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2009 Facts & Figures
 Review 2009                       2
 Highlights 2009                   4
 Airport Berlin Brandenburg BBI    6
 Destinations and airlines        12
 Traffic statistics               14
 Cargo                            17
 Airport installations            18
 Personnel                        20
 Environment                      22
 Region                           24
 Dialogue                         26
 Corporate structure              28

  Berlin Airports and the aviation market

On the way to becoming one of           aviation market has also increased       Substantial productivity increase
Europe’s top ten airports               and now stands at 11.6 per cent.         achieved
In 2009, almost 21 million pas-                                                  Due to the good traffic results
sengers flew to and from Berlin.        Better than the market for the           and our Hercules cost reduction
This sees passenger figures for the     7th time in succession                   programme, Berlin Airports again
year almost drawing even with the       The Berlin market has again proved       succeeded in attaining its financial
record results of 2008, despite the     to be outstandingly robust. Our          goals in 2009. Revenue increased
dramatic drop in passenger numbers      unique mix of low-cost, charter and      by around 10 per cent to ¤280
in January and February 2009. With      scheduled flights, combined with         million, the EBITDA (earnings before
an overall decrease of only 2 per       the extraordinarily strong pull of       interest, taxes, depreciation and
cent, we have for the seventh time      Berlin as an attractive destination,     amortisation) rose by 15 per cent
running significantly outperformed      makes Berlin Airports less susceptible   to ¤90 million. Since 2005, our
the average of international airports   to external crises. In 2010, we          company has succeeded in almost
in Germany (-4.6% compared with         anticipate that traffic will stabilise   doubling cash flow and substantially
2008). These results secure our         and aim to significantly surpass the     boosting productivity. Compared
position as Germany’s third busiest     benchmark of 21 million passengers.      with the overall economy, we are in
commercial airport, despite the                                                  the enviable position of being able
trying economic conditions. Berlin                                               to say that 2009 was an excellent
Airports’ share of the German                                                    year for Berlin Airports.

Europe’s biggest infrastructure          for the traffic streams of the future.          Berlin even closer to the world’s
financing operation                      Throughout Europe, Berlin will be the           networks and markets and
Another of Berlin Airports’ successes    only airport capable of doubling its            transform it into the continent’s
was the finalisation of the overall      capacity to handle up to 45 million             key east-west hub.
financing package for BBI. The           passengers, thus keeping pace with
¤2.4 billion loan contract for BBI is    growth and securing the airport’s               Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz
the seventh largest infrastructure       competitiveness. BBI will be                    Chief Executive Officer
financing operation in the world         providing the infrastructure to link            of Berlin Airports
and, in terms of volume, the largest
in Europe.

Heading for Europe’s top ten             Passenger growth
Let’s take a look at the future. In                                                                     German commercial airports
2011 the European aviation market                                                                       Berlin Airports
will be welcoming a strong new             20.0%
player: BBI Airport. The opening of
the new airport will see a shift in
the structure of Germany’s airport         10.0%
system from the current two-pillar
system to three pillars. Our aim is to
transform the Berlin-Brandenburg            0.0%
region into one of Europe’s top ten
aviation locations with the new
BBI Airport. Twenty years after the       -10.0%
fall of Wall, the city of Berlin is                         2003    2004      2005           2006     2007        2008      2009
firmly back on the European map.

BBI is the region’s most important                          2003    2004      2005           2006     2007        2008      2009
project for the future, and it offers    German com-
an incredibly valuable location          mercial airports   3.9%     7.9%         6.3%        5.3%     6.0%        1.1%     -4.6%
advantage for Berlin and Branden-        Berlin Airports    9.2%    11.8%     15.3%           7.9%     8.3%        6.8%     -2.0%
burg: unlike other European airports,
BBI will have the capacity needed

  Maiden flights, jubilees and events

Berlin Airport’s breakfast reception at the International Tourism Exhibition ITB   Happy Birthday! easyJet celebrates five years in Berlin
(March 2009)                                                                       (April 2009)

New Armavia non-stop service from Tegel to the Armenian capital, Yerevan           Hamburg-International maiden flight from Schoenefeld to
(April 2009)                                                                       Pescara in Italy (April 2009)

Largest infrastructure financing operation in Europe: BBI funding set up (June 2009)                 Jubilee: five years of Berlin – Tel Aviv (July 2009)

On schedule: underground station handed over to Deutsche Bahn (July 2009)

New long-haul service: from Tegel to Phuket with Air Berlin                            Berlin Airports welcomes the 20 millionth passenger
(November 2009)                                                                        (December 2009)

  The new airport for Berlin: BBI

BBI is where Berlin’s future is being   apron, the new southern runway          BBI tender programme. In terms
built. We are in the middle of the      and all the access roads. After three   of value, nearly two-thirds have
most exciting construction phase:       busy years of construction work,        been awarded to enterprises from
in 2009 BBI literally emerged from      a large proportion of the work on       the region. In December 2009, we
the ground. The airport now has         the new BBI has been completed.         passed the ¤1 billion milestone
a distinct face. Three years ago, the   Work on the technical facilities,       for regional businesses. By the end
airport was a vision in the minds       additional buildings, including the     of 2009, contracts worth around
of architects and planners. Today, it   new tower and the power stations,       ¤1.7 billion had been awarded; the
is clearly visible that a new airport   is progressing to plan.                 total investment volume for BBI
is being built.                                                                 is ¤2.5 billion.
                                        More than ¤1 billion has been
All work running to schedule            awarded to local enterprises
The dimensions of the project are       Two years before the new Airport
vast: the construction site itself is   Berlin Brandenburg International BBI
the size of 2,000 football pitches;     opens, it is already an unprecedented
up to 3,000 construction workers        success story for local enterprises.
were employed at the site daily         More than 300 companies from
in 2009 to build the underground        the Berlin and Brandenburg region
railway lines, the terminal, the        have received contracts from the

Terminal topping out ceremony to        airport designed and built to comply      station below the terminal, and the
be celebrated in spring 2010            ideally with aviation in a globalised     airport’s own direct motorway and
Work on the new airport is progres-     world, with stricter security standards   major road access puts BBI at the
sing at top speed. In spring 2010       and new business models pioneered         centre of things, both on the airside
we will be celebrating the topping      by low-cost airlines. BBI unites all      and the landside. BBI will be one of
out ceremony for the new terminal       carriers under one roof, it is modern,    the most modern airports in Europe.
with all the companies involved in      flexible and cost-effective. In
this project and with our neighbours    contrast to other airports of a similar   Manfred Körtgen
from the region. The finished super-    size, BBI has sufficient capacity         Managing Director of Operations/
structure gives a good impression       potential to keep growing and meet        BBI of Berlin Airports
of the great things that have been      future demands. The innovative
achieved here since ground was first    security screening zone helps to
broken in September 2006, and           avoid queues at peak hours. The
visitors will be able to envisage the   spacious non-aviation area after
bright, airy look and feel of the       check-in and the airport’s first-rate
new airport.                            real estate portfolio allow us to open
                                        up new revenue sources. A further
BBI: modern, flexible,                  advantage of the airport’s design is
cost-effective and modular              the optimum interface it provides
The new Airport Berlin Branden-         between all transport modes.
burg International BBI opens            Rail connections to Berlin and the
on 30 October 2011. It will be an       surrounding region, the underground

