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Read the Text and Choose the Best Answer

         Whales are the largest animal on earth. Bigger than elephants, they may
grow 95 feet long, and weigh 150 tons. A baby blue whale, just born, can be 23 feet
long and weigh 3 tons.
         Although whales live in the ocean and swim like fish, they are mammals, like
cows and elephants . Unlike fish they bear young alive, not as eggs. Their babies live
on their mother’s milk. They breathe through their lungs and hold their breath when
they go under water. If they cannot come to the surface to breathe fresh air, they will
drown. They are warm blooded. Fish, however, lay eggs, breathe oxygen in the water,
and are cold-blooded.
         Whales live in all the oceans. In the winter some of them go to warm waters
to breed and in the summer most of them go to cold waters to feed. There are two
kinds of whales, whales with teeth (toothed whales) and whales without teeth (baleen
whales). The toothed whales eat fish and squid, which they can catch with their teeth,
although they swallow their food without chewing it. The baleen whales eat plankton
(small sea animals and plants). When they find plankton, they open their mouths and
swim into the plankton. When they close their mouths they squeeze out the water and
swallow the plankton.
         Whales have few enemies. Only human beings and the killer whales attack
whales. And whales do not seem to fight among themselves. They usually live from
20 to 30 years.

1. The difference between whales and fish is that whales
    a. Do not have to come to the surface to get fresh air.
    b. Deliver their young like elephants do
    c. Will die if they cannot get oxygen in the water
    d. Are mammals that are cold-blooded
2. A suitable title of the text is
    a. Large animals on earth
    b. Difference between whales and elephants
    c. Whales, the biggest Animals on Earth
    d. Similarity between fish and whales
3. Which of the following is TRUE about whales?
    a. Whales are generally 95 feet long and weigh 150 tons?
    b. Big animals living in the ocean tend to be their enemies.
    c. Like fish, whales can live in all kinds of waters.
    d. A new-born baby whale may weight one-fiftieth of its mother.
4. whales occasionally live in warm water
    a. To get more food
    b. For reproduction
    c. To avoid winter
    d. To feed their baby
5. How many kinds of whales are there ?
    a. There are two kinds of whales.
    b. There are three kinds of whales.
    c. There are four kinds of whales.
    d. There are five kinds of whales.
6. What do the toothed whales eat ?
    a. Animals and plants.
    b. Plankton.
    c. Fish and squid.

       d. Eggs.
   7. The baleen whales don’t eat
       a. Plankton
       b. Small animals
       c. Small plants
       d. fish
   8. The following are whales enemies, except
       a. Human beings
       b. Killer whales
       c. Small fish
       d. fisherman
   9. Whales usually live for
       a. 30 to 40 years
       b. 20 to 30 years
       c. 10 to 20 years
       d. 40 to 50 years
   10. From the text, we may conclude that 30 to 40 year
       a. a whale can eat both squid and plankton
       b. Toothed whales chew their food before swallowing it
       c. The two types of whales live in different waters.
       d. Each type of whale eats a specific kind of food


                                THE MAGIC BOX
Once upon a time, there was a poor farmer who dug up a big box in his field. He took
it home with him and showed it to his wife. His wife cleaned it and kept it in their
house. One day, she dropped an apple into it. Immediately the box began to fill up

with apples. No matter how many were taken out, others took their place. So the
farmer and his wife sold the apples and were able to live quite comfortably.
       Then the farmer dropped a coin into the box. At once, the apples disappeared
and the box began to fill itself with coins. Everyday, the farmer and his wife collected
hundreds and hundreds of dollars from the box. Soon they became very rich.
       Now the farmer’s grandfather lived with the couple. He was not very strong
and he could not go out to work. So the farmer asked the old man to help him take the
money out of the box. When his grandfather became tired and wanted to rest, the
farmer shouted at him, “Why are you so lazy? Why can’t you work harder?”
       The old man did not say anything but he continued working until he fell inside
the box and died. At once, the money disappeared, and the box began to fill up with
dead grandfathers.
       The farmer had to pull them out and bury them. To do this, he had to spend all
the money he had collected. When he had used up all the money, the box broke and
the farmer was just as poor as he was before.

   11. What is the story about ?
       a. It’s about a farmer’s box.
       b. It’s about a big box
       c. It’s about a magic box
       d. It’s about a treasure box
   12. What did the farmer do when he found a big box in his field ?
       a. He dug up the box.
       b. He dropped an apple to it.
       c. He took it home
       d. He showed it to his neighbours.
   13. Who cleaned the box in the farmer’s house?
       a. The farmer.
       b. The farmer’s wife

