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									             LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE

Long Term Care Insurance
Now available to members of
Nathan Hale Alumni Association
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
Company’s SignatureCare® Individual Long
Term Care Insurance is now available to
Nathan Hale Alumni Association
members at a 10 percent first year
premium discount.
SignatureCare is fully portable1 and savings
can extend to members’ spouses, parents,
grandparents, in-laws and children.
For more information, call (
Susan Dean (class 1970)
1 If a member of the employer/association group member leaves the group, all applicable
  discounts and benefits will remain in place.
Coverage provided by Policy Forms MM-400-P et al. (In ID, MM-400-P-ID, in PA, MM-400-P-PA through MM-405-P-PA,
in TX, MM-400-P-TX and MM-401-P-TX, and in NC, MM-400-P-NC). Underwritten by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
Company of Springfield, MA. Benefits vary by state. This is an individual product, each application is individually underwritten.
For cost and further details of coverage including exclusions, reductions, limitations and the terms under which the long term
care insurance policy may be continued in force, contact your licensed MassMutual Representative. A licensed insurance
agent will contact you.




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