 Construction work on schedule

Terminal                                is around 10,000 tonnes, and the          Runways and aprons
The superstructure of the               heaviest single component weighs          Concreting work on the new
715 metre main pier has been            123 tonnes. The two crawler cranes        4,000 metre runway, the aprons
completed. At the end of August         lifting the steel components are so       and taxiways is progressing to plan.
2009 work started on the steel          colossal that it takes 60 trucks to       In total, the new airport will have
structure for the terminal roof and     set up a single crawler crane.            over 1.3 million square metres of
the steel and glass façade. The                                                   concrete for aircraft to land, take
superstructure of the north pier has    Station                                   off and park.
been completed and work on the          In June 2009, Berlin Airports handed
south pier is progressing at rapidly.   over the first section of the under-
Up to 900 workers and more than         ground station on schedule to Deut-
30 cranes are employed on the           sche Bahn, which is responsible for
terminal construction site. The         all interior work, building the three
total weight of the steel sections      platforms, laying tracks and installing
that will support the terminal roof     all the necessary railway technology.

The DFS control tower                    Technical services                         of around 2,000 m³ of drinking
In November 2009, the topping            Construction of the Technical              water, which is the equivalent of the
out ceremony was held for the new        Services building started in               requirements of a small town with
Deutsche Flugsicherung (German           June 2009. Once the complex is             a population of 21,000.
air traffic control) tower at BBI.       finished it will house the admin-
Standing tall at 72 metres, the BBI      istration offices for technical facility   Energy
tower will be the second highest         management, aviation, information          In May 2009 the topping out
control tower in Germany.                and communication technology,              ceremony was held for BBI’s three
Construction will be completed in        as well as service facilities and the      new power stations. These state-
September 2010 and the tower             main computing centre for the              of-the-art facilities will be supplying
starts operating in the third quarter    new airport.                               the airport’s heat, cooling and
of 2011. Once it opens, the new                                                     electricity and emergency power
tower will be responsible for giving     Water supplies and waste water             with block heat and power plants.
around 250,000 aircraft a year – an      management
average 700 a day – clearance to         The water supply and disposal              In December the new BBI substation
land and take off.                       infrastructure for the BBI site was        was completed and BBI was linked
                                         largely completed in 2009, and it          to the public power supply network.
Work starts on the fire stations         complies with the very latest envi-        Two transformers, each with an
The foundation stone for Fire Station    ronmental standards. The networks          output of 31.5 MVA (megavolt
West was laid in September 2009.         will be completed and finalised in         ampere), will supply power for all
Alongside the airport fire services’     2010. The first drinking water             the airport’s facilities. The sub-
control centre, the station will also    supply network for BBI was finished        stations are capable of supplying
house the airport control centre,        in October 2009 and will be                the power needs of around
the emergency and rescue centre,         capable of supplying a daily average       70,000 households.
the safety control centre and the
technical control centre. In the 81 by
81 metres new main fire station
there will be three vehicle halls with
up to 25 spaces for fire engines and
other vehicles, as well as sleeping
quarters and common rooms for up
to 50 staff working on watches to
provide 24-hour cover. The adjacent
Winter Services Hall 1 will be used
to store special equipment and large
vehicles for the airport’s winter
services. Construction work on Fire
Station East started in September
2009. This station will also have
three halls with 14 spaces for fire
engines; in addition to being
used for fighting aircraft fires, this
station will primarily be used for
fire protection in the terminal.

      The next steps along the path to the new airport

The BBI construction site                   BBI test runs                            Airport Berlin Brandenburg Interna-
Building work will be progressing           From May 2011 the new airport            tional BBI, where the first scheduled
at top speed throughout 2010.               undergoes a six-month period of          flight takes off on the morning of
The first highlight of the year is the      extensive test runs to resolve any       30 October 2011.
topping out ceremony for the BBI            remaining issues prior to opening:
terminal in the spring. The new face        baggage belts will turn, check-in        New name
of the airport, with its glass and          counters will be manned for trials,      When it opens at the end of
steel façade, is already clearly visible.   security screening tested and all        October 2011, Berlin’s new airport
Other construction highlights               kinds of scenarios will be simulated.    will trade in Germany under the
include the opening of the fire             Berlin Airports will be recruiting       name of Flughafen Berlin Branden-
stations and the buildings for special      people to help rigorously test the       burg and will be marketed interna-
equipment, winter services and              new BBI.                                 tionally under the name of Berlin
ground services.                                                                     Brandenburg Airport. The new
                                            Berlin’s biggest relocation              airport will have the additional name
                                            29 October 2011, the date of the         “Willy Brandt”.
                                            spectacular move, will be a red letter
                                            day for the airport. “Two become
                                            One”: Tegel and Schoenefeld will
                                            close in the evening. Overnight, all
                                            mobile equipment, machinery and
                                            systems will be taken to the new

                                       • The midfield terminal will have six     surrounding region. The tracks
Key BBI figures                          floors; the initial layout will have    to and from BBI will be designed
                                         sufficient space to handle up to        to handle ICE trains.
• In the course of its expansion to      27 million passengers.
  become the new BBI, Schoenefeld                                               • Road connections: BBI will have its
  Airport will be extended by          • Modular design: BBI can be expan-        own exit on the A113. The A 113,
  970 hectares. The new airport          ded in modules to handle up to           the southern Berlin motorway
  will cover an area of 1,470 hect-      45 million passengers.                   going to Dresden, will be relocated
  ares, which is the equivalent of                                                and expanded to six lanes. The
  2,000 football pitches.              • Passengers at BBI will find all          A113 links the BBI with the Berlin
                                         services, ranging from domestic          city motorway A 100 and the
• Midfield Airport BBI: The terminal     and European to interconti-              city ring motorway A 100. The
  building of BBI will be situated       nental flights, under one roof in        dual carriageway 96 links BBI
  between two parallel runways           the central terminal (“One Roof          to Potsdam.
  which are 1,900 metres apart           Concept”).
  and can be operated separately.
  The terminal, gate positions and     • BBI will have a six-track railway
  parking spaces are also located        station with three platforms located
  compactly between the runways.         directly below the terminal;
                                         there will be excellent connections
                                         to the city centre and the

