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									HOW TO SET UP A BLOG: 5 Ways a Virtual
Assistant Can Help

If you are currently blogging then you know that it's a great tool
to attract visitors to your website and build relationships with
your contacts. However many business owners know the
benefits of blogging but very few actually write one on a regular

Now there are various reasons for this but two of the main ones
are: people don't know how to set up a blog and they don't have
the time to post regularly. And let's face it, an out of date blog is
worse than not having one at all.

So if you want to start a blog or reinstate an existing one, how
can you set up a blog without too much effort? Well, here are 5
ways that a virtual assistant can help you with managing your

The best platform to use. A virtual assistant can set up your
blog on a platform that suits your needs. The most popular
blogging platform is WordPress. If your website is already on
WordPress then you can integrate your blog within it, which is a
great way to boost traffic to your website. You can also add
additional functionality in the form of plugins to help with SEO,
spam, and social sharing etc. If you just want to set up a quick
and simple blog then there are other options such as Blogger,
Tumblr and Posterous.

Design with your company branding. A virtual assistant can
design your blog so that it fits in with your company branding,
and matches your website if you have one. It's essential to keep
your branding seamless across all your online marketing
activities so your readers can instantly recognise it's you when
they land on a particular site.

Research relevant content and keywords. A virtual assistant
can research relevant content and hot topics in your industry
which you can then use as the basis of your own blog content.
They can also research relevant keywords which will help your
blog rank higher on the search engines. Once you have written
your content, the VA can post it on to your blog, adding any
formatting and images as necessary.

Set up a schedule. It's a good idea to blog at least once a week
and a virtual assistant can set up a schedule and remind you
when a blog is due. You do need to be posting regularly if you
want to build a relationship with your readers, because if they
like what they read, they will either subscribe to your blog or
check back regularly to see what's new.

Promote your blog. It's no good having a blog full of interesting
and valuable content if no one reads it. A virtual assistant can
help to promote your blog by adding social sharing buttons,
posting links to your social media accounts, and using websites
that let the search engines know that your blog has been
updated. If you use email marketing, then a VA can set it up so
that your blog is automatically sent out to your list every time it's

So if you want to share your expertise and build relationships
with your online contacts, but don't know how to set up a blog,
then save time and stress by hiring a virtual assistant to do it for

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