BC Hats_ the Embodiment of All That's Australian by xdhedward


									BC Hats, the Embodiment of All That's Australian

The harsh climate in Australia makes it necessary for anyone traveling in the outback to wear a hat that is
tougher than usual. Once you leave the cities and populated areas, it's not uncommon to see people wearing
different styles of hats made out of various materials and colors which are part and parcel of their way of

Among the many traditional, fun and unique hats worn by the Aussie are the BC hats which were the first of
its kind to be introduced to the country. The BC Hats, named so in honor of its creator Bill Conner is made
of genuine light weight leather with a wire mesh in its brim. This was done in order to hold the shape of the
hat while the cork strung in the interior of the hat is said to ward off flying insects which Australia has more
than its fair share of.

People all over the world identify this Stockman style of hat as truly Australian although it has now become
very much stylized with even celebrities and Royalty showing them off as a fashion accessory. The
Australian native however considers his hat as more than a fashion statement while Bill Conner's original
design and method of construction has now spread right across the globe and become famous as a hat of
style and quality that is unsurpassed as of today.

The creation of BC Hats revolutionized the hat industry in Australia and became world recognized when it
was introduced at the World Expo Exhibition in 1988. Soon enough, Bill Conner was named the prestigious
Exporter of Year in 1993 for which he received the much coveted award both for the creation of the original
leather hat and also for introducing it to the world market. Needless to say the popularity and high quality of
BC hats have spawned many fakes that have flooded today's market. It is however possible to identify the
original product which has the BC Brass logo on the band of the hat.

Among the wide array of somekeyword available today are the following styles which have become popular
and easily recognizable by the hat wearing fraternity down under as well as by hat connoisseurs all over the

Stockman Suede - the original hat made out of steer hide. The brim of this hat is reinforced with high tensile
wire to help hold its shape and comes with a sweat band made of soft suede.

Stockman Straw - A soft and flexible hat made out of palm fiber that sits on the head so softly that you
hardly feel it. The brim is made with a suede trim and features a "Pinch Protector" for durability and is
completes with a wide suede sweat band.

Town & Country Straw - This unique straw hat has a pinched front and is made of bendable fiber while the
rim of the hat has suede trim and comes with a Pinch Protector and a comfortable suede sweat band.

Hat N the Pouch suede - Made out of supple rainproof suede, the brim is reinforced with wire. What's
unique about this hat is that it has a hip pack to enable hands free carrying. This hat embodies all that is
Australian and brings to mind the classic Australian phrase "No worries mate" like nothing else can.

It's the family that owns and runs BC Hats even today, while creating original, quality head gear that's meant
to last a lifetime.

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