Berlin Airports: 166 destinations in 52 countries


Hamburg                                                    Bergen
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden                                                          Oslo                                        Helsinki
Cologne/Bonn                                                                                     Stockholm
                                                                                 Rygge                              Tallinn       St Petersburg
Memmingen                                                         Stavanger
Münster/Osnabrück                                                                          Vaxjo
Nuremberg                                                                                                                  Riga
Saarbrücken                                                                    Copenhagen
                                    Edinburgh                                                                                 Vilnius
Stuttgart                                                                                                    Kaliningrad
Westerland/Sylt              Glasgow
Weeze                  Dublin     Liverpool                                                            Bydgoszcz
                Shannon      Nottingham
                                                             Amsterdam                                                 Warsaw
                                Bristol   London
                                                                                             Prague                                      Kiev
                                                   Paris                              Salzburg    Vienna
                                                            Basel                              Graz       Budapest
                                                       Geneva                        Klagenfurt
                                                                              Venice              Zagreb
New York                                                        Turin Verona              Pula                Belgrade
Punta Cana                                                                                      Zadar                     Bucharest
                                                            Nice       Pisa                            Sarajevo
Varadero                                                                                   Split
                                                                                  Forli                     Pristina Sofia Warna
                                           Barcelona                        Rome        Pescara                               Burgas
                                                                                                    Dubrovnik Thessaloniki
                              Madrid                                        Olbia          Naples                             Istanbul
                Lisbon                       Palma                                                           Corfu
                                                  Ibiza       Cagliari       Lamezia Terme
                                  Alicante                                                                               Samos    Izmir
                                                                            Palermo                            Athens
                   Faro                                                                                                      Bod- Dala-
                             Malaga                                                            Catania           Mykonos rum man
Fuerteventura                                 Algier               Tunis
                     Jerez                                                                                       Santorini Kos
Funchal                                                         Monastir          Malta                                       Rhodes
La Palma
Las Palmas                                                            Djerba


                     Berlin Airports: 77 airlines


                                Ulan Bator

          Samsun Çarsamba
Antalya                               Abu Dhabi
  Larnaca                             Doha
Paphos          Beirut                Hurghada
                 Damascus             Luxor
 Tel Aviv                             Sharm El Sheik

Traffic statistics Berlin
                                           Change from
                                           previous year
                                   2009             in %

 A. TOTAL PASSENGERS          20,977,395           -2.0
 I. Local traffic             20,933,602            -2.0
 1. Scheduled                 20,170,843           -1.5
     a) Domestic               8,014,191            -2.7
     b) International         12,156,652            -0.7
 2. Non-scheduled               762,759           -14.7
     a) Charter                  719,742          -12.1
     b) Tramp                     37,024           26.5
     c) Other                      5,993          -87.0
 II. Transit (single count)      43,793            33.1

 B. FLIGHT MOVEMENTS            231,800           -13.3
 I. Commercial                  215,493            -8.6
 1. Scheduled                   196,863            -6.0
     a) Passage                  194,535            -6.1
     b) Cargo                      2,328            -2.2
 2. Non-scheduled                18,630           -29.2
     a) Charter                    5,493            -9.0
     b) Tramp                      6,107             2.1
     c) Cargo                        91           -82.1
     d) Other                      6,939          -49.6
 II. Non-Commercial              16,307           -48.5

 C. AIR FREIGHT (kg)          29,302,187          -11.9
 I. Local                     19,557,571           -9.6
      a) Unloaded             10,881,194            -4.4
      b) Loaded                8,676,377          -15.3
 1. Scheduled                 19,229,200            3.3
      a) Freighter             4,771,183           40.5
 2. Non-scheduled               328,371           -89.1
      a) Freighter               302,029          -89.8
 II. Transit                    788,464             6.4
 III. Trucking                 8,956,152          -17.9

 D.    AIRMAIL (kg)            5,630,134          -41.1
 I.    Local                   5,622,504          -41.1
 1.    Night mail              5,559,415          -41.1
 II.   Transit                     7,630           28.7

Traffic statistics Schoenefeld
                                          Change from
                                          previous year
                                  2009             in %

 A. TOTAL PASSENGERS          6,797,158            2.4
 I. Local traffic             6,778,693            2.3
                                                          Peak days
 1. Scheduled                 6,446,742            2.3
     a) Domestic              1,405,793           17.8
     b) International         5,040,949            -1.3
                                                          25,153 passengers
 2. Non-scheduled              331,951             2.3
     a) Charter                 302,282            -1.7
     b) Tramp                    26,373           70.1
                                                          205 flight movements
     c) Other                     3,296          105.2
 II. Transit (single count)     18,465            30.4
                                                          Peak hours
 B. FLIGHT MOVEMENTS            75,538             9.8
 I. Commercial                  65,303             8.5    28.06.2009
 1. Scheduled                   54,386             2.0    9 p.m. until 10 p.m.
     a) Passage                  53,127             0.9   2,882 passengers
     b) Cargo                     1,259           77.1
 2. Non-scheduled               10,917            59.5    24.02.2009
     a) Charter                   2,363             9.8   10 a.m. until 11 a.m.
     b) Tramp                     3,487          227.1    23 flight movements
     c) Cargo                       62           -87.2
     d) Other                     5,005           59.4
 II. Non-Commercial             10,235            19.2

 C. AIR FREIGHT (kg)          4,245,619           -3.5
 I. Local                     3,988,164           -5.2
      a) Unloaded             2,166,840           14.8
      b) Loaded               1,821,324          -21.5
 1. Scheduled                 3,823,150          141.0
      a) Freighter            3,007,757          244.3
 2. Non-scheduled              165,014           -93.7
      a) Freighter              160,734          -93.8
 II. Transit                   166,393           198.1
 III. Trucking                  91,062           -33.9

 D.    AIRMAIL (kg)           2,979,057          -32.5
 I.    Local                  2,977,743          -32.6
 1.    Night mail             2,972,242          -32.6
 II.   Transit                   1,314           511.2

Traffic statistics Tegel
                                           Change from
                                           previous year
                                   2009             in %

