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									Allen Register, Sr. Procurement Manager           Materials Management Office                Section: A
E-Mail:                      1201 Main St - Ste 600                     Page: 60
Telephone: (803) 737-3410                         Columbia, SC 29201                         Date: 5/31/06
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                                             Contract # 06-S7184

                                                                                     Contract Terms and Conditions

                MAXIMUM CONTRACT PERIOD: May 31, 2006 – May 30, 2011
NOTE: The “BASE PRICE” for each make and model is listed below. A link to the vendor information sheet for
Duraco is in the far right column below. Two links will be provided on the contractor’s information sheet. The first link
is the Bidding Schedule/Price-Business Proposal, then a 2 page questionnaire listing detailed information about each
model. The second link is the company’s warranty information for the bidded model. It can be found labeled “Warranty”
at the bottom of the information sheet.


Duraco Industries, Inc.                                        Asphalt Patcher, Portable, TLR Mounted
                                                                       Tandem Axel, Min. 80 HP Diesel Engine,
                                                                       250 Gallon Minimum Insulated Asphalt
                                                                       Emulsion Tank
                                                                       Click Here for SCDOT Bid Specifications

   BRAND                  MODEL                            PRICE            LINK TO CONTRACT SHEETS

Dura Patcher              125DJT                  $41,345.00                Click Here for Vendor Information

shall be made and all services provided to the location specified by the Using Governmental Unit in its purchase order.

SHIPPING / RISK OF LOSS (JANUARY 2006) F.O.B. Destination. Destination is the shipping dock of the Using
Governmental Units’ designated receiving site, or other location, as specified herein. (See Delivery clause)

Contractor shall be required to maintain or have available for its own use an inventory sufficient to make shipments in
order to insure that all items shall be delivered no later than thirty (30) days after contractor’s receipt of the purchase

PURCHASING CARD (JANUARY 2006): Contractor agrees to accept payment by the South Carolina Purchasing Card
for no extra charge. The Purchasing Card is issued by Visa. The purchasing card allows state agencies to make
authorized purchases from a vendor without the requirement to issue a purchase order.
Allen Register, Sr. Procurement Manager   Materials Management Office     Section: A
E-Mail:              1201 Main St - Ste 600          Page: 61
Telephone: (803) 737-3410                 Columbia, SC 29201              Date: 5/31/06

Contractor:     Duraco Industries, Inc.
                2000 Old Whitfield Rd
                Pearl, MS 39208
                (Physical Address)
                PO Box 6127
                Jackson, MS 39288
                (Mailing Address)
                Contact: David Sitton
                Phone Number: (601) 932-2100
                Cell Phone Number: (601) 842-8527
                Fax: (601) 936-6039
                Vendor #: 0318494
                Contract #: 06-S7184-A12302
                FEIN:       87-0425008

Detailed Information

Contract Item Description                     u/m                   Contract Price
Dura Patcher Model 125DJT                     Each                   $41,345.00

Allen Register, Sr. Procurement Manager                Materials Management Office                    Section: A
E-Mail:                           1201 Main St - Ste 600                         Page: 62
Telephone: (803) 737-3410                              Columbia, SC 29201                             Date: 5/31/06
                                  SPECIFICATIONS FOR ASPHALT PATCHER, PORTABLE
                                           SCDOT Spec. No. 0240.25 – 03/16/06

DESCRIPTION: The portable, trailer-mounted asphalt patching machine shall be designed for multiple repair operations including
   compressed air cleaning of potholes and cracks, pressure application of liquid asphalt, and pressure mixing and placing of asphalt
   and aggregate. Units supplied to this specification shall meet or exceed these requirements.

GENERAL: Each unit shall be new, and of the latest design of a model in current production or an update of an existing model. Each
   unit shall be furnished with identical equipment, options and features. It shall be furnished completely assembled, fully serviced,
   and ready for immediate operation. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids proposing to furnish equipment, which, in the
   opinion of the Department's engineers and/or staff, is not satisfactory for the Department's use in the proposed application.

DIMENSIONS: Unit dimensions shall be as follows:
   Unit weight with full load of emulsion and fuel shall not exceed 10,000 lbs.
   Unit width shall not exceed 96 inches in transport mode.
   Unit length shall not exceed 17 feet for transport.
   Unit height shall not exceed 13 feet six inches.

