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Beauty tip


The Side Ponytail with Curls is ideal for prom, a wedding, or
special occasion. I have noticed a lot of celebrities wear this
style too. I recently wore this hairstyle to my high school dance
and it was perfect! Not only did I get tons of compliments, but it
also stayed in place all night. If you are looking to try a hairstyle
that is simple yet very cute, I would definitely try this one.

    For this Side Ponytail you will need:
    Curling Iron (if your hair is straight)
    Teasing comb
    Bobby pins
    Hairspray
Follow these 5 steps to make the perfect curls:

    Step 1: Take the top half of your hair and clip it up (so it is
   out of the way).
    Step 2: Split the bottom layer of hair (that is closest to your
   neck) in two. You want the hair to be on both shoulders.
    Step 3: Starting at the back, take 1 inch sections of hair
   and curl away from your face. Keep taking 1 inch sections
   until you have reached the front.
    Step 4: Repeat step 3 on the other half of your hair.
    Step 5: Take down the hair that was clipped away and
   repeat steps 2-4.
Now to finish this hairstyle, follow these 6 easy steps.

     Step 1: Curl your hair.

      Step 2: Section off a thin section of hair from the crown of
     your head and tease. Next take a little bit larger layer and
     tease that as well. Hairspray the underneath part that you
     just teased then smooth over the top with a soft brush. (Use
     a soft brush so you don't ruin the curls)

     Step 3: Take a small section of hair from the front (the
     opposite side of where your bangs are) and twist to the back.
     Then bring all your hair from your right shoulder over to your
    left shoulder. Twist the front section of hair (if you have
    bangs twist them in with the front section) in with the back
    section of hair.

     Step 4: Put bobby pins in to hold the twist (Criss-Cross
    them). Then put another bobby pin down the center of the X
    ( X is created by the bobby pins).

    Step 5: Pull out a small section of hair from about 1 inch
    about the ear and curl.

     Step 6: Pin back any pieces of your bangs that may have
    fallen out and hairspray.

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