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5 star hotel in delhi


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									             Youngsters have an ascending carrier in the travel and tourism industry in India

After the completion of the Bachelor of Commerce courses, in India, students get a great chance of
building a carrier in the realms of travel and tourism industry. Now the tour packages in India are
growing at a fast pace along with the ‘Incredible India’ campaign. What the students will have to do is to
choose an integrated course on special subjects relating to tourism, hence a few colleges in India offer
these add on courses. Here are some courses on tourism in India that offer excellent carrier to the
students who have completed plus two.

Many of the cities in India offer plenty of courses on tourism, but Bangalore, Karnataka has some
excellent course like B.Com (Travel & Tourism), BTS (Bachelor of Tourism Studies) and BTM (Bachelor of
Tourism and Management). These courses are designed to help the students to meet the daily demands
of the travel and tourism industry in India. The subjects are a perfect blend of theory and practical,
which help the students to solve the issues of hospitality industry. After the completion of these
courses, students can seek a challenging carrier at the hospitality industries like Delhi hotels or Mumbai
hotels so on.

Thomas Cook and Kuoni Academy have six months and one year training courses under the title
“International Tourist Guide”. It gives training on tourism industry and enables the students to become a
good tour advisor or trip planner and to set up even a travel agency. Divino Indian Memoirz is an Indian
travel agent which harmonizes India tour packages like Golden Triangle tours and Honey moon tours all
over India.

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