 A. TOTAL PASSENGERS          14,180,237           -2.1
 I. Local traffic             14,154,909            -2.2
                                                           Peak days
 1. Scheduled                 13,724,101           -1.7
     a) Domestic               6,608,398            -5.2
     b) International          7,115,703             1.9
                                                           56,731 passengers
 2. Non-scheduled               430,808           -15.9
     a) Charter                  417,460          -17.6
     b) Tramp                     10,651          164.7
                                                           514 flight movements
     c) Other                      2,697           87.6
 II. Transit (single count)      25,328            35.5
                                                           Peak hours
 B. FLIGHT MOVEMENTS            156,262            -3.1
 I. Commercial                  150,190            -3.0    18.09.2009
 1. Scheduled                   142,477            -4.7    6 p.m. until 7 p.m.
     a) Passage                  141,408            -4.5   5,090 passengers
     b) Cargo                      1,069          -19.9
 2. Non-scheduled                  7,713           41.8    02.10.2009
     a) Charter                    3,130          -17.6    7 p.m. until 8 p.m.
     b) Tramp                      2,620          256.5    47 flight movements
     c) Cargo                        29            45.0
     d) Other                      1,934          118.3
 II. Non-Commercial                6,072           -4.2

 C. AIR FREIGHT (kg)          25,056,568          -11.9
 I. Local                     15,569,407           -8.3
      a) Unloaded              8,714,354            -5.9
      b) Loaded                6,855,053          -11.1
 1. Scheduled                 15,406,050           -7.1
      a) Freighter             1,763,426          -15.2
 2. Non-scheduled               163,357           -58.8
      a) Freighter               141,295          -61.7
 II. Transit                    622,071            -9.3
 III. Trucking                 8,865,090          -17.7

 D.    AIRMAIL (kg)            2,651,077          -48.4
 I.    Local                   2,644,761          -48.5
 1.    Night mail              2,587,173          -48.6
 II.   Transit                     6,316           10.6

  Air freight development

Last year, Berlin’s airports handled   resumed at the end of November           Cargo Center Schoenefeld –
29,302 tonnes of air freight, a        2009 as delivery times could not be      specialist facility for cargo
decrease of 11.9 per cent. Of this     met using road services.                 Schoenefeld Airport handled
total, 20,346 tonnes were trans-                                                4,246 tonnes of air freight in 2009
ported by plane (not including         Belly freight on long-haul routes        (-3.5%). With the airport’s 24-hour
trucking), which is a drop of nine     continues to rise                        service and the Cargo Center, which
per cent. In comparison: at            Even in the current difficult economic   has a modular design for complete
Frankfurt Airport and worldwide,       situation belly freight on long-haul     flexibility, Schoenefeld offers ideal
air freight decreased by around        flights to and from Berlin rose by       conditions for air freight customers.
ten per cent. By the end of the year   one third. The leader in terms of        Deutsche Post World Net AG flies
the first signs of economic recovery   volume is Hainan Airlines’ non-stop      night air mail from Schoenefeld
were perceptible. In December          service to Beijing, which accounted      to Stuttgart and UPS and Federal
the volume of air freight rose by      for around half of all long-haul belly   Express fly express freight to their
20 per cent per plane.                 freight; this was followed by Delta      European distribution centres in
                                       Air Lines and Continental Airlines       Cologne and Paris. The German Red
The volume of airmail handled          services to New York, with the latter    Cross has its crisis response centre
went down by 41.1 per cent to          operating a larger Boeing B 767          at Schoenefeld Airport, enabling it
5,630 tonnes. Between the end          on this service for the winter flight    to get rapid aid to catastrophe zones
of June and the end of Novem-          schedule. Belly freight also increased   anywhere in the world (e.g. in Janu-
ber 2009, Deutsche Post World Net      by 1 per cent on Air Berlin’s long-      ary 2010 after the earthquake in
AG scaled down and eventually          haul flights (Bangkok, Phuket and        Haiti). Chapman Freeborn Airmarke-
discontinued all night mail flights.   Varadero).                               ting, which is based at Schoenefeld,
The Berlin-Stuttgart route was                                                  organised aid transports to Dushanbe
                                                                                (Tajikistan) for the German charity

                                                                                Air freight at Tegel
                                                                                Tegel Airport handled 25,066 tonnes
                                                                                of air freight (-11.9%). Tegel is used
                                                                                by TNT Express as a gateway
                                                                                between the TNT European Hub in
                                                                                Liege, Belgium, and Gdansk. The
                                                                                carrier flies to the route daily with
                                                                                its own cargo planes.

                                                                                BBI Cargo Centre for long-haul
                                                                                belly freight
                                                                                A cargo centre module for belly
                                                                                freight is being built on the midfield
                                                                                right next to the BBI Terminal. The
                                                                                new facility, which will handle belly
                                                                                freight for long-haul carriers, will be
                                                                                completed by the time BBI opens.

  Airport installations

Geographic location:                    Terminal C: area 864 m²                 Aircraft parking positions:
52° 22’ 42.75” N                        Terminal D: area 9,000 m²               36
13° 31’ 14.23” O                        Short distances from curb-side drop
157 feet (47.85 m) above sea level      off to the check-in counters and the    Jetways:
                                        short-stay car park. 52 check-in        3
Distance:                               counters, three duty free Travel
17 km from Berlin-Mitte,                Value shops; sales and information      Freight terminal:
Alexanderplatz                          counters for the airlines, travel       Gross floor area: 3,850 m²
                                        agents and tour operators, car rental   Capacity: 30,000 t/year
Total area:                             companies, federal police, local        Quarantine station for animals,
6,300,000 m²                            police, customs, and a wide range       low pressure simulation chamber
                                        of shopping facilities.
Apron area:                                                                     In-flight service building (LSG):
282,500 m²                              General Aviation Terminal:              Area: 1,087.9 m²
                                        In January 2010, the General            Preparation of in-flight meals and
Runway system:                          Aviation Terminal will be handed        refreshments
07 3,000 m x 45 m + 300 m stop-         over to ExecuJet, which will
way, operating category CAT III b       operate the terminal on behalf of       Airport operations and technical
25 3,000 m x 45 m + 300 m stop-         Berlin Airports.                        support:
way, operating category CAT III b                                               Technical support for the entire
Schoenefeld Airport is authorized       Night flight restrictions:              airport with service facilities and
for bad weather flight operations       The main runway is closed to loud       auxiliary operations: central material
according to CAT III b. This category   aircraft (Chapter 2) between 10 p.m.    warehouse, technical administration
level requires the exclusive use of     and 6 a.m. (local time). Chapter 3      offices, on-site filling station, special
automatic landing systems of the        aircraft that are not listed on the     equipment, airport fire service.
highest reliability and precision.      BMVBS bonus list are prohibited
                                        from using the runway between           Hangars:
Control tower:                          midnight and 6 a.m. (local time). In    Lufthansa Hangar
Height: 47 m                            the event on an unavoidable delay,      Gross area: 6,481.7 m²
                                        aircraft may land until 1 a.m. The      Hangar door clearance: 15.4 m
Terminal buildings:                     runway is open 24 hours for             Condor Hangar
Terminal A: area 5,900 m²               Chapter 3 aircraft that are on the      Gross area: 3,295.6 m²
Terminal B: area 2,160 m²               BMVBS bonus list.                       Hangar door clearance: 7.04 m
                                                                                Bombardier Hangar
                                                                                Gross area: 3,354.1 m²
                                                                                Hangar door clearance: 7.04 m
                                                                                Halls 1, 2 and 3
                                                                                For general aviation
                                                                                Gross area:
                                                                                Hall 1: 6,559 m²
                                                                                Hall 2: 6,203 m²
                                                                                Hall 3: 7,653 m²
                                                                                Hangar door clearance: 4.50 m

