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									Avoid Black Hat SEO Tactics

Be aware that Black Hat SEO is a highly unethical method for a person to have their website rank high on
search engine listings. Usually, Black Hat SEOs adhere to the below characteristics: For one, Black Hat
SEO tactics break ?in a not very good way ?standard rules and regulations of various search engines. Plus, it
produces a negative user experience. It also presents content in an unethical manner both visually and
otherwise to various web crawlers.

Take note that Black Hat SEOs were once considered legal. However, when a lot of people started overusing
it, search engines frowned upon its use. If one is caught utilizing Black Hat SEOs, you could be penalized.

Penalties for applying Black Hat SEO are a bit harsh and could include ?but are not limited to ?being banned
from all the search engines. Fortunately, there are ways to not engage in black hat tactics:

Do not stuff your keywords

Utilizing tons of keywords in your website will highly likely put you in hot water with most search engines.
You have to learn how to position keywords properly. If you put a lot of keyword fluff in your articles, it
could increase your search engine ranking ?albeit temporarily.

Avoid invisible text

Essentially, invisible text requires placing keywords in your site in white font in a white background. This
text is hidden and invisible from customers but will entice web crawlers enough for your site to rank high in
search engines. This practice is enough to get you to be banned from various search engines.

Avoid doorway pages

A doorway page is basically a fake page utilized to attract web crawlers. Customers actually do not see this
page. The purpose of the doorway is to deceive web crawlers to make your site rank high, albeit temporarily.

Obviously, Black Hat SEOs are a bit tempting. However, one should similarly know the results and
consequences from utilizing it. These methods temporarily help but could cause long term problems.

If you want to operate a legitimate business, make sure you avoid Black Hat SEO tactics as these could taint
your company credibility in the long run.

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