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Anti Virus


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									Proposal for
iTech Inc
   Topology
   DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
   Switches
   Cabling
   Virtual Private Network (VPN)
   Teachers access to Stud-Net
   Anti-Virus
   Spy-ware/Ad-aware
   Back-up
   Ghost/Imaging
   Proxy
   Email
   Exchange
   File Server
   Hardware Server
   Print Server
   Domain Server
   Web Server
           DMZ (Demilitarized Zone )
   The DMZ will provide a safe a secure network by separating the main network
    from the smaller segment which will contain the VPN server, Email Server, and
    Web Server.
   The DMZ zone can be accessed from the outside with a user name and password.
    But it does not allow for a connection to the Main NSIT network thus protecting
    against any hackers trying to intrude into the network.
   Advantage: Having a DMZ can greatly insure the security of the internal network.
    It can reduce the costs, by reducing the amount of routers and switches that need
    to be bought, thus allowing for our team to spend the money on needed H/W or
   Vendor: D-Link / DI-808HV
    Warranty: 3 Years --- >Cost: $300
   8 Port DMZ Router
         Allows VPN pass-through
         Allows URL filtration
         Provides a firewall to protect against hackers or worms/viruses
                  - Dos (Denial Of Service Attack)
                  - Worms
                  - Trojans
   On a network a switch is a hardware device that filters and forwards packets
    through the network.
   The main switches distribute a lot of the main traffic among the network.
   The roles are the connections between the main classroom switches.

   -Link DGS-1224T :
   24-Port Gigabit Websmart Switch COST = $1,053 X 2
   The DGS-1224T Layer 2 Switch blends plug-&-play simplicity with exceptional
    performance & reliability, to create a cost-effective solution for bandwidth-
    starved workgroups & departments.

   NetGear:
   ProSafe™ 24 Port Gigabit Smart Switch
   Model GS724T
   COST = $1269
   The infrastructure set at the present moment by the TAFE is relevant to the
    topology mentioned by our team. As it fits our required needs.
   CAT 6 from the classrooms to the main switches. 100 Mbps distribution among
    the network.
   Option: A suggestion to the client is the contraction of a extra cable to each
    classroom ( CAT 6). The advantage of having this extra cable is that the switches
    can use 2 gigabyte bandwidth back and fourth from the main switches, by
    connecting either to the ports of the classroom switches or by connecting to the
   Another Option is laying down a wireless wire cable among a strip of the
    network. This will provide a wireless connection to the students computer. This is
    a option for future use if a wireless network wants to be implemented. So setting
    the infrastructure now could save money in the future.
     Virtual Private Network (VPN)
   For staff to access the TAFENET from private location/staff’s homes we had to
    come up with a user-friendly concept of making this happen.
   Virtual Private Networks will allow your employees to connect to the companies
    intranet (TAFENET).
   This connection can be made from employees home, laptop, PDA but as long as
    he/she has an authorization to do this.
   The software we recommend D-Link DS-601 & DS-605
        Protects your Internet connection
        Easy to deploy VPN clients
        Advanced encryption
        Operates in Windows environments