   c. The farmer’s grandfather.
   d. The grandfather.
14. the farmer were able to live quite comfortably because
   a. He dug up a big box
   b. He dropped an apple into the box
   c. He began to fill up the box with apples
   d. He and his wife sold apples
15. What did make the farmer became very rich?
   a. The farmer drooped a coin into the box
   b. The farmer was disappeared the apple
   c. The farmer collected hundreds of dollars from the box
   d. The farmer began to fill the box with coins.
16. The farmer      the old man when he became tired and wanted to rest.
   a. Asked
   b. Shouted
   c. Forced
   d. disappeared
17. At once, the money disappeared and the old man
   a. Passed away
   b. Continued working
   c. Slept inside the box
   d. Spent all the money
18. What did the farmer do to bury his grandfather
   a. He had to sell the box
   b. He spends all the money.
   c. He worked harder.
   d. He broke the box
19. when he had used up all the money, the box broke and the farmer
   a. Was as rich as he was before

       b. Able to live quite comfortably
       c. Became very rich
       d. Was not able to live comfortably
   20. Which of the following statements is not true according to the text?
           a. At the end, the box broke and the farmer was just as poor as he was
           b. The farmer became very rich when he dug up a big box in his field.
           c. The farmer’s grandfather is not very strong and lazy.
           d. The money disappeared and the box broke.


As many as 1,165 students of junior high school from disadvantaged families in the
Bogor municipality will receive scholarships from the west java provincial
administration, an official says.
       Head of Bogor Municipal Basic Education Agency Ade Syarief said on
Friday that each student would receive Rp. 1 million (US$ 104.17), which would be
used to finance their education.
       “Students receiving the scholarship program will hold school IDs where it
will be indicated that they are receivers of the facility”, said Ade.
       The funds, however, will not be given to the students, but to the schools
where they study. Ade said that the scholarship funds would be taken from west
java’s 2005 budget. He did not mention when the funds would be disbursed.
       The new school year begins in mid July.
       “ The facility will be used to pay fees, buy school uniforms, scout uniforms,
sports uniforms, books and writing tools,” the official added.

       According to Ade, the program is aimed at helping students from poor
families to continue their education at least to complete junior high school, which is
in line with the country’s nine-year compulsory education policy.
       Ade said while the provincial administration had a scholarship program for
junior high students, the municipal administration would give scholarship to
elementary school from poor families next school year.
       He said each elementary student would receive Rp. 750,000 per year. He did
not mention how many students would receive the scholarship.
       Mean while, Sri Endras Iswarini of the Alternative Education Circle for
women (kapal perempuan), said that such a scholarship program for disadvantage
would not be long term in nature.
       She demanded that the government provide free education for children of low
income families. If the government was able to prevent banks from collapsing by
using that state budget, it should also provide free education for students from all
disadvantaged families by using the state budget, Sri argued.
       “We hope both the central government and the regional administration will be
able to put aside 20 per cent of their respective annual budgets for education as
stipulated in our constitution,” she added.

   21. Based on the text, who will give assistance to the students?
       a. Provincial administration
       b. Indonesia administration
       c. Java provincial administration.
       d. West java provincial administration.
   22. How many students who will get or receive scholarship?
       a. 1, 165 senior high school students.
       b. 1, 615 junior high school students.
       c. 1, 165 junior high school students.
       d. 1, 165 senior high school students.

23. What will students have to indicate that they are receiving of the facility?
   a. School ids.
   b. School card
   c. School scholarships.
   d. School books.
24. The funds will be used for the following needs, except
   a. Buy shoes
   b. Buy fees
   c. Buy uniforms
   d. Buy books and writing tools
25. What is the purpose of the program?
   a. To help students to finish their study
   b. To help students from poor families to continue their education.
   c. To finance students education
   d. To assist poor students buy books and writing tools
26. How much funds will each students receive ?
   a. Rp. 570,000 per year
   b. Rp. 750,000 per year
   c. Rp. 750,000 per semester
   d. 1,000,000 per year
27. Where is the fund of scholarship from ?
   a. State budget.
   b. Provincial budget.
   c. West java budget
   d. West java 2005 budget.
28. One of the following statements based on the text is not true.
   a. The funds will be used to finance their education.
   b. The funds will be given to the students.
   c. The funds will be given to the schools.

   d. The funds would be taken from administration budget.
29. How many per cent is the annual budget for education stipulated in
   constitution ?
   a. 20 per cent
   b. 30 per cent
   c. 40 per cent
   d. 50 per cent
30. What did Sri Iswarini demand from the government?
   a. To provide budget for education.
   b. To provide free education for all students.
   c. To provide free education for children of low income families.
   d. To provide 20 per cent annual budget.


SMP Negeri 14 in 20 May 1996 and senior high school at SMU Negeri 7 in 1999.

She continued her study in Business English Program from 2002 to 2004 of the State

University of Makassar (UNM) and then she continued her studies in the English

Education Department of FBS (UNM) Makassar from 2005 to 2006. since 2004 she

has been teaching English at SD Negeri Mandai, Maros

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Description: Whales are the largest animal on earth. Bigger than elephants, they may grow 95 feet long, and weigh 150 tons. A baby blue whale, just born, can be 23 feet long and weigh 3 tons