National Life Group: Company Profile and SWOT Analysis

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					National Life Group


National Life Group                                                           Key Employees
                                                                              Name                          Job Title
Fast Facts
                                     1 National Life Drive, Vermont, 05604,   Christian W. Thwaites         Executive Vice President
Headquarters Address
                                     United States of America
                                                                              David R. Coates               Director
Telephone                            + 802 229 3333

                                                                              Deborah G. Ellinger           Director
Fax                                  N/A

                                                                              Dr. Roger B. Porter           Director

                                                                              E. Miles Prentice, III        Director
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange        N/A

                                                                              Harris H. Simmons
Number of Employees                  02
                                                                                                            Manager - Structural
                                                                              James H. Douglas
Fiscal Year End                      December                                                               Department
                                                                                                            Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                              Thomas H. MacLeay
Revenue (in US$ million)             N/A                                                                    President, Chairman
                                                                              V. Louise McCarren            Director

                                                                              Company Overview
SWOT Analysis
                                                                              National Life Group (National Life) is the trade
Strengths                            Weaknesses                               name for the National Life Insurance Company
                                                                              and its affiliated companies providing variety of
Diverse product portfolio            Geographic concentration                 financial service products. The company
                                                                              provides life insurance products, term insurance,
Strong credit ratings                Lack of presence in New York             individual whole life insurance, annuity products,
                                                                              investment advices, mutual funds, unit
Strong financial performance                                                  investment trusts, stock and bond trading, public
                                                                              and private limited partnerships, real estate
                                                                              investment trusts, variable annuities, asset
Opportunities                        Threats
                                                                              management services, retirement plan services
                                                                              and administration services. The company
Favorable demographic changes        Changing regulations                     operates in small business marketplace,
                                                                              retirement planning, and estate planning
New products launches                Competitive environment                  strategies. National Life operates through its
                                                                              affiliates: National Life Insurance Company, Life
                                     Economic challenges                      Insurance Company of the Southwest, Sentinel
                                                                              Investments, Equity Services, Inc. The company
                                                                              is headquartered at Montpelier in Vermont,
                                                                              United States.

                                                                              Key Competitors
                                                                              Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (Ticker: BRK.A)

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