  Airport installations

Geographic location:                  check-in counters 60-73, central          Freight terminal:
52° 33’ 34.87” N                      departure and arrival area                Gross area: 11,428 m²
13° 17’ 15.76” O                      Terminal D, area: 3,471 m²,               Capacity: 40,000 t/year
122 feet (37.18 m) above sea level    check-in counters 70-91, central          Integrated within the terminal are a
                                      departure area                            quarantine station for animals and
Distance:                             Terminal E, area: 4,334 m², central       an intermediate storage facility for
9 km from Berlin-Mitte,               arrival area                              radioactive materials.
                                      Main building:                            Airport operations and
Total area:                           Central location for all key functions,   technical support:
4,660,000 m²                          including areas for exhibitions and       Technical support for the entire
                                      events, airport information, left-        airport (civil aviation) with service
Apron area:                           luggage office, conference rooms,         facilities and auxiliary operations:
409,500 m²                            federal/local police, post office,        vehicle depot, central material
                                      travel agencies, airline sales and        warehouse, technical administration
Runway system:                        information counters, administrative      offices, on-site filling stations,
08 L 3,023 m x 46 m                   offices, customs and airport              special equipment, airport fire service.
Operating category CAT III b          shopping facilities. Shops and food
26 R 3,023 m x 46 m                   services are also available in all        Noise reduction cabin:
Operating category CAT III b          terminals. Car rental companies are       Gross area: 2,230 m²
08 R 2,428 m x 46 m                   located in front of car park P2.          Protects the environment by
Operating category CAT I                                                        reducing engine testing noise
26 L 2,428 m x 46 m                   Night flight restrictions:                (only between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.)
Operating category CAT II             Night flight restrictions apply at
Tegel Airport is authorised for bad   Tegel Airport from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.,     Hangars:
weather flight operations according   with the exemption of night mail          Gross area: 14,744 m²
to CAT III b. This category level     service flights and specially             Hangar door clearance: 21 m
requires the exclusive use of         authorised flights.                       Gross area: 3,600 m²
automatic landing systems of the                                                Hangar door clearance: 15 m
highest reliability and precision.    Aircraft parking positions:
                                      14 positions close to the building
Control tower:                        (jetways), 34 apron positions
Height: 47.5 m                        (bus and walk-boarding)

Terminal buildings:
Terminal A, area: 19,550 m²,
check-in counters: 0-15, hexagonal
ring of decentral departure
and arrival gates, decentral drive-
in system
Terminal B, area: 4,214 m²,
check-in counters 20-39, central
departure area
Terminal C, area: 15,430 m²,

  An attractive employer

Berlin Airports is a dynamic enterprise
faced with the exciting challenge of
building and preparing for operation
the new Airport Berlin Brandenburg
International BBI. This period of
transition gives us the opportunity
to reshape and re-align the company
to meet the requirements of the

Number of employees (on Dec 31 of each year)

             2000           2001          2002           2003          2004          2005           2006          2007           2008             2009
SXF            609            623           622            624           680            720           750           794            862             918
TXL            617            613           614            617           559            539           537           527            587             548
THF*           341            328           313            291           258            242           223           173             38               1
Total        1,567          1,564         1,549         1,532          1,497         1,501          1,510         1,494         1,487             1,467
(active employees, employees released from their duties, employees in active partial retirement and those released from their duties under this
 scheme, former trainees, marginal employees, students, interns, trainees, temporary staff)
*Figures for 2008: FMT GmbH, figures for 2009: FMT i. L.

Flight plan to BBI                                 Tempelhof GmbH i. L. Additionally,                  Human Resources activities
All employees of Berlin Airports will              there were 84 employees in                          In 2009 work continued on
be actively included in the merger                 the passive phase of the early                      developing a “Qualified Personnel
of Berlin’s formerly three, and now                retirement programme, 63 trainees                   Development” plan which will give
two, airport locations to form the                 and BA students.                                    the company an optimum position
BBI. In 2009 the “Flight Plan for BBI”                                                                 to meet the challenges of the
was presented. A range of activities,              Job development                                     new BBI airport.
including BBI conventions, a series of             In preparation for the merger of
presentations, visits by members of                Berlin’s two airports for the new                   In the first quarter of 2009,
the executive board to the different               BBI, the number of jobs at Berlin                   collective wage negotiations were
divisions, a brochure, the employee                Airports has been reduced slightly.                 successfully concluded and a new
magazine and intranet, were                        Due to employee demographics,                       wage contract was agreed. Under
organised to enhance the exchange                  there were numerous new recruit-                    the terms of the new agreement
of information. The next step will                 ments in 2009. From the more than                   all employees will receive a bonus
be to arrange personal meetings                    2,200 applications we received,                     based on the company’s profits
with the employees to discuss their                29 new employees were recruited.                    in 2007; an increase in the basic
future position at the airport.                                                                        collective wage was also agreed.
                                                   Employee productivity at Berlin
Employees                                          Airports has increased steadily                     The Human Resources department
On 31 December 2009, Berlin                        over the past years; in 2009 it                     faced unscheduled challenges when
Airports had 1,467 employees, of                   stood at 65.53 employees (in                        the subsidiary Facility Management
which 918 were based in Schoene-                   man-years) per million passengers                   Tempelhof GmbH was wound
feld, 548 in Tegel and one at the                  (2008: 66.38).                                      down. The department succeeded
subsidiary Facility Management                                                                         in integrating the large majority of

the subsidiary’s employees in                fields. 31 young people completed              of Commerce. Berlin Airports have
Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH.           their training, and those with good            been holding Girls’ Days since 2005
                                             marks were offered temporary or                and in 2009 also took part in the
In 2009, as part of the executive            permanent employment contracts                 Future Day organised by the state
development process, a large                 with the company. The quality of               of Brandenburg. At this event,
number of training courses for               the training provided by Berlin                21 students came to find out more
department managers was held;                Airports is demonstrated by the                about the training options at
for the first time a scheme was              consistently high grades achieved              Berlin Airports and were given a
also offered for members of the              by the company’s trainees. This                look behind the scenes. Berlin
operative management teams.                  year, one of Berlin Airports’ trainees         Airports also regularly attends
More than 580 employees took                 was amongst the best in her                    a large number of trainee fairs in
part in over 190 training courses            vocation at the Cottbus Chamber                Berlin and Brandenburg.
and seminars aimed at building
methodological, interpersonal and
specialist skills. As part of the
company’s health management
programme, a wide range of
preventive health classes were
offered and the issue of substance
abuse at work was addressed.

