Barmah Bush Hats Review by xdhedward


									Barmah Bush Hats Review

Anyone who enjoys hiking holidays will tell you that you can never guarantee good conditions. I have been
to Scotland, Wales, Germany and Switzerland and the weather in the mountains is always the same. One day
it can be blazing hot and the next it can be pouring with rain, or perhaps snowing, even in the middle of
August! Because of this it can be difficult to know what to wear on your head.

About seven or eight years ago, a friend introduced me to leather bush hats by Barmah. At first I was a little
sceptical as I thought a traditional Australian hat would look out of place in the Swiss Alps, or rather I didn't
want people to point and say 'Look! It's Crocodile Dundee!' However, an Aussie bush hat really is the most
practical kind of hat for wearing in the mountains. The wide brim keeps the sun off your face and the back
of your neck, protecting you from sunburn on good days and in the rain, it keeps water off your face and
from running down the back of your neck too. Barmah hats sit closely against your head and will not move
even in strong winds.

What makes Barmah hats particularly good not just for hiking holidays but for any holiday is that they are
lightweight and foldable. You can fold a Barmah hat flat and then keep it in the accompanying canvas bag.
As you don't have to worry about it being squashed and pushed out of shape you can simply put it in your
suitcase or rucksack without it taking up too much space. I think a really great option when travelling light!

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