before settling on a signature scent, but be careful. Only spritz once
or twice. You may not think your perfume smells strong, but some people are sensitive; less is always
more when putting on perfume.

Your beauty can be enhanced by using any or all of the tips in this article. Take your beauty seriously
and always keep looking for ways to make you more beautiful; you won't be disappointed when you
look in a mirror.

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