With 63 trainees, Berlin Airports
has one of the largest trainee ratios
in the Berlin Brandenburg region.
In August 2009, 24 young trainees
started traineeships at Berlin
Airports in 8 different vocational

                                             Berlin Airports - 63 trainees

 Trade Academy                   Technical                         Commercial                          Trades
 (degree course)

 Business administration /       System administrators     9       Air traffic management             Electronics engineers for
 Industry management         3                                     assistants                 12      energy and facility
                                                                                                      technology                  1
                                 Electronics engineers for
 Industrial information          technical equipment               Business management         5
 technology                  6   and installation          3       assistants                          Heating, cooling and
                                                                                                       plumbing mechanics         2
 Business administration /       Mechanotricians           8       Office communication
 Facility management         6   Construction engineers    3       assistants                  5                     (As at 31.12.2009)

  Green airport

As air traffic continues to grow       Identify reduction potential
rapidly, airports are increasingly     As part of our ongoing drive to
faced with the challenge of            improve Berlin Airports’ energy
complying with stringent environ-      efficiency, we set up the Climate
mental standards. Berlin Airports      Protection Working Group, which
has put in place a comprehensive       meets regularly to consult on the
environmental management system        reduction of harmful climate gas
which covers the airports Tegel        emissions and implement plans of
and Schoenefeld and which precisely    action. The current focus is on
defines all responsibilities. The      identifying energy saving potential in
board of management has top-level      our information and communication
responsibility for environmental       technology systems.
protection. The key objective of
environmental protection is to         Develop and implement targeted
minimise as far as possible the        measures
environmental impact of airport        In 2009, Berlin Airports implemented
operations. Environmental concerns     a pilot project to use smart
and climate protection have top        metering to monitor our power
priority in all areas, from noise      consumption. The data, which were
reduction to energy policies, waste    recorded at regular intervals, will be
management and the conservation        used to boost our energy efficiency      Aircraft noise
of rivers, lakes and wetlands.         and to establish basic goals for an      In accordance with the Air Traffic Noise
                                       energy management system.                Control Act (31 October 2007),
Climate protection                                                              the annual exposure to noise is
                                       Calculate balances                       expressed by the equivalent contin-
In order to limit our climate gas      As from October 2011, all air traffic    uous noise level (Leq) for daytime
emissions to an absolute minimum,      will be handled by the new Airport       and night time. The six busiest
Berlin Airports bases its operations   Berlin Brandenburg International BBI.    traffic months of the year are used
on the following climate protection    The closure of existing airports, the    as the reference period.
strategy:                              opening of the energy-efficient new
                                       airport and the use of alternative       In 2009, flight movements
Emission audits                        sources to generate the power            decreased by 3.1 per cent at Tegel
Detailed qualitative (emission         needed will enable us to reduce          Airport as a result of the economic
sources) and quantitative data         the carbon emissions generated           crisis. In contrast, flight movements
about emissions is required in order   by infrastructure supplies by            at Schoenefeld Airport rose by almost
to start tackling the issue of how     48 per cent, from 74,600 t per year      10 per cent. In total, there was a
greenhouse gases can be reduced.       (2007) to 38,700 t per year.             slight increase of 0.8 per cent at both
In 2008, Berlin Airports started                                                airports. There were 156,262 flight
preparing annual emission audits       Working closely with our                 movements at Tegel Airport (67%)
following the United Nations’          customers and partners at the            and 75,538 (38%) at Schoenefeld
Greenhouse Gas Protocol.               airport                                  Airport. The highest noise level of
                                                                                113.5 dB(A) was recorded at mea-
                                                                                surement point 49 (Meteorstrasse)
                                                                                when a Brazil Air Force Boeing
                                                                                707-300 landed at Tegel Airport.

Schoenefeld                                                                                               SXF                       TXL
The annual noise level of the daily                                                        2008
equivalent continuous noise level Leq,                                         2008   without ILA         2009        2008         2009
calculated across all measurement           Flight movements in thousands                      68.8        75.5       161.2        156.3
points in accordance with the Air           Passengers in millions                              6.6          6.8        14.5         14.2
Traffic Noise Control Act, decreased        Annual Leq, daytime [dB(A)]         58.6           56.3        56.8*        62.5         62.7
by 1.8 dB(A) over the previous year.        Annual Leq, night time [dB(A)]      53.2           53.2        52.9*        53.1         52.5
In 2009 flight movements went              *Measurement point 7 in Blankenfelde was not in operation for most of 2008; the annual average
up by 9.8 per cent at Schoenefeld           noise level for 2009 was calculated without data from this measurement point.
Airport. Compared with this rise
in traffic, aircraft noise decreased
significantly; this is due to the loud     Mitigation and compensation                      former sewage fields have been
aircraft demonstrations at the ILA         measures                                         opened for walkers. A further focus
show in 2008. If the ILA flights are       The construction of BBI is being                 was the public debate with local
not included, there was a 0.5 dB(A)        accompanied by a wide range                      residents on the use of the former
rise in the annual Leq across all          of mitigation and compensation                   manor park at Großziethen und
measurement points.                        measures. On average, we are                     Dahlewitz. Building work on this
                                           planting three trees for every tree              project started at the end of 2009.
The annual Leq for the night dropped       felled and we’re creating replacements
by 0.3 dB(A); this is due to a             for every biotope we are forced                  Planting also continued in the areas
3.6 per cent decrease in the number        to sacrifice for the new airport. All            to the south of the airport in 2009.
of night flights. As the ILA flights all   measures are detailed in the plan                The former sewage fields in
took place during the day time, this       supplement order and will be                     Ragow were replanted with closed
value is identical for both cases.         implemented by Berlin Airports.                  avenues and rows of trees. The
                                                                                            Waltersdorf Flutgrabenaue system
Tegel                                      In 2009, the mitigation and                      of flood channels is to be developed
The average equivalent continuous          compensation measures took on                    to become on of the region’s most
noise level Leq recorded at the            further shape, and particularly so               important wetlands.
measurement points in the vicinity         in the area around the new airport.
of Tegel Airport remained stable in        With the exception of a few small                The planning stipulation decision
2009, despite a decrease in traffic        areas yet to be done, re-foresting               for the complex mitigation measures
[+0,2 dB(A)]. Night time air traffic       has been completed. All the                      in the Zülow lowlands is expected
noise (10 p.m. - 6 a.m.) at Tegel          new trees are being established and              to be handed down in 2010,
deserves particular attention: with        nurtured by watering and pruning                 allowing us to start preparing for
a 7.1 per cent decrease in night           them; the surrounding green strips               implementation. A range of
time flights, the average equivalent       and hedgerows will be cut several                interdependent measures is to be
continuous noise level Leq dropped         times a year until they have adapted             implemented in the 2,500 hectares
slightly [-0,6 dB(A)].                     to the natural local conditions.                 of lowlands and will result in a
                                                                                            discernible habitat improvement
                                           Planting has almost been fully                   for local flora and fauna.
                                           completed in the Großziethen area.
                                           Trees are being planted along the
                                           new cycle paths built by the
                                           Schoenefeld community and newly
                                           laid-out field paths through the

