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									                           Class 8th Cbse Syllabus
Class 8th Cbse Syllabus
NCERT provides books to all the classes of Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE. Every year
there is some updates in the books in order to keep the books with the pace of the new things happening
all over the world. This is an important feature of NCERT. CBSE has made some
changes/modifications to the syllabus after publication. Visitors are advised to go through these changes
at the official site of CBSE, New Delhi.

The CBSE Syllabus for 2009-2010 for class 9th to class 12 is available for free downlaod. It is split into
small size PDF files. Users with slow connection can easily download them subject-wise. There is no
need to download the whole booklet of 200-300 pages to get 2 page syllabus for any one subject.

CBSE class IX and X, CBSE board has decided to implement CCE scheme in class VI, VII and VIII in
the phased manner which have been adopted by most of schools. Now there will be gradual progression
of CCE from classes VI-VIII. In this system.

NCERT Syllabus for class 8 : In class VIII, various subjects which are in course are

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English : In this there are 2 course book as Honeydew & It so Happened.
Mathematics : There is only one book of NCERT & in this only all chapters are included.
Science : The name of science book is Science Class 8
Geography : Resource and Development book is used in class 8
History : The books is Our Pasts part 3
Political Science : Under this subject, Social & Political Science book is issued in the curriculum.

Students will be evaluated on a continuous basis in a cyclic manner. Assessment of student will cover
all the aspects of his overall development which emphasizes on two fold objectives. These objectives
are continuity in evaluation as well as assessment of broad based learning and behavioral outcomes on
the other.

The major importance of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system is on the continuous
growth of students ensuring their intellectual, physical, emotional, cultural and social development and
therefore, it will not be merely limited to assessment of learner’s scholastic attainments.

The system uses assessment as a means of motivating learners to provide feedback and follow up work
to improve upon the learning in the classroom and to present a comprehensive picture of a learner’s

There will be specific guidelines, training and guidance given by CBSE in order to support teachers in
designing many creating activities for the enrichment and extension of learning. Time to time, the board
will conduct interactive training sessions to update, guide and equip teachers in CCE implementation.

CBSE board has introduced CCE for ensuring innovation in teaching-learning methodologies by
devising student-centered and student-friendly paradigms, reforming in examinations as well as
evaluation practices, regularly updating the pedagogical skills of teachers and administrators by
organizing in-service workshops, training programs etc.

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