ENGINE: The unit shall be powered by a John Deere diesel engine with minimum gross SAE horsepower of 80. Alternate engines will
   be considered for approval if engine information is provided with the bid. The engine shall be equipped, at a minimum, as follows:
   Unit to meet applicable EPA requirements.
   Electrical system (12-Volt), with alternator, starter, voltage regulator, and heavy-duty battery.
   Air cleaner, heavy-duty, two-stage, dry-type with restriction indicator.
   Oil filter, heavy-duty with replaceable element.
   Fuel filter, heavy-duty with replaceable element.
   Heavy-duty radiator and cooling system, with 50-50 mixture of water and permanent-type antifreeze.
   Fuel tank, 10 gallon minimum.
   Fuel gauge.
   Muffler, exhaust system, and rain cap.
   Key switch.
   Hourmeter, electric, with oil pressure or alternator switching device.
   Oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, ammeter.
   Protective housing with sound suppression.

TRAILER: The unit shall be mounted on a trailer fitted with tandem axles and single tires, of a size and capacity to safely and
   efficiently transport all components, fully loaded, and designed so that a minimum of 10 percent of the total gross weight is
   transferred to the towing vehicle, when empty or in any load configuration, properly adjusted and fitted to a truck with a 28 inch
   hitch height. The total design shall be such as to provide for safe towing at highway speeds up to 65 mph, fully loaded. Th e trailer
   shall include, but not be limited to, the following features:
   Minimum 10,400 pound GVWR.
   Minimum 16 feet long x 6 feet wide. Overall trailer width shall not exceed 102 inches.
   Frame: The frame shall be designed, constructed, and rated for the full capacity of the trailer, fully loaded.
        Frame under tank: All welds double welded.
        Two plated safety chains with hooks shall be provided. Hooks, chains or cable, and attachment of chain to trailer shall have an
        ultimate strength of at least the GVWR of the vehicle being towed, meeting SAE J-697 (May 88) Standard.
        Chain shall consist of minimum 1/2", NACM Grade 70, attached to the trailer by a shackle or by bolting, with a 1/2" Grade 70
        slip hook on the opposite end to accommodate a 1 inch D-ring..
        Hooks shall have safety latches.
Allen Register, Sr. Procurement Manager                 Materials Management Office                     Section: A
E-Mail:                            1201 Main St - Ste 600                          Page: 63
Telephone: (803) 737-3410                               Columbia, SC 29201                              Date: 5/31/06
            Chains shall be of sufficient length for crossing beneath the tongue to form a cradle if the trailer hitch becomes
            disconnected, allowing normal operation and full turns, and the coupled towing truck to make full turns and perform
            normal operation.

   Axles: Walking beam or spring type heavy-duty tandem suspension, minimum 10,400 lbs. Capacity (5,200 pounds each), designed
            for adequate load distribution and clearance of tires with up to a fully loaded trailer.
   Wheels and Tires: 4 each, automotive type steel-belted radials, highway-tread. Wheels shall be one-piece steel discs. Total
            combined load rating of the tires and wheels shall exceed the GVWR of the unit. Load ratings shall be determined by
            reference to the current yearbook of the Tire and Rim Association, Inc., or the manufacturer’s published load rating. Tire
            ratings shall be calculated at 65 mph.
   Electric brakes, acting on all wheels
            An automatically applying emergency breakaway feature which applies the trailer brakes upon tongue and safety chain
            separation from the towing vehicle, and remains applied for at least 15 minutes upon breakaway from the towing vehicle.
            Adjustable, heavy-duty, non-asbestos lining material.
            The engine battery referenced in paragraph 4.1 above shall furnish power.
            The brake system must comply with all current and applicable U. S. Department of Transportation safety regulations, and
            they must comply with all current and applicable FMVSS requirements.
   The towing tongue or drawbar shall include a heavy-duty, 2 1/2" pintle eye, adjustable for use with various pintle hook heights, as
            Heavy-duty, 2.50 inch inside diameter, 1.25 inch x 1.50 inch oval section steel ring, 0.75 inch steel mounting plate,
            adjustable for variable pintle hook heights through a range of 22-30 inches from ground level.
            Rated trailer weight capacity of the pintle eye shall not be less than the GVWR of the trailer. Rated vertical load capacity of
            the pintle eye shall not be less than 15 percent of the GVWR of the trailer.
            The trailer shall tow level when attached to a pintle hook of 28" height.
            Four mounting bolts.
   Fenders: Fenders shall be metal framed, load bearing to support a minimum of 200 pounds, constructed of steel.
   Walking and Standing Surfaces: Wherever personnel may need to stand or walk on trailer or fender surfaces, those surfaces shall be
   Stand: A heavy-duty, jack type leveling stand with sand shoe to raise or lower the towing tongue for connecting to towing vehicle
            shall be installed on the tongue. The tongue stand and member to which it is attached shall support the tongue of the fully
            loaded unit. The stand shall be securely bolted to the tongue of the trailer or welded by a continuous weld.
   Lights: The trailer shall be equipped with lights and reflectors in compliance with applicable South Carolina motor vehicle laws,
            including turn signals, dual taillights, and brake lights. A standard 6-way plug, equal to and interchangeable with a Velvac
            055049 plug, and a heavy-duty jacketed multi-conductor cable shall be furnished for connecting the truck and trailer wiring
            system. The cable and plug shall be attached to the trailer in sufficient length to reach a truck mounted receptacle. The plug
            shall be connected to the trailer wiring system in accordance with the following drawing:

   License Plate Holder: The trailer shall be equipped with an illuminated license plate holder.
   Strobe light – STAR Model S5199AC, amber strobe, to include branch guard. Strobe light and branch guard shall be bracket
   mounted above highest point on unit to provide 360 degree visibility.
Allen Register, Sr. Procurement Manager                 Materials Management Office                    Section: A
E-Mail:                            1201 Main St - Ste 600                         Page: 64
Telephone: (803) 737-3410                               Columbia, SC 29201                             Date: 5/31/06
    All electrical wiring shall be insulated and enclosed in a fibrous loom, plastic loom or flexible conduit for protection from external
    damage and short circuits. Wiring shall be securely fastened at sufficient intervals to prevent sagging and insure clearance of
    mechanical parts. Routing of the wiring through the sub-frame, deck, etc. shall not interfere with the normal operation and use or
    present a safety hazard. A sealed, splice-free modular wiring harness is acceptable. Rubber grommets shall be used wherever wires
    or harness pass through metal.

    MCO AND FORM 400: A “Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin” and a completed, typed, South Carolina Department of Public
         Safety Form 400 shall be furnished with each unit. The forms shall be completed as follows:

                  S. C. Dept. of Transportation
                  P.O. Box 191
                  Columbia, South Carolina 29201

SIGN PANEL: The unit shall be equipped with a sign panel with controller mounted to the rear, top of the unit. Arrow board to have
   ten amber lamps, each with PAR 36 LED lights with 16 high-intensity LEDs. LEDs to be shock mounted and weather sealed.

AGGREGATE DELIVERY SYSTEM: Unit shall be capable of continuously applying 125 lbs. per minute of aggregate ranging in size
   from ¼” through 1/2”. Unit shall receive aggregate from the towing dump truck.
   Up to 1-1/2” aggregate material shall safely pass through delivery system, without clogging.
   Unit shall be capable of using wet or dry aggregates.
   Aggregate feed rate shall be controlled by means of a remotely operated gate or auger speed from the operator’s station. No other
   adjustments shall be necessary.
   Compressed air and air blower systems shall be equipped with safety relief valves and inlet air filters.

EMULSION TANK: Unit shall be provided with a 250 gallon (minimum) insulated asphalt emulsion tank meeting the following
  Steel construction. Rated for at least the maximum possible working pressure at the maximum possible temperature.
  Exposed materials shall be fire retardant.
  Electrically operated heater(s) shall be provided to keep tank contents liquid 48 hours minimum at an ambient temperature of 20
  degrees F and above.
  12” diameter inlet.
  Valve for completely draining tank.

SOLVENT TANK: A solvent tank of sufficient volume, hoses, and valves shall be provided to clean residual material from emulsion
   Steel construction. Rated for at least the maximum possible working pressure at the maximum possible temperature.
   Containment will be provided to secure used solvent and emulsion mixture for transport.
   Valves and controls shall be located with prime consideration for operator safety and convenience.

EMULSION HEATING SYSTEM: Heated oil or fluid shall be used to heat emulsion tank, valves, hoses, and nozzles. System must be
  capable of heating emulsion tank and lines maintaining emulsion at a minimum temperature of 140 degrees F at any time during the
  unit’s operation. System shall keep emulsion in a liquid state in nozzle at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees F and above.