  The airport – a good neighbour

No other infrastructure project will       Dialogue Forum                            project and bring people together
have quite such an impact on the           The Airport Berlin Brandenburg            despite varying interests; its task is
Berlin and Brandenburg region as the       Dialogue Forum, which accompanies         to further strengthen the good rela-
expansion of Schoenefeld Airport to        the construction work for the Airport     tionship between the local residents
become the new BBI. The new                Berlin Brandenburg International          and Berlin Airports. The moderator
airport will be region’s biggest place     BBI, is committed to establishing         of the Dialogue Forum is Wolfram
of work and the key international          open and transparent communi-             Hülsemann, a protestant theologian
hub for Germany’s capital and the          cation between the communities            who trained and works as a super-
area around it. As with any project        and districts and Berlin Airports         visor, coach and organisation consul-
of this magnitude and importance, a        and its subsidiaries. The focus of        tant (accredited by the DSGv). He is
certain degree of noise and traffic is     this voluntary process is on finding      well-known in Brandenburg as the
unavoidable. An airport cannot             mutually satisfactory solutions to        head of the Brandenburg Institute
simply relocate its facilities to          potential conflicts and balancing         for Community Consultancy
another country – it is firmly rooted      the interests of all parties involved.    – demos (mobile advice team
in its local area. Against this back-      The results we have achieved so           “Tolerant Brandenburg”). Hülsemann
ground, Berlin Airports is committed       far – the structural concept for the      is deeply committed to democracy
to doing all it can to ensure that it is   development of the areas around           and fostering democratic behaviour,
a good neighbour for the residents         BBI, setting up the Dialogue Forum        which is why he volunteered to
in the areas and communities near          with regional responsibilities, and the   become involved with the Dialogue
the airport. Berlin Airports is fully      integrated working groups – form          Forum Airport Berlin Brandenburg.
committed to assuming responsibility       the basis of this cooperation. The
for the region.                            Dialogue Forum aims to establish a
                                           good working relationship between         Ombudsmann
                                           all those involved in this important      At the beginning of 2010, the
                                                                                     Dahme-Spree municipal district
                                                                                     appointed an ombudsman for the
                                                                                     local residents in the area around
                                                                                     Schoenefeld Airport; the ombudsman
                                                                                     is entrusted with intervening in
                                                                                     any potential differences arising
                                                                                     from the expansion of the airport.
                                                                                     This position is held by Wolfgang
                                                                                     Diedrich, 61, from Ratingen in
                                                                                     North Rhine Westphalia, who acts
                                                                                     as a contact person and mediator.

                                                                                     Noise protection programme
                                                                                     for BBI
                                                                                     As BBI is being built, Berlin Airports
                                                                                     is also implementing a comprehensive
                                                                                     noise protection programme for the
                                                                                     local residents in the area around the
                                                                                     new airport. A budget of ¤140 million
                                                                                     has been allocated for the scheme.

To inform all local residents about      2016, a good five years after BBI        to actively participate in a sport and
the noise protection programme,          opens for business.                      spend their leisure time actively in
Berlin Airports distributed a free                                                a sports club. The portfolio of sports
brochure containing full details of      The plan supplement order “Noise         supported includes football, handball,
the scheme to all households in          Protection BBI” was issued in            volleyball, basketball, tennis, ice
the airport area. Berlin Airports is     October 2009. In it the air traffic      hockey, all water sports, cycling,
also committed to seeking direct         authorities in the Brandenburg           riding, hockey, boxing cheerleading
and personal contact with all those      Ministry for Infrastructure ruled        and gymnastics.
affected and answering all questions     on night flights and passive noise
in local consultation sessions in        protection for the residents in the      Around 50 per cent of the sponsor-
the communities, tours of the BBI-       area around the new BBI. Prior to        ship projects and donations go to
Infobus and at airportworld bbi.         this order, on 16 March 2006             the state of Brandenburg, mainly
                                         the Federal Administrative Court         the districts Dahme-Spreewald
Owners of properties within the          gave final authorisation for             and Teltow-Fläming. The city of
designated protection zones are          Schoenefeld Airport to be expanded       Berlin benefits from the other
eligible for the installation of noise   into Airport Berlin Brandenburg BBI      50 per cent, with the district of
protection or reimbursement of           and stipulated a supplementary           Treptow-Köpenick receiving the
the cost of such measures. Noise         planning procedure for noise             largest proportion.
protection will be fitted to public      protection. Berlin Airports will be
buildings, such as kindergartens,        informing all residents about any
schools, old people’s homes and          changes resulting from the plan
hospitals, as well as residential        supplement order “Noise Protection
buildings. Protection measures           at BBI” and we will continue to
include special windows, noise           swiftly implement the noise
protected ventilation units and          protection programme.
specially insulated shutters.
In individual cases, it may be           Active support for the region
necessary to fit insulation to roofs.    Berlin Airports is a committed partner
                                         of the local sports clubs, cultural
In 2009, Berlin Airports started         associations and social institutions
rolling out the noise protection         such as schools and kindergartens.
programme for private households         The primary focus is on supporting
in the area around the new airport.      children and young people in the
In total, around 25,000 households       area. In 2009, Berlin Airports
will benefit from noise protection       initiated 70 sponsorship projects
measures. Around half of all             and donated to 30 projects,
households in the vicinity of the        comprising ten arts and culture
airport entitled to grants under the     projects, 18 school and social
scheme have applied for noise            projects and 59 sports projects.
protection measures. All applications    The major proportion of funding
received by 30 November 2010             went to regional sports clubs and
will be processed and the necessary      associations, where the donations
noise protection installed before        were used to keep membership
the airport opens. Local residents       fees as low as possible. Berlin Air-
can apply for noise protection until     ports’ aim is to enable more children

