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									Just like with any kind of product, when you're looking to buy a BBQ chimney starter, you'll find that
there are many different models and brands to choose between. While it may be hard to go wrong with
most of them, only one can be the best. Take a look at this quick guide for yourself and you'll find who
makes the best charcoal starter chimney today.

First, it's important to take a minute to see what would make a particular BBQ chimney starter better
than the rest. It's all about the specific features that they have, and the way that they are designed.

For example, the grate that separates the main chamber from the underneath portion is very important,
because it keeps the charcoal briquettes on top, while allowing the fire and air to get in from below. The
most effective design out there is a wire cone which offers the best of both worlds.

Another aspect that separates some models from the next is the handle. The handle needs to protect
you from heat, and this is often accomplished by adding in a heat shield in between the main chamber
of the charcoal starter chimney and the handle itself. Handles should also have a plastic coating or be
made out of wood to further protect from heat.

Finally, another aspect that makes some BBQ starter chimney models better than the rest is the
durability of the product. It should be rust and weather resistant and so forth. Still, the price for any
charcoal starter chimney should never exceed $20 or $25, and anything more than that is simply a rip

So, with all of these different features building together one perfect BBQ chimney starter, which one
gets the nod? It's the Weber Rapid Fire charcoal starter chimney! Weber is one of the most respected
and trusted names in the world of grilling and barbecues, and their barbecue chimney is the best of the

All of the great features listed above come directly from this model, and consumers unanimously rate it
with near perfect scores. It's the best charcoal starter chimney out there, and will make for a great
addition to your home grilling setup. When you're looking around at all of the available options and
you're not sure which one to choose, you can rest easy knowing that the Weber Rapid Fire will get the
job done no matter what, and that it's the single best BBQ chimney starter on the market.

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