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The purpose of the following procedures is to provide for the expedient repair
or replacement of the District’s computer systems and networknetwork
system in the event of failure due to a power outage, flood, fire or an



The Network Center, often referred to as the MDF (Main Distribution Facility),
is located in the POD basement in the former Bio Asseay Laboratory. This is
the center of the District’s network where fiber optic lines from multiple
facilities within the Martinez site and telecommunication links from the Walnut
Creek site are feed into the main central network switch.

The network centerNetwork Center is currently using the building’s UPS. The
air system in the network room is a combination of provided by the current
building’s air conditioning unit along with a mobile air conditioning unit. which
has been installed. T The fire protection system is currently the standard
sprinkler system which that is installed throughout the HOB and POD

As of August 2004September 2006, the AEPC Group are contracted to
evaluate and design it is planned to redesign the power configuration of the
Network Center by relocating power to another circuit. During a power
outage, there will be an automatic switch over to an alternate circuit placing it
on the cogeneration or “cogen” system. Additional UPS units will be install to
maintain the equipment during the switch over which is estimated to be
approximately 10 minutes. This reconfiguration will be done to reduce the
draw of power required for the Plant’s UPS.

 of the UPS, In addition, the Network Center’s air, conditioning and fire
protection systems in the Network Center. The estimated timeline is to bid
the contract in March 2006, begin work in April 2006, and complete by July
2006.will be replaced during the HVAC project. Currently, the project
manager has not scheduled the installation date.

Daily incremental and weekly full backups are completed nightly on the IBM
AS400 system and Microsoft Windows servers installed throughout the

Offsite tape backup storage is provided by Recall Total Information
ManagementRecall Total Information Management provides offsite tape
backup storage for the District. Two sets or weeks of tapes containing full
backups are stored offsite. The tape boxes are picked up by the service each
Wednesday morning. LTO backup tapes are stored by Recall for the AS400
system, HOB-01, GroupWise, Document Imaging, OTIS/PIS, HRIS, and other
miscellaneous Information Technology (IT) servers. Backup tapes from Plant
Operations for MODComp on 8MM tapes and Engineering for GDI and CADD
on DLT tapes are also stored offsite. In the event that aof a system recovery
being required, Recall can will be contacted to deliver the tapes to the District.

The CSO computer systems are backed up nightly to DLT tapes and stored
locally at the CSO. Backups are also delivered by every Tuesday through
the inter-office mail to the HOB to be collected for off-site storage by Recall.

Data recovery or restore procedures are performed by District staff on the
systems which they provide support. If additional support is required, the
Information Technology staff or contractedseveral contracted maintenance
vendors may be able to assist.


The District’s network equipment are is supported by SBC AT&T Data
Communications in the event of a failure. The central switch located in the
Network Center has 24x7 support while individual switches and routers on the
Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) are supported
8x5xNBD. MIS IT Staff maintains a backup switch that may be used to
immediate replace a failed LAN switch. In addition, SBCAT&T Data Comm
can provide us support in the replacement of network servers, fiber optic,
CAT5e cable wiring and a variety of other computer equipment or supplies.

In addition, there are several contracted maintenance groups such as OPT
Inc, Corevera LCC and Clare ComputerNexus Integration Services that may
provide us with necessary hardware replacement and support to maintain an
adequate level of network services in the event of a disaster. The District
network contains approximately 15 servers running various applications and

Typically, the District’s desktop PCs are backed up on an individual basis by
the user if necessarynot backed up. District users are instructed to store
their data and document files on the network drives to ensure regular backups
are being maintained. Those that do requireing to store their data files on
their PC hard drive are instructed to perform regular backups to the network
or other auxilaryauxiliary storage.

The District has over 200 225 PCs and laptops. The PC equipment inventory
is maintained and administered by the Accounting Staff and stored in the
Sungard HTE Asset Tracking application.

System Disaster Recovery ofn the AS400 hardware are is in place to insure
that the Accounting and Permits staff can continue their daily business
processes in a limited capacity if necessary. The District has in place a five-
year disaster recovery service with IBM Disaster Recovery Services through
February 14, 2008. This plan provides the District with a backup system that
may be implemented upon the declaration of a disaster by the District.
Services may be provided on-site or remotely depending on the situation and
the District’s needs. The cost of the service will depend on the type of service
requested. Backup tapes would be retrieved from Recall, our offsite storage
vendor, and used to restore the AS400 system and applications on the IBM
replacement system. An annual disaster recovery test is preformed by the
Programmer Analyst to guarantee the ability to recover the system’s
databases. Each test performed since 1998 has been successfully
completed in one day or 10 working hours.