  How to get in touch with us

“Which airlines fly to New York?          Construction Site and Airport             BBI-Infotower
Can I visit the BBI building site?        Experience tours                          The 32-metre high tower offers
How far is the airport from the city      To allow visitors to watch the            a stunning panoramic view across
centre?” The friendly staff at the        exciting progress on the site at first    the airport building site. The
airport will be more than happy to        hand, Berlin Airports offers guided       information pavilion at the foot
provide answers to these and any          bus tours across the site. Aviation       of the Tower provides a wealth of
other questions you might have.           fans can take a guided tour behind        additional information about the
Berlin Airports offers a wide range       the scenes at Schoenefeld Airport.        new BBI Airport.
of information services, including a      Both tours conclude with a visit to
helpline for general airport enquiries,   the BBI-Infotower.                        Opening hours: (advance booking
the visitors’ centre at airportworld                                                is not required, daily) in the winter
bbi and BBI building site tours.          Advance booking are required for          between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., in
                                          both tours. Bookings are taken online     the summer between 10 a.m. and
                                          at or Mondays       6 p.m. The observation platform
Building site                             to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.          can be reached via a spiral staircase
                                          by calling +49 30 6091-2250.              or the lift. Admission is ¤2 and ¤1
marketing                                 The construction site tour costs          for children (up to 14 years).
                                          ¤10 per person, ¤5 for concessions.
A site the size of 2,000 football         Details of group prices can be found      A Day at the Airport
pitches, busy diggers and thousands       on the website.                           If you’re interested in showing your
of workers – the BBI building site is                                               children how an airport works, what
currently the biggest and certainly       The Building Site at Night                happens behind the scenes and how
the most exciting in the Berlin           The evening starts with a bus tour        a new aircraft is built, Berlin Airports
region, as well as being Europe’s         around the illuminated BBI building       will be opening its doors again in
largest airport construction site.        site. Visitors are then taken to the      the 2010 summer holidays. Children
Under the motto “We build, you            BBI-Infotower, where drinks and           and accompanying adults are given a
watch”, Berlin Airports welcomes          finger food are served. From the          guided tour of the airport, get to go
visitors to the site. You can also        32-metre observation platform
follow the progress at the site from      there is a breathtaking panoramic
the comfort of your own home –            view across the building site by night.
with the webcam and building site
diary. For more details, visit            The number of visitors per tour is                    limited to 50 and the next available
                                          dates are in spring 2010.

up the BBI-Infotower and look out         Airport information and bookings        At, Berlin Airports’
over the building site. Also included     Our friendly staff at our call centre   online travel portal, you can search
are visits to the airport fire brigade,   are there to help you, seven days a     for and book flights to, from and
the Lufthansa maintenance hangar,         week, 24 hours a day. They will         via Berlin. The site also gives lots of
the terminal and a Mi-8 helicopter.       provide information about arrivals      useful tips and advice on booking
Breakfast, lunch and drinks are           and departures, getting to the          your stay in Berlin. The viaberlin.
provided, and there’s an ice cream        airport, facilities and accommodation   com newsletter sends travellers up-
at the end of the tour.                   here or can put you through to the      to-date information direct by email.
                                          right contact person.         
“A Day at the Airport” takes place        Tel. + 49 1805 000186
on weekdays throughout the summer
holidays and must be booked in            Help with booking flights:
advance. This special holiday             Tel. + 49 1805 694569
programme costs ¤19 per person.           (Calls to both these numbers from
Bookings can be made from spring          the German landline network are
2010 on. For more details, visit the      charged at ¤0.14/min; prices from
website            mobile networks will vary)
                                                                                  Information for media
airportworld bbi                          Online                                  representatives
airportworld bbi provides a wide          The Berlin Airports’ website is a       All press releases, information
range of information and entertain-       valuable source of information for      packs, images, videos and the latest
ment for visitors, business partners,     visitors and passengers, corporate      Berlin Airports publications are
passengers and neighbours of Berlin       customers and business partners;        available through our media centre
Airports. Offerings include films and     it also provides the latest news        on the website.
presentations on aviation in Berlin       releases about the new BBI Airport
and Brandenburg, the Berlin Airports      and Berlin Airports.
Visitor Service, expert information                   Media contact person
and advice on the expansion of                                                    • Ralf Kunkel, Head of Corporate
Schoenefeld Airport into Airport          Key information for mobile devices is     Communications and Press Officer
Berlin Brandenburg International          also available through the service at   • Leif Erichsen, Press Officer
BBI, and current vacancies in   
the BBI Job Market. The package is                                                Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH
complemented by a series of                                                       Press Office
changing exhibitions and a confer-                                                Schoenefeld Airport
ence centre for small groups.                                                     12521 Berlin
                                                                                  Tel. +49 30 6091-2055
Opening hours:                                                                    Fax +49 30 6091-1643
Mondays to Fridays, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

airportworld bbi
Berlin Airports’ visitor centre
Schoenefeld Airport
12521 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 6091-2070
Fax +49 30 6091-2071

Management of Berlin Airports
                                Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz
                                Chief Executive Officer and
                                Commercial Director

                                Manfred Körtgen
                                Managing Director of

                                (from the left)

Ownership structure

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                                    February 2010
 Berlin Airports
Passengers 2009
Berlin total                         20,977,395
Berlin Schoenefeld                    6,797,158
Berlin Tegel                         14,180,237

Flight movements 2009
Berlin total                             231,800
Berlin Schoenefeld                        75,538
Berlin Tegel                             156,262

Board of Management
Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz
Manfred Körtgen

Federal Republic of Germany                  26%
State of Berlin                              37%
State of Brandenburg                         37%

Airlines                                       77

Destinations                                 166

Total                                      1,467
Schoenefeld                                  918
Tegel                                        548
FMT                                            1
Trainees                                      63

Airport Information        Tel. +49 1805 000186
Mobil services    
 Airport BBI

Terminal topping out ceremony     May 2010
Trial operation                   May 2011
BBI opens                   30 October 2011

Size                          1,470 hectares

At opening         up to 27 million passengers
Extension stages   up to 45 million passengers

Gross floor area      280,000 square metres
Roof area              49,000 square metres
Length                          220 metres
Width                           180 metres
Height                           32 metres

Main Pier
Length                            715 metres
Jetways                                  16

South Pier
Length                            350 metres
Jetways                                    9

North Pier
Length                            350 metres
Walk-boarding positions                  12

North Runway                    3 600 metres
South Runway                    4 000 metres
Distance apart                  1 900 metres

Total investment volume            ¤2.5 billion

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