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									October 13, 2006

PRESS RELEASE – Homeland Security/Regional Solutions

                                                  ARJIS Releases CrimeMAPS
                                                  On July 17, 2006, ARJIS (Automated Regional Justice
                                                  Information System) released Crime MAPS. This Web-
                                                  based crime incident mapping and reporting application
                                                  created by The Omega Group will allow anyone access
                                                  to arrest, crime and citation information in their area.
                                                  Crime MAPS covers multiple jurisdictions and can be
                                                  searched by a variety of locations within the entire
                                                  county. The Omega Group is proud to have contributed
                                                  to overall public safety in San Diego.
 Seen here are Dave Bishop and Milan Mueller of
 The Omega Group and DA Bonnie M. Dumanis

Over two years of work and coordination between
twenty different law enforcement agencies within
San Diego County produced a public access crime
mapping site that received over three million hits
within the first forty-eight hours of going live. “This
new and improved service will allow San Diego
residents to get information crime near their
homes, schools or when looking to move to
another neighborhood, while providing law
enforcement with a regional approach to fighting
crime,” San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie                 Seen here is a map generated online with Crime
M. Dumanis said.                                                  Maps

                    Visit the ARJIS Crime MAPS site at:

       The Omega Group – 5160 Carroll Canyon Road – San Diego – California – 92121 – (800) 228-1059 –

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