APPLICATOR: Unit shall be designed to not apply aggregate or emulsion to the equipment operator when used in accordance with the
   manufacturer’s recommendations.
   Operator shall be able to control aggregate and emulsion flow, engine RPM, and horn from operator station located towards the end
   of the discharge hose assembly.
   An articulating boom assembly to reduce operator fatigue shall support discharge hose assembly weight during operation.
   Working radius of discharge hose assembly and boom shall be 18 feet minimum.
   Aggregate shall be 100% coated with emulsion prior to exiting applicator nozzle.

EQUIPMENT: The unit shall be complete with all standard equipment and accessories normally furnished. In addition, equipment
   shall be furnished as follows:
Allen Register, Sr. Procurement Manager                   Materials Management Office                     Section: A
E-Mail:                              1201 Main St - Ste 600                          Page: 65
Telephone: (803) 737-3410                                 Columbia, SC 29201                              Date: 5/31/06
    Unit to meet all applicable OSHA requirements.
    All necessary hoses and nozzles.
    Hydraulic or air system complete. Hydraulic hoses to be SAE 100R2, 2-wire braid.
    Asphalt and aggregate mixing device.
    Asphalt and aggregate feeding devices.
    All necessary operator controls.
    Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) Identification Emblem, meeting requirements of SAE J-943 (Jun.88) Standard, and mounted in
    accordance with the standard.
    All special tools needed.
    All necessary hose and equipment brackets.
    Tacking wand.
    Crack seal wand.
    Fenders, heavy-duty.

EQUIPMENT, OPTIONAL: Where required in the bidding schedule, units shall be furnished with the following optional equipment.
   Upgrade to larger gallon emulsion tank, size as offered by manufacturer.
   Optional equipment additions, deletions and/or substitutions of equipment required by this specification, factory installed, based on
   terms found under the special conditions of the bid invitation (allows purchasing of units from the term contract with various option

TRAINING: In conjunction with delivery of the first unit, the successful bidder shall conduct a minimum one-day school on the safety,
   operation, maintenance, and diagnostics of the unit by factory trained expert personnel at the SCDOT Equipment Depot or at their
   facility in South Carolina. In addition and for each subsequent unit, the successful bidder will conduct a minimum one day school in
   the county where the unit is to be assigned with the Department's operator(s) and service personnel, after the equipment has been
   delivered to the county where it is to be assigned.

TRAINING_MATERIALS: In conjunction with the delivery of each unit, the successful bidder shall supply one complete set of video
   operator training materials (VHS format). This material shall adequately cover the safe and correct operation of the equipment.

MAINTENANCE: All replaceable filter elements for air, fuel, hydraulics, and engine oil shall be available from at least one of the
   following U.S. manufacturers: AC, Wix, Donaldson, or Baldwin. Replacement tires and tubes shall be available from at least one of
   the following U.S. manufacturers: Goodyear, Firestone, or General. Replacement or replenishment lubricants required throughout
   the unit (engine oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, gear oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and grease) shall be available from
   at least one of the following major manufacturers: Shell, Exxon, Texaco, or Citgo. Details concerning the manufacturer and items
   name or part number for the above maintenance items shall be provided wherever requested on the bid questionnaire.
   All threaded fasteners, hydraulic fittings, belts, hoses, and electrical fasteners shall be metric or U.S., and shall meet one or more of
   the following standards, SEA, JTC, DIN, ISO, UNC, UNF, NPTF.

SERIAL NUMBER: Each unit shall be provided with a manufacturer's serial number, unique to each unit, permanently attached by plate
   or engraving, and easily identified. The serial number shall be used by the Department and the manufacturer to identify units for
   recall, to aid in the recovery of stolen units, to establish ownership, and for other similar reasons.