                      D-Link DS-601 & DS-605 Client software $140
     Teachers Access to STUD-NET
   The teachers computers are connected to TAFE-NET but not the
    Stud-Net. The teachers do not have access to the Stud-Met for
    security reasons.
   So another implementations to by-pass these security issues is to
    give each teacher a dial-up account which will allow them to
    connect to the internet through a modem.
   By talking with the TAFE-NET administrators you can ask them to
    open up a specific port to allow a VPN connection to the Stud-Net.
   Teachers can use the dial-up accounts to create a VPN connection to
    the Stud-Net which allows a secure connections to the network, thus
    allowing the teachers to access students files and complete tasks.
   As you do know these days, almost every day there is a virus alert that possibly
    will damage your computers but worst of all your network.
   This crime by unauthorized personnel, criminals and hackers can jeopardize your
    business and make your life a nightmare.
   We are going to use Norton’s Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition software.
   TAFE already has a site license for the software.
   Some of they key benefits of having Norton Anti-Virus are:
        Automatically removes viruses, worms and Trojan horses
        Blocks Internet worm attacks
        Includes email and instant message attachments protection
        Provides automatic virus protection updates
        Detects virus infections in compressed file archives
        Defends against Spy ware and other emerging threats
      Norton Internet Anti Spy-ware Edition
   Due to high Internet websites are been attacked by pop-ups and all sort of
    websites opening up automatically and than junk software been installed on your
    system without you seeing it, we recommend ad-aware to be purchased and active
    on your network.
      Some of the key benefits of having this product are:
        Automatically removes existing spy ware and prevents new spy ware from entering
         your PC.
        Helps you identify aware needed to run programs you want.
        Automatically detects and removes viruses, Trojan horses, and worms in e-mail
         messages and attachments, instant message attachments, Internet downloads, and other
        Automatically intercepts suspicious connections.
        Keeps your private information from being distributed without
         your knowledge.
                       Price - $1,650 for site license
                         Back-up Server
   Backing up of important files and information will be needed incase of loss, theft
    or fire. So we are going to set the system up with backup Hardware, Software and
    a backup plan.
   The hardware we are going to use for backing up of information will be DVD
    burners and an onsite backup server with a tape drive.
   The DVD burners will be installed on each of the teacher’s computers. They will
    control all the backing up of their own files at there desks.
   Connection will be made to the backup server through the network, the server will
    also have an internet connection so files can be access remotely (offsite, through
    the vpn) e.g. from home, other tafes etc.
   A full back-up will be done once a week, on a Friday night approximately 11pm
   Ghost imaging, using ghosting software, is a method of converting the contents of
    a hard drive -- including its configuration settings and applications -- into an
    image, and then storing the image on a server.
   When contents of the hard drive are needed again, ghosting software converts the
    image back to original form.
   Benefit/Advantages/Features:
        Hot imaging lets you create backup images without restarting Windows.
        Symantec Recovery Disk lets you restore data from a backup image even when the
         computer can’t start up into Windows.
        Live Update keeps Norton Ghost updated automatically over the Internet.
        Restore files quickly.
        Create exact hard drive duplicates
  The teachers/technicians would use this daily to restore or to
update the STUD-NET systems so the machines are virus free
and up to date.
                                   Price - $ 79.95
   The proxy is a point in the network where all users go through to access the
    internet. It logs a lot of the activities done through the internet for users accounts.
   Authentication - It provides a secure authentication process so no hackers can sit
    between the line and sniff the network traffic.
   Cache - In a proxy the storage of cached websites allows for reduced network
   ISP URL List - The ISP can provide the TAFE network with a list of urls which
    can be added onto the proxy. This list consists of sites blocked so no users can
    access these sites at all.
   Option: A more cheaper solution can be a server made by our own team for a
    cheaper price, but the disadvantage would be having a slower machine and not a
    longer and reliable system. As IBM provides on-call support 24-hours a day.
    Having 3 years in warranty this can be extended by paying extra which is a good
    choice as it will be able to be repaired by IBM technicians if any problems occur.
   Vendor: IBM xSeries 306 --- > Cost: $1,799.00 X 3
   Option 2:
   Generic Server: Made By our own team, All machines will be identical.
   Cost: Varying between $600 - $1000 X 3
                            Email Server
   For users to be able to send and receive emails, we will need to setup an email
    server as it is going to control the flow of email in and out of the system for users.
   We are going to setup your email server with Windows 2003 Exchange Server
    Enterprise Edition.
   Clients will be connected to the exchange server using Outlook Express 2003 or
    outlook 2003.
   For clients to be able to retrieve their mail, they will be setup with accounts,
    which will have username and password protection. When they are authorized
    then they will be given access to their mail to be downloaded from the server to
    their outlook account.
   Norton’s Anti-Virus Software will automatically scan all emails that get
    downloaded into the server that way no junk or a virus will damage your system.
    Windows 2003 Exchange Server Enterprise Edition
   Is software that runs on servers that enables you to send and receive electronic
    mail and other forms of interactive communication through computer networks.
 Designed to interoperate with a software client application such as Microsoft
    Outlook, Exchange Server also interoperates with Outlook Express and other e-
    mail client applications.
 Client access functionality - Exchange Server offers you integrated collaborative
    messaging features such as scheduling, contact, and task management capabilities.
 Mobile access functionality - Exchange Server 2003 supports mobile devices such
    as Pocket PC and Smart phones and enables you to synchronize your Inbox,
    Calendar, and Contacts and Tasks lists so you can remotely check your
    appointments and other important information.
 Also Exchange will allow you to send SMS
Messages to your student or other staff members
In case of your absents from a class etc.
                              File Server
   A fileserver consists of large volume hard disks considerably 4 or 5 hard disks.
    These hard disks contain a lot of the students data, from the builds up to their
    personal data. The fileserver is a main utility in the network which makes
    everything operate. The greater redundancy in a network the better chance that the
    fileserver will not go down.
   The first option with one fileserver is a good option because it can have 4 network
    interface cards and can provide 4 gigabytes of bandwidth to the network. This
    vast amount of speed can help cope with the large amounts of data being uploaded
    to the fileservers.
   An option will be 2 fileservers. The reason for having 2 fileservers is that the
    network would benefit for the extra speed and waiting time of back-ups and
    downloads of files. If one Fileserver is running a big load on its CPU which is
    being processed, it can be diverted to the other fileserver so that the work load can
    be shared to cope with the extra CPU load and traffic of the network.
   Both fileservers mirror each other so that they contain the exact same information
    so no data is lost in case one fails.
                       Hardware Server
   Vendor: IBM xSeries 306
   Cost: $1,799.00 (Cost can vary depending on the price the department of education can
    receive these items for).

   Advantage: The advantage of having a known name brand is the fact that they provide
    longer warranty.
   When a fault has occurred with the hardware, the technicians of the company IBM repair
    the item so you don't have to muddle with trying to repair the damaged item.

   By having the same machine, setting up the services for the specific hardware can allow
    the administrator of the network to back-up every service to every machine in case a
    machine fails the other machine can be used, because all the hardware and software
    specifications match so the network can keep functioning.

   The Hand-out details the specifications of the server which is recommended, by our team.
                Print Server/Printer
   Every classroom will contain a printer. The printer will be connected to the
    classroom switches so that anyone in the classroom or network can print to it. The
    data will be sent via a print server or directly to the printer.

   Advantage: The advantage of having a print server is that jobs can be stored to the
    memory. So that a large scale of work that's needing to be printed will be without
    the data being lost because of the memory being full on a printer.
   It also logs the people using the printer's and how many print's they have
    conducted, this can be useful as North Sydney tafe can run a survey to see how
    much paper is used on a daily bases.
   This can help reduce the amount of paper possibly used within North Sydney
                 Domain Controller
   Use Win2003 Server for the domain controller, because it provides
    better programs to best suit a network. It provides increased security
   It also has new features which can benefit to the network. The
    increased security policies can prevent users from doing any illegal
    activities are accessing sensitive files.
   Win2003 DC can allow for Disk quotas to be setup so that users of
    the network can be given a certain amount of space to his/her amount
    of storage amount.
   They will be given an amount where they can store their builds of
    OS's and also enough to keep work data on the server for backing up.
                             Web Server
   Uses windows 2003 Server Enterprise. The advantage of using a web server is
    that students can access the website from home and login with their user accounts,
    it can detail to them their grades, exam dates and when assessments are due.
   An open forum can be made so students can share thoughts and ideas among each
    other. Teachers can post notices when things have arisen. Students can also be
    given a certain amount of web space to create their own WebPages for
    educational use.
   The Web server can also be used within the network like the internet website. It
    can be viewed within the network detailing all sorts of useful information which
    can be posted by students or teachers.
   It can be an open resources for people to help them selves to articles, and all sorts
    of data.

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