Engagement Leader External by huffpostpol


									                                                Engagement Leader role with External Stakeholders
                                                        (suppliers, customers, partners)

                                 Earn Credibility with Own Constituency                Gain Credibility with Other Constituencies

                                                Set example of openness                    Assess their view of what you offer

                                                       Reward cooperation                  Co-create value with them

                                                                Develop Protocols      Inspire Imagination

                                                    Formalize agreements                   Visualize desired outcomes

                                                    Keep clarity of process                Encourage ownership

                                                                  Build on Victories   Learn from Mistakes

                                              Use pilots to have success                   Keep clear focus

                                                    Expand wisely to scale                 Adapt to needs

Role of the Bridging Leader Mindmap Master (P).mmap - 24/04/2012 - Mindjet

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