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									Black Hat SEO Technique

Black hat SEO methods may secure an abrupt flow of traffic but likely get you in exertion and it maybe
bigger travail than you bargained for. Just see what recently happened to US distributor whose SEO
company didn't help them exceed with Google but instead got them in a hot water. As a sector owner or
someone responsible for marketing and e-commerce at your post of output, you should be careful and aware
what's happening with your website so that your website doesn't get off in Google unexpectedly due to
what's detected as incompatible SEO tactics.

The expression black hat derives from old western movies in which the bad guy wears a sarcastic black hat
in opposition to the good guys white hat. The expression is used for unlawful upgrade of website's ranking
on search engines. Search engine algorithms are continually tweaked to reform them and stay reliable in
letting the cream ascend to the top. Black hat is the simplest way to put a webpage among top hits on a
search engine result page or (SERPs).

There are 4 commonly noted techniques which unethically help a website's ranking on search engines:

1. Keyword Stuffing - In this technique, all you have to do is to fill up the website page with your keywords.
This framework is simple but unfortunately it is really noticeable, because it can be easily seen by website

2. Invisible Text ?Making some invisible text is very simple. You can try it using your text editor, type a few
words and then select a text and fill it with a white font color. The text becomes hidden because it is
merging with the color of its background. If you feel you are in a suspicious page you can try some simple
test, just select edit on your browser and the press select all, it will show right in front of your eyes if the text
is hidden.

3. Doorway Pages ?Just like the invisible texts with an omission that a reader or visitor will never see them.
A very special program with an imperceptible page on website, which is filled with keywords and only
apparent to the search engine spiders. Redirecting the visitor to another page without his knowledge is the
main idea of this technique.

4. Cloaking - This technique is a derivate from the doorway pages technique. Creating two different pages is
the main purpose of cloaking. One for the search engine spiders and the other one for the visitors. It can fool
the search engine spiders to rank the page higher than it should be.
Maybe you are now wondering how simple this techniques are, which obviously they are, but why doesn
everybody use them? The answer is this, today search engines are much smarter than before and it can detect
this kind of techniques and will get your site permanently banned if they catch you doing it. It is really not
good to use Black Hat Techniques because they can be only useful for a limited amount of time, because
sooner or later your site will get banned.

There is also an additional moral side of not applying these techniques. The users of the internet chase for a
valuable information, so if you have a very useful website, surely your site will be likely placed among top
results on search engines. Simply because today search engines are also using parameters to define the page
ranking, from the amount of traffic of your site and to the quantity of your backlinks from the other pages.
Analyzing the point of actual effect, it is really questionable from using the techniques.

Hire an SEO specialist but take a good review with their methods and techniques. If you feel or see
something not right, ask question. Search engine optimization is an evolving world that can help your
website rank to the top of it through ethical and reliable techniques that will effectively work.

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