DATA PLATE: A data plate shall be attached to each unit indicating serial number and model using block lettering. Permanent plaques
   mechanically attached are preferred to decals

SAFETY PLAQUES OR DECALS: Product safety plaques or decals shall be furnished and affixed at the operator's station and at any
   hazardous area. The safety plaques or decals shall describe the nature of the hazard, level of hazard seriousness, how to avoid the
   hazard, and the consequence of human interaction with the hazard. Permanent plaques mechanically attached are preferred to decals.
   Type, size and location of product safety plaques or decals shall be in accordance with current ANSI Z535.4, or latest revision
Allen Register, Sr. Procurement Manager                  Materials Management Office                     Section: A
E-Mail:                             1201 Main St - Ste 600                          Page: 66
Telephone: (803) 737-3410                                Columbia, SC 29201                              Date: 5/31/06
COLOR: The majority of areas to be painted shall be cleaned and primed prior to application of the finish paint. Paint and primers
   used shall be lead-free.
   Serial and data plates shall be protected from being painted over. All manufacturer's standard warning, safety, instructional, and
   identification decals shall be provided, however, there will be no vendor or dealer identification or advertising decals allowed.
   Each unit shall be thoroughly cleaned and prime coated with a rust preventative and painted the manufacturer’s standard industrial
   yellow or the South Carolina Department of Transportation's standard yellow (Fed Standard 595 yellow 3538 or 3655, latest edition).
   Finish coat shall be first quality.

WARRANTY: The unit shall be warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of not less than twelve (12)
  months. The warranty start date shall be based on the unit's in-service date as established by its issue from the Department's
  Equipment Depot to the using field custodian, and the vendor shall perform all the administrative work necessary to accomplish this
  following notification by the Department.
  In the event there is not an authorized parts and service dealership within a reasonable distance of the unit's place of assignment,
  there shall be a procedure for the Department to make a claim for recovering the cost of parts, labor, and shipping/transport charges
  incurred in performing repairs which otherwise would have been covered by the warranty. Instructions and forms needed for
  warranty claims should be attached to the bid.
  The unit shall be furnished with a copy of the warranty statement and any necessary cards, booklets, or certificates needed to receive
  warranty repairs at a dealership.

DELIVERY: The primary ordering agency is the South Carolina Department of Transportation, and all deliveries to this agency must
   be made to the Equipment Depot, 1500 Shop Road, Columbia, S.C. 29201.

PILOT MODEL: A pilot model unit may be requested to be delivered. If a pilot model is required, SCDOT will advise the vendor in
   writing subsequent to award of the order. The pilot model unit, if requested, will be inspected and performance tested, and the
   vendor notified of any discrepancies by phone which will be confirmed by a letter. The pilot model unit, if acceptable, will be
   received as fulfilling part of the purchase order requirements. All subsequent deliveries of equipment will be required to be the same
   as the accepted pilot model unit delivered except for optional equipment where specified.

ACCEPTANCE INSPECTION: All equipment ordered with this request will be subject to acceptance inspection and performance
   testing upon receipt. The vendor will be notified of any units not delivered in full compliance with the purchase order specifications.

SERVICE POINT ACCESSIBILITY:                 All lubrication and frequent service items shall be readily and easily accessible to the

SERVICE LITERATURE: Service literature shall include (as one set) an operator's instruction manual, illustrated repair parts manual,
   and shop overhaul manual. CD format is preferred (documents in .pdf format) and should be furnished when available, except f or
   the equipment operator manual that stays with the equipment. This service literature shall be complete and cover the entire unit, to
   include engines and transmissions. The right is reserved to require a bidder to furnish one complete set of service literature to be
   used for bid evaluation. Service literature which is considered inadequate by the Department's engineers and/or staff may be cause
   for the rejection of a bid.
   Performance in this contract requires in conjunction with the delivery of the first unit, two (2) complete sets of service literature in
   addition to the equipment operator manual concurrently with delivery of each unit.
   Performance in this contract requires in conjunction with the delivery of each subsequent unit one (1) complete set of service
   literature in addition to the equipment operator manual concurrently with delivery of each unit.

SALES LITERATURE, SPECIFICATIONS, AND QUESTIONNAIRE: It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure sales literature,
   specifications, questionnaire, and deviations (if any) submitted with the bid are accurate, complete and sufficiently clear as these will
   be used to evaluate the bid.
   Each bidder shall attach to his bid illustrated catalog data sheets with manufacturer's complete printed specifications covering the
   class or type of equipment covered by the bid. This material shall show reasonable evidence of having been printed before
   publication of the bid notice and shall be sufficiently detailed to permit the Department's engineers and/or staff to properly evaluate
   the bid.
   Each bidder shall attach to his bid a completed questionnaire.
   Any deviation from these specifications must be clearly pointed out; otherwise it will be considered that items offered are in strict
   compliance with these specifications, and the successful bidder will be held responsible therefore. Deviations must be explained in
   detail on separate attached sheet(s).

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