In addition, IBM Support Services provides support to the District for the
operating system software and hardware equipment on a 24x7 basis.
Remote alerts are sent by the system to support for the immediate notification
of potential software and hardware problems. HTE Customer Support is also
maintained and provides remote access to the system to correct application

Equipment             Purpose                            Location
Cisco 6509 Switch      Central Network Switch           Network Center
                       T1 Router for connection to
                        Walnut Creek site
                       Fiber Optic LAN runs to HHWF,
                        Bays, Laboratory, Solids, MRC,
                        Material Control
Cisco 35xx Switches    Network Switches                 Network Center,
                                                         HOB1, HOB2, HOB3,
                                                         HOBGL, POD
                                                         Basement, POD1,
                                                         HHWF, Bays, MRC,
                                                         Solids, Material
                                                         Control, Lab, CSO,
                                                         CSO Vehicle
                                                         Maintenance, CSO
                                                         Ducca House
IBM iSeries System    HTE                               Network Center
                       Mainsaver
HOB-01                 Active Directory                 Network Center
                       HOB– file & print services
                       Records Management
                       Rapid Eye Security Camera
                       Misc Databases
Cisco PIX Firewall     Firewall Management              Network Center
GroupWise Email        GroupWise Email System           Network Center
Server (GW65-2K3)
                       GroupWise Internet Access
MAIL02 Server          GroupWise Web Mail Access        Network Center
Websense System        URL Blocker and Reporter         Network Center
OTIS / PIS Server      Intranet Services                Network Center
                       Content Management System
                       DHCP/DNS/WINS
                       Secondary Domain Controller
MainSaver    MainSaver   Network Center
HRIS System                    HTE HRIS application             Network Center
                               Versatile
                               SQL Server
                               DHCP/DNS/WINS
Document Imaging System        Laserfiche                       Network Center
                               Secondary Domain Controller
Naviline Server                Sungard HTE Naviline Client      Network Center
VPN (2)                        Remote Access via Internet       Network Center
                                for District network & SCADA
Security System                Lenel Onguard for security       Network Center
                                card access
Network Backup System          Backup system for network        Network Center
MicroStation Server            CADD System                      Eng Computer Room
                               Survey System
MapGuide Server                GDI System                       Eng Computer Room
Cisco Router                   SCADA T1 Pumping Station         Network Center
Pearle System                  SCADA Dialup Access              Telecommunications
LIMS                           Laboratory Information           Network Center
                                Management System
CSO Server                     Active Directory                 CSO Computer
                               CSO file & print services
                               Sewer Management System
USA System                     Underground Sewer Alert          CSO
Desktop PCs                    Primarily WinXP, few             District
(approximatelyApproximately     Win2000
20025)                         Primarily Dell Dimension
                                4100, 4500, 4600, 4700, &
                                5150 desktops
                               Dell Precision desktops –                             Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
                                Eng Support & Survey4800
                               Dell Inspiron Latitude laptops
– Presentation areas, Pump
Station Operators, other field

MIS Staff:
   Name         Ext    Radio            Home Phone             Cell Phone
Mark            311    29              925-937-6615        W: 925-383-0497
Ted Barry       389    ---             925-753-4096        H: 925-864-4097
John            353    56              925-727-            W: 925-260-0626
Censoplano                             6274435-5057

Spencer         354    25              707-864-6363        W: 925-383-0412
Chun                                                       H: 707-386-3369
John Phillips   330    24              925-827-2826        W: 925-383-0410

   Name         Ext    Radio            Home Phone             Cell Phone
Ralph Bates     153    27              925-229-7153        925-383-0432


     Name                    Service                  Acct #       Phone
Recall            Backup storage                  1588            408-453-
IBM Hardware      AS400 Hardware                  1554957         800-IBM-
Support                                                           SERV
IBM Software      OS400 Operating System          6417609         800-237-
Support                                                           5511
IBM Disaster      Declaration for                 CFT9JRJ         800-IBM-
Recovery          replacement of AS400                            SERV
Sungard HTE       Financials, Payroll,            CCCS            800-695-
Customer          Purchasing, Material                            6915
Service           Control, Permits, Land
                  Customer Billing
SBC AT&T Data    Network                  9996734   800-354-
Communications                                      5267
Clare Computer   Servers, PCs, Printers             925-277-
SolutionsNexus                                      0690800-
Integration                                         266-2003
OPT Inc          Network, Servers, PCs,             800-660-
                 Printers                           6332
Corevera         Network, Servers                   415-402-

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