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									Nuclear power is one alternative energy to overcome the scarcity of
fossil fuels because it is caused by natural changes, changes in weather
and climate One of the energy generated from nuclear power is used as a
nuclear power plant. Nuclear power as a reliable supplier of the
electricity needs of a nation, so many countries to build nuclear
reactors to meet energy needs. Here are 10 states with the largest
nuclear reactors

10. India, 17 nuclear reactors

India has 17 nuclear reactors and is the fourth largest energy source in
India. If Germany would stop to consider nuclear energy as Fukushima
disaster, but not with India. Inda is not affected by the accident or
disaster in Fukushima. Even in the year 2010 India plans an ambitious
project to develop nuclear energy until it reaches the capacity of 63 000
MW by the year 2023
9. Germany, 17 nuclear reactors

Germany has 17 nuclear reactors and nuclear power in Germany in 2011 to
supply the electricity needs of Germans 17.7%. This is down from 2010
that is equal to 22.4%. Development of nuclear technology in Germany a
debate on the political agenda, especially the energy dispute between
Russia and Belarus in 2007 and Fukushima accident in 2011. Both of these
events makes the German government officially announced plans to abandon
nuclear energy in 11 years. This was conveyed to the public announcement
dated May 30, 2011
8. China, 17 nuclear reactors

China as a country with the world's most densely populated country has 17
nuclear reactors. China's nuclear power plant was built as an alternative
energy electricity coal already scarce. China has two nuclear power
company that markets, the China National Nuclear Corporation in northeast
China and the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group in east China
7. South Korea, 18 nuclear reactors

South Korea is a country which has the seventh largest nuclear reactor in
the amount of 18 reactors. Nuclear energy in South Korea is very active
in exporting nuclear technology to several countries such as Jordan,
United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and the PRC.
South Korean nuclear power plants run on four areas, namely Yeonggwang,
Kori, and Uljin Wolseong

6. Canada, 18 nuclear reactors

Canada as one of the largest country has 18 nuclear reactors and in 2009
approximately 15% of Canada's electricity supply is generated by the
power nulikir. In 2011 the Canadian government plans to build a new
nuclear station, but the plan is still under discussion because of the
disaster in Fukushima, the Canadian government ordered to review the
safety and improvement in all operators of nuclear reactors
5. England, 19 nuclear reactors

Britain has 19 nuclear reactors and nuclear power has resulted in one-
sixth that has been supplying the electricity needs of England in 2012.
Since its founding in 1956, Britain's "only" had two times that at the
Windscale nuclear accident since the fire pile of plutonium on October 8,
1957 and at Sellafield as much as 20 tons of uranium and 160kg of
plutonium leak because there is a crack pipe on April 19, 2005
4. Russia, 31 nuclear reactors

Russia has 31 nuclear reactors and has a dark history with its nuclear
reactor in Ukraine (formerly part of the SSR) reactor number four at
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant of the year 1986. Now the Russian
government to be more careful in managing its nuclear reactor. Russia in
2010 electricity supply met by nuclear power plants by 16% with a force
of 170.1 TWh. The Russian government plans to increase its nuclear
reactors from 31 to 59 reactors
3. Japan, 55 nuclear reactors

Japan is the third country that has a lot of nuclear reactors, as many as
55 nuclear reactors. Nuclear energy seems to be a strategic national
priority. As a country often hit by earthquakes, the damage a nuclear
reactor to concern all the people of Japan and perhaps also the world. As
events of March 11, 2011, which has destroyed the cooling systems of
nuclear power plants in Fukushima in the tsunami. At least 140 thousand
inhabitants, or within 20 km of the reactor in the evacuation
2. France, 59 nuclear reactors

France is a country which has the second most nuclear reactors, as many
as 59 nuclear reactors. France was forced to have as many nuclear
reactors, the country has no energy resources of oil, as the country's
energy resources. French nuclear power plants generate 540.6 TWh of
energy and has met as many as 78.8% of electric energy needs in France,
this figure is the highest percentage in the world. So that the
electricity tariff in France is the cheapest in Europe
A. United States, 104 nuclear reactors

America is a country that has the most nuclear reactors, as many as 104
commercial nuclear reactors. A total of 69 is powered water reactors and
35 boiling water reactors. There are as many as 65 nuclear power plants
that already have a license to operate. The plant produced 806.2 TWh of
electrical energy and have supplied 19.6% of total electricity demand
across the U.S. in 2008. In February 2012, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory
Commission has approved the construction of two reactors, with the
reasons for the tsunami disaster that struck Japan March 11, 2011 which
had destroyed the nuclear reactor in Fukushima. However, this development
plan opposition from environmental activists and anti-nuclear for reasons
of public safety and the environment, especially with the disaster in
Fukushima who